I'm tired of this, so I'm going home

by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 2

Emotional Assistance

Evan Crosby was fourteen, soon to be fifteen. He lived with his mother, father and twin younger sisters, Amy and Beth who were eleven. The family wasn't rich, but neither was it on the breadline because both his parents worked. His father worked in a factory and his mother in a store.

In many ways he was unremarkable, but he did stand out from the crowd in one particular way – he had red hair. To go with the red hair he had a pale complexion, a freckled face and green eyes. But apart from his facial appearance he was very much normal, standing at just under five foot six inches tall and being of slim, but not skinny, build.

At school he was a reasonable student, never causing any trouble and achieving good grades. He was never going to be valedictorian, but neither was he destined to be a failure. He had a few friends, but apart from Jake Newman who lived a few doors away, none were that close. Jake and he had always been buds, but he and his family had moved away just before Christmas.

Evan missed Jake a lot. They'd spent most of their spare time together and had frequently had sleepovers in one house or the other, more or less since they'd started going to school. Over the last couple of years, since puberty had kicked in, the sleepovers had become more intimate. Initially both boys had been scared of displaying any interest in the other's body. But that had changed one night when a tickling and roughhousing session on Evan's bed, with both of them clad only in their boxer briefs, had resulted in both becoming aroused. The evidence was visible to each of them as they pulled apart. Evan had wondered what to do, but Jake had moved to sit astride him with his butt towards his face. Evan had felt one of Jake's hands rub over his brief covered dick making it both harder and longer. It felt good – very good and much more interesting than when he rubbed it himself. He lay still enjoying the sensation and also aware that his dick was beginning to leak.

His response was to move his own right hand from where it lay on the bed to the front of Jake's briefs so he could return the favor. As he touched another boy's dick for the first time, albeit one still clothed, he heard Jake give a little whimper of pleasure while at the same time he felt his own dick being rubbed a little harder. He concluded that Jake was enjoying what was happening just as much as he was. Thus reassured he moved his left hand from the bed to the middle of Jake's stomach and inched his fingertips into the waistband of his briefs. Jake's whimpers became a little louder, but Evan was worried when Jake stopped rubbing his dick and withdrew his hand. A few seconds later Jake leaned slightly backwards at the same time inserting his thumbs into the waistband of his briefs to push them down while raising his body enough to allow them to drop. Evan was now able to feel an unclothed dick and balls for the first time. He now raised his butt from the bed inviting Jake to push his briefs down, an invitation that was readily accepted.

Now, for the first time, both of them were able to enjoy the sensations and pleasures that came from mutual jacking off. In this first occasion it was only a short time before both reached an almost simultaneous climax. As time passed climaxes were more often than not still almost simultaneous, but the length of time taken to achieve them increased as they discovered how pleasure could be prolonged.

But Christmas had come – and Jake had gone. Evan didn't consider himself to be gay and he definitely didn't believe what he and Jake had done together was 'gay' – they were just having fun. They always has fun together, their jacking off together was simply a new and different way of doing so. He did though realize that he was now very much on his own. If he wanted to find someone else to have fun with in that way, how could he go about it?

A few days after Christmas he decided to take a bus into town and go to the mall. He'd been lucky in that he'd received money from his grandparents who said they had no idea what to buy him, so he'd decided to go and buy some new sneakers and a backpack before the next semester started at Oxbow Lakes High.

He was sitting at the food court having a cup of coffee and a cherry muffin when he caught sight of two emo boys. He knew they went to the same school as he did, but he didn't really know them as they were in the year above. However, he did recall seeing them a few weeks earlier when he'd been there one Sunday. Then they'd been wearing these crazy t-shirts. One had the word 'Zombies' printed on it and underneath that depictions of said zombies while the other boy had worn one with drawings of dinosaurs. They'd met up with a couple of other boys who he'd never seen before and all four had got in line to go to the movies. While they were stood there he'd seen some sort of trouble almost break out between them and a group who had come out of the movie house. That group he knew from experience were seniors at Oxbow Lakes and football jocks who appeared to like picking on younger kids – and got away with doing so. Of course bullying wasn't supposed to be allowed at school, but it happened. Provided it wasn't done right in front of teachers those who did it weren't pulled up for their activities.

He'd been picked on him a few times because of his red hair and this group had been involved on more than one occasion. But as he was nearly always with Jake nothing more than rude comments had occurred. He wondered if next semester without Jake, he would be more vulnerable to their bullying. At least, he reassured himself, he didn't stand out as much as an emo, so they were much more likely targets. He'd also spotted the two with the emos holding hands while in the line, which rather indicated they must be gay; in which case it was very likely the two emos also were. Today they weren't holding hands either, but they were dressed less loudly in that both their t-shirts were mainly black, although both wore silver shin high boots which made them stand out in the crowd.

Having finished his coffee and muffin Evan went to do his shopping. He finally decided on a pair of blue Nike Air Max Plus sneakers. While they didn't exactly go with his red hair, they were different to what most kids wore and would go with the blue or grey jeans he usually wore to school. As he still had some money left he also decided to buy himself a new Nike backpack to match his new sneakers.

It felt strange getting on the bus to school on the first day of the new semester without Jake to sit alongside him. Although he knew most of the other kids who travelled on it there were none that he'd ever really talked to. He felt his life was going to be lonely. He wasn't happy at the prospect, but didn't know what he could do to change it. He'd never been very good at any sport which excluded him from a lot of the groups that tended to form. Perhaps there'd be some other non sporting activities or groups he could join as going through the semester without anyone to talk to seemed an awful thought.

