My Party Piece

by Ivor Slipper

I'd started at University that autumn. I was one of the lucky ones. My parents had money – plenty of it as Dad was a successful property developer while Mum did her best to spend what he acquired. Fortunately, he seemed able to bring in the money faster than she could spend it, but now I was off at Uni it was time for some of it to be spent on me. I wasn't going into digs with some landlady, nor sharing a house with other students, nor even staying on campus. No – for me there was a flat in a fairly recent development of Dad's that was located a few miles away from the actual University buildings. And of course I therefore had a car provided for me in order to make it possible for me to get to and from Uni as well as come home at weekends. Of course I didn't often go home at weekends, there were too many other distractions here. Actually, the car got little use during the week because it was simpler to get to and from Uni on public transport, but it was good to have for evenings and weekends – especially those that I didn't go home!

I considered myself to be both fit and good looking– not that I am given to boasting, well, not so you'd notice! It was just one of those fortunate things. I was just over six foot tall and weighed about thirteen and a half stone. I'd been captain of the school rugby team, playing at No.8, so I was fit and that weight wasn't flab. I had dark hair which I kept cut fairly short, blue grey eyes and a face that had the benefit of giving me a happy but unconcerned expression.

Naturally, I was into girls and had been since I was about fifteen. At home I'd gained quite a reputation and my conquests were well into double figures by the time I started at Uni. Being here of course gave me even more opportunities. I no longer had any concerns about whether my, or her, parents would be at home as there was nobody in the flat except me. The car also gave me the advantage of being able to drive the lady home not to mention taking her out and about. So, the first few months here had been exciting for all sorts of reasons. I was getting more than I had ever got before as far as the girls were concerned, but I'd also started to make my mark on the rugby field. The only place I wasn't excelling was in my studies, but I told myself there was plenty of time to worry about those once Christmas was over. As long as I turned in some work my tutors didn't seem unduly concerned and if they weren't why should I be?

Of course there were plenty of parties, quite a few of which were held at my flat. I was a bit surprised the cleaning lady put up with the mess that was sometimes created, but she kept coming back twice a week to do the necessary. This particular Saturday though the party was being held at a friend of a friend's and I'd been let down at the last minute by my current girl, Katie, who'd cried off due to not feeling well. I wasn't too worried as I'd virtually reached the conclusion that it was time to ditch her and move on anyway. And I felt sure that I'd be able to score at the party as usually most of the girls at these weren't in relationships.

I'd been there for a couple of hours, had a few drinks, some pretty awful food and tried to get into conversation with a few likely looking girls but without any success. I'd more or less decided that nothing was going to happen this evening when I saw her across the other side of the living room. She wasn't stunning, she wasn't a babe, she wasn't even in fashion. But I couldn't tear my eyes off of her. While she didn't have much boob, she did have a cute little arse, this brunette girl in the black mini-skirt and the black and white top, and she also had a pair of very nice legs that seemed to go on and on, and I have to admit that I am a legs man. When I'd first seen her she was sitting down but when she stood up I could see she was about five foot ten or so tall and those legs that disappeared into this very brief mini skirt accounted for a hell of a lot of that! Her face... was pretty enough – I couldn't really make out her eyes at that distance, but they were nicely sized for her somewhat angular tom-boy features. It was her smile that got to me as she seemingly flirted with some emo-kid in the corner by the couch. And the way she carried herself. Girly, yeah, but... tough, somehow. Like she didn't give a shit what you thought. Like she wasn't putting on a show. Like she was really herself.

I had to know more. I was sure she was wasted on this emo boy. Someone behind me called out 'Danni' and on hearing the word she looked over, smiled again and walked towards me. She sashayed past giving me a very direct smile and a little 'Hi' as she did, so I turned and followed her as she, having stopped briefly for a few words with whoever it was had called her name, walked into the kitchen where the food was. I came up behind her and said,

"The food's crap. Wanna get a takeaway and come back to my place? My car's just round the corner."

Now I wasn't normally quite this direct, but I didn't fancy spending a lot more time there and I'd seen no one else who had the slightest appeal, so I decided to go for the direct approach. She turned and looked at me before saying,

"You don't hang about do you? I don't even know your name."

