by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 3

Troy laughed out loud when I said about going to buy some skinny jeans. He ruffled my hair and leaned over to kiss me on the cheek, telling me that he loved me as he did so. I thought he was going to come and lie on the bed alongside me, but instead he just said,

"We can be together now whenever we want Adam. You ain't ever going back to that place, or if you do it'll be over my dead body. If you're coming to school in the morning though, you'd best get some sleep – it's been quite a day."

He gave me another kiss and then left the room, closing the door gently behind him. I think I must indeed have been exhausted by all that had happened in the last few hours as I'm sure I dropped off to sleep for a short time. The next thing I knew I was sitting up in bed and Mrs C was hugging me while I was crying my eyes out. I couldn't remember my ma ever hugging me and yet here was Troy's mom doing so.

"What happened?" I asked when I could get my emotions under partial control.

"I think you were having a nightmare, Adam. I heard you yelling, screaming and sobbing, so I came in. You were thrashing around on the bed as if you were trying to fight off the devil himself. I just gave you a hug and tried to calm you down. Can I get you anything, a glass of warm milk or something?"

"That sounds good. I'll come down to the kitchen with you."

"Fine, if you feel up to it, but it'll only take me a couple of minutes and anyway, you're shivering. Get into bed properly and I'll be back in no time."

She helped me get under the comforter which did feel better and when she came back with the glass of warm milk and some cookies I had stopped shivering. She put those on the nightstand before sitting on the bed and wrapping an arm round my shoulders.

"Adam, from what little Troy has told us I know you've been through more than any boy should over the last few weeks. It's over now and you're safe. Hopefully CPS will agree to you staying here permanently – and we're going to try damned hard to make sure they do. But, we do understand it is not going to be easy for you to forget. If talking about things will help, I'm a good listener."

She hugged me tighter as she said the last sentence and planted a little kiss on my cheek. Wow, that felt good in a totally different way to when Troy kissed me. I decided I wanted her to know and thus, slowly and haltingly at first, I told her all that had happened to me since Pa had come home that Monday evening.

What I didn't tell her was the actual nightmare that had led to me yelling and screaming. In that it hadn't been Troy and Mr C who had come to the old house but my Pa. When he found me there he'd beaten me at first with his hands and fists until he'd knocked me to the ground, after which he'd taken off his belt and lashed me from the shoulders to the knees until he was exhausted. Then he'd dragged me out to his pickup and heaved me into the passenger seat before getting in himself and driving off. He'd driven us out into the country, I had no idea where, but eventually he'd stopped and told me to get out. He'd forced me to walk, although my walk was more like a stumble, deep into the woods before finally ordering me to stop when we arrived at some sort of clearing.

"I ain't got no use for a faggot son and neither has your Ma. She regrets giving birth to you and I can't believe you're my seed. The world'll be a better place without you, boy."

I looked down and saw he had his pistol in his right hand and I knew what came next. I did the only thing I could, turned and ran – not that it was much of a run – and then I heard a shot, which was the point at which I came to with Mrs C hugging me.

When I'd finished telling Mrs C what had actually happened over the last few weeks she said that she and her husband would be more than happy to pay for me to see a psychiatrist if I felt I needed to talk to anyone on a professional basis. I couldn't see that would be necessary because it wasn't as if I'd suffered a lifetime of abuse. I may not have had a loving home, but I'd been fed and clothed and it was only since Troy and I had got together than I realized how much I'd missed out on while growing up. But the really bad things had only occurred during the last few weeks and I felt confident they would fade fairly soon, especially in this new and loving environment.

Mrs C wished me goodnight and went out of the room switching off the main light and closing the door as she did so. I drank the rest of the milk, ate a couple of cookies and then switched off the bedside light before snuggling under the duvet.

I don't know if she put anything in that glass of milk, but the next thing I knew it was morning and Troy, wearing only in a pair of pale grey CK boxer briefs, was kneeling above me on my bed.

"If you're serious about coming to school today, then you'd better get that ass of yours out of bed and have a shower – you stink!"

He got off the bed and pulled the duvet off me. Of course I had my usual morning wood and it happened to be sticking through the slit in my boxers.

"I think I'm gonna tell mom I feel sick and can't go to school today" he said with a laugh as he saw it. "Come on, breakfast's waiting and wieners aren't on the menu – unfortunately."

