Like Dust in the Wind

by Jack Lynch

Chapter 15

The Party.

A bed made of kittens.

Well, not actual kittens. But, so soft, so luxurious, so sleep inducing, it was almost the same. His second night in this amazing king sized bed. Lights out, black-out shades closed.

Toby felt enveloped in it. He let out a long sigh accompanied by a satisfied groan.

What a day! What a day! What a day!

What was the best part? The sex had to go to the top, of course. Which sex? He chuckled to himself. Let me see…was it getting blown in the shower? Sucking the World's most beautiful cock? Getting his butt eaten out?

Toby covered his face with his hands and shook his head in disbelief. He stretched his arms overhead, then tucked them under the protective warmth of the covers, and did what came natural. He cupped one hand under his balls and wrapped his other hand around his dick.

How does an 18-year-old kid from a rather poor island off the coast of Georgia end up in the palatial surroundings of a Montauk mansion? A weekend guest of the Turner's. The route he had taken to get here was bat shit crazy. But, here he was.

He'd let Day hold his hand as they walked along the beach. As the Turner's glass, steel, and concrete ultra modern house loomed in front of them, he stopped and turned to him.

"Day, I wanna know what's going on."

Day chuckled, "Oh. You mean the note?"

Toby just stared at him.

"It's really all on CeeCee. She's had it in for you from the beginning."


Toby just repeated her name, in a tone that was a cross between dumbfounded and disbelieving.

"When she came back from Tybee, you were all she could talk about," Day continued. "She showed me your picture. I thought you were wicked cute, too. So I started following you on Insta."

"Me??" Toby felt himself blushing. When he recovered enough, "I don't get it. What about the note?"

"You are so clueless, Gallivan. It just makes you even cuter," Day chuckled.

Toby gave Day a confused look.

"We were on Tybee a week ago. I saw you."

"You did??"

"Ya." Day chuckled. "You checked us in. Gave me a chance to scope you out."

Toby frowned slightly, looking off in the distance. He couldn't recall.

"Did we talk or anything?"

"Nope. I kept giving you a look. I got nothin' back."

"How did you know I'd see the note?"

"I didn't. I wrote it on a whim. It was a crap shoot."

Toby looked up into Day's eyes. It was hard to see what he was thinking through his sunglasses.

"So. Are you?" Toby asked.


Toby nodded slightly.

"Ya, I am." Day chuckled a bit nervously. Then, taking his sunnies off, he looked into Toby's eyes. "Are you?"

After giving Day a royal blow job and getting his own ass rimmed? Bell's face came into his mind. And…then there was him.

"I'm ah…confused, I guess," Toby said softly. He looked down, embarrassed.

"That's ok. You'll get it figured out." Day pulled Toby into him and kissed him on the forehead, holding his lips there for more than a beat.

As they turned and continued walking toward the Turner's house, Day looked up and waved to CeeCee. She was standing at the low wall surrounding their swimming pool deck, elbows up on the top railing. She gave a little jump and a big wave back, accompanied by a bright smile.

"By the way, my being Gay? It's on the DL. Ok?"

"Ten four."

Up on the pool deck as she leaned over the wall, CeeCee smiled big on the outside. She groaned on the inside. She'd seen almost everything. First, spotting them in the distance, holding hands, then facing each other for the longest time. Finally, Day's kiss on Toby's forehead, his hand behind Toby's head pulling him forward.

She knew. Well, she'd known. About Day. Since they were little, she always thought Day acted a little different. She'd caught him a couple of times staring at the male models in fashion catalogs. He wasn't just looking at the clothes, although that's what he claimed. She'd also caught him looking at a couple of naked boy photos on Snap. He was quick to swipe them away and she never challenged him.

It was ok. She didn't really care. But, Toby? WTF? She'd already staked her claim on him. Now, here was Day, all sweetness, trying to hook up with him. She grimaced. Then, she smirked to herself. Disappointed, but her mom would be even more disappointed. I swear to God, CeeCee thought. If she could get away with it, her mom would hop into bed with Toby in a New York minute.

"Gonna hit the road. See you guys later," Day said.

