Three Strikes and I'm Out?

by Ivor Slipper

Of course it would happen today of all days, wouldn't it? Any other day it would have been a pain, but today it is going to be a mega disaster. What is it my Pop calls it – Murphy's Law or Sod's Law I think, or maybe they are the same thing – you know when something happens that is sort of pre destined but you really don't want it to happen.

Guess I'd better try and explain.

Me and my friends, Jake, Danny, Raul and Sam, are all heavily into bowling. Well, let's face it there isn't a lot else for a 14 year old to do in the evenings at the weekend in a smallish Texas town. I guess we're lucky to have a bowling alley and a cinema too as at least they are places we can go so we don't spend the weekend indoors. You see we're not really into sports, apart from Raul who plays soccer. Danny is in the band at school but Jake and me (I'm Callum by the way – Callum Underhay) are just on the swim team. So I guess we do some sports but we're not with the jocks if you follow me; nor are we with the nerds who spend all their lives studying. We all do enough to keep up our Grades so we don't get into trouble at home but none of us are ever going to be the class valedictorian.

I'm noted for having an impish sense of humor and being a bit cheeky. I think it must be something to do with the red hair that I've got. I've quite a lot of it which is straight and long and can fall over my face if I don't use a bit of hair gel. Don't want it falling over my face as if it did it would conceal my sparkly blue eyes – yeah, not green eyes and I do have a few freckles but I reckon just about the right number. Even though I've got this impish sense of humor I do manage to keep it under control at school. I've had a few detentions in my time and had to write lines on more than one occasion, but I've never had to visit the VP Mr Hendricks for a taste of his paddle. Danny and Raul both have and said it stings like a bitch, but then quickly turns to just a dull ache.

So, we've been bowling for a few years now and we go on a Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon when it isn't too busy or too expensive. But the people who run the place came up with the scheme a few weeks back that on a Friday afternoon provided you started playing by 4pm, you could have 3 games for the price of one. Now this special deal was going to run for a month and it was too good to miss. We got our parents to agree to us going by promising that as soon as we got home afterwards we get straight on with our homework and chores – no computer games or Internet. Then Jake had this brilliant idea. He suggested that we should all put the equivalent of what we'd pay for one of those free games into a pool and whoever had the highest score over the four weeks would take the pool. Well, as we're all pretty much about the same standard everyone though it was a great idea. Even if we didn't win the pool we'd still be getting three games for the price of two and if we did win…….well, there was going to be a fair few dollars to spend.

Now today is Friday and it is the last Friday of the deal and thus of our pool. The scores are all pretty close as you'd expect, but I'm just in the lead by ten points from Raul who is about the same number ahead of Jake with Danny bringing up the rear. The places have changed a bit over the three weeks and of course could change today. Well, they are going to change today as a result of Murphy or Sod or to be more exact Miss Samuels.

She's our English teacher and this semester we are studying Jude the Obscure. Now I quite enjoy reading and I reckon I gave that book a fair chance for a week, but it is soooo boring! I just wish Jude had been more obscure and then perhaps Thomas Hardy would never have written about him and I'd have been saved the agony. What's made it even worse is that the other main character in the story apart from Jude is Sue Bridehead and when I saw that name it made me think of Brideshead Revisited which my cousin Mary Beth studied last year at her school in Arkansas. When I saw her last Christmas she told me a bit about it – she's the same age as me by the way – and I was hoping we'd get to study it this year, but no such luck.

So there we were sitting there 'enjoying' Jude and I was so bored that I started digging around in the pocket of my jeans and there I found a tootsie roll. Reckon it must have been there for a week or so, but anything to relieve the boredom, so I quietly unwrapped it and put it in my mouth. Can't have been more than half a minute and the old b…. – Miss Samuels that is – asks me a question. Of course as soon as I start to answer it she can tell that I've got something in my mouth.

"Are you eating something Underhay?"

"Yes, Miss. A sweet."

"You know full well that eating sweets in class is not allowed. I pointed that out only last week to one of your classmates, but it seems the message hasn't got through. Very well, you can do an hour's detention this afternoon and let that be a warning to the rest of you. If I find anyone else eating in my class this semester they'll be referred to Mr Hendricks."

"But, Miss…"

"No buts Underhay – unless you want to present yours to Mr Hendricks?"

That produced a little smattering of laughter from the rest of the class while I just blushed – something us redheads seems able to do with ease.

