by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 1

Inspired by a Picture from our Forum (picture 73753)
[Inspired by a Picture from our Forum (picture 73753)]

I sat there hoping, no, praying, Troy was going to come. I was after all a Christian as the cross on the chain round my neck implied. While I didn't think God could actually help me now, maybe he could ensure nothing happened to Troy on his way here. He'd said he would come and to be fair he'd never let me down, but he was late and so I worried. In all honesty if he didn't come I thought I might kill myself. As far as I was concerned he was the only person who made life worth living.

We'd sort of paired up during the previous semester at school. We weren't in the same homeroom but shared several classes, one of which was World Geography. Our teacher, Mr Edgar, set us a project about seismology and when he did so decided that he was going to make us work in pairs. 'Collaboration is good for you; Plagiarism is not' he said.

For all sorts of reasons I was a bit of a loner at school – not at all the popular kid whereas Troy had a big circle of friends. At least that was how it seemed to me when I sat on my own eating lunch nearly every day while he was at a noisy table with several other boys and girls. So when after Mr Edgar had made his announcement Troy picked up his chair, walked round the classroom, put it down next to mine and said,

"You wanna work with me on this Adam?"

I nearly fell off my own chair in shock. He'd never really spoken more than a couple of words to me previously. He was more or less the typical jock. He was tall for a fifteen year old– just under six feet, slim but with a good muscular body that came from all the swimming and athletics he did – he was on both school teams. He had blond hair that he kept cut fairly short, blue eyes and a spot free skin with a great tan all year round. I was about the same height as him, but I was thin without any decent muscles as I didn't do any sport unless I had to – for me gym class was an endurance trial which I hated every time as I had no real coordination. At least I didn't wear glasses so my green eyes could be seen when they emerged from the shock of black hair that normally fell down over my forehead and partially covered them.

"Why me, Troy?" I sort of stuttered back to him when my brain had recovered.

"'Cos I need a good partner for this as Edgar told me I've gotta get good marks on this project if I want a good grade at the end of the semester. You're the one to make sure I get it – class brain!"

He laughed as he said the last two words, but I knew he was right. Hard as I tried to conceal my brightness in class it slipped out on occasions. I'd learned long ago not to raise my hand when a teacher asked a general question to a class, but I couldn't help it if I always gave the right one if the question was asked directly to me.

At least I didn't get bullied over it. I guess being tall helped and perhaps had I been shorter things might have been different.

"Well, I'm not going to do all the work Troy. You heard what he said – collaboration not plagiarism."

"Yeah, I heard and maybe if I knew what it meant I'd not do it."

As he said that a big grin spread across his face showing his dimples to the full while his eyes sparkled. I decided to take a chance,

"So that's something else I've gotta teach you is it?"

Now he laughed and fist bumped me on the arm.

"I'm gonna like you, Adam. Come and join my table at lunch – please?"

So I did and he introduced me to his friends, both boys and girls. Nearly all of them were the sporty types or cheerleaders and at first I felt very much like an interloper, but they all seemed prepared to accept me and within a couple of weeks I felt I belonged. But I very much suspected that if and when Troy no longer needed me, they would also go back to ignoring me.

As lunch came to an end Troy suggested that I come home with him after school so we could have an initial discussion about our project. Nobody had ever asked me to go home with them before, so I was hesitant about doing so. When I asked where he lived and found out that it was in one of the richer areas of town I started to get worried. My Pa worked in a factory and we lived in a small house in the poorer end of town. If I went to his house then I'd have to invite him to mine and then what? He'd be certain to make an unfavorable comparison. I decided this wasn't going to work.

"I can't tonight. Mom's expecting me home."

"Call her and tell her you've been invited to mine – you can stay for dinner too if you like."

Oh lord, this was getting worse. If I had dinner with him and his folks then I'd have to offer the same for him and my mom wasn't much of a cook. In fact I did a lot of our cooking myself. But there was an even bigger problem necessitating a big admission.

"I can't call her – I don't have a phone."

