Sweet Cheeks

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 3

The next time I woke up was with the beginnings of the day with a kind of gray light filtering through my shaded window. It would still be hours before most people started getting up out of bed to start their Sunday morning. My eyes had fluttered open and the first thing I saw was Dylan's face about a foot away from me. He was still asleep and lying on his back. I studied his face and had to smile at myself because even though I have seen that face of his at least a thousand times over I never really looked at him closely.

At thirteen my friend still had that smooth facial feature with short brown hair cut above the ears. Currently his eyelids were closed, but I knew beneath them were very deep, oceanic like, wide blue eyes that at the moment seemed to be moving around as he dreamed. I hoped he was dreaming something wonderful that made him happy. His eyebrows were the same shade of brown as his hair, and he had an adorable long face with a nice long thin nose and pouty like lips giving him that cute kind of look. I loved how his face and long neck seemed to match well together giving him that overall kind of endearing appearance.

I've known him almost as long as I've lived here, which is a little over three years, and he was my first real friend in this new neighborhood. It was amazing at how much we had in common, even how tall and how heavy we weighed which always seemed to match as we continued to grow. He was about the same weight as me, maybe five pounds heavier, and the same exact height at five foot one inch. Physically he looked thinner than me, don't ask me why, maybe longer legs or is that the other way around, longer body. Who knows why, but to me he always looked thinner although we weighed pretty much the same.

We even seemed to develop the same regarding puberty. We each started getting hair around our peckers at the same time—which of course still doesn't amount to a whole lot down there, started jacking off at the same age, and even managed to squirt some stuff for the first time on the exact same day. Dylan's pecker was a little bigger than mine, but my balls hung down lower.

He knew everything there was to know about me, well almost everything, and I knew everything about him, at least as far as I knew. We were buds, pals, and friends for life. Other than my sister he was the best friend in my life. I knew he had very good friends before I moved here, but for some reason he was closer to me now than he was to them. We just seemed to click from the first moment we met, and I can't even recall a time we argued together.

My eyes wandered down his torso noting his chest rising in smooth motions with the blanket snuggled up just below his circular innie belly button. My eyes traveled lower to where his crotch should be, and I detected a small little bulge under the lightweight blanket. Looking up into his face real quick I noticed he was still sleeping peacefully in some dream of his so I reached down and slowly removed the blanket exposing his nakedness.

My mouth felt dry and I tried to swallow as his nice smooth penis and tight snuggled balls came into view. His flaccid cut penis was snuggled up along Dylan's few pubic hairs sort of angling off to his left, and his tight smooth bare pouch lay just below his shaft. His balls were fairly large, but his boy pouch never sagged or anything on him instead they just sort of hugged up against his body.

Of course I've seen him naked a time or two, but I never had actually taken a close look at his boyhood before, by no means having that sort of interest in him. However, and for whatever reason, I felt compelled to get a good look so I scooted down closer until my face was only about a foot away from his sleek looking three and a half inch flaccid tube. Of course most boys around here had a cut dick, and Dylan's was no exception. I've seen plenty of cock in showers and stuff, but seeing his pinkish glans with that ridge, and how it seemed fat there before sort of tapering down to a sleeker form was sort of stimulating.

Looking up again just to be sure he was asleep I slowly reached out and took his softness in my fingers. I shivered at being so close and noticed his body quivering as well with the intimate contact. It felt heavy in my fingers, heavier than my own. Maybe it was just because I was holding someone else's penis in my hands. Even Garrett's had felt heavy to me when I had held it in my fingers last night. My eyes widened in fascination as I watched his dick slowly inflate due to the stimulating touch until it topped out at about four and a quarter inches. Damn, Garrett's was even bigger than Dylan I realized as I chuckled to myself.

My body shivered with anticipation as I slowly wrapped all of my fingers around his blood engorged thickness and slowly stroked him. I didn't want to give him too much stimulation afraid he might wake up with me pounding away on his piece of meat so I just held his shaft loosely in my fist, and stroked him up and down slowly. That was enough for me and I felt as if I was in nirvana.

"Hunter," I heard him breathe which scared the fuck out of me as my hand jerked back off of him and I looked up ashamed.

"Noooo," I heard him moan quietly. "Please don't go…" he mumbled before settling back down into his dreams.

Sighing in relief, and embarrassed at having touched my friend so intimately without him knowing, I covered him back up and settle down next to him. Shit, I couldn't believe that I had just molested my best friend like that. I was on my left side with my head propped up on my left hand, and I just looked at his sweet face as my fingers reached out to brush through his tangled hair. My touch must have signaled something to him as he stirred and opened his eyes. He smiled warmly when he saw me looking at him, and I smiled back at him. He turned towards me and looked into my eyes with a worried expression on his face.

"Are you feeling better?" He asked as he yawned.

"Yeah, thanks," I replied.

"Mmm good, because I was a little worried last night. Shit dude, what was with all that groping and crap last night?" He asked me as he just chuckled and reached down giving his stiffness an adjustment.

I laughed as well and just shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know…I was just feeling a little horny I guess, and when I looked at you I thought you really looked sexy." I responded to him blushing knowing it was inappropriate.

"Really, wow…I mean it's kind of weird, but it's kind of cool too." He smiled at me.

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that, I shouldn't have just grabbed you like that…it's just I haven't thought of you sexually in a long time. You know I used to dream about us doing things together a while back." I told him looking at him to gauge his reaction.

He just looked back and scrunched up his face thinking. I noticed some movements under the blanket where his crotch should be, and knew he was playing with himself.

"Do you ever dream like that?" I asked him a little nervous about his answer.

He didn't seem to respond to my question so I didn't say anything more as we both withdrew into our own thoughts. Maybe I had gone too far with the question. I mean we've talked sex and shit before, but not with our feelings towards one another. This was a bit more intimate.

