Wild Boys and Metal Horses

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 23

Unconditional Love

The figure sitting on the couch had made me flinch in fright, but it took me only a fraction of a second to realize it was my dad. He was lounging on the sofa sipping on a bottle of beer. I've never known him to be a big drinker, but would see him occasionally kick back and relax with a beer like he was doing now to wind down from a long day or just when he was sitting around casually. Thinking on it I never once saw him drunk and I suppose that was one reason I was never much into the whole partying scene with a bunch of alcohol.

"Hey Pim," I heard him sighing and even though it was dark in the room I still saw him flashing me a muted smile.

My dad was just sitting there on the couch in the dark, but despite the subdued lighting I could see the weariness in his features. It worried me some because he looked tired and exhausted, which was so unlike him. It wasn't as if he was old or anything, but was definitely not as young like most soldiers he was responsible for on base not to mention many of the officers. Still, he always seemed to have more than enough energy and youthful exuberance to keep up with any of the other younger soldiers. Yet, sitting there on the couch it was as if the years were starting to catch up to him.

"Wh-when did you get back home…y-you look pretty beat?" I wondered, a little worried he might have heard something he shouldn't since my room was closest to the living room, not to mention my dad simply looked wiped out and bushed.

Sighing, he shook his head and waved off my concern. "Not long. It's been a rough week, not to mention a long drive and I'm all done in." He groaned reaching out and setting the bottle of beer on the end-table next to the sofa. "It's been a long day and I should have probably stopped for the night instead of driving straight through, but there's too much on the plate at the moment." He added making me frown and nod my head.

His response made me groan on the inside because despite my mom's assurances I just knew he was having problems with me being gay. This seemed to confirm it as the burden of his insinuation settled on top of my shoulders, weighing heavily on my state of mind. I had always worried he wouldn't see me the same way once he found out I was gay, but to actually see it happening broke my heart. Thinking on it, I really didn't know what to make of it all or how to handle things. The way my dad felt about me meant the world to me and now everything was starting to come crashing down around my ears. If the snake venom had made me feel awful, this felt even worse to know my dad didn't love me anymore.

"I'm sorry," I whispered softly. "It-it's my fault…everything…isn't it?" I asked no one in particular turning towards my bedroom so I could go and cry myself to sleep without waking up Carter.

The day had started out so promising with me feeling much better, the last minutes of the evening ticking away quickly in what should have been a happy moment for me considering I had just lost my virginity to the boy I loved most. None of that seemed important anymore if my dad no longer loved me as I started to make my escape holding back the tears that threatened to bubble up to the surface.

"Pim…I…son wait…please…er…come sit." I heard my dad stumbling over his tongue only confirming my suspicions.

Even though I wanted to go cry myself to sleep right now I was kind of in a bind since my dad had asked me to take a seat. It wasn't a demand, but I also knew he wouldn't be impressed if I simply ignored him. Glancing over towards the sofa I saw him sitting up and motioning for me to take a seat next to him. Cringing, my shoulders slumped forward, but I did as told walking over and taking a seat next to him in defeat. I didn't want to be lectured to, but I suppose it was inevitable as it suddenly got awkwardly silent between the two of us.

"P-please dad…I-I know you are tired and probably just hate me for everything. I-I'm sorry. I-I know it's all…er…everything is my fault." I mumbled staring down at my feet and shaking my head feeling awful about how much I must have put my dad, not to mention mom, through this past week.

Despite knowing he hated me at the moment I simply couldn't hold it in anymore and wrapped my arms tightly around my dad with tears abruptly bursting from my eyes. "I'm sorry, please don't hate me. I couldn't bear it…not you hating me." I began to cry feeling my father tensing up, which once again confirmed my suspicions because he couldn't even tolerate getting a hug from me anymore and I felt awful on the inside as I now began to sob so hard I started to hiccup.

"Pim…I-I…what are you…I-I don't understand. Wh-what on earth makes you think I don't love you?" My dad asked sounding genuinely concerned and bewildered his arms wrapping around my shoulders to hold me tight, the gesture managing to puzzle me.

His reaction took me by surprise, not that he didn't ever hug me because he did all the time; especially, lately, but from his earlier response it just seemed like he didn't love me. Now though I could feel his strong arms holding me protectively and he seemed genuinely confused by my reaction while I was at a loss too because there was a sense of love in his embrace. Still, it could only be me and my wishful thinking as I felt him giving me a firm squeeze before releasing his embrace and holding me out at arms length. I could feel his eyes scrutinizing me, but I couldn't look him in the eye so didn't know if there was admonishment there or what.

"Pim…look at me son." My father's sober tone made me flinch, but I did what I was told and slowly raised my gaze to look at his firm yet gentle features.

My eyes were still filled with tears and I saw his features turning soft, full of concern confusing me even more. "Pim…please son…talk to me. I-I don't understand. I mean why on earth would you think I hate you?" He asked gently, almost as if he could sense I was on the verge of totally losing it again while I shook my head and shifted my gaze away unable to look him in the eye because I was feeling guilty about everything.

If I wasn't gay none of this would be happening and we'd be a happy family, but now that my dad knew I was a…a…faggot, I thought to myself, with a soft whimper of shame escaping my lips, everything would be different. "B-because you found out I'm gay…a…a...faggot." I hiccupped nervously, but in the softest of tones not even sure my dad had heard me, while I took the chance to glance over at him and wished I hadn't done that because of the strict look on his face.

"D-don't ever say that." My dad hissed in a firm tone making me wince, but also confirming he hated me now for being a faggot. "We don't condone those sorts of…of comments Pim…and you should know better." He continued making me furl my eyebrows in uncertainty.

It wasn't what I was expecting because I could tell he hated me for being gay, but I was speechless so when I didn't respond he continued. "I…er…that is your mother and I, and even your grandparents, raised you better than that to refer to someone as a 'faggot.' We may be a bit conservative, but we don't pass judgments over anyone, not even homosexuals. We aren't homophobic or anything and if nothing else the way the military is so integrated it has taught us to be more open minded about all people." My dad scolded making me blush in shame, but still shaken and not sure what to make of his words and reaction since I was getting mixed signals.

My dad must have picked up on it because he cupped my chin with his fingers and tilted my head up forcing me to look at him. "Son, what on earth is going on in that head of yours? Talk to me Pim because I don't understand why you would think I hate you so much?" He genuinely seemed confused, which baffled me as I furled my eyes not understanding and thinking he was maybe just setting me up for something even though I knew that was silly since he wasn't like that at all.

"I-I…," my voice trailed off and I sniffled because this was so hard despite what he said about not being homophobic.

Just because he said it didn't mean it was so. It was just the little things which has happened since he found out I was gay. I was old enough to understand that even if someone didn't come out and say they hated gay people didn't mean they felt that way and instead making it known in other subtle ways.

My dad must have seen my hesitancy and something drastic appeared to happen with his body language which baffled me even more, but I just couldn't put my finger on it as he shook his head. "Pim, I don't hate you." He whispered softly, his gaze and features changing right in front of my very eyes.

"B-but in the hospital…when you heard me talking with my friends in Texas on skype…a-about being gay…y-you just turned your back on me and left without coming into the room with mom. Th-then when you left without saying goodbye…you always wake me up before you leave and say goodbye…even if I'm asleep…and-and…you didn't do that. I-I know it's because you hate me now for being gay. Isn't it?" I began to sniffle feeling the tears start to bubble up to the surface and sting my eyes as I continued to gaze into his features which had changed a few moments ago sending my mind into a spin because I simply couldn't read him.

For the first time in my life I couldn't read his face because it was set in a way that I've never seen before. I just couldn't figure it out and it worried me as I watched it change even more. I may be fifteen years old, but I was at a loss because this was my dad…my hero…the man who despite his job always was there for me for as long as I could remember. Even when he got hurt and almost died, I had always felt his presence.

"Pim…," I heard him whispering softly, my name catching in his throat as he gazed into my eyes the look he was giving me suddenly clicking into place making me moan with guilt because I suddenly realized I had gotten it all wrong.