Troy laughed. "No problem – use mine" he said fishing it out of his backpack and handing it to me after switching it on. We were allowed to have cells at school but they had to be switched off during classes or they'd be confiscated, although that wasn't a worry for me! I went to take it from him when another problem occurred to me.

"How do you get to school, on the bus?"

"No – I've got my own chauffeur," Troy replied, laughing, "Mom picks up and delivers."

"I come by bike, so you'll have to give me instructions on how to get to your place."

He thought for a moment.

"No – when you've okayed it with you mom then I'll call mine and tell her to bring the pick-up rather than the car. We can put your bike in the back of that and if after dinner you're too drunk to ride home, mom will take you back. That's a joke." he quickly added when he saw the expression on my face.

So I called my mom and Troy called his and that was how I made my first visit to his home.

I was surprised when his mom arrived in the pick-up as she looked quite a lot older than mine. She was still good looking and well dressed, but I could tell she hadn't had Troy just after leaving school like my mom had me. Mrs Connelly was friendly and welcoming enough and included me in the conversation as she drove us to their house. I knew when Troy had given me the address earlier it was going to be a nice place, but it was even better than I'd expected – set back from the road with its own drive and large grounds. When we went inside Mrs Connelly led us into the kitchen and offered us some cookies and a choice of milk, juice or cola to drink. We sat at the table and talked for a little while longer before she told Troy to take me up to his room and get on with whatever we were here to do while she got dinner ready.

Troy led me upstairs and into his room; I was knocked over by what I saw. It was so large for a start – well over twice the size of mine. He had a queen size bed, a computer desk, wardrobe and a couple of chests of drawers. There were posters on the walls mainly of swimmers and athletes – I noticed all were male, although one especially stood out. It was of that British diver, Tom something or other; I can't remember his surname, looking amazing in just a very tiny white speedo with red and blue stripes. The room itself was a mess with clothes, books and goodness only knows what lying on the floor and most available surfaces. I'd grown up under orders to keep my room tidy and it was how I now liked things to be. This looked so sloppy, but somehow went with Troy's laid back attitude to life which was evident even from a distance at school.

"Ah, shit!" he said. "I should've tidied up but I wasn't expecting visitors."

"Why don't you just clear the desk so we can sit there and plan what we are going to do?" I suggested as I walked towards it picking up a chair as I did so and pushing onto the floor the items of clothes that were lying on it. His desk stood in front of a large window that I guessed overlooked the backyard and as I got to the desk I naturally looked out of the window and saw in the middle of the lawn a swimming pool! It was a small pool, but nevertheless a pool. I really was on the other side of the tracks I decided.

I sat down, pulled a couple of notepads out of my backpack and told Troy to sit next to me and switch on his computer which he did. Once he'd logged in I searched out some sites that I thought might be useful for our research and bookmarked them. I had a feeling I was very much going to be leading on our project. We'd only been there for a couple of minutes when Troy announced that he needed to be comfortable. He got up, went over to one of his chests of drawers and pulled out a pair of shorts. I'd turned to see what he was doing and with a smile directed at me he undid his jeans, sat on the edge of his bed and pulled them off and also took off his polo shirt before standing up clad only in his red boxer briefs and white socks before putting on a pair of black sports shorts to which he then added a black t-shirt.

I'd suspected for the last couple of years that I was gay. I had no interest in girls and no wish to see their bodies. Boy's bodies was another thing altogether and I loved the glimpses I'd get in the locker rooms before and after gym, but at the same time fearing my dick would give me away. I was a loner at school whom everyone ignored which suited me fine, but if it was discovered that I was gay then I was sure to be picked on. Bullying might be forbidden at school, but it went on, usually in subtle, but sometimes much less subtle, ways.