"Yeah," he finally answered catching me off guard. "I've always wondered what your penis really looked like up close and how it felt. I mean it looks so damn hot when you jack off with that purple thing popping in and out of your skin. I've sort of wondered how it would feel in my hands," he whispered not looking at me.

"Why didn't you ever say something to me about it?" I asked.

He looked up at me smiling and shrugging his shoulders. "Besides being weird…it wasn't as if you would let me touch you like that or anything," he chuckled but then stopped. "Right? I mean you wouldn't have been willing to…," he looked at me. "You mean you would have let me!" He exclaimed.

This time it was my turn to shrug my shoulders. "Yeah I guess so. Hell touching myself feels great, but having someone else touch me would have felt way better," I responded as his eyes popped open.

Now I was starting to get flush with excitement at this unexpected turn of events. He had, or maybe still wants to, touch my penis and maybe even jack me off or something. This was intriguing to me as I rolled on to my back noticing my penis had inflated creating a tent. Dylan had noticed as well and was staring.

Smiling at the sight of my erection pointing up against the fabric I just pulled it aside exposing myself to Dylan. He hissed in surprise, and I could see him shiver and lick his lips. He was just staring at me as if he couldn't move. I reached over taking his left hand in mine and placed it on top of my torrid long sleek tool.

"Oh fuck Hunter," I heard him gasp as his fingers curled around my stiffness.

Wrapping my hands over his I slowly make him jack me as he watched in sheer fascination as my purplish acorn popped out from beneath the hood. Before long I released my hand and enjoyed the sensation as Dylan's hand continued to pump me in earnest. He was alternating from watching my dick to watching my face as I started to breathe faster.

"Oh fuck," I breathed out heavily knowing I was very close to loosing it. No one's ever touched me like this before, and it was an intense feeling as my balls seemed to drop down further and my penis started to twitch in Dylan's fingers. Now my mind started to flirt with the image of Garrett as he stands in front of me naked. Everything is so hot at the moment, and I can feel my balls start to pull upwards as the first contraction of orgasm begins to grip my body. I don't know how long Dylan had been stroking my sweltering hardened four inch tubular extension, but when I look down the sight of his hand on my erection was too much.

"Oh shit," I breathed, "uh…here it comes," I groaned quickly before my ass clenched taut, and my hips buck upwards. I reach down and clamp my hand over Dylan's making sure he squeezes my dick tightly as the first rope of cum explodes from the tip of my penis. I watch in amazement as the first squirt comes careening outwards and arches towards my heaving chest. There is a splattering noise just before a second and then a third volley follows in the same pattern to splash against my chest and stomach.

"Uhhhh, umph, umph, aaaaargh, shiiiii…." I exhale loudly as my body writhes around in ecstasy.

Dylan's eyes have gotten as big as saucers as I unload in front of him. He's seen me spray my baby batter before, but this was the first time there had been so much of the stuff, not to mention it had been his hand being the cause for the intense emotional sensation as my body bucks one more time before settling back on the bed.

"Holy Crap, oh fucking holy shit," Dylan whispers as he releases my shaft with some of my sauce dribbling off of his hand. "That was fucking awesome; especially, when I felt your dick expand even more at the last moment and writhe around like a snake in my hand." He describes it to me in amazement.

He looks around and spots my towel on the ground so picks it up and immediately wipes the stuff off of his hands before starting in on my body. My best friend cleans up the mess on my chest and stomach in a gentle way constantly looking towards me and giving me a shy smile. His face is red, and I'm not sure if he is embarrassed or just excited. As soon as he is done with me I pull him down next to me and reach out for his erection which is bobbing around asking for attention.

My fingers slide around his stiffness and he immediately gasps. "Shit," he squirms as a new and different type of sensation grips his body.

Scooting down in the same position I was earlier when I first took his penis in my hand, I slowly start to jack his hard juicy pole in my hand. He was leaking pre-cum already, probably due to the excitement of jacking me off, so it felt slick as I slid my hand along the length.

"Mmmm," he moaned as his head plops against the pillow and his eyes roll backwards.

He was already at the precipice due to his fantasy coming to fruition of stroking my foreskin covered erectness, and I instinctively knew it wouldn't take him long. My eyes were focused on his glans which seemed a bright purplish color now, and I licked my lips with greed. I leaned in closer and could smell the boy scent muskiness emanating from his crotch with the strong smell of young teenage sweat and hormones. Intermingled was the unmistakable scent of cum kind of surprising me sense he hadn't shot his load yet. I realized it must the coming from the copious amount of pre-cum oozing out from the tip of his slit. It is intoxicating to me as I get my nose within an inch of his slicked up tool.

Before even realizing it myself I release his shaft from my hand, and hear him protesting before he gasps and his hips buck upward when my mouth engulfs his entire length in one fell swoop. It surprised me for a split second at what I had just done, and my taste buds explode with the new sensations of an earthy kind of taste inside of my mouth.

"What the hell is that?" Dylan moans out loud and lifts his head looking down at his crotch.

"Oh holy fuck, oh no fucking way, oh shit that feels so good," he groans.




He gasps and then squeals as if out of nowhere his orgasm comes burning through his body.

The poor guy didn't even have time to warn me as I feel his dick go wild inside my mouth, and then I felt something splatter hard up against the back of my throat. Instinctively I swallow and my eyes get big as I realize it is his cum sliding down my gullet. I didn't have time to ponder about it as my tongue continued to swirl around his glans, and I kept slurping on his long thick penis making sure to milk him good.

"Oh shiiiii, umph, uuuh, uuuh, umph," he groans as several more thick ropes splatter and sputter inside my mouth. There is a lot of the sticky gooey material now in my mouth as I continue to swallow trying to keep up. With on last shudder and small squirt, he crashes back into the mattress and heaves with gulps of air.

I've just given my first blow job ever, and I felt flush as blood rushes through my body with both excitement and embarrassment. I release his now soft penis from my mouth, and it slides easily from between my lips as one last strand of stickiness keeps us connected for a moment before breaking away.

