Sweet Cheeks

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 7

A few hours later my sister came in to check up on us and gently stroked my forehead to see if I had a temperature or not. Her cool touch felt wonderful against my skin, and I slowly opened up my eyes smiling at her as she looked down at me. Garrett was still snuggled up next to me, and his skin felt so smooth, silky, and warm against my own mostly naked skin.

"Hey Hunter," my sister whispered to me. "I didn't mean to wake you up, but how are you feeling?" She asked me still looking worried.

Smiling back at her I realized my head wasn't pounding any more. "A lot better, thanks for everything sis. I'm so sorry that you had to leave the dojo like that, but you were the closest."

"Hey, what are big sisters for anyway. Mom and dad both called up and wanted to know how you were doing. I told them you are sleeping it off and that everything was under control. Mom just about freaked, and was going to head home right away, but I told her everything was fine. Still, I think mom is going to head home early today anyway." My sister stated as she caringly stroked my cheeks.

My sister was the greatest, but I also know she's sacrificed a lot over the years because of my episodes that seem to hit me at the most impromptu moments. I hate it when I get sick like this because it sends everyone in a tizzy. The last few years have been quiet on the medical front regarding my body petering out on me, but that could only be attributed to the fantastic doctors in this region. The regiment of medication, and the tight scrutiny of my doctors helped keep my body in balance.


"Yes Hunter," my sister smiled at me.

"Why don't you have a boyfriend? I mean…I know you like boys and everything, but why do you just sweep aside any boy that ever wants to go out with you?" I asked her seriously.

"Where the hell is this coming from?" My sister asked flabbergasted with the question.

"Just wondering, I mean take for instance Brad; I know he'd love to go out with you, but…" I started out then blushed wondering if I even had a right to question my sister.

"But what?" My sister inquired seemingly interested.

"Um…nothing really. I just think he would like to ask you out on a date…you know…but…um, is kind of afraid. Don't you like him, you know…in more than just a friend kind of way. He's really a nice guy sis…so I just don't understand is all."

"Hunter sweetie, there's more to it. I mean, there's so much going on…you know with us and…and well I'm also so involved with the dojo…where would I even have the time." She stated making excuses. "Besides, someone has to ask me in order for me to accept." She tried to tease.

"So, if Brad asks…you'd go out with him?" I queried.

"N…no…I mean yes…um no…shit, I don't know Hunter." She scrunched up her eyes thinking. "I don't think you should be too worried about this Hunter. I'm not missing anything." She tried to sound convincing.

Sighing I reached out, and took her hands in mine. "You need to start taking the time for yourself sis. It's going to be your senior year, and you should have…more fun. You can't tell me the dojo takes up that much time. If you are doing this for me…don't. I'd feel awful if you miss out because of me. I'm not an invalid or anything; I just sometimes have a little bit of a….hiccup." I teased her as I squeezed her hand.

My sister just shook her head. "You just worry about your own love life you little twerp, and I'll worry about mine." She teased me thinking she one upped me when in fact she hadn't considering my own love life seemed to be coming along just fine. "You should think about getting up if you are feeling better, you too Sweet Cheeks." My sister whispered in Garrett's ear, and gave him a kiss right on the lips.

"Hey," he spoke up and wiped away the kiss with the back of his hand. "Yuk." He stated seriously, but then giggled as she leaned over and gave him another quick peck on the lips.

"Mmmm," she sniggered. "You're a great kisser. Has Hunter been teaching you?" She teased, but Garrett and I just about shit our pants. I mean now I had to wonder because she had also just commented about my love life.

"What…um…no…I mean that would be kind of…um…yuck." Garrett managed to get out almost convincingly.

"Geeze, hold your horses there big guy. I was just joshin you, so don't get your britches all tied up in a knot. It was only a kiss without any meaning…I mean I kiss Hunter all the time. Nothing serious or anything, you know just a brother and sister kind of peck on the lips or on the cheeks. Don't you and your sister ever…you know…hug or anything like that?" She asked him seriously.

As soon as the words left my sister's mouth I felt Garrett stiffen up next to me, and I could tell he was a little upset about the question. I never thought to ask him about this myself, but now I was curious to know as well. I mean, I know Susan and I have a great relationship, but even siblings who don't get along still care for each other, and show some sort of affection. But from Garrett's reaction I gathered there wasn't any of this type of interaction between him and his sister.

Garrett grabbed on to my arm holding it tighter to him and I reflexively hugged him to me as I watched a lone teardrop meander down his quivering cheeks and lips. "No, she hates me." He admitted as he shook his head in the negative.

"Come on Garrett, your sister doesn't hate you." My sister tried to sooth him.

She stroked his cheeks gently, and looked down at him sympathetically, but he just stared off past her. My sister looked at me, and I just shrugged my shoulders. Sighing she got up and leaned over giving Garrett a soft kiss on his cheek. "I'm so sorry Sweet Cheeks. I know Hunter adores you so much, and so do I. If you were my little brother I'd always make sure I gave you a hug or kiss every day." She stated after kissing him and then ruffling up his curly mop.

Garrett looked up and gave a weak smile, "Thanks Susan…I wish you really were my sister instead of Jenna."

Sighing, my sister stroked his hair for a moment longer, and then left us alone. I held on to the small heartbroken boy, and snuggled with him letting him know through my hug that I was there for him.

"Hunter?" He asked in a whisper that was barely audible.

"Yeah, Sweet Cheeks."

"Are…are you sick or something, I mean…you know for real, or are you really alright?" He queried in a worried manner.

"What…of course I'm fine, why would you even ask me that?"

"I don't know, it's just the way you and your sister talked about….about some things, and also because of…today. Please don't just tell me you're alright because you think I'm sort of a little kid or something. What's really wrong with you Hunter?"

"Garrett, I told you. It's just some sort of chemical imbalance is all," I assured him.

Garrett turned around and faced me looking at me seriously. He stroked my cheeks lovingly, and looked deeply into my eyes. "Please Hunter," He whispered.

Sighing I just looked at him and shrugged my shoulders. "Garrett, really it isn't all that bad. I can't even pronounce to you what I have, but it is just something that throws my body out of whack sometimes. It's a very rare genetic disorder, and I just have to watch and monitor myself very closely. Sometimes if I get too tired it can send my body into shock. It was worse when I was younger, but since we've moved here it's been a lot better." I told him.

"So if you get tired you can get sick?" He asked me.

"No, it's not like that or anything. It's a different kind of tired, not something like getting tired after a basketball game or wrestling match….just different."

"Oh," he responded still a bit confused.

"You see, that's why I don't say anything because people just don't really get it. Anyway, are you alright…you know…you're sister?"

Garrett just looked at me a bit sadly, but nodded his head before turning around again on his other side so I can snuggle with him. I felt badly for him, and wished I could make things better between him and his sister. I gently stroked his arms, and then turned him on his stomach so I could scratch his back lightly. I always love it when my sister does that for me. I heard Garrett sigh as the simple act of showing affection eased away some of his tension. After a few moments he rolled on his back, and I started to slowly massage his chest and stomach with the palm of my hands.

