The Boy in the Striped Socks

by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 5

After the holiday life settled back into its routine. One thing that had been firmly established in that routine was that every Sunday morning we made a point of shaving each other's pubes. Julian was now spending time on his sketching and also invested in some brushes and watercolour paints. If the weather was decent on a Sunday we would now quite often drive out into the country after having lunch at our favourite restaurant and he would either do some sketches if we found somewhere interesting to stop or take pictures to interpret at leisure later. He would spend time in the evenings with his art while I concentrated for the mid-year exams I had to face before the end of term. However, come early December I finally persuaded Julian to come into the city one Sunday afternoon and insisted that he dress as for work because I don't want the hassle of him trying to take off and then get back on any of his skinny jeans. I did have to agree to dress similarly myself to win that battle!

I took him into M&S and I think he crossed himself before stepping over the threshold. After some huffing and puffing we narrowed the field down to two possibilities. Both were slim fit style with two buttons and two flaps on the back of the jacket. One was blue pinstripe and the other charcoal grey. They looked equally good on him and unsurprisingly he was in favour of the pinstripe. I pointed out though that the grey was more adaptable and he could more easily wear the trousers without the jacket. Admittedly it was a bit more expensive but it also felt of better quality and in the end Julian went along with me. We then managed to find a pair of black plain fronted leather shoes quite easily, but the search for a suitable shirt proved more difficult. Naturally it had to be striped and it took visits to several stores before we found one with a mauve stripe that he really liked. Luckily finding a plain mauve tie to go with it wasn't too hard and the shopping was complete. Well I thought it was but Julian then insisted going back to a store we had been in a couple of hours earlier where he'd spotted some striped socks to add to his collection. My credit card had taken quite a hammering, but it had been worth it. When we got back home, having eaten while out, we decided on an early night and Julian showed me his thanks in a very practical way as we had a long and orgasmic session before we finally went to sleep.

We drove down to my parents on the day before Christmas Eve reckoning the traffic wouldn't be too bad then. Julian didn't know it, but I had packed the martinet in my case. We'd only had one light session with it since half term but I thought he might appreciate having to wriggle around at some point over the holiday. My brother Simon and his girlfriend Carly arrived on Christmas Eve in the afternoon. I quickly pointed out to Julian the potential problem of sharing a bathroom and reminded him to ensure that he locked the door from their bedroom when he was using it as well as remembering to unlock it when he'd finished. I had once suffered the embarrassment of having Simon charge in there one day while I was engaged in the shower with one of my previous boyfriends. I think it brought about the end of that particular relationship, although it was never going to last anyway.

On the morning of Christmas Eve we took a quick trip down to the coast and Julian took some more photos as it was a dull and sombre day which gave the scenery a much different look to the previous time we'd seen it. When we got back he asked Mum if he could help with anything and to my surprise she gave him a few jobs to do. That evening we had a whole salmon for dinner which suited Julian but was something we usually did anyway.

Our Christmas always began with going to the midnight service in the village church. I told Julian he didn't have to come, but he said he wanted to and I'm sure he rather enjoyed it as it did seem to bring home what Christmas was really all about – even for the non-believers like me. Our Christmas dinner was always in the evening, usually about 7 o'clock. You could get up whenever you liked and there was a sort of buffet breakfast/brunch available until early afternoon. The Queen had to be watched at 3pm and afterwards we would exchange presents.

I'd primed Julian on all of this and also told him that he wasn't expected to buy presents for my family. Despite that I knew he'd bought a bottle of Drambuie for Mum and a bottle of Armagnac for Dad plus some vouchers or gift tokens for Simon and Carly.