"Oh shit Hunter, what the fuck, Hunter," I hear Dylan gasping as I look over to his face, but it seems to be all blurry.

My mind is reeling now as I hear his voice again, "Hunter, wake up, what the fuck, Hunter," I hear a voice through the fog as I slowly open my eyes and focus on Dylan's face.

"What…what…where…I mean what is it?" I ask still drunk with sleep.

"Shit Hunter," Dylan stated as he snuggled up to me. "You were moaning so loud in your sleep, and you were quivering almost as if…I mean…shit like you were having an orgasm or something. You were like a wild animal trying to hump me." He stated looking down at me as I mumbled softly still half asleep.

"Shit for a second I thought you were going to have a wet dream all over me," Dylan chuckled. "Must have been one hell of a dream, so what was it about?" He asked more jokingly than seriously.

"About you," I sighed still trying to go back to sleep.

It got real quiet, and then in the back of my mind alarm bells started going off. At first I tried to nudge them away, but slowly I started to realize what I had just said, and I immediately became wide awake as fear gripped my insides. Oh shit…I just didn't admit that to my friend I groaned to myself.

"What?" I heard my friend exhale and stiffen next to me for a moment before relaxing again. "You were dreaming about me…about us together…I mean…sexually?" He asks as he wrapped his arm around me stroking my hair. I don't think he knew he was doing this because he's done the same action so many times before and it was never anything sexual about it before.

"Um…I…oh shit," I stuttered not knowing what to say.

We both lay next to one another in silence for a while, the only detectable noise coming from our steady breathing in and out. I was mortified, and in complete shock at my admission, and then also for not being able to have a clear answer for Dylan.

"I dream about us too sometimes," I heard my friend whisper followed by a swallowing noise as if something had been stuck in his throat.

Looking up at Dylan I noticed that he was just staring off at the opposite wall. "So tell me about it?" He asked me softly.

There was tenderness in his voice without any judgments of any kind. It wasn't a demand, not even really a question; it seemed more a sort of curiosity, and maybe a confirmation that his dreams were justified as well. Whatever it was for some reason it compelled me to tell him about my dream.

Starting off slowly and hesitantly at first I soon realized I was recounting in extreme detail to him every nuance of the intense fantasy and erotic emotional feelings of how my body felt when I finally deposited my seed all over the place. I even went so far as to describe his features in minute detail. Sometime during my account of the dream he had pulled away the blanket and was studying himself closely. He compared his body to my description pulling and shoving around his now erect penis and balls.

When I had finished I noticed him leaking all over his hard dick. "Holy shit you described me in such detail that you make me sound so fucking sexy," he hissed as he rubbed the tip of his penis and then shoved the blanket off of me so he could get a closer look at my erection.

"Shit, you make yourself sound so sexy too, and now I'm all fucking horny," he gasped as he looked at me for a moment more while he fiddled with himself.

He was just staring at me, and I was totally in shock at his reaction that all I could do was stare back at his pre-cum slicked cock. Dylan leaned over the side of the bed a moment releasing his hard penis. His legs scrunched up his balls making them puffy as he leaned over the side to retrieve my towel I had dropped after my shower last night. Grunting he lay back down and draped the towel over him as he started to jack off in front of me.

Hell I've seen him jack off before, but considering the situation it was still a bit of a shock to see him getting off like that in front of me. His face was red even in the grayness of early morning light, and he looked so damn cute with his tongue hanging out the side of his mouth as he concentrated on the task at hand. Dylan smirked at me, and stopped for a moment.

"Are you just going to sit there and gawk at me or are you going to join in?" He asked as he reached out forcing me to lie down next to him as I adjusted my pillow propping me up in a more upright position.

I looked over towards Dylan who just smirked at me then looked down at my four inch erection before motioning for me to get started. I smiled back at my friend being relieved at him not being mad at my intimate dream about him.

"You're not mad at me…you know…about me dreaming…the two of us together?

"Why should I be mad at you? It was only a dream…we all dream shit like that all the time, so big deal." He grunted as he motioned for me to get started already.

With the guilt and worry behind me I settle in and started pounding away at my four inch flesh forcing my purplish acorn in and out of its cover. Both of us were hammering at ourselves furiously now, and I knew it would only be a matter of moments before I explode. I looked over towards Dylan, whose face had turned a deep shade of red as he continued to stroke away at his hardness. He was watching me intently and in awe as I stroked my hard fleshy tube. All of a sudden he switched to his left hand and reached over with his right hand knocking away my pumping first and wrapping my erection in his own fingers.

"Oh fuck," I bucked as the sensation of another person's hand around my erection sent chills through my body. This was unexpected and exciting.

I looked over at him and he smiled back, "I've wanted to do that since the first time I saw your uncut dick," he stated as he shivered with the thrill of fulfilling one of his fantasies.

He was stroking not only his penis but mine as well now completely focused on my shaft as he played and fiddled with my tubular excitement. This was completely new territory for the two of us now, and it felt wonderful. Not only because of his warm fingers wrapped around my hardness, but also the closeness of our bodies. As he continued to jack us off I could feel his hips rubbing next to me, and our legs bouncing up against each other. The feel of his silky warm skin brushing up along my flesh felt totally awesome as my body began to roil with passion.

Reaching over his right pumping arm I knocked away his left hand that was working his own erection and took over with my left hand. I heard him gasp just as I had done when my fingers wrapped around the hot roiling tubular four and a quarter inch snake, and started pumping my fist for all I was worth. His penis was all slicked up from his pre-cum and slid along his shaft with ease. I heard him moan and so did I as we leaned even closer together creating even more body contact and friction. I could see the beads of sweat dripping from his beet red face now, but my main focus was what I had wrapped up in my fingers.

My eyes shifted to my own blood engorged erection and I watched in fascination as my purplish acorn slipped in and out from beneath its covering. I've seen this image so many times before, after all it is my own dick, but for some reason it looked even more erotic to me than ever before. I couldn't understand why exactly, maybe it was because someone else's hand was wrapped around that sensual piece of skin.

