Like Dust in the Wind

by Jack Lynch

Chapter 4

Marti and Gee.

Late August.

Left hand on the grip, his right holding the head. Bell strolled by them carrying his tennis racket, walking alongside his playing partner, Pete.

Gee jerked up a bit in the chair. Marti appeared not to notice. It was hard to tell, though. They both wore dark sunglasses. An Old Fashioned on the table in front of him, a G&T in her hand. They sat at a table under an umbrella along the veranda at the Derbyshire Club.

"Is that Campbell Maine?" Gee wanted to know.

"Yes, darlin.' I guess he's…um…grown up."

George and Martha Custis or Marti and Gee, if you will. Gee as in the letter, "G." He had always hated that name George. It became something of a joke when he courted and finally married Martha Hammond. What made it especially ridiculous? He was actually a descendant of George Washington. Incredibly, so was she.

Childless, at first because they couldn't have any, and then because they were really too self-absorbed to give up their lives for children anyway.

Even still, both of them had a well developed appreciation for teenagers. Both boys and girls. Any age as long as they were cute. No linebackers or girls with big tits.

Bell checked a lot of boxes for both of them.

16 years old. 11th grade on the horizon. About 5'8," slender build. Tan or olive colored skin, take your pick. Medium brown hair, naturally streaked with some blond. Long and straight, past his shoulders, parted in the middle. Thick eyebrows, narrow almond shaped brown eyes. A long nose, narrow chin. A cute butt, mostly hidden by a long polo shirt, untucked. Baggy shorts, pure white Adidas tennis shoes and anklets.

Coincidentally, he lived next door to Marti and Gee. They hadn't paid much attention to him growing up. All of a sudden, he seemed to have developed an "it" factor.

Boys were like that. A magical age between boyhood and becoming an adult. All of the equipment worked to the max and yet, they possessed a freshness and innocence that made them irresistible.

Bell was definitely right there, Gee thought. He slurped down some of his drink, glanced at Marti, and chuckled.

Marti felt a bit of perspiration break out on her upper lip as she turned her head ever so slightly to watch Bell disappear into the clubhouse. No words were necessary. She knew exactly what Gee was thinking.

The kid definitely had the goods physically. More important to Marti, however, was that he acted like a little shit ass. She loved that. Stuck up and arrogant.

The air conditioned locker room freeze dried the sweat to Bell's skin.

"Hey, Peetie, I'm gonna shower."

"Sounds good, man. I'm gonna do it at home." Pete said as he pulled his street clothes out of a locker. "Later."

Bell didn't bother saying goodby. He just gave him a sort of scornful look. Didn't ya even want to see my stuff, he thought? The locker room door closed as Pete left. Your loss, he thought as he shrugged. He quickly stripped down and grabbed a towel from the stack near the shower room door.

Steam from the hot water rolling off his body, Bell gazed down, admiring his flat stomach and an exquisite dick framed by a perfect set of balls. He couldn't decide. Hairy or smooth. At the moment, smooth. He had cleaned it up yesterday so today it still looked good and felt even better. He loved running his hands between his legs and down the insides of his thighs. From there, across his hips to his nice firm butt. He smirked to himself as he got hard. I'd fuck the brains out of anybody who looked as good as me, he said to himself.

"I'm gonna take a leak."

Gee pushed himself out of the chair and headed for the men's locker room. Marti chuckled, turning her head to take in some of the action at the bar.

Bell was just coming out of the shower when he spied Gee standing at one of the urinals.

"Hey, Mr. Custis!"

Still in mid-piss, Gee turned his head. Shit! He looked hot!

Rather than modestly wrapping the towel around his waist, Bell had simply thrown it over his shoulder. Not really hard but still thick, Bell knew without looking down that he must have been quite the sight.

"Bell, is that you?"

Gee squinted, pretending that he didn't quite recognize the boy. He focused his eyes on Bell's face although, through his peripheral vision, he got a pretty good view of what was going on lower down.

He liked being checked out and he hoped he could nail Mr. Custis in the act. Dang! Not quite.

Bell had known Mr. and Mrs. Custis for as long as he could remember. He looked at Gee now through the lens of his 16-year-old eyes. Almost 6 feet tall, in decent shape for a guy who was probably in his 40's. Maybe almost 50. Full head of dark brown hair, a few strands of gray here and there. He reminded Bell of that actor who played the coach in the TV series, "Friday Night Lights." Come to think of it. His wife, Marti, was a dead ringer for the coach's wife.

