Sweet Cheeks

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 5

Another Saturday rolled around and it seems as if I'm spending a lot of time with Dylan, Selden, and Garrett. It just sort of started to happen that we all kind of enjoyed each other's company and began spending a lot of time together. I don't think my friend Dylan ever spent that much time hanging out with his little brother, but with Garrett being around it just sort of started to happen, and I think Dylan even enjoyed having his little brother around like this.

Since it was Saturday Dylan, Selden, and Garrett joined me at the movie theater in the morning. We were hanging in line at the concession stand when I saw Jenna's friends milling around without her.

"What's up with that?" I asked Garrett knowing that Jenna and these two girls always hung out together. It was just odd seeing these two girls without the diva around.

"Oh, I'm not really sure. Mom's been keeping a close eye on Jenna lately, and I guess her two friends have sort of abandoned her. I kind of feel bad for my sister because lately she's been kind of lonely and out of sorts. I think this all just sort of caught her by surprise. Don't get me wrong, she deserves it but still…" he sighed sadly and I understood. After all she's still his sister.

"It'll be alright Garrett. Once things settle down a bit it will get better between the two of you, I promise." I assured the boy who just looked at me and nodded.

Right at about that time Brad shows up and spots me standing in line and walks right up to me. Damn the guy is huge, and just seems to continue to grow, I think to myself knowing what is coming next. The big lug picks me up in a bear hug squeezing the air out of my lungs before setting me down. My friends can't help it and giggle as my eyes bug out of my head from being hugged so tightly by those huge arms the guy has extending from his wide shoulders. I swear if they weren't attached you'd think they were telephone poles or something.

"Hey bro, how's it hanging?" He asks me in his booming voice.

"Well now that you've squeezed the crap out of me probably about three inches lower," I responded rhetorically as I pulled my waistband out, and peeked inside my shorts just to prove my point which sets us all off in a fit of laughter.

"So who are these little characters?" Brad asks me curiously so I introduce everyone to him.

"I think you know Dylan, but this is his brother Selden, and this crazy guy over here is Garrett." I introduce the other guys pointing to each in turn.

When Brad's eyes settle on Garrett he just booms out laughing at the sight of his wild hair. We all just sort of look at him as he settles down.

"Dude, what's up with all of that?" He chuckles as he runs his huge hand through Garrett's light brown curly tangles.

"Hey watch it," Garrett states shoving away the large boy's hand from his hair as he gingerly puts it all back together. "I work hard at getting it to look like this," the smaller boy joked.

Brad just looked at the smaller boy, and then towards me before just busting up a gut. "Damn, I like you Garrett. If anyone ever gives you any grief over your hair just let me know and I'll kick their ass so hard their own hair will end up in curls." He chuckled teasingly as he once again ruffles the boy's hair this time Garrett not bothering to shove his hand away.

"So what's with the…um…shorts guys?" He asks us pointing out our swim trunks.

Looking down at myself and the others I had to admit that it looked a little odd, but then again I thought all the guys sort of looked sexy hot too. Garrett looked super hot in his bright yellow and blue wide striped board shorts. The lower half of his board shorts were mostly yellow with a broad stripe of blue running right along where his bare pubic mound would be. In the yellow part of his trunks you could just make out a nice sized lump when he moved around, and the cottony material sort of snuggled up against his crotch.

Garrett wasn't the only one looking so adorably cute. Selden was wearing a pair of knee length tropical turquoise colored boys' beach cargo board shorts with pockets lower down on each leg that had grommets which allowed water to drain out of them when wet. They seemed to be a bit on the large size for him, and I know he had to tie the draw string tight to keep them on despite the elastic waist band. With his light complexion and beautiful hazel colored eyes he looked so damn hot wearing those trunks. Since he had such a small dick and boy pouch along with the swim trunks being a bit on the large size nothing really showed on him in the shorts except for just a little lump every once in a while depending on the way he was moving or standing.

Selden's older brother, Dylan, was wearing the same exact swim trunks, but with a better fit so on him there was a definite outline and bulge that could be seen which really made him so sexy hot. Not only that, but the turquoise colored swim trunks really brought out his bright blue eyes making his face and looks even more appealing. Damn, my dick was starting to twitch at all the beautiful sights surrounding me at the moment.

As for me I was wearing a pair of green and white large pattern surf camp board shorts. It sort of had a kind of large pattern design on them, and I felt they looked good on me. I don't know about the others, but mine had a lining inside of them that held my balls in place, but despite that when I looked down at myself I could still make out the bulge from my boy pouch and dick as the fabric settled up close around my crotch.

"Oh, yeah the swim trunks," I replied to Brad's inquiry. "We plan on heading over to the pool for a couple of hours after the movie.

"Cool, it looks like it is going to be a scorcher of a day, perfect for some wet water fun. Well I gotta go, so say hey to your sis for me. Damn, I sure would love to date her. She's got like the whole package…know what I mean. Not only is she pretty, but she's smart, funny, and packs a mean punch." He laughed good naturedly.

"Well if you like her…you know…like that…then why don't you ask her on a date?"

He just shook his head and sighed. "I did a couple of years ago, but she shot me down bro, and it stung. Don't know if I have the courage to try again." He admitted as he waved goodbye to us.

My thoughts were on Brad and my sister as he left. I don't know why my sister didn't want to go out with the guy. I know she liked him and all. I was kind of surprised that Brad had asked her and she had said no because I always assumed that my sister wouldn't mind having him as a boyfriend. I was still pondering over it when I felt a nudge from Dylan that the line had moved and I needed to order my snacks and drinks.

We allowed Selden and Garrett to make the movie selection, and of course their choice really didn't surprise us that much. It was an 'R' rated film, and they had heard from some of their friends that there was a sex scene that showed a woman's breast so of course they were all over it. It really wasn't an issue getting into the movie room that played the feature because once a ticket was purchased, and you got passed the initial ticket stand, it was completely open from there as to where you decided to go.

We got our snacks and settled into our seats. Selden and Garrett decided they wanted to get a seat up closer while Dylan and I settled in the back row. As I stated before I just loved those comfortable reclining chairs, and I was all snug and warm once the movie started with my small little blanket draped over my body.

About a quarter of the way through the movie Garrett made his way back up to me carrying his stuff. There weren't that many people in the room so he easily found us, and sidled over to me.

"Hunter, it's freezing in here, can I sit with you?" He asked me, and I just nodded my head smiling recalling the last time we had snuggled up at a movie and falling asleep.