Her voice was deeper than I'd expected, but very sultry and rather sexy.

"It's Kyle, Danni. And no, I don't."

She laughed.

"So I see. We've never spoken before and yet you know my name. Well, I agree the food's crap and the company's not much better, so why not?"

"What about your emo friend next door?"

"He's not my friend or my type. He just tried to latch onto me and I was looking for a reason to get away from him."

"So, what's it to be– Indian, Chinese, Pizza?"

"The Chinese in the next street isn't bad so let's settle for that," was her response and so we left the party and walked round there.

As we walked I had this vague feeling that I'd seen her somewhere before, but just couldn't place where. Having placed our order I left her at the takeaway while I went and fetched my car and by the time I got back the food was ready. The drive back to my place would take less than ten minutes and soon after we'd set off I contrived to brush her knee and then rest my hand on her leg. The skin was smooth to the touch and she raised no objections so by the time we had arrived at my flat my hand had worked itself up to the hem of that mini-skirt. I reckoned that I was definitely 'on' for tonight!

We sat at the table in the kitchen and at the takeaway. As she'd indicated it was good. After we'd eaten and I'd cleared away the debris I asked Danni if she'd like to see the rest of the flat. Naturally Danni was impressed as I showed her round, not many kids of my age had such a pad. Tour finished I found and opened a bottle of Sauvignon, filled a couple of glasses and led her to the couch, where we quickly got close. My hands were wandering around her body as indeed were hers round mine and our tongues were making themselves acquainted. All was looking good. After about half an hour and a glass or two each, I decided that once again the direct approach might be best with this young lady.

"Reckon I've had too much booze tonight to drive you home. Do you want me to call you a taxi?"

"You want to get rid of me?"

"You're welcome to stay the night, but this couch isn't very comfortable."

"But you've got a double bed in your bedroom which looked very comfortable."

Yeah! We were on. This girl really was direct I had to admit. I reckoned tonight was going to be memorable.

We stood up and smooched our way to the bedroom. I switched the subdued lighting on so we could just about see what we were doing. She helped me off with my shirt and trousers before discarding her mini-skirt and lying face down on the bed. I was rock hard by this time so my boxers came off and I got on the bed beside her.

Now I do have a confession to make here. I've had this 'thing' about spanking women before and during sex for as long as I can remember. I feel it shows them who's in charge and nearly all of them seem to like it. But when I say spanking all I really mean is a couple of firm slaps to their arse to get them started. So that was what my right hand delivered to Danni who still had on a pair of briefs that were not particularly feminine but sort of went with her tomboy image. As they were delivered she raised her arse and after the second one my hand went underneath her and that was when I got the biggest surprise of my life, because there was a prick and balls! Danni wasn't female!!

I felt shocked, horrified, disgusted – and yet I was still as hard as a rock. I'd never had any sort of sexual relationship with a boy, apart from a bit of mutual wanking and sucking that had inevitably gone on at my all boy boarding school when puberty had reared its head. I was hetero – totally and utterly hetero and yet here on my bed was a boy dressed as a girl and I was turned on. What was going on?

"What the fuck are you?" I exclaimed.

"You didn't recognise me then? I thought you must have done and that was why you chatted me up. I'm Daniel – I work behind the bar at 'The George'."

Now I placed him. I'd sort of thought he looked familiar but I hadn't seen through the make-up and the different hairstyle. To be honest I'd never taken that much notice of him there – like I said I was always looking at the girls not the boys.

"I should spank the shit out of you."

I don't know what made me say that, it just came out. I guess having his arse there in front of me helped though!

"I deserve a good spanking," wasn't the reply I was expecting from Danni – or Daniel. I wasn't sure which I was talking to now.

"Get yourself over my knee and I'll give you one you'll not forget."

Was this really me talking? I'd never spanked anyone properly in my life – what I'd done to various girls in the past was little more than a couple of good slaps and yet now I was promising Daniel something special.