That happened during the morning and of course my buds all commiserated with me at lunch break. Jake, good friend that he is did suggest that we could defer the final bowling session until next Friday. But that didn't seem right either as we'd set the rules weeks ago and anyway if we did we'd have to pay full price for the games. Raul then suggested we could end the contest and accept the current standings, but that didn't seem right either and I said I wasn't prepared to do that. So there it is, they're going to be bowling and I'm going to be sat in detention. Even if I went to the bowling alley after detention finished they'd have got through at least one game so I'd be so many points behind I'd have no chance of winning. Sometimes I decided life just sucks.

In our school there is one classroom that is always used for detentions every day. On Fridays the teacher who supervises is the VP; I don't know why but he always does Fridays. There is also a set system for what you can or can't do in detention. Basically it amounts to you having to do some sort of work, but you aren't allowed to do your homework nor to write out any lines or essay you may have been given as a punishment. With most of us kids that really means we sit and read, but naturally it has to be an 'educational' book or some sort of textbook. And naturally you aren't allowed to use your phone or talk to anyone else during the time you're there; just come in, sit down at a desk, get your book out and start reading.

During the afternoon I'd had this sort of weird idea come to me. I'd probably never had tried it, but when I got to the assigned classroom I found no other student there and nor had Mr Hendricks arrived. So, I decided I'd give it a go and see what happened. Mr Hendricks had a reputation of being strict but fair and had been known to take a relaxed view on some of the student fun activities and anyway I reckoned I didn't have anything to lose.

Instead of sitting down at a desk I decided to sit on one instead. I didn't even take off my backpack, but I did extract from it a lolly. My aunt had given me a jar of these at Christmas. I guess some people call them 'suckers' but I didn't go much on that name for one reason, there was only one thing I ever thought about sucking and it wasn't a lolly; but that was never going to happen I felt sure. Anyway it said on the jar that they were lollies. They are this round hard boiled sweet that is on the end of a thin stick about three inches long. I often stick one in my mouth when I'm riding home from school on my bike; sort of rounds off the day nicely.

So there I am sat on this desk all nonchalant like, my right hand wrapped over the edge of it keeping me upright and my right leg sort of folded underneath me while my left leg is bent into a sort of v shape with my sneaker clad foot resting on the side edge of the desk. And my left hand is holding this lolly while my mouth is open and my tongue is just about to lick it. Oh, and I'm looking at the door just waiting and then Mr Hendricks comes in……

"Underhay isn't it?"

"Yes, sir."

"And according to the note I received you are here for an hour's detention for eating sweets during your English class – correct?"

"Yes, sir."

"But here you are not sitting reading as prescribed, not even sitting properly and eating a sweet again."

Here we go I thought……

"Not eating sir, but licking" I put a bit of emphasis on the last word.

"Is there a difference? Eating, sucking, licking?"

"Yes, sir. Licking is definitely different." Again I emphasised that word.

He looked at me and I thought I saw the start of a little smile begin to form at the corners of his mouth.

"Licking is indeed different Underhay. It is what you get for repeating the same offence which it seems to me you are deliberately doing. Are you trying to tell me something?"

"Erm….Sort of, sir."

And then I told him about the bowling pool and how I was going to miss out unless perhaps he'd paddle me rather than give me detention and then he needn't sit here for an hour and could go home and……

I'd startled to ramble when he put his hand up.

"Whoa! I get the picture. You really want me to paddle you so you can go off and enjoy yourself as you originally planned?"

That didn't sound so good put that way, but…..

"Yes, sir." What else could I say?

"Hmmm. Not sure I'm keen on boys choosing their own punishment. Have you been paddled before?"

"No, sir."

"Thought I didn't recall your name in that respect. You must really want the chance to win that pool."

He stood there for some seconds.

"What are you expecting this afternoon Underhay – three strikes?"

"It'll have to be more than that or I won't win." I blurted out.

As I finished though he started to chuckle and I realized what he'd meant.

"Oh shi….." I stopped myself just in time, but his chuckle continued.

"Strikes, licks – funny how words have different meanings isn't it. Perhaps you should raise that with Miss Samuels some time, eh? I was considering two licks for the original offence in lieu of the detention and one extra for the second lick. How does that sound?"

I'd reckoned on at least three and possibly four if he'd agreed, so that sounded fair to me.

"Three strikes and I'm out, sir?"

Now he really did laugh.

