I Do Like to Be Beside The Seaside

by Ivor Slipper

Flowering At Last

Author's Note:

Having been persuaded by George and Chris to go back to Andrew's house the next day and apologise for punching him, Billy does that. His apology is accepted and their relationship seems likely to become mutually beneficial, until Billy sees a photograph of Andrew's father and recognises him as being one of the men he used to give 'favours to' when he first arrived in Margate.

On recognising the man in the photo Billy felt sure his legs were wobbly and that his face must have gone white in surprise. Just when he thought he had repaired his bridges with Andrew and found a friend, now came this shock. He tried to pull himself together but he knew he needed both some time to think and also to get away as soon as possible. He had no idea of when Mr Standish would come home and he definitely didn't want to be seen by him. Billy turned and walked slowly back across the room.

"Yer Dad sure looks happy – almost like 'e'd won the pools."

"Yes – it was a big thing for him. He likes his golf and it's nice to see him looking happy."

Billy read into that comment the fact that Andrew's father wasn't naturally a happy looking person.

"Andrew, I really orta get back 'ome. Been great this afternoon playing wiv the trains and……."

As Billy hesitated Andrew grinned before saying,

"Yeah, I wasn't expecting that, but thanks for showing me. You'd be welcome to come round again anytime – even just to play with the train set. It's fun on my own, but better with someone lending a hand."

Andrew put his hand to his mouth as he realised the double meaning of his words. It didn't appear to register with Billy as he responded,

"Thanks for the invite. I'd like to come again sometime, but not for a few days."

Andrew looked disappointed on hearing that. Billy actually felt sorry for him now. He'd assumed Andrew would be a popular boy and have lots of friends but that seemed not to be the case. Plus which his father evidently wasn't slow to use the strap on him.

"Okay – anyway it won't be long until we're back at school. I've still got one of my projects to finish so I need to spend some time on that."

Billy had completed his, but quickly latched onto it as justification for not coming.

"Me too! Don't wanna start back in teacher's bad books."

Andrew got up from his seat and led Billy into the hall, handing him his anorak from a hook.

"Guess I'll see you back at school then. Thanks again."

"Yeah, thanks a lot Andrew."

Billy got on his bike and pedalled back to his house.

When he got indoors he spent some time making a fuss of 'Lucky' which gave him time to reflect over the events of the afternoon. He also had to decide how much of what had occurred he was going to tell George and Chris. Chris would get the full version seeing that certain things had been the result of his suggestion. It wasn't necessary though for George to know all the details, but Billy decided he ought to know virtually everything on the basis that telling the truth was simpler rather than trying to remember what lies you'd told.

It was actually agreed that they'd eat first the pork chops George had bought, so it was after dinner and while they were still sat at the table with cups of tea, that Billy recounted what had happened. For most of the time Chris and George sat and listened, expressing the occasional comment and refraining from interrupting, but when he'd finished the comments and questions started.

"Are you glad you went, Billy? At least you know Andrew didn't tell his Dad you'd punched him so you don't have to worry about his father bringing the police round here. Not that I thought that would ever happen." George commented.

"Yeah, he didn't split on me an' got his arse strapped. I owed him."

Chris smiled knowingly when he heard Billy use the past tense rather than the present, but decided to tease his pal.

"So how you gonna make it up to him?"

Billy was sorely tempted to give Chris the V sign, but thought better of it.

"Ain't decided yet, but I'll think of somethin'" he said, sticking his tongue out.

"Gonna be a bit difficult to go round there though and see him now ain't it?"

"Yeah. S'pose I were always likely to see someone I didn't wanna."

"But would he recognise you now, Billy? George asked. "You wouldn't be wearing your 'business clothes' as you called them, you've had your hair cut so it doesn't look like a haystack after a tornado, and you've grown a couple of inches as well as put on a bit of muscle and weight."

"S'pose 'e might not, but I don't wanna risk it really. If 'e recognised me he'd probably try an' get me kicked outa the school – 'fraid I'd do fings to 'is son."

"He may already have seen you. Does he come to the rugby matches?" George asked.

Billy thought about that for a minute.

"Think I've seen 'im at a couple, but if so he's wiv the nobs in the pav not on the touchline like you stand."

"Well, if he has been there he'd have seen you in shorts."

Billy snorted. "Yeah, but me rugger shorts aren't like those I wore for business! They're white for a start an' I've got a rugger shirt an' socks in the school stripes; wouldn't look the same."