After a short chat, Day begged off spending the rest of the afternoon with Toby and CeeCee by the pool.

Toby couldn't really tell what the salon had done to CeeCee's hair but, whatever it was, she looked even better now. Her hair was still down around her shoulders but it was now layered differently. It fell across her forehead and eyes like the wind had blown it into her face. Sort of artfully tousled.

"Meet ya at the pool," CeeCee leaned in as she gave Toby a quick peck. Well, more than a peck. She sort of slurped his neck just under his jaw line by his ear. It gave him a shiver.

He'd just laid out fresh towels on two luxurious chaise lounges next to the pool. As he pulled his shirt off and sat down, he picked up a distinct whiff of his own sex. Toby shrugged. A quick dip would take care of that.

Diving into the perfectly heated pool, he swam to the other side and pulled himself out. Shaking his hair out and pinching the water out of his nose, he glanced into the house. Vonnie was in the kitchen talking to two men. As he pulled an umbrella over the chaise lounge where he intended to flop down, Vonnie opened one of the doors and stepped out to the pool deck.

Chatting and gesturing non-stop, she walked with the men, both Asian, around the corner of the pool to where Toby was standing.

"And this is Toby, our house guest for the weekend," Vonnie said. Toby smiled and squinted through the bright sunlight. "Toby, these are two of our caterers for tomorrow's party." Both men simultaneously bowed their heads.

"This is Ichiro," she said nodding at an older man. Short, square shaped, silver gray and black hair, deep bags under his narrow eyes. He wore a short sleeved white shirt and high waisted black pants. Toby smiled and nodded.

"And this is Kaito, I believe," Vonnie said looking at the second man.

Barely a man, Toby quickly assessed. More like a boy. A stunningly beautiful boy. A rather wide face, wide eyes to match, full lips, a thick head of black hair, well over his eyes, completely covering his ears. Thin, spindly arms and legs. He quickly bowed his head again. Toby gave a little wave.

"I'll leave you two to look around. Let me know if you have any questions." Vonnie smiled brightly. She returned to the house.

The two men began conversing in another language. Japanese? Chinese? He laid down on the lounge as he watched them gesture and talk. Their first stop was the outdoor kitchen located on one end of the deck. It featured a massive grill, two sinks, lots of counter space, and an under counter refrigerator with a glass door.

Kaito wore a lightly patterned short sleeve shirt, completely unbuttoned, with a black ribbed wife beater underneath. Tan shorts and sandals. When he bent over to look inside one of the cabinets, Toby couldn't help but notice his ass. Little, he thought. And cute. Hard to tell his age. Asians always looked young. Early 20's?

After completing their inspection of the kitchen, they slowly strolled around the rest of the pool deck, talking and pointing out various items such as the locations of electrical outlets. As they completed their circuit, they walked past Toby on their way to the deck door. Stopping for barely a moment, Kaito brushed the hair out of eyes, looked down at Toby, and quickly bowed his head again.

Toby just looked back at him for a moment before looking down and turning his head away. He felt shy all of a sudden. When he dared to look back up, Ichiro and Kaito were back inside the house. They were talking to Vonnie who had now changed into a swimsuit. As he watched them, CeeCee came breezing by them in her own cute two-piece swimsuit.

Once CeeCee got herself settled in the chaise lounge next to him, Toby closed his eyes and mostly listened to her prattle on about topic after topic. Tomorrow's party, the Montauk "scene," her best friends, college plans. Thankfully, it was only necessary for him to occasionally murmur "hmm" or "uh-huh" or "Is that right?"

He vaguely heard a chaise lounge being pushed next to him on the opposite side from CeeCee. It was obviously Vonnie. With his eyes still shut, he overheard her say something to CeeCee about the menu for the party. Then it was quiet.

"Mom!" CeeCee exclaimed in a shocked and somewhat troubled sounding voice.

Toby sat up on his elbows, opened his eyes slightly, then wider, in surprise. Vonnie had removed her bikini top and now lay topless with her back slightly elevated by the chaise lounge. With a body like someone who did a lot of Pilates, she was slender and almost completely devoid of fat. Her breasts were on the small side, tea cup size. Large pinkish brown nipples, slightly erect.