I moved to sit on the edge of the bed. I still didn't expect anything to happen but he got up, took off his top and the padded bra he had on underneath before positioning himself over my legs. Had he done this before I wondered? His hands rested on the floor supporting his weight; on the other side his toes were just about touching the ground. I looked at his arse partly covered by that pair of black briefs but showing white and round and firm below them. I'd offered and he'd accepted; now there was no going back and looking at what was in front of me I knew I didn't want to go back either.

I raised my hand and snapped it down on his arse. As I drew my hand back I could see even in the poor light, the imprint it had left. I brought it down again and again. Daniel made no sound – all that could be heard was that 'slap' as hand met arse – an arse that was now beginning to take on a shade of pink as the individual prints merged. Daniel raised his arse off my legs as if to meet my hand, but after a few more spanks I got the message and stopped to pull down his briefs to expose the whole of his arse and that part of it which was still white. I continued and as I did he spread his legs so that I could spank into the area that would otherwise be hidden. Now I was really enjoying myself and he was beginning to moan as my hand smacked down onto the top of his thighs. I thought his moaning was in pain and perhaps it was but I also then realised that his prick which had been lying limply across my legs was getting hard. That realisation drove me to spank harder while at the same time driving my own prick to new lengths. Finally I felt this warm liquid spurt across my legs. Daniel shuddered and moaned. I stopped spanking and laid my hand on his arse which I was amazed to find felt red hot. I started gently stroking it and he responded with further little gurgles of pleasure.

Eventually he pushed himself off my legs so he was on his knees to my left. We looked at each other and smiled. His right hand gently rubbed his arse.

"That," he said, "was definitely a good spanking. Damned good for a beginner."

My eyes opened wide. I suppose I should have guessed by the way in which he'd responded to my original statement that he deserved a spanking, but I hadn't.

" do this often?" was all I could say.

"Nah, not often, but as you saw it turns me on, especially when I've been naughty."

As he said that he pushed my legs apart and then pushed me bodily backwards so I was lying on the bed. Then he went to work with his hands, lips and mouth on my balls and prick. Like I said I'd been sucked by a few boys at school and by some of the girls I'd been with, but this was something totally different. Daniel brought pain with pleasure, or was that pleasure with pain, and he kept bringing me to the brink but refusing to let me ejaculate. I had never been toyed with like this. A blow job had simply been that – a job – but this was something completely different bringing with it feelings I had never before experienced. At long last and after considerable pleading he allowed me to climax swallowing almost all what I was sure was the biggest ejaculation I had ever experienced.

I lay back on the bed exhausted. Daniel moved to lie alongside me. After a few minutes he spoke,

"Was I naughty again?"

I turned and pulled him into an embrace.

"No, that wasn't naughty. But I do know how you could be. How old are you by the way?"

"I'm seventeen and I'll be eighteen in a couple of months. I've never had full sex and if that's your idea of me being naughty then you're out of luck – at least until then."

"That wasn't what I was thinking. What I reckoned was that Danni and I could go out tomorrow night and if nobody rumbled Danni as a boy then she'd have earned herself another spanking."

Daniel laughed. "And if she does get rumbled?"

"Then she gets spanked twice!"

"Sounds good to me." said Daniel as he kissed me before nuzzling into my chest. My right hand went down to his arse. It still felt warm and I stroked it gently for a while before delivering as firm a slap as I could in that position. As my hand landed I felt his prick which was lying on my stomach, surge back into life prompting my own to do the same. Perhaps I'd have to find something else for Daniel to be adjudged 'naughty' before tomorrow night...............

Eventually we drifted off to sleep, hardly surprising in view of our activities in the couple of hours since entering my bedroom. When I woke it was almost light and feeling Daniel next to me brought on my morning woodie. He was still sleeping and on the basis that he needed his beauty sleep I decided to leave him lying there while I went off to the bathroom to attend to the morning necessities. On returning he was still asleep so I took pity on him and simply got dressed before going into the kitchen to make some toast and coffee.

