Stormy Weather

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 10

It's been over a year now since that fateful Stormy Weather. My first summer here in Solomon was one of the most joyous times of my life. It was the first time I was able to spend all summer in one place. During this time the love between me and Akiva had blossomed into something beautiful that has sealed our bond forever. David and Darren's love also continued to grow, along with the friendship between the four of us. The lazy summer days following that time of upheaval only managed to further deepen our relationships with one another.

The school year after summer offered all of us a time of uncertainty and challenges. It was a small community so the High School began at sixth grade which meant that Darren, Akiva, and I all went to the same school. Of course David didn't like being left behind at the elementary school, and wished Darren still went to the same school as him, but in a way having Darren with us was much better for him in the long run.

Of course at the beginning of the school year it was a bit difficult because I was new, and Darren still had that stigma attached to him. In a small community where everyone pretty much knew everything about one another it made things even more awkward. Akiva had gone through being the new kid the previous year, and had established a group of friends so he didn't have as much difficulty with adjusting to the school year.

The awkwardness only lasted a short while because we all had each other. Of course with my type of outgoing personality and athleticism it hadn't taken long for me to find friends in my age group. Darren had more difficulty adjusting for several reasons. In the first place he was in the lowest class level which is bad enough if you start as a freshman in high school, but when it is the sixth grade versus twelfth graders, there was a huge age disparity. You add that on top of being the one wearing the scarlet letter across your chest and being ostracized, and then it was almost impossible.

This is how it began for him, but not how the school year ended. He trudged through it with his head held high and a heart of gold. At first some of the students also shunned me and Akiva for the association we had with Darren, but then something magical started to happen. Through us fellow students, the ones who maintained an open mind, others started to discover Darren's great sense of humor and personality. Slowly at first and then more rapidly the younger boy started to crawl out of his shell and become…well for a lack of a better word, a boy.

His transformation over the course of that school year was nothing short of miraculous. As the community center became a reality and also took form, so too did Darren's confidence. By the time the structure was finished his hand had a part in each and every part of the facility. His mind was brilliant, and his artistic talent shone brightly as his ideas became reality. The state of the art facility was a marvelous wonder in the region that managed to balance the artistic with the athletic. Often a facility will either focus in one area or the other, but not the Darren Gibadlo Community Center. Great care was taken so that everyone in the community could enjoy the new facility.

The Gibadlo's along with my uncles were a marvel to watch as the facility came together. Even before it was completed they had filled up the calendar year with events that would bring in people from all across the state and much needed revenue to the community. Our small community began to grow as businesses were attracted to the small town atmosphere and potential.

As far as the mayor and several of the community's so called elite members were concerned, they ended up having to resign. My lawyers found several discrepancies with how money donation transactions were handled. The mayor and several members' of the town council now faced criminal investigations and it looked as if they would be facing prison time for embezzlement among other things. In a way it shook up our small community, but on the other hand it offered more stability as our good doctor was elected as the new mayor, and the other two members who supported our cause from the beginning also found themselves in a position of more authority. In short order things started to prosper for everyone in our community under their careful and thoughtful scrutiny.

It was now my second summer here in full swing. This year I had to spend some time down in South America with one of our company's projects, so had departed with a month still left in the school year. Of course I had to take all my final exams via the internet, but passed with flying colors. I just got back the other night and I was looking forward to meeting up with Akiva, Darren, and David at the lake. Akiva's been a great help on the ranch and has actually turned into one hell of a ranch hand and cowboy. Not to mention he is such a sexy hot looking boy when he sits on a horse. I just love how his boy package bulges when he is sitting in the saddle. My whole body shivers when I see my sexy Norwegian playing at being a cowboy.

As always I had woken up early and saddled up Two Step for our journey out on the ranch to check up on the herd. I had grown to love my morning treks, but today I was looking forward to meeting up with David, Darren, and of course my fabulously delicious Akiva. I've been gone for close to two months so we still had a couple months of summer vacation left before the next school year begins. There was plenty of time to horse around with my friends, not to mention my boyfriend. Yes, it has gotten easier for me to use and accept the fact that I have a boyfriend. He is after all my breath of life.