Bantering as Gee zipped up and washed his hands, he got a better look at Bell in the mirror over the sink. Fuck me! Hip bones visible, a gorgeous v-shape meeting at his even more gorgeous package. A thin treasure trail from his belly button to his dick. Slightly defined smooth chest, medium sized brown nipples. Just standing there, naked. Was he even remotely aware of how hot he looked?

Bell maintained his well cultivated bored look, eyes slightly hooded. Inside though, he was getting his jollies.

Gee droned on.

"You should come!" Gee exclaimed.

He was talking about the annual fundraiser for Smythe Friends Marti and he hosted. Gee was a loyal alum of the prestigious private school that Bell also attended.

"I dunno, maybe. I think we might have plans," Bell replied, looking in the distance and sounding even more bored and nonchalant.

He continued to stand there naked providing ample eye candy for Gee.

A couple of more exchanges and Gee got out of there. I need to leave, he thought with a grimace. Either that, or he was going to bust the zipper on his shorts with the force of his hard-on.

Collapsing back on the chair, he grabbed the drink and took a solid draw.

"How did that go?" Marti asked.

"Almost too well," he replied with a chuckle.

Rather than wait for the Miata convertible to be brought up, Bell just grabbed the key fob out of the valet stand and strolled to the parking lot. That way, he didn't have to tip the guy.

I dunno, he sighed. Maybe, I shoulda waited for the valet. He was kind of cute, reminding Bell somewhat of Tommie. Immediately upon return from their family vacay on Tybee Island he dropped Tommie. Or, was he the one who got dropped?

Tommie was way too focused on football. When they broke up, he was already doing two-a-days in prep for the season. Tommie had little time or energy for fucking around right now. Or, rather, fucking. Bell missed him, though. He liked Tommie's joint, his ripped build, and he thoroughly loved getting his butt rimmed. That guy had quite the tongue and Bell's ass really loved the attention.

And then, there was Toby.

Meeting that kid on Tybee Island had actually opened up a soft spot in his heart. It wasn't just his amazingly cute butt. Well, that was significant. So perfect, and so white. The first time he'd ever topped a guy. It was his face, or rather, him. That hurt puppy look, those blue eyes, and those pink lips. Toby was so naive and innocent. Bell had thought twice about leaving without saying anything to him. It was a prick thing to do but, if he had, he might have let down his guard and told him how he felt about him. And, then where would he be?

"C'mon, Tucker!" Gee chided Bell's dad over the phone.

"Christ almighty! I'm already spending almost forty G's a year to send that kid to Smythe. I'm gonna be into his education for a cool mill by the time he's done with college and grad school!"

"So, what's another five grand?"

Raising money for Smythe Friends was one of the few jobs Gee actually enjoyed. Making all of these rich entitled people part with their hardly earned trust fund money was a kick. Once a year, they threw the elegant soirée, opening their home to a select group of a hundred or so major donors. Price of entry: $5,000 minimum. Annually, they raised around $300,000 for the school's endowment.

"Aw right." Tucker gave in, breathing a deep sigh.

"And bring your beautiful family."

"Sure thing. Harper's already at school but Wheezie and I will ask Bell to join us."

"Sounds good!"

Bell followed his mom and dad as they wound their way through Sherwood Forest. It wasn't the real Sherwood Forest. It was just their own name for it. Thickly forested with white pine, spruce, and oak trees, divided only by a couple of narrow paths, it occupied several acres between their house and the Custis home.

Memories flooded Bell's consciousness. Sherwood Forest was a special place. When he was 12, he watched from behind a tree as his sister Harper gave a guy a hand job. She had just turned 15. The next year, he talked one of his buddies, Artie, into taking his clothes off. They ran around naked for awhile until they got tired. Then they stood watching each other jerk off. When he was 14, he lured the pool boy, a stud name Diaz, into Sherwood Forest. Bell let Diaz feel him up. He would have let him go further but when he tried to kiss him, Bell was grossed out. The guy had bad breath.

They called their house the Maine Manse. It was big enough but the nickname was really just a joke. Marti and Gee lived in an honest to God mansion.

Georgian style, made of granite and trimmed in marble, it looked kind of like a library. Inside, a large hall and a grand staircase. In a quirky tribute to the board game Clue, the house also boasted a conservatory, billiard room, lounge, library, study, and even a ballroom.