The look in his eyes was one of pain and sorrow, not in the physical sense, but on the inside. It was as if I had stuck a knife in his heart striking a mortal wound while taking away a piece of his soul and I couldn't understand exactly what happened. All I knew is that I had somehow hurt him as a lone tear bubbled up in the corner of his eye and spilled out to trickle over his cheek. I've never really seen him cry before and it was unpleasant.

"Never in a million years would I ever do anything to hurt you purposely and I thought you knew that. I-I'm so sorry Pim, but you've got to believe me. I-I know how it must look, but that isn't how it happened. Yes, I heard you talking with your friends and I was going to head inside with your mother to talk to you about it, but a nurse called me over to get started on the paperwork so we could bring you home. By the time we got you home I could tell you were completely wiped out so your mother and I decided to wait for a better time to actually talk with you about everything." He sighed looking very heartbroken that I would ever think he didn't love me, which made me feel awful now as I began to cry.

Reaching out he wrapped me up in his arms and sighed. "Pim, I did come in to wake you up before I left, but you were sound asleep. Usually all it takes is for me to barely shake you awake, but with your medication it had you totally out of it and you didn't wake up right away. Not to mention I didn't have the heart to force you awake because you were really sick and…well…let's face it you needed the sleep. I see now that it was a mistake and I should have made the effort before leaving instead of just kissing you goodbye while you slept." He sighed, his words forcing their way into my thoughts as I pulled away and frowned.

"You really gave me a goodbye kiss?" I wondered.

"Of course I did. You might have been asleep, but I couldn't bear leaving you behind without giving you a hug and kiss like I always do. It's one of the few things that get me through being away so long from you. It's the last memory of you I always take with me wherever I go, and when I'm away for so long I can close my eyes seeing and feeling you in my arms and heart. It's the last thing I do with both you and your mother so I can carry it with me wherever I go. Those memories are what's gotten me through some tough times and very sticky situations." He revealed to me.

"Really?" I responded a bit shocked because I always thought he did that for my benefit and not his as well.

"Of course. You and your mom are what I treasure most in my life and I'd never recover if anything happened to you or your mom.

"B-but I thought…," I trailed off trying to understand. "S-so you don't hate me for…er…being gay?"

"What…of course not. I mean…your mother and I sort of suspected for a while now that it could be a possibility." He told me sincerely reminding me mom indicated the same thing.

"Really…b-but how…er…," I paused wondering how they could have known since I've never really done anything with another boy before and even had a few dates with girls over the years.

My dad must have picked up on it as well because he rolled his shoulders. "Like I said we sort of suspected, but it wasn't like anything specific. Sure, you've brought girls over and even dated a little, but it just never seemed like you were interested in them as in…er…well you know. Of course it never seemed like you were interested like that when you hung around any of your friends or other boys and stuff either, but your mom and I aren't stupid and know it isn't like you can simply go up to guys and ask them out on dates and…er…well you know. Sure, I was your age once too so understand guys sometimes…uh…well…do stuff and…um…well…you know." He tried to explain.

"Daaaadd!" I blushed knowing exactly what he meant and it was humiliating.

"What…like I told you I was your age too once and I'm not stupid Pim, but I just never got that vibe from you where…uh…well…you being with your friends in that way and all. I mean, I suppose you telling them all while you were at the hospital sort of confirms my suspicions that you've never…er…you know…messed around with your friends in that way and it sort of fits with never getting that vibe about it."

"DAD!" I practically barked, a bit embarrassed wanting it to stop so I could go hide and bury my head in the sand or something while he didn't seem to be uncomfortable about the conversation at all.

Of course we've had talks and stuff regarding sex and all, but this was sort of different now because we were actually talking about me in that sort of real sense while to my surprise he didn't seem to be affected by it. "So you really don't hate that I'm gay?" I asked despite it being kind of embarrassing to talk about.

"Pim, don't get me wrong it is still difficult to accept and process because you are my son." He answered honestly while my gaze shifted away.

His response hurt. "Oh…," I mumbled back looking down at my feet. "I understand."

My dad sighed and when I glanced back his face was pinched up with his eyebrows furled. "Crap, that really didn't come out the right way. Listen, what I meant is that yes, it hurts and is difficult to accept and process, but not because you are actually gay, but rather since you are my son and I don't want to see you getting hurt. Let's face it these days it is more acceptable in general, but it doesn't mean it still won't be difficult on you. Your mom and I love you very much so anything that hurts you hurt us too."

My dad explained while I listened and nodded my head understanding what he meant. "I know dad."

"Good because there are people out there who can't and won't accept it, but in our country they have every right to their views, and Pim, just so you know right now, I can respect people who may have those views so long as they don't try to force their way of thinking on you or hurt you. However, there may be people who will actually try to hurt you physically and emotionally and this is wrong and something I can't respect or tolerate." He paused giving me time to absorb what he was saying before continuing.

"Those who may not accept homosexuality and have strong views against it personally, but don't disrespect you or try to hurt you, are people who in my opinion deserve to be shown respect in turn despite the differences. Those people have every right to their opinion and views and if they respect your right to your views I will expect you to respect their rights to their opinions and beliefs and never force or shame them in any way. If you do, then you become no different than those who would try to harm you. Remember, everyone has the right to their opinions and views so long as they do not become physical and disrespect those who think differently. It is a two way street and I think many people in our country have forgotten that this is what our nation is all about. Too many people become violent against those with differing opinions and it is wrong, period." He explained while I nodded my head.

I knew exactly what he was talking about because you can see it almost every day in the news. These days there was a political storm going on with a lot of protesting, which have started to become violent. Even on college campuses, which were mostly liberal have become violent with protestors not even willing to respect views of others and forcing their ideas on others through violence and intimidation.

I always thought college was supposed to be about learning and being opened minded, but from what I've been gathering lately in the news it definitely was coming off as a bunch of young adults, or really kids, being selfish, spoiled, and totally closed off to the 'real' world. I didn't understand this whole 'you are in my safe zone' thing because let's face it like my dad just pointed out the 'real' world isn't fair and these kids are definitely in for the shock of their lives once they hit the work force and realize the only thing their bosses care about is what they can do to for the bottom line of the company.

Once these kids try to get a job in the real world this whole 'you are in my safe zone' crap won't be tolerated. Most will end up finding themselves with all the 'safe zone' they could ever wish for when they get tossed out on their ass without a job. The 'real' world simply doesn't work that way and I couldn't understand why parents these days don't prepare their kids for this since they know what the 'real' world is all about.

"I get it dad." I sighed in relief feeling a lot better about things; especially, since it was clear he didn't hate me.

Of course I knew it would still be a struggle for him to completely accept things because even though he didn't hate me I still understood he had grown up in a time when things were viewed differently. I didn't think he was homophobic or anything, but still I could see how your own son being gay could be a tough thing to deal with internally. It is one thing to accept other people being gay, but when it is your own child then this hits home on a personal level.

My dad must have seen the look on my face and read my thoughts as he reached out running his fingers through my hair lovingly. "Pim, you are my son and as parents we love our children unconditionally. I love you with all my heart, and yes, for me and your mother it is a bit of a struggle, but we accept it and love you no less. One day when you have kids of your own you will understand." He smiled reassuringly while I furled my eyes in thought about the whole child comment.

"Kids…b-but I'm gay." I replied a bit bemused hearing him suddenly chuckle and shaking his head.

Him laughing at my response really didn't hurt my feelings, but I wondered what was so amusing. "What?" I asked seeing my dad's amused look.

"Oh Pim, you are so precious." He sighed giving me a gentle hug before releasing me. "I mean, your mother is right, we are like two pees in a pod." He snorted making me furl my eyes wondering what he was getting on about, which he noticed so explained it to me.

"Listen, when we started discussing the possibility of your…er…sexual orientation, well let's just say the first thing that popped into my mind was grandkids and how we won't have any if you were gay." He admitted, my eyes furling because it kind of hurt that his main concern from the beginning about me being gay was grandkids.

"Oh come on Pim. I know you are only fifteen years old, but you can't tell me you haven't thought about what you might want to do when you grow up or what it would be like to have a family of your own." He pointed out noticing the look on my face while I tried to think.