Every Saturday we would come down to the lake when the weather was nice or meet at my house. Our families would all come together for lunch, and often us boys would end up spending the night together.

As Two Step and I crested a rise I could already hear everyone down by the lake having fun. Two Step nickered a greeting to the other horses and they perked up and made a reply which got the boys' attention. I smiled as they all waved to me.

"Hey Dylan, hurry up and get in here. The water's great." Akiva shouted.

I didn't need any more encouragement as I tied up Two Step alongside the other horses, and stripped out of my clothes. Akiva smiled with a glint in his eyes as he watched me strip and ease myself into the cool waters of the lake. As soon as I got waist deep in the water, both David and Darren attacked me trying to dunk my head under the lake water. Akiva just laughed as I tossed the boys off my back sending them careening through the air and into the cool waters of the lake. Before long this escalated into an all out water fight that lasted several minutes until we called a truce.

Darren and David swam out to the small rock island further out in the lake while I made my way over to Akiva. He hadn't changed all that much over the year. He had grown about an inch and maybe added about five pounds, but he was still sleek and lanky. Of course he had also matured a little more between his legs as his penis had lengthened, but still remained thin and sleek, well that is until he got ready to explode. Then it just seemed to fatten up like nothing I've ever seen on another boy. He also had sprouted a few fine like hairs around the base of his shaft.

I slowly approached my sexy Norwegian and wrapped my arms around his silky smooth body. Ranch work suited him as muscles rippled along his sleek form. I shivered with anticipation as I pulled him into my body and felt his heat even through the coolness of lake water. He wrapped his lanky legs around my waist as our lips connected in a passionate kiss that seemed to last forever.

His fourteen year old three and a half inch thin erection and nice sagging pouch pressed up against my stomach as I reached behind him and squeezed his smooth globes. He slipped downwards a little in my arms as my own sixteen year old just under five inch erection snuggled up between his warm globes. As much as I would have loved to fuck him right there and then we weren't alone, and that is one thing we always did when we were alone. Not to say that this act of pure love happened often, but it occurred regularly enough to keep us satisfied and happily content.

"Shit, I've missed you Akiva. Next time you're coming with me. I can't stand to be alone from you so long." I sighed as he snuggled up against me.

The boy shivered as my hard inflated penis snuggled up between his warm globes. He moaned as he started to press up tighter against me his hard shaft rubbing against my stomach. I reflexively held him even tighter as his purplish pink acorn slithered out from beneath its hood and rubbed up against my skin.

"Oh fuck you feel so good," Akiva moaned as he continued to make love to my stomach.

Darren and David giggled as they watched us, and snuggled up together on the small little island of rocks. Sighing I released Akiva and looked over towards my two other little horny toads. Both of them were sporting their own erection, and I just busted up laughing.

"Damn David, where the hell did that come from?" I asked him admiring just how much he had grown.

He was a couple of inches taller and had filled out a bit, but that isn't what got my attention. What had really grown up was what hung between his legs. At only ten years old, his erection was now just as big as Darren's twelve year old rigid shaft. Both boys' erection now topped out at about three inches, which means Darren had also grown a bit down there.

Darren's hard erection was still slightly a bit thicker than David's, and his tight pouch had finally started to sag as his testicles had enlarged weighted down with his baby batter fluids. He also had a few thin and fine wisps of light colored pubic hairs just above the base of his shaft. David's small little pouch hadn't changed all that much, but I imagined it would be catching up soon enough. Out of all of us I figured little David had matured the most between his legs. I had a feeling he would be an early bloomer. Darren on the other hand seemed to be a typical twelve year old boy at this stage of development, which seemed to suit him just fine. He had always wanted to be just normal, and his sexual maturation seemed to finally be just that. He had started out being an early bloomer, ejaculating relatively young for his age, but now other aspects of puberty had sort of slowed down almost as if to balance things out in the boy's life.