Despite going to bed late we'd woken quite early and I suggested we make use of the bathroom before my brother woke. We did just that and had another full session in the shower the same as we'd done the previous morning. Somehow that seemed to start the day off with a real bang! We went back under the duvet for an hour or so before Julian prodded me into getting up saying that he was hungry and he thought Mum might appreciate some help. I wasn't sure about the latter, but I was definitely hungry so we dressed. I saw he was putting on his t-shirt with the striped heart and decided that it was a good day to adopt the same look. He asked me if he could wear jeans and I said that would be alright for the morning, but we should probably change into something slightly more formal in the afternoon before changing again for Christmas dinner. He sighed melodramatically at the idea of having to change twice and I was tempted to get out the martinet but instead restricted myself to delivering a couple of firm slaps to his arse cheeks which at that point were still bare.

"I like it when you show me who's boss…..sometimes" he said and proceeded to bend forward.

"Stay there, then."

I wasn't going to resort to the martinet, but I remembered that there was a clear plastic ruler among the art stuff he'd brought. I rummaged around in his spare backpack until I found it and as I turned round caught him sneaking a sideways glance at me. I also couldn't help noticing his cock stiffen as he saw what I was holding. I checked the bathroom to make sure there was nobody there and luckily it was free. I made him lie over the edge of the bed and then gave his arse about a dozen strokes with the ruler. It made quite a visible colour change and when I stopped Julian was quick to rub his arse.

"That thing friggin' stung!"

"It was meant to. Now be a good boy and get those grey skinnies on that I love to see you in."

He did and when he'd done so I rewarded him, and myself, with a kissing session. As we walked downstairs though I had to admit I had rather enjoyed that little spanking session – seeing those thick pinky red stripes across his arse had been quite a turn on as I adjusted my prick to a more comfortable position inside my own blue skinnies.

After everyone had assembled and eaten Mum suggested that the men should go for a walk as it was a bright if cool day. I think she wanted us out from under her feet while she got a few things done. Julian asked if he should stay and help which got him a hug and kiss, but he was despatched with the rest of us. When we got back just after midday it was to find Mum had prepared some hot soup and rolls to keep us going and these were quickly wolfed down. Julian and I then went up to change out of our jeans as did Simon and Carly. As the bathroom was likely to be needed we settled for a quick kiss and cuddle session while we were both naked which gave me the chance to check Julian's arse and see there were no lasting effects from the ruler.

We assembled in the lounge just before 3. Dad dispensed drinks and we all took our seats. As always there was a large Christmas tree which Mum had decorated. There were ornaments on it that had come from her and Dad's parents as well as those from Simon's and my childhood. They provided a talking point for visitors and newcomers as well as being a link to past times for the family.

Once the Queen's speech was over it was time for presents. My main present for Julian was a silver torc of the same design as I often wore round my neck, but this one was smaller to fit his wrist. He was thrilled when he opened the box in which it was packed. His to me was a necklace which had a type of dagger pendant that was crafted from black obsidian. I'd never heard of that before but he told me it was a black volcanic glass. I thought it was great and asked him to put it on me right away. As he was already wearing his wrist torc both our presents were put to immediate use. We'd also bought each other clothes and I'd got for him another pair of the same brand of grey skinny jeans that I so loved to see him in. Mum & Dad had bought Julian a formal shirt that had quite wide stripes of blue, red, black and purple which he thought was fantastic as soon as he saw it. I could tell from the box it was in that it was expensive and I guessed was made from the finest cotton and would look good as well as feeling good to wear. From Carly & Simon he received a vegetarian cook book plus a pack of socks – striped of course!

Unwrapping all the presents took quite a time after which Mum departed to the kitchen with Carly and Julian enlisted as assistants for veg preparation. Dad, Simon and I were delegated to prepare the dining room table. A good while later the ladies emerged from the kitchen and Mum told everyone that it was time to get changed. We four youngsters agreed we just about had time to each have a quick shower and duly did so. When it came to getting dressed Julian asked me which shirt he should wear. I told him to stick to the one we had bought as the one he'd just been given by Mum & Dad hadn't been washed and thus they wouldn't expect him to wear it. He did have problems when it came to doing up his tie and he confessed that he'd never before worn one! I did the honours, although I found tying a half Windsor in someone else's tie was quite tricky but once that was done we went downstairs.