He was right of course, and thinking on Colton I had to admit I wondered what it would be like to have a son of my own one day when I grew up. I never really put a lot of thought or effort into the whole family thing, but over the years I had wondered now and then what I would want to do when I grew up and what it would be like to have a family of my own. I had even thought about how many kids I wanted, but that no longer mattered once I knew for certain a few years ago that I was gay. Still, it hadn't stopped me from wondering at times, but those thoughts always ended up getting quickly pushed to the back of my mind since it just wasn't realistic.

"Um…er…yeah…I guess…b-but I'm gay." I pointed out for a second time while he chuckled again, which now started to frustrate me.

"Oh Pim, stop looking at me like that because I'm not laughing at you, but rather because I had said the same thing to your mother, who, in her infinite wisdom pointed out that in this day and age there were more ways than one to have children. Of course there's adoption, but there's also…er…well…you know…a guy…um…well…a guy can provide a fertility clinic with some seme…," He started to point out my eyes suddenly flaring open wide at what he was referring to as I quickly cut him off from finishing.

"Eww, dad." I scrunched up my face because it was just too weird to talk about.

It wasn't the idea of having a kid this way, but just the thought of my mom and dad talking about it. I mean, in order for something like that to happen meant I had to provide semen, and well, that meant touching myself and…and masturbating. The idea of my parents talking about it and thinking of me in that way was kind of disturbing.

"What…you don't want kids?" He asked a bit disappointed because even though he knew I was only fifteen years old I suppose my parents had thought about having grandkids one day.

"Huh…no…I mean…yeah sure…it-it's just…er…I'm only fifteen you know and well, to be blunt it is kind of creepy to be talking about." I told him candidly seeing my dad furling his eyes and nodding his head looking a bit relieved.

"Well, so that means there is still hope for your mom and me." He chuckled lightening up the mood a bit.

"Geeze dad, don't be so pushy already. I mean are you ready to have grandkids puttering around calling you Pop-pop or gramps." I teased while my dad shrugged his shoulders.

"Yeah, I hear you and no I don't think we are ready for it just yet, but your mother and I wouldn't mind having grandkids some day. Besides, I think she's hoping to have a granddaughter at some point. She's always wanted a girl she could spoil a little. You know with taking her out to go shopping and just girl stuff." He smiled seeing my expression of disappointment because I was thinking maybe she would have been better off having a girl instead of a boy to begin with since I was gay after all.

"Pim, don't even go there." My dad told me firmly seemingly knowing what I was thinking. "She wanted you with all her heart and wanted you to be a boy. She was dead set on having a son and we were going to have a bigger family, but it just never worked out that way for…er…various reasons. Yes, she wanted a daughter as well, but not over having a son, so don't ever think you should have been a girl because that isn't what I'm saying here. We always thought about having a son and a daughter. That's all there is to it Pim so don't read anything else into it." He told me sternly while I furled my eyes.

The idea of having siblings was appealing to me, even if it would have been girls, and I often wondered why my parents never decided to have more kids. "I don't get it if you wanted more kids why didn't you? I mean, I would've loved having brothers or sisters." I asked seeing the expression on his face becoming a bit sad.

"Pim, we never told you this because, well, it wasn't really necessary and it was also something private between me and your mother, but you are old enough to understand some things." He began, my stomach sinking because I knew this was something big as I watched the emotions in his face knowing he was trying to work out how to tell me something kind of difficult. "There's just no way to really sugarcoat this and I don't want to go into a lot of details anyway, so I will just try to give you the jist of things." He paused again nodding and thinking maybe a more general approach was best.

"Anyway, yes we wanted more kids, but we also wanted to wait a little longer because, well I think you understand with my line of work and all. Anyway, when we finally decided to have kids your mother got pregnant with you. During a pregnancy it is best to have regular check-ups with a doctor. It was during one of these routine exams that we found out there were difficulties." My dad started to explain and seeing the expression on my face that somehow I was the cause of this he immediately held up his hand shaking his head.

"No son, it didn't have anything to do with you, just more to do with womanly things and that is all the details I want to go into with you. The complications had nothing to do with the pregnancy of you, but rather that it was dangerous for your mother to be pregnant in the first place. It was a difficult pregnancy and I won't deny that Pim, but again, it wasn't you, but rather because of the situation. After you were born the doctors recommended your mother not get pregnant again. It was simply too dangerous, but we weren't upset because you were such a miracle and blessing for us." He smiled and reaching out gave me a cuddle letting me know everything was alright.

"Oh," I responded lamely, but I really didn't know what to say as I absorbed this new information about my folks. "But, if you wanted more kids there are other ways, like you just told me." I pointed out enjoying the cuddle with my father and feeling him sigh.

"Yes, and we discussed things like adoption, but we thought it was one thing to have our very own child and something totally different when adopting considering the situation with my work. It wouldn't be fair to any child we adopted. As for the whole surrogacy thing I suppose we could have done something like that as well, but that is a big complicated situation in and of itself. Besides, like I said you were a blessing anyway so your mother and I were happy with the family we had, and you've made us so proud; more so as you get older." He whispered gently into my ear before releasing me.

"You are a better person than I ever was at your age Pim. I was actually a bit of a hellion when I think back to when I was your age. I mean, I never did anything really bad or anything, but bad enough to be a bit of a hoodlum if I'm being honest. Sure you go out and have fun getting into plenty enough trouble, but you are more level headed about things at fifteen years old than I ever was at your age. Your mother and I are very proud of the person you are turning out to be as you grow into a man." He smiled warmly allowing me to cuddle with him again as it got a bit quite for several moments.

My dad inhaled deeply before letting it out slowly and I could tell there was more he wanted to talk about making me wonder what I had done now. "Uh…Pim…I do think we need to talk about something else…and well…I was thinking of maybe converting the downstairs into another bedroom for you to use and have the one upstairs as a guest room for when your grandparents come to visit or whatever. We actually don't need a recreation room, and well, right now your bedroom is a bit close to ours and…er…well, let's be honest, the noises I heard coming from your room a little while ago is a bit…uh…well disturbing to say the least." He somehow managed to get out while I simply froze and gasped in shock.

"Oh god," I finally managed to squeak out sitting back away from his embrace when it sunk in what he was implying and it actually frightened me. "I-I…oh god…I…," my eyes darted away because I was mortified and my mind simply didn't want to work as my dad held up his hand waving it back and forth the gesture capturing my attention.

"I…er…don't want any details son, I mean you are old enough and all so I do understand." He sighed, looking a bit worried now himself and making me wonder what he was going on about now. "Listen, if you are sexually active I understand, but I…er…I know this might be personal and all, but I do have to ask anyway because it is important." He looked really nervous, which kind of scared me some if he was getting this anxious. "Anyway, there really is no easy way to do this so I'm just going to ask you bluntly." He paused looking into my eyes letting me know he was dead serious and wanted me to answer him truthfully making me swallow apprehensively. "Son, are you having sex with Colton?" He asked candidly.

The question was actually shocking making me wonder why on earth he would think I was having sex with Colton. I mean sure we've been spending a lot of time together and all, and yes we've sort of done sexual things together, but not like real sex and stuff. I'm sure the noises my dad heard was a clear indication there was a lot more going on in my room than simple curiosity on my part or a bit of playfulness, but to think I'd actually have a sexual relationship for real with Colton caught me totally off guard.

"What?" I heard a voice realizing it was coming from me.

"I asked if you were having…," my dad started to ask again and I could feel my cheeks starting to burn with a combination of embarrassment and anger so I cut him off abruptly.

"No…oh god…NO! Shit…what kind of question is that to ask? " I blurted a bit forcefully because I was upset and even cussed while my dad didn't even catch it. " I mean he's like eleven, and yes I love him, but he's like a little brother to me and I'd never hurt him. I mean god…dad…I'm not like some monster or anything." I growled seeing him recoiling for a second, but getting a stern look on his face.

"I had to ask Pim because I was concerned about it; especially, because of the whole age thing and you can't blame me for wondering. I mean, with the noises coming from your room, the way he cuddles up to you lately almost worshiping you, and not to mention the way you two show such affection towards one another you can't blame me for putting two and two together in that type of scenario." He insisted raising an eyebrow at me questioningly making me groan because I could tell he wanted to know if it wasn't Colton then who else was in my room.

"Er…daaaaaad…," I mumbled a bit embarrassed because this was kind of private.