There was no doubt my dick had reacted to seeing Troy in his boxers. I turned away from him and tried to adjust things inside my own boxers, hopefully without being seen. He made no comment when he resumed his seat and we went back to trying to decide on the basis of our project. I soon discovered that Troy was a fidget and found it hard to concentrate on one thing for any length of time, which I was sure went some way to explaining why his grades weren't ever that good. But we made some progress and I outlined a few things that I wanted him to research and cover. I couldn't help notice though that his right upper leg was now rubbing up against my left one and I was sure it hadn't been when he'd sat down.

After a while I heard a knock on his bedroom door and his mom poked her head round to say that dinner would be ready shortly if we wanted to wash up. That was when I got another shock as I'd wondered where a second door from Troy's bedroom led and now found out that he had his own bathroom complete with shower! When we got downstairs I was introduced to his father who also seemed to me to be older than my own, but I decided that it was logical he'd be of similar age to his wife. Mrs Connelly apologised for the meal saying it was only chicken fried steak because she'd not been expecting a visitor, but it was the best chicken fried steak I'd ever eaten with a delicious gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans and soft rolls. I'm afraid I stuffed myself, but so did Troy and we both had space left for a large slice of homemade apple pie and ice cream. When we'd finished Troy and I cleared the dishes before we went back up to his room. He asked if I wanted to play an x-box game but I had to confess I didn't have one of my own so wouldn't know what to do. He still got one loaded though and explained to me how it was played – but I was pretty bad, no, make that very bad.

I suddenly realized what the time was and said that I needed to go home, so we went downstairs and out to the pick-up with Mrs Connelly. When we got to my house Troy also got out to help me get my bike out of the back and as we were doing so he asked me if I wanted to come for a sleepover on Friday. If I'd been hesitant about his invitation to come to his house this evening an invite for a sleepover was on a far more scary level. Partly because I'd never had one before but also because now having been in his house I knew exactly how far apart our two families stood on the social scale. If I accepted it was an invite I could surely never return.

"Err, thanks Troy but I don't think I can. I have this Saturday job at the supermarket stacking shelves and bagging purchases."

It was true and I needed that job to top up the little allowance I got from my Pa.

"Oh, that's a shame – but what time do you start?"

Without thinking I blurted out the honest answer of 2pm. Another kid did 8 'till 2 and I worked 2 'till 8.

"So that's not a problem then. We ain't gonna get up early on Saturday but we can be up in time for you to get to the store by two. Mom'll pick us up after school on Friday in the pick-up so you can stow your bike in there and if neither she nor my Pa is around when it's time for you to go you can bike to the store like you normally would. How's that sound?"

To be honest it sounded great, but scary too. Why was Troy suddenly being this friendly towards me? Was it just that he needed a good grade in this class or was I like a little mouse being drawn towards a trap by a metaphorical piece of cheese? Was Troy hoping to get me to out myself as gay so he could announce it to all his friends and then very quickly, the entire school? But if that was the case why him and why pick on me?

When we got to Troy's after school on Friday I insisted that we do our homework first, which pleased his mom no end. I always made a point of doing mine then to leave the weekend free, although with my normal weekend activities there wasn't really any point. However, Mrs C was pleased saying that Troy always left his to do on Sunday night which meant he was as grumpy as hell when it came to getting up on Monday mornings. So that was what we did and by the time we'd finished Mr C was home from work and firing up the grill on the back patio. I'd brought a pair of navy blue sports shorts I'd changed into along with a white t-shirt while Troy was in red sports shorts and a blue t-shirt. Of course he had a basketball hoop on the side of house so we played 'horse' for a time while Mr C was taking care of the food. As I expected Troy ran rings round me, but he didn't seem to mind and gave me a few pointers along the way. After that we sat down to these enormous steaks that simply melted in your mouth as you ate them – I'd never tasted anything like it – with various salads. That was followed by ice cream and some sort of meringue desert that Mrs C called a Pavlova. I'd never had one of those either, but it was delicious.

By the time we'd finished eating it was getting a bit cool and nearly dark so when we went indoors his parents said they were going to watch TV, wished us goodnight and suggested that we didn't stay up all night. So Troy and I went up to his room. Earlier he'd asked me if I was happy to sleep with him or if I wanted to use the guest bedroom. I'd told him I was happy to share as long as he didn't either snore or fart which had got me a fist on the upper arm in reply.