About half an hour later he stumbled into the kitchen. He'd actually found a bathrobe of mine to wear which I thought made sense as opposed to walking round the place in what he had worn last night. I offered him some breakfast and he settled for juice and toast. We sat opposite each other at the small table in the kitchen in silence. Although I had a hundred or more questions that I wanted to ask him I didn't know where to start. Indeed I'd already been asking myself lots of questions about what had happened between us last night and I hadn't been able to come up with answers to most of those.

I'd always considered myself to be totally heterosexual and yet last night I had gone to bed with a bloke, albeit a bloke dressed as a girl although I hadn't initially known that. But perhaps that was even worse than if it had been a bloke – or maybe not? I'd also had sex with him, admittedly not full sex, but nevertheless to my eyes sex and it had been an amazing experience. Did this mean I was gay – or perhaps I was bisexual? And then there was the spanking. Yes, I'd given a few girls a few slaps on their arses but to actually properly and thoroughly spank someone was another matter. Yet I'd enjoyed it and so had he – maybe even more than me! Did I want this relationship to continue or should I end it now and try to forget last night had ever happened? It was hard to decide, which was when I realised that I had become hard again just thinking over our activities last night.

It was at that moment Daniel spoke,

"Were you serious about us going out again tonight?" I nodded and he continued, "And about spanking me?"

"That was part of the deal. At least once and perhaps twice." I replied looking directly at him.

"In that case I'll have to go home and get a change of clothes. A girl can't go out two nights running in the same outfit."

"Tell you what. We'll go out to a restaurant for a meal and then on to a club I know. You'll need something special for that, so why don't we go and I buy you a new dress?"

What the hell was coming over me I wondered? I'd never bought a dress for any of my girlfriends.

"I'd like to see how you go about doing that." I added.

Daniel grinned.

"I've done it before Kyle, although never with company. You seriously want to go with me looking at dresses and such like?"

I told him that I definitely did if I was going to be paying the bill. We talked a bit more about that before I finally plucked up the courage to ask him the $64,000 dollar question – what had made him want to dress as a girl? There was a lengthy pause before he replied during which I wondered if I'd asked too much, but it became evident as he answered that he was simply trying to gather his thoughts. The answer didn't come all at once and several more questions were asked over the next hour or so, but eventually I got the full story from him. It took some time because it was disjointed and I kept asking questions, but in the end this was what it amounted to.

Daniel had a sister, Theresa or Terri, who was a couple of years older than him. For reasons he still couldn't properly explain, as a child he had always been fascinated by her clothes. To him they seemed much more interesting than the jeans and shirts or sweatshirts he wore. One summer's afternoon, when he was about eleven and Terri and his parents were out in the garden, he had gone into her bedroom, stripped off and then put on a pair of her pants and a dress. He was standing looking at himself in the mirror when his mother walked into the room. She screamed at what she saw and that brought his father running. His father went ballistic, ripped the dress and pants off him and then carried the naked Daniel to his own bedroom. Once there he put Daniel over his knee and proceeded to give him the one and only spanking he ever received from his father. While it was delivered Daniel was told that he was naughty, disgusting, a pervert (although he didn't know what that word meant), a disgrace and various other things, but his father kept coming back to one word – naughty. The spanking went on for what seemed like forever to the eleven year old boy and long before it was finished he was bawling, pleading, seeking forgiveness, even promising never to do anything like that again – anything to stop the pain he was feeling in his backside. Finally his father stopped, told him he was confined to his room, wouldn't get any tea and walked out leaving Daniel sobbing into his pillow while his hands felt the furnace that was his bum.

Later that night two things happened. Theresa crept into his room bringing with her some cake and biscuits she had smuggled from the kitchen. Then when it had got dark and he was lying on his bed he started stroking his penis. It was something he had been doing for some months as it felt good, but this time it felt better than it had ever done before. He found himself thinking about what had led to his spanking and the actual spanking and before he knew it a few drops of liquid spilled from his penis. Daniel didn't realise it at the time, but for him dressing as a girl and getting spanked would become inextricably linked – and what was more there was pleasure to be gained as a result.