"Don't 'dad' me. I think I've been more than fair so far, and I'm not mad about you being sexually active. It was bound to happen and I'm surprised it hadn't sooner, but this is serious Pim. I'm willing to give you the privacy you need, but I'd be asking you the same thing if you were with a girl and would probably be a bit stricter about it. I don't want details, but I am concerned because if it isn't Colton, I also hope it isn't Julian. I mean, I know you've been making more friends lately, but still with Carter being at the competition it kind of leaves Julian and let's face it he's kind of young too. I mean, sure three years in the big scheme of things isn't like a lot, but at your age it is still a bit of a difference." He sighed while I shook my head wishing we'd never need to have this conversation, but it was going to happen sooner or later.

After all, he was right. He may not want any details, but if I was dating a girl we'd be having a similar type of conversation; especially, if he came home and heard me having sex. It might even be a bit more intense and more in-depth because of the whole girl-boy relationship in regards to pregnancies. That thought made me shiver because that type of conversation would be on a whole different level and totally humiliating.

"Well?" My dad interrupted my thoughts.

"Er…no…it's not Julian." I admitted, but knowing his feelings about the age thing still made me think if what the two of us had done together was perhaps a slip-up.

Shaking off the guilty feeling I decided that deep down I knew it hadn't been a mistake, but rather a good thing. We had both needed it and there was nothing shameful in the act. We both had understood what we were doing and we both wanted it, so despite my dad's insistent that something like that would be wrong I knew in my heart it hadn't been.

My response that it wasn't Julian in my room seemed to both relieve and confuse my dad as he sat back looking at me a bit puzzled while I sighed knowing I had to let him know I had fallen in love. "It's Carter…he flew home because he couldn't stand being away from his little brother with what happened and he is…er…we are in love. It-it just sort of happened…you know…with falling in love and well…er…yeah…the…uh…you know…what you heard us doing earlier." I mumbled, feeling totally embarrassed now glancing up into my dad's face nervously because I didn't know what he'd think about it.

"Oh…er…really…you and Carter. I mean, he's only thirteen years old you know." He began seeing my defensive reaction and holding up his hand trying to calm me down. "No, I didn't mean he's too young for you; although, even at thirteen the age thing is a bit lopsided, but still, that isn't how I meant it. What I was saying is he is still young to really know if he's gay or not. I mean, sure he might have those feelings, but a lot can change in the next couple of years and I don't want to see anyone getting hurt here; especially, not after everything else he's gone through." My dad pointed out while I screwed up my face thinking on what he was saying.

My dad had a point, but it's not as if Carter and I hadn't talked about it either so knew some of the issues and concerns others in our lives may have. "God Pim, I really don't think you know what kind of mess this could turn into." He shook his head sadly before holding up his hand again to forestall my complaints. "Listen, it's nothing we probably can't deal with or handle if something comes up, but I'm just saying this could become a big mess easily and it is something you need to understand." He leaned forward giving me a serious look while I nodded.

"I know dad and we've talked about it. Believe me, we aren't just doing this on impulse and we've actually talked about it a lot." I admitted, my dad squirreling his eyes up in surprise before shaking his head and smiling making me wonder why.

"Like I told you earlier Pim, you tend to have a more level head about things, but still…," he exhaled softly chuckling. "Damn, you and Carter…well…I suppose it really doesn't surprise me. He's a good kid and when I think about it you two are really perfect for each other. Still, do his parents know?" He wondered while I blushed and shook my head.

"I see, well, as much as you may not like the idea, they will have to know; especially, if you two plan on spending the night together at times. Your mother isn't going to be happy, but she will understand." He added after noticing my reaction when he mentioned mom not being happy.

To my surprise we both sat chatting for another good hour about the whole situation between me and Carter, along with many other things. It was embarrassing, but also necessary as I thought on it while finally making my way back to my room after a long night. I was a little nervous about what was going to happen in the morning since he indicated we all would need to sit down and talk things through, but my dad had assured me it would all work out. Of course I wasn't an idiot either and understood there might be some things that will change because now sex had become involved with the relationship I was having with Carter. I could only hope my mom wouldn't freak out or Carter's parents for that matter. Mom was already acting strange in regards to leaving me alone with my friends or about sleepovers and stuff.

Slipping into my room I had to wrinkle my nose because it really was a bit ripe in here not only because it was stuffy and a bit stale from when I wasn't feeling so well, but also because of the raunchy kind of sexing that had been going on in my room. It reminded me about the window as I made my way over opening it up and letting some fresh air into the room. Even though our house was air-conditioned I could feel the breeze from the air outside making everything smell a lot fresher. I'd have to remember to close it back up in the morning or my room would end up being too hot, but for now it would be fine since it was cooler outside during the evening hours.

Turning back around I set the bottle of water on the nightstand next to the bed glancing down at the other boy. Sighing with affection, I smiled noticing Carter still fast asleep and lying on his back. He must have tossed the covers off to the side because it was so stuffy in here, and even with just the light from the street lamp across the street spilling into the room, I couldn't help but admire just how exquisitely sexy the thirteen year old boy looked while he slept. He had a gorgeous body that was sleek and firm with some musculature, but not in an over the top kind of way. It was obvious the boy was into sports with the overall conditioning of his body and also because of some typical bruising with people who are into sports.

Letting my eyes wander over the young teen's physique, I couldn't help but admire him while he slept. There was just something about him that always made my heart race and thunder loudly inside of my chest as I took all of him in, my eyes shifting downwards to the most intimate part about him. His acorn brown colored small patch of downy pubes coiled tightly around the base of his soft penis which curved limply around the outer edges of his ball sack. I loved how he looked naked and it wasn't often I got to see him without an erection so it was nice seeing him like this and being able to study him without either of us getting embarrassed about it since he was asleep.

Peeling off my clothes I climbed up onto the bed next to him on his left side which was the right side of the bed, my face hovering several inches over his soft endowment scrutinizing it closely. I could smell the sweet pungent headiness of perspiration and sex coming from between his legs making me swoon with lust. Leaning down I slurped up his almost three inch long flaccid penis into my mouth enjoying the way his softness felt. I was beginning to discover how I loved the way a boy's soft fleshiness felt inside my mouth and the way it would slowly firm up as I smiled when Carter's floppy worm woke up becoming a coiled cobra raising stiffly upright ready to spit its venom with its curved neck and flared head. There was something magical about the way it felt when a penis went from its limp state to a rigid excited one, and Carter's didn't disappoint as the boy moaned softly in his sleep while his elongated reptile got hard.

It started to rise slowly with his soft stalk twitching and pulsing inside my mouth as I leisurely began to run my tongue around his shaft and tulip bulb. It bobbed around several times before suddenly plumping up completely, feeling about as thick around like a 'C' sized battery as I began to work his pulsing stump in earnest while reaching down and massaging his nice plump chestnut sized testicles.

Carter moaned and I could feel him stirring awake, his fingers now brushing through my short sandy colored locks with his body hitching upwards as he began to face fuck me. It didn't take long for me to feel his body tensing up and his penis pulse, ejaculating a few spurts of cum inside of my mouth, the flavors exploding along my tongue. I loved the way he tasted, knowing he was somewhere in-between the early stages of puberty and the maturity of teen adolescence giving his boyish nectar a sort of mellow yet ripe flavoring.

"Aaaaaarph, oh…oh, uuumph, uuuumph, uuuuuuh, uuuuhngh," the thirteen year old boy grunted with his hard three and a half or four inch curved erection pulsing several times inside my mouth as I slurped and slathered my tongue around his iron torridness.

His orgasm lasted several long seconds before he slumped into the mattress completely satiated, his penis shriveling up inside my mouth. Sighing, I let it slip free and climbed up next to him cuddling the younger boy and hearing him exhaling softly while shivering in blissful contentment as I nuzzled him. He made me so happy and it was an odd feeling being able to pleasure someone now without having to go through the usual motions when engaging them sexually. We were so in tune with one another I would have known immediately if I needed to stop what I was doing.

Nibbling on his lobe I could hear the younger boy giggling, enjoying the sensations I was giving him even now after his orgasm. "God, you are so sexy," I breathed softly in his ear, the boy moaning softly his hand running over my arm that held him around the front.