"You're a cheeky young man, Underhay. Don't push your luck too far. We need to go to my office; follow me."

It wasn't far to his office and once inside he closed the door and went to sit behind his desk. He opened a drawer, pulled out the paddle and laid it on the top of the desk.

I'd heard about it but never seen it so I gulped at first sight. It was a shiny light brown colour as if it had been varnished. The business end was about a foot long and about three inches wide and it looked about a quarter of an inch thick. There was also a handle about four inches long so he could get a good grip. My right hand went to my butt and rubbed it. Was this such a good idea I asked myself?

"Take your backpack off; remove anything from the back pocket of your jeans; then come and put your toes on the strip of tape in front of my desk, bend forward and lay your forearms on the desk."

There was no going back now and I was suddenly glad that it had been a colder day this morning and so I'd decided to wear jeans and not shorts as I often do. I slipped off the backpack before taking my wallet and comb out of my back pocket and placing them on his desk. I moved to the piece of tape and then bent forward as instructed.

Mr Hendricks picked up the paddle, stood up from his chair and walked round the desk to stand slightly behind me and to my left – he was obviously right handed. I felt the paddle sort of rub across my jeans a couple of times and then……Wham! There was this sort of thuddy noise and suddenly my butt felt as if it had run into a brick wall at eighty miles an hour, not that it ever has, but I just don't know how to describe what I felt. I'm sure I yelped 'cos it hurt and it sorta surprised me too. There was a pause and I guess he was allowing me time to sorta recover and prepare myself for the next lick. Ha! – lick didn't do it justice; strike was much nearer the mark. Then the second one came in, hard and low and lifted me onto my toes. I grunted at this one, but at least I wasn't crying although I could almost feel the tears beginning to form at the corners of my eyes. Fortunately though there was only one more to come. Once again there was a pause and then the final strike came, landing pretty much where the first one did. Either I was getting used to it or that one hadn't been so hard.

I was still gathering my thoughts when I heard his voice,

"Okay, that's it – you can stand up now."

I levered myself off the desk. I wanted to rub my butt and try and get some of the sting out of it, but I also didn't want to do that in front of him, so I busied myself putting my comb and wallet back in my jeans.

"How are you getting to the bowling alley? You're too young to drive aren't you?"

"I've got my bike, sir."

He laughed but not unkindly.

"I think you may want to ride standing on the pedals!"

I thought he might have a point and I hoped it wasn't going to affect my bowling.

"Okay Underhay, you can go and I hope you get some more strikes."

"So do I, sir, but perhaps more spread out?"

He chuckled as I bent down to pick up my backpack. As I started to lift it off the floor he said,

"Have you got any more of those lollies in there?"

Oh, shite…..he's not going to confiscate them is he? I'd got a few as I intended to give one to each of my buds after the game.

"Yes, I have sir."

"Can I have one – I fancy a few more licks."

He was smiling as he said it, so I opened the relevant pocket of my backpack and pulled out a couple. As it happened one was green and the other red, so I gave him the red one, hoping I wasn't pushing it too far.

He took it with a further chuckle adding

"I guess that's the right color for me."

I managed a smile back, hefted my backpack onto my shoulder, turned and walked to the door. Just as I put my hand on the handle to pull it open I heard his voice again,


I half turned to look at him wondering what he wanted now.

"I hope you get more than three strikes this time; and let me know tomorrow how you got on."

"I will sir – and thanks!"

Jeeze, I thought to myself as I opened the door, had I really just thanked the VP for paddling my butt! But if he hadn't I'd still be sat at a desk reading Jude the Friggin' Obscure instead of which….. I made a rapid exit from the school building while at the same time giving my butt a few good rubs and found my bike.

When I got on it I made the mistake of sitting on the saddle which wasn't padded. Mr Hendricks had been right, sitting down wasn't going to be easy, but walking hadn't seemed too bad. The bowling alley was only a couple of blocks away and I made it there in only a few minutes standing on the pedals nearly all the way. I locked it and then dashed inside.

My buds were of course astonished to see me but all I wanted to see was how far they'd got in the game. Fortunately for me they'd got off to a slow start and had only had two rounds.

"How the hell did you get here?" asked Jake.

"Yeah, you're supposed to be doing an hour's detention" added Raul.

"You didn't cut out, did you?" asked Sam.

"Okay guys. You ain't gonna believe this, but I got Hendricks to paddle me!"