I forgot to mention when I described his bedroom earlier that he had a 42 inch TV on the wall opposite the foot of his bed, so when we got into his room now he pulled out a selection of DVDs and asked me to choose which I wanted to watch. Of course they were all sci-fi or horror movies. He suggested that although it was still quite early it would make sense if we got ready for bed so we could watch the movies in bed. This was another luxury not available at my house where I had to make do with the screen of my laptop.

Having no idea how he slept I'd brought a pair of pj bottoms with me, although I usually slept in my boxers or sometimes naked. I was thus glad when he suggested he use the bathroom first and when he emerged wearing just a pair of paly grey tight fitting Calvin Klein boxer briefs I knew the pjs weren't going to be used! My only problem was that I had only a pair of cheap check pattern boxers to wear – our budget didn't permit my mom to buy me other than basic underclothes and thus far in my life I'd seen no need to spend my own money on them. But seeing how good Troy looked in his I had a feeling that could soon change.

We got into bed and Troy turned off the lights and switched on the DVD player and the TV, but before doing so he locked his bedroom door. We started off each well on our own side of the bed on our backs, but it wasn't long before we'd moved closer to each other – I'm sure beds have a dip towards the middle – although we weren't touching. Suddenly there was a real scary bit of the film and I jumped and let out a little noise of surprise. I now found that Troy had intertwined the fingers of his right hand in my left. I'd never had contact with another boy like this and it felt good so I squeezed his fingers to try and tell him I was happy. We stayed like that for a few minutes before he lifted our intertwined hands and placed them on top of his dick inside those CK briefs. I'd now gone hard myself and could feel his warm dick inside his briefs. I wasn't sure where this was heading; I didn't know what would happen next and whether I should be active or passive but I did know that I didn't want to withdraw my hand! My other hand was also now engaged inside my boxers gently rubbing round my own dick and balls. Having let my left hand lie on his dick for a couple of minutes Troy began to move it gently up and down massaging his dick until I could feel a dampness on his briefs.

"Adam, do you have any idea how long I've wanted to do this with you?"

"No." I sort of stuttered in reply.

"I've wanted to be alone with you for the last couple of years, but you are so much of a loner that I couldn't see a way to do this. You're so damn sexy to look at with your hair and your half hidden eyes and you don't seem to need anybody. God, you're gorgeous."

I could hardly believe what I was hearing. It didn't make sense – he was the one who was damn sexy to look at, not me.

"I just hope I've judged you right and my gaydar is working" he said as he pulled his hand apart from mine and moved. Next thing I knew he was kneeling astride my thighs before gently lowering his upper body to rest partly on his hands and partly on my chest. I felt his breath on my face as his moved towards mine and I shivered slightly in response to the feel of the air he exhaled. Then I felt the lightest of touches on my lips, followed shortly by a sight dampness from what I realized must be his tongue sliding back and forth across them. I opened my lips slightly and his tongue found its way inside; as I opened my mouth further so his tongue moved further inside. I could hear little noises of a type I'd never heard before, but was I making them or was Troy- or were we both? Now I found my hands were around his back with my fingers moving in strange patterns around it. Patterns he seemed to approve of as the noises increased.

Did he pull or did I push, or did we act together, but now Troy was no longer on top of me and we were on our sides face to face allowing his hands to also roam over my back moving lower and lower until they came to the waistband of my boxers, inside which was my dick now, I was sure, harder and longer than it had ever been. I was circumcised and pre-cum didn't come easily, but tonight it was. His hands slipped inside the waistband and moved lightly across my butt before withdrawing slightly and pushing my boxers down sufficiently to allow my dick to spring free. Meantime my own hands had reached the waistband of his CKs which were much tighter fitting than my fairly old and worn boxers making it hard to get more than the tips of my fingers inside, but I liked what I was feeling – soft smooth skin.