"I love you too, Pim," the other boy inhaled deeply before letting it out slowly his comment making me snigger.

"I didn't say 'I love you,' just that you were sexy." I snorted seeing a small grin form over his features.

"I know what you said, but I also know what you meant." He beamed opening up his eyes enjoying being cuddled from behind. "What time is it?" He asked while I shrugged my shoulders.

"It's still really early so go back to sleep." I suggested, the boy closing his eyes sleepily.

"Oh, alright." He mumbled gently. "I'm thirsty, but way too tired to get up I think." He admitted making me smile as I shifted and grabbed the bottle of water.

"That's alright, I was thirsty too so got up for some water and figured you might be too." I smiled when he opened up his eyes again and beamed happily at me.

"You are always looking out for me and my brother. I really do love you." He added leaning on his elbows and twisting the cap off the water bottle before swigging it down like I had and setting the empty bottle back on the counter. "That hit the spot, but I just hope I don't wet the bed." He giggled settling back down into my arms.

"Yeah, you aren't the only one. I love everything about you, but don't necessarily want you to pee all over me." I chuckled, feeling him giving me an elbow. "Hey," I grumbled, the younger boy giggling because he knew I hadn't been expecting it.

"Is it really still early?" Carter yawned closing his eyes.

"Yeah, it's about one in the morning, so still plenty of time to get more sleep." I assured him reaching down and covering us up with the bed sheet since I could feel it already cooling off in our room and didn't want us to get cold once we fell asleep.

Carter rolled over on to his side facing me and smiled. "What?" I asked curiously.

"Nothing, I just want to cuddle with you for a change…er…if that is alright. I mean, you are always cuddling me and I want to hold you for the rest of the night." He explained making me smile because I never really thought on it much before since I enjoyed holding him in my arms.

Shrugging my shoulders I turned over on my left side facing away from him feeling the smaller boy cuddling into my back while wrapping his arms around me. It felt nice being held like this as we both sighed at the same time making me smile and giggle. We shifted around a little getting comfortable and before I knew it I was fast asleep feeling really happy and content with my life despite some of the bumps along the way lately.

Even in my sleep I could feel Carter cuddled up a sense of completeness washing over me. It just felt right somehow and allowed me to sleep soundly even after I felt him beginning to nibble on my ear. I was tired, but oddly felt refreshed as I slowly began to wake up with his soft voice murmuring in my ear.

"Hey sleepy head I love you." His warm breath washed over my ear and neck as he whispered lovingly making me smile.

"Love you too. Is it time to get up already?" I wondered feeling the younger boy pressing his groin into me and wiggle around slightly.

It felt kind of funny feeling his boner poking me in the butt as he tried to slide it between my crack without much success. Shifting around slightly, I smiled even bigger when I felt his erection finally slipping inside the warm crevice of my doughy buns and then giggled when I felt the damn thing pulse in reaction to the sensation of stimulation. I knew how it felt to slide my baton between something warm and very sensuous as Carter moaned softly when he began to hump into me our bodies rocking gently.

"No, it's still early but I was…er…kind of horny so just wanted to…you know…fool around. That is…if you want." He asked shyly making me smile.

"Yeah sure…I'd love that and Carter…," I moaned softly, feeling his stiffie continuing to slide inside the folds of my butt cheeks while enjoying the sensation of the boy sliding his hand between my legs and fondling my now fully erect penis.

"Yeah," the boy moaned softly like me as he began to masturbate my now fully excited popsicle while butt fucking me at the same time.

Well, not butt fucking me for real, but still humping into me with his boner getting masturbated by my bum. "From now on you don't need to ask first. I mean, I don't want either one of us to feel like we have to ask for permission anymore. I don't mind if you just start to flirt with me. I'll get the hint and if either one of us want to stop we can always slow it down on our own. I won't ever get upset if you aren't in the mood and let me know somehow. It's just…I don't know…I mean I love you and the way I feel about it my body is yours from now on. I can still say no, but from now on you can do whatever you want with me." I told him sincerely feeling overwhelmed that someone like him would even want my body in that sort of way.

Sure, I knew I wasn't bad looking or anything, but Carter actually loved me and that made all the difference in the world. We were in love with each other, and I never wanted to refuse him anything, not even my body.

"Oh wow really…I mean…er…like you did last night when you gave me that very nice blowjob. That was almost as special as…well…you know…losing my virginity to you." He smiled making me moan breathlessly as he gently slid my foreskin downwards with his fingers. "You can have my body whenever you want too." He whispered sultrily running his thumb over my exposed lollipop making me shiver again while my penis pulsed oozing out some pre-cum. "Oh shit, you're so damn sexy hot." He groaned pressing his hips into me the crown of his bejeweled scepter pushing up against my virginal grommet.

Feeling him rubbing against my organic opening set my blood boiling. "D-do you think you can…I mean if you are up for it…I'm…er…I-I think I'm ready to…uh…you know." I sighed relaxing and feeling the tip of his erection actually sliding into me about an eighth of an inch making me shudder lustfully even though it hurt a little and felt weird.

"Reeeally," He squeaked excitedly with his voice cracking and I wasn't sure if it was from the sensation of my puckered butt lips massaging the tip of his nodule as it vibrated or because I had just offered him the opportunity to fuck me like I had him last night. "I-I really…are you sure?" He wondered nibbling my earlobe like I had him last night. "I mean…you don't have to if you don't want to." He added making me smile because he still put me before his own lustful desires about something so intimate.

"Yeah, I think I'm ready. It's something special that I can give you and I really do love you. I've been waiting to give it to someone who I know loves me the same way…and well…yeah…I know you are the one…my one and only…and no matter what we are forever and I will be with you for the rest of my life. I know it sounds corny Carter, but this is for real…the love I feel for you." I sighed, hearing the thirteen year old boy sniffling as he cuddled up closely.

"I-I really love you too Pim and it isn't corny because I feel the same way. I was just afraid to really say anything because I didn't want to scare you away, but yeah, I want us to grow old together, to have a family of our own some day, even kids. I know I'm only thirteen and all, and yeah we are gay, but it doesn't mean I don't want a normal life with having a family and kids. D-do you think it's wrong…I mean…to be gay, but still want a family? I know it's kind of weird to think about since I'm only thirteen years old." He wondered as I rotated around and faced him giving the smaller boy a big grin because I had just got done talking to dad about the very same thing only a few hours earlier.

"No it isn't wrong or weird, and some day we will get married and have kids of our own. I know we are still really young and all, and people will think we are being silly to be even thinking about something like that at our age, but it is something I want. I know it won't be for a long time yet, but I can wait for us to be ready and I know no matter what happens we will still be together and that some day we will have a family. You will be a great dad some day." I smiled giving him a gentle kiss before pulling away.

"Me…a great dad." He smiled shaking his head. "I think our children will be the luckiest kids in the world to have you as their dad. Just look at how you've been looking after Colton and how much you love him. You've even looked out for me." He smiled sheepishly making me blush. "So…uh…about…um…sex…and…er…well…I was thinking about how I…uh…we should do this. I mean…me…er…making love to you." He giggled making me grin because he was just so damn adorable and cute, not to mention sexy hot.

"Alright, so what do you suggest?" I offered knowing he would have thought about this like I had for him since neither one of us were very experienced and didn't want to hurt one another.

"Well, at first I figured we should do it like before, but you on top." He smiled nervously while I thought it was a good idea because it would allow me to control things like he had done when we did it together, but the look on his face indicated he had ruled it out.

"But you don't want to do it that way." I offered up letting him know it was alright and I was listening.

Even though we had both just agreed to have sex without discussing things I could tell like me Carter felt this was a bit different. Actually fucking or making love in that kind of intimate way was a big deal; especially, for a guy's first time. We were both really inexperienced so it would be important to discuss this sort of thing until we became more comfortable with it.

"Well…er…no…I mean, you know with the way my boner curves it wouldn't really work too well. Er…well I guess if you turned around and faced my feet it would, but I don't want our first time with me making love to you to be with you facing away like that. I was sort of thinking, well if we lay on our side and I spoon you from behind, then I could at least nibble on your neck and kiss you while…uh…also reaching around and…er…pleasuring you too." He suggested as I recalled some of the positions I came across on the internet. "I mean, if you are alright with it since you won't really be in control and all." He added while blushing because he knew I had let him be in control when things were reversed the last time and now he was asking to be in control again.