By the end of the first week Evan was starting to get depressed. He'd found himself sitting alone at lunch and was having little to do with other kids in his classes. At home his parents had noticed the difference in him, but when his mom tried to talk to him on a couple of occasions to find out what was troubling him, he had simply either grunted or told her there was nothing wrong.

Matters came to a head on the Monday of the second week. Evan had taken several text books home with him on the Friday in order to work on a project. Monday was one of the days on which he had PE and when he was getting ready for school that morning he found he couldn't get everything into his backpack. So he found a plastic bag in the kitchen and put some of his text books into that. It looked reasonably strong and he was sure it would suffice to get the books to school.

That proved to be the case, but as he was walking along the corridor to get to his locker, coming toward him were the four jocks he'd seen at the mall just before Christmas and who had given him trouble before. They surrounded him, making nasty comments about his red hair and freckles. Then a couple of them started jeering at him for carrying a plastic bag and wanting to know if he'd had to do his mummy's shopping before coming to school. They decided they wanted to see what was in it; one of them grabbed at it to pull it away from Evan; he clung on to it and in the struggle the bag ripped. Evan was left holding the handle while his text books fell to the floor. The foursome started to kick them around and throw them in the air. Evan tried to stop them, but with no success.

Although there were several other kids in the corridor, none tried to stop what was taking place. Some stood and watched, laughing at what was happening. Others simply walked past trying to ignore the scene.

Evan felt helpless and close to tears. He sensed that if he did start to cry that would mark him out as a future target for the group, so he desperately tried not to. But just as his resolve was fading to nothing, he heard a voice.

"Leave him alone!"

Turning he saw emerge from the crowd the taller of of the two emo boys he'd seen at the mall.

One of his four attacker started to laugh. "Are you going to make us?" he asked, causing his friends to also start laughing.

"The pair of us will." The first emo was now joined by his friend.

The first emo now adopted a pose that Evan vaguely recognized as coming from one of the Japanese martial arts – karate or jujitsu – which was copied by his friend.

The leader of the group laughed again, turned to his friends and said, "Should I be worried?" before charging toward the first emo boy. Evan watched as the emo swayed slightly to one side and somehow using his arm flipped the on rushing attacker over to land with a heavy thud on the corridor floor. Evan switched his glance to the other three jocks whose faces changed from laughter to almost fear in a trice.

"Anyone else wanna try? asked the first emo. There was no response. The attacker slowly gathered himself and got unsteadily to his feet. He looked at the emo boy with a look Evan could see was virtually one of hatred.

"One of these days I'll get you, you cock sucking faggot," he spat as he made his way back to his friends. They all turned and headed off in the other direction, casting an occasional look behind them.

"Th...anks," Evan stammered at the pair.

"You looked like you needed help," said the first emo as he and his friend started to pick up some of the text books from the floor - a task in which Evan quickly joined while noticing that the small crowd of onlookers had now, almost miraculously, vanished.

"I did – but you don't know me, so I don't understand."

The trio got to their feet, each holding some of the books.

"Where's your locker?" asked the taller one. "We can't stand here like this and the bell will be sounding soon."

"Just along here."

The trio walked about twenty yards to Evan's locker which he quickly unlocked. The books were rapidly shoved inside and Evan turned to the pair.

"Look, I wanna thank you, but I don't even know your names let alone why you should help me out."

"I'm Chris and this is Paul," replied the taller one extending a fist for a bump. Paul did the same and Evan responded to both in turn. "We made a couple of friends recently from Fairmount Valley who told us about the GSA they've set up. We want to do the same here to hopefully cut out some of the bullying. If we want to do that we need to step up when we see it happening."

"Sounds good to me. And maybe you two can teach me some of that martial art stuff. I'm Evan by the way."

Chris laughed. "When I decided to become an emo a couple of year ago my parents insisted I needed to learn how to defend myself as they felt sure I'd get picked on and bullied. I've never really needed to use it before, just adopting the stance usually works."

He laughed again as he finished talking.

"So you learned too?" Evan asked Paul.

"Nah, not me. Didn't have a clue. I just copied what he did! Good thing Simpson went for Chris though or it would've been me on the floor!"

All three chuckled at the thought and just then the first bell sounded.

"We all need to get to out homerooms," Chris said. "We've seen you sitting alone at lunch last week, you're welcome to join our table if you can stand being with the emos."

"I don't mind who I'm with – anyone'll do." Evan blurted out and then his face reddened as he realized how what he'd said could be misinterpreted. "Sorry guys, that came out all wrong. Thanks for the offer and I'll see you then."

Chris and Paul both grinned at him.

"You'll be taking a big step into the unknown world of the emo from which you may never return. There's so few of us we're always ready to accept anyone," Paul responded accentuating the final word.

"A sort of 'voyage of the damned' you mean?" Evan responded with a grin.

Paul blinked and a large smile started to appear. "Hey, are you a Doctor Who fan?"

"Sure am!"

"We are gonna get on great!"

Paul extended his fist and bumps all round were exchanged. The trio went their separate ways, Evan in a totally different frame of mind to how he'd been a few minutes earlier. Maybe life was worth living after all he mused, but did he really want to dye his hair black..........

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