An Overheard Conversation

by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 11

Family after dinner meetings seemed to have become an almost daily occurrence. On this occasion though I was glad that Dad apparently had something to tell us so quickly. I'd thought it might be a few days before he got to talk to his attorney and found out anything.

Once we'd got settled Dad explained that his attorney, Richard Blake, was an old friend who he had met in college when they'd shared a room. I resisted the urge to smile when he said that, but I did feel Wayne squeeze my hand. I knew though dorm rooms were often shared and was sure there was nothing more than that to it, just my somewhat devious mind at work.

Dad said that when he'd finished relating everything to Richard, the first thing he'd said was that Jackson was a real Klootzak.

"What's that Dad? I've never heard that word before."

Dad laughed, "Probably a good thing you haven't Ethan. While at college Richard spent one summer backpacking round Europe. He picked up this Dutch word on his travels. It covers just about every rude description of a man from asshole upwards; some of which you'll know, a few of which I hope you don't. It is though a word you can use without most people having any idea what you mean – not that I'm suggesting either of you include it in your vocabulary."

I made a mental note to stow it away for future use. I was sure an opportunity would arise at some point.

Dad went on to say that Richard, after considering what he'd been told for a couple of hours, had come back to him with some advice. His view was that had this occurred in California it would have been a slam dunk case for the courts and Jackson, Reynolds, the boys who'd viewed the film and possibly even Abbott would all have been found guilty on various counts. Substantial damages would be payable to those whose rights had been infringed. But, while the law should be exactly the same in Texas he had to wonder if, in the town Dad had described, that might not happen. For a start the camera and the film might not be allowed as evidence on the basis that they were 'fruit of a poisoned tree'.

"What's that Dad?" I interrupted.

"It means they were obtained unlawfully. Even if they were admitted it would mean the chain by which I'd obtained them would have to be declared – that is you, Wayne and whoever it was who took it from Jackson's office. That could get very messy and painful for you boys being cross examined in court."

"No way will I tell anyone name of person who took it," Wayne declared loudly. "I'd go to jail myself before doing that."

"I understand Wayne, and I don't want to expose either you or Ethan to such an ordeal."

"So what chance do we have?" I asked, despondently.

"I could take the camera and film to the local police. If I could convince them this is not the only such film, they might be persuaded to approach a judge for a search warrant for Jackson's house. If the search found more of them, then there is a very strong case."

"Won't work, sir," said Wayne. He would still sometimes address my father in that way. "The way things work round here even if you could persuade the police to go to the judge, he get in touch with Jackson before issuing the search warrant giving him time to remove the evidence. They're all crooks. Wouldn't be surprised if the judge hasn't enjoyed watching some of those films himself."

It took a little while for us to digest that. Wayne didn't often say a lot, but when he did it was usually significant.

"So what can we do, Dad? Surely this can't be allowed to go on? I'm not bothered much that my paddling wasn't carried out in accordance with the rule book, even if it had been it would still have hurt just the same. I'm also sure we were set up that day. Those things shouldn't be allowed, but aren't that important set against people enjoying watching films of kids getting their butts busted. That's sick!" I declared.

"Agreed, Ethan. If we discount going to court, and simply hold that as a possible threat, what I have to do is raise it with the school board. I'd hope when they see the film they'll agree to fire the teachers involved and remove the four boys who we know watched a film, from the positions they now hold. That would put a stop to things going forward."

"And what if they don't agree?" I asked.

"Then I'd threaten to take the video to my contacts in the film and TV industry in Hollywood. I'm confident they wouldn't want to see themselves and their school appearing on mainstream national news."

"Do you have such contacts?"

Dad put his finger to his lips, "Best you boys know nothing,"

It was over a fortnight before Dad got his meeting with the School Board. Initially he'd been stalled from seeing Abbott with various excuses. Then we he had seen him Abbott told him he couldn't understand the basis on which he was complaining about a boy other than his own son being filmed. Talk about missing the issue! In the end he agreed Dad could go to the next scheduled meeting, but he wasn't going to call a special meeting just for one item.

We'd kept Jerry and Willy up to date with what was happening. Jerry began to get increasingly worried about the film of him being seen, but insisted Dad should go ahead and show it.

The night of the meeting Wayne and I were very nervous and couldn't concentrate on anything. It was that bad we only just managed to eat our dinners. Afterwards we went upstairs and I put on what proved to be a dumb horror movie that only interested us because of how dumb it actually was. Eventually we heard Dad's car come onto the drive and went downstairs. He didn't have a big smile of triumph on his face, but neither did he look too downcast. He just asked for time to have a quick coffee and sandwich before joining us in the family room.

"How did it go, Dad?" I asked as soon as we'd all sat down.

He'd taken off his suit jacket just before sitting down and now he put a hand into one of the pockets and removed a hand held tape recorder. I'd seen him use it in the past when dictating notes on work things he was going through at home.

"Wow! They agreed to let you record the meeting?"

He laughed. "They didn't say I couldn't, but then I never asked if I could!"

"Dad, that's...brilliant!" I was tempted to say cunning, which is also was, but brilliant fitted much better.

"I was almost certain that if I asked permission it would be refused, but I wanted to have a record of what was said just in case things were agreed that were later disputed. My dealings thus far with your Mr Abbott haven't inspired me with much confidence in the man. If the rest of the board were anything like him I thought I could be swimming in shark infested waters."