Somehow amid everything else that was going on Mum had found time to change. She and Dad both complimented Julian on how good he looked in his suit which I could tell made him feel happier as he'd said just before he came down that he felt he looked all wrong in it. I'd assured him he looked very smart and it was simply that he wasn't used to seeing himself in a suit.

Our Christmas dinner comprised smoked salmon with soured cream and blinis to start followed by turkey with all the trimmings and several vegetables, but for Julian Mum had made a nut roast. I tasted some and declared it very good as did Carly. It transpired that Julian had given her the recipe for it, so he'd scored another winner there. For those who could manage it there was a vegetarian Christmas pudding to follow. It was served with brandy butter and to me tasted just as good, if not better, than a normal one. There was a pause after this while everyone, except Mum, drew breath. She went out into the kitchen and returned after a while bearing a couple of coffee pots. This was the signal for us to pull crackers, don hats and read out the silly jokes and mottos they contained. Liqueurs were offered which we both declined before we moved back into the lounge. Some conversation followed before it was time for another Pryce Christmas Day tradition – charades. I hadn't warned Julian about this as I suspected he might be worried about performing in front of people he hardly knew. Of course I shouldn't have worried about that seeing how he had dressed for the Gay Pride march! He'd never played before so at first didn't quite grasp the idea, but he was soon joining in like a veteran. Dad had also prepared a couple of paper and pencil games one of which involved deciphering clues to find the names of towns and cities. By this time everyone was quite merry and Julian and I decided to blatantly cheat and sat next to each other to copy answers. It didn't do us any good as Simon & Carly decided to do the same thing except they were better!

Somewhere around midnight we decided to call it a day, but before heading upstairs we made sure all the washing up was done as not everything had been dealt with even with the dishwasher running a couple of times during the evening. Once upstairs we quickly cleaned our teeth, undressed and crawled under the duvet snuggling up in our favourite spoon position. We'd been like that for a couple of minutes when Julian rolled over to face me.

"That was the best Christmas Day I've ever had – by far. You make me so happy, Lance. Come inside me, please."

I couldn't resist such an invitation. I didn't want to get out of bed to get any lube and break the mood. I sensed though that tonight he wasn't asking me for sex but that he simply wanted us to be joined. I got him to roll back on his side and used my finger with some saliva to moisten him and my prick which I slowly and gently inserted into him. Once I was in I made no thrust but waited to see if I'd sensed correctly; if he wanted sex he'd soon push his arse backwards. I'd guessed right as all he did was to move my hand which had been lying across his stomach, down to his prick. The last thing I remember was feeling it was semi hard as we dropped off to sleep together.

On Boxing Day we all went down to the coast in the afternoon after a cold lunch and had a bracing walk along the promenade. Julian busied himself taking photos of the scenery which again looked different as well as portraits of us. During our walk Mum & Dad informed us that they had booked a table for the next night at a rather expensive restaurant in town so when we got back to the house Julian asked if he could do some washing so he had a clean shirt to wear – meaning the new one. Mum of course agreed and between the four of us we soon made up a decent load.

Simon had announced that he and Carly were going out in the evening to see some friends of his which gave Julian and me the chance to make full use of the bathroom. There were slightly raised eyebrows when I said at about seven o' clock that we were going up to our room, but I was confident my folks knew we were taking advantage of certain facilities that weren't usually available to us. We had another wonderful mutual session in the shower and as before, moved onto the Jacuzzi. Having spent a considerable time enjoying that we dried each other and moved back into the bedroom.

I rummaged in Julian's backpack and found the plastic ruler. Julian looked at me, smiled and went to bend over the edge of the bed.

"No, I want to feel it tonight."

Julian jerked round, surprise showing in his voice as he said,

"But you told me you didn't enjoy the martinet. This is my little kink."