The sight of my own purplish red slicked up acorn slithering in and out of its warm hole, and the sensation of Dylan's toes curling up against my foot, was all too much as my balls contracted upwards inside of my body. My dick thickened even more in Dylan's tight fist, and I exploded with a thick rope of mostly transparent slimy baby sauce arching its way over to splatter against Dylan's chest.

"Oh shiiiii, umph," I groaned out loud as the thick rope of cum blasted out of the tip of my shaft.

That was just too much for Dylan as I felt his own penis enlarge and writhe in my fist and burst outwards as well. "Aaaaargh…uuuuumph," he grunted in turn.

Realizing that Dylan's fist had angled my penis towards his direction, and noticing how my gooey substance had splattered all over him, I had made an adjustment just in time. Just before my friend exploded in his orgasm I had adjusted the angle of his dick back towards him, and he was rewarded with a second rope of cum splattering against his chest.

With both of us in the throes of full orgasm I watched in fascination as another rope of cum from Dylan's dick careened towards him to splash across his face. If I weren't so intently wrapped up in the throes of my blissful euphoric orgasm it would have all been too funny seeing my friend covered in so much of our combined ejaculate. I mean not that we spray a lot, but this time he managed to spurt out twice while I still squirted once before petering out. It just seemed that this time around it had been a lot more powerful for both of us.

Our slicked up sweaty bodies heaved and brushed up against each other as we bucked wildly refusing to let one another's dick out of their grasp. The sensation of Dylan being so close during my orgasm was so erotic, not to mention sexually charging, that it took a while for me to calm down.

We both finished our orgasm at about the same time and slumped against our pillows heaving for air. We were completely spent, and I looked over towards my friend who just stared back at me in shock.

"Holy shit," he whispered as cum slithered all across his chest and face. "That was so fucking hot." He continued to gasp.

The sight of him all covered in cum was just too much as I started giggling and shaking with laughter. My friend looked over at me realizing that I was relatively unscathed, and he couldn't help it either as he just busted a gut.

"Shit, that's not fair. You did that on purpose," he moaned not wanting to move for fear of making it worse.

He was completely covered in the mess, and don't ask me why I did it, but I leaned in and slurped some of it up in my mouth. Both of our jizz had mingled together, and it sort of had a salty earthy taste to it. Dylan made a face at me looking disgusted, but to tell you the truth it wasn't all that bad tasting. I scooped up some more with my tongue and he just stared at me. It was one thing to try some, but another to take more of it into my mouth.

"Yuck, how could you do that?" He asked as he watched me scoop up a copious amount with several of my fingers while some of it dripped off the tips of them.

His mouth hung wide open as he gaped at me disgustedly, and in a lightning quick motion I shoved my fingers past his parted lips swirling it around making sure to deposit the entire amount into his mouth.

He tried to sputter, but with my other hand I had pinched his nose shut, and I giggled as his eyes opened wide and he was forced to swallow. "Shit…what the fuck Hunter," he chuckled at me not really upset, but a bit surprised as he used his tongue to wipe his lips clean getting a better taste of the stuff.

"Come on give me the towel so I can clean up that mess all over you." I told him as he complied.

First I cleaned what little I had on me with him rolling his eyes at me pointing out he was the one all covered in our goop. Finishing up with my body I turned my attention towards Dylan. Starting with his face I slowly worked my way down his body until I reached his small patch of pubes and his now completely flaccid penis. I glanced up and Dylan just put his hands behind his head as he leaned back looking down at me. I shook my head and slowly cleaned him up as I handled his soft penis and now depleted testicles in my hands. Some even had dribbled down beneath his crack so I cleaned him up there too as if he were a little baby.

"There you go all clean," I chuckled as I looked at the now cum soaked towel. "Here can you go and chuck this in the hamper, and then open the window just a crack for some fresh air."

"Hey, why don't you do it, besides we can throw the towel in the hamper after we get some more sleep?" He responded as he yawned.

I sighed and shoved him off the side of the bed forcing him up, "because you are on the end, and what if my sister pokes her head inside in a few hours?" I retorted.

"Geeze she still does that, aren't you embarrassed if she sees you naked or um…you know in the middle of something?" He asked as he walked over to my hamper shoving the towel way down deep to hide the wet spunk before walking over to the window and opening it up a crack for some fresh air.

"Nah, not really, it isn't as if she hasn't seen me naked or anything. Sure things are a little different now, but hell I still walk to my bathroom naked sometimes and she sees me. Besides, I've seen her naked plenty of times too. As far as catching me in the middle of something it isn't as if I have that much action going on. Most of my wanking happens in the shower stall. Hell, you're the only person I've ever had touch me, and that just happened a few moments ago." I responded.

"Exactly my point, what if she walks in on me all naked and working you over," he giggled.

I sighed and rolled my eyes, "well then I guess all her dreams will have come true seeing the most perfect and gorgeous body in the world," I teased him.

"Hey, no reason to get sarcastic, besides if your dreams are any indication I must be doing something right if you are getting all horny seeing my nice cock waving around," he joked as he swayed his hips around while his beat up soft penis wiggled around.

I laughed and motioned for him to get back in bed so we can snuggle up and get some more sleep. "Geeze Dylan when are your balls going to finally drop," I giggled. "You've got a great cock, but it just ain't right that your balls haven't dropped yet."

He sighed as he crawled in bed next to me then took a closer look at his balls. "Fuck if I know, maybe never," he griped about it. "Damn pouch is big enough, but looks like I've just jumped into a frozen lake."

I reached over and pulled him closer to me for his body warmth. He lay back and I draped my leg over him and put my head on his chest. I couldn't resist as I slipped my hands down and groped his balls and dick.

He flinched still a bit tender. "Careful," he croaked, "I'm still touchy down there."

"Phew, man you need a shower you smell all funky." I told him.