Pulling back my blanket for him the smaller boy crawled onto my lap careful not to crush my balls, bless the little guy, and settled down. His body felt cold, and I immediately set about to warming him up by rubbing my hands over his arms and legs. After he stopped shivering and he leaned back up against me I couldn't resist and untied his draw string. He looked over at me and smirked knowing what I was after, and spread his legs apart a little giving me more access to him. I snuck a look towards Dylan who wasn't even paying attention, and shoved my hand down the front of Garrett's swim trunks wrapping my hand around his extremely hard erection. I felt the wild haired boy jerk for a moment at my touch, but he settled down and sighed as I slowly stroked his hard dick gently skinning him and rubbing my thumb across his fat exposed knob. Having and holding him like this made me shiver with lustful urges as I rocked my groin imperceptibly against his ass.

With the blanket draped over us it was easy enough to get away with what we were doing. The boy just leaned back, and enjoyed the sensation I was giving him between his legs. Releasing him for a moment my fingers dove down further over past his balls and between his hot ass where I slowly inserted my finger between his grommet. This caught him by surprise and he gasped. Thank goodness the sound system on the movie increased tempo at the same time or we could have probably been busted. As it was Garrett's head snapped back, and he quivered as I slowly finger fucked his ass. Before things got out of hand I slipped my finger out from his grommet, and allowed him to settle down from his high.

Right at about that time I saw Selden's head bobbing around as he made his way up the side isle looking for us. He spotted us and slid down the row towards our seats. He saw Garrett snuggled up with me under the blanket and shivered for a moment.

"Um…Hunter, would it be alright if I sit with you guys I'm freezing." He commented as his brother just chuckled.

"Shit dude, you are going to end up with the entire movie theater sitting in your lap." He giggled as he watched Selden trying to climb up on my lap.

With Selden joining us I had to remove my hand from Garrett's nice warm crotch. The wild haired boy whimpered a little at the interruption of what I had been doing to him, but didn't mind as he slid over for his friend. Just before Selden started to turn around his knee jammed right into my crotch, and I grunted lurching as he smashed my balls. Both Garrett and Selden knew immediately what had happened and started to giggle. I didn't think it was so funny so I reached out to get even with Selden.

Right at about that time he shifted his legs and with his shorts being so large on him my hand dove right between the leg opening of his swim trunk. I don't know who was more surprised Selden or me because I ended up grabbing his naked crotch. He didn't even have the mesh webbing most boys' swim trunks had so my fingers ended up closing around his small fleshy skin.

Selden's eyes popped open in surprise as he felt my fingers and thumb squeezing on his package. Even in this lighting I could see his face flushing red with embarrassment as he realized I could feel how small he was between his legs. It shocked me too, not for his small size or me actually touching his bare skin, although that was a bit of a surprise as well, no it was because of the state of his penis. The boy was completely hard as my finger pinched his one and a half inch erection. When I say hard, I mean hard. Damn, I don't ever recall my dick getting that hard. His literally felt as if you were picking up a pen in your fingers, all hard and rigid without any give to it. I let loose of his dick and then pinched his soft spongy pouch between my thumb and pointing finger. His boy pouch was so small I couldn't even grab it properly so had to resort to pinching him instead with thumb and finger.

Selden yelped and jerked finally removing his knee off of my crotch and no longer laughing at the incident. He quickly turned around in my lap to sit down completely mortified that I had copped a feel on him. Of course Garrett had seen what happened, and just laughed at his friend. Selden looked over at him with a piercing glare before he too started to chuckle at the incident before slugging his friend in the arm. He looked over at me, and since I didn't even make a comment figured I must not have really taken notice of his small size.

"Next time you'll think twice before you smash my nuts?" I whispered in Selden's ear while the two smaller boys were still giggling about the incident.

"What the fuck are you girls giggling about?" Dylan scolded us trying to get us to settle down because the few people that were in the theater started to look over at us.

Smiling at my friend I leaned in and whispered. "Your brother decided to knee me in the balls and thought it was funny, but stopped laughing when I reached over and gave his balls and dick a firm squeeze."

Dylan's eyes just bulged out of his head as he looked over towards his little brother, and then chuckled. Selden didn't seem to be mad about it or anything so he just shrugged it off as well knowing it had all just been friendly innocent boy play. He knew how sensitive his brother was about the size of his package, or rather lack thereof, but the boy seemed to have settled down and was now leaning back snuggled up trying to get warm.

Dylan just looked at me shaking his head and smiled relieved that his brother hadn't made a whole scene about the incident. We settled in and continued to watch the movie. After a while I started to stroke Garrett through his shorts while we watched the movie, and it was kind of fun. I could tell my sexy little vixen seemed to enjoy the extra attention. This continued on as we watched the movie, and I sort of zoned out with what I was doing to Garrett it just naturally continuing all on its own. The steamy section of the movie started to play, and I could see both boys' eyes glued to the screen as they started to breath heavily with excitement.

Without realizing it my left hand had slipped between Selden's thigh all the way up next to his crotch. His swim trunks were pulled up tight against his crotch, and I could feel the little lump of his ball sack and dick up against my fingers. My thumb had started stroking his hard little shaft that was pressing up against his swim trunks. I don't know why my mind had chosen this point to come back into focus, but it did and I almost panicked realizing I was stroking his stiff erection with my thumb.

Then the scene the boys were looking for finally popped onto the screen, and I heard both Selden and Garrett gasp as a woman's huge breasts flashed up on the large white panel. Of course Garrett's penis was twitching around with the copious amount of attention my hands were giving to it, but at that moment I felt Selden's penis start to thrum and pulsate up against my thumb. His crotch felt extremely hot as if it were on fire. I couldn't tell if it was my imagination or not, but I decided I had best stop what I was doing before Selden realized it and panicked, or worse end up having an orgasm right there on my lap in public. Hell that would be so damn embarrassing, not only for him, but for me as well. Not to mention the questions and accusations that would be thrown in my direction.

Reluctantly I shifted my hand from between his scorching hot legs and placed them further down away from his crotch. Selden never moved or twitched so I knew I had gotten away with it. Now my only concern was the extremely hard bulge between my own legs. Thank goodness it was Garrett's ass that was settled over my hardness, but at some point when the movie ended we would have to get up. I realized we had about another fifteen minutes left so decided to stop stroking Garrett so that we could both start to settle down. My little lover boy just looked over at me, and looked sad about it, but he seemed to understand as he leaned in giving me a kiss on the cheek. Selden noticed and not to be outdone leaned over and kissed me as well.

"Thanks," both boys whispered in my ear and gave me a hug for allowing them to snuggle up with me and keep warm. They were both giddy at seeing some girly tits and just couldn't seem to sit still anymore. Thank goodness the movie finished up shortly after that scene.