"I know, but something happened when I was using it on you the other day and I want to feel what it's like to have my arse striped like that."

Julian looked at me wondering why this change.

"I can see by your prick you want it, but I'm not sure I can do it to you."

I knew my prick had jerked into life as soon as I'd wrapped my hand round the ruler and I'd picked it up with only the intention of feeling it.

"That's how I felt when I first used the martinet on you – and still do to some extent, but I know you enjoy the feeling you get from it, so I do it."

He smiled at me.

"You're right. It's crazy but it just does something. Okay you'd better get over the edge of the bed."

I moved into place, unsure what to expect, but noticing that my prick had now gone limp. I felt a pretty light tap and then another.

"Julian, do it properly – please"

This time he put a lot more effort into it and I grunted as the ruler landed across my cheeks.

"Better, now a dozen more like that."

I was quite glad when he stopped. I stood up and gently fingered my arse which felt hot to the touch. I moved across the room and turned to inspect my rear. Red stripes were clearly visible with more solid marks in places where the blows had overlapped.

I walked back to Julian, hugged him to me and kissed him having felt my prick already hardening as I walked across the room.

"Thanks for doing that. Now fuck me – hard."

Julian had me lay on the bed face down while he licked my arse all over. It felt wonderful but I wanted to feel him in me. He pushed my legs apart so he could get into the cleft and was soon tonguing me toward heaven. I pushed myself onto all fours and he obliged by quickly entering me. We soon established a rhythm and I felt him fill me. When he slipped out I thought about suggesting we take another shower, but he rolled onto his back and raised his legs silently telling me that he had needs too. I was not going to disappoint him after what he had just done for me but it was a gentler pairing that then took place before we did return to the shower. This time though we could only manage to use it for its intended purpose.

Christmas Day had fallen on a Thursday which meant that Julian should have been working today and tomorrow, but he'd told me he had managed to persuade his boss to let him have those days off in exchange for working on the following Tuesday and New Year's Eve. I was a bit unhappy that we weren't going to be able to see in the New Year together. I would go to his pub but he'd be working so it wouldn't be the same. It also meant that we would have to head back on the Tuesday morning when I had hoped we might have stayed a bit longer.

On the Monday evening Julian was actually keen to get dressed for dinner. His new shirt looked great on him and the one tie we had went fairly well with it. He even managed to tie a reasonable knot in it. He told my parents the shirt felt wonderful on and they told him once more that he looked very good when wearing a suit, not, my Mum cleverly added, that he didn't look good in jeans and a t-shirt. We enjoyed an excellent meal but settled for just a cuddled together evening.

We had a final shower together on the Tuesday morning and having got up quite early were able to spend sufficient time there to thoroughly wash each other as well as suck each other off. After breakfast we packed and then said our goodbyes, but once we were out of the drive Julian insisted that we drive into town. There he went into the florists and emerged with a huge bunch of flowers which we then returned to the house to deliver. Mum opened the door and was astonished to find us both standing on the step, Julian almost hidden behind the flowers. We had to go back in to hand them over properly and then went through the departure routine once more. As she kissed me this time, Mum whispered in my ear, 'Just make sure that you don't lose Julian; he is so nice and you will make a great pair.' It confirmed what I'd been thinking for some time, but I wasn't sure about Julian's feelings. He had never really said anything as to how he felt and after all this was his first relationship. Her parting words as we got into the car were,

"Don't forget we expect to see you at half term!"

We got back to our flat without any traffic problems giving plenty of time to unpack and load the washing machine before I drove Julian to his pub. It felt strange returning to the flat and being on my own so I went for a run. One of the things Julian had bought for me at Christmas was a pair of Lycra shorts which had drawn quite a few comments when I'd unwrapped them. He'd said they were for me to wear under my running shorts, but I had known he intended them to be worn on other occasions also. I couldn't wear them yet though as they were in the machine, but perhaps they'd be dry by the time Julian got back from his shift………

As it turned out they were and Julian had quite a surprise when he came in and found me wearing those and a pair of knee length striped socks. Getting the shorts off proved an enjoyable experience and did our subsequent activities.