He left to go and get dressed while I got up and went through the usual morning routines. I picked out a pair of navy blue boxer briefs and eased them over my butt which I could feel was still bruised, but definitely not as bad as yesterday. I found a polo shirt I'd put in my backpack while the jeans I'd been wearing then and the same sneakers, with a clean pair of socks, would have to do. Ready, I went down to the kitchen. Mr C had already left for work but Mrs C had a good breakfast ready for us.

While we were eating it she pointed to two brown paper bags on the table.

"I'd thought Adam would stay off school today which would have given the pair of you a chance to talk tonight."

We both looked blankly at her.

"Your situation has changed. From what you've told me nobody at school really knew of your relationship, although some may have had suspicions. You need to decide and agree how you are going to present yourselves, so there is a packed lunch for both of you. Instead of eating in the cafeteria you can find somewhere quiet to sit outside and, perhaps, come to a decision."

"I think Mike Daubney's already been putting the word around after he saw us kissing" Troy responded.

"Probably, but now you'll be coming to school together this morning which is likely to be seen by others." She hesitated, before continuing, "And there is something you don't know that I heard a little while ago on the local radio and is sure to have been heard by others." Looking at me she said, "When the police went to interview your father yesterday there was what the radio is calling 'an incident' in which a gun was fired."

"Shit!" Troy and I exclaimed almost in unison.

"What happened? Was anyone hurt?" I asked.

"The reporter didn't go into much detail, but I gather your father has been locked up and that charges will follow."

"Good!" said Troy. "He deserves to be locked up for what he did to my Adam."

The use of the 'my' did not escape either my or Mrs C's notice, but there wasn't time for either of us to say anything about it as we were running late. Mrs C drove us in her SUV and then came into the school with me to register my new address details. Because of that I missed homeroom and even part of my first period, so by the time lunch came round and because not that many people talked to me even since Troy and I had become friends, nothing much had been said to me.

Luckily it was a dry and reasonably warm day despite it being autumn, so we were able to sit at one of the outside tables and not be too close to anyone else. We sat next to each other and to my surprise Troy immediately pulled me towards him and kissed me. It wasn't a tongue down my throat kiss, but neither was it a quick peck on my lips.

"Hey, I thought we were here to discuss how we acted at school" I said when we disengaged.

Troy grinned and his eyes sparkled. "What's there to discuss?" he asked.

"You know damn well what your mom said about us needing to talk."

"Adam, I don't need to talk. It's simple – I love you and I want to be with you as much as I can. Look, I'm gonna be sixteen in a couple of months and you'll be sixteen a few weeks later. I don't believe the CPS are gonna be that bothered about you and I being boyfriends, just as long as they don't find us in bed screwing – and that isn't gonna happen. Much as I'd love you to screw me again. I'm not gonna let you."

"What - never?" I interrupted, causing Troy to fist bump my arm and let out a couple of very rude words before continuing,

"Not until we are both sixteen and my folks have agreed we can do it in bed in the house. It was great having you make love to me that one time out in the old house, but the next time we make love it has got to be more romantic."

It was funny really. I'd never thought of Troy as being the romantic sort, he'd always come over as too much the sporty type for that, but I knew what he meant. While there had been something a little romantic about making love there, the surroundings were pretty awful in all honesty. Well, my sixteenth birthday wasn't that far off and if his parents agreed, it would be well worth the wait to do it in some sort of special way. I had plenty of time to make some plans.

"Okay, I can go along with that – it makes sense in a lot of ways. We don't know though that I'll still be living with you then."

"I reckon you will. Your Pa could well end up in prison based on what I heard this morning. One of the guys in my homeroom, his Pa is a cop, and from what he was saying your Pa drew a gun when they came to interview him, the two cops there struggled to get it off him and while doing so a shot was fired which fortunately didn't hit anyone. So with that and what he did to you, I can't see you going back there especially as your Ma did nothing to protect you from him."

I let out a whistle. "Wow, that's heavy. And if he goes to prison I'm not sure Ma could even afford to live there, although what else she'd do I don't know. Plus, there is another thing – once I'm sixteen they can agree to me leaving home which I'm sure they'd do. Dunno whether I'd still have to be fostered under CPS or if I'd be free to make my own decisions."

"Doesn't make any difference, does it?" said Troy. "Either way you could still live with us."

We both took a pause to eat some of the lunch Mrs C had prepared for us. As usual the sandwiches she'd made were delicious and we both grazed contentedly for a few minutes. Eventually I emptied my mouth and having drunk some of the juice she'd given us, I said,

"Alright, but that's all in the future – what about now and school?"