There was a chorus of 'No Ways'; 'You're kidding'; 'Don't believe you' and similar. So I told them what had happened from start to finish. When I'd got there, Danny says,

"Still not sure I believe you, Callum. Reckon you'll have to show as well as tell."

"Hey, guys – that's not fair. Neither you or Raul showed when you got licks."

"True, but you all knew we were getting paddled. We've only got your word for it."

"Yeah – show and tell" the rest chorused.

"Okay, Okay!" I said with a laugh. "But not here. You can come back to my place after and I'll show you there. Now add me on the board, I've gotta get into this game – and I'm gonna lick your butts!"

That brought groans and jeers from them, but they were glad to see me. I started off bowling like a demon and soon got those three strikes. A few more came my way too and I didn't start to feel my butt until we were into the third game. Towards the end of that though it was beginning to ache and I wasn't moving quite so freely, but I just managed to hold on and win the pool.

I'd intended to use that money to buy a new game for my x-box, but instead I told the guys I'd take them all out to the cinema and for a burger and ice cream on Saturday as I didn't fancy sitting down tonight. Still didn't get me out of showing them my butt though so we headed back to my place. Our house had a basement which my Pa had turned into playroom for me originally, but had now become a den and hangout for me and my buds. It was set up so we could play loud music without disturbing the peace and there were some old cosy chairs and bean bags where we would chill out and watch scary movies at night. We didn't have sleepovers as such any more, but sometimes on a Friday or Saturday night we watch the movies and just sort of drop off in the chairs.

The others all had their bikes so it didn't take long to get to my place. I tried sitting on the saddle but it was too uncomfortable so I rode standing up again. When we got to my place I made the guys promise not to say anything to my folks about me having been paddled as I didn't want to get into a lengthy discussion over that. Once we'd checked in with my Mom and picked up a little supply of coke and popcorn we headed downstairs.

I tried to delay the inevitable, but they sort of had me cornered and I had a feeling that if I tried to refuse too hard they were in the mood to strip me, just for the hell of it. So after some chat I stood up, unbuckled my belt, undid the top button of my jeans and slid the zipper down a bit. Then I stuck my thumbs inside the waistband of them and my briefs, turned my back on them and quickly shoved both down and equally quickly pulled them back up again!

"No way, Callum!" cried Danny.

"You said 'show' and I've showed." I responded.

"That wasn't a show – it wasn't even a flash" said Raul, provoking laughter.

"Either you show properly, or we'll make you" was Jake's contribution.

"Jeeze, guys. I'll get my own back on you sometime I promise."

So this time I decided to make a bit more of a production out of it and slowly inched my jeans down my thighs to reveal the pair of green Abercrombie boxer briefs I was wearing. I'd bought them a couple of months back out of my allowance because I thought green went well with my red hair, but afterwards wondered why I'd bothered as nobody ever saw me just in them. This evening though there were a couple of whistles and comments as they came into view beneath the mushroom color t-shirt I had on. With the jeans down I stuck my thumbs in the waistband of the briefs but I reckon the little devil who'd been in me when I decided to sit on that desk earlier and lick a lolly, must still have been with me, 'cos I started to wiggle my hips and then push the briefs down an inch or so before pulling them part way back up again before they went down a little further. Naturally the guys got into the mood and the down movements were greeted with a cheer while the up ones produced a boo. Finally though they got to the point where gravity started to take over and slid down towards my knees. My t-shirt was pretty long though and as a result not all of my butt was visible even now. I went to pull it up when someone said,

"You gotta bend over Callum we want the full view of the moon not a partial eclipse."

That had to be Sam who was into astronomy and space, so I stuck one hand behind my back and gave him the finger. Not that it did me a lot of good as the others started to chant in unison 'bend', 'bend', 'bend'. So I did and having done so was about to stand up again when I felt a hand pressing down on my back.

"Do you think three licks was a fair price to pay for getting out of detention?"

I knew that was Jake. I could hear some mumbling and movement behind me.

"Nope, reckon he got off light. I got five." That was Raul.

"Me too. Hendricks must be getting soft" added Danny.

Then I made the mistake of saying,

"But I did give him a lolly!" which caused a burst of laughter.

"Just think, if Hendricks hadn't agreed to his little plan he wouldn't have been able to get to the alley and couldn't have scooped the pool."

"But Danny, I'm taking you all out tomorrow evening with the winnings."