As soon as the credits started to show I sat up nearly dumping both boys onto the floor. "Shit, I need to take a piss," I whispered as we all got up and scrambled for the bathrooms. The urinals in the main part of the theater had partitions separating them so you couldn't see the person's dick standing next to you. Dylan, Garrett, and I lined up next to each other at one of the empty urinals. Selden on the other hand headed straight for one of the stalls closing the door behind him.

"Shit dude, I thought you were going to talk to him…you know." I said to Dylan.

"I did…well sort of. I think he's alright with everything but shit…who knows." He whispered back.

Garrett sort of looked at us wondering what we were talking about, but when we didn't clue him in on it he didn't press figuring it was something between the two of us. Knowing Dylan the way I do I knew he probably did talk with his little brother, but more than likely not as much as he should have. I'm sure he left a lot of shit out being too embarrassed about it.

We waited outside for my sister and about fifteen minutes later she picked us up. Garrett and Selden were all aflutter over the movie and having seen some naked tits that they were bouncing around on cloud nine having a good time joking around until my sister picked us up. She pulled up in her 2003 red Subaru Outback and we all piled into the vehicle. She smiled at us as she pulled away from the car. The two small boys had stopped talking about naked titties, but still talked incessantly with one another excitedly.

"So I take it you guys enjoyed the movie." She smiled at us shaking her head.

"Oh yeah, it was so cool." Garrett stated as both of the smaller boys giggled.

My sister shook her head, "Boys…" she chuckled. "Must have had a lot of action because that is all you guys ever think is so cool." She retorted.

"Yeah, lot's of action." Selden exclaimed both boys laughing hysterically this time like two little kids. Well, I guess that wasn't fair because they were two little kids.

Dylan and I just looked at one another, and couldn't help it as we busted up laughing right along with our two little tiger cubs. The two little monsters were on their game today. I had to admit I was really enjoying both of those little tykes. Not only because of their sense of humor, but also because they just were so adorably sexy cute. Hell, I thought to myself realizing that even Selden was getting me all horned up as I thought about how I had touched his small boy package, and then later how my thumb had rubbed up against his stiff knob through his shorts. I shivered at how sexy cute the little guy was as my pecker reacted getting a semi hard-on and then I popped a full blown on boner when my mind wandered over to Garrett my sexy little wild haired boy. Selden may make me horny, but Garrett just touched my buttons on so many levels.

The pool was packed today, but it was a cool and refreshing way to spend our afternoon. It was a hot day, up in the mid-eighties, which made for a perfect time at the pool. We only spent about two hours at the pool, but it was just the right amount of time to have a lot of fun. I noticed Selden eyeing Garrett a few times, and I had to admit my little wild haired guy looked super hot in his bright yellow and blue wide striped board shorts. Of course it was difficult to spy out what Garrett had between his legs in this type of swim shorts, but you could still make out a nice bulge, especially when he first climbs out of the pool and the suit is all soaking wet. Then the yellow part of his swim trunks would hug his crotch revealing a nice sized bulge. Every once in a while his penis would be pointing off towards the side and a clear outline of his soft tubular appendage could be made out in the wet cottony material. I shivered with excitement during those moments.

Garrett wasn't the only one looking so adorably cute. Both Selden and Dylan looked delicious in their pair of knee length tropical turquoise colored boys' beach cargo board shorts with pockets and grommets that allowed water to drain out of them. Even my dick twitched when I saw either one of them standing there at the side of the pool with water dripping down their torso and legs.

At times their swim trunks would hug their crotch revealing what they had between their legs. Dylan often sported a nice sized lump while Selden's was more difficult to make out. I knew what the smaller boy had between his legs, and although it wasn't much, damn he still looked so sexy standing there like that. I even noticed Garrett looking at him a time or two trying to decipher what lay hidden between those cute shapely legs. I also spied several girls taking an interest in the two young boys with several of them vying for both of the younger boys' attention. The boys of course interacted with the girls, but it seemed as if they both just preferred each other's company.

The two younger boys spent a lot of time in the water splashing each other and even playing some grab ass. I think Selden was really trying to get a feel for what Garrett had between his legs because every now and then I could see my little vixen jerk in surprise and yelp when he got squeezed. It didn't look like either one cared one way or the other about the groping, and just seemed to have fun together.

At one point I had joined them in the pool, and both boys were trying to dunk my head under the water. It was a lot of fun with a lot of bare skin touching one another. In a way it felt almost erotic having these two guys all over me with their hands grabbing and groping me all over the place. It didn't go unnoticed that every once in a while there was a good squeeze down below my belt, namely around my boyhood. It was all good fun as I got my fair amount of grabbing in as well, even with Selden, although the smaller boy tended to be much more careful about allowing someone to touch him down there. If nothing else it was just hilarious watching him dodge our now overt groping attempts. Once Garrett and I discovered his skittishness it almost became a game with us as he squealed and squirmed avoiding our clawing actions as we made a show of actually trying to grab his crotch.

Then the tables turned as both boys teamed up and attacked me once again. Garrett had his arms wrapped around my neck with his legs clamped firmly around my waist as Selden jumped onto my back shoving me downwards. I held firmly onto Garrett bringing the boy down below the water with me, and when we floated towards the bottom I released him and we turned to head back up when we both stopped gaping at what we were seeing.

Selden had let go of me about halfway down, and was heading back up when his large swimming suit floated upward closer to his body giving us an unimpeded look at his naked balls and penis floating freely in the water. I mean sure he didn't have a lot, but his dick was hard as a rock, and his small smooth little boy pouch jiggled around as he kicked his legs. Damn, despite his small size, or maybe because of it, he looked just so damn sexy, and I immediately popped a boner noticing Garrett sporting one as well.

Selden was reaching out for the side of the pool wall and our eyes were still glued onto his nakedness as the large swim trunks swam around him wildly. A few moments later no longer able to hold our breaths we poked our heads back out of the weather and giggled wildly.

"Wow, that was so cool," Garrett chuckled looking over towards me with his wet hair plastered around his adorably cute face, and I just nodded my head smiling having to agree with him.

"What was so cool?" Selden inquired wondering what was going on.

"You," Garrett just busted up laughing, and I couldn't help myself as I busted up too at the hilarity of the statement.