On New Year's Eve he was working from 11 to 11 and the day really dragged without him, despite me donning those shorts for their intended purpose and flogging myself through a ten mile run. The cross country season was fast approaching and I wasn't yet in the shape I needed to be, especially after the indulgences of Christmas.

In the evening I cooked myself a ready meal of some sort and finally wandered into town about 10pm. I'd considered taking the car but decided it wasn't worth the hassle. The forecast was for a cold but dry night and the walk home would be not much more than a mile, although there were supposed to be a few special buses running. I was pleasantly surprised when Julian came over at about 11.30 and said he'd finished for the night – it turned out his boss had been pleased with him offering to do these two shifts as the place was a lot busier on these than on the two he should have worked. Thus we were able to wander outside and join the crowds ready for the clock to strike midnight and the fireworks go off. It was a pretty good display although I do think they are rather a waste of money.

We decided to walk home and did so, arms linked, as it was rather too cold for holding hands. On getting back to the flat we agreed that we both felt tired and would just go to bed so both had a quick shower. I went first and did my best to get the bed warm before Julian joined me and snuggled up tight in our favourite spoon position. We lay there for a while both enjoying being together with our bodies touching when he suddenly rolled onto this back.

"Lance, I've never told you that I love you, have I?"

I was initially stunned by this. It was true that he hadn't, but was he now about to tell me that he didn't or that there was someone else he'd met – perhaps at work.

"No, I suppose you haven't, but then….."

"No, let me speak, please Lance."

This was sounding worse and I felt a cold hand run over my back.

"I've never said those words to you because I've been frightened to do so. Scared that if I did something would go wrong; that you would have an accident or fall ill. I didn't want to say or do anything that might break the magic."

I could feel myself starting to tear up.

"Oh, Julian. I have sometimes wondered how you truly felt, but I guess I've been like you unwilling to take a chance that I might not get the answer I desperately wanted."

"Lance, you are the most caring person I've ever known, although I guess that isn't much of a compliment as I've only known a couple I'd put in the caring category. I reckon I knew I loved you from the time you first brought me back here after we'd gone on the march. I knew nothing, but I'd put it all out on offer dressing like that. You could have simply fucked me and I'd probably have been happy to lose my cherry and gone on my way, but you didn't. You took the time to slowly show me the wonders that were there to be discovered and I've loved every little step of that journey. But the further we went the more frightened I became that something was going to end it, so I never told you."

By now I had tears trickling down my face and his words were no longer coming in a steady flow.

"But that was 2015. This is 2016 and I made a resolution tonight that I am going to tell you at least once every day that I love you. And if I don't you can spank me with that friggin' stingy ruler!"

He'd cleverly managed to break the serious mood that had descended, although of course what he had said had actually made me ecstatically happy.

"Julian, I think I've loved you from the moment I first saw you on that walkway. There was something about you that expressed innocence and love. I wanted then to put my arms round you, hug you and protect you. I just couldn't believe that someone as young and good looking as you would want me. I promise I'll tell you I love you every day from now on too – and if I don't you can use the friggin' sting ruler on me!"

We joined together for a long kissing, cuddling and stroking session. 2016 could not have got off to a better start.

The year seems to have sped past. We've taken very chance we can to go down at stay at my parents' house – both half terms and Easter. It's the only opportunity we have to shower together which always leads to fantastic sex. But the odd thing is that Julian always insists we both take our suits and take my parents out somewhere expensive for dinner as a way of saying 'thanks'. I've come to realise that isn't his only motive as he actually now enjoys going out occasionally dressed in a suit, shirt and tie – even though he probably wouldn't admit it, especially as I think I know why. There is little doubt in my mind that when he is dressed smartly Julian looks even more attractive than he does in his skinny jeans – at least to a lot of other people. I've seen the looks several girls and women have given him and even a few guys. Not that I worry about other people giving him the eye; I know he is mine in the same way as I am his, but I think he enjoys those looks.