"Mmm, that's true I guess, but I reckon it should've been six licks" that was Sam.

"How about we give him the other three?"

Did I really hear my best friend Jake say that! Still at least there isn't a paddle in this house so they can't. My Pa spanked me a few times when I was younger but now I either get money stopped form my allowance or I'm barred from seeing or talking to my friends.

"Good idea" said Raul, "but we ain't got no paddle."

Old Miss Samuels would have loved that sentence I thought to myself. I was just beginning to think I'd got away with it when Sam said,

"I've got an eighteen inch plastic ruler in my backpack. Would that do?"

There were murmurs of agreement and I heard Sam digging in his pack.

"That looks mean" said Danny.

"Hey, guys we haven't really checked his butt yet" said Jake

I felt my t-shirt being pulled up and I was on full view.

"Looks like he'll have a couple of bruises in the morning – it's the one from low down that always get you" Raul the seeming expert put in. Hearing him say it the thought crossed my mind that maybe he got paddled at home; that wasn't something we'd ever discussed.

I decided that Sod or Murphy had just decided today was going to be my day. For the first time ever I'd got paddled at school and now I was about to let my buds slap my butt with a plastic ruler.

"Jeeze, guys – have I got to stand here like this for ever! You get one lick each, but if any of you get paddled then we're doing the same thing. Deal?"

There were murmurs of assent. I heard a snap sound and Jake's voice saying 'Jeeze, that thing stings' so I guessed someone had tested it out on their hand. Somebody moved behind me and I felt this cool touch on my butt before I heard Raul say,

"And Danny steps up to the plate, draws back his arm and lets…"

I didn't hear the last word as sound of the friggin' ruler landing on my butt drowned it out. I yelped, well it wasn't quite a yell, but close. Let me tell you getting paddled is bad, but somehow this was worse – at least the sting was and of course it was on my bare butt. I couldn't help but put one hand back and rub.

I don't know if the next two were delivered less strongly or if I'd got used to it after the first one, but while they still stung they didn't hurt as much. Once they'd been delivered a thought crossed my mind.

"Hey, one of you lost out."

"Yep" said Jake. "I decided to be a gentleman and let the others have fun."

As it was Jake I was half tempted to tell him to have a swing too, but my butt was definitely stinging and if he'd decided to be a gentleman who was I to force him.

"Glad to see someone is."

I said as I stood up before bending forward again to pull up my boxer briefs and jeans. Once I'd done that we did a group high five and settled down again for a bit more chat, mainly to sort arrangements for the cinema and burger on Saturday night. When that had been settled the guys departed and I went up to my room after having a brief chat with my folks telling them about the bowling and our plans for tomorrow. Naturally I didn't say anything about what had happened either at school or downstairs.

My butt was definitely beginning to ache when I got ready for bed and looking in the mirror I could see some bruises on my cheeks from the paddle. There was some slight redness form the ruler, but of course that had mainly just stung. I had a shower and was about to put on a clean pair of boxers when I decided it would probably be best to keep on the ones I'd worn during the day.

The feeling had come on while I was in the shower and while it made a lot of sense to jerk off there as it was a lot easier to dispose of the evidence I preferred to jerk off in bed. That was so I could take as long as I liked and think about……… Well, I did think about various things but more often than not it was Jake I was thinking of. Jake with his dark blond as opposed to pale blond hair which he wore centre parted; his grey blue eyes that sparkled when he was happy or amused - which was most of the time it seemed; his slightly elongated mouth with slightly large pink lips; his angular jawline with the dimpled chin. Oh yes, I'd been fantasising about Jake for over two years now ever since we both joined the swim team. I'd not been masturbating for long the first time I saw him in a speedo, but the sight of his butt framed in one side of that garment and his dick and balls filling the other almost made me cream myself then and there. We'd been friends for years before then, but until that moment I swear I'd never thought of him in a sexual way; after that though it was a different matter. I'd often try to have a peek at his tackle, but without making it obvious I was looking. I knew he was circumcised like me and his dick seemed to be about the same size as mine, although I'd not seen it erect. He had a fair crop of pubes but his were almost golden in color whereas mine were red.

