Silken Web

by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 1

I came to my senses as I heard the sound of him doing his traditional doughnut as he drove off from my apartment in his Corvette. This time though it was different; he wasn't satisfied with just the one but had to do three. I lay there while he did them hoping that he might lose control and smash his fucking Corvette into the fire hydrant on the opposite side of the street. No such luck though as I heard him roar off down the street.

I winced as the pain shot through my ass again, but decided I just had to get out of bed and have a shower – or maybe even a bath. I swung my legs over the side of the bed wincing again and then slowly pushed myself upright. Stood up I didn't feel any better, nor any worse. I turned to the left to head to the bathroom and as I did so I glanced down at the bed and saw – blood. There wasn't that much there but it was unmistakeable by its color, fresh and red. No wonder my ass hurt so badly. Gingerly I put my left hand round to my hole to feel; it felt damp which was hardly surprising as he'd shot his load up there and that was likely to be dripping out, but when I pulled my hand back and looked at my fingers there was blood there too.

Slowly I walked to the bathroom and turned on the taps of the bath fully in order to fill it as quickly as possible with lukewarm water. While it filled I tried to decide what I should do next.

I guessed I probably ought to go to the hospital, but I really didn't want to risk that. Okay, I was eighteen and felt I could do as I wished with my body but it was still a fairly small town and the chances were that I'd run into someone I knew and then the story might get out. No, far better I decided to go and see my doctor. He knew all about me as he'd been seeing me frequently since I was about twelve. That was when my father took me to see him having found me sucking off the boy next door and demanded that the doctor give me some pills to cure me from being a fag cocksucker! Doc Rawlings doubled as my unofficial psychiatrist and I became a fairly regular visitor over the next few years telling him of my problems. He also tended to my bruises on the several occasions that I had got beaten up – not by my father I hasten to add, he simply despaired of me and gave up caring about me.

There was only one problem about going to see Doc Rawlings and that was his practice was located on Main Street right next to the St. Louis Trust & Savings Bank where my Mom worked. She didn't live with us anymore as she'd moved out a couple of years ago, but she still cared about me. It was just that she only had a tiny apartment herself and there wasn't room there for me. So I still lived in our original apartment with my Pa who was currently out at work. But, hopefully she'd be busy in the back office where she usually worked and wouldn't see me going in or coming out.

The bath had now filled and I eased myself down into the water. It hurt as my ass met it, but after a while it began to feel marginally better. I looked around and the water didn't seem to be changing color, so hopefully I wasn't bleeding too much.

I lay there thinking about how I'd come to be in this mess. I'd always been a pretty boy; I could remember family members and friends commenting on my good looks right from when I was a small child. There was no doubt I was too with my almost golden color hair with little curls in it, bright blue eyes, spotless complexion and big lips around a mouth that hid a set of white teeth. When I smiled it showed the dimples in my cheeks to go with the one in my chin. My body was slim, my hands and feet delicate. I was never any good at sport so suffered none of the early childhood bruises or broken bones that would have spoilt my looks.

Naturally when puberty struck the hormones, such as they were, started to work. However, while the other boys at school were all expressing interest in girls to a greater or lesser extent, I had no such interest. Oh, I looked at girls alright but only to admire them and then I slowly began to wish that I could be a girl and be wanted by a boy. I still had virtually no body hair even now and I definitely had none back then. Of course it wasn't long before I was caught sneaking looks at other boys tackle in the changing rooms. Sometimes I'd get beaten up a bit for it on the way home from school, other times though I could escape that fate by offering a blow job. My reputation as a willing and proficient sucker of dick soon spread but after the time I was caught giving one to Rick, I made sure I did it either at their place or somewhere discreet like the woods.

When I was about sixteen things changed again as a result of Chuck moving into another apartment in the block. He was a couple of years older than me, a true jock – tall, well built, dark skin and black hair due to his Mediterranean ancestry. At first I steered well clear of him sensing that he would have no trouble in getting all the girls he wanted, but after a couple of months he started talking to me whenever we met and I almost began to think he was seeking me out.

I wasn't wrong about that as one day he put his arm round my shoulder and said,

"Hey, Brandon I hear you do things to help boys out."

"What you mean?" I replied

"You know, Brandon. My kid brother told me you had quite a reputation at school and in the neighbourhood. And everyone says you're good."

And that was how it started. By now Ma had moved out and Pa was working a 2 'til 10 shift at his factory so I knew there was no likelihood of getting caught with someone. Plus which Chuck lived in the same block so the neighbours were used to seeing him around unlike it would have been with any other kid. So I started servicing him; all he ever wanted was a blow job and that I'd do for him pretty expertly judging by his reactions. Afterwards he drove off in his Corvette and produced the first of what was to be many doughnuts as he did so.

I'd do it for him about once a week and we'd been at it for a couple of months when one day when he turned up he had a little bag with him that he handed to me saying he'd brought me a present. I opened it excitedly and found inside a pair of silk ladies briefs.

"How about you wear those for me next time?" he asked.

I put them on as soon as he'd left and they felt wonderful. So wonderful I could hardly bear to take them off or to wait for his next visit when I put them on under a pair of shorts. He asked me if I was wearing them and when I confirmed I was he laid me on the bed and ran his hand up my leg to confirm that. Then he pulled down my shorts followed by the briefs. I was as hard as a rock by this time and for the first time ever he jerked me off – 'as a reward' he said. It was the first time ever anyone had done that for me and it felt real good.

Over the next few months he brought me firstly a pair of silk stockings, then a mini-skirt, then a silk blouse so that I was virtually turned into a girl for him. The more girl's clothes I wore the more he liked it and the longer he spent undressing me, stroking me, sucking my nipples - and the longer it took him to jerk me off.

It dawned on me now - lying in the cooling water – that I should have known what was going on; that he actually had a problem in having sex with girls and that either he couldn't get it or they wouldn't let him have what he wanted.

Today when he arrived I was as usual dressed in the clothes he had brought over the previous weeks. He handed me a bag and when I opened it I found it contained a blonde wig.

"Put that on, Brandon. You'll really look the part then."

I did as he asked, looked at myself in the mirror and I had to agree that I could indeed pass as a girl, in fact I actually looked a bit like Bethany Rebacher who'd been at school with me and who I'd heard was going out with Chuck. As I turned from the mirror I saw a look on his face that I'd not seen before. Until today he'd always treated me kindly but the look I saw was an almost animal one of lust and desire. He picked me up, virtually threw me on the bed and proceeded to rip my clothes off. Then he turned me over face down and that was when the pain started……….

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