"Oh honey. Toby won't mind." Vonnie smiled, eyes closed, somewhat smugly. "I don't want tan lines for the dress I plan on wearing tomorrow for the party."

Toby fell back quickly and closed his eyes. Both uncomfortable and slightly turned on at the same time. What was he supposed to say? Gee, Mrs. Turner, or Vonnie, or whatever. Nice boobs!

The three of them lay there silently for several minutes. Toby felt frozen in place, his erection only barely hidden by his swimsuit.

"Well, I'm gonna get something to drink," CeeCee finally said, sounding a bit disgusted. Not bothering to offer anyone else refreshments, she got up and stalked into the house.

Vonnie turned on her side to face Toby. Likewise, he opened his eyes and turned his head to face her. It was strangely both erotic and repulsive to see her laying there like that, naked except for her tiny bikini bottoms. He tried to look calm although his heart was racing.

"So. Give me your honest opinion. What do you…" Toby's mind raced ahead. Silently he finished her question: …think of my tits? Instead, she said, "…think of CeeCee?"

This was so bizarre! "Umm…really Mrs., I mean Vonnie. We're just getting to know each other. She's really nice. And, it's been so nice of you to invite me here." Was that skirting the question? Toby felt like he was tripping over his words.

"I'll be honest, Toby. I think she's smitten with you." Pausing while she looked him right in the eyes. In a low voice, "And, I think you're something special myself."

Toby's stomach flipped over. He felt like he was going to literally shit in his pants. His mind was racing. What was that movie again? The one with Mrs. Robinson?

Rescued! Just then, CeeCee came back with a bottle of sparkling water. Toby leapt up, grabbed her, and tried to throw her into the pool.

"My hair! My hair!" She simultaneously squealed and laughed. Letting go of her hands, Toby let himself fall backward into the pool. CeeCee quickly followed, easing herself in so her head wouldn't go under. She wound her arms around his neck, giving him light kisses on his cheeks and the side of his head. He dragged her around the pool as they chatted.

Out of the corner of his eye, Toby saw Vonnie get up and grab her bikini top. Holding it out from her body with two fingers, she swung her hips as she waltzed into the house, still topless. Toby breathed a sigh of relief.

Saturday. Party day. Another beautiful day in paradise, following another blissful night of sleep and a morning blow job.

This time, he hadn't even had a chance to get out of bed. He'd just given himself a big yawn and stretched his arms high overhead when CeeCee magically appeared and crawled into bed with him.

She got on top, grinding her hips and her pussy into him. Kissing him hard, forcing his mouth open. Throwing the covers back, she first licked and bit his nipples, which drove him nuts. Scooting down further, she kissed around his entire crotch before licking his very erect cock like a lollipop. Her teasing licks went on way too long. He had to cum so bad!

She dive-bombed him. Throwing his arms first back against the bed, then bringing them down to hold her head, Toby was in ecstasy. Feet jammed down into the mattress, hips thrust upward, her hands holding his butt cheeks to keep him steady. When he came, it was an orgas--ma-stanza.

"Now, me!" CeeCee half-whispered, half squeaked.

Toby was still trying to catch his breath when she pulled herself back up to him, straddled his face, and pushed her pussy right into his mouth.

What am I supposed to do, Toby thought? This was a first. She had him in a headlock with her thighs. He was having trouble breathing. First, he couldn't breathe through his mouth because it was filled with her pussy. Second, when he tried breathing through his nose, it was filled with her pungent smell. There was so much pussy juice, his cheeks were literally wet.

In the end, he figured out what to do. Swirling his tongue around inside her, he finally found her clit. Flicking it up and down made her spasm as if she was getting an electrical shock. It felt like an hour but it was probably less than two minutes. She shuddered and gasped as she came. Thank God, Toby thought.

When she finally got off him, she didn't kiss him. Who would kiss that face, anyway? Instead, she just pinched his cheeks.

"You are just so cute!" CeeCee smiled with a giggle.

And she was gone.

Toby was in a total fog but he somehow managed to make it to the shower. Midway through, he started to feel better. Just before he got dressed, he appraised himself in the full length mirror.