"It's probably best though to stay out of his way, but frankly he's got more to lose than you. If he knew you knew who he really is, he'd be worried about you blackmailing him."

"That's a good point, George," said Chris, adding, "I think all he might do is ban Andrew from inviting you to the house."

That comment brought the conversation to a close and the boys cleared the table and went to do the washing up telling George to go and watch TV in the lounge. Once they were alone Chris whispered to Billy,

"I guess you didn't tell us everything that happened round there this afternoon."

Billy snorted. "Corse I bleedin' didn't. There's some fings it's best George don't know about."

"But you're gonna tell me?"

Chris was washing while Billy wiped tonight. Billy didn't have anything in his hands at that moment except the tea towel, but he pushed his free one into the pocket of Chris' jeans and explored. He felt Chris' prick swelling as his hand went further.

"Yeah, least you deserve as it were your idea. 'Ow about we go to bed early?"

"I'm up for it!"

"I bleedin' know that!"

Thus a couple of hours later, having given the hot water bottles time to do their work, the pair bade an early 'goodnight' to George, who simply smiled and said nothing apart from the same word in reply. Once they'd washed, quickly undressed and jumped into bed. Chris said,

"Come on then. Spill the beans."

In response Billy let out a big fart which set both of them giggling for a minute.

"You're a cheeky little bastard Billy. Don't know what I see in you – stinking the bed out like that."

Billy giggled and moved from where he'd initially spooned into Chris to lie on his back.

"Well, you knows what it were like the first time I did you, don't ya. Reckon it were the same for 'im but more so 'cos e'd never been wanked by anyone before. 'E came pretty quick, like I 'spected – same as you."

Billy could sense Chris was getting hard picturing what had happened.

"So he enjoyed it then?"

"Not 'arf he did! Thought it were fuckin' brilliant. But….." Billy tailed off.

"But what?

"He couldn't help see I was 'ard after doing 'im so he offered to do me."

Chris let out a low whistle.

"An' I let 'im; 'ope you don't mind as that weren't what we agreed. An' I did 'im again after – an' that he really enjoyed."

"S'pose not as long as it isn't the start of something."

Billy moved to bring Chris into a hug and the pair kissed deeply.

"Nah, I told him I ain't seeing him again before we goes back to school. Plus you're the only one I love. Doing 'im were like, dunno, like a job maybe. It were fun and him doing me were nice, but it 'ad no meaning."

Billy moved his hand down the bed to fondle Chris' prick which immediately responded. Once he knew Chris was in the mood he moved himself down the bed so he could give his prick and balls his full attention. He ended up sitting on Chris's chest and was very pleased when he felt Chris' fingers running across his arse before turning to lightly pinching it and then a single finger straying into his crack. Billy went hard himself and moaned softly as he felt that finger gently tracing across his hole. It was something Chris had never done before and Billy hoped it meant that he had come to a decision about things. However, for now he concentrated on bringing Chris to a climax. Once he'd done that he moved back up the bed and they kissed deeply again.

Billy sighed as their tongues disengaged. But while their tongues had been engaged he'd also reached another decision, thus his sigh was both one of pleasure and concern. There was something else Chris had to know and he really wasn't sure how he'd react to the knowledge. Now was as good as time as any though Billy decided.

"There were summat else this afternoon."

Chris raised his head and looked into Billy's face.

"You and Andrew didn't…….?"

Chris couldn't bring himself to finish the question and he didn't get the chance as Billy immediately jumped in sensing what Chris was going to ask.

"Fuckin' 'ell no! You know I only want to do more wiv you – when you're ready."

But perhaps after I tell you this you never will be, Billy thought to himself.

"Andrew showed me a picture."

"Wow! He's got a stock of dirty pics and a train set. I'm surprised you aren't going back again despite his father."

"He ain't got a stock – just one."


"It were you."

"Fuck!" Chris didn't often swear and this rang out loud and clear before continuing in a much lower whisper, "A dirty pic of me - you sure? How would anyone get one?"

"Well, it ain't really dirty, not like porn, you ain't naked."

"Didn't see how anyone could get one of me naked – unless someone's been taking pics in the changing room or showers after footie."

"Ain't that. It were taken on the beach last summer. You in them short shorts you wored an' taken from behind as you're bending over."

"Fuck, can you see up my arse."

Billy laughed quietly. "Not quite, but there ain't a lot hidden. And you do look good all tanned and shiny wiv your long legs sticking outa them shorts."

"Humph! S'pose that's something; but where did he get it and why does he want it."