"What about it? We wouldn't be the only gay couple here. I know of at least a couple of other pairs – of both sexes. You see them walking around holding hands and having the occasional quick kiss when there are no teachers about. Nobody is going to be that concerned if you and I add to the total."

"But what about the track and the swim teams - how are the guys there going to react if you come out?"

"Adam, neither of them is like the football team, full of jocks with no brains."

We both laughed when he said that and then he continued,

"In both teams, but more in the swim one I guess, you get used to seeing guys naked and sometimes springing boners. We don't take much notice – after all we've all got a banana and a coupla walnuts underneath!"

This time I literally doubled up with laughter.

"I fancy a banana sundae" I said with what I hoped was a sexy grin, when I'd recovered.

"Well, you might get one on Sunday – but just don't turn it into a banana split!" Troy responded and we both laughed out loud again.

Jeeze, I thought to myself how great today was compared to yesterday; how good it was to be with Troy now; how good it was going to be to be with him from now on.

"So you don't think we've got anything to be worried about?"

"No," Troy answered as he pulled me into another kiss that ended up being slightly more than a quick peck. "And if you've got any doubts, look behind you"

I did and there were the guys and girls from our lunch table all grinning at us and giving us the thumbs up. Jerry Martin called out "About time you two got serious!"

I relaxed mentally. If Troy's friends were happy about us being together then we had little to worry about at school. We'd almost certainly get the odd snide comment with someone calling out 'faggot' or similar at one or other of us in the hallways, but that wouldn't amount to anything. That was inevitable I reckoned especially as there were a few kids at school who attended the same church I had.

Mrs C was waiting for us in the SUV when school finished. Troy and I slid into the back seat from opposite sides, but he kept sliding right across to my side and pulled me into a kiss that had our tongues dancing in delight. When we pulled apart and put on our seat belts, Mrs C said with an amused tone in her voice,

"Do I take it you two spoke at lunch?"

"Yeah, we had time for that." Troy replied.

"The sandwiches were great, Mrs C" I added.

"Thank you Adam. Perhaps I can get you to teach my son some manners."

"Mom, we talked and we decided it would be too hard to spend every day trying to hide what we feel for each other. We're not going to be the only gay kids at school."

"But you'll almost certainly be the only two living in the same house."

"Does that really make any difference" Troy retorted. "If any kids wanna have sex they don't need to live in the same house to do it."

We all sort of digested that thought on the journey back to Troy's house. When we got indoors Mrs C ushered us into the kitchen, poured us drinks and told us to sit down at the table where a plate of cookies sat invitingly. I worried though what she was going to say – had Troy gone too far?

"Troy knows already, but it's only right you should too Adam, that we'll support whatever decisions you make. We've known for a few years that Troy was gay even if he never officially told us. I guess until you came along he'd never found anyone he felt about in a way that made him want to come out. We're glad he found you as we've seen the changes you've made in him – for a start his grades have improved! On which subject have you two got homework to do?"

"Of course," Troy answered for us. "Can we do it in my room together? It's easier for us both to use our computers there and I'll even leave the door open."

"No reason why not and I don't mind if you do close the door. I probably trust Adam more to do the homework that I do you!"

"Mom!!" exclaimed Troy.

"Adam, when you go upstairs you'll find some black sacks in your room. The lady from CPS brought them earlier." Mrs C stretched out her hand and took mine in it before continuing. "When she went to your house earlier your mom had already tossed all your clothes and anything else that was yours into them. She told the lady you were never coming back there and that it was all your fault your father ended up in jail as well as other things that the lady wouldn't divulge. I'm sorry Adam, but you're safe here for as long as you want to stay."

I'd started to cry as she was speaking, but when she'd finished I stood up and walked round to where she was sat, wrapped my arms round her and buried my head into her shoulder. We stayed like that for a while until I'd got my emotions under control.

"Adam, I'd understand it if you never wanted to wear those clothes again. You and Troy are fairly similar in height and build and he has enough clothes for you to borrow some until we can go shopping at the weekend and buy you some new things."

"I don't mind wearing those clothes and I do want to go shopping at the weekend, but I want to buy my own clothes. It wouldn't be right for you to buy them for me."

"CPS will pay us for taking you in. We don't need that money so it will be yours to spend."

