An Email from Jakub Kowalski

by Ivor Slipper

Hi Timmy,

I expect you not get messages from Poland often. So because I am Polish boy you must excuse mistakes in my English.

I believe it is, how you say, 'good form' to introduce yourself, so I start there. My name is Jakub Kowalski. I am fifteen years old and I live in Lodz. Lodz is a city of about 60,000 people and is located about 120 kms south west of Warsaw. Although it is Poland's fourth largest city I think not many people have heard of it. Have you?

I hope my English is okay. We do study it at school from an early age and I am lucky because my mother teaches it at secondary school, or gymnazium as it used to be called here. Therefore I have extra English lessons at home. My mother believes that if I can speak and write good English then I have best chance to succeed in life. Maybe go to England and get a job there? Still time to decide as we have eight years of primary school education starting at five years age and then three years at secondary school. Most children then take the 'Matura' and stay at school for 'Tertiary' education. I think it is similar in England?

You probably already guessed I am gay. If I was not gay how would I know about your Iomfats website? I found your site about three years ago and have read many stories there and also got much information from it. You see I am very good with computer and my parents let me use it without any real control. They believe and trust me to be sensible. Mostly I am, but I did once fall into a trap of those fuckin Russians. I come back to those vermin later.

I know I very lucky to be gay boy in Poland. Am sure most people would expect being in east of Europe homosexuality would be illegal, but instead it has been legal here for over sixty years! How is that possible when Poland was virtually under Russian control for a lot of that time until the Solidarity movement resulted in freeing us from them at the end of the 1980s/start of the 90s? We know how Russia treats its gays, so how we survived amazes me. And not only that, but Poland is very much Catholic country and their views on gays little better than Russia.

Also lucky for me neither my mother or father are Catholic, so no problems for me. I told them I was gay just after I reached 13 years. They accepted, but said might just be part of growing up. I know it not. Polish boys can have legal gay sex when fifteen. We lucky boys! Most countries it not legal for much more years. I not have sex before then as scared. How to know who is gay? Big problem, so wait.

I expect you wonder now why I write to you. Simple reason. You have used my photo in your latest 'Writing Challenge'!

Yes, the boy with the long dark hair and the brown eyes on the left is me. But I sure when my mother took the picture just over a year ago I was on the right. I think I have been turned upside down! For sure the other boy in the picture had his life turned upside down. The boy with the pale blond hair and the bright blue eyes is my cousin Stepan. When I tell you he Ukranian I sure you understand why I say that. Am very pleased to see the support your site gives to Ukraine. Wish many more people do same.

Best explain how my mother took picture of me and Stepan last year after those

ублюдок Russians invade. My mother has older sister and she married Ukranian man and went to live there before I was born. They had one son, Stepan and lived in Mariupol. My mother and her sister not great friends, something happen years ago and they not keep in touch. I never meet her or Stepan. When it looked like Russians might invade sister contact mother and ask if Stepan can come live with us. We live in flat with three bedrooms, my parents have one, my two sisters, they twins and three years younger than me, have another and I have other. So mother ask me if I willing to share room with Stepan. That no problem, but I wonder how he like sharing bed as well as room! Sister send photo of him and he look good! Surely can't be gay like me? More likely he hate gays, but I not have boyfriend so maybe not problem. Anyway, of course I agree as I afraid Putin will invade. Two weeks after Stepan arrive, he does.

Am sure that ублюдок Putin thought invade Ukraine give same result as when ублюдок Hitler invade Poland. Fight bravely but Poland run over in few weeks. Ha, Putin get big surprise. Ukraine also fight bravely but not run over.

Forgot to say Stepan's father work at steelworks in Mariupol. You know what happen there over three months after invasion. We, specially Stepan, watch and listen to daily news in horror. He in tears lot of time. Me and my family same. There is no news of his father, but can be little doubt he dead. No news of his mother. Is she dead or been transported (I look up that word) to Russia with thousands of others? Ублюдки

Ублюдки Ублюдки all them Russians!

We watch as other countries offer support to Ukraine. Europe comes together to face the evil. We like your Boris. He almost first to offer and goes much to Kyiv. For some reason I not understand though he not very popular in UK and eventually kicked out. But UK still support as does US. We worry what happen after US elections later this year. What if Trump win? He and ублюдок Putin big friends. Putin help him get elected in 2016. If Trump come back in 2024 he may repay debt to Putin and withdraw support. Will Europe support alone be enough? Me and Stepan very scared. Stepan already know he has no home to return. Maybe he even have no country to return.

Am sure you want to know what happen after Stepan arrive. Poor boy very unhappy

leaving mother and father. He not want to come, want to stay but they insist. He arrive with his clothes and few things in two backpacks – and his football and football boots. He very good footballer he say. When he finally decide he want to play I find that very true. It lucky Polish and Ukranian not that different languages so we can sort of understand each other. Even so, often easier to talk in English, though he not as good as me.

Stepan soon tell me he big fan of Mudryk a footballer from Ukraine. He play for Shaktar Donetsk but got transferred for Eighty Million Pounds to English club, Chelsea. Stepan hope to do same type thing in few years. He need to be very good and lucky to do that! He does look a bit like him with his blond hair I suppose. From what I read Mudryk not doing very well in England so they may not want to buy other Ukranian players.

