An Overheard Conversation

by Ivor Slipper

Chapter 3

We had our usual snack and chat with my mom before heading upstairs. I locked the door behind us.

"Are you willing to show me your butt?" He turned his back toward me. "Funny, Wayne, but I meant your naked butt – as you well know."

"I know. Just trying to lighten the mood." I heard him unbuckle his belt and the zip pulled down before his hands went to his sides and the jeans and boxers he was wearing were pushed down. The t-shirt he was wearing was long, for reasons it was easy to understand, and virtually covered his butt. He pulled it up to waist height and then bent forward. Although his skin was dark it wasn't heard to see the bruises. He couldn't help but hear the whistle I let out at the sight.

"Shit Wayne, how do you manage to sit all day? I'm sure my mom's got some cream for treating bruises from when she had a fall last year and badly bruised her shoulder. How about I get that from her and we put come on? Can't do any harm, can it?"

"Just as long as you don't tell her why you want it. I'm alright with you knowing, but..."

"Okay... I'll just say you fell off your bike."

We both laughed at that. I told him to lie on the bed while I went and got the cream. Naturally mom asked why I wanted it and I gave her the agreed reason. At least she didn't offer to come and apply it!

Wayne was face down on the bed when I returned. Jeans and boxers round his ankles and t-shirt well pulled up.

"Are you happy for me to do this?" I asked.

"Not easy to do it myself, so go ahead."

So I straddled his legs and started applying the cream. I had never studied a naked butt close to, let alone touched one, other than my own. For the first two or three minutes I could tell myself that I was doing this solely for medical reasons. After that though I knew that, more and more, I was doing it because I was enjoying it. Not only that, it soon became evident that Wayne was enjoying what I was doing. The odd little noises he was making were definitely of pleasure rather than pain. After I'd been rubbing away for some time, a voice said, "I've got a bit of a problem. I think you'd better stop."

"What sort of a problem? Am I hurting you?"

"For a very bright kid Ethan you can quite dense at times," Wayne responded with a laugh.

I gave his butt a little slap, at which he gave a little mock yelp of pain, and got off. A couple of minutes later he rolled over onto this front. As I'd thought he was uncut, with the head just peeking out of its sheath and a drop of pre-cum glistening at the end. He looked up at me looking down at him.

"You've now seen all of me; only fair I get to see all of you, Ethan."

The thought of doing a striptease flashed into my mind and was instantly discarded as I knew I wouldn't be able to do one properly. Besides which I didn't think this was the time. So I just sat on the edge of the bed to remove my sneakers and socks before standing up to remove first my polo shirt and then my shorts and boxer briefs. I was pleased that although I'd plumped up a little I hadn't gone hard.

"You really do have the all over tan. I guess it goes round the rear too?" I grinned at him before carrying out a circle turn.

I was so very tempted to sit down on the bed next to him, reach out and touch his dick. But somehow I knew this wasn't the right moment for that. Yet at the same time I was sure that moment would come. Wayne had grown on me in a way I hadn't expected. For now though we had a problem to which we needed to find a solution.

"Come on, Wayne. Get off the bed and at least put your boxers on in case mom comes in."

"The door isn't locked?" he almost shrieked as he jumped off the bed and searched for his boxers

"Of course it's locked doofus. I made sure of that before we started."

He breathed a sigh of relief as he found and put them on. Meanwhile I found the school rule book that I'd been given prior to starting just a few weeks back. Deciding he'd be more comfortable sitting on the bed than in one of my chairs, I came and sat beside him while we went through it, cover to cover. I don't think he'd ever seen the rule book before, or if he had, he'd not read it. Come to that I hadn't read it properly before myself.

Once we'd finished reading we talked about what we'd found. There was nothing we could see about hair, other than for girls where it was not to be below waist length. There were rules for clothing – nothing indecent, nothing displaying political statements or symbols, no jewellery. Punishments for breaches of such rules were specified as detention or exclusion. It did make it clear that paddling was approved, amazingly it appeared for girls as well as boys, although Wayne said he'd never heard of a girl getting paddled. Examples were given of offences for which paddling was a possible punishment, but these were virtually all disciplinary offences during school hours. There was one possible catch all, in that it stated consistent and/or repeated minor offences would result in a paddling.

Having read all that I suggested to Wayne that we should discuss things with my father and see if he had any ideas. He thanked me for the thought, but said he didn't want to get anyone else involved as he thought it would be pointless.

I didn't sleep well that night. The thought of Wayne getting another couple of licks the next morning kept me from dropping off. I really wanted to hug him, but we were still sleeping on opposite sides of the bed, although often now we'd end up touching each other come morning.