Daniel admitted that he had been very lucky because he had always had an extremely close relationship with his sister. It was a few months later that she came to him and said that she had seen how he was always looking longingly at her clothes when she was wearing them or they were hanging on the washing line and that she was willing to let him wear them, provided their parents were not around. Daniel jumped at the opportunity, but decided that asking Terri to spank him for doing so would be a step too far. Instead he acquired a spatula and a plastic ruler which he used to self-spank whenever he had worn any of her clothes. It wasn't the same as being spanked by someone else for being 'naughty' but it sort of satisfied him and also led to what he now knew to be masturbation or wanking.

As he'd grown older he'd found it necessary to acquire his own clothes because he could no longer fit into Terri's. She'd not only helped him with this but also stored them in her wardrobe. Eventually the day had come when, just after he had turned fifteen, he first ventured out dressed as a girl. It had happened on a weekend his parents had gone away and thereafter if ever they were out for the day Daniel would become Danni. His attempts at connecting with sympathetic men hadn't been too successful and generally he had settled for going places as Danni and then simply coming back home afterwards and spanking himself. He had also a year or so later, made contact via the Internet with someone fairly local who was looking for volunteers to be spanked. However, although he had been to see him a couple of times the guy wasn't interested in spanking him as Danni only as Daniel, which simply wasn't what Daniel/Danni wanted. So that had not solved his problem.

The previous evening he had somehow been convinced that I had chatted to him because I had seen through his 'disguise', recognised him as Daniel but wanted him as Danni. He'd thought he was probably going to get beaten up when I realised she was a he and when I'd said that 'I should spank the shit out of him' he'd seized on it as a way of not only perhaps satisfying his greatest wish, but probably also avoiding a beating. What had followed achieved both.

So there we were. I now knew what had led Daniel/Danni to my bed last night and I was keen to repeat the experience. Whether it would be a temporary blip in my life or whether this would turn into a lasting relationship, only time would tell.

Later that morning, after we had got dressed with Danni wearing the same outfit as last night, we went into town and for the first time in my life I accompanied a 'lady' into dress shops and department stores. It was to say the least quite an experience as Danni tried on various garments and then came to the edge of the changing rooms to get my opinion. Finally after a couple of hours, by which time I must confess the experience was beginning to pall, the choice was made. A figure hugging mini dress in midnight blue with matching bra and panties, plus a pair of sheer black tights. My credit card took a hammering, but I had to admit when Danni changed into them again back at the flat before we went out in the evening, she looked sensational. She turned a lot of heads in the restaurant and I'm positive nobody there had the faintest idea there was a young man inside that attire.

We moved on to the club and all went well initially. I was limiting my drink because I'd driven us in and thus had to drive home gain afterwards, but Danni was enjoying herself and had no such problems to worry about. She began to get a little noisy under the influence of the white wine she was drinking. I wasn't worried unduly because after all I'd promised her a double spanking if she was rumbled as being a bloke dressed as a girl and that thought was quite appealing. Indeed I began to wonder if that might be what she was seeking, although frankly I had no real idea how I could give her a double spanking. The one last night had been enough for both of us I reckoned.

We had a few dances. Danni was a good mover on the floor for the faster numbers and I must confess I enjoyed the slower ones where I could hold her, run my hands over her body and, inevitably, down to her rear while at the same time engage in some kissing and tonguing. Eventually the point came where the beer I had been drinking needed to be disposed of. I left Danni sitting at our table and went to the toilets. When I returned a few minutes later she was no longer there and after looking around I spotted her on the dance floor with another bloke. It was a slow number and I was at first surprised and then annoyed to see his hands where mine had been a while ago, before mouths and tongues went into action. I was actually jealous of another guy getting off with my girl – or was that guy?

The number finished. Danni detached herself from his grasp and walked back to our table. She could see I wasn't happy even in the dim light that was there.

"Are you looking for a double spanking?" I hissed.

Danni laughed, "You're not getting jealous are you?" she responded.

"I brought you here and I bought the clothes you're wearing. You're with me and I don't expect you to go around letting other men get close and personal with you." I spat back at her.