Needless to say the rest of our time was spent with me being dunked by the two youngsters. Garrett would hang on to me coming down below the water as well while we both looked up enjoying the sight of what swam freely in front of our eyes. Selden didn't swim as well so he always ended up letting go about halfway down, and swam for the surface. That's when we would float to the bottom and watch the show. We just couldn't seem to get enough of Selden's beauty. Sure he was small, but still his creamy white smoothness was so damn sexy, and he really did have a beautiful body. In a way I felt a bit guilty about it, but hell it was exciting and new, and Garrett seemed to enjoy it as much as I did as we just giggled and smiled at one another when we resurfaced time and time again.

After about twenty minutes of this fun and fantastically enjoyable voyeuristic play time we sadly had to call it a day as we got dried off heading out to wait for my sister to pick us up. We all agreed it had been a blast, and promised to do this again real soon. Garrett and I looked at one another hoping it would be sooner versus later.

Practically an entire week has gone by since my first incredible sexual encounter with Garrett when he spent the night at my house. I had to admit I was really enjoying his company, and our fondness for one another just continued to blossom not to mention our sexual interaction. It consisted mostly of just fondling each other when no one was around, and one time we managed to have enough time together to jack each other off. Sure these weren't as intense as our first time together, but I just wanted to take things slow for several reasons. These small intimate times together were blissful moments, and I knew I was really starting to fall for the little guy in a more intimate kind of way.

Things seemed to be heating up between the two of us, and we both seemed to want more, but I held back a little not wanting a repeat of our first sexual encounter. Well, at least not until I had a chance to talk with my doctor about my medications. My prescriptions concerned me, and it had been difficult to hold off the hot sexy little eleven year old boy.

On more than one occasion Garrett hinted at continuing where we left off, but I always steered us away, and he patiently let me, but I could tell he was starting to wonder if he had done something wrong. It broke my heart to see him so frustrated, but then again I didn't want our relationship to be all about sex. Sure I knew he had feelings for me, and sex was a great thing, believe me my dick sure appreciated the attention, but I wanted more between the two of us. Don't get me wrong we still had a lot of fun together, and he's brought me such pleasure, but I wanted to be careful for now. Not only because of my medication, but I just didn't want things to burn so hotly between us that we just fizzled out maybe hurting one another in the process.

It's been three days since our nice time at the movie theater and pool time, Tuesday to be exact, and I was thinking about Garrett and our relationship. Our connection and interaction with one another was deep on my mind because today I'm finally at the University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle sitting inside my doctor's office. One of the main reasons we moved to the area is because it was one of the few places that could deal with my issues. We didn't live in Seattle, we just didn't like living in the city, so instead opted to move into a small neighborhood about forty five minutes away. It was still close enough for us to get there without any troubles for my monthly checkup.

Well I say without any troubles, but lately Seattle's been going through a lot of construction in the downtown area which create a traffic nightmare at times. The University campus area was no exception with its own issues concerning construction. The Hospital was located on the corner of N.E. Pacific St. and Montlake Blvd. N.E. overlooking Portage Bay. It was really a pretty location, but traffic was a nightmare. We had to pass by Husky Stadium which is undergoing a complete overhaul not to mention the light rail coming to the University District. If that wasn't bad enough, Sound Transit had also begun construction on the UW Station at Husky Stadium, which will open in 2016.

There is so much construction going on in the area of Seattle that traffic could be such a nightmare. I hated driving down I-5 going through Seattle because cars would just completely slow down to a crawl at various times during the day. If you happen to be passing through on game day at either Century Link Stadium which hosts the football team Seattle Seahawks and the Sounders Soccer team, or Safeco Field for the Seattle Mariners baseball team then you might end up in a nightmare scenario.

Don't get me wrong I love going to the games, and the stadiums are just fantastic with both of them featuring retractable roofs. I mean these stadiums do not have a bad seat in the entire venue. They are awesomely designed, and I love it when a train passes by right next to Safeco Field sounding their horn. It's just so cool. The configuration of CenturyLink Field is a U-shape with an open north end to provide views of downtown Seattle and the large north plaza, and on beautiful days you just can't pass up the beautiful sight of Mt. Rainier, which believe me sticks out like a sore thumb, visible from the south end of the stadium. Way too cool.

I had made a decision to go ahead and join the school wrestling team so I decided to kill two birds with one stone so to speak, and get my physical done at the same time. The doctor did some blood work on me so he could see where I stood at the moment concerning my condition, and I was just sitting in his office with my mom waiting for the results.

Mom and I were just chatting about Garrett and my other friends when Doctor Miller walked in to the office with a large thick file in his hands, which I knew belonged to me. After all I made a trip to his office once a month so they could keep a close eye on me. We sat there silently while he perused the results.

"Well Hunter, looks like no major changes or anything so we don't really have to do anything all that much different, but I also see you are looking to do wrestling again this year. This sort of changes things, and so I've been thinking about switching up your medication to help deal with the increased strain of the sport. From what I understand you will be a freshman in High School this year, and there is a higher level of expectancy at that level so you might end up working your body harder." The doctor commented finally lowering the files and looking over towards me.

"Yes sir." I responded. "At first I was going to take a year off, but I've just been getting a bit antsy about getting going again." I responded as the doctor nodded his head.

"Well then as long as you make sure you monitor yourself closely I think it should be alright for the time being. That being said let's try out the new meds and see how you handle them in your system. Its better we get you on them now before wrestling season starts because they do have some side affects, and this will give us time to see how your system adjusts. I will go over everything with you and your mom after we get your physical done." He spoke up looking meaningfully at my mom who didn't understand at first.

"Do you mind stepping out for a few moments Mrs. Alan while I give your son the once over in private."

"What…oh…yes of course," my mom sputtered flushing a little realizing the doctor wanted to spare me the embarrassment of having her in the room when he had me drop my trousers, and poked around my privates and backside.

Not something a teenage boy wants to happen in front of his mother. Sure she sees me walking around all the time naked, but this was just a tad different since my privates were actually going to be manhandled. I noticed that she seemed to make a hasty retreat, and I guess she didn't want to be there for that part either.

The doctor just chuckled and shook his head. "Mother's" He stated as he looked up at me. I shrugged my shoulders not getting it. "They want to be there for every little detail, but then all of a sudden when their little boy gets a finger shoved up his ass they don't want any part of it." He chuckled as he winked at me.

"Geeze Doc, that makes me feel so much better about it all; especially the whole getting a finger shoved up my ass by an old gray haired fart." I chuckled as his eyebrows rose up.

"Don't you think you may have wanted to lay off the old fart statement; especially, since I still need to do all that shoving up your ass thing?" He quipped chuckling.

"Ooops Doc…please don't hold it against me and be gentle." I laughed as I dropped my trousers when he motioned towards me to get this over with.