"I don't get it." Toby actually said that to himself out loud. He was so-o-o average. Light blue eyes against his very pale face. Maybe some people found that attractive. He just shrugged his bony shoulders. Eyebrows way too dark and thick. His nose was ok; at least it wasn't a big honker. Those thin pink lips were disturbing, he thought. His hair framed his face ok but he could never get it to lay right. It was always too long or too short. Right now, it was too long, especially in the back. He wondered what one of those really expensive haircuts would do for him.

Skinny, muscles in his arms and chest barely visible, those tiny pink nipples. Ok, his stomach was sort of tight. But, he was only 18 so that didn't mean much. His lifeless, now aching and sore, dick was neither here nor there. Only about three inches at the moment. It reminded him of a raw chicken leg. He turned to the side. Ok, his hips and his flanks were nice. When he turned around further and caught sight of his butt, he kind of liked what he saw. What was the fuss, though? It wasn't that great.

How did he garner this kind of attention? First, from CeeCee. Then Day. And then, for fuck's sake, from CeeCee's mom! He audibly groaned.

When Toby reached the main floor of the house, he found it abuzz with activity. The front door was wide open as people shuffled boxes and rolling carts through it. Just outside, people were off loading three vans, each emblazoned with the sign, "Suzuki Eats." Underneath, "Serving Queens and Long Island." When he sat down on a stool at the kitchen island, he watched as five people scurried around with pots and platters. Carlotta was nowhere in sight. Who was going to get him breakfast? What a wuss, he thought. Just a couple of days and he was already a spoiled brat waiting to be served.

A hand on his back was followed by the presentation of a fresh cup of steaming coffee placed directly in front of him. When he turned his head, it was Kaito. Eyes down, he stepped back and quickly bowed his head.


Another bow.

"Ah…good morning!"

Yet another bow.


Ohio? What about Ohio? Toby had to think. Oh, not "Ohio," but "Ohayo." Japanese! One of the very few words he knew.

Kaito shook the hair out of his eyes. They stared at each other. Toby's breath caught in his throat. This boy, man, whatever, was so beautiful! His perfectly shaped face, thin neck. He wore the same black wife beater but without the shirt over it. Smooth brown skin, not one blemish, almost shiny. Narrow shoulders and chest. His nipples clearly poking at the fabric. The same shorts and sandals.

A sudden crash diverted Toby's attention. One of the workers had dropped a pot. Yelling and screaming, mostly in what he figured was Japanese, some in English. When he turned back to Kaito, he had vanished.

Sipping at the hot coffee, he looked out to the swimming pool where Ichiro was directing other men to set up small round cocktail tables. Two men rolled a portable bar into a far corner of the deck. From nowhere, a piano suddenly appeared on the other end of the deck. One man pulled the bench off the top of it while another man set up a large umbrella over it.

As he put his coffee cup down on the counter, a small tray appeared in front of him. Kaito again, with his breakfast. Steaming white rice, a bowl of soup, some finely sliced salmon, and vegetables.

Toby stared down at the set of chopsticks on the tray. This was going to be a problem. The few times he'd ever tried using them, he was all thumbs. Sensing his predicament, Kaito reached over, pulled the chopsticks out of their sleeve, and deftly plunged them into the rice. Looking first at what he was doing, Toby turned his head to look at him. Kaito pulled a chunk of rice out of the bowl and held the chopsticks up to Toby's mouth. Toby took the rice off the chopsticks with his mouth, chewing and looking at Kaito.

Back and forth, Kaito patiently fed Toby. He expertly separated fine pieces of the salmon, combined it with the rice, and plopped it into Toby's mouth. It was delicious. Moreover, he loved how it made him feel. In one way, he felt like Kaito was his servant taking care of all of his needs. In another way, it made him feel like a little boy who needed to be fed by someone older and more able. Either way, it was incredibly erotic.

Kaito pointed to the traditional ramen spoon sitting next to the soup. Obviously, Toby knew how to use a spoon but he decided to wait for direction.

Kaito pointed at the spoon. "Renge," he said in a quiet voice.