Billy knew that Chris was pretty innocent still about a lot of things that went on in the world even though he was a year older.

"Chris, he uses it to wank off."

"Oh, fuck. Still, as long as he doesn't show it to anyone, s'pose it don't matter too much."

Billy didn't respond immediately which put thoughts into Chris' mouth,

"You mean he's shown it to other kids – or given copies to them?"

"I dunno, but I doubt it. Look Chris, this ain't the first pic I've seen of you on the beach in them shorts last summer. Malcolm showed me one when I went and got that book from 'im an' from what 'e said there was quite a few blokes taking photos of you! 'E said you was the star attraction in Walpole Bay!"

"Bloody hell! What if George sees them? What if my boss sees them?"

"Hey, calm down. There's nuffin wrong with the pics. They just show your great body in a way that a lot of old pervs would pay good money for. An', anyway George 'as seen you lots of times in them shorts – an' so must Mr. Rogers seeing 'e were often down the beach while you was doing the chairs."

Chris thought about that for a minute before saying,

"Guess you're right about that. Perhaps I'm worrying too much."

"Yeah – you is. Might even be Mr Rogers who took the photo!" Billy added laughing.

Chris couldn't help but laugh himself.

"An' there's summat else, Chris."

"What's that?"

"Well, you're sorta famous ain't ya. I bet in fifty years' time when what I've done's long forgotten, there'll still be old pervs tossing themselves off looking at your arse!"

Billy only just managed to finish the sentence before he burst out laughing. Chris rolled on top of him also laughing and as their bodies rubbed together both became hard again.

"I know you like looking at my arse Billy, does that make you an old perv?" Chris asked when the laughing subsided.

"Nah, 'cos I don't toss meself off looking at it. I looks and then you toss me off, just like you're gonna do now."

"Jeeze Billy, you've got a one track mind."

"Yeah, but it's a nice track – ain't it?"

Chris happily moved down the bed in order to take care of Billy, although he didn't toss him off but instead took him into his mouth.

Suddenly it was New Year's Eve – it hardly seemed that more than a couple of days had passed since Christmas, although for Billy a lot had happened in that time. The newsagent for whom Billy worked had decided that he wasn't opening on New Year's Day either in the same way as he hadn't opened on Boxing Day. Thus Billy didn't have to get up on the Saturday and of course nor did Chris or George. Neither Billy nor Chris had ever celebrated New Year in terms of staying up to see the year in, so doing so with George would be a first for them.

George had bought a joint of beef which he cooked for dinner that evening accompanied by Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes and parsnips – but without Brussel sprouts – offering frozen peas instead. The meal was eagerly and appreciatively consumed by the boys after which they retired to the lounge. The TV didn't offer much that appealed until later in the evening so instead they embarked on a game of Monopoly which lasted until it was time for the Andy Williams show which took them almost up to midnight.

The boys had been drinking coke all evening but when midnight approached George asked them if they'd like to try one with some rum in it. Both were a bit surprised that George would be encouraging them to drink spirits, but he explained that it made a long drink, he would not put much rum in theirs and this was very much only because it was a special occasion. So he mixed two drinks for them and had a whiskey himself from the bottle they'd given him at Christmas. As Big Ben chimed in the New Year on the TV they raised their glasses and wished each other a Happy New Year. Both of the boys reflected on how much their lives had changed for the better during 1965. They couldn't know that George was thinking exactly the same thing.

They had just settled down to finish their drinks when the doorbell rang. Billy looked slightly alarmed at the noise while Chris and George simply looked puzzled. George went and opened it and returned with Mrs Brown bearing a lump of coal – she had come first footing, something that meant nothing to either of the boys and little to George. He though had deduced that she'd seen the lights still on and had come looking for a free drink, which more or less proved to be the case. Once she had drunk that the trio agreed that it was time for bed. Tonight Billy and Chris settled for a short kissing session before they spooned together and went to sleep.

When Billy awoke the next morning it was to find Chris sitting up in bed looking down at him. Billy rubbed the sleep from his eyes and noticed the smile on Chris' face.

"I've decided, Billy. I want to do it – or at least try to – but only as long as it doesn't hurt you."

It took Billy a few moments to register what Chris meant. When he did he wrapped his arms round Chris and scooting up the bed moved into a position where they could kiss.

"Thought you'd never say that."

"There's a 'but' though."

Billy looked into Chris' face with a puzzled expression on his own.

"What's that?"

"I'm gonna tell George what we want to do and I'll only do it if he agrees we can."