"I love it when you do that Hunter," he sighed and purred like a kitten. "I still remember the very first time you did that when you babysat me. It was the first time I felt…loved in a long time. Don't get me wrong I know my mom loves me and all, but Jenna just hates me, and she always made me feel like I couldn't be loved by anyone." He stated as tears started to drop from his face.

"Oh Sweet Cheeks, please don't cry." I whispered as I stroked his cheeks affectionately.

Garrett looked over at me and smiled. "You don't understand Hunter, these aren't tears of sadness. Remembering the first time you showed me that I was cared about and loved is such a wonderful memory Hunter. I am happy…not sad." He admitted as he smiled and wiped away the tears of joy with the back of his hand.

He wrapped one arm around my neck and the other under my arm before leaning his head on my chest as I hugged him towards me. "I love you so much Hunter…and I promise that I am not just throwing that phrase around."

The boy was breaking my heart as now my own tears started to flow out of me as I sniffled. "Oh Sweet Cheeks, what am I going to do with you?"

"Well, you can give me…"

"An orgasm," I finished his famous comeback now. "I know…I know already. Geeze, how about I give you a rain check?" I asked as I chuckled.

"What's that?" He inquired releasing me for a moment and looking up at me.

"It just sort of means how about I promise to do that for you the next time?" I responded.

He just shrugged his shoulders. "I guess that would be alright." He stated seriously.

"You what…I mean when did you become the one who says when, or when we don't have…fun?" I said seriously not believing how uppity he acted about all of this.

Garrett just looked at me and started to giggle, and it was then when I realized he was just teasing me. Of course he wouldn't just expect me to perform for him whenever it pleased him.

"You're a fucking twat, you know that?" I told him as I squeezed his ass real hard, and not in a teasing way, but really hard to press my point.

"Owe…owe, alright already." He whined, but still giggled.

"Geeze, for real Garrett, what the fuck am I going to do with you?" I sighed as I threw the covers off of us, and we climbed out of bed.

He followed me to the bathroom as we both emptied out our bladders and tried to clean ourselves up a bit. We teased around a little as we sort of shoved and pushed against one another like brothers, or the best of friends.

"Um Hunter, are you going to be able to watch me tomorrow?" He asked concerned about how I still felt, and if I would be up to going out tomorrow.

"What…I mean I don't understand. What's going on tomorrow?"

"Oh shit, I forgot…you know…with you not feeling so well and all I didn't want to say anything unless you started feeling better. I have soccer tryouts with Selden tomorrow."

"Oh…um…yeah, I wouldn't miss it for the world. Count me in, and I bet my sis will come as well. She loves those types of things and goes to practically all of my matches with wrestling and my swim meets. So yeah, I'll be there cheering you on, besides I'm sure Dylan will be there too."

Garrett retrieved his now dry and clean shirt, and we hung around together for a while longer before my sister drove him home. When she got back home she sat down with me to ask what the whole deal was with Jenna. I told her as much as I knew, and she just looked at me completely at a loss for words. I told her about Garrett's soccer tryouts, and she promised to drive me over and be there as well.

Later that night when my folks got home we all sat down for dinner and then for a talk. I knew what was coming, but didn't budge on my commitment for the upcoming school year. They were really concerned that I was overextending myself with all the new meds and how my body was undergoing all these changes which threw everything out of whack for me. They asked me to consider taking it easy until things sort of settled down concerning the whole medicine and getting sick thing, but I pointed out to them that my body would continue to change over the next several years so I might as well get used to it and live my life despite everything. I could see the worry in their eyes, but they did support me.

It wasn't all that late yet, and despite my earlier nap, I was still tired when I slipped under the covers on my bed. I wanted to be rested up so I could go support Garrett tomorrow. My mom came in to tuck me in bed, which she hasn't done in years, and stroked my forehead. She looked tired, and the creases of concern on the corners of her eyes seemed to be even more pronounced today. I knew that I had given her and my dad a real fright today, but there was nothing I could have done to prevent it from happening.

As I looked at her I could tell there was something else on her mind as well. I just waited and let her sort it out on her own. It seems as if a mother's worry is never ending.

"Hunter…sweetheart," she began as she smiled at me. "I know that you are growing fond of Garrett, but…do you think it's wise to get so attached, or having him getting so attached to you?" She asked me seriously.

It sort of caught me by surprise. I knew she wasn't talking about sex or anything, and I don't think she had that much problems with our age difference because she's always known I wished I had a younger brother or sister. No, this was a concern for something entirely different. She was worried about me getting sick all the time, and how that would affect my friendship with the younger boy who seemed to need so much of my time. That was her biggest concern, along with some unspoken ones that I don't think she was prepared to talk about at the moment, so I let those go as well. I didn't say anything and let her talk some more.

"Hunter, think about it. I don't mind the age difference so much; although, that will affect how much time you will be able to spend with him as well once school starts up again. What about if you start getting sick, and have to spend more time in the hospital? You know that it is a possibility if things start to progress backwards for you. How are you going to explain things to him about not being able to be there so much for him? Maybe you should think about limiting your time with him?"

In a way she was making sense. I knew she was not only trying to protect Garrett, but me as well, yet I still also had older friends and that didn't make me treat them any different.

Sighing I just shook my head. "I don't know mom. I mean look at Dylan. He's my best friend and I spend a lot of time with him too, but don't do anything differently. I don't know how it really happened mom, but Garrett's my friend now too, so I will treat him like I do Dylan or any of my other friends."

My mom looked at me hinting that this might be a mistake, but in the end sighed and let it go. She stuck around for a little while longer and we talked a bit before she said goodnight and left me to my own thoughts. I remained awake for a while longer before fading off to sleep knowing in my heart that having Garrett in my life was no mistake.

It was another glorious day in the Pacific Northwest weather wise when I woke up the following morning feeling much refreshed and feeling like my old self. The switch back to my old meds was working wonders for me as my body seemed to adjust back to a semblance of balance. Even my parents seemed to perk up on this lovely Saturday morning once they discovered I was feeling much better.

After a quick breakfast, and doing a few of my chores, despite my parents telling me to do them later, I finally made my down the few blocks and walked up the couple of steps to Garrett's house. I rang the doorbell, and after a few moments Jenna answered opening the door.

"Hey Jenna, how are you going?" I asked her cheerfully.

She just rolled her eyes and didn't answer my question. "The little twerp's not home at the moment. Geeze, Hunter I don't know why you let him hang around with you anyway. He's only going to drag your reputation and status down the drain you know."

"Well, good morning to you too, Jenna, and I'm here to visit with you, not Garrett. Are you just going to stand there or are you going to invite me inside?" I retorted back to her confident she was going to invite me in if for nothing else than have some company since she's grounded.

"Yeah, sure why not." She retorted motioning me to enter. "So what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?" She questioned.