Picking the spoon up, Kaito put a finger on Toby's chin to turn his mouth to him. They looked each other in the eyes. Kaito slowly fed a spoonful of the soup to him.

"Miso," he said, nodding with a smile.

"Mmm…ya. Good."

Toby sat obediently while Kaito fed him spoonful after spoonful. He heard all of the bustling around him but his eyes stayed riveted on Kaito's.

When he was finished, Kaito took a starched linen napkin that had been sitting on the tray, unfolded it, and wiped Toby's mouth off. He gingerly and very slightly pulled Toby's lower lip down with the napkin. Toby thought he would cream in his pants there and then.

Kaito took a step back, bowed his head quickly, and then stepped forward. He grabbed the tray and he was gone. Toby didn't even have a chance to say thanks.

A few minutes later, just as he slurped down the last of his coffee, Toby felt a hand on his back again. This time, it was Day, a smile on his face, sunnies covering his eyes.

"Wanna go shopping?"


"The powers to be think you need a new outfit for the party."

"How do you know that?"

"I got a message from CeeCee to take you shopping."

"Well…I've got clothes to wear."

"Ya? C'mon! It'll be fun," Day chuckled as he pulled Toby to his feet.

Adam Mar was a small shop located in a converted house near the center of Montauk. Amidst a scene of clamor and congestion, Day managed to find a narrow parking spot nearby. The corner where the store was situated lay across the street from a local eatery, Trails End. Apparently, they must have been giving the food away because every picnic table outside was filled. People stood in groups everywhere, even spilling into the street, waiting to get a spot for breakfast.

In comparison, the store inside was an oasis of calm. White washed walls, most of the apparel presented in beachy colors of nautical blue and white. Bright colored garments, interspersed here and there, hanging or attractively laid out on tables. It looked and smelled expensive.

"Cheers!" A round shaped man said in a high effeminate voice.

"Hey, Don!" Day said with a smile.

"What brings you boys in on this lovely morning?"

"My bud Toby here desperately needs a freshen up."

Toby looked down at his faded t-shirt. Don looked too, with a slight grimace.

Don nodded affably, "Of course! You have GOT to see these Eidos shirts. They're fa-a-bulous!" He squealed.

Don drew them over to a table where some brightly colored silk shirts were laid out. While Toby just stood at the table and stared, Day leaned over, touched one, and quickly pulled a tangerine colored shirt off the table.

"Try this on."

Toby took it from Day, held it up, and shrugged.

"This way, you gorgeous thing," Don chuckled.

Showing Toby to a dressing room, he drew the linen curtain shut.

Toby had just pulled his t-shirt off and was unbuttoning the silk shirt when the curtain was brushed aside and Day was in there with him.

"What are you doing?" Toby asked in alarm.

"Thought you might need some help," Day said as he cupped one hand over Toby's chest, tweaked a nipple, and grabbed his crotch with the other.

"Cut it out! He'll see!" Toby whispered through his teeth, clearly annoyed.

"Dandy Don?" Day chuckled. "If he could get away with it, he'd be in here with us."

"I don't care! Get the fuck out!" Toby said sternly, half smiling and half giggling himself.

After Day swept back the curtain and left, Toby shrugged into the shirt and started buttoning it. The price tag, hanging from a string, fell out of one sleeve.

"Holy shit!"

It read $395.00. He broke into a cold sweat. Nevertheless, he finished buttoning it up and stepped out to the mirror. Day and Don stood there admiring him.

"Day! I can't afford this!" Toby was almost in a panic.

"Don't worry about it. The Turner's have ya covered, Mr. Clueless." Day smirked.

Toby shrugged. Well, it did look kinda nice. The tangerine color actually looked pretty damn good. The lay-back collar and the way it was cut together with his complexion and dark hair made him look, Toby searched for the word, handsome.

Some $700 later, they walked out of Adam Mar with the shirt and a new pair of sandals.

"Ya gotta have these great sandals, Toby, me boy," Day said in a faux Irish accent. "Don't ya know? The first thing people look at is your face. The second thing is your feet." Pausing with a squirrelly look on his face, "And the third thing is your butt." Then, with a chuckle, "Isn't that right, Don?"