After our little banter and joking around the doctor turned real professional, and examined me with a practiced proficiency and finished up in no time. While I was pulling up my underwear and shorts he took a chair and sat down.

"So," the doctor started out as I snapped my button closed on my red pair of jean shorts now completely dressed again.

Looking up I could see he had that sort of waiting look on his face. There was another chair so I sat down and fidgeted a little. I needed to talk to him, but this was kind of embarrassing.

The doctor sighed and slid his chair closer to me. "Hunter, I've known you for years now, what's on your mind?" He queried.

"It's that obvious," I responded as I held my fingers together so that they wouldn't shake.

My doctor just leaned back in his chair, and let me have a moment to gather my thoughts. Shit how do I ask about something so personal, you know about sex and stuff. I mean things were getting hot and heavy between Garrett and me, not to mention the incident with my best friend Dylan. I've never had to consider this sort of thing before and worry about my meds, but now that my dick was starting to get some action I had to know some things about my medication, and the affects it can have not only on me but with others.

"So Hunter are you sexually active?" My doctor just went ahead and asked catching me a bit by surprise. I guess he must have known what was on my mind.

"No…I mean sort of…um…" I stuttered not knowing what to say now that we are actually talking about it.

"Well, just make sure you use protection Hunter." He continued.

"What…" I blurted out continuing to make a fool of myself, but really 'protection' I thought to myself.

The first thing that crossed my mind was that I was contagious. I thought my condition wasn't contagious, but if he's telling me to use protection then I must be. Oh fuck, my mind continued to whirl. Did I just infect Garrett somehow?

"Of course if you are having intercourse Hunter you should use some sort of protection. I know you already know about getting someone pregnant and the risk of diseases, but sometimes; especially, when you are young things get out of hand. Just be careful is all I'm trying to say." The doctor calmly stated to me. I guess he's had plenty of these sorts of conversations in the past with teenagers.

"No…I'm not having…um I mean of course, protection, but that's not why I wanted to…um…I needed to talk about." I paused for a moment all mixed up before trying again. "I mean what happens if…I mean my meds…can they affect someone when they…um…you know swallow…my uh…" I stopped, seemingly getting myself into things even deeper. Fuck why were these things so difficult to talk about with an adult?

"Oh…Oooooh, I see. Well um…Hunter so you're not having intercourse yet?"

"N…no…um…not yet just…you know a little fooling around, but I'm concerned about my meds and if my…you know stuff is swallowed by my partner." I sighed falling silent for a moment before trying to make myself coherent. "If I mess around can my semen be harmful?"

"What, you mean infect someone? Of course not Hunter you know you aren't contagious or anything why would you even ask such a thing?" The doctor inquired wondering if I really didn't know this.

"No of course not doctor, I know I'm not contagious…I'm thinking about my meds. Heaven only knows what affect the meds are going to have on me when I get older, but what about others, can it have an affect on someone else if they…you know…swallow my semen?" I finally managed to ask.

"Oh, I see." The doctor sighed. "So your sexual play right now is oral stimulation, and if a girl has their mouth over your penis and swallows your ejaculate; you are concerned what it might do to them because of the medication you are taking." The doctor mused.

The doctor assumed I was messing around with girls, it was an understandable assumption, and may very well happen someday, but I guess the answer is the same one way or the other.

"Actually Hunter that is a very good question you raise and makes me feel better about our conversation because you are thinking about the consequences of your actions regarding sex." I could only nod my head wanting answers.

"Well the short answer is 'no' Hunter. You taking your current meds won't harm anyone regarding your sexual fluids. In addition Hunter your meds won't harm your chances of having children when you get older. So keep that in mind if your sexual activity evolves into having intercourse with a girl, alright. Now regarding the issue of your new meds, since you are getting older and are so concerned, I think it best I go over these things with you alone. In turn you can inform your parents, and if they have any questions they can always call for clarification. How does that sound?" He finished up and I just nodded my head.

It was difficult for me to pay attention at first because my mind was overjoyed with the news concerning having a deeper sexual relationship now, but I also knew my mom would wonder what had taken so long. This was the excuse I needed, but I also needed to pay attention about my new meds so I could pass that along to my parents.

I was a bit tired by the time my mom pulled over to the side of the street dropping me off at home before speeding off to work. The doctor warned me that the new medication would make me tired for a day or two until my body adapted to the new chemical balance. I was sort of feeling light headed at the moment, but nothing I hadn't felt before as I unlocked the door and made my way to my room.

The door to my room was closed so I turned the handle and stepped down the two small steps into my private abode. Home sweet home I thought to myself, and then stood there staring at my bed. What the fuck, I thought to myself at the sight confronting me.

Garrett and Selden were lying on my bed, both in a state of undress and…and going at it. Well that is…Garrett was going at it with Selden's little hard pecker pumping in and out of his mouth, and the small testicles in that small smooth pouch of Selden's jerking around. Selden's shorts and underwear were wrapped down around his ankles with his legs bent at the knees and pointing outwards. Garrett's shorts and underwear were lying on the floor, and he was bent over on his knees with his nose buried in the boy's crotch. I had just walked in on the boys in the middle of them having a bit of fun…well rather a whole lot of fun.

Evidently they had been looking for me leaving their bikes on the front porch in the corner. In my state of fog I had completely missed the bikes sitting there. My sister had been home at the time, and explained to the boys that I was at the doctor getting my physical so I could join the wrestling team. She had to leave, but said the boys could wait for me in my room.

Of course the two of them being alone like that created an opportunity for them to get a little frisky and play. In a way it was a bit surprising considering Selden was so shy about his nudity, but then again I saw how he had been looking at Garrett lately, and how close these two had become as friends. In a way it was similar to how well Dylan and I had hit it off when I first moved here. I guess Selden's burgeoning sexual curiosity caught up with him allowing him to overcome some of his shyness around his new best friend.

There was a high pitched scream as Selden started to buck wildly, his small thin hard one and a half inch hard penis jerking around wildly between Garrett's lips as the wild haired boy barely had enough time to slurp down that adorably sexy little knob of Selden's. I could see the blue veins along the small shaft pulsing as if alive when the smaller boy just squealed while he grabbed Garrett's head and shoved the rest of the short length of shaft into the friend's mouth.

"Eeeeehhh, oooooh, uhhhhh, eeeeeehhhh," the boy screech sounding almost like a high pitched squealing pig.

Garrett's much bigger balls and dick jerked around as well while he sucked wildly on the other boy's small pecker. Selden kept flopping around on the bed grunting and moaning while Garrett tried to milk his small balls that were completely empty and devoid at his young age. My eyes were locked onto the boy's very small, but extremely hard looking hot pole with his small baby boy pouch sort of dangling between his spread open legs. I found it interesting to note that although Selden's boy pouch was really tiny with equally tiny testicles that they at least seemed to sag between his legs unlike his older brother's who just seemed to hug against his body.