"Geeze Jenna, don't you ever just give it a rest. I just don't understand why you are just so angry, mad, and mean all the time?" I queried as I walked into the living room and took a seat on the couch.

"I have no idea what you are talking about?" Jenna answered tossing her hair and sitting next to me changing her demeanor to one of seductiveness.

Her change in behavior kind of caught me by surprise, and I didn't know what to say for a moment. I guess my silence signaled something else to her as she leaned in and kissed me on the lips. The kiss was very seductive and almost familiar, and I could feel my pecker between my legs respond to the sexual overtures as it inflated and pressed up against my shorts. My mind was reeling, and all of a sudden I felt her hand slither between my legs as she groped my package.

My body reacted and I jerked away from her standing up. "W…what the fuck is that all about?" I yelped as my hand covered up the tenting in my shorts while also trying to get myself adjusted.

"Geeze Hunter, what's wrong with you…are you gay or something?" She asked, but I could also tell she didn't think I was gay since I was sporting a hard-on that I was desperately trying to get adjusted.

"Fuck you Jenna?" I spat back heatedly.

"Oh yeah…well fuck you too. Why the hell did you even bother coming over anyway." She spat back.

Taking a deep breath to calm myself down I just looked at her and then sighed. "I came to talk to you about Garrett?"

"What about him. What does the little shit need now?" She had calmed down now as well, but still couldn't seem to get over her hatred for her brother and he wasn't even at home. I could only imagine how it was when he really was around, and I don't know why I thought things were different and not the way Garrett had described things between him and his sister.

"Jenna….do you really hate him that much? I mean some of the things you say is…is really hateful and mean. He's your brother Jenna."

"Half brother." She spat out.


"I said he's my half brother." She pointed out to me.

"So, he's still your brother, and is blood." I pointed out.

"So what, it doesn't make a difference. He's a fucking twerp and dickhead." She stated sticking to her guns while I just gaped at her.

"Jenna, I really don't understand. What did he do that was so bad? He's a great kid; if only you would take the time to get to know him…I mean really know him getting past your hatred of him."

"Yeah right, you've known him all of what a couple of weeks? You don't really know him at all. It's all his fault." She stated flatly.

Her response confused me. "What's his fault? I don't understand what you are talking about."

"Because of him my stepfather left us. My stepfather told me everything. He didn't want a kid because he was happy with just having me, but my mom got herself pregnant with Garrett. At first it was alright, but Garrett always had needs and took so much time away from my stepfather. The little shit was always so needy, and it finally drove him away. The little shit spoils everything he touches, and we were better off before he was born." She spat out vehemently.

"Stop it." A commanding voice shouted, and both Jenna and I jumped at the unexpected voice.

It was Jenna's mom, and she was standing there with a stern look on her face, her arms crossed defiantly. "Is that what you've been thinking all these years sweetie? Garrett was only four, and you were six when your stepfather left so how could you know anything?" She asked of her daughter.

"Daddy told me everything about how Garrett was taking away his time to spend with me. He loved me the best, but couldn't spend more time alone with me because he was always stuck watching Garrett as well. At the time the little snot even shared the same room with me so I couldn't even have my own private place. You know it's true, and don't tell me any differently. It's your fault just as much as it is Garrett's. You couldn't even take the precaution of using a birth control method so you wouldn't get pregnant." Jenna spat at her mother.

Fuck, I thought to myself as I noticed Mrs. Davis turn red. This was going to get ugly, and I didn't want to be there at the moment, but I didn't see any way of leaving without attracting more attention on me. Sighing I just tried to remain unobtrusive as possible.

Mrs. Davis just shook her head. "It's not true Jenna. You're stepfather wanted a son so much, and had begged me for a long time to have a baby. I held off for a couple of years until our financial situation was more stable, and then we both agreed to have Garrett. Your brother is not the reason why he left sweetie. Even if half the things you say were true it still isn't right to hate your brother. I knew you didn't get along with him, but I just thought it was a sibling sort of thing, and not actual hatred. I don't understand how you can hate your own brother so much."

Jenna just stood there gaping at her mother in disbelief. "Yeah right…you're lying. Daddy told me everything, and said you would try to twist and turn things. It's because of Garrett; why else would he just up and leave from one day to the next without any warning?"

"You're wrong Jenna. You were too young to understand, and you just didn't know what happened." Mrs. Davis stated as tears started to make their way down her cheeks.

"No….No….No….No, it's all a lie. You are lying. It was all Garrett, just admit it. He wouldn't just up and leave like that unless he had to. The two of you forced him out." Jenna was screaming now at her mother, and blaming not only Garrett, but her as well.

"You're right about one thing Jenna. You're step father wouldn't have left unless he had to." Mrs. Davis whispered as she held her hand to her chest as if the memory was too painful.

The admission had caught Jenna off guard, but it was the way her mother had said it that gave her some pause. "What…I don't understand. He had no choice? If he didn't have a choice then what was the reason why he left?"

"Because he was touching you." Mrs. Davis whispered.

The revelation shocked me, but it was even worse for Jenna. Her entire face had drained of blood, and she stood there shaking with her lips trembling.

"W….what? N…no he didn't, you're lying again." She insisted, but realized her mother wouldn't lie about something like this. "H…how…I mean when. I….I don't remember something like this happening. I…I would know." She insisted.

"Oh sweetie…baby….I'm so sorry. It happened one night when I was away at work. You remember I used to work evenings. Well one night I was sent home early, and he had put you to bed…and you must have just fallen asleep. I walked in on him with his hand down your panty and…and touching you." Mrs. Davis stuttered her face turning pale at the memory, and looking as if she was going to throw up. "Oh sweetie, I just died inside wondering how I could have missed all the signs. The amount of time he always tried to spend with you alone. All I could think of at that moment was getting him the hell out of the apartment before I killed him. Doing this to an innocent child while she slept. It was sickening to my stomach. He left that very evening, and I haven't seen him since."

The entire room fell silent at the revelation as all three of us just stood there. It was just too much for Jenna as she just exploded, and all hell broke loose with accusations and obscenities hurled at her mother. Deep down Jenna knew it was the truth, but she just couldn't accept it as she started to hurl things and stomp off towards her room. Now it was only Mrs. Davis and me standing in the living room as we heard crashing noises upstairs from what could only be Jenna trashing her own bedroom.

"Damn it," Mrs. Davis chided herself as she sighed.

"Um…I…um…maybe I should um…" I stuttered pointing towards the door.

"Shit," Mrs. Davis stated jumping startled when I spoke up. I guess in the heat of the moment she had forgotten I was in the room. "Sorry Hunter, I didn't mean for you to hear this. I…I hope you can keep this to yourself; especially, you know with Garrett. Damn, I was supposed to go watch him at his game." She stated thinking.

"You mean his tryouts." I pointed out.


"His tryout for the…never mind. I think maybe I should just um…you know." I nodded towards the door.