"Then maybe you can put most of it into a savings account for me. Perhaps now if I work really hard for the rest my time at school I might be able to get into college and that would help towards the cost. I can use what I earn at the shop for any clothes I need."

We left it at that and I went upstairs. I was alright until I closed the door of my room and saw those sacks. What was in them was fifteen years of my life, dealt with as if it was rubbish, the same as my ma apparently considered me. I sat down on the bed and sobbed for a few minutes wondering how it was possible having carried me in her womb for nine months she could now want nothing more to do with me? Surely she must have loved me at some point? It wasn't my fault I was gay and I was still her flesh and blood, but my gayness apparently overruled anything else.

Eventually I pulled myself together and started to get my things out of those sacks. As I put my clothes away in drawers or on hangers it occurred to me once again how poorly mine compared in quality to Troy's. Clothes had never really bothered me before, not even over the past few months when I'd been spending time with Troy, but now if we were boyfriends I knew I couldn't be seen with him looking like my clothes had come from the charity shop. This Saturday would call for more than just a couple of pairs of skinny jeans.

It was on the Wednesday evening and we were all sat round the kitchen table eating dinner – chicken fried steak again, at my request – when Troy asked,

"Is it alright if I have someone from school for a sleepover on Saturday night?"

Mrs C stopped eating in mid bite and I'm sure my jaw must have dropped an inch or more in amazement. What the fuck is going on I said to myself. What is Troy up to? I thought we'd just agreed to be boyfriends but now he wants someone for a sleepover!

Mrs C recovered enough to ask, "Who is it Troy. Do I know him?"

At which point I heard a noise from Mr C and looking towards him I saw he had his hand over his mouth as if trying to stifle a cough. Troy and I sat opposite each other at the table and he usually went round the house barefoot, something I hadn't got round to doing yet. Now though I felt his toes rubbing over the top of my foot and it dawned on me what was coming – Mr C having got there more quickly.

"Yes, you've met him a few times."

"Who is it then?"

"Mom, it's Adam. Who else would it be?"

The expression on Mrs C's face was priceless. She instantly knew she'd been played and picking up an oven glove from the table threw it at Troy who didn't expect that reaction and was hit in the face, adding more laughter to that already coming from myself and Mr C.

"You little devil, playing me like that. I've a good mind to say 'No' just for that."

"Mom, we used to have sleepovers before. We're officially boyfriends now and we've agreed to sleep in separate rooms and we honestly only do our homework when Adam is in my room, or listen to music or play computer games. Nothing else happens – honest."

"The boy has a good point, Alicia," said Mr C, "They're bound to want to be together sometimes and I'd sooner they do that here than somewhere like that old house."

I reckon I blushed when he mentioned the old house, but luckily nobody was looking at me.

There was a pause while Mrs C considered what her husband had said.

"I guess we can't expect them to be monks and you're right about not driving them out of the house. Okay, you can have one sleepover a week, but why Saturday, you used to be Friday boys?"

"Adam has to work on a Saturday and we can use Saturday morning to go to the mall this week. Maybe other weeks Friday would be better."

"One condition though….."

"No, I'm not leaving the bedroom door open!" Troy interjected.

"No, Troy, just to reiterate what we discussed the other day."

This was interesting; Troy hadn't said anything to me about having a discussion with his mom.

"Mom, I told you then that Adam and I had never had penetrative sex in my room and wouldn't do so until we were both sixteen."

Neat, Troy. You hadn't lied to your mom when you told her that, but evidently you hadn't told her we had made love, once. Clever! I congratulated him on that once dinner was over and after clearing the table we'd made our way upstairs.

"Adam, we simply couldn't go on living under the same roof for months, feeling as we do about each other but not sharing a bed. We may not have said it to each other, but I'm sure we've both decided that full sex can wait for a few months."

"You're right Troy. It'll be all the better when we do it, because we'll know we aren't hiding it. Not that there was anything wrong with when we did make love that one time – it was both beautiful and heavenly being inside you and I want you to know what that feels like. But, I agree we can satisfy each other by making love in other ways, which we've not been able to do for weeks now. Saturday is going to be great!"

We couldn't help having a kiss and cuddle after that, but we both managed to keep our dicks inside our boxers.

The rest of the week seemed to drag at school. At least hardly anyone commented on the new relationship between the two of us. Mind you, we didn't share too many classes so it was really only before or after school, or at lunch, when we could show any little expressions of how we felt about each other.