"Yeah well get used to it because some of the stink belongs to you. Damn, I don't know who sprayed me more, you or me." He responded.

Sighing, I settle down some more as my hands gently stroke his tight chest and firm stomach. I could feel some of his musculature beneath the skin, and it kind of surprises me at how smooth yet firm he feels under my hand. Of course I knew he was fit, but it felt like he was starting to get those defined muscular features that start happening as our bodies start to mature. He was still smooth and hairless, but I could tell his body was undergoing another shift or change which made me wonder if I was going through the same changes.

Thinking about Dylan and touching him like this was starting to have an effect on me as feelings started to surface inside of me. It was exciting and confusing all wrapped up into one, and now I started to feel a little guilty at what just happened between the two of us. I had set things in motion and wasn't sure how this could affect our friendship. I was feeling things that made me wonder about my sexuality, and made me also wonder what if anything he was feeling towards me.

The silence in my current state was beginning to be too much so I spoke up. "Are we alright Dylan?" I asked him.

My friend sort of stiffened for a moment and looked down at me. "I don't understand." He replied.

"I…I mean because of what just happened. You know…because maybe I created a situation that put you into a situation you wouldn't have…," I sighed not knowing where I was going with this. "I'm afraid Dylan…I mean do you feel guilty about…what happened?"

My friend released me and scooted down so he was facing me. I had some tears running down the side of my face. I was confused by my sexual attraction to Dylan, not to mention Garrett. I've never had these kinds of feelings. I've been attracted to girls, and now all of a sudden girls just didn't seem to be that important to me.

"Guilty? I don't know…maybe a little, but I've been fantasizing about touching your dick ever since the first time I saw it. I keep telling myself it's because you have a foreskin and I've never seen one on anyone else. I've always wanted to touch you, and have dreamed about it, but never had the guts to do it. Besides, it's not as if we are gay or anything, just horny I guess."

We both remained silent, and I wondered if he was having the same kinds of feelings towards me as I was towards him.

"Am I sorry we did this?" Dylan paused sort of thinking before shaking his head. "No, I guess I'm cool with it. You're my best friend…and…touching you felt totally awesome. Besides, it's not like there's a line of girls knocking at my door willing to jack me off. It felt great having someone else jack me." He stated looking at me and smiling. "You're dick felt totally hot and sexy in my hand, and the pleasure you gave my dick satisfied my urges until I can find a girlfriend willing to take over." He teased ruffling my hair.

Sighing to myself and smiling back I guess he answered my question. No he didn't have those types of feelings towards me. I've often heard it isn't uncommon for boys to pleasure each other until the whole girl and boy issue got resolved for them. I still had those sexual feelings for girls when I thought about it, but for some reason I just felt more comfortable at this point regarding boys. The thought of having a deeper relationship with Dylan felt appealing to me though, so in the end I was still confused.

"To tell you the truth the only thing that weirded me out about the entire incident was when you shoveled our spunk into my mouth. I mean it didn't taste all that bad or anything, but it's just too creepy for me. Yuck," he stated shivering as I just laughed at his reaction.

We both got quiet and he turned over on his other side with his back to me so I snuggled up to him and draped my arm around my friend. Before long we were both asleep and cuddled up in warmth. My room cooled down a little from the fresh air coming through the small opening in the window, but I no longer was cold and the warmth radiating from Dylan's body kept me comfortable under the blanket.

"Hey, sleepy heads," I heard a soft whisper in my ear, and felt a warm tender kiss on my cheek.

Smiling I slowly opened my eyes and looked into a familiar pair of eyes looking down at me smirking. "Hey Sis, what time is it?" I asked as I watched her leaning over Dylan to stroke my friend's forehead to wake him up gently.

"Still early, but if you guys are going to want breakfast before mom and dad leave for their round of golf you might want to start getting up slowly. I need to head out to the dojo for about an hour, but I'll be back so if you have any plans I'll take you when I get back. I've got things to do at the dojo today so I'll be in and out, and we'll have to coordinate our schedule." She responded and I knew this meant we had about forty five minutes to an hour before breakfast. As far as the rest, I wasn't sure yet.

"Mmmm," Dylan groaned as he slowly woke up and opened his eyes. "Shit Susan, don't you ever knock before you enter Hunter's room. What if he was um…busy?"

My sister just laughed melodically, "Well if he was busy I'd hear it outside his door and not bother him. To tell you the truth I wished he were more 'busy'." She teased ruffling my hair again and winking. "Besides, it's not as if I haven't seen his naked ass before," she continued.

"It's not his ass I'm worried about you seeing it's his…," Dylan trailed off there knowing he had said too much.

My sister knew exactly what he was talking about and just laughed, "well…it's not as if I haven't seen that on him either."

"Fine, but at least knock when I'm spending the night. Just because he doesn't care doesn't mean I don't." He stated as he subconsciously snuggled further under the covers.

"Hmmm…you make that sound interesting," she teased half heartily reaching for the blanket.

"Hey, stop that," Dylan complained with my sister finally relenting as she rolled her eyes at him playfully.

"If you two boys are finished…um…playing with one another…then maybe go get cleaned up. Especially you Dylan, you smell like a boy's gym locker room, or a pair of sweaty dirty socks that's been stuck in your gym bag. It's either that or you smell like you've been playing a little bit too hard with something else," she emphasized leaving us no doubt she meant our dicks.

With that my sister left and Dylan turned around to look at me mortified. I couldn't help but laugh because I thought it too funny. Maybe I do have a bit of a strange relationship with my sister.

Hell our family is pretty open about our nudity with one another around the house. I mean we aren't nudists or anything, but we have seen each other naked and it's no big deal. I walk back and forth to my bathroom naked, and every once in a while my parents or sister see me in the buff. The other day I needed some more shampoo, and when I knocked on the other bathroom door my sister just stated to come in. She was completely naked bending her head over the sink and brushing her hair. She had just hopped out of the shower and was standing there naked with the towel draped over the sink. I got my stuff and left without another thought.