When Troy removed his hands from me I momentarily wondered if he'd decided this was enough or even that we had gone too far, but it was only to move them to his CKs and with a quick pull and a bit of wiggling they were down on his thighs allowing me unfettered access to what had lain beneath. Our hands now searched and quickly found their hidden targets. We did so at the same moment and almost together let out exclamations of surprise. "You're circumcised!" came from Troy followed a second later by my "And you're not!"

"This I've gotta see properly" said Troy as he rolled away from me to his side of the bed and switched on the light that stood on his nightstand before he scooted back to gaze at my five and half inches that was now perhaps six, standing erect and proud with a damp and shiny red head. I looked at his - the same as mine in that it was very erect, but also so very different, with the head now extended beyond the foreskin and glistening with his pre-cum. It looked so beautiful, so complete and I knew for sure in that moment what I had suspected for the last couple of years – I was gay.

Over that period I'd found some sites on line, downloaded a few pics that were stored in the depths of my computer which I could view in the safety of my bedroom at night. I'd go to the pool in the summer and take in the view as unobtrusively as possible. I'd even gone to a couple of swim meets at school in order to view the guys in their speedos. It had always been mainly Troy that my eyes had feasted on wondering what his hid, imagining what it looked like when I lay in bed at night afterwards slowly stroking myself to a climax and ensuring that my emission was fired into a sock so my ma didn't discover it when washing the sheets. I'd never thought that I'd ever find out - even more not expecting something so beautiful, now just a few inches from me.

"Jeeze, your dick is so amazing. I've never seen a cut one up close. That head is …..just great." Troy whispered and as he did so he leaned forward and touched it. It twitched in response which caused him to touch it again and obtain the same reaction as well as produce a drop of pre-cum at the slit. He carefully wiped it off with his fingertip and then taking his finger towards his mouth, stuck out his tongue and licked it off, smacking his lips as he pulled his tongue back into his mouth. What could I do but follow suit and there was more than a single drop of pre-cum around his head to finger off and then savor. I'd never considered tasting my own semen. For some reason I'd thought it would taste gross, but Troy's wasn't unpleasant with a slightly salty taste mixed with a flavor that somehow seemed to be him.

Now he put three fingers of his right hand into his mouth and when they were sufficiently lubricated, pulled them out and wrapped them round my dick. I gasped at the feelings that resulted as those fingers slid first up and then down. He removed them to add more lubrication and went to work again, his other hand alternately caressing and squeezing my balls. With everything that had gone on it seemed only seconds before I felt my body taughtening and I was shooting high up my stomach and chest where Troy had aimed me.

He looked down admiringly. "You been saving that for a while?"

As it happened I hadn't tossed off for a couple of days, but I wasn't going to admit that.

"Nope – that's normal" I replied with a grin.

"We'll have to see about that, but I've almost got a case of blue balls. You gonna help me out?"

Oh boy, did I want to, but how did I handle an uncircumcised dick? I was afraid of hurting him. Troy sensed my problem. "Ah, the foreskin. It can be a problem sometimes, but there's a lot of lube there already so you can just gently move the foreskin up and down with no worry." He proceeded to demonstrate which gave me some confidence to put my fingers round it. The feeling was amazing, so different to my own and yet so soft and silky. I was entranced as the head emerged from and then disappeared back into the foreskin all so different to stroking my own. As with me it didn't take long before I could sense his body going rigid and I was aiming his dick to shoot up his body. Now I felt really brave and scooped some from where it had landed onto my fingers and took them into my mouth, sucking them.

Troy giggled. "Take some more and share it with me." I scooped some more onto my fingers and raised them to his mouth which he opened and licked them with his tongue. My own cum was still drying on my body and Troy now fed me some of that before taking some more for himself. "Time to mix" he declared as he moved forward and adjusted his body so that our mouths could meet and our tongues explored and mingled our juices together.