Once I'd got into bed the boxer briefs came down a few inches almost immediately to liberate my dick which was straining to be set free. Some saliva and it was soon on its way to its maximum of getting on for five inches. Pictures of Jake filled my mind as I began to get the usual feelings in my body and very quickly I was guiding my jism to land on my chest and abdomen. There I could scoop it off with my fingers and stick those into my mouth licking off my semen while pretending that I was actually sucking Jake's dick. Sometimes that though was enough to make me hard again, but tonight I was pretty exhausted after what had happened during the day, so I just removed the boxers and used them to clean up before dumping them in the laundry basket. I got a pair of black CK boxer briefs out of my drawer, pulled those on and went back to bed.

I slept pretty well until Mom called me around eight. I was surprised at how stiff my butt felt as I got out of bed until I remembered the paddling. I walked over to the mirror, pushed the CKs down and looked at it. There was definitely some purply/brown bruising there on the bit I'd be sitting on. I hoped it would wear off during the day as I knew the seats in the burger bar weren't exactly made for comfort. I got dressed in a pair of black jeans and a green t-shirt and went downstairs to the smell of bacon. Mom had made pancakes which I loved when accompanied with bacon and maple syrup, so I tucked into those with some orange juice.

While I was eating my 'phone rang. It was Jake and he wanted me to come over. He said his folks were going into town because he Mom wanted to find some new curtains as well as do the usual weekend shopping. She was dragging his Pa along and he'd been invited but declined so that meant we'd have the place to ourselves. Also they were taking his younger brother Billy with them as he was apparently in need of some new clothes. Thus we'd have the house t ourselves. Billy was okay, but he was only eleven and he jst cramped out style a bit as we had to watch our language for instance. I checked with Mom if it was alright to go and she agreed, so that was going to take care of the morning at least while I thrashed Jake on the new x-box game he'd bought last weekend. Then I reminded myself that he'd had it for a week, so it was very probably me who was going to get thrashed.

I made sure I tidied up my room and took out the trash before I left. Automatically I sat on the saddle of my bike, but that still hurt – even more than yesterday it seemed, so I rode round to Jake's standing up. He saw me arrive and noticed that I was riding standing on the pedals.

As usual my stomach gave a little flip when I saw him. He was wearing a pale blue t-shirt with a red pattern that set off his eyes and hair well with a pair of old blue jeans that had holes at the knees and were tight on his legs and in the front where I could see a hidden package. A pair of black Vans were on his feet which I could tell were sockless.

"Still can't sit in the saddle?" he asked with a little smile on his face.

"Well, I can but I prefer not to. I'm glad though my deal with Hendricks was for three licks."

"Yep, I reckon you must've caught him on a good day. Some guys say he can be a real ball buster."

I laughed at that and I pushed my bike up into his backyard before we went indoors.

"Those whacks the guys gave you didn't bruise though?" he asked as we went into the kitchen.

"They sure stung for a few minutes, but that's all. Thanks for not asking for a free hit though."

"Yeah, well someone had to drop out so I just figured I'd do so. Besides……"

He tailed off and started to look a tad embarrassed.

"Besides what?"

"Never mind. Let's go up to my room. I've got the game all set up so you're gonna get your ass beat again."

We went up to his room and I went to sit down on one of the chairs in front of the desk with his computer and TV but winced as I did so.

"Er, Cal if it's really that bad I've got some cream that Mom bought last year when I bruised my arm and leg when I came off my bike – remember?"

I nodded. "Yep. But it ain't easy to apply it where the bruises are."

Jake looked at me with almost a scared look on his face, before saying almost in a whisper.

"I could put it on for you."

Had I heard that right; Jake was offering to put cream on my butt? I felt a stirring in my black CKs. 'Down boy' I said to myself. Could it be possible that Jake had the same thoughts about me that I had about him? I decided there would never be a better opportunity to find out, but just hoped I wouldn't betray myself if I was wrong.

"You'd do that for me?"

"What are friends for? Let's face it I've seen your butt often enough when we've been in the changing rooms."

"Well, it can't do any harm and I'd sure like to be sitting comfortably when we go out tonight."

Jake smiled, before saying he'd go and get the stuff. He went off to the bathroom and returned a couple of minutes later with a tube of something and a couple of towels which he spread on his bed.

"Don't wanna make a mess on the bed, do we?

Was there some extra meaning to those words I wondered as I tried to read the expression on his face? I looked down at his crotch and felt sure there was a bigger bulge there than there had been a couple of minutes ago; and my own dick grew a bit more in response.

"You'll need to take off your jeans and boxers and then lie on the bed."