"Oh yes, right." She sighed. "This is going to be difficult for Jenna." She lamented as we heard another crashing noise.

Making my way to the door I had almost secured my escape when Mrs. Davis asked me to wait a moment. "Hey listen Hunter do you think it would be alright with your folks if Garrett spends the night? I mean…you know with Jenna it may be a good idea if I have some alone time with her." She sighed looking at me hopefully.

"Sure Mrs. Davis. I don't think it'll be a problem." I stated, and then thinking about something, "Um….I never really thought to ask, but do you still go by your married name? I mean I've been calling you Mrs. Davis, but considering everything…." I asked a bit confused now.

Mrs. Davis chuckled and came over giving me a hug. "Oh Hunter you really are a delight. Well, Mrs. Davis is just fine. Technically I'm still married to Mr. Davis, but we sort of have an agreement. He won't interfere with the children, pay child support for them, and will stay away. In return I won't press charges, and take the chance of this whole thing getting blown out of proportion in the courts and hurting the children."

"Oh, I see. I'm real sorry about this whole thing with Jenna. I just came over to try to clear things up between her and Garrett." I apologized.

"No sweetie, it's for the best. I didn't realize how much of a grudge she held against her brother. I think this is the whole root cause of Jenna's behavior so in a way it was a good thing. It'll be difficult, but in the end it will get better, I promise. Hell Hunter I'm not even sure the man really was abusing Jenna or not, or if it just sort of happened that one time like he claimed. I mean…until that night I really had never seen him doing anything like that to her before, and I've walked in on them plenty of times when they were alone…so I don't know what to think. I guess I just don't want to take the chance is all. Anyway, that's all mute for now, so maybe you should grab some things for Garrett's sleepover, and I'll chat with you and your parents later, alright?"

"Sure," I said as I headed upstairs.

After grabbing some stuff out of Garrett's room real quick I then made my way out and called up my sister to come pick me up while also asking my folks if it was alright for the younger boy to spend the night. I told them Mrs. Davis was in a pinch, and that she would talk to them about it later. When my sister finally showed up about ten minutes later I was just finishing up with another phone call. Flipping off my phone I hopped into the car and buckled my seat belt.

By the time we arrived, Dylan had already spread out a blanket under a stand of trees where we could sit comfortably under the shade. There's been an unusually hot spell climate wise lately for our region, but to tell you the truth I was enjoying the heat. We all sat around lazily as we watched the boys go through their paces with the tryouts. Even though I didn't understand the nuances of the game, it was still fun watching those little guys running around having a blast.

Halfway through the tryouts a large figure approached us and I waved. It was Brad, and it was funny watching the large guy settle down on the blanket next to us.

"Hey Hunter, how's it going?" He asked as he also nodded towards my sister who shot me a look then also bumped knuckles with Dylan.

"Pretty good, we are here watching Garrett and Selden trying out for the soccer team." I pointed towards the two boys. "What's up with you?" I asked him knowing already since I just spoke to him on the phone a few minutes ago, but was interested in hearing his excuse.

"Oh, my little cousin over there is trying out as well. He's not too athletic, but at least he's out there giving his all." He commented as all of a sudden he stood up and shouted. "Way to go pal." He cheered his cousin on trying to give the boy a boost.

A blonde haired boy looked up and smiled at Brad who had come to support him. Looking over towards my sister I noted she was checking out the older boy standing next to her, and I couldn't help as I smiled to myself. The larger boy settled down next to me crowding me a bit, and forcing me to shift closer towards Dylan.

"Damn Brad, are you still growing? How big are you going to get?" I teased the older boy who just sighed shaking his head.

"I hope I stop growing soon." He stated seriously. "It's actually a pain in the ass being so tall, but I have a feeling I've pretty much topped out and that would suit me just fine." He chuckled as he ruffled my hair.

"So what's up with that girlfriend of yours?" I asked pointedly.

"Yeah…um…that didn't work out so well. She was a bit on the fast side…if you get my meaning." He answered honestly.

If there was one thing I knew well about Brad is that he was a pretty straight forward kind of guy. However, even this comment sort of took me by surprise. I mean I've heard rumors about his sexual prowess and conquests, yet here he was stating things were getting too heated up.

"You're kidding?" I asked not realizing where this conversation was going while we sat there so close to Dylan and my sister.

"What…why does that surprise you? I mean…I just don't jump into the sack with a girl at a whim you know. Something like that is a big step, and despite what you've heard Hunter I just don't do that sort of stuff."

"Oh…um…yeah, I know that." I stuttered with the revelation, and then realized that maybe we shouldn't be talking about something so private for Brad.

"Um…anyway, it's none of my business, sorry Brad. I shouldn't have brought it up." I told him apologetically.

"Awe, no problem kiddo, I've always been truthful with you about things anyway so no worries." He smiled at me as he wrapped his large arms around me in a friendly manner. In a way it was almost like having an older brother sitting next to me as we all enjoyed watching the boys push and shove one another out on the field.

Before we knew it the tryout session was over with, and after gathering around the coaches the boys finally dispersed. Garrett ran over towards us with Selden close on his heels. All of a sudden I was thrown on my back as Garrett leaped on me and smothered me in a big hug. Then there was another body that piled on top of Garrett making me grunt since I was on the bottom.

"Dog pile," I heard Dylan shout out as he laughed, and piled on top as well followed by the large hulking form of Brad which made all of us grunt.

"Oh shit, my balls," I grunted as I felt a knee accidentally bump against my tender spot. "I'm going to puke," I moaned out loud.

"Everyone get off, he's been sick and he's about to spew." I heard Garrett grunt as all of a sudden everyone piled off of me, and backed away looking at me all concerned.

I smiled at everyone and then yelled, "Psych," before piling on top of Dylan followed by everyone else.

"Oh fuck, my balls," I heard Dylan grunt as he too ended up getting kneed in the crotch.

We couldn't help it as we busted up laughing, and slowly untangling ourselves from the poor guy. Even my sister who had remained quiet started to laugh as Dylan curled up into a ball groaning at his aching balls as he tenderly cupped his hands over them. I guess he must have gotten kneed harder than I did, or it just connected in the right way.

He was still groaning when Garrett threw his arms around me and proclaimed. "I made it Hunter. I got on the team." He exclaimed as his sweaty body smothered me.

"That's great, but I'm getting smothered here and you need a shower really bad." I teased him.

The younger boy just smirked and punched me in the arm as he looked around searching. "Hey Garrett, I'm sorry but your mom couldn't make it today because something came up with your sister." I sighed as the boy sat down next to me and leaned up against me.

"Oh…I see…that's alright." He whispered starting to deflate now from his high of being selected for the team.

"No it's not alright Garrett, but I promise things will get better. I know it doesn't help you right now, but look on the bright side." I told him.

"What bright side," he sighed.

"Well, at least you get to spend the night over at my place," I smiled at him hoping this bit of news would cheer him up a bit.