On Saturday morning Mrs C drove us to the mall and told Troy to call her when we wanted to be picked up. He told her it wouldn't be until around lunchtime as he planned for us to have a snack and then she could come in with the pickup and drop me and my bike at the shop.

Once she'd gone, Troy took me shopping! I had looked at higher end clothes in the past so I had some idea of how much they cost. Even so my bank balance took more of a hit than I'd been expecting. The first thing to get crossed off my list was indeed a couple of pairs of skinny jeans – one in light grey and one in black. Next were boxer briefs and I bought half a dozen of those, including a pair of pale grey CKs Troy insisted I must have. Half a dozen pairs of socks, some plain white t-shirts and three pairs of polo shirts later and I was about spent out. That was when Troy reminded me that the weather was starting to get colder and that I really needed a good quality hoodie and thus was added a pale grey Nike one. The only problem was that while buying that I also realized that I needed some decent sneakers as mine were pretty ancient. So I ended up with a pair of black Converse and a pair of red Converse high tops – I couldn't really afford those but I knew they'd look great with the skinnies, especially the pale grey ones. By the end of that morning's shopping I was a couple of hundred dollars lighter, but I didn't mind. At last I could look how I wanted; no longer would I sense snide comments being made about what I was wearing and which thrift shop it had come from.

After all that and giving Troy time to buy some matching red high tops himself, we went to the food court and found ourselves something to eat. While doing so Troy called his mom and arranged when and where she would meet us.

All morning we'd been walking round holding hands and having an occasional kiss. We'd drawn a few comments from passers-by and many more disproving glances, but we didn't care, we were happy – and happy to be out in both senses of the word.

Mrs C dropped me off at the shop and Troy and I exchanged a lingering kiss before we parted company. I did wonder if I'd get any comments at the shop because it was one my mom used on occasions, but nothing was said – at least within earshot. When my shift finished at 8pm I was surprised to find Troy waiting outside on his bike. It was good to have company for the ride home – yes I was thinking of it on those terms already; the whole atmosphere in that house was a revelation compared to how I'd lived before.

On the way home Troy informed me that his mom had delayed dinner until I got back. Also that I was going to have to model some of my new clothes at the meal as his folks wanted to see them. Surprisingly, I found that idea very touching; my parents had never been interested in what I wore just as long as it was something they'd bought!

When we got back and had put our bike away in the garage, Troy went to talk to his folks while I went upstairs to have a quick shower and change. I didn't have to spend time thinking about what I was going to wear as I'd already made up my mind while we were riding home. I knew I was dressing not just for Mr & Mrs C, but also for Troy. He'd never seen me in good, smart, modern clothes and although I knew that both of us loved the person inside the clothes, there was no reason not to look good outside too. First on went the pale grey CK boxer briefs that Troy had insisted I buy; I was confident my lover would get a chance to see me in them later that evening. Then I picked out a red polo shirt that matched the red high top converse I'd decided to wear, so that meant it also had to be the grey skinnies. Have to say I hardly recognised myself when I looked in the mirror, but after messing up my hair, I ventured downstairs and into the kitchen.

Troy stared open mouthed when he saw me.

"Oh boy, you look great Adam" said Mrs C coming across to give me a hug.

"You'd better treat him right Troy as I can see all the boys, not to mention girls, will be after Adam now" was Mr C's comment.

I felt a bit embarrassed to be honest as never before had anyone commented positively on my appearance, but at the same time it felt good. Because it was late Mrs C had only made mac and cheese with various salads, but it was both delicious and filling although we both still had room for some peach pie and ice cream afterwards. When the meal was finished and we'd cleared the table we all went into the family room and just visited for a while until Troy's parents announced that they were going to bed. That, naturally, was the cue for us to head to Troy's bedroom.

We'd been sitting on the sofa cuddled up next to each other. Troy had his right arm round me and I'd been resting my head on his shoulder. As we stood up Troy took my hand and led me upstairs. The door to his bedroom was closed, which wasn't normal if he wasn't in it, and he opened it and led me inside. I'd never thought of Troy as being particularly romantic, but he'd left one of the bedside lights on and also had a couple of scented candles burning that gave the room a fragrance of sandalwood. I sensed that tonight had special meaning even if we'd agreed that full sex was not going to happen – a promise I had no intention of breaking.

After closing the door Troy walked me towards the bed.

"You look great tonight, Adam, but you're going to look even better when I've undressed you."

"Do I get to undress you too?"