Gee's parents built it. His father, a middling investment banker, stumbled into ownership of a firm that had the rights to the board game. After a merger that included another board game, Monopoly, Hasbro ended up with it. A boatload of Hasbro stock landed in his father's lap, making him a multi-millionaire and insuring a perpetual stream of dividend and royalty income.

Flush with cash and in a flash of inspiration, they built the house as a tribute to the source of their good fortune. It even included secret passages between some of the rooms.

Marti and Gee ended up with the house after his parents passed away. It was perfect for them. It meant they could stay in Derbyshire, Gee's home town. Work for him was a short drive to the train station followed by a pleasant 45-minute ride on the rails into the city. It wasn't really work either. He reported in at the investment firm where he was employed two or three days a week. Gee didn't have to actually sell anything. Managing his family's money alone commanded a corner office and a Vice President's title.

The path ended when the trees fell away revealing the main property. Vehicles filled the circular drive, a line of cars waiting for valets to take them over. The Maine's followed another group of people through the open front door. A guy dressed like a butler, white gloves, morning coat, and all, stood at the door holding a silver tray piled with envelopes. Pledge cards and checks, Bell guessed.

The atmosphere in the Hall could only be described as bright. High pitched chatter, laughter, lots of people, smells of expensive perfume and good food. Tucker and Wheezie were quickly swallowed up in the crowd. Bell went his own way.

He lazily strolled past a waiter holding a tray of bacon wrapped scallops. Not even waiting to be served, he scooped a couple of them off the tray and gobbled them down. Nodding to a couple of classmates, he spied a bar.

"Johnny Walker Red neat."

"ID." The bartender responded, expressionless. He leaned his hand on top of the bar.

Bell shrugged and smirked. It didn't hurt to try. Once in awhile, he actually got served.

"Or a Ginger Ale."

The bartender shoved the drink at him, a derisive look on his face.

Bell wandered down the Hall peeking into the various rooms.

The Ballroom bustled with a large crowd. The school had set up easels holding display boards celebrating their outstanding programs, prestigious faculty, and celebrated alumni.

Girls he knew from school waved at him when he strolled past the Lounge. They were selling $500 raffle tickets for a chance to win the grand prize, a Florida vacation on a super yacht. He knew it was the Lounge because it actually had a gold metal name plate on the wall next to the door. So did most of the other rooms that were adjacent to the Hall.

Arms crossed, Bell leaned on the doorway to the glass covered Conservatory and listened to the boys from the school's a capella group, the Smythe Sound, blast away at "Stand By Me." An enthusiastic crowd swayed and clapped to the music.

The moment that skunky smell hit his nostrils, he knew what it was. Having turned the handle to the door of the Library, Bell eased his way into the crowded room.

It was hard to see who was in there and what was going on. A blue haze made his eyes burn a little and people were crowded in, pretty much shoulder to shoulder. The Library was lined with books on all sides from floor to ceiling. Razor thin opera lights illuminated some of the shelves of books. Other than that, the room was pretty much dark.

The crowd parted momentarily. Marti caught Bell's eye. Nudging her way past a couple of people, she shuffled her way to stand in front of him.


Bell started to blush. He knew he wasn't supposed to be in here. But, Marti had this odd, quirky smile on her face. She looked really…pretty! Of course, his eyes dropped to her chest.

Holy shit!

She wore some kind of flowy white silk blouse that hung loose well below her waist. It didn't seem to have any buttons. Instead, it sort of gaped open from her neck to just below her navel, the sides finally joined together at the bottom. Clearly, she wasn't wearing anything underneath. Her luscious full breasts were fully on display, barely concealing large nipples that were clearly outlined by the silk fabric.

"Well…!" She said again.

Taking the joint she had been holding between her two fingers, she pushed it against Bell's lips until he accepted it. Taking hold of it between his thumb and middle finger, he took a long drag.

Marti watched him as he sucked on the joint. What a…what was the word…specimen! That's what her uncle called boys like him. That gorgeous face of his, thick eyebrows, long eyelashes, and long nose. The look he always seemed to have in his muddy brown eyes. Sort of a fuck you look. She felt her love canal open with a small thunk.

Bell's slender frame. She mentally undressed him. From what Gee had told her, that set of equipment between his legs was something to behold.

He couldn't really hold it in. After a moment, Bell blew the smoke out of his lungs and coughed a couple of times, almost gagging once.

Grabbing his arm, with a deep chuckle, she said, "C'mon. Let me show you around."