Don stared at Toby with a slight leer. "I don't know if it's the third thing."

As he put his purchases in a bag, Day told Don, "Put it on Nat Turner's account, will ya?"

As they approached the house, a valet stand was being set up. The catering trucks had disappeared. Large pots of fresh flowers adorned the entrance. It was clear this was going to be more than your average summer party.

White face powder. Bright red lipstick. Red eyeshadow.

Toby had never seen a Geisha Girl up close and in person. There were three of them at this party. Wearing traditional kimonos, their hair done up and adorned in flowers, they floated through the party. Smiling and nodding, allowing their pictures to be taken with the guests, quietly making small talk. Stunningly beautiful. Toby was in awe.

With the exception of the piano music which was all jazz, the entire party had a kind of Japanese theme. People he hadn't seen before, mostly Japanese, wore heavily starched white uniforms as they passed amongst the guests with trays of food. Japanese delicacies, CeeCee informed him.

Toby didn't know where to turn or who to talk to. There were so many interesting people! CeeCee kept him on track, holding his hand, as she introduced him to her parents' friends. She looked stunning, of course. A cute baby doll dress, pink and blue floral. A shell necklace made her eyes look like they were on fire. Make-up, lipstick, she had it going!

Likewise, Vonnie looked spectacular. Eyes sparkling, a knock out dress with bare shoulders and arms, bare legs. Competing with her daughter?

Day finally showed up, looking fresh and, well, sexy, Toby thought. He smelled so damn good! Smiles, hugs, all around.

"Wanna meet another Day?"

Toby laughed.


He led them over to a small group of people in one corner of the great room. An incredibly handsome man chatted amiably with two younger women, both of whom looked dazzled by him. Older, salt and pepper hair, tall and slender. He talked with a thick, but refined, British accent.

"Danny, I want you to meet some friends," Day jumped right in.

Introductions were made.

"This is Daniel Day-Lewis," Day said, hitting the "Day" with some emphasis.

That name sounded so familiar, but Toby couldn't quite figure out how. Apparently, Day and Danny were related in a twice removed kind of way.

They made light conversation before an older woman pushed her way forward to ask him for an autograph.

As they walked away, Toby asked, "Who is that?"

"You know. The actor!" CeeCee exclaimed. "He's got three Oscars sitting at home on his mantle piece."

Toby was dumfounded. "What has he been in?"

"Ever see 'Lincoln?'" Day asked.

"Ya. We watched it in history class." Then it struck him. His eyes widened. "He played Lincoln??"

Both Day and CeeCee broke into laughter.

There were more movies stars. Just like Day's cousin, he didn't recognize many of them. When Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick showed up, there was a bit of a hub bub. Toby even got to shake Broderick's hand. It was kind of limp and Toby, star struck, couldn't think of one darn thing to say. They only stayed for something like 15 minutes.

Day also introduced Toby to a few Knight's. A friendly older guy, Tim Knight, told humorous stories about his dad. Instead of referring to him as his father, he called him Bobby. He was supposedly a famous basketball coach.

She was tall, probably over 5'10" with the smart looking heels she wore. Her hair, a deep chestnut brown, perfectly cut. Brown eyes, pearl like skin, slender, bordering on skinny. What really got him was her voice. A rich, deep, tone. Obviously, well trained. A refined English accent.

"I know who you are!" Toby exclaimed without thinking.

He finally recognized someone. Just after he said it, he turned red. What a doof brained thing to say!

She smiled with a light chuckle and extended her hand, "Nice to meet you."

After introducing himself, she responded, "What a delightful name, as if it was from a children's adventure story."

Toby blushed.

"My parents are huge fans of yours. They were glued to the TV for every episode of your show."

Michelle Dockery smiled, "Yes, we have a massive following here in the States."

She was so nice, Toby thought. They chatted for a couple of minutes before an amazingly good looking man came up to give her a fresh drink.

"Here ya go, Dorckey."

Toby looked on in horror. How could he call her that!?

Seeing the expression on his face, she rolled her eyes and chuckled, "It's my nickname. Dorckey Hellmice."