"Fuckin' 'ell. What's it got to do wiv 'im?"

"Billy, this is his house. He took us in – gawd knows what would have happened to us if he hadn't. You'd probably be back at the home and maybe I'd be selling myself on the streets. I'm sure he knows we do things together, but I doubt he thinks we do that. Perhaps he does though in which case me telling him won't make any difference. But if he doesn't – and after all what we'd be doing is against the law – it's only right he can tell us we can't."

"Strewth" said Billy when Chris had finished. "You really 'ave thought about this ain'tcha."

His fingers stroked the light blond fuzz around Chris' cheek before he flung himself off his friend and almost jumped out of bed.

"Best do it now then. I can 'ear 'im downstairs so let's go!"

Chris got up slightly more slowly and by the time he was standing by the bed Billy had pulled on one of the long t-shirts Chris had given him at Christmas. It came down just below the top of his thighs.

"Is that all you're wearing?" Chris asked.

"Yeah – no point putting anyfink more on if I'm gonna take it orf again in a few minutes."

Chris laughed, before pulling on a t-shirt himself and then digging around in one of his drawers before emerging with the pair of very short brown Adidas shorts he had worn in the summer.

"Oh yeah!" exclaimed Billy. "If I had a camera I'd take a picture" he said with a laugh.

Chris gave him a V sign and they went quickly down the stairs to find George sitting at the kitchen table with the teapot and three cups in front of him.

"We've got something we want to talk to you about." Chris said.

"Funny that, because I've got something I want to talk to you about too. Why don't you get yourselves some cereal first and then we'll talk after."

Billy and Chris exchanged glances wondering what George might want to say, but both went and got themselves some cornflakes.

George looked at Billy as he stretched to reach a bowl from the shelf.

"Guess what you want to say is so important you didn't have time to dress properly this morning, Billy."

Billy set his bowl down on the top of the kitchen unit, put both hands behind his back and pulled up his t-shirt to give George a flash of his backside before turning and grinning,

"Got it in one, George" he replied as they both returned to the table and proceeded to eat their cornflakes as quickly as possible. When they'd finished George poured all of them a cup of tea before producing a brown envelope from under the magazine he had been reading. He handed it to Chris who saw that written on it were the names 'Chris & Billy'.

"What's this, George?"

"Open it and you'll find out, but I suggest you move your chairs so you can read it together."

Chris got up to move his next to Billy who now saw the envelope properly for the first time.

"Why ain't it addressed to Billy & Chris?" he asked. "I come before 'im in the alphabet."

"And he's both older and more sensible than you – that's why." George responded.

Both boys chuckled at that and Chris proceeded to undo the envelope and take out the sheets of paper it contained. He unfolded them and laid them on the table in front of himself and Billy, looking at them for the first time as he did so. The words he saw at the top of the front page sent a cold shiver through him and fear clamped round his chest. It took a moment before he could bring himself to speak,

"George….. It says 'Last Will & Testament'…..does this mean….?"

"Sorry. I hadn't thought about how you'd react on seeing those words. No, I'm not dying or about to die – as far as I know."

"Then what the ……is this abaht?" Billy asked.

"It's probably easiest if you look at the letter at the back which summarises what is in the will."

Chris took that sheet and laid it on the top so he and Billy could read it together.

The letter was addressed to George from a firm of solicitors in Margate and dated a couple of days ago. It confirmed that in accordance with his instructions they had prepared his will to leave the house and all his goods, with the exception of some specific bequests, to William Lee and Christopher Atkins jointly. It went on to say that in the event George died before both of them had reached the age of majority the house would be held in trust for them.

As they read the letter both were stunned. At one point Chris reached out and took Billy's hand in his while Billy used his free arm to wipe away the tears that had started to run down his face. When they'd finished reading there was a long silence broken only by the ticking of the kitchen clock. Finally, Chris looked up at George and spoke two words.

"Why George?"

Now George had to gather his thoughts before answering that question.

"It dawned on me on Christmas Day when you two came with me to the cemetery. If something did happen to me what would happen to you two I asked myself? You're not my relations so you'd have no right to live here. I may have some very distant relations who might inherit the house and bits and bobs, but I don't care about them. And if they couldn't be found then it would go to the Government – which would be a real waste!

I did have a will from years back that left everything to the wife, but I never thought of changing that after she died – no real point really. Then you two came along and you became my family……my boys - and I had to see you right. So I went and saw the solicitor on the first day back at work and got this done right away.