Nothing more was said and we had a couple more drinks and a few more dances until inevitably I had to go to the toilet again. I suppose looking back it was predictable but of course when I returned Danni once again wasn't at the table but was again on the dance floor with the same man. And to me they seemed now to be getting even more close and personal. What was more when the number finished instead of detaching herself and returning to our table, Danni stayed on the dance floor, which was repeated for a few numbers and it was at least fifteen minutes later that she returned. As she got near I stood up and told her that we were going. She looked surprised but didn't protest and a few minutes later we were in the car.

I was still seething. I wanted to get Danni home and give her the spanking I'd promised her, but somehow that didn't quite seem to fit the bill. It was long after midnight, the roads were quiet and it was a beautiful clear moonlit night, albeit rather cold. There would almost certainly be a frost on the ground in the morning. I found myself driving to Hailey Common and drew the car to a stop in the car park there. We were alone. Nothing had been said between us since we had left the club. We sat in silence for a couple of minutes while I finally made up my mind.

"Get out of the car Danni." I said as I unbuckled my seat belt and opened my door. She looked questioningly at me as I did before following suit. I walked round to the front of the car and she joined me. We'd both taken off our coats when we had got into the car and neither of us had put them back on now so I was in just a shirt while Danni had on the midnight blue dress. I turned her round so she had her back to me. The dress had a long top to bottom zip at the back which I pulled down to reveal the matching blue bra and panties. I pushed her forwards so she lay over the bonnet. The engine would keep her front warm while I had ideas for warming up her backside.

"I think I could get to like a man who is masterful. I've never been spanked in the open air. I think I could get to like that too."

It was almost as if she was taunting me to do my worst. I wasn't sure if Danni would like what I was about to do as I undid the belt that was round my waist. As I pulled it through the loops she heard the noise and half turned before getting back into position. I doubled the belt and moved to one side.

"If you're going to do it then you'd better do it properly," Danni said and proceeded to push down her tights and panties before lying back on the bonnet again.

I raised the belt – and then flung it to the ground as I suddenly realised I had feelings for this boy. There was no way I could possibly hurt or mark him with a belt. A few spanks was one thing, whipping totally different. I pulled him up from the bonnet, turned him round and kissed his lips. His mouth opened and our tongues began to dance together again. I could see a few tears on his face and I tried to wipe them away while realising that my own vision was clouding.

My hands ran down his back and undid the padded bra he was wearing before continuing their downward descent. Danni pulled his arms out of the dress and now was standing naked as it dropped to the grass. My hands ran down his side below his waist and then met to each cup one of his testicles. His prick stood firm and hard above them. I knew what needed to be done – something I had never done before nor ever contemplated doing. I dropped to my knees. Daniel put his hand under my chin and raised my head. Looking down at me, he said

"Are you sure?"

There was only one way to affirm that. I knew what I was about to do would in no way compare to the incredible pleasure he had given me the previous night, but I had to start somewhere and maybe, given time and practice, I could become as good as him.

I did at least manage to keep my teeth from scraping his prick. In fact I hardly needed to take him into my mouth. He was circumcised and very quickly sprang to life as I touched his balls. That enabled me to initially lick his head before working from the base to the head and round the sides. In next to no time I could feel him getting tense while he uttered what I knew had to be little groans of pleasure at the sensations he was feeling. Never having given anyone a blow job I was hardly prepared for him spurting and drew my head back as he did. I took some, but not all of his offering.

"Stand up, Kyle." he said as he helped pull me to my feet before putting an arm round my neck and bringing our faces together. His tongue came out and licked around my mouth and chin. That done, we kissed – our tongues mixing the juice together.

"Nobody's ever done that for me, Kyle."

"And I've never done it for anyone either." I replied.

We kissed again and wrapped our arms around each other. We stayed like that until I felt Danni shiver and it dawned on me that he was naked.

"Get dressed Danni and let's go back to the flat."

Danni/Daniel had moved into my flat a couple of days after that night on Hailey Common. His parents were unconcerned about him moving out, indeed from what he said they were glad, especially his father, to see him go. Most of the time he is here I find it easiest to call him Dan and indeed most of the time in the flat he is Daniel with Danni being reserved for certain occasions and especially when we go out.