Toward the end of the party, Toby stood by himself with his back against the pool deck wall, surveying the scene. His breath caught in his throat as he watched Kaito cross the deck carrying a small tray of drinks.

His hair completely over his eyes, he quickly bowed his head and offered Toby a small shot glass of Saki. He wasn't dressed like the other waiters. He wore a white shirt and black pants, the shirt being so thin you could see the dark outline of his nipples underneath.

"Arigatou!" He remembered the Japanese word for thanks. He picked up one of the small glasses.

Kaito just stared at him. Quickly brushing the hair out of his eyes, he pulled a small piece of paper from his pocket and laid it down on top of the tray. Toby didn't know what to do so Kaito held the tray out to him. Staring back at Kaito, then down at the tray, he picked it up.

130 Tipperary.

Toby opened his mouth to ask him what it meant but, too late. Kaito bowed quickly, backed away, and was gone.

Before Toby could go after him, Day stumbled up with a laugh. A big guy had his arm around his neck almost in a choke hold.

"Hey, Toby! This is Dirk!"

Shoulders that seemed to span the horizon, tall, around 6'2," muscles for his muscles, a wide face, pimples across his chin, dirty blond hair.

"How ya doin'?" He said, in a deep voice, his eyes staring into Toby's.

Before Toby could respond, an older man interrupted, grabbing Dirk's hand as he released his arm from around Day's neck.

"How's the team gonna shape up?" He asked.

"Lookin' good. I think we can take the conference," Dirk replied with a chuckle.

"Who you lookin' at? Green Bay?" The man followed up.

"Aw, that's a long way off. Maybe San Fran. I dunno."

Ok, Toby thought. Football player. That makes sense.

Not having anything else to say, the man sauntered away.

"Dirk is a starter for the school I'm gonna be going to. He's a junior." Day explained.

"Oh, cool!" Toby responded.

Dirk moved in closer to Toby.

"Hey man! You're just as cute as Day told me you were."

Toby chuckled nervously as he shrunk back against the wall, basically pinned there.

Day pinched Toby 's cheek playfully, "And he knows it."

Toby blushed but he was clearly put off. He didn't respond but his eyes told the story. He glared first at Day, then at Dirk.

"How do you guys know each other?" Toby asked.

"Met online. Discovered we have some things in common," Day said, smiling at Dirk.


Before either Dirk or Day could respond, another man jumped in to talk football. Dirk was apparently some kind of minor celebrity at this party. Toby took the opportunity to duck away from them. He went looking for CeeCee, basically for protection.

"Well, hello there stranger," she purred as he put an arm around her.

Smiling and giving her a quick peck on the cheek, Toby asked, "Hey, what's Tipperary?"

"The roach motel?" CeeCee laughed in surprise.

Shrugging his shoulders, Toby replied, "I dunno. I just heard someone mention it."

"Avoid it at all costs!" She giggled. "Unless, you're looking for a hook up. I think they rent rooms by the hour." A bit more matter of factly, "Actually, some of the catering staff are staying there instead of driving all the way back to Queens."

When most of the guests had headed out and the caterers began packing up, CeeCee reconnected with Toby.

"We're all going over to the Benjamin's so they can clean up around here." She nuzzled her nose against Toby's cheek. "Coming?"

"Ah, ya. You go ahead. I'll be along in a bit."

"Ok, cute stuff. They've got a little piece of beach I want to show you. It's called the swallows," she cooed.

The whole bunch, the Turners, the Benjamin's, and a few other stragglers jumped into a couple of cars or started walking down the drive to the main road. Watching them leave, Toby observed the outside lights coming on as day faded to twilight.

Because of the party, Uber drivers were apparently trolling nearby because it only took a couple of minutes for one to arrive once Toby summoned it. Less than ten minutes later he was dropped off. A bright red neon sign emblazoned across the front of the motel: Kenny's Tipperary Inn.

Following signs directing him through the quiet lobby, he found himself on the pool side of the motel. A few people, obviously catering staff because they were mostly Japanese, relaxed with beverages as they sat around picnic tables. Toby was practically invisible in the dim light. Night had fallen.