Garrett looked over at me and beamed. "Really, that's great." He commented.

"That's the spirit kiddo. You should listen to Hunter. He's a pretty bright kid." Brad stated as he rubbed Garrett's hair, and got up to go greet his little cousin who seemed a bit bummed out.

Dylan had finally managed to recover as his parents started heading towards us. "Geeze, this sucks," he stated looking over towards his approaching parents.

"What sucks?" I asked him.

"We are heading over to my Aunt's place, and we won't be coming back until tomorrow. It's so boring over there with nothing to do. I asked my folks to let us stay home, but they didn't want us to be all alone overnight. We are heading straight out from here." He stated as he got up brushing himself off, and motioned for us to do the same so he could roll up the blanket.

Selden's parents greeted us and told the boys they should hurry up so they could get going. "Um…hey Mrs. Griffen, would it be alright if Dylan and Selden spend the night over at my house. I mean Garrett is already staying so I just figured Selden could keep him company and well…Dylan and I can hang out as well."

"Oh, actually Hunter we were heading out and won't be back until tomorrow." She apologized warmly.

"I know Dylan just told me. I figured since it is kind of boring over there for them maybe they could just stay with us. I think it would be kind of cool all of us hanging together. Please, I'm sure it'll be alright with my folks because like I've said Garrett is staying too, so what's a couple of more friends." I pleaded with her.

"I guess it would be alright with us, but let me give your folks a quick call Hunter." Mrs. Griffen stated as she excused herself searching her purse for her cell phone.

At about that time I saw Mrs. Davis over by the bleachers with Jenna in tow. "Hey Garrett, look who made it after all?" I told the younger boy pointing towards his mother.

The boy just grinned and ran over to his mother and sister. He was hugging his mother when Brad appeared in front of us with his cousin in tow. I noticed a moment earlier that he had seemed to be consoling the smaller boy.

"Hey guys, I wanted to introduce you all to my cousin Cameron." He introduced his cousin, who looked to be about ten years old, to everyone, and also pointed out Garrett to the boy who was still with his mother.

"Hi," The boy greeted everyone shaking our hands.

"You look kind of bummed out Cameron," Selden noted as he approached us trying to comfort the younger boy.

"Yeah, I didn't make any of the teams. I'm not that great, and I'm still younger than most of the guys who tried out." He admitted.

"Oh, sure, but at least you came out and tried for the team. Hey, did you consider trying out for the B team. I mean it's brand new this year and coach set up the program himself to give other kids a chance to improve their skills. It's new so there won't be as many games, but it will help you for when you try out again next year." Selden pointed out to the boy.

"Really, I didn't know that. Do you think he would consider letting me join that team." He asked excitedly.

"I don't see why not. You really weren't all that bad out there you know. Come on I'll go with you and we can talk to coach." Selden offered as he looked towards his dad for permission, and receiving it led the younger boy away.

"Man, that'd be so cool if he got on the other league. He's wanted to play organized sports, but is just a tad behind physically with most of the other boys his age. He's been really trying and working hard to improve." Brad commented as he watched the two boys walk over to Selden's coach.

"Hey Hunter your mom wants to know if you guys are going to head home. If so how does a BBQ outside sound?" Mrs. Griffen asked while she held her hand up against the small mouth piece on her phone.

"Oh yeah, that sounds great. Oh tell her that Brad and his little cousin will also join us for lunch, um…that's if you think it will be alright Brad. I mean, you and your cousin are more than welcome to join us. It'll be a lot of fun."

"Sure, no problem Hunter just let me go tell Cameron's parents that I'll bring him back home afterwards." He stated starting to leave.

"Well actually, if it is alright with his folks he can spend the night as well. I mean it looks as if Dylan and Selden are going to stay, so he can spend the night too if it's alright with them." I stated looking over towards Mrs. Griffen who was still on the phone with my mom and who nodded that it was alright with my folks having Cameron spend the night, and have Brad over for lunch.

"Great, sounds like a lot of fun. I'm sure it will be fine with them. The only thing is he doesn't have a change of clothes." He responded.

"Oh, I'm sure that between the stuff I brought for Garrett, and the stuff Selden has in his overnight case that we will have enough for him. It shouldn't be a problem to find something for Cameron. He looks to be about Selden's size anyway, and only slightly smaller than Garrett." I answered.

Brad nodded as he headed out in search of Cameron's parents. I looked over at my sister who just shook her head and rolled her eyes. I shrugged my shoulders and she just laughed at me.

"So, now I have my little brother playing match maker for me." She chided.

"Well someone has to. You're kind of slow on that front you know." I teased.

By the time Cameron and Selden returned everything had been set up. Cameron was so excited because Selden had convinced his coach that the boy would be perfect on the soccer's B squad, and when he found out that I had invited him to spend the night I thought he would explode.

"Really Hunter….you mean it? I can really spend the night with you guys. That's just so cool." He jumped up and hugged me real quick before realizing what he had done, and then stepped back blushing. "Um…oh…um…I'm sorry about that." He whispered apologetically because boys just didn't do that sort of thing.

"I'm not." I told him seriously. "Besides, this big lug over here still hugs me all the time, and your hugs are way better than his." I teased humorously.

"Hey, what's wrong with my hugs?" Brad teased as he demonstrated by picking me up and squeezing the life out of me.

"Oh…nothing," I grunted as he set me back down with a smug look while everyone just chuckled at the spectacle. "That is if a guy likes to breathe. Damn, hurry and look around everyone." I teased as I pretended to look around the ground.

"Oh shoot Hunter; did I make you drop something?" Brad asked me being cautious of his language since parents were present, and also concerned as he started to look around for whatever it was that I had dropped.

"Yeah, I think that hug made me cough up a lung." I laughed and ducked away from him as he lunged for me.

Everyone was busting up even Cameron having all but forgotten his embarrassing moment when he gave me a hug at the exciting news. I liked the younger boy. He was a really handsome looking and good natured kid. We found out he recently turned ten, and although almost a whole year younger than Selden looked around the same height and weight as the other boy. I figured he looked to be about four foot two inches, and around forty five to fifty pounds.

He had very fine medium length bleach blonde hair that hung over his ears with sparkling blue eyes in a sort of oval shaped face and a small nose. He didn't have a nice smooth flowing smile, but when he laughed he did it with genuine mirth. His two upper front teeth seemed a bit large in his small mouth, but they sparkled brilliantly when he laughed. His body physique wasn't athletic rather softer looking. He wasn't fat or anything, quiet the contrary, having a trim and fit look; it was just that he had that softer aspect to his looks. He really was pleasing on the eyes, and I took him in as he blushed when he caught me staring at him. In a word, he was…cute.

When Garrett returned he seemed to be in better spirits as well. We introduced him to Cameron, and filled him in on the new plan as he smiled from ear to ear happy with what all had transpired since he went over to his mom and sister.

"Wow, that's cool Hunter. This is shaping up to be a great day after all." He stated as he gave me a hug in front of the others including Cameron not in the least bit worried about how it looked.