"Oh…um…yeah, so you want to try the spooning position. I suppose that would work perfectly fine…just…er…you know take it slow please." I smiled encouragingly. "Oh, and don't forget the lube." I reminded him seeing the younger boy get excited as he scrambled to the end table for the lube before clambering back.

It didn't take him long to get me all slicked up making me moan and sigh excitedly when he poked his finger into me trying to stretch me out a bit before we began. He wasn't as big or thick like me, but still, I've never had anything up my butt before until recently and then only fingers so I was a bit nervous. The research I've done did help since many experts had indicated spooning was the perfect first-time anal position for lovers.

"Ready?" He asked spooning up behind me as we both shifted around.

To my surprise it was easier to relax in this position as I curled up and pulled my upper legs slightly toward my upper body. As we continued to shift around I could tell Carter was having a bit of trouble lining up and remembered how I had read that the best way to give a partner a better view of the action was to hold the upper leg just below the knee and open up. Reaching down I did just that and it seemed to help because it only took him a few more moments to get lined up as I tried to settle down to make things easier.

It felt kind of weird when Carter pressed into me pushing against the resistance of my grommet. It was a little painful as he tried to adjust the angle a little when I suddenly felt an intense pain gripping my entire insides catching me by complete surprise. My eyes popped out of my head and I whimpered in agony while Carter seemed to moan in pleasure. It felt like he was ripping my ass in half and I could feel him starting to push forward making me gasp and yelp.

"S-stop…oh-oh…fucking hell." I barked out before clamping my mouth shut because I didn't want to take the chance of my parents hearing and come busting into my room wondering what was wrong.

My dad had mentioned he could hear me and Carter when he had come home, but I was pretty sure with my parents in their own room I was probably safe enough with them not hearing me. I mean, I never heard anything coming from my parents room back in Texas when I was in bed at night and even though I never consciously thought on it I wasn't an idiot and knew my folks were intimate with one another. Our rooms here were about the same distance apart as our house back in Texas so I was fairly certain with the bedroom doors closed we were safe.

"Oh fuck…oh fucking hell," I heard Carter groaning. "Th-this is intense." He croaked, his body shivering and shooting more agony through my insides making me wonder why I was in a lot more pain than the younger boy had been in when he literally took all of me in one go and I was way bigger; especially, when it came to the thickness of my erection.

His body was quivering like a bowl of jelly making me groan in pain. "Oh gawd, Carter please," I whimpered. "Oh shit, please don't move anymore." I hissed biting my lip and trying to control the pain.

"A-are you alright? Oh god Pim, I'm hurting you too much. It's gotta be because of the way my dick curves. I-I'll pull out." He insisted.

"N-no…not yet. I-I don't want to ruin it…but just…aaaaarph," I grunted in agony. "Just hold still for a moment or two and I-I'll let you know." I gasped wheezing for air and tried to relax so I could get used to the intense pain.

"Pim, I don't want to do this if it means hurting you. I know you were way bigger, but it has to be because of the way my boner is curved. You are used to me putting my fingers inside of you straight and not curved like this." He tried to explain making sense as I nodded my head feeling the pain start to subside some into something that was more throbbing than stabbing.

"I-I know Carter, but it's alright now. The pain isn't like a stabbing one anymore and is now just a dull throbbing. Go ahead and try to slip inside of me further, but please Carter let's do it slow and see how it goes." I grimaced. "I-I love you and I want to give a part of me to you just like you did for me." I smiled encouragingly feeling him begin to play with my penis a little which had gone completely limp.

It felt wonderful the way his right hand was slowly stroking my skin flute reaching down further every so often to give my balls an encouraging squeeze while his left arm in the crook of my neck cradled my head from below allowing him to run his fingers across my chest. Those were pleasurable tingling sensations and he seemed to focus on this for several long moments managing to bring me to a full erection before once again pressing his groin into me. I winced from the pain, but this time it wasn't so bad and he managed to get in another half an inch, his erection throbbing and pulsing inside my warm grotto.

"Oh god you feel so wonderful." He crooned. "I can't believe we are actually doing this. I love you so much."

"I-I love you too…and-and…oh fucking hell I just love you Carter." I began to cry shaking my head when he started to get concerned. "It's alright…I mean…it's just I really love you with all my heart and soul." I insisted feeling him leaning in to kiss my cheek lovingly while he continued to pleasure me.

He took his time, all the while making sure to masturbate me slowly. The intensity of his manipulating fingers all over my body and trinkets was gradually building up the tension of pleasurable feelings while the steady inserting his royal scepter inside the narrow opening of my passage was like a key unlocking the treasure vault. I was already sweating and could feel the heat of his body behind me and even though there was pain I couldn't deny feeling more fulfillment now than the stinging sensation of his blade. This was starting to feel much better now when I felt him finally bottoming out, the tip of his probe bumping against my prostate making me unexpectedly jolt as the most insane sensation shot through my insides.

Even though we both knew what happened the last time and was ready for it, I was still caught off guard when my very own volcanic Mount Vesuvius literally erupted shattering my mind and thoughts into a million pieces like shards of colored glass. I'm sure being in pain hadn't prepared me for when he brushed up against my love button sending one of the most intense tingling sensations ever coursing through my small body.

"Oh fuck…," I squeaked hearing Carter voice echoing mine when we both detonated at the same time like twin volcanic eruptions on separate continents and on the opposite ends of the earth, just like we did the first time, making me wonder if this was a sign of our deep soulful connection as mutual intense orgasms washed over both of our bodies.

"Aaaaarph, oooomph, ooouuumph, aaaaaahhhhhh, grrrrr, oooh, ooh, mmmmmmph," I grunted as I began to spasm feeling Carter's body bucking in the grips of its own climactic seizure, the boy wrapping me up in his arms so our bodies wouldn't separate by mistake.

In a way it was kind of embarrassing because neither one of us seemed able to control ourselves, not when fucking. It was as if our bodies were betraying us with our premature ejaculations, making me realize how frustrating it must be for Mason. The feeling of disappointment didn't last long though because my powerful orgasm was making me squirm and whimper in pleasure. I could feel Carter's curved scimitar deep inside of me as it pulsed and wiggled around, managing to further stimulate the prostate since it was rubbing against my small internal pleasure nut. The thirteen year old boy had chosen the right position for us because it seemed to naturally fit the way his tendril bowed, electrifying me with every spastic contraction and palpitation. Even the sensation of his boyish frothy cream smoothie blasting out the tip end of his rifled nozzle and spraying my prostrate made me buck with wild abandonment. The intense feelings were indescribable, but I never wanted it to end as both of us moaned and groaned in ecstasy.

It took me a few moments to realize Carter wasn't the only one ejecting his boyish man juice as I glanced down with my eyes widening in horror when I noticed the mess of my own making. My own personal special sauce was still spurting out of my stumpy pulsating canon with huge strings blasting towards the edge of my mattress. Some actually managed to drop over the edge and I knew it was pooling on the floor while the rest had made a long streak of wetness along the surface of my mattress. You could see the line of white puddles making its way towards the edge of the bed as I continued to grunt, my thick cocklet pulsating and spitting in a spastic fit.

Even though I was on the receiving end this time my orgasm was no less powerful as I finally began to succumb and clamber down from my rapturic high feeling the same thing happening to Carter. I slumped further into his arms and felt his penis soften up before slipping out of me with a popping noise. The slick sensation of his squashy exit made me shudder despite being over the intense part of my climax.

We were both wheezing for air and trying to recuperate while the slimy sensation of cum kept oozing out of my butt hole now that the boy's cork had been removed. It was weird feeling warm semen oozing out like that and I knew I should probably clamp my grommet shut, but I figured it might just be easier to let it flow completely out of me. Besides, the sheets were all messed up anyway and I would need to try finding a way of getting them changed and cleaned without mom finding out about it.

A peaceful contentment settled over my mind, body, and soul as I closed my eyes and sighed hearing Carter say something as if from a long distance away. "I love you so much." His voice echoed mutedly in my thoughts.