"Damn dude," Dylan just stared at me. "Really, you don't care if she walks in on you taking a wank on the old noodle?"

The question caught me off guard, and I had to think about it for a moment. I mean sure my sister has seen me naked, but I've never been caught working my piece of steel before. I shrugged my shoulders, "yeah sure I guess I'd care, but to tell you the truth most of the time when I do that it's in the shower."

"You're hopeless," he grumbled getting up out of bed and heading towards my door.

My friend cracked the door a little open while standing behind it, and took a quick peek out before making a dash to my bathroom completely naked. I laughed at his boldness when he just accused me of being a hopeless case. Sighing I got up and made my bed before heading over to my dresser drawer. I pulled out a pair of light blue boxer briefs and slipped my legs through them. I started picking up the clothes off the floor, draping Dylan's over my computer chair before tossing my dirty ones into my dirty laundry bag, when I heard a soft knock on my door.

"Yeah?" I shouted as I turned around to see what it was.

"Hey, can I come in," I heard a soft shy voice asking me. "Your parents said it was alright for me to come on back."

My heart skipped a beat, and I couldn't believe my eyes. Standing there just outside my door was an adorably handsome wild haired blue eyed boy. He was smiling looking quickly around my room before gazing over my near naked body.

"Oh, hey Garrett, sure but what are you doing here and so early in the morning?" I managed to get out before the boy hopped down the two steps into my room and flung himself up into my arms.

He surprised me as he rushed towards me and jumped up into my arms wrapping his legs around my waist. He smelled faintly of soap from last night's bath, with a hint of his boy sweat aroma. A heady perfume in my opinion. I couldn't help myself as my hands cupped his cute orbs, and I squeezed him tightly to me feeling his large bulge press up against me just below my chest. In turn he seemed to shove his groin up against me in an almost humping motion. We held on tightly to one another for a moment before I lowered him down onto the floor.

He was adorably dressed in a pair of old faded outback brown colored Circo shorts from Target. The kind with the drawstring front and pull on elastic waist closures. It was faded as if it had been worn many times, and when he hugged me I could have sworn he must be wearing them commando style because when my hand had rubbed his globes affectionately I didn't feel any underwear creases. He had on a Circo short sleeved graphic tee with broad gray and black stripes. It too had seen better days and hung loosely over the boy's frame as if it had been bought one or two sizes too large so that it would last longer on a growing boy. On his feet he wore a beat up pair of oxford black ankle height converse shoes and regular tube socks.

"Wow, cool room," he said looking around.

My eyes just watched him for a moment before I looked around as well having to admit to myself that indeed I had a pretty cool room. It used to be a three car garage but, had been converted into a large bedroom. Insulation and soft colored walls were added along with a wooden floor put down and an electric fireplace in one corner to help heat up the place when it turned damp and cold. There was a good sized walk in closet added to the place right next to where the furnace and water tank were located which were also walled in with its own access door. Above the closet there was a ladder leading up to the top with a small open area where I stashed some of my things I hardly ever use.

The feel and look inside the room conveyed warmth and comfort. My queen size bed was situated along the middle of one wall with wrapped shelving extending across the entire wall on either side along with dresser drawers. Along one of the other walls I had my computer station with more shelving and my television. Instead of the normal type of posters plastered all around the remaining empty walls I had some nice oil paintings of canyons with warm colors. I just loved those red and warm tones of the desert.

All in all it was a clean comfortable room, and completely separated from the other three bedrooms located in the opposite end of the house. One was a master bedroom with its own bathroom and walk in closet my parents used. The other larger bedroom my sister used with the remaining bedroom utilized as a guest room and office space. The bathroom across the hall from my sister mainly belonged to her, but also was used by visitors.

From my bedroom, two steps led up into the hallway that led back into the living room. Along the hallway was the utility room with the washer and dryer. A small bathroom with a shower, toilet, and sink was added for my personal use just a few steps away from my bedroom.

"Yeah it's pretty cool so what's up buddy?" I asked as we both sat down on my bed; me still half naked, and him just looking adorably sexy hot in his well worn clothes.

"Not much, mom told me where you live, and said I could hang out with you today as long as it was alright with you. She really seems to like you Hunter, and told me that you are to be one of my safe people I can have. You know someone I can go to if I have any questions or need somewhere to go."

"Sounds cool Garrett, and sure you can hang whenever you want buddy." I told him as we sat there and chatted for a few moments before I got up to put on some clothes.

I put on a pair of light green jean shorts with a green and yellow style polo type of shirt. I slipped on a pair of white tube socks with a green design on the sides. After dressing I sat back down next to Garrett as he continued telling me about how he really had a great time last night. A few moments later my door opened and Dylan walked in with a towel wrapped around his torso smelling and looking much cleaner. He stepped down inside, and then stopped still holding the towel around him when he saw Garrett sitting on the bed next to me.

"Oh, hey," Dylan nodded in our direction looking at me questioningly before looking at Garrett.

He had almost dropped his towel before spotting Garrett, and he didn't know if the visitor was a boy or girl. Garrett was dressed in clothes a boy would wear, but with his feminine looks Dylan wasn't quite so sure what to make of the situation. Besides, girls dressed in boys' clothing all the time.

"This is Garrett. I looked after him for his mom last night."

"Oh, hey Garrett, nice to meet you," Dylan smiled at the boy still trying to determine if Garrett really was a guy or not, even though I had said "him."

"Yeah, my sister had made plans and didn't tell my mom so she had to scramble to find a sitter. My sister can be a real…jerk at times."

"Oh yeah, whose your sister?" Dylan questioned.


"Oh no, not our Jenna…from school?" Dylan asked seriously looking at me in surprise.

"Yeah the very one. If you think we have it bad, you should see how she treats her own brother." I told him pointing towards Garrett while at the same time indicating first that we've got it good comparatively speaking, and secondly Garrett is a boy.