I big fan of Robert Lewandoski. Big Polish striker, played a lot for Bayern Munich but now gone to Barcelona. He was best striker in world. Stepan soon find he is my idol as big poster of him on wall of my bedroom. Also big one of Tom Daley in his GB speedo. Am sure you know one I mean Timmy! That poster and some other smaller ones and pics I have should tell Stepan I gay, but I tell him once we in room and I help him unpack his clothes and show where to put them. Not sure he understand, but then he looks at bed and ask if we share. I tell him we do and say this side me, that side you. He gives a sort of smile and point to middle, asks question with eyes. I just smile back and shrug shoulders.

First night difficult. I sleep in boxers and undress like normal. I think he look, but I try not to. Then he undress and I do look. He wearing white boy briefs. Surprise. More surprise, he take briefs off and get into bed naked. I see his dick and balls. They look about same as mine. Also see butt when he turn round. Looks nice. I switch off light, say goodnight and try to sleep. Soon wake up as Stepan crying, but trying to keep quiet. Goes on long time and get more loud. I take chance, move across bed. He laying with back to me, so put arm over chest and give hug. Crying slowly stop and we sleep. In morning still together. He thank me. I enjoy cuddle. We both have morning wood and hurry to bathroom together. Stand either side of bowl and piss together. We both smile. I have feeling I will like Stepan being here even if we just share room and bed.

School was interesting. Stepan good at Maths and Science so language not too much problem in those. Lucky as they not my favourites so be unable to help. For other subjects he sit with me so I can help, but soon it decided he be better doing lower level English. For Polish lessons is decided he be best to sit on own with junior level book and dictionary until he improve. He is keen to improve and soon become popular with other boys. He get even more popular when we see him play football. He is probably best in all school and we will have good team this year.

Sadly he only really happy when playing. News on TV from Ukraine not good, but at least those Russian Ублюдки seem to have been stopped by the brave Ukranians. We not talk about it, but am sure Stepan believes his father is dead. He just hope to hear from his mother. Who know how long war will last? Stepan sometime talk of going back to fight or try find his mother. I tell him he much too young to fight and war end before he old enough. If mother alive and not taken by Russians she know where he is so best he not leave. I think he accept what I say.

My mother has bought us yellow t-shirts. We wear those with pride often. We actually wearing them under jumpers in that photo. We also start wear yellow football socks and soon whole team does. I did think ask mother to get us yellow boxers, but think that not good idea!

Stepan still often cry in bed. In bed he has time to think and worry. I cuddle him when he cries. I think it helps. As time pass I start sleep naked like him. He no longer stay on his side of bed and we move to middle and cuddle even if he not cry. It nice having someone to sleep with. I try not do anything, only cuddle, but little Jakub sometimes start to grow when next to his butt. One morning he cuddle me and I notice little Stepan also grow. He know I gay, but I must not, how you say, make first move. In mornings used to pretend have been in bed with Tom Daley and have great wank in shower. Now it Stepan I see when I wank. This not good. I worry.

Weeks passed. Football season end. Stepan seems less happy now no proper football. School end for summer. We should be happy but not possible for Stepan with news of war but no news of mother and father. We often go to local park and kick football with other boys. He happy then.

One Saturday my parents take all family out to country for picnic. It not hot day but we have good time. Stepan and I kick ball around until I get tired and lay down on grass. Stepan laughs, say I weak then come and lay down next to me. But he lay other way round so only head next to head. Mother come and take photo of us. She send to my phone and I send to friends. Poor Stepan have no friend to send to. That is photo you have. I think a friend posted it online and someone copied it. I not suggest you person who copy, just think you found it. I not upset you post as it nice picture of happy time.

That night we go bed as usual. Stepan move across and cuddle me with arm over my chest. We lay like that for time. I feel tired after day out and start to go sleep. Then I feel hand move down chest to stomach, then start to go lower. Am I dreaming or is this real? Little Jakub start to wake up! I move to lie on back so can look at Stepan. He smiling and hand moves lower, touches little Jakub who starts to grow. His head never far from surface now poking out. Stepan removes hand. Me and little Jakub disappointed, but watch as he put fingers in mouth and then hand returns.

What happens next I read about many times. Can't possibly describe feeling as my English not good enough. Just say it like magic as Stepan play with little Jakub. So different to when I play with him. Why? Good feeling grow quickly, quicker than when I play. Very soon I come and shoot big load over stomach and chest. Lucky have no duvet on bed to stain. I look at Stepan. For once he look happy. He look at me with big smile. I put my fingers in some of load and taste. Wonder if it taste different to before, but it same. Stepan lean over lick some more off my chest and then kiss me! A fire starts to burn. We hug and kiss more and my fingers find little Stepan who now not so little! His head still hiding so my fingers gently push back cover until it come out to play. It not take long before I see my prize shoot out. Quickly I can taste. It different to my taste, but nice. I share with Stepan in more kisses.

What did we start that night? Not sure it love, but as many stories say, for sure it is 'friends with benefits' as we continue to explore and enjoy.

No point me trying to write what we do. You have lots of authors who do that much better than young Polish boy. But when I see that picture of me and Stepan in your 'Challenge' had to let you know what happened after…



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