"Mmm…..probably, after I've finished stripping you."

"I may not be able to hold out that long."

Troy chuckled. "Me neither, I haven't jacked off since Mom agreed to this."

"Nor me." I replied.

"I'm going to undress you item by item and you're not allowed to cum until I've finished. Understood?"

I nodded, longing for him to start. He pushed me back so I was sitting on the side of the bed, then he knelt down and undid the laces on first one of my Converse, before taking it off my right foot and doing the same with the left one. The white sports socks I was wearing followed in the same order. After that he amazed me by lifting my right foot to his mouth and sucking my toes. Never in a hundred years would I have thought of toe sucking as being erotic, but it was. Jeeze if this was the start, I knew I'd shoot my load before Troy was finished. The other foot was given similar treatment before he stood up and pulled me to my feet. He unbuttoned my polo shirt and when he'd done that lifted the hem from over my skinnies. He lowly worked the hem upwards with his hands massaging my stomach, chest and back as he did so. When the shirt was high enough up my chest to give access he started kissing and nibbling my nipples. I was making weird sounds at the pleasure or torture he was inflicting on me. He indicated for me to raise my arms, which I did, and the shirt was removed.

Now I stood before him wearing just my grey skinnies and under those the pale grey CK boxer briefs he'd wanted me to buy, the waistband of which could just be seen above the top of the jeans. They might be new, but they were by now getting rather damp with pre-cum.

Troy stood back and looked at me. "You're gorgeous, Adam. I'm so glad you're mine."

I didn't think I was anything special; he was the one with the poster looks.

He stepped forward, wrapped his arms round me and we kissed, long and deep. I could feel his hardness within his own skinnies as we ground our hips together. His hands and fingers made lazy circles down my back to which I responded with little sounds of pleasure, before they came to rest on my waistband. He traced one finger of each hand along the top of the waistband until he came to the front of my skinnies. Using one hand he undid the top button and then slowly, very slowly, inched down the zip. I could hardly contain myself as the zip slowly lowered and was urging him to move faster, although at the same time part of me wanted to prolong the pleasure. The jeans hardly dropped as the zip reached the bottom of its length. He let go of the zip and using both hands slowly pushed the jeans down over my hips, dropping to his knees as he did so. Once the jeans were clear of my boxer briefs he lent forward and licked the wet patch on them. Finally he slowly eased down those briefs until at last my dick sprang free. He pushed me backwards onto the bed and pulled my jeans and briefs off – I was naked at last. I'd never felt so….. I wasn't sure how to describe it - had I just been tortured or had I undergone the most intense and pleasurable experience of my life? Either way, now it was my turn but I couldn't wait to take things slowly.

Once I was naked I stood up and indicated for Troy to sit on the edge of the bed. I knelt down and as quickly as I could undid his Converse, removed them and his socks before getting him to stand up and then almost ripped off his polo shirt. I didn't have time to run my hands and fingers over his body - that could come later. Now I struggled to get his skinnies and his own very damp pale grey CKs off as quickly as possible. In next to no time he was also naked.

We looked at each other, smiled and I leaned in for a kiss. I'm sure we both sensed that almost any contact would bring us to climax. We positioned ourselves on the bed, Troy stretched out with his head on the pillow and me the opposite way round. Our sixty nine proved to be very brief as we were both so near to climax before we even took each other's dicks in our mouths, so it was mere seconds before we were each pumping out our jizz – and boy did we both pump. It took a couple of minutes for us to recover before I could move up the bed to lie face to face with Troy where we could share what we'd produced.

It didn't take long before we were both hard again. This time we lay on our backs and just jacked each other being surprised at how much we were able to produce in such a short space of time. Troy got out of bed and fetched a couple of washcloths so we could clean ourselves up a little before we cuddled together. Tonight I spooned into him while he held me tight; I drifted off to sleep feeling his dick pressed against my ass.

We had exhausted ourselves and it was light when we woke. We both had morning woods and after taking a piss together we then showered, also together, washing each other thoroughly from head to toe. Inevitably we also stroked each other to climax while there. On emerging from the shower we couldn't help but notice the smell of sex in Troy's bedroom so the sheets were quickly changed, windows opened and air freshener sprayed. While we knew his parents knew what we'd been up to overnight, we didn't want to rub it in their faces, so to speak.

It was nearly midday before Mrs C knocked and called us down for breakfast. It had been quite a night but I was already looking forward to my next sleepover.

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