"What?" David asked looking down at himself.

"You've fucking grown down there my little friend." I teased him a bit as he blushed realizing what I was referring to.

"Yeah, well…um…I don't have that much control regarding that." He giggled as he started to stroke himself enjoying the sensation.

"Well I guess one thing still hasn't changed." I said to him turning my attention back to Akiva who slithered up against me and started stroking my erection.

"Yeah, what's that?" David asked me as Darren slapped away his hand, and started sucking on the boy's juicy little sausage.

"You're still as horny as ever," I stated grunting from the stimulation Akiva was giving me.

"You're one to talk," David managed to get out before he climaxed shoving his dick further up into Darren's mouth as he flopped around.

Witnessing David orgasm like that sent me over the edge as I also spewed a large copious amount of my thick fluids onto Akiva's body.

"Shit, that felt so good," I admitted to my lover as I leaned over and took his nice hard piece of three and a half inch sleek erection into my mouth and started to slowly make love to it trying to play it like a flute. From the corner of my eye I noticed David had recovered and was now working on Darren's hard erection as he also started to slurp on the boy's nice sized lollipop. It didn't take long before both boys were in the throes of their orgasm gasping for breath.

Akiva moaned loudly and thrust his hips forward burying his cock deeper into the recesses of my warm damp mouth as his slimy nectar exploded from the tip of his exposed knob. I slurped all of his seed up enjoying the wonderful sensation and flavor as it slithered down my throat. I had missed how my love tasted, and swore I'd never be away from him that long ever again. Slowly my lover boy started to calm down as his now flaccid thin sleek three inch softness slipped from between my lips.

We washed up and climbed out of the lake and lay down on some towels allowing the warm air and sun to dry off our bodies. I looked around me at all the naked bodies of sexy boys, and smiled to myself taking note of how fortunate I really was having such wonderful friends and a fantastic boyfriend. Everyone was now soft, including David which was a rarity when he was around us naked like that. I still couldn't believe how we've all changed just a bit between our legs.

My soft four inch cut flaccid penis lay sideways pointing up towards my right shoulder. Akiva's uncut three inch softness snuggled over his smooth dangling pouch between his spread out lanky legs. My eyes flittered over towards David and noticed how his soft cut two inch pecker sort of pointed straight up into the air away from his body. Next to David, the soft features of Darren's body glistened in the sun as his soft two and a half inch sized boyhood sort of swayed around in the air from one side to the other as he breathed in and out rhythmically. It was nice seeing us all laying out under the warm sun exposing our glorious little soldiers to the elements.

After a while Akiva scooted closer to me and we just snuggled up with one another enjoying the feel of our bodies. The sex had felt great, but this seemed to make me feel wonderful as well in a different way. It was more a sense of fulfillment and contentment.

Sure we managed to have sex with each other over the course of the year several times, but not as often as one would imagine. More often than not we were both just satisfied with being snuggled up in each other's arms. In addition, when we did have sex it rarely entailed us fucking one another. For us, giving ourselves to one another in this fashion was the ultimate intimate act, and was only done with love and affection; when we were completely alone, and in a frame of mind where we could truly experience the act of giving ourselves over to our partner. We didn't want our relationship to revolve around sex, but rather wanted it to be something special and wonderful. Our relationship seemed to blossom because of our love not because of the sex we had with one another. Don't get me wrong, I truly loved our intimacy, but in the end sex wasn't what defined us.

"I've missed this so much Akiva." I told him as he snuggled up to me with his head on my chest.

The boy sighed, "yeah me too Dylan." He admitted as he slowly ran his fingers through my downy pubic hair.

Darren and David were snuggled up to one another as well. At first the two boys had always been at one another sexually, but I was glad to see that they had started to slow down with their sexual play and actually just enjoyed one another's company and closeness. I had tried to teach them that a relationship isn't only about sex. Sure it was a fantastic perk to having someone you love in your life, but if you truly love someone it is more than just about having sex all the time.