He did suggest that I could adopt you, but I don't know if you'd want that. And anyway it would be a complex situation as you've still got a mother Chris and we don't want to stir up the situation with you Billy, so this was the quickest and simplest solution."

George sat back in his chair having delivered probably the longest speech of his life. When he'd finished Chris and Billy got up from where they were sat on the opposite side of the table to him and walked round to his side. George stood as they reached him and the trio embraced in a tearful hug that lasted for many minutes. When they finally tore themselves apart Chris was the first to speak,

"I don't know what to say, George. Just saying 'thank you' isn't enough. We reckoned we were bloody lucky to find you before, but this is too much."

"Yeah, we don't deserve it." Billy added.

"No, you don't Billy" said George giving Billy's bum a slap that produced an 'Oi' in response, "But I didn't think I could just leave everything to Chris. Plus which you do seem pretty inseparable."

George finished with a chuckle to make sure Billy knew he was only joking about the idea of leaving everything to Chris.

Chris registered those last words. Was George aware of the feelings the pair had for each other? If so it might make things easier.

"Can we sit down again, so we can say what we want to?" he asked.

George resumed his seat and the pair went back to where they'd been sitting. After they'd sat down, George refilled their cups and everyone had a drink. Chris took a deep breath, placed his left hand over Billy's right where they lay on the table and said,

"I love Billy."

"An' I love Chris" interjected Billy.

"Shut up for a minute Billy – this ain't easy to say."

George smiled at the pair of them. "Take your time – there's no rush."

Chris smiled back and his eyes seemed to come alive as he did.

"Well, I want to sort of prove that to him. But I've told him I won't if you don't want me to."

George leaned back in his chair and there was a pregnant pause as he thought about his reply.

"That's quite a question, Chris and quite a responsibility you are putting on me. It's been obvious for a good while that you two like each other. You're different personalities, but they seem to mesh nicely and considering you have been sharing a room and a bed since you arrived I guess it was highly likely that either you'd fall out with each other or you'd become close."

"We've always got on – 'cept right at the start." Billy said prompting Chris to turn and glare at him. "Oops, s'posed to keep me trap shut ain't I?"

"It'll be easier if you do Billy." George continued. "It was always likely I reckon that sharing a bed you were going to start doing things together that a lot of boys do given the opportunity – especially bearing in mind Billy's experiences in the orphanage."

"I didn't make 'in do anyfink."

"Shut up, Billy!" Chris and George exclaimed together.

"I'm not saying you did, and I can understand those things happening. But, from what you say you now want to 'make love' for lack of a ruder way of saying it?"

Chris nodded and Billy simply grinned at the words George had used.

"Are you sure you really want to do this Billy, bearing in mind what happened to you at the orphanage?"

There was no reply.

"Billy, I asked you a question." George said.

"Oh, you wants me to speak now!"

George glared at him. "Don't push your luck Billy. I'm wearing your slippers!"

Billy laughed. "An' me arse is all bare too! Nah, I've wanted to do this wiv Chris for weeks now; 'e knew it but 'e 'ad to decide 'e wanted to. I've told 'im when it comes to it I may not be able to take 'im because of that, but I think I'm ready. This'd be different anyhow. Then I 'ad no choice – 'e just fucked me like 'e 'ad lots of other kids. I'd like to cut 'is cock off so he couldn't do it no more. This time I want it; I want to feel Chris inside me."

"Quite a speech, Billy. Alright, so you both want to do this. You do realise it is against the law?"

They nodded.

"There was an attempt to legalise homosexual acts a year or so back, but it failed. I expect it'll happen in the not too distant future but that would only be for adults, so it wouldn't cover you two. Also, if I don't agree are you likely to try and do it somewhere else where you are likely to be discovered?"

"No, if you told us you weren't happy about it then we'd have to wait." Chris replied emphatically.

"That could be a very long wait, Chris. A good few years until you'd both be legal. I reckon if you do really love each other you'd not be able to wait that long."

"So does that mean………?" Chris asked.

"Yes, I'll agree…." Both boys let out a yell of pleasure forcing George to raise his hand so he could continue. "I can see there is a bigger relationship between the pair of you than just friendship, so in that respect I don't object to what you want to do. Despite what Chris just said I very much doubt that if I said 'No' you'd be able to stop from trying to find somewhere else to do it – and that would be very risky. So it makes sense to agree."

The pair looked at each other and Chris leaned over to give Billy a kiss.

George harrumphed. "That is something you just cannot do, boys. I can understand, but you have to keep any signs of affection between you in your bedroom ideally, but certainly within these four walls."