Although we cycled to school together that morning I knew he wanted to be left alone once we'd locked up our bikes, so I left him to go and see Mr Jackson and just went to our homeroom to wait for him. He managed a smile for me when he came in, but I noticed he sat down very gingerly.

"You're coming home with me after school. I think you could use some more treatment."

He managed a wan smile. "Reckon I should have told you what was going on before yesterday."

I gave a little laugh. "You damn well should, but not just for that reason."

"Okay, thanks. I'll spend the night, but I need to go home first after school to collect some clothes."

"In that case, pick up enough for the weekend. I'll come with you."

Something in his expression told me he wasn't very keen on that idea. I soon realized why when we arrived there. His apartment was in a poor neighborhood and from the outside looked almost a dump. He didn't invite me to come in and I didn't push the issue. He wasn't inside for long before emerging with a couple of carrier bags which I guessed contained his clothes for the weekend. He fixed those on his handlebars and we pedalled off back to my place.

After a snack and a chat with my mom we went up to my room. Wayne checked I'd locked the door and then stripped down to lie on my bed. I can't say I noticed any difference in the bruising on his butt, but maybe that wasn't surprising. When I'd finished I lay down on the bed beside him.

He turned his head towards me. "You know there's one good thing about getting my haircut tomorrow."

"What's that?"

"I won't have to spend the day in those heavy jeans. They're so uncomfortable, but I didn't dare change out of them after seeing him in the morning. If I did he'd have found a way to paddle me when I wasn't wearing them."

"He's a real lump of shit. I wish there was a way we could get at him."

"There isn't. He's had his fun with me and now it's over."

That was when a thought popped into my brain. "Wayne, I have an idea..."

After breakfast on Saturday morning we took our bikes and cycled into town. While we were there Wayne suggested we should get some supplies and ride out into the country for the day. My folks weren't expecting us back until dinner as we'd said we'd probably go the mall and maybe catch a movie, but his suggestion sounded much better to me. I'd brought my backpack so we went into a store and stocked up with cans of soft drinks and snacks and then headed off.

I had no idea where we were going, but Wayne seemed to have a destination in mind. I was just happy being with him and seeing him happy and cheerful. Plus he looked a different person in shorts and a t-shirt. Eventually he turned off the track we were following and we rode across some rough ground, climbing a slight rise. At the top he stopped and I braked alongside him. In front of us there was a dip through which ran a stream, alongside most of which were cottonwood and willow trees.

"This is my secret place, Ethan. My father used to bring me here when I was small, but nobody else knows about it – until now. Let's ride down."

So we did just that. I could sense it was somehow special and Wayne wanted to share it with me. We cycled down to the edge of the stream, got off our bikes and lay down on the grass.

"This is so nice, Wayne. Thanks for sharing it with me."

"You've shared a lot with me Ethan. I have little to share with you except this. Come, let's go for a swim."

He started to undress and I rapidly followed. Today neither of us were bothered about being naked in front of the other. Our reservations had gone after the sessions on my bed.

The stream was only about three feet deep at most. Hardly enough for swimming, but sufficient to have fun. In my pool at home we'd always worn a speedo or shorts; here we quickly discovered that without one there were additional things that could be touched and grabbed. Our inhibitions had also gone along with our clothes.

The water was quite cold so it wasn't long before we were forced to get out and go back to lie on the grass. We lay there without speaking for some time, soaking up the warmth of the sun, each with our own thoughts. Every now and then I would turn my head slightly to glance at him, to take in his strong dark skinned body, the dark hair on his legs, the patch of black pubic hair, the treasure trail that stretched down from his abdomen. He was such a contrast to the light fuzzy hair that was on my legs and my almost invisible treasure trail. I could feel myself getting hard every time I looked and then one time when I turned to look I caught him looking at me and this time I noticed that he was also semi-hard.

Now he rolled over to be side on to me, stretched his right arm across my chest and pulled me to roll onto my side so we were facing each other and virtually touching. He moved his head forward and our lips touched. His felt soft and damp. I let out a small sound of pleasure and that allowed him to slide his tongue inside my mouth. In seconds mine was inside his and they began to dance. We wrapped our arms around each other and continued to kiss, finally pulling apart in order to breathe. We stayed there for ages, kissing, stroking, cuddling – getting to know each others bodies until we realized that the sun had disappeared. Looking up we could see dark clouds gathering overhead.

"If we stay here much longer Wayne I think we'll end up as wet as we were earlier in the stream."

"Too right. And much as I love it here, your bed is more comfortable than this grass."

I looked at him in surprise.

"Ethan, I've always known you're gay. It is something I can sense in people."

My mouth gaped even more on hearing that.

"When you first came to me in the cafeteria I thought you were testing me out. That somehow you thought the breed would give it up for a few bucks..."