The other item that caught my attention was that hot juicy piece of steel still quivering around wanting more attention even though Selden obviously just had a dry orgasm. Garrett had released the quivering and jerking little one and a half inch piece of iron rod, and it just continued to twitch around on its own refusing to deflate.

Garrett was looking down at the smaller boy with a smile on his features and a look of happiness that he had brought such pleasure to his best friend. His own dick twitched around still hard wanting some attention, but at the moment Selden was still twitching around in the afterglow of euphoric blissfulness. Both boys looked oddly sexy hot with their tanned legs and body with that small white strip of white ivory along their private area where they wore their shorts. I shivered at the beauty of flesh in front of me.

"Oh fuck," Selden squeaked out in his high pitched voice. "Thanks…thanks for showing me that," he sighed and rolled his head to the side noticing me for the first time.

He yelped and scrambled further onto the bed, and grabbed the first thing he could, my pillow, shoving it over his still hard short piece of iron rod and little smooth boy pouch.

"Shit…I…we…oh shit…please don't be mad Hunter." The smaller boy whined. "P…please don't tell anyone." He continued to whine as tears started to well up in his eyes.

Garrett's eyes bugged out as well as he looked at me guiltily. "I…I'm sorry Hunter…P…please forgive me…um…please don't be mad." He sniffled not moving and his erection having deflated at being caught with his pants down…so to speak.

My face must have appeared as if I was horrified or something at their reaction, but to tell you the truth I was only stunned, and with me being so light headed to begin with I must have looked pasty white as well.

"N…no, I'm not mad guys…really. It's just…I mean shit…I'm sorry I barged in on…um…I mean, don't worry about it, and just go ahead and have some more fun because I need a shower anyway." I stuttered walking out the door leaving the two of them alone.

Remembering the door I turned around and reached for the handle catching sight of Selden tossing away the pillow and trying to shove his shorts back up over his still erect penis. Shit the kid just had an orgasm and the shock of his life when he saw me standing there which should have shriveled it up in a heartbeat. Instead it stood up like a good little soldier, and looked even harder now as if wanting more. Thrusting his hips up into the air and exposing his rosebud for a moment, Selden yanked one final time on his blue style soccer shorts and multicolored cartoon boy's briefs covering up his nakedness. I almost felt sad for a moment. Garrett on the other hand just slowly grabbed his plaid flat front shorts, and pulled away his underwear so he could start getting dressed as well. His well endowed soft package swaying forlornly between his thin shapely legs.

Making my way to the bathroom and shutting the door I sat down on the toilet for a minute trying to clear my head. I was feeling a bit woozy from my medication…well mostly from my medication, but also from seeing Garrett and Selden going at it. I knew they had hit it off, and to tell you the truth it really didn't surprise me…well maybe sort of in a way…especially with the looks Selden has been giving Garrett since they became friends.

Sure at their age Dylan and I had become fast friends, and had talked sex stuff, but we had still been immature in many ways about our bodies even though we had older friends tell us some stuff. Not only that we were way too shy to try anything like Selden and Garrett had just tried out with each other when we were their age. Sighing I knew part of it was with me introducing Garrett into the realm of sex. With Selden, I'm sure Dylan probably had talked to his brother about some of the things. Of course from there the curiosity and the yearning for the stimulating contact had then taken over.

Turning on the water in my shower and adjusting the temperature I climbed in my mind still filled with the images of what had transpired only moments prior. Even as tired and weak as I felt at the moment I couldn't contain my excitement as I methodically jerked myself watching my own work with fascination as my slick deep purple blood engorged knob jerked in and out from under the hood. It was erotically exciting as I worked myself into an orgasm with the image of Garrett's balls wiggling around between his legs as he slurped on the small one and a half inch cherry colored lollipop.

"Oh shit, umph, uuumph, umph," I grunted as my balls leaped upwards in my smooth sagging boy pouch, and unloaded a few ropes of cum against the frosted glass in my shower stall.

My knees buckled under me, and I had to hold myself up against the wall as my head spun around like a little spin top toy. Shit this might not have been such a good idea so soon after taking my new meds I thought to myself. I was feeling a bit disoriented, but with a determination I willed myself into a state of awareness. After that I finished up rapidly, stepped out of the shower, and dried myself off. Wrapping the towel around my waist I stepped back into my room and looked around.

Garrett was sitting on the edge of my bed, and looking like a train wreck. I sighed realizing I probably looked worse at the moment. I was exhausted, and the new meds were kicking my ass as I sat next to my boy and wrapped my arm around his shoulders. I knew he was feeling like he had done something wrong, but to tell you the truth I didn't feel that way. He was still young so of course he is going to mess around a little. I had no problems with that, besides I messed around with Dylan too when I knew I had feelings for Garrett. Damn hormones, I thought to myself. They just make us crazy for some action making it difficult for us to think straight where sex is concerned.

"I…I'm sorry Hunter, please don't be mad at me." My little love whispered.

My heart fluttered and ached that he felt so badly at the moment. "What for Garrett? I mean didn't you like messing around with Selden?" I asked him.

"Y…yes…I mean no…yes. Shit, he just wanted to know what an orgasm felt like, and was wondering if I could show him. He…he had asked me if I ever had one because he had been talking with his brother about sex and stuff. He mentioned that even though Dylan talked to him about some stuff he was still confused." Garrett explained to me. "Y…you're really not mad at me?"

"Of course not Garrett, you two are friends." I told him shrugging my shoulders.

"Anyway, I sort of told him about jacking off and blowjobs and he wanted to know more and hoped I could show him. At first I jacked him and then sucked him a little to show him how it is done both ways, and then he wanted to suck me so I took off my shorts, but for some reason I just couldn't bring myself to letting him do it because I thought you might be mad if I did." He sniffled as he leaned in and held on to me.

"Please Hunter I didn't let him suck me or anything, but he pleaded with me to suck him, and well I know how good it feels so I thought it might be alright. W…was that alright?" He asked me as he looked up into my face.

"Garrett listen, I like you a lot…I mean a whole lot, but you're still really young. Maybe it is good if you have such a close relationship with someone like Selden. I think he is just curious about things and a little confused. No I'm not mad at you, and don't you ever do or not do something because you think I'd be mad." I told my little love as I leaned over and kissed him gently.