First stop. An old man sitting in a chair. Bald on top, he had a dramatic shock of pure white hair on the back and sides complemented by a matching thick English mustache. Black suit, pearl gray vest, white shirt, and a dark bow tie.

"This is Professor Day," Marti smiled.

He reached up to shake Bell's hand.

"Uncle Winnie, this is our neighbor boy, Campbell Maine."

"Lovely to meet you, young man."

Bell immediately felt creepy. The way he looked at him. Evaluating, judging, and sort of leering.

"My uncle is a professor of history. Big time," she said proudly as they strolled away. "A Smythe alum, of course."

A couple more tokes, a couple more introductions, and they came across Gee. He had been standing in the corner of the room, his shoulder leaning against one of the bookcases.

"Marti and Gee. It sounds like a radio show! Are you sure you two aren't on the radio?" One of the new parents asked in a high giggle, drunk off his ass, trying too hard to suck up to Gee.

Clearly annoyed, he broke off the conversation as Bell and Marti approached.

"Hey!" Gee smiled blandly at Bell, eyes hooded and very blood shot. Stoned.

"How ya doin' Mr. Custis?" Bell was beginning to feel light headed himself.

"Oh no, ya don't! It's Gee. Ok, buddy?" As he said it, he reached out and tweaked Bell's chin.

"I just introduced Bell to my Uncle Winnie," Marti giggled.

She wrapped her arm around Bell's shoulder, pulling him closer as she pressed her tit into the side of his chest.

Gee smirked. He rubbed the sweat out of the lower half of his eye socket.

"Ya know, you're one cute kid. How old are you again?"



He placed his hand flat on Bell's chest. At the same time, Marti swung her opposite arm up, pulled a button on Bell's shirt open, and ran her hand across the other side of his chest, giving his nipple a squeeze.

"I think so, too, honey." She purred, not letting go. She loved the feeling of Bell's heart banging away under her hand.

The moment was ruined when another guest stumbled up to ask where the bathroom was located. Marti stepped back. They both dropped their hands from Bell's chest.

Bell looked up. The ceiling looked like it went on forever. Those book shelves must have been a hundred or two hundred feet high, spinning around up there. He couldn't even see the tops of them. Dizzier than ever, now.

The only thing that came to mind: fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

"You serving any dessert?" He asked Marti.

Laughing, "Sure, honey. Out in the Hall."

He woke up because his tongue was so stuck to the top of his mouth, it was almost impossible to breathe. Dried saliva caked the corner of his lips. Rolling off of his stomach and onto his side, Bell realized he was in his own bed.

He tried to remember how he got here. Nothing registered.

A long shower, a quick whip around with a razor to keep the stubble off of his pubes, teeth brushed. He ambled down the stairs to the kitchen, noting the angle of the sun probably made it late morning.

"Ding Ding!"

His mom greeted him in the high falsetto voice reserved just for him. She was dressed in her usual, a yoga outfit.


"You cute thing! I'm off to Pilates. Do you need me to fix you breakfast?"

This was a highly rhetorical question. These days, there was no fixing. Bell wasn't sure if she even remembered how to pour cereal into a bowl.

"Nah. That's ok," he rasped.

His hair still wet as it hung around his face, he chomped on an apple. Head down, he checked his social media apps for anything interesting.

A text message.


"Is for horses."

Bell's standard response when he received a message from some unknown person.

Laughing icon in response.

"How r u?

"Who is this?"


Bell was stunned.

"How did u get my #?"

"U gave it 2 me."

Bell tried to think. A pause.

"Wanna cum over?"

Why would Gee use that spelling?


"U said u wud."

"I did?"



"How about now?"

"No. I meant when did I say I wud?"

"Last night."


He shrugged his shoulders. What the heck? He didn't have anything else to do other than check online to get his fall class schedule. Maybe hang around with some friends. This could be more fun.


"Ya. I'll be over."


Gee smirked, silently congratulating himself. What a multitasker he was! All the while he was texting, he'd tapped away on his laptop and managed to close out a T-Bill position, effectively locking in a few thousand dollars in profit. At the same time, he was also able to tickle the front of his shorts, keeping his swollen dick on edge.

He leaned back in his chair, raised his arms over his head, and awarded himself with a satisfying stretch.

A quick message to Marti.


Getting up from the desk, a replica of the Resolute Desk in the White House, he crossed the length of the Study.