The new boy took note that I also hugged Garrett back, and when we separated I fondly ran my fingers through his curls. "So, you going to tell us what happened?" I asked him.

Garrett shrugged his shoulders looking towards the newest arrival, but didn't hold back his happiness. "M…my sister actually gave me a hug Hunter and congratulated me. I thought I was going to poop my pants." He giggled a bit nervously. "She appeared a bit sad, but seemed to be genuinely happy for me." He noted and then reached out for another hug from me as he whispered. "Thanks for everything Hunter."

While I stood there consoling Garrett the other boys said good bye to their respective parents. Selden decided to ride with Brad and Cameron, so Dylan grabbed not only his own small overnight case, but also Selden's from his parent's car before joining me and Garrett in my sister's car. We all arrived at the house at the same time, and piled out of the two vehicles.

Brad and my sister headed out to the back yard to see if they could help out with anything while the rest of us boys all herded into the house and over to my room. As soon as we stepped inside our little safety area I was beset upon by first Garrett, and then the other two younger boys while Dylan just sat on my computer chair and laughed his ass off.

"Alright already, get off of me you bunch of mangy little wild cats. Man you guys just reek and are all scummy. I think you mangy mutts need to go get cleaned up."

"Awe…not now." All three of them groaned.

"No arguing. Selden and Garrett take Cameron with you, and you guys all hop in the shower and wash up." I told the boys as they sighed and got up off of me to do just that.

Dylan just sort of looked at me, and then towards the retreating figures. "How the hell did you manage that?" He asked stunned.

"What?" I asked confused.

"You know…my brother getting naked in front of the other two boys? He's so damn shy about his body, and now he's going to take a shower with two other boys.

"Oh shit, I forgot to tell you. Well when he came over yesterday we sort of had a little chat about some things. He said you had talked with him, but he was still confused about some things so I talked to him some more about his body. I think he'll be cool about it now, and not so worried." I told Dylan who just looked at me a bit uncomfortable that I had talked to his younger brother about that sort of thing.

"You…you talked to him about sex stuff. I…I mean I talked to him already and I don't know if you should be doing that Hunter. I mean…you're my friend and all, but still…you know."

I didn't know why he was having such a fit over it. It's not like the two of us hadn't ever talked to one another about some of the same things when we were that age. "Yeah I know, and believe me I didn't want to at first, but he still seemed confused Dylan, and he was really upset about his body and people seeing him. He told me that you had sort of talked to him, but he just wasn't comfortable and neither were you so wanted some advise about him being so small and all. I don't know, maybe I sort of felt bad for him so just talked to him about it." I responded to my friend.

Dylan looked at me for a moment and then sighed nodding his head. "Yeah, I guess you're right. Hell, I didn't do too good of a job on the issue. Thanks, I think it may end up helping with me being so embarrassed by talking with him."

"I wouldn't be so sure about that you know." I told him as I scooted on my bed so I could lean my back against the wall.

"W….what do you mean?" He asked me worriedly.

"Well, you know there is still this whole issue of having actual sex and stuff, along with other things…you know wet dreams, girls, foreplay, intercourse…" I started laughing when I saw Dylan's eyes bulge outwards, and him placing his hands up against his ears.

"I can't take it anymore. I…I'm going to head outside." He told me as he got up.

Getting up off my bed I followed Dylan out my door, and entered the bathroom where I could hear the boys already playing around in the shower as they laughed and giggled, while my friend continued down the hall,.

"Alright you guys make sure you wash up good and try to control yourself which means no hanky panky." I told them as I bent over to pick up their dirty clothes lying around on the floor.

"What does he mean by that?" I heard Cameron ask.

"Oh just this," Selden responded as I heard Cameron yelp in surprise in what I can only imagine having his pecker and balls groped by the other boy.

"Stop that Selden," Garrett admonished his friend. "We just met Cameron, and he might not like goofing around like that."

"Oh…um…it's alright…um…I guess." I heard Cameron say meekly not wanting the two other boys to fight. "I guess it's alright if you guys are just goofing around I suppose."

"For heaven's sake Selden, doesn't that pecker of yours ever go down, it's always standing up at attention?" Garrett giggled as I saw Selden's outline through the frosted glass wiggling around his hips in front of the two boys.

All three of them started to laugh uncontrollably as I started to head out the bathroom and close the door behind me. "Alright, enough of this," I heard Selden tell the others. "You heard Hunter, let's get cleaned up so we can go have some fun and something to eat. My stomach's starting to growl, and I'm starving after all that running around."

The other boys seemed to agree heartily with him. I dropped their sweaty clothes into the washer, but not before holding up their underwear in front of me and admiring the little indentations from where their peckers and balls snuggled up against the fabric. Garrett's was the largest followed by the newcomer Cameron, and finally our little horn dog Selden. Looking around I held up each boy's underwear to my nose and breathed in their scent.

It was kind of a perving sort of thing, but it was also thrilling to me. I let Cameron's underwear linger against my nose a little bit longer taking in the new scent, and then I held it up to admire the nice little lump area. It made me wonder what the boy looked like between his legs. Turning on the washer and dropping in the clothes, I headed back to my room and as I passed by the bathroom door I could hear the boys laughing as they dried themselves off.

As soon as I stepped down into my bedroom all three boys came running through the doorway butt naked. I didn't have time to see all that much because as soon as they spotted me they tackled me onto the bed and started trying to tickle me. It was a bit awkward for me to get back at them since they were all naked, but then I felt someone's hand grabbing my balls and I yelped in surprise as the boys giggled.

Well that did it as I started to fight back and managed to get the boys together in one pile all tangled together. I paid close attention to Cameron as my hands squeezed his nice sized pouch before grabbing on to his thick one and a half inch flaccid tube. It felt thick in my fist and I felt it start to inflate and elongate until it topped out at a nice size of three inches. Wow, that fat short stubby soft thing sure did get about twice as big. Cameron squealed when I pumped his sausage a couple of times as he tried to wriggle away from me.

"That'll teach you to try grabbing on to me," I chuckled as I released his hard erection.

He immediately covered himself up as he blushed with embarrassment. Selden pulled away the boy's hand and smiled appreciatively at how large the boy had gotten.

"Wow Cameron, that thing got pretty big. Not as big as Garrett's of course, but at least twice your normal size. It looks good on you." He commented as he scooted off the bed in search of some clothes.

Cameron looked down at himself for a moment, and then looked back up with a broad smile on his face. Then he started to giggle with Garrett as they watched the other boy while he walked around with his one and a half inch erection pointing straight up in the air. It looked really rigid and hardly moved while he walked around. His short shaft had thick blue pulsing veins crisscrossing along its length. Garrett was the only one who wasn't sporting a full blown erection; although, it did bob around heavily in a semi hard state as he wiggled himself off the bed as well looking for some clothes.

"Don't forget to find something for Cameron to wear as well since he doesn't have anything with him." I told the boys.