The boy just melted in my arms and kissed me back passionately. He pushed me on my back and removed my towel. I had just jacked off, but with him around me I always managed to get an erection so soon after release. He just lay down next to me and gently stroked his fingers through my pubes. I rolled over on my side, and reached between his legs. He had a huge erection, and it was real hard in his shorts.

"Did you want to have sex with him Garrett…please answer me honestly."

Garrett thought for a moment, and then nodded his head in the affirmative. "Then if you want to next time go ahead. You won't know if this is really what you want unless you open yourself up to Selden. Don't get me wrong I am not suggesting you should always have sex at the drop of a hat, but I know Selden cares about you, and I know you care about him, understand?"

Garrett nodded his head then shuddered and sighed as I gently rubbed him getting the boy excited. "Can I suck on you?" He asked me pleadingly.

Of course this wasn't the first time he asked me since our first encounter almost a week ago. I had skirted around getting a blowjob because I was concerned about the affect my medication might have with him drinking my cum, but now I didn't have that issue anymore. Still I just shook my head no because to tell you the truth I was just too out of it at the moment.

"Why not?" He asked me. "Ever since our first time you've been avoiding letting me suck your dick. Did I do something wrong?" He finally asked me.

"N…no…oh no Sweet Cheeks, you did nothing wrong. It was the best feeling I've ever had before, and believe me you are the only one who has ever done that to me. I loved it so much and it was very special." I told him honestly.

"Yeah, but then why won't you let me…you know…" He giggled pulling on my four inch dick.

Now that I knew things were in the clear regarding my meds, I felt it was safe to tell him. Cupping my hand under his chin so I had his attention to what I was saying rather than him focusing on my sex package, I slowly explained my visit to the doctor, and what I had found out about my medication. He listened intently his eyes getting big when I told him how I was concerned about him drinking my spunk, and how it might affect him. He panicked for a moment admitting he had never thought about it before, but I eased his mind when I told him what the doctor had said about my medication.

"Well, that's good news then, isn't it? If it can't harm me let's do it then. Please…" He whined as he started to scoot down closer to my penis.

"No Garrett, not today. I'm tired and I just jacked off in the shower so I won't have that much anyway." I gently told him pulling him back up to lie next to me. "Next time, I promise."

"Yeah, but my balls are aching Hunter." He whimpered. Shit, the kid had blue balls from getting so hyped up with Selden. I didn't even know if that were possible or not if someone doesn't produce semen in his balls yet.

Easing my way downwards I gently squeezed his hard erection through his plaid flat front shorts. I heard Garrett groan at my attention. Slowly I unsnapped his button and zipped down his shorts. From the opening in front of his shorts the boy's large erection bulged outward against the fabric of his lime green colored boxer briefs as Garrett rolled onto his back. I urged him to lift his butt, and yanked down both underwear and shorts in one fell swoop exposing his four and a half inch pulsing torrid covered rod. My hand reached over to his stiffness, and I slowly skinned him exposing his purplish red acorn. The boy shivered as the cool air swirled around his large smooth sagging boy pouch.

Looking up towards Garrett and smiling at his anticipation I slowly wrapped my lips around his penis, and heard him gasp with pleasure. This was the first time I had wrapped my lips around his torrid stiffness since that fateful night he spent at my house. I was still feeling a bit woozy; to tell you the truth the excitement of having Garrett's hardness in my mouth and smelling his scent was almost too much for me to handle. How I loved holding him, feeling him, and smelling him. I had to give him his pleasure quickly before it became too much for me. The medication was wreaking havoc in my system, and I just hoped the doctor was correct in that it would only last a day or two before my body adjusted.

Taking his red hot iron like rod in my mouth I started to bob my head up and down while I swirled my tongue around his ridge and flicked it inside his pee slit. He was already so worked up that I knew he wouldn't last long so I focused on his sensitive glans while my fingers gently squeezed his sack. He was moaning loudly now, and then all of a sudden his body just jolted upwards as his hips thrust against my face shoving his rigid pole deep inside my mouth as the spasms overtook his tiny frame. It had happened within moments, but his orgasm seemed to last a long time before he finally collapsed onto his back gasping for air.

"Oh shit, thank you so much Hunter," He whimpered as he hugged me tight. "I…I love you so much, and I'd just die if anything bad happened between us."

His shorts and boxer briefs were still wrapped around his ankles as we snuggled up our naked crotches together. Even though Garrett just had an orgasm, his soft penis twitched when it brushed up against my swollen erection.

"So what happened with Selden, I mean he sort of left in a hurry?" I whispered kind of knowing the answer already.

"Yeah, he was a bit…embarrassed about getting caught, and thought you might be mad or something. I told him you wouldn't be, even though I was a bit worried too about it myself."

Nodding my head I said, "Yeah I get it so if you see him or talk to him before me tell him it's alright, and that I'm not mad or anything. Does he know about us Garrett?" I asked a little worried about people finding out my feelings towards another boy more particularly Garrett.

"What…n…no of course not. I know things like this is sort of private." My sexy boy told me looking at me seriously.

"That's good Garrett."

"Hunter, does this mean we…I mean does this make us gay or something?" He asked me with a worried expression.

I shrugged my shoulders a little confused about this issue as well. "I…you know Garrett it really doesn't matter one way or another, but to tell you the truth I have to say no. I mean a lot of boys mess around together, and then later go on to marry a nice girl and have kids making a nice family. Maybe you are and maybe you aren't gay, but for now don't worry and just have fun, alright?" I sighed trying to keep my head clear as he nodded his head agreeing, but also looking like he still had a question or two.


"Yeah." I sighed chuckling.

"I think Selden is kind of embarrassed about his…size…you know what I mean?" He commented sort of scrunching his face in thought.

"Yeah I know. His brother was going to talk to him about it now that he is getting older. I hope you didn't make fun of him or anything. It is important we support him and not embarrass him about it." I replied.

"No of course not. He's my friend, besides he may be small, but that damn thing is so hot and hard. When I say hot I mean it feels like a furnace. It felt kind of wicked." He chuckled.

Nodding my head I just sighed. "That's good Garrett, you are a great friend."

"Hunter?" He asked again.

"Yes, Sweet Cheeks." I responded chuckling.

"I…I think he has a crush on you."

"W…what…why do you say that?" I ask a little shocked.

"Just things he says and asks about. He talks about you all the time." He tells me as he looks in my eyes. "I don't mind you know…he's my friend you know, and since you don't mind what the two of us did or do together if…if he asks you about it and…and you want…it's alright…you know." He told me honestly.

Sighing I just hugged him to me. My head was still swimming and I just couldn't keep my senses about me. I heard what he was saying, but it was difficult to focus.