"Man, that sucks dude, I'm sorry. So this is why you couldn't make it to the party at the last minute yesterday evening." He stated as he walked over to the computer desk looking for his clothes then looked over to me giving me that what is the story look.

"What…oh I'm sorry Hunter if I'd known you had plans I wouldn't have had my mom call you." Garrett stated looking at me guiltily.

"Nah, no worries. Besides, I had a great time with you." I told the young wild haired sexy looking little boy honestly as I ruffled up his hair even more if that were possible.

Dylan dropped the towel and sat down on the chair sorting through his clothes with his legs spread apart in front of us. Garrett's eyes were glued to Dylan's crotch as he looked over the older boy's nakedness. He seemed focused on the older boy's small patch of pubes. I guess mine were hidden when I showed him my cock, and I surmised he's never seen pubes on anyone before today.

"It's not nice to stare Garrett," I told the younger boy as I giggled and ruffled his hair once more. I was starting to enjoy how his silky curls felt all tangled up in my fingers.

"What…oh, sorry Dylan." He stated looking away.

"No worries dude, my little brother stares all the time as if looking me over trying to determine when his body is going to change too. He's about your age, and I remember us being curious about that sort of thing too around your age. How old are you Garrett?"

"Um…I just turned eleven a couple of months ago." He stated.

"Hmm, my brother is going to be eleven next month. You two probably are in the same grade so maybe you know him then. His name is Selden…Selden Griffen?"

"I think so…maybe; I don't have a lot of friends." Garrett admitted as he bowed his head.

Dylan looked over to me with a questioning look again as I just shrugged. He slipped on his boxer briefs stuffing his balls and dick inside his underwear before shoving his hand below the waistband making the appropriate adjustments. Garrett had watched him the entire time, and I could tell he was starting to get horned up at the sight.

"Hey Dylan, it's been forever and a day since I've seen your little brother. It seems as if Garrett is going to hang out with me today so how about we pick up your brother then head down to the park and zoo. We can kick around the soccer ball a little, and then maybe spend some time at the zoo." I told Dylan who nodded his head thinking it a good idea.

"Yeah sounds cool. Selden's soccer skills have really improved, and it's actually going to be fun watching some of his games this year."

"Great give your brother a buzz and we'll pick him up after breakfast. I kicked around the soccer ball with Garrett last night, and he's got some pretty good moves himself. I think he's got natural talent. Maybe Selden can give him some pointers. How about it Garrett, you game?" I asked the little shy boy.

"Um…yeah sure…I guess that'd be alright, but I don't have any money with me for the zoo and mom's gone already meeting up with some of her friends for breakfast." Garrett stated a little sad about the zoo.

"No problem, I've got you covered." I told him as Dylan got his brother on the phone.

A few moments later it was all set, and we headed out to the kitchen. My parents greeted us and smiled when we told them our plans. They thought it was really nice that we were going to give up our day to hang out with the younger ones.

It was an absolutely gorgeous Pacific Northwest day with the temperatures in the mid seventies, and the sun shining brightly. Dylan and I were sitting on one of the park tables watching Selden and Garrett kicking around the soccer ball just having a blast with one another. The two boys hit it off from the get go, and Selden was having fun showing Garrett some soccer moves. I could hear the boys laughing as they bumped and ground themselves against one another fighting for the ball.

"Man it's been a while since I've seen Selden." I commented to Dylan as we both sipped on a bottle of water.

"Yeah I just don't realize sometimes that we tend to hang out around your house more often than not. I guess with having a house full of kids at my place it is kind of nice getting away from it all." Dylan sighed.

"Is it really that bad at your place?"

"Noooo, not really it's just with three older sisters, and then having to share a room with my younger brother, it tends to get a bit crowded at home…know what I mean." He responded.

"Yeah…I suppose. Selden's sure grown…I mean he's still kind of small for his age, but he's shot up quiet a bit." I commented.

"I suppose." Dylan giggled. "Well at least height wise he's grown, everything else is still pretty small. Remember that one time when you spent the night a while back and I showed you his little pecker. It still hasn't gotten any bigger." He laughed at the memory, and I sort of smiled recalling the time as well.

His brother had been pestering us all day hanging around us and not letting us out of his sight. He finally fell asleep and at last we were able to talk with one another about our favorite topic…sex…or the lack thereof. We even broke out a ruler to measure our cocks, and that is when Dylan told me I had to see the funniest thing of all.

We crept over to his sleeping brother, and he peeled down the front of Selden's Transformers briefs exposing his tiny one inch pecker and puny boy pouch. It just poked straight up and was mostly glans without any shaft even visible. Using his pointing finger Dylan flicked it around the tip of Selden's pecker, and it sort of jiggle around stiffly. Before long it started to inflate a little, and topped out at maybe an inch and a half.

It looked so small and thin, but also kind of intriguing. We could finally see a small shaft with angry looking blue veins actually forming ridges along the sides of Selden's shaft. I remember thinking to myself that yes he had a small pecker, but it looked like the hardest dick I've ever seen. Below the boy's hard looking small penis was a very small yet soft looking boy pouch nestled up closely to his body yet still seeming to have a sagging look to it. Odd I had thought to myself wondering how something so small can actually sag. It was just a little lump of a thing, and I wasn't even sure if he had any testicles.

"Yeah, I remember and to tell you the truth I feel a little ashamed about what we did. Sure he was asleep, but still I feel kind of bad about it." I admitted to my friend. "How would he have felt about himself had he been awake and we humiliated him like that?"

Dylan thought about it and looked over at my somber expression. I guess he really hadn't thought about how this teasing could have a negative impact on his little brother.

He sighed, "Yeah…you're right. I just hope it gets bigger some before he has to start taking showers after gym class in school. I mean I know things will change as he gets older, but damn he's got like a baby penis and balls. I mean man…there are probably babies out there with bigger ones."

"You know he sees you naked all the time. Does he ever say anything to you or ask about his body?" I inquired.