"Or dealing with a sack full of rattlesnakes," said Wayne.

Dad laughed, "Much more appropriate Wayne, considering where we are. I know the recorder was working as I've played back the first couple of minutes when I was driving home. Hopefully it has got everything."

He pressed the 'Play' button and the four of us sat there in silence listening intently as the tape played. A lot of what we heard was clear, but some voices were indistinct, I guessed being too far away. Dad was asked why he'd demanded to meet with them and after he'd explained, he was then asked why he was pursuing a matter that involved someone other than his own son. He told them that was because it proved promises he'd been given had been broken. When he said he wanted to show them a video exactly as he'd expected they wanted to know where he'd obtained it, which he refused to answer. As it was playing I could hear a few expressions of surprise at what people were seeing. Then when it finished I heard someone suggesting it was a film performed by actors! In reply, Dad pointed out it clearly showed one of their own teachers. He also went on to point out that there was at least one other video in existence which had been viewed by Mr Reynolds plus the captain and vice captains of both the football and swimming teams. Again he met with some disbelief.

Finally he was asked what he wanted them to do. He told them they needed to fire Mr Jackson immediately, persuade Mr Reynolds to resign and remove the four boys from their posts. He added that unless those things were done he would instruct his attorney to proceed with a case against those individuals as well as the school for failing in its duty to provide a safe environment for pupils and flagrantly ignoring its own rules. And he would use his contacts back in California to ensure that the whole matter, including the film, were made very public. There seemed to be a collective intake of breath when he'd finished, after which he was asked to leave the room while they deliberated.

The tape continued when he was called back into the room. He was told that after careful consideration it had been decided that there was evidence that Mr Jackson had not only breached the school rules, but also pupils' privacy and for that he would be fired forthwith. They would also agree to remove the four boys from their posts. As for Mr Reynolds, as far as they could see he was only guilty by association, but they would approach him with a view to him taking early retirement at the end of the semester.

Wayne and I could hardly believe what we'd just heard. We'd not really expected it would go that easily.

"Why do you think they gave you everything you demanded, and so quickly, Dad?"

"I'm not sure if they were bothered more by the thought of legal action either civil from me on your behalf, or from the state – or both. Or by the thought of publicity. For sure they weren't worried about the boys losing their status. If Reynolds is that close to retirement, I expect they'll make up some sort of compensation package to help him on his way. As for Jackson, they evidently saw no choice but to fire him. There is one other possibility that came to mind, but I hope isn't the case."

"What's that Dad?"

"I did notice that while some of the members appeared shocked at what the film showed there were a couple who didn't seem at all surprised and were trying hard not to show they were enjoying what they were seeing. So perhaps there was a wider group of people watching these films of kids being paddled, some of whom are on the School Board. They decided to throw these few to the wolves for being stupid enough to get caught as well as fearing that any investigation would reveal their participation."

Wayne and I sat there stunned into silence at the thought. It was two boys with a lot on their minds who went upstairs soon afterwards.

It had been a stressful evening. I closed and locked the bedroom door behind us and walked up to Wayne who had gone over to the window and was staring out, seemingly at the sky. I put my arms around his chest and pulled him close.

"Are you happy with the outcome Wayne or do you think Jackson is getting off light?"

He pondered for a minute before answering. "I think he deserves to be in prison, to suffer like my father has, but..."

"But what?"

"Ethan, he is a part of my life that I want to forget. I don't want to think about those years between when my father was sent to jail and when you, for reasons I still don't fully understand, rescued me. I want to put them in a box and send them way out there." He raised his hand and pointed to the stars.

"Wayne, our coming together is the one thing we should both be grateful to Jackson and Reynolds for. It was only because I heard them talking about you, plus each day you looked as sad and lonely as I was feeling at the school, that I came and talked to you. I wanted to find out what was going on and if I could help."

I was grinding my dick gently into his butt as I spoke.

"Oh, you helped," he replied as he used the hand that had moments ago been pointing at the stars, to now gently rub my dick through my shorts. "I think now it's my turn to help you," he said with a little laugh.

"So one good turn deserves another is what you're saying?"

"Or we could both give the other a good turn at the same time?"

He turned and kissed me, deeply. Our tongues danced, our hands roamed and our clothes were removed. We ended up in bed but sleep was very far from our minds. We needed to celebrate and their was a lot of tension that had to be massaged from our bodies...

We never saw Jackson again, which was good. The only problem was that Reynolds was appointed VP in his place! We heard on the grapevine that he paddled harder than Jackson! Luckily we never found out for ourselves if that was true or just boasting from those who'd had the experience. It was though only for the rest of the semester and at the start of the next he had gone as had also Mr Abbott. Another one who had taken early retirement we were told. Wayne and I did wonder if he'd also been involved in what went on, or had simply been turning a blind eye to things. He could hardly have been unaware that rules were being broken.

The one person who really lost out, at least it seemed that way initially, was Jerry. His older brother lost little time in telling their father the reason why he had lost his position as vice captain of the swim team. He also told him that was largely due to a film of Jerry getting paddled being shown to the School Board. Amazingly Jerry's father had reacted to being told the full details of what the film showed, by angrily telling Jerry that he was disgusted to find he had a son who was both a blabber and a blubber, and that he didn't want him in the house any more!

Fortunately, Jerry's mom's sister also lived in the town and he was able to move in and live with her. It turned out to be the making of him. He was still a geek, but proved to be a geek with a great future ahead.

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