I kicked off my Converse and did as he requested, but nothing happened for a couple of minutes although I could hear some noises behind me that I couldn't fathom out. Then the bed started bouncing around as he climbed onto the bottom of it and I felt him crawl up astride me. His legs touched mine as he did so, but there was something strange about how it felt. It took a few seconds before the dime dropped; I should be feeling the denim of his jeans but what I was feeling was flesh. Luckily when I'd laid down I'd not crushed my dick or balls and thus my dick had some expansion room. I tried to turn my head round to see what was going on, but Jake said,

"The patient is required to lie still during treatment – or else!"

His hand slapped my butt to show what the 'or else' would be. I exclaimed something but only in surprise as the smack hadn't hurt, but it had made me a bit harder still. I'd got to the point where I was beginning to worry about leaving pre cum on his duvet cover and then reminded myself that there was a towel underneath me. Had Jake considered that possibility when bringing in the towels?

Now I felt something cold on both my butt cheeks as he squeezed some of the cream out of the tube. He commenced spreading it around very gently with his fingers and I have to say it felt good, although I wasn't sure if it was the cream or the touch of his fingers that I was enjoying most; I guess it was both. I sort of felt happy and yet worried. Was I misreading what was going on? How would Jake react when I turned over if I was still sporting an erection? I couldn't lay face down on his bed all morning….

Jake had started spreading the cream around the 'sit on' area of my butt where the bruises were but after a while his hands moved from there and some more cream was applied to the upper area where I was pretty sure there was hardly any bruising – if indeed there was any at all. But it felt nice and I suppose it was like a massage so I just lay there enjoying it. After what seemed ages he stopped and then I felt another slap on my butt somewhat harder than the first one.

"Okay, you're done. You can turn over now."

I felt him move to one side by lifting up his left leg. I still had an erection, but what the hell. I had to see what Jake was still wearing, so I rolled onto my back and looked. Apart from a big grin all he had on was a pair of grey CK boxer briefs that were nicely filled and had a noticeable wet patch in the front.

"Come up here." I said and he scooted up the bed on his knees ending up more or less astride my chest. "I think it's my turn to rub something now." I added as I placed my right hand on the wet patch on his briefs. I looked up into his face; the grin had gone to be replaced by a more serious expression, but the eyes sparkled.

"Lift your arms up so I can take your t-shirt off."

I did and he did the necessary tossing it to one side.

"Have you got any idea Cal how long I've waited to see you nekkid on my bed?"

I laughed.

"Probably about as long as I've waited to be nekkid on your bed."

"Why did we waste so much time when we could've been together? I've laid on this bed night after night for the last couple of years at least thinking of you and your red hair and those red pubes while jacking myself off."

I started nuzzling his dick through the fabric of his CKs and then licking the wet patch to taste his pre-cum. The real thing tasted different to mine and way better. He whimpered in response. I could wait no longer and putting my fingers in the waistband of his CKs I started to inch them down. The head of his dick appeared first; like me he had been cut. There was more pre-cum on the slit which I licked off with the tip of my tongue producing a shudder from him. Encouraged I pushed them down further so that his dick sprang free. It was about the same length as mine it seemed at slightly less than six inches but it was thinner although with a pronounced bulb at the top. I was surprised to see that his pubes had recently been shaved something I'd never thought of doing, but could see happening very soon as it looked very good and felt the same as I nuzzled into them. I pulled his briefs down further so I could see and handle his balls. They felt nice and firm and were good walnut size in a sack that seemed to be almost hairless.

I let my tongue roam round the head of his dick before exploring down the length of his shaft. All the time Jake was giving out little noises of pleasure and excitement. I'd never even jerked off another boy and yet here I was about to… The thought stopped me in mid lick. Did I know how to give someone a blow job? What if I bit his dick or scraped my teeth down it? What was I supposed to do if he came? And what would it taste like?

I heard a voice say "What's wrong? You can stop if you want."

"No, I want. It's just that this has all come so quick and I don't know how to do it properly."

"You're doing alright up to now and if it helps, I don't know either. I think we can go together on this journey though."

He was right. I might not get it right the first time, but I'd definitely get better with practice which is what I said to him before I went to resume my actions. But Jake stopped me by pulling back slightly before starting to run his fingers through my red hair, kissing my cheeks and my ears, nibbling my ears; all of which was getting me excited but nowhere near as excited as I got when he kissed my lips. At first it was just a brush of his lips on mine and when I didn't draw away the kiss became more positive. I opened my lips and suddenly his tongue was inside, exploring. My tongue went into his mouth and started its own exploration. As we drew apart for a breath I wondered once more at what had happened this morning. Life had changed and was never going to be the same – or at least I hoped that was the case.