Dylan snapped his head around shaking his head in a definite no. "What…talk to him…I mean that's like…kind of embarrassing." He stammered.

"Yeah, well how do you think he feels? Come on let's face it…here he is with a puny little pecker and balls seeing his older brother walk around with what looks to him like a huge one compared to him. Selden's a great kid and he's so upbeat, but sometimes I see him looking at you kind of sad. Why do you think he was hanging around us all night that last time?" I stated to him recalling now how Selden had acted.

Dylan sighed shaking his head. "I don't know Hunter. I mean what am I suppose to say to him?"

Looking at my friend I was at a loss for words for a minute. "Tell him the truth. Yes he's got a puny pecker and balls, but there is still a lot of growing coming up and he will catch up to everyone. Yes when others see him naked he might get teased, but he will grow up soon enough and to not pay it any mind. It can happen soon or it might happen later, but no matter what he doesn't have anything to be ashamed of. Dylan just tell your brother what to expect, talk to him about puberty and how his body is going to change in its own good time. Then tell him he is a good looking kid, and when all is said and done that is more important to girls."

Dylan just cracked up at me. "Just like that…you make it sound so easy."

I smiled at him. "Sure…it can be just that easy. Try it, besides what have you got to loose? It's not as if he's going to say anything to your folks or sisters that the two of you are talking about sex. He'd be too mortified for that, and I bet he'd surprise you about how appreciative he was that you took the time and effort to explain some things to him. Whether you believe it or not I bet he is a bit worried about his development down there."

We both sat there looking at the boys. Selden really was a cutie pie, and I know all the girls in his class just go all swoon eyed over him. I still recall one girl kissing him on his cheek after one of his soccer games. Of course he thought it was yucky, and had wiped away the kiss with his hand, but it had been so adorably cute.

Selden was wearing a pair of white soccer shorts with knee high green and yellow socks that matched his bright yellow soccer shirt with accented greens. He was stunningly sexy in his outfit. He stood a couple of inches shorter than Garrett, four foot two inches I'd say and maybe about ten pounds lighter weighing in around forty five pounds, fifty pounds at the most.

At the moment his small mouth was spread wide with a happy smile on his round face. With big blue eyes a shade lighter than his brother's, and light brown eyebrows with a petite nose he had the facial features parents just love to show off to their friends. He had a couple of small pinhead sized light colored smooth moles that just added to his cuteness. One was located to the left of the upper bridge of his nose, and two were located halfway between his left nostril and his lip right next to the little crease that connects the nose and lips. With his medium cut brown hair he was really a very handsome ten year old soon to be eleven year old boy.

He may have been a little smaller than other kids in his class, but he was a scrapper and very athletic. None of the kids ever picked on him, and he was well liked by most of the others in his school. He never picked on any of the other kids, and even tended to stick up for many of the ones others would pick on. The kids seemed to respect him in his school, and he was the class president not to mention the team captain on his soccer squad.

"So what's the story with Garrett?" Dylan wanted to know changing the subject as he just smiled shyly at me. We both knew without any words Dylan was going to give it a whirl with his baby brother.

I just sighed and looked over to my friend. Slowly I recounted the incident with his sister at the movie theater, and how I had felt bad for him. Then I recounted the incident with Jenna and how I had finally taken care of that once and for all. Then I told him about talking to Mrs. Davis about Jenna. I did tell him that Garrett told me about Jenna telling her friends about my junk, but I left out everything else dealing with the whole sex, puberty, showing the boy my pecker and anything else concerning seeing Garrett and all of that stuff. Those were private things just between me and the younger boy.

"Holy shit, no way dude. You managed to get Jenna just like that?" He laughed and giggled.

"Yup, it worked out like a charm to tell you the truth."

"You actually squeezed her tits? Fuck you've got bigger balls than I realized." He laughed so hard at that…having just felt me up not so long ago he would know about my balls size.

"Geeze thanks and our thinking was right on with the whole stuffing her braw with tissues or something. She's flat as a board, and when she knew I had her set dead to rights she had no choice but to fall in line. She was so happy to have an out that she didn't even realize she messed up ever getting back at me for anything." I told him smugly.

"Damn Hunter, that's great, but I don't know about ratting her out to her mother." He told me honestly.

I just shrugged my shoulders. "I dunno…to tell you the truth it was the right thing to do. She's a bully through and through, and she needs to be dealt with. She's hurt so many of our friends, and if she continues to get away with these things one time it could lead to something a lot worse. I've heard kids going berserk and killing fellow students or committing suicide. No I have a feeling her bullying days are over. Her mom is really cool and now that she knows about Jenna she is going to put a stop to it."

We both fell silent as Dylan mulled it through his mind. Some may say I'm a snitch or even a rat, but to tell you the truth I didn't feel bad about it at all. As soon as I saw her treatment towards her little brother I knew for sure she had gone over the edge. She thought the world revolved around her, but it was finally time for her to have a reality check before things got out of control.

Dylan was studying me, and I looked over towards him. I could tell he was deciding something. Finally I heard him sigh as he looked down ashamed.

"You're right, and I'm ashamed for even thinking you're a rat for telling her mom. I never considered some of the other things, Hunter."

Nodding my head I just looked over towards the two boys playing without a care in the world. It was good seeing Garrett having fun and not having to worry about what his sister was going to say or do to him. It was a completely different boy out there giggling, bumping, and grinding his way around the soccer ball with his new friend.

"It's alright Dylan. Sometimes it is hard to do the right thing. I know there's been many times when I just turned a blind eye to things, but sometimes we really have to take a stand for ourselves and others." I commented to my friend as he too started to focus on the two little guys.

We continued to watch our little guys having fun and laughing without a care in the world. After the boys wore themselves down a bit we headed inside the zoo and grabbed a bite to eat, of course all greasy and unhealthy for us, before just enjoying ourselves as kids should going around and seeing all of the animals. We all had a blast that day, and the time we spent together was burned in my memory forever as one of those pivotal moments in our lives.

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