The ruler has never been used as we both make a very specific point of telling each other of our love when we wake up in the morning and also when we snuggle under the duvet at night as well as several other times during the day. Actually I do tell a lie there as it did get used once, but not for that reason. One Sunday morning Julian insisted that he needed me to give him a good session with the martinet and I obliged. What the little shit hadn't told me was that he'd invited Becky to come round later that morning to see some of his paintings. And naturally while she was there he duly made a very good job of wriggling around uncomfortably while he was sitting down The fact that he was trying hard not to laugh a lot of the time rather gave the game away though. In the end Becky cottoned on and asked to see his bum and following appropriate protests from both Julian and myself he slid down his skinnies – he wasn't wearing any briefs – to show her. She called his bluff by inspecting it closely and then telling me I hadn't done a good enough job! Come bedtime that evening I got my own back by putting a dozen stripes on his arse with that 'friggin' stingy ruler' after which we took it in turns to come in each other. Afterwards I know I thought that perhaps we ought to make use of that ruler a little more often as our sex that night was definitely hot.

Amazingly in a couple of weeks it will be time for the Gay Pride March once again. That means I've completed my end of term exams and Julian has completed the second year of his course. We both think we have done reasonably well. He has though really become interested in art and photography and when it was his birthday my parents and I got together and bought him a very good quality camera that he was absolutely knocked out to receive. I am wondering if he may decide to change horses, or should that be courses, and pursue something more artistic. We hardly ever go out in the evenings preferring to enjoy each other's company. I have spent quite a lot of time studying while he has drawn and painted, but we also discovered that we both have a rather quirky and out of date sense of humour. Neither of us likes the modern day smut and filth comedy much, but we do enjoy getting dvds of comedy from earlier times where visuals and words were used to draw laughs.

With regard to the March we both agreed it would be fun to recreate out first meeting at 10.30 that day on the walkway with me approaching him and asking if he is Julian. For that reason we have stayed up here in the flat but on the Sunday after we will be heading down to Sussex for a fortnight with my parents and perhaps going on to Cornwall afterwards. Julian wants the opportunity to do more painting and photography at a different time of year and I'm more than happy to encourage him in that. We also decided that it would be a good thing for him to learn to drive as then he could drive himself to college next year. He obtained his provisional licence recently and passed the theory test last week. I suggested that he could do some driving while we are down in Sussex as the roads there will be a lot quieter than here in the city so it should give him some confidence. Then when we are back he can book some lessons from a qualified instructor.

One thing he doesn't know about the March is that I have managed to find online a pair of ridiculously short shorts that are very similar to the ones he will be wearing. I simply don't know how he'll react when he first sees me on the walkway dressed in those and a pair of knee length striped socks! I fear that he may deny he is Julian when I ask the question or run off in horror as soon as he sees me.

The story was inspired by this picture

The Boy in the Striped Socks
The picture is provided here under the doctrine of 'fair use' which is believed to apply. It is not the site's intent to infringe copyright. Copyright owners considering that this does not apply to their work should enter into dialogue with the webmaster by email [for their convenience they may use the submissions email address]. Items where copyright is asserted will either be taken down, or attribution made, at the copyright holder's choice.

A little detective work showed this to be taken on the day of the Nottinghamshire Pride Parade in 2015, all of which has led to this rather fine tale. It looks like Lance took a picture after all! A bit of fun with Google Streetview and you can find the exact spot.


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The picture is provided here under the doctrine of 'fair use' which is believed to apply. It is not the site's intent to infringe copyright. Copyright owners considering that this does not apply to their work should enter into dialogue with the webmaster by email [for their convenience they may use the submissions email address]. Items where copyright is asserted will either be taken down, or attribution made, at the copyright holder's choice.

The Boy in the Striped Socks

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