Selden turned around with a wicked look on his face. "Why should we…I mean he looks sexy hot without any clothes on." He teased and was rewarded with Cameron covering up his now slowly deflating erection, and the boy flushing red from his cheeks all the way down to his toes.

"Geeze Selden, give the poor guy a break for Pete's sake. You've known him what…all of thirty minutes, and you are already hitting on the poor guy." I retorted as I rubbed Cameron's hair and winked at the boy.

Cameron just smiled at me appreciatively as I motioned him off the bed. "Selden is right though Cameron, you really do have a nice looking package." I told him as I admired his now thick flaccid penis and slightly hanging ball sack between his legs.

"Really, you guys think so?" He asked seriously as he looked down at himself and noticed he was starting to get hard again at all the attention, so he concentrated on getting it to go back down and seemed to succeed for the moment.

"Fuck yeah dude. You are so fucking sexy hot." Selden admitted as he ogled the boy appreciatively.

Garrett nodded his head also as he turned and looked at the younger boy appreciatively. "Yeah Hunter and Selden are right. You look cute butt ass naked." He giggled as Selden also smiled nodding his head in agreement.

I too looked at the boy admiringly. About half the length of his dick was all glans, and the ridge was thick around before it tapered to more of a point at the end where his pee slit was located. The rest of the length was a thick shaft that I knew would elongate to twice its current size. The boy blushed, and then gave me a hug. Just before he released me his hand shot up the leg opening in my shorts, under my underwear, and gave me a firm squeeze on my naked package. It happened so fast that I was stunned for a moment before he just released me and giggled happily joining the other two boys as they all laughed at his boldness.

Fuck, now I've got two little horn dogs indicating both Selden and Cameron as I chuckled to myself while I adjusted my package back into place. I left the boys to their own devices as I got up to make my way out of the room. Just before exiting the room Garrett looked over towards me and mouthed, 'I love you,' and I smiled as I did the same in return. Cameron was trying on a pair of Selden's shorts while Selden was putting on his other pair, and they were looking intently at one another so had missed the exchange between me and Garrett.

We all were having a great day, and I was happy to see my sister and Brad starting to hit it off in more than the typical sense. I really hoped the two of them would connect. Brad really was a nice guy, and I knew that my sister liked him, you know in that boyfriend-girlfriend kind of way if she would just give it a chance. After lunch the boys all got into a soccer match and it was fun watching them kick around the ball taking time with Cameron to show him some moves. Basically we ate and played all afternoon taking breaks in between. My folks were great and even joined in on the fun. I don't recall the last time we all had so much fun together.

It was late afternoon when I made my way to my bathroom. My dick was complaining about the pressure my bladder was forcing on me so I figured it was time to drain my lizard so to speak. I was making my way down the hallway when I heard some noises in my room so I just stepped inside out of curiosity. What I saw caught me by surprise, and to tell you the truth I don't know why because it involved Selden.

Lying on the bed with his shorts pulled down to his ankles was Cameron with his hard three inch dick twitching around. The cute blonde haired boy was gripping the bed sheets and moaning as Selden's lips slurped up his smooth boy pouch into his mouth. Fuck, I knew Selden was horny as all fuck, but I didn't think he would be coming down on the new boy so quickly. I wanted to leave, but just couldn't find myself able to because the scene in front of me was so fucking sexy.

Cameron's pink flared head and pale shaft glistened wetly from Selden's saliva, and began twitching as one of his testicles slithered out from between the other boy's slippery lips. The small blonde haired boy giggled delightedly as Selden twirled his tongue around his left grape sized testicles before letting that one slip away as well. Cameron whimpered for a second, and then hissed excitedly as Selden's tongue slid up along the bottom side of his erection. Then he gasped from the sensation when the other boy's lips engulfed his glans, and slowly slid down the entire length of his shaft.

"Oooooh, your hot mouth feels fan…oooh…tastic," Cameron hissed out pleasurably as his friend's lips retreated back upwards along the length of his hardness. "Oh shit, I….I've gotta pee." The small blonde haired boy whined as he tried to wriggle himself free from Selden.

The brown haired counterpart knew what was happening, and instead of releasing Cameron he started working on the boy's hardness even more while at the same time his finger's worked on the boy's soft dangling smooth pouch.

"Stop," the boy whined, and then all of a sudden his hips lifted up off the mattress about a foot high while he grabbed the back of Selden's head so he could shove his three inch hard erection all the way inside his friend's warm wet lips.

"Oooh….uuuuumph." He grunted loudly as his toes seemed to curl up as well.

He just remained suspended there in the air for a moment before crashing back down onto the mattress. The boy's small pale frame twitched mildly once, twice, and then a third time as he gasped for air, and then he became completely quiet and still.

"Fuck, what was that…" Cameron hissed excitedly a moment later.

"Holy crap Selden," I gasped no longer able to contain myself as I watched Cameron jerk in surprise, and then tried to cover his now flaccid penis and sagging boy pouch up with his hands.

"Oh shit Hunter, um…shit…it's not what you think," Cameron gasped out in shame, but Selden just giggled.

"Shit dude…you just seem to always arrive at the um…let's say the most interesting times." Selden giggled as he stood up, and started to straddle Cameron so that the boy could start giving him his blowjob.

Just about that time Garrett popped his head into the room. "There you are Hunter I was just wondering if you….holy crap." Garrett gaped at the sight in front of him.

"Um…sorry Cameron, don't worry about anything it's…uh…all good. Um…you guys may want to finish things up…um…rather sooner than later because we are getting ready to fire up the grill for dinner…and Brad is looking for you Cameron." I told the two boys as I grabbed Garrett, and started to drag him out of the room with me. "Uh…I…I'll tell Brad that you and Selden are…um…playing a video game, and will be right out." I finished off just as Selden shoved his tiny one and a half inch erection into Cameron's mouth.

The blonde haired boy was about to say something, but with Selden's hot little tool shoved in his mouth the words were lost. I had to laugh as I saw Cameron's eyes get big and round once he discovered Selden had shoved his small pecker into his mouth. At first he looked disgusted, but then his features shifted to delight as he seemed to realize the small hard hot piece of iron that was smoldering in his mouth didn't taste all that horrible.

I heard Cameron giggling as he backed off of Selden for a moment. "He's so cool isn't he?"

"Who, Hunter? Yeah, he's the best." Selden admitted. "We only have a couple of minutes, um…do you think you could…you know?" He asked the younger boy sheepishly.

"Um…sure I guess, but I've never done anything like this before. It felt totally awesome when you did it, but how do I…you know." Cameron asked unsure of himself as he giggled eager to learn more from Selden.

Both Garrett and I ended up in the bathroom just laughing at what Selden managed to do with Cameron. "Damn, I can't believe Selden." Garrett laughed as he watched me fish out my pecker so I could take a leak.

"Yeah, but I don't think Cameron knows what he's getting himself into." I chuckled recalling Selden's sex drive.