Room 130. The door was slightly ajar. Cautiously, Toby knocked lightly and nudged it open. The room was almost completely dark, lit only by a single bedside lamp. The bathroom door suddenly bumped open, bathing the room in light only for an instant before Kaito turned it off.

Toby's heart raced. He was instantly hard.

Kaito wore only a white loincloth, remindful of ones worn by sumo wrestlers. It hung tantalizingly loose around his narrow hips. His narrow butt was almost completely bare, the cloth hugging the shadow of his crack. His smooth skin shined in what little light there was. He walked slowly to Toby and stood before him, staring.

"Oh-h-h-h." He half groaned in a soft but low voice. Almost a growl.

Kaito brought his hands up behind Toby's neck, pulled his head down, and brought their lips together. Soft and sweet lips, a mouth that urgently accepted his tongue. Toby's hands held Kaito's hips before running them up and down his warm back.

He pulled his lips slightly away. Toby felt his warm breath against his face. Dropping one hand down to his side, Kaito tugged at the loincloth until one end broke free. Pulling it away from his body, the rest of it came loose and fell to the floor.

Toby's hand dropped immediately to Kaito's erect cock. Thinner than his, having a kind of exotic coarseness and a slightly oily feel.

"Oh-h-h-h." Another half groan, half growl.

Tugging and grabbing, Toby's clothes were practically ripped off of him. Falling to the bed, they kissed passionately, their hips grinding urgently together. Fingers and hands, mouths and tongues, explored every inch of each other's bodies.

Kaito tasted different. It was intoxicating. His nipples, his cock, his asshole, had a salty, tart taste unlike any other he'd ever experienced. He smelled different, too. Kind of like seaweed.

After they both came, Kaito cradled Toby's head in his arms. He sweetly fed his fingers to Toby, encouraging him to suck on each one. It almost made him feel like a baby, Toby thought. He loved it. Even though his cock ached, it made him slightly hard again.

Toby pushed on Kaito's protruding hip bone, making him giggle softly. Drawing pictures on his hip and tummy, he brought his hand down to lovingly cup his dick and balls. Then he slowly swept his hand from Kaito's crotch along the silky smoothness of his inner thigh down to his knee. Pushing his legs further apart, Toby reversed course on the other leg back up to his genitals.

Later, when they'd both orgasmed again, Toby sat on the side of the bed. It suddenly occurred to him that they had barely spoken a word to each other.

"I'd love to talk to you, find out everything about you."

Kaito just stared blankly at Toby. Clearly, he didn't understand a word of what he said.

For what it was worth, Toby left his number and his email address. Kaito stared at it on the piece of paper for a long time.

"Sayonara." Toby said to Kaito at the door.

Shaking his head, Kaito replied, "Mata Ne." Toby looked it up later. Loosely, it meant, "Until then." He hadn't realized that sayonara was more like, "Good-bye forever."

The ground below flew by in a blur.

Toby stared through the window down at the rail bed as the train picked up speed. Sunday. Going home.

"Are you?" Day's eyes boring into him on the beach the other day when he asked Toby if he was gay.

He shrugged his shoulders. Ya, I guess.

CeeCee came to mind. Cute, but…it was different than with another guy. Then, the way Vonnie had whispered to him this morning. Come see us in the City. We'll have fun. Her breath in his ear. It had given him a tingle. Why did he react that way if he was gay?

He could still see Day staring down at him as he asked the question, "Are you?"

He'd already given his heart to one guy. Bell. Day had been…a pleasant diversion. Now this guy, this boy. Kaito. Deprived of a shared spoken language, they'd only been able to speak through touches and looks. And yet, he felt so strongly about him. If Kaito didn't somehow find a way to reach out to him, he would be crushed.

I think…I need to talk to someone, he thought. A counselor at school? Yuck! He literally stuck his tongue out and made a gagging sound. A man sitting across the aisle gave him a look. A priest from his church? He smirked. No way!

Thumbing "Gay Hot Line" into his browser's search window, the top of the page read, "If you are gay, call 888-843-4564." He smiled, remembering what had been written on the note. He clicked on the number, and waited for someone to pick up.

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