"I love you more, but for real…," I yawned, "we gotta work with getting better at this." I replied and chuckled with a grin as everything simply faded away into a sort of soft hazy glowing warmth in the aftermath of this epic event in what I could only describe as complete and utter contentment.

"HOLY CRAP, what the hell happened…," I heard a familiar voice slicing through my slumbering state with my eyes snapping open in a panic, all remnants of sleep dissipating immediately.

"WHAT THE FUCK…COLTON GET OUT…YOU FUCKING MORON GET OUT." I heard Carter responding angrily feeling him reaching down and pulling up the blanket to get us covered back up, but his reaction stunned me.

I could see that it caught his little brother by surprise too because his eyes widened in fear and immediately welled up in confusion and shame. He let out a small whimper and started to bolt for the door. I immediately felt bad for him with my brotherly like instincts kicking into high gear knowing that if I didn't diffuse this situation now both brothers would regret what happened.

"COLT WAIT…stop…don't go." I barked out feeling really bad for the kid and I could see him hesitating for a moment but knew he was still about to bolt out of the room. "Colt…please don't go. It'll be alright…you just caught Carter…er…us by surprise is all. He didn't mean it." I explained keeping my voice calm while I gave Carter a sympathetic glance as he blushed.

I could see the thirteen year old boy's conflicted emotions. He was angry and upset, but completely mortified at his brother catching him in bed like this. It was obvious what we had done, well that we had sex, but not necessarily exactly what had happened, but for Carter this was totally humiliating. He was a lot better now about not being so shy with his body and all, but he was still very hesitant to expose himself around his little brother. With the little twerp walking into the room, catching Carter not only exposed and what I knew was a full blown erection while also in a rather dubious situation, had the thirteen year old boy rattled big time. Still, it was no excuse to lay into his little brother like that when it was just an accident and bound to happen sooner or later if we kept this up.

"Come over…please Colt." I pleaded seeing the boy still hesitating, his shoulders shaking when he let out a sniffle which just broke my heart to see him so upset. "Please Colt, I need a cuddle." I stressed, seeing him respond as he turned towards me a bit worried.

"Are you feeling sick?" He asked making me smile for the way he fretted over me.

"No, I'm feeling much better, but I just need a little cuddle from my favorite little guy." I smiled bending the truth a little about the needing part, but not much because I really did want to cuddle with him for a bit.

"Oh…alright." He replied meekly walking over and climbing on top of my blankets and giving me a hug before I nudged him to turn over so I could spoon him from behind with Carter spooning behind me.

The boy sniffled a little in my arms and I sighed sadly. "It's alright Colt, you know your brother didn't mean it, but I think from now on you need to be a bit more careful about barging in like this." I soothed the younger boy while also trying to set some boundaries.

"But why, I mean, it's not like I haven't seen you naked before and I do share the same room with Carter at home." He responded curiously making me chuckle.

"Because it's embarrassing you boob." Carter growled not in an angry tone, but rather more of an annoyed tone as I craned my neck and gave the older boy an amused look. "What, I'm just saying is all." He defended himself while I shook my head. "I mean, yeah at home we share a room so I'm more careful, but still…," He paused.

"Geeze for real Carter. I mean…I thought you were getting over this whole shy thing and all. I mean for Pete's sake he's your little brother and it's bound to happen that he sees you naked, even with a boner you dweeb." I responded hearing Colt giggling since he thought this was now amusing. "And don't give me that he's my little brother crap. Damn, I've got friends who have brothers and sisters and they see each other naked all the time at home. It's family, so shit like that happens all the time. I just don't get it with you and Colton. I mean, he's basically got the same damn body like you had at his age and that's including what's swinging between his legs. You even said so and I'm sure he will be having the same body like you when he gets to your age so what's the big deal?" I wondered shaking my head and giving Colt a tender brotherly kiss on the cheek while a small smile spread over my features when I realized I had my hand shoved down the front of his shorts and was molesting his now fully erect penis and balls.

The younger boy was shirtless and must have slipped his shorts on this morning without any underwear so was running around commando today. It still amazed me how comfortable we were together about being able to touch one another so casually. I loved being able to mess around with him like this and he always seemed to enjoy it. In the past there were times I was bothered by our openness, but not anymore completely accepting it and wondering how long this would last where he was willing to let me fondle him like this.

"Alright-alright…I hear you already and I don't know why, but I'm working on it. Geeze, you gotta give me some credit. I mean you've gotta admit I've come a long way since we first met a month or two back." He chuckled shaking his head as he leaned in and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. "Hey, stop molesting my little brother already. Damn, that's just too creepy you know." He admonished while I shrugged my shoulders.

"Can't help it he's your mini-me and just too damn cute. Besides, I've got a lot of years of catching up to do with groping you." I retorted hearing Colton giggling while Carter simply rolled his eyes and smacked me on the shoulders not thinking it was funny at all.

"Just because I looked like him at that age doesn't make it me." He insisted the three of us giggling. "God, you are such a pervert Pim, but for real, it does make me a little uncomfortable. I know it isn't about sex between you two, but he's still my little brother you know." He sighed. "Oh, and not to change the subject, but what the hell are you doing over here so early anyway?" He asked Colt, the initial heated exchange between the two boys totally forgotten and pushed off to the side as if it no longer mattered.

It made me smile because the two brothers really did love each other and never seemed to let little things like this get in the way. They hardly ever squabbled over anything, and when they did it was quickly forgotten with neither one of them needing to apologize.

"Oh, well Pim's parents dropped by and wanted to chat a bit with mom and dad. The doorbell ringing woke me up and I slipped into my shorts real quick to see what was going on. When I went into the living room I got that look from mom and dad, you know, the one where they had something important to talk about. Anyway, that's why I decided to come over here. The door was unlocked so I didn't think anyone would mind if I let myself in." He explained while I groaned.

"Shit, they must be talking about us." I sighed craning my neck over to Carter who looked at me a bit puzzled.

"Why us?" He wondered.

"Well…er…dad got home last night…and well…he sort of heard us…you know." I glanced over to Colton knowing he probably figured out we were having a bit of fun, but I didn't want him to know exactly what or just how much. "Anyway, we sort of talked for a bit and I…er…well hell Carter I just had to tell him about us…you know…being boyfriends and all." I sighed while the thirteen year old boy glanced over at his brother.

"Shit…er…," He started to speak but didn't seem to know what to say because now even his brother had heard, but to his amazement it didn't even seem to bother the smaller boy.

"So…I don't know what the big deal is about you guys being boyfriends," Colt shrugged his shoulders. "I think you guys are perfect for each other." He added while Carter furled his eyebrows giving me a questioning look.

"Er…well…sorry Carter I was going to tell you, but there are a few people who do know about us now. I mean, it just sort of happened and it is only just a few people so don't get mad about it. I was trying to find the right time to tell you." I sighed while reaching back and pulling the covers off of us tossing them over Colt before sitting up.

"Hey, what the…," Carter began to protest covering his boy baubles before I interjected.

"Shit, stop being so damn shy about your body already. You look great, but we should get up and hurry with cleaning up a bit because I'm sure our parents are going to be wanting us to talk about stuff." I added grabbing Carter and pulling him with me off the bed and had to stifle a giggle because he was all boned up and trying his best to cover himself up with his hand while scrambling off the mattress.

The thirteen year old boy blushed but followed me over to the dresser drawer while Colt sat up and watched us. "Shit Colt, stop staring at my boner already." Carter retorted blushing a little at the way his little brother was perving on his naked body and his boner and balls in particular.

"I…uh…sorry its just I was…er…wondering…," he trailed off and when I glanced over at the younger boy he was looking down at his feet dangling over the bed with his eyebrows pinched together in deep thought.

"What Colton…what were you wondering?" Carter paused noticing the same look I had seen, making me happy he was at least making an effort to be not so shy around his little brother and to not get upset with being gawked at.

"It's just you keep saying I'm just like you and well…er…mine's gotten bigger lately…you know…my willie and all, but…er…well…yours is still way bigger and there's just no way mine's going to get as big as yours. I know you and Pim have told me we all go through changes and I know I've grown some…you know…down there, but mine's got a lot of growing to do if I'm going to look good like yours." He stated timidly and blushed since he thought it came out weird making him sound like an idiot.