As he walked through Sherwood Forest on his way to Marti and Gee's he tried to recall the events of last evening. Bell had been stoned a few times before but nothing like that. I wonder what else I promised, he asked himself. Sleeveless t-shirt, loose fitting shorts, and flip flops. Uh oh. He realized he'd forgotten to wear underwear.

Arms crossed, leaning into the front door frame, Gee smiled at Bell as he walked up.

"Marti's in the Billiard Room. Why don't you head on back?"

"Where's that?"

"Towards the end of the Hall. You'll see the name plate next to the door."

Much like you'd expect, the Billiard Room had dark green walls and lighting focused on the ornate pool table. In the dim light, he saw Marti seated on a long couch at the far end of the room.

It was hard to guess her age. Bell kind of lumped all middle aged women together. Forty something. She was a looker, though. Strawberry blonde hair that fell to the middle of her back. Pink, freckled skin, wide set blue eyes, a straight nose, thin lips, and a rounded chin.

She wasn't skinny like his mom, but she wasn't heavy either. Bell tried to put a word to it. I know, he thought! Rubenesque!

"How are you feeling, Bell?"

Marti spoke softly, almost in a whisper. She pointed to a chair just opposite to her.

"Ya…aw right, I guess," he replied as he flopped down.

They talked for a few minutes about the party.

With a long sigh she said, "Ya know, Bell. I love to relax sometimes when I'm at home."

What the heck was she talking about? Was she going to bring out the weed again? Bell tried to play it cool, slumping back in the chair.

"Ya, I can pick up what you're layin' down."

"That's nice, Bell. I'm glad to hear," she purred. A pause. "You don't mind if I relax a little, do you?"

Marti didn't wait for Bell to answer. With a chuckle and a sigh, she stood up. She was wearing a loose flowy caftan. Untying the front of it, she shrugged one shoulder, then the other, letting it fall to the floor. Underneath, she was completely naked.

Pinkish brown skin. Full breasts. Full enough that they sagged a bit. Large, light brown nipples. A reasonably flat round stomach, luxuriously round hips, a completely shaved pussy, her vertical smile plainly in view.

Bell took it all in, his pulse suddenly racing, unable to divert his eyes.

She laughed and sat down, her legs falling open.

A hand snaked around Bell's neck, dipping under his shirt to lightly caress his chest. Gee had magically appeared out of nowhere. Without a word, he came around to face Bell, grabbed his arms, and pulled him to his feet.

Bell and Gee just looked at each other.

"Bell, honey. Why don't you relax, too?" Marti whispered. Her middle finger was already running lightly down her slit, the other hand cupping her breast.

Gee didn't wait for him to answer. He grabbed the waist of Bell's shorts, unbuttoned them, and nudged them down until they fell to his feet. Bell's very erect cock bounced out. With a low chuckle, Gee wound his hand around to completely envelope Bell's balls, his wrist rubbing against his dick. Bell groaned, eyes closing, his head thrown back.

Eyes still closed, he could hear Marti gasping. He let Gee pull his t-shirt over his head. When he opened his eyes, Bell realized that Gee had somehow gotten naked too. He wound his hand around his own stiff member, grabbing Bell's cock with the other, and pulling them together. Steadily, he jerked both of their cocks against each other.

Marti gazed at Bell. What a perfect boy-man! His lithe figure, slender smooth hips. The cock of a Roman god. Kind of brown, smooth and thick. The hole looked almost stretched open, like it was about to spew. Not like Gee's weenie which was, in a way, kind of disappointing. But, most of all, it was that entitled arrogant look on Bell's face that really juiced her. She felt an orgasm coming on.

Over Gee's shoulder, Bell could see Marti writhing away on the couch. From her gasps and squeals, she appeared to be cumming over and over.

Bell wasn't sure what got into him, but he had to have it. Pushing Gee aside, he went to Marti. Grabbing her hips, he pulled her forward and pushed her legs up. In one move, he was inside her.

"Oh, fuck!" Marti screamed, her arms thrown wide, her fists slamming into the sofa cushions.

Gee came over to watch. He rubbed his cock against the boy's hip, one hand holding onto Bell's butt as he thrust into Marti.

Invisible, because of the Billiard Room's deep shadows, Professor Day watched from the open door to the secret passage. He took it all in, making a long list of mental notes. He always enjoyed watching his niece having sex. But, his attention was focused on the young man.

What can we do to further young Campbell's education, he wondered? The professor looked on, a quiet smile on his face.

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