"Wayne!" I shouted at him. "I never thought that and I'd wish you'd stop calling yourself a breed. You're a person, the same as me. I don't care about your origin."

"I am a breed though. My father is Native American but my mother is white – white trash as far as this town is concerned. I've always been an object of dislike, even hatred in school. I thought you were just another one of them. It took me time to realize you were different – very different."

"But you said you knew I was gay right away."

"I didn't mean different like that Ethan. In that we're the same, although I've always made sure nobody even remotely suspected it. I meant that you actually cared about me. And if I didn't know before, today finally proved it."

He laughed, pulled me into another hug and kissed me.

"Right," I said when we managed to pull apart. "Time to go home and face the music."

We almost managed to beat the rain home. It started about a quarter of a mile out, but was already getting heavy when I opened the door into the kitchen. As usual mom was there. She turned to say 'hello' and almost dropped the casserole dish she was holding as she saw me.

"Oh my lord, Ethan. What have you done to your hair. Come to that what have both of you done to your hair."

I wasn't in the least surprised by her reaction because I knew we both looked completely different. Our hair had been almost totally cut off. When we talked about doing it we'd decided against having our heads totally shaved, but instead had opted for a very close shave. Far closer than any sort of buzz cut, there was just about a quarter of an inch of hair left.

I knew you should never answer a question with a question, but, "Mom, is dad here?"

"Yes, he's in the family room watching some sport or other on TV. Why?"

"It'll be easier if we all go in there and I explain everything to you both at the same time. Can you stop what you're doing now, or do we need to wait a while?"

"This can go in the oven. Dinner should be ready in about an hour. I presume your explanation isn't going take longer than that?"

"It shouldn't, Mrs Berenson," put in Wayne, "but this is all my fault."

Mom shot him a puzzled look and I decided to say something. "Mom, that's not true, but let's go through and talk."

Mom led the way into the family room, Dad heard her clear her throat as we entered, looked up, saw me, saw Wayne and then did a double take.

"Don't tell me you two have got so involved with this school project you've even decided to look like a couple of Marines?"

I laughed and heard Wayne trying to smother one alongside me. "No, Dad. But that could be a side benefit. I, we, have got something to tell you, well, both of you really. It may take a while, but it'll be easier if neither of you interrupt and save your questions until we're finished."

"Okay," he responded. "We'll try, but no promises. This sounds as if it might take a while so I suggest you both sit down and maybe mom should get us all some iced tea before you start."

"Good idea." My mom said, heading back to the kitchen from where she emerged after a few minutes carrying a tray on which was a jug of iced tea and four glasses. Once the glasses has been filled and handed out, she sat down. Both my parents looked at me, so I took a gulp of the drink, giving myself a few extra seconds to assemble my thoughts.

I then proceeded to tell them everything right from the conversation I'd overheard that had started it all. Every now and again Wayne would chip in to clarify or add something, but my parents did manage to remain quiet. When it was clear I'd finished we all had some more of the iced tea, before my father said anything.

"So who decided on the haircuts."

"I suggested it to Wayne. He'd decided he was beaten and was going to get it cut today anyway. I just thought if we both had something very different done, perhaps it made Mr Jackson's victory less complete."

"I thought it was a great idea, rather than just having a few inches cut off the back. And I like the feel of it," Wayne added, while doing something that totally surprised me. We were sat next to each other on the sofa and he ran one hand across the top of my head. He'd never touched me before in front of my parents, hence my surprise. I probably surprised him just as much by placing my right hand on top of his left as we sat next to each other. He turned towards me and smiled. "It's true, it feels nice."

"Alright, I can see you're making a gesture here, but why didn't you come and talk to me while this was happening, rather than when it's over? We knew the school had a cp policy which was totally different to California, but as we never expected you to get into any trouble Ethan, we didn't take much notice of it. From what you've said though these paddlings weren't even allowed under the school rules and amounted to brutality in my view. I think we should lodge a complaint with the school board on your behalf Wayne."

"I'd ask you not to do that, Mr Berenson, Wayne replied. "I doubt it would achieve much. Maybe Mr. Jackson would end up with a black mark on his record, but I'd certainly be marked down as a troublemaker. Then everything I did would be watched and as soon as I stepped even slightly out of line..."

And that was how it was left. Dad wasn't happy, but he agreed to do as we wished, although he made it very clear that if next week brought any further recriminations then he would be raising hell with the school board.

We adjourned to the kitchen for dinner and afterwards came back to the family room for a while to watch a little TV with my parents. We didn't stay too long though before I made our excuses and we headed up to my bedroom. We had unfinished business from this afternoon to complete – or at least I hoped we did.

As was our usual practice now I went and showered first, emerging with just a towel wrapped round me. By the time Wayne emerged a few minutes in the same state I was ready for him wearing a pair of new tighty whities I bought that week. He let out a low whistle at the sight and dropped his towel to show me his dick beginning to swell.