I dare say a psychiatrist would have had a great time examining my mind to try and understand why I so liked going out with a boy who was dressed as a girl, but had absolutely no wish to change into one.

Equally I'm sure a psychiatrist would have a great time examining Daniel's mind to try and understand why he enjoyed dressing as a girl, but had no wish to change into one. Also, why he enjoyed being spanked when, or after, he had been dressed as a girl and indeed can get sexually aroused as a consequence, but didn't enjoy being spanked otherwise. That was something we quickly discovered during our first week together when I happened to catch him undressed and bending over and delivered a firm slap to his arse. He made it very obvious that wasn't on Daniel's agenda.

Our sexual activity was only mutual masturbation or blow jobs, at which I quickly became more proficient. He'd made it clear on our first night that he wasn't willing to have full sex before he became eighteen. Indeed that night I'd been fully ready to have full sex with the Danni I thought I'd brought back to my flat, but been almost repulsed at the thought of having sex with the Daniel he proved to be. However, we had very rapidly grown on each other. I quickly started to become a more caring person than I had previously been and was feeling something about him that I'd never felt for any of the girls I'd dated. As far as I was concerned he was someone special.

We certainly had fun after he'd moved in – and I don't just mean in bed. On the nights he wasn't working at 'The George' we made a point of always going out. On some of those occasions we would go out as Kyle & Daniel, but more often it was as Kyle and Danni. He enjoyed dressing in his female attire and I enjoyed going into town be it to the cinema, a pub, or a restaurant with him looking like that. As far as we could tell nobody ever saw through his disguise.

It was about a month after he'd moved in. We'd been out on the Saturday night, Danni and I, first to a restaurant and then we went on to a club. We didn't get back to the flat until well after two in the morning and were both exhausted. We simply undressed and crawled into bed. After a few kisses he backed into me, I wrapped my arm over his chest and we quickly drifted off to sleep.

When I woke I realised I was alone in the bed. Rubbing the sleep from my eyes I could make out a naked Daniel standing by the window looking out. I got out of bed, walked over to stand behind him, wrapping my arms round his chest and resting my chin on his shoulder. His shoulder started to move and suddenly he was sobbing. I turned him round, put the fingers of my left hand under his chin and raised it so I could look him in the face.

"What on earth is wrong, Dan? Why are you so upset?"

He didn't answer immediately, so I wrapped my arms round him again and pulled him into a hug. The sobbing slowed and finally almost stopped.

"I'm freezing my balls off here. Can we get back in bed and talk about this?" I asked.

He didn't reply, but he didn't object as I guided him back to our bed. We slid under the duvet and I spooned him to me. His breathing returned to normal and we lay like that for a few minutes while I stroked his chest. As I was doing so I felt myself start to get hard. I tried to think of something that would change that, but little Kyle could be an obstinate stuck up thing when the mood took him. And the mood often took him when we were in bed together, but somehow this didn't seem the right time. Eventually he started to wriggle free of my hold and turned over so he was facing me. There were a couple of tears visible in the corner of his eye and I gently wiped those away with my finger.

He gulped before saying in a rush, "I don't want to tell you, 'cos if I do you'll kick me out."

I was shocked; staggered even. I couldn't imagine what had brought this on. "Whoa, Dan. I can't imagine anything you tell me would make me want to kick you out."

He started sniffling again. "This will."

I pulled him closer so I could kiss him, but he wouldn't let my tongue in where it was usually so welcome.

"Out with it Dan. Just what is it that has got you so worried? Please tell me – and whatever it is I promise that I won't kick you out."

There was a long silence while I assumed he was trying to decide and then he spoke again, but in a whisper so I could hardly hear despite how close we were.

"Kyle, I don't want..." He stopped and I thought that he'd changed his mind about telling me, before the rest of the sentence came in a rush. "to be Danni anymore."

Wow, that came as a further shock. I'd been trying to think of things he'd be frightened of telling me, but that one had never entered my mind.

"But I thought you liked being Danni. Wearing the clothes, the make up and everything. Fooling people into thinking you're a girl."