The comment caught Carter off guard and he simply froze with an uncomfortable pause settling around us for several long moments. I was hoping he was going to say something, and when it was obvious he was too stunned I started to speak up only to see the thirteen year old boy step forward and make his way to his little brother. Kneeling down in front of the smaller boy he set the clothes he had dug out of the dresser drawer off to the side and gave Colt a quick hug before releasing him.

"You need to stop worrying about the size of your pecker moron. I told you mine did the same thing. It was really small and then I kind of got a little growth spurt. At first I was happy and then I got a little disappointed thinking that was as big as it would get, but then not long after it…er…you know started getting bigger for real. Well, actually, it just seemed to get big from one day to the next and sort of caught me by surprise when I realized it. I mean, it's not like I'm huge or anything, but I do like the way I look naked and you are perfect just the way you are right now too. I mean, let's face it, if you weren't…Pim wouldn't be constantly molesting you." He added teasingly with both boys giggling while I squirreled up my eyes.

"Hey," I started to complain when I suddenly started to crack up because both of them stuck their tongue out at me and it was just too damn funny because I realized they truly were two pees in a pod; so very similar in many ways yet different enough to make them their own person.

"Thanks Car…," The younger boy smiled giving his older brother a hug.

It made me smile because Colton rarely used his brother's nickname and usually only in a tender type of situation. I've only heard him use it on a couple of occasions and it was always adorable in the way it came about. It made me smile to see that sort of closeness between the two brothers because I knew more often than not there was a lot of friction between siblings. Over the years I've noticed my friends always seemed to argue with their brothers or sisters, but with Carter and Colton that was very rare and even then it was forgotten almost as fast as it happened.

"No worries," Carter responded before getting pushed back surprising him.

"Eww…," Colton giggled. "You stink of sweat and sex." He snorted making me chuckle before totally busting up when I saw Carter pouncing on his brother evidently forgetting he was totally starkers.

What surprised me even more is what happened next because he reached down pulling his brother's shorts off. It happened so fast that it even caught his little brother off guard, not expecting that sort of move from his older brother.

"Eeeeep…hey!" Colton started to protest before giggling and squirming around because his older brother began kissing and tickling him all over, which had the typical reaction in the basement department.

Colton realized it as well because he immediately clamped his hands over his little boy sausage and cranberries trying to hide the fact he had just popped a stiffie. It didn't help though because Carter was bigger and stronger as he tore his little brother's hand away holding them off to the side and forcing the boy on to his back before he started kissing the little guy's chest and stomach. The poor little tyke was squirming, bucking, and tittering like a little girl while the thirteen year old boy relentlessly lavished him with his brotherly affection. In a way it was kind of sexy hot watching the two naked brothers squirming around with their boners and balls bouncing around, not to mention the older boy's lily white ass waving around. Heck, Carter had even worked himself down kind of low on his younger brother lavishing kisses on the smaller boy's lower stomach and pubic mound before suddenly stopping and sitting back up his eyes widening in surprise.

"Oh whoa…," He blurted out in astonishment gazing at his little brother's boner which was pointing upwards away from his porcelain smooth pubic area before bowing like banana.

Since Colton was lying on his back with his hands held off to his side his wand was clearly visible as damn thing bobbed and weaved about in the air while his small oysters hung slackly between his thighs. I had to admit it was sexy hot seeing him like this, but I could see the younger boy furl his eyebrows in concern now.

"W-what?" he asked meekly.

"Oh wow, it's just I realized I may have been wrong about the size of your pecker." Carter expressed shaking his head while Colt was just about in tears.

"I knew it…mine's puny isn't it?" He was close to tears and I started to step forward to intervene.

"Huh…what…no…that's not what I meant…er…shit." Carter sighed sitting back and releasing his brother and when the little boy sat up covering himself up in embarrassment, the teen reached out and cuddled his little brother apologetically.

"Colt, that's not what I meant…really. It's just…well…I just realized yours looks a bit bigger than mine was at your age after I got a bit of a growth spurt. If anything, I'm thinking you might even end up bigger than me." Carter insisted letting go of his little brother and wiping away the wetness around the boy's eyes.

"Really…you think it might end up being even bigger than yours?" He wondered while Carter shrugged his shoulders and I tried to stifle a giggle because it was just too funny how not five or ten minutes ago the two brothers had always been kind of shy about showing their bodies to each other and now they were staring at each other's boners and sizing one another up.

"Yeah, it just might." Carter furled his eyebrows in thought as he seriously ogled his little brother's stiffly curved whip that appeared to have grown overnight and looked to be just a bit bigger than two and a quarter inches long now.

"Oh…alright…cool, but…er…it won't grow too big right?" He questioned while Carter frowned at his little brother because that wasn't the reaction he was expecting.

Even I wasn't expecting that reaction and wondered what on earth was going on in Colton's head. "What!" Carter exclaimed in surprise. "Shit…just a minute ago you were worried it wasn't going to be big enough and now you are afraid it might end up being too huge. I don't get it."

"Well yeah, I mean if it is too large then if I ever start to have sex with girls it might hurt them when I stick it inside their hole…right?" He asked, and despite him being serious it was just too cute and I couldn't help myself as I began to bust up and tried to help out.

"Geeze Colt, don't worry about your size whether it is too big or too small. It won't affect how things work out when having sex one way or the other." I explained holding up my hand when he started to say something. "Trust me alright. If your pecker ends up being a little smaller or a little bigger it won't influence the way you have sex with boys…or girls. Besides, I thought you said you didn't like girls." I teased, the boy giving me a serious glare.

"Ewe, of course not, but you and Julian keep saying I will probably end up liking girls and having sex with them is supposed to feel good too." The little guy retorted while Carter groaned shaking his head.

"Oh god, let's not talk about sex. I mean, you're still my little brother and I just…well to be frank it's just too freaking weird and I just can't handle that at all." Carter protested while I gave him a sympathetic look understanding and before Colton could say anything else decided it was just best to move things along.

"Er…yeah…right. We can talk more about this a bit later Colton, just the two of us, I promise. Anyway, Carter, why don't you take your brother with you and hop in the shower while I change my sheets."

"What!" The teen squeaked in surprise at the idea of showering with his little brother.

"Geeze for Pete's sake already Carter. I mean you practically molested your naked brother here a minute ago and you are worried about showering with him." I chuckled cheekily rolling my eyes teasingly at him.

"Hey, I didn't molest my…," he started to protest automatically at the accusation while I held up my hand to stop him and he suddenly seemed to realize I was only teasing him. "Prick." He managed to retort before I put my other two cents worth in trying to get them moving along.

"Just get a move on already because our folks will probably be coming over here soon enough or call and have us go over to your place. I'm sure my dad's gotta get to work and this is probably going to be an embarrassing talk with everyone now since we've kind of made things official like, and I don't want us to be all stinky with…er…you know…smelly when we all sit down." I sighed motioning for them to get off the bed so I could strip the sheets.

"Alright-alright already I hear you. Come-on let's get cleaned up, but so help me Colt if you try any funny stuff I'll…I'll…," the thirteen year old boy grumbled turning a bit red with the idea of what his little brother might do in the shower.

"You'll what, kiss me all over…," Colton giggled and I couldn't help but bark out laughing while the other teen rolled his eyes at us and blushed shaking his head before holding out his hand to his little brother.

"God, you two are impossible." Carter sighed taking his brother's hand in his own as he looked at Colton and paused for a second. "You really aren't freaked out about me and Pim being boyfriends. I mean…you know…with me being gay?"

"That's kind of a stupid thing to ask…of course not. I mean, Pim's the best…and well…you deserve the best." He retorted making me smile while Carter seemed to beam with pride as he looked down at his little brother adoringly.

"I'm just saying that some of your friends might tease you about it if they find out. So maybe just be careful and try not to tell people. Besides, Pim and I don't want everyone to know about it. We don't mind some of our closest friends, and I guess it'll be alright with our folks…well…at least I hope so. You understand…right?" He asked.

"Yeah I guess and any of my friends who do say anything aren't really friends to begin with. If it's a choice between them and you it will always be you Car. Besides, people like that are a bunch of dweebs." He smiled toothily at his brother as they collected their things and made their way out for a shower together, probably the first time in years, and not since they were both really little.

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