"In that case Ethan, I need something from your underwear drawer." He walked naked past me, his dick bouncing and growing as he went. I guessed what he was looking for and almost told him not to bother, but at the same time what he was going to do seemed right. He pulled the drawer open, rummaged around in it and emerged holding a pair of black boxer briefs. Because I had several, I wasn't sure if it was the same pair I'd loaned him the first night he stayed, but it was the gesture that mattered. He pulled them on and walked back to join me. We kissed, we hugged. We kissed some more, the heat and our passions rising. Our dicks were rubbing together as our bodies ground together. I put my hand down to feel his through my boxer briefs which were damp to the touch. I knew that even I was managing to produce some pre-cum.

"Why did we put these on, Wayne?"

He laughed. "I guess you did because you wanted me to undress you. And if I was going to be forced to undress you, then I decided to make you do the same."

"So what are we waiting for?" I said as I slipped my fingers inside his waistband and started to ease the boxer briefs downwards.

"Did I say you could go first?" Now his fingers were inside the elastic of my briefs and they were very quickly pulled down. He knelt down as he pulled them down to my ankles and then one hand was holding my balls which the other gently grasped my dick.

"I thought we were in this together?" I said as I pulled his boxer briefs down and used my hands to hold him in the same manner.

"We are. So let's get into bed." So we did and thus began the first night of our sexual relationship. It was amazing discovering how much pleasure could be obtained from being kissed, stroked and licked. And equally how much pleasure I could also obtain by doing those things to Wayne's body. Even more pleasurable was the experience of being cuddled and held by another person, but not just by any person – by Wayne. Naturally I tried to give as good as I got and based on the many little sounds I heard, I think I didn't do a bad job, for a beginner.

In all honesty we didn't get much sleep that night. Our senses were too alive and the discoveries we were making about each other were such that sleep wasn't on the agenda - at least not until it was almost dawn.

I had wondered if my parents had noticed during the evening that the relationship between Wayne and I had changed. I got my answer on Sunday morning when my mom didn't even bother to knock on my door around 10am to ask if I wanted any breakfast as she always did. Instead it was almost midday before we managed to get out of bed, shower, get dressed and go downstairs. Showering together also proved to be both new and highly enjoyable experience, even though my shower cabinet wasn't really built for two. But that, in some ways, just added to the fun.

The rest of the day passed lazily, sitting in the garden, swimming in the pool and visiting with my folks. Before long it was time for bed again. Tonight though we agreed we would simply cuddle as we were both feeling tired and had to be up early on Monday morning in order to keep Wayne's appointment with Mr Jackson before school commenced.

It was a cool morning, but that wasn't going to stop Wayne going to school in shorts. He did put on a hoodie of mine and it did seem strange cycling to school alongside him without him being clad in his usual all denim look. We parked and locked our bikes and went together to the VP's office. I'd told Wayne I was going with him even though I knew I couldn't actually go into Jackson's office with him. When we got there Wayne knocked on the door but we couldn't hear a response, so he tried the handle. Remembering what Jackson had said to me the first time I encountered him I was a little worried what might happen if the door opened, but it proved to be locked.

"Strange," said Wayne, "he's always here, ready and waiting."

Just then we saw him walking along the corridor toward us. He had a sheet of paper in his hands that he was reading and thus he didn't see us until he was a only about a yard or so away. Wayne was standing just in front of me and because of the way he was holding the sheet of paper, Jackson must have seen his feet first. He moved the paper to one side and I could see his eyes go up from floor level. A look of recognition came across his face as he saw Wayne's. And then he saw Wayne's hair and his eyes almost popped out of his head!

"What the hell have you done to your hair, Parnell?" he barked.

"I've got it cut, sir, as you demanded."

He spluttered and I could see his face getting red. "I told you to get the back of it trimmed, not to do this!"

"No, sir. You told me I had to get it cut, or our daily meeting would continue until I did. You've won. I got it cut."

"You're trying to make a fool out of me Parnell. And, who's this you've brought along with you, with the same stupid haircut. I know him from somewhere, but I don't think I've properly me him before."

"I'm Ethan Berenson." I replied. "Wayne spent the weekend with me, so we came to school together this morning."

He spluttered again. I could see spittle forming on his lips.

"So was this your bright idea, Berenson? I don't think Parnell is clever enough to come up with this on his own."

I wanted to answer back, but Wayne was clever enough to stop me doing so.

"Can we go to our homeroom now, sir?"

"I'll be keeping a close eye on both of you from now on," were his parting words to us.

Had we won a skirmish, but perhaps lost a battle I wondered as we walked away? Only time would tell.

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