"Yeah, that's the word – fooling. I fooled you as to who I really was. You'd never have brought me back to the flat that night if you'd known I was a boy."

He was right. I wouldn't have done, but...

I let out a long sigh and hugged him tighter. "You're right Dan. I wouldn't have done. And I was frigging mad when I found out you were a boy. That's why I spanked the shit out of you that night, but something changed in me."

"Changed in you, how?"

"It was the following night on Hailey Common where I was going to whip you with my belt. You were going to let me, but I found I couldn't do it. I discovered that I actually liked you and didn't want to hurt you. And you know what happened after that, don't you?"

I could see a little grin start to appear on his face as he thought back to that night.

"Yeah, how could I forget that! But you still wanted me to be Danni after that."

"It's true I did. I liked seeing you fool people. I'll admit I even like seeing you dressed in a mini skirt so I can see those long legs of yours in all their glory. But all along, I was sure you were doing it because you wanted to."

"So, it's not really important to you?"

"No Dan, it's not. Look, I was screwing girls since I was about fifteen – whenever I got the chance. But it was like putting notches on the bedpost to show how many fucks I'd had. None of them ever really meant anything to me. It was available and on offer and it was what I was supposed to do to keep up with my mates. But then that first night you gave me a blow job like nothing I'd known before – it blew my mind."

He gave out a little laugh. "Yeah, I did string you out that time. But you'd just given me something I s'pose I'd always wanted – a real spanking and a half! One to remember for sure, so I felt I owed you," he said planting a little kiss on my cheek.

"And the next night I discovered I had feelings for you. It struck me like a bolt of lightning as I raised that belt above your naked body prostrate over the bonnet of my car. The thought had briefly crossed my mind after the previous evening, but I'd dismissed it until then. I wanted to have sex with you – the real you."

He kissed my cheek again. "I guess that was probably also when I knew this could be different. You'd given me a real good spanking the previous night and then I thought you were really going to lay into me. I taunted you 'cos I couldn't think of anything else to do, but you didn't go through with it. Then when you gave me that b-j, it dawned on me that perhaps there was more to life than dressing as a girl and getting my arse spanked."

"So why didn't you say something then? Why now?"

"Guess I wasn't sure Kyle. Wasn't sure I could change how I'd been for so many years. Wasn't sure you really wanted me - Daniel. Took time before I was sure in my own mind too that I wanted you. But finally I plucked up the courage to find out."

We lay there in silence for a few minutes until I pulled away from him, got out of bed and walked over to the wardrobe. I opened the door and started to pull out the hangers that held his dresses and blouses.

"What you doing?" asked a plaintive voice behind me.

"I'm preparing to take Danni to the charity shop tomorrow, so there is room here for Daniel."

I heard a gasp, the creak of the bed as he got out of it and then I felt his arms around my chest, pulling me into a hug, before one hand slipped lower to find little Kyle who soon responded to become not so little.

"That can wait until tomorrow surely? Don't we have more important things to do now?" he asked.

What could I do but agree. It was several hours later before we properly emerged from the bed.

Today is Daniel's eighteenth birthday. We have discussed what he wants for his present. When he first asked I told him it wasn't possible. Since then he has worked on me, usually while we're in bed, until we got to the point where I told him I'd be willing to try and give him what he wants, but he'd have to be equally willing to accept it might not work. So that is the basis on which we have approached today. He has told me that he has a surprise for me that might help.

I've had to attend a tutorial at college today – yes, I've been knuckling down and getting serious about my studies for the last couple of months, which can definitely be attributed to Daniel's influence. So we decided that his present would wait until I got home afterwards.

As I come through the front door of the flat and kick it shut behind me, there standing in front of me is Daniel. He is wearing a white t-shirt on which he has inked the words

'I'm ready – FOR YOU'

and below the t-shirt are the shortest pair of denim cut-offs I've ever seen. Stretching down from those to his white ankle socks are those long and lovely legs of his. But this is definitely Daniel I see – my Daniel - and I feel myself getting hard at the sight. As I hurry forward to hug and start to kiss him, I'm sure that I'll be able to give him the present he wants.

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