"Oh well, Cameron's young enough and seems pretty fit so maybe he can keep up with Selden." Garrett commented not completely convinced as he chortled with mirth at the imagery of poor Cameron slurping up Selden's unquenchable thirst for pleasure.

Washing up I headed outside and nudged Garrett a short time later when the two younger boys made their appearance looking a bit flushed in the cheeks. Dylan also noticed his younger brother's giddiness, and looked over towards me questioningly, but I just shrugged my shoulders. Dinner was a pleasant affair with my dad cooking up chicken and steaks on the grill, and my mom making some potato salad and home fries.

It was a fantastic day and to top it all off my sister and Brad were going out on a date. I smiled knowingly while my parents absolutely beamed at Susan's first official date. They made a big deal out of it breaking out the camera and taking pictures once my sister got changed into an actual dress with her hair done up and makeup to boot. When she came out to say goodbye to us my breath caught in my chest as I noticed how beautiful she looked. Even Brad's mouth dropped to his chest.

Brad silently made his way over towards me. "Thanks Hunter, your sister is absolutely fabulous."

"I know Brad just treat her right and whatever happens, happens. I know it will all work out in the end though. You know, she really does like you." I commented.

"I know even though I don't know why." He admitted as he walked over to my sister.

He also had gone home and changed into something a little more formal because they were heading out to a live band performance in the city. Not one of those wild and crazy ones, but something a bit more formal. Of course my folks set down some rules; they were pretty lax for the most part since they've known Brad for years, but nevertheless it made them feel better that they at least had set down some sort of rules.

A few hours after Brad and my sister left for their date us boys were starting to get tired so headed off to my room for a little while playing video games before we all decided to hit the sack. Since I've got a king size bed we all decided to crawl into bed together. I got out several blankets so that everyone would have enough in case they needed it, and we crawled under the covers. Dylan and I were on one side of the bed while the other three boys settled in on the other side of the mattress. Of course we chatted for a while about nonsense sort of things boys talk about before one by one we became quiet and tried to finally get some sleep.

About an hour later it got completely quiet in the room. I was just about to fall asleep when I heard a distinct noise off to my left side, and the mattress started to move around. At first I just ignored it, but then my mind started to register what it was and I couldn't help it as I started to giggle.

"Shit, who the hell is jacking off," I heard Dylan moan as he leaned on his elbow and looked in the general direction of where all the movement was happening.

"Selden!" Dylan gasped unbelievingly. "No way, what are you doing?" Dylan asked and I just busted up laughing as he slugged me in the arm.

"What…I can't sleep and I'm horny." Selden complained as he shucked off the blanket, pulled down his shorts, and grabbed his hard one and a half inch erection.

"You're always horny." Garrett noted as he chuckled followed by Cameron who just recently learned the truth of the matter.

"Oh yuck, put that little thing away Selden," Dylan complained as he held his hand up to his eyes trying to hide them from his brother yanking on his little hard pecker.

"Oh yeah that feels good…" Selden grunted as he continued in earnest.

"Fuck it," Garrett gasped as he too threw off the covers, pulled down his shorts, and started to stroke his own piece of four and a half inch erection.

"Holy fuck," Dylan gasped as he saw Garrett's huge uncut dick that was way too large for an eleven year old.

He didn't have time to comment as the rest of us all followed suit and started to jack off trying to get some sexual relief. It was totally wicked with all of us lying there in bed totally exposed to one another as we started stroking ourselves. It was too much for Dylan who just shrugged his shoulder looking at all of the young cocks sticking up in the air in various shades, shapes, and sizes. The older boy just leaned back and pulled down his own shorts, and started to stroke himself.

I was looking over towards Garrett watching him intently with my eyes wandering over towards Cameron every once in a while, and before I knew it I was writhing around on my mattress spewing my seed all over my stomach and chest while Dylan and Garrett were also gripped in their own throes of orgasmic bliss. Fuck, this was so sexy hot, naughty, thrilling, and extremely exciting.

Selden was also writhing around on the mattress, but he didn't stop as one orgasm after another continued to take a hold of him. It was taking Cameron a little longer because this was his first time jacking off, and he recently had his own orgasm a few hours earlier. Garrett noticing that Cameron still hadn't reached the precipice took matters into his own hands, literally. My wonderful sexy boy knocked away Cameron's hand and started to stroke the younger boy in earnest. In no time the smaller boy's hips lifted up off the mattress as he grunted and then crashed back down twitching once, twice, and then a third time before sighing contentedly.

"Whoa, did you see that?" Cameron gasped at having seen Dylan and me spew our baby batter all over ourselves.

"That's the first thing out of your mouth right after your orgasm?" I laughed out loud along with everyone else at the cute response from the little blonde haired boy.

"Yeah, so fucking wicked," Selden giggled. "That's the first time I've ever seen my brother actually jack off and then spew his white gooey stuff all over the place. Usually he does it under his blanket late at night when he thinks I'm asleep." The boy admitted and received a glaring stare from his older brother. "I hope my dick and balls spit out as much stuff when I'm Hunter's and Dylan's age." He sighed, a bit more relieved now with his orgasm although he was still hard. "Shit, maybe then I'll be able to soften up after an orgasm.

Dylan just looked at his younger brother and gaped as he realized the boy was still hard as a rock. "You mean it doesn't go down after you have an orgasm?" He asked genuinely surprised.

Selden just shook his head, "No, and it kind of sucks." He admitted; however, not revealing to his older brother that it does go down, but only after it has been really worked hard to the point of him being raw. If he said that he knew he might have to disclose what happened between me and him, and he wanted to keep his promise to me.

"Fuck, this is so damn embarrassing having my brother seeing me like this." Dylan complained realizing where the conversation had gone as he got up and retrieved a rag so we could clean ourselves up.

"Well just think of it this way Dylan, I don't think talking to him about other sex stuff will be as embarrassing now." I laughed at him.

"What other sex stuff?" Selden asked.

"Geeze Hunter thanks a lot." Dylan chided as he looked over to his brother. "Never mind, now go to sleep already." He grunted as he climbed back into bed and rolled on to his side the matter being closed for good.

Garrett looked at Selden, and then at me before he just giggled, and snuggled up to me. Both Cameron and Selden also giggled knowingly as the two boys cuddled up together as well. I watched Selden and Cameron together as they tentatively kissed tenderly, and was glad for the two boys. It looked like Selden had managed to find his second half just as Garrett and I had found one another. It might just be a phase for the two younger boys, but at least they seemed to be happy together for now. Dylan was laying on his side facing away from us so hadn't seen the affectionate display that the four of us were giving to our respective other half.

In a way that night had been something special because it was the last time before school started that we all spent the night together like this. It is kind of sad, and I don't know why it happens this way sometimes, but for some reason we were never able to arrange another sleepover with all five of us together that summer. Of course we all connected on a regular basis and we became great friends hanging out together often, but having a sleepover together that summer just eluded us.

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