"We understand, George." Chris responded. "I just got carried away."

"Okay, but there is something else we ought to think about."

"What's that?" Chris asked.

"What have you told people about how you came to be living here?"

Chris was the first to answer.

"More or less the truth – that I ran away from home and that when I got here you took pity on me and offered to take me in."

"The truth is usually the best thing, then you don't have to remember what lies you've told. What about you Billy as I know you've had to lie?"

"Reckon I've only told one person anyfink much an' that were Andrew the other day. I said summat an' 'e got the idea you was me uncle. That seemed alright, but when 'e told me 'is Dad beat 'im I said I knew what it felt like so 'e thought you was doing it. Couldn't let 'im think that so told 'im I used to live with me grandparents after me Mum and Dad died and 'e used to beat me. Then when they got too old to look after me proper, you offered to 'ave me. Nobody else at school's ever really asked."

There was a silence while George thought about things.

"Right. This will have some holes if anyone should start digging, but…. As far as the world outside is concerned we go with what Billy told Andrew, that I'm his uncle. Billy met you on the beach soon after you'd arrived Chris, made friends with you and then persuaded me to offer you lodging as you were sleeping on the beach and he felt sorry for you. You do share a room, but the room has single beds. How does that sound?"

"Sounds pretty good to me as it's close to the truth."

"'Cept for the beds" added Billy with a wink.

"You'll just have to remember to stick to that should anyone ask. If either of you slip up and say anything different or add to it, then tell the other two of us exactly what you said. As you've been here for some months now I don't think it will be a problem – unless you start giving people outside the impression that there is something between you other than two lads who happen to live in the same house. It's quite possible many people think you are brothers, although you don't look anything like each other."

They both chuckled when George had finished the last sentence.

"Right, now we've sorted that out as it's a nice morning I'm going for a walk along the clifftop. Blow some cobwebs away. Reckon it'll take me an hour or so."

Chris and Billy both smiled on hearing this.

"Thanks again, George – for everything." Chris said.

"Yeah – thanks……Dad." Billy said as he stood up and ran round the table to hug George. The tears in his eyes were matched by those in George's.

Eventually they disengaged and George walked across the kitchen to change his slippers for his shoes and then put on his overcoat.

As he opened the outside door he turned to look back at Billy who was still standing by George's chair and Chris who was sat on the other side of the table.

"See you later…….sons" he said before closing the door behind him.

"Wow!! That was frigging amazing!" Chris exclaimed just after the door closed.

"What – George calling us both sons?"

"Yeah, that and all the rest. I've never had a father, but George has certainly been like one. You know, I reckon I'll talk to him about the possibility of being adopted."

"Chris, if you did 'e'd be over the fucking moon I'm sure. Reckon I'd like to do it too sometime."

"It'd sort of pay him back somehow for what he's done for us – don't you think? I'd never thought about what'd happen to us if he dropped dead, but like he said we'd be out on the streets. At least I've got a job so I suppose I could find somewhere to live, but I doubt anyone would take the pair of us."

"Nah – no chance. I'd 'ave to see if someone like Malcolm'd take me in for the price of a few blow jobs!"

Chris laughed at the thought and Billy joined in.

Chris got up and walked round the table to where Billy was standing. He pulled him into an embrace and kissed him. Lips were quickly opened and their tongues danced together until Chris broke away.

"And he says we can make love, Billy. I want to do that more than anything I've ever done. Just hope I can do it right and make you as happy as I feel right now."

"You will Chris, 'cos I want it too. Reckon we was meant to meet that day. Let's go upstairs."

They walked up the stairs Billy one step ahead of Chris. As they were climbing them Chris lifted up the rear of Billy's t-shirt to expose his arse which wobbled invitingly, especially when on reaching the top of the stairs Billy pushed it out.

"I'm going in the bathroom to get ready. You can go and lie on the bed, but keep them shorts on; I wanna take 'em off yer!"

Chris let out a little giggle, moved behind Billy and nuzzled into his neck. He was hard and he knew Billy could feel his hardness.

"Oh Billy. I reckon 1966 is going to be a great year. It's only just started and we're about to start something special."

"I'd drink to that, but George'd probably slipper my arse if I did."

"I think from now on your arse is going to be mine."

"Kinky are you? We'll have to see about that."

"Who knows what might happen. Maybe England will even win the World Cup!"

Billy snorted. "Yeah, right. Next thing you'll be telling me elephants can fly!"

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