"Listen Garrett, it is you who I have feelings for no matter what. Sex is just that…sex, but I don't want to have just that between us. I want our relationship to be about love. Even though what I just did with you was sex, I did it because I love you so much, and I saw how much you needed that at the moment." I sighed just shaking my head. "I'm just rambling right now so let's talk a little more later, alright."

Garrett rolled on top of me, and his skin and weight felt wonderful to me as he slowly ground his once again stiff erection up against my slightly smaller erection. I still couldn't believe how big he was down there, and I shivered with eagerness despite my rising headache. My head started to pound as the small sexy boy spread out on top of me.

"You sure you don't want me to help you out down there?" Garrett giggled at me as he gently squeezed my hard dick and balls.

I laughed and begged him to stop as we sort of rolled around on the bed before I just rolled on top of him, and held his arms above his head. My erection was poking up against his pubic mound as I leaned down and kissed him passionately on the lips sucking on his breath. How I loved taking in his breath inside of me. Our lips gently parted so we could both breath, and I slumped off of him to the side holding him for a moment while my head stopped spinning. When I opened my eyes Garrett was looking at me intently with a smirk on his face.

"You sure I can't…?" He persisted.

Shaking my head in exasperation I just smiled back. "Why don't you go take a shower and then we will see." I told him so it gave me some time to try clearing up my spinning aching head. My entire brain felt like it was set to the spin cycle on a clothes washer. I watched my sexy boy get up and pull off his shorts walking out of the room completely naked. My body shuddered at the beautiful sight.

Sighing I got up and put on a pair of shorts. I almost fell over my balance out of whack now as my head kept spinning. I groaned holding my head, and just barely made it back to my bed. I settled myself down and curled up into a fetal position.

At some point I guess Garrett must have finished with his shower and shook me awake. I moaned and responded to his questions, but I really don't remember what he asked and what I said back to him. All I know is that I felt totally cold and shivered uncontrollably until I felt my sleeping bag draping over me, and then Garrett snuggling in next to me. He must have retrieved it from my closet. I must have mumbled something, at least I believe I said something, and then felt the smaller boy just holding and rocking me in his arms as I felt his breath next to my ear while he whispered something to me that I couldn't make out.

It didn't matter as I faded off to sleep. He must have fallen asleep next to me because at some point my mom had entered my room and shook us both awake. I was sluggish, and she felt my forehead before motioning towards Garrett. My friend leaned in to look at me, and I managed to smile back at him.

"Are you feeling better?" He asked me.

Nodding my head I reached over and stroked his cheek. "Oh my little Sweet Cheeks, what am I going to do with you?" I whispered.

My mom had already left the room so he leaned over giving me a quick kiss, and then replied. "As always, give me an orgasm." He laughed humorously.

He was just so damn adorably cute, and I had to laugh at his joke as I reached over and pinched his butt cheeks. "Of course Sweet Cheeks."

With that he got up and went to find my mother. I looked at him as he left and then another thought occurred to me, thank goodness he had gotten dressed before crawling in bed next to me. It would have been a bit embarrassing getting caught with a naked eleven year old boy sleeping next to me.

Garrett followed Mrs. Alan out into the dining room where she offered him a glass of juice. He was feeling a bit parched and accepted her offer. It was still quiet in the house, and he felt a bit uneasy sitting in front of her.

"Um…Mrs. Alan is Hunter going to be alright? I mean he…he looks really sick. Please Mrs. Alan, is he really alright?"

Mrs. Alan scooted around the kitchen counter, and hugged the smaller boy to her. It was amazing how both Hunter and Garrett had become so close to one another. Garrett was a couple of years younger than Hunter, and she didn't mind the friendship. It seemed as if the younger boy had sort of blossomed under Hunter's watchful and supportive mentoring. Her son had told her about the situation with Garrett and her sister, and she thought it amazing how he had decided to take on and mentor the younger boy. She also noticed how this relationship had a positive influence on Dylan and his little brother.

"Yes, sweetie," Mrs. Alan stated as she held the smaller boy who seemed to whimper at the news as if relieved. "Listen Garrett he is just fine, but switched medications so that he can participate in sports this year in school. It's what he wants, and he is used to getting sick like this sometimes." She tried to comfort the smaller boy.

"But…but why does he have to get sick all the time? I mean that's not normal…is it?"

"Oh sweetie, for most people no…but for Hunter…" She sighed and left it hanging there.

"It's not fair…he's…he's…so cool and…and totally awesome…I mean he became my friend when I needed someone real bad…it's…it just isn't fair Mrs. Alan. Him being sick all the time isn't right." He sniffled embarrassed that he was crying like a little baby.

"Listen Garrett," Mrs. Alan sighed biting her lower lip. "I can see how much Hunter likes you. You've become a dear friend to him. Just remember it during these times…and…and in the future. He…he might need that support sometime…you know when he isn't feeling so well. Alright sweetie, can you do that for…him?" She asked looking away so he couldn't see her crying too, and went to the sink to start putting away some of the clean dishes. It hurt her to see Garrett crying among other things. She had to be strong for Hunter when he was hurting like this.

Garrett wiped away his tears, and sat with Mrs. Alan for a while. They chatted and he told her that he had to go for a physical as well on Friday because he had decided to join Selden's soccer team. He was excited about joining the team because he never played organized sports before, but Selden thinks he's really good, and would have a lot of fun.

"That's fantastic sweetie. Have you ever had a physical before?" Mrs. Alan asked the boy.

"Um…I don't know. I mean I've been to the doctor before for some other stuff about once a year so I guess."

"Oh, I see. I tell you what…Hunter should be feeling better tomorrow so why don't you tell him about the physical, and he can tell you all about it, alright." She told him smiling as she poured herself a cup of coffee.

Garrett started to get a little scared now because she seemed to be holding something back. "Um…Mrs. Alan, does this physical thing…um hurt?"

Mrs. Alan laughed and stroked the boy's hair. She had seen Hunter do the same thing on numerous occasions, and now she knew why. The boy's hair felt silky soft on her skin, and sort of tickled as the curly tresses twirled around her fingers. She enjoyed the sensation, and released his hair because she didn't want to embarrass the boy.

They sat for a little while longer and Mrs. Alan started to see why Hunter enjoyed the boy's company. He had quick mind and a great sense of humor, not to mention was charming and just plain old adorable. Finally it was time for Garrett to leave and he asked if he could come over tomorrow and spend some time with Hunter. Mrs. Alan told Garrett his visit would be just fine, and that it was so nice of him to spend time with Hunter while he wasn't feeling so well.

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