After that Troy put out the light and we snuggled spooned together, me with my butt resting in his lap and he holding me tightly to him. I awoke to the feeling of something prodding in between my legs and to find a hand lying gently on my hard dick. The room was light and I needed a piss. I disentangled myself to groans from Troy as he wakened, but as I padded into the bathroom he followed me. We stood somewhat bleary eyed on either side of the john and both pissed a strong stream into it. I finished first and walked back into the bedroom when as I neared his bed I felt a smack on my butt. Not over hard but sufficient to create a tingle there, and for some reason, in front of me too.

"Jeeze, you've got a great ass Adam. How do you manage it considering you don't do any sport. I know mine's good from the swimming and track I do, but you – how come?"

"Dunno. Guess it must be from all the cycling I do. I spend time at the weekend and in the summer riding my bike round the country. Suppose it builds up the muscles."

"So why'd you keep it hidden. If you've got it – flaunt it like me."

He was referring to the fact that he always wore very skinny jeans to school and under those I now knew, tight boxer briefs whereas I always wore loose fitting jeans that showed nothing.

"My folks wouldn't let me wear that sort of jeans and you've seen what boxers my mom buys. I only got out of tighty whities last year."

In fact I asked my ma about buying me a pair of skinny jeans a few months back only to be told that there was no way she was going to have her son parading round the streets dressed in a pair of those and adding that if I thought of buying a pair with my own money I could take them straight back as soon as I got them home. No, I got cheap utility clothes and fashion didn't come into it.

"We'll have to see if we can't do something about that….."

I cut him off. "Please don't Troy. If my folks had any idea of what we did last night, I'd never be allowed to see you again, so if you want to see me again this has to be a secret."

Troy pulled me to him and kissed me hard. When we ended the kiss he looked into my eyes and said,

"Of course I want to see you again, and again, and again. But yes, we'll keep it secret, although my folks are gonna know by the state and smell of this room, not to mention how happy I'm gonna be this morning. Now, how about a shower before mom comes knocking on the door announcing that it's the last call for breakfast?"

So we went and showered and, wonder of wonders, his shower was big enough for both of us. I now discovered the pleasure that can be had from showering with someone else, from having them wash you from head to toe – every square inch - and from being able to return the favour to them. I also learned how to properly wash an uncircumcised dick, although it has to be admitted that the washing of it did produce side effects that were soon washed down the drain along with my own. We dried each other off, becoming more familiar with each other's bodies as we did and as we were dressing Mrs C did indeed knock on the door to announce that it was last call for breakfast – not surprising really as it was nearly noon. I was presented with a veritable feast of cereals, juices, pancakes, bacon, waffles and eggs. We stuffed ourselves but soon it was time for normality to return as Troy and I went out to the pick-up and Mrs C drove me to the supermarket while the two of us sat holding hands, saying nothing, but for me at least, thinking plenty.

After my initial visit to and subsequent sleepover at Troy's, we more or less settled into a routine in that I'd go over to his house once a week after school to work on the project. He did come over to mine twice but that was more or less for the sake of appearances and so my folks could meet him. He pitched himself to them just right as polite but not snobby, which he wasn't - but I think my folks expected him to be. On one of those visits he was invited to stay to dinner and I cringed when I heard mom say we were having chicken fried steak and apple pie to follow. Of course the main course was nowhere near as good as Mrs C had served while the pie was store bought! Troy though cleared his plate and complimented mom on her cooking.

But it made sense to work on the project at his house as there was so much more room and his Internet was a lot faster than mine. The project didn't have to be turned in until almost the end of the semester, so we made sure it lasted – at least as far as my folks were concerned although we'd actually completed it well before it was due. To be fair Troy contributed quite a bit towards it which surprised me at first until I realized he had a good brain but was just reluctant to display it.

I was also invited to have a sleepover alternate Fridays. I thought my folks would object, but they seemed to consider it was a good thing for me to have a friend, plus which I suspect not having to feed me appealed and it meant they could go out to a bar in town those evenings. Luckily they didn't seem to have any suspicion of how friendly Troy and I became during those weeks.