Finally Jake moved back so I could put my tongue to work again on his dick. He was producing quite a bit of pre-cum now and I was getting a taste for it. I had been playing with his balls and squeezing them from time to time and I sensed he was getting near, so shifting my position slightly I used my free hand to guide his dick into my mouth. Initially I continued to massage it with my tongue but then started to move my mouth down and up it. Jake started to groan and I felt his body stiffen.

"Cal, I'm gonna cum!" he exclaimed and went to pull his dick from my mouth but I used my fingers to hold it in place. He blasted 3 lots of jizz in quick succession into the back of my throat; I felt as if was choking or drowning and almost gagged. Luckily I managed not to as that could have led to his dick getting bitten. I felt him start to soften and looked up into his face. Were those tears that I saw at the corners of his eyes?

He drew his dick from my mouth. It was glistening with a mix of my saliva and his own cum. He let his dick drop onto my chest and brought his mouth towards mine. I opened mine and pushed out my tongue. He licked some of his own cum off it and then we went into a long passionate kiss that lasted for what seemed like ever.

"Oh, Cal I can't describe what that felt like. There were shooting stars and rainbows and……….."

"I did alright then?" My impish sense of humor broke out at all the wrong times.

"Idiot. Keep that up and I'll turn you over and spank your butt again."


"Stop it Cal" he laughed.

He scooted backwards a bit on the bed and now he started kissing me again. Nowhere was missed as he worked his way down from my chin to my neck, my shoulder and my chest. When he started to kiss and lick my nipples I was in heaven as they became hard, but less so when he gave each of them a good tweak, before he continued kissing down my chest.

Both of us were fairly well built, not skinny thin but definitely not fat, but quite well muscled from our swimming with reasonable abs and flat stomachs. Working his way backwards on the bed and downwards on my body he came to my navel and his tongue explored my belly button. It was strange how something so mundane as that could suddenly become erotic.

He continued to kiss lower and lower until he arrived at my dick. It was standing erect and twitching in anticipation. Jake having at last arrived there did not keep me waiting long as I saw his tongue come out, lick off a newly formed bead of pre-cum, and savour it. Then he went to work and everything I had done to him he did to me – with interest so it seemed. I'd lain in bed many nights imagining this happening, but my imagination was no match for the reality. I could hardly contain myself, hard as I tried, but in what seemed like seconds I was pumping my seed into Jake's mouth. When my dick had finished jerking he scooted back up the bed, I opened my mouth and he gave me back some of that seed.

That done he rolled to the side and we both lay there staring at the ceiling and lost in our own thoughts. After a couple of minutes I rolled onto my side and looked at his face. There was a big smile on it and a look of contentment and happiness which I hoped was matched by my own expression. I put my head forward and kissed him again before we moved to wrap our arms round each other and engage in more kissing and cuddling. We stayed like that for some time until my right hand started to wander down his back and onto his smooth butt. As I caressed it I felt my dick stir into life again and Jake's did the same.

"Mmm" sighed Jake, "That's nice."

"But I can think of something even nicer."

There was a little chuckle from my friend and now my lover.

"So can I and there's an old saying that practice makes perfect."

"Have we got a lot of practicing to do?" I asked.

"Well, we can see how we get on this time and go from there."

"You know three's my lucky number?"

I felt Jake stir and there was an evil grin on his face as he broke free of my embrace to get on his knees.

"So it is. Thanks for reminding me. Get on your knees Cal."

I wondered what he intended. I wasn't ready to have him come inside me yet, surely that wasn't what he intended? Then the light flicked on and I knew what he had in mind. My dick stirred at the realization as I got on my knees and turned to present my butt to him. Sure enough I felt his hand smack down on it –more forcibly than the earlier two he had delivered and yet my dick surged again.

Next thing I know is Jake has his face below mine on the towel and is looking at my dick.

"Enjoyed that did you, Cal? I'll have to remember that when things need livening up"

With that he reached in and put his hand on my dick which naturally responds. From there we go for it a second time. After we'd finished I couldn't decide if it was any better than the first time, but I did now know that every time we did it would be slightly different but always wonderful.

A story inspired by this picture of 'Callum'

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