Troy sprang a surprise on me when I went for the second sleepover. After we'd gone up to his bedroom and he'd locked the door he peeled down the skinny jeans he was wearing and then took of his polo shirt to stand before me wearing only a pair of black CK boxer briefs.

"There's a new rule for sleepovers, Adam," he announced with a somewhat evil grin on his face, "While in this room we wear only boxers."

I grinned back at him, took off my polo and t-shirt and then stepped out of my jeans, leaving me in a pair of navy blue check loose fitting boxers. He sighed deeply, "Adam those things are so non sexy. Go and open the drawer in the nightstand on your side of the bed." I did as I was told and found inside a pack of three colored American Eagle boxer briefs. I pulled the pack out, turned and looked at him to find he was licking his lips and rubbing his dick in anticipation.

"Put one of them on. I like the red and black ones, but your choice."

"But I can't take them home, Troy. Mom would know I'd not bought them and questions would be asked."

"I know that – I'm not that stupid. But there's no reason why you can't wear them here and they can go in with my washing when you leave."

Quickly I ripped the pack open, selected the pair he'd suggested and very soon was fitting myself into my first ever pair of boxer briefs. Damn, they felt good as they clung to my package and butt. I walked over to look at myself in the full length mirror on Troy's wardrobe and decided they looked as good on as they felt. Troy evidently agreed judging by the wolf whistle he let out as I did a pirouette in front of the mirror. It wasn't long though before both they and his boxer briefs were off as we snuggled together on his bed. The only downside came when I had to change back into my drab old boxers on Saturday before I left to go to the supermarket.

It was later that night that Troy introduced me to the joys of a blow job. On the following sleepover he showed me how we could blow each other at the same time; something we very quickly decided was the best thing going. And from that night on, when in his room we either wore boxer briefs or nothing. One evening Troy had forgotten to lock the door; his Mom knocked and because we had music playing we didn't hear her. She came in, said what she wanted to say and then left without seemingly blinking an eye at the sight of the pair of us lying on the bed holding hands and clad in only our boxers. After she'd gone I asked him what she would have done had we been there naked or kissing, to which his response was along the lines of 'nothing other than apologise.' Yes, it was a very different environment to the one in which I lived – one where I had to keep my sexual orientation hidden as I was sure my parent's would be very unhappy to find out I was gay.

As the semester progressed and our relationship deepened I started to become more and more worried about being found out at school. We'd discussed the situation on one of my sleepovers. I told Troy that I just couldn't risk being found out as gay before I was eighteen and could leave home – which now seemed a lifetime away. Not that I was sure that would help. I hoped I might get into college but I'd need a scholarship of some sort for that and I wasn't confident I was bright enough to achieve one. Or I could find a job, but was I likely to find one that would pay enough? That was well ahead though and for now we had to keep our relationship confined to only his house – hard as that might be. And boy was it hard in more than one sense of that word seeing that we saw each other five days a week at school. I'd only have to glimpse him and I'd feel my dick starting to rise but fortunately the loose baggy jeans I always wore usually concealed that or some books could be positioned strategically. In Troy's case oddly the opposite appeared to work. The skinny jeans he always wore meant the outline of his dick was often visible, so people didn't take any notice of what caused that. Sitting at his table at lunch was the worst though; we wanted to sit next to each other but if we did we'd start playing footsie or rubbing our legs together, hoping all the time that the other occupants were so involved in their conversations they wouldn't notice. We couldn't avoid getting the occasional glance, especially from Mike Daubney, who I learned had once been Troy's closest friend, but now seemed to be on the same level as everyone else at the table.

By the time the semester ended, I was convinced that I was in love with Troy. Sexually we had gone no further than our sixty nines, but we both knew the point was getting nearer, especially on the occasions I'd wake up feeling his dick nestling in my crack, wondering what it would be like to wake up feeling it inside me. I also had no doubts that Troy was in love with me. I could see it in his smile, his eyes and his general approach to life. I was looking forward to the vacation and the chance it gave us to, hopefully, spend more time together.

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