After a while we all decided to take another dip in the cool waters before Darren asked if he could talk to me. I looked over towards Akiva who just smiled and went over to David and frolicked with the younger boy while Darren followed me out of the lake. We each picked up a towel and walked over towards the horses taking a seat on a couple of boulders.

Darren looked a little nervous about something so I just remained silent allowing him time to formulate his thoughts. I got up and walked over to Two Step and patted her gently. She was a great horse, and I've really grown close to her over the years.

"Dylan," Darren finally managed to find his voice as I turned towards him and sat back down on the boulder across from him. I just waited for him to continue.

"Can I ask you something private?" He asked me.

Shrugging my shoulders I just looked at him wondering what was going on. "Yeah, I guess, but that doesn't mean I'll answer."

"Um…you and Akiva…have you two…you know?" He stuttered a bit, and looked away a bit embarrassed.

"What do you mean? If you're asking have we been intimate in the carnal sense I don't really know if we should be talking about something so private Darren. I think certain things should remain private between two individuals." I responded a little bit uncomfortable with where this was heading.

For the life of me I couldn't understand why he would want to know something like this. I mean he's like a brother to me, and maybe even closer than a brother, but still this is something very private and he knew me well enough to understand how I felt about it. I wasn't mad or anything and I got the sense that he had his reasons so I just waited for him to let me know in his own time.

We both sat there silently for a few moments. I looked over at him admiring his beautiful body. He had such striking features which made me quiver involuntarily. Even though Akiva completed me and made me whole I was still turned on by the boy sitting across from me. For that matter even David managed to make me quiver when he was close to me. Of course Akiva and I had discussed this issue, and I had been relieved to find out the two sexy younger boys had the same affect on him as well. I don't know exactly why I was relieved about Akiva's similar reaction, so figured maybe it had to do with making me feel justified with having such feelings for the two younger boys.

The silence started to stretch and get a bit uncomfortable so I got up and laid down my towel on the ground and motioned of him to hand me his towel and I draped that over the rock so I could lean my back against it.

Sitting down on the ground and leaning back against the rock I motioned for Darren to join me. "Come over here and snuggle with me." I asked him and noticed a warm smile cross his features.

The boy settled down between my legs and leaned his back up against my chest. I wrapped my arms around his frame, and pulled him closer to me as I took in his scent. My dick between my legs immediately inflated and pressed up against his back. Darren looked over his shoulder and giggled at me.

"What are you laughing about?" I teased him as I reached down and stroked his own erection. Darren quivered in my arms and sighed as I said, "I'm not the only one turned on over here." I chuckled. "Shit Darren, you still turn me on even though I'm with Akiva." I admitted to the boy.

The younger boy swiveled his head and looked at me questioningly, "really?"

"What do you mean really? Of course you do. You're so fucking sexy hot that it makes my blood boil at times. You do know that don't you? I mean I love you and David so much, and the two of you still turn me on like no one else is able to, except Akiva of course." I told him honestly as my hands continued to wander over his body and dive down every once in a while to stroke the hardness between his legs.

It was a strange relationship all four of us boys had with one another. David and Darren were completely in love with one another, but they adored and loved me and Akiva as well. It was the same for me and Akiva concerning the younger boys. However, even though we all turned each other on sexually, there was that unspoken agreement that we would remain faithful to our own lover.

"I know it's just that…" He didn't elaborate.

"Darren?" I started to query him as he settled in enjoying being held. "Are…are you happy? I mean, how are things going…in general?" I wondered. Over the past year he had been blossoming, and it was a delight to see him enjoying being a boy again, but sometimes I wondered if it was an act or if he really had turned the corner.

The boy grabbed my hand and lifted it up to his mouth kissing my palm. "Yes Dylan, I'm very happy." He admitted to me sincerely. "I mean sometimes I get sad when I remember….you know….but then my thoughts turn towards you, Akiva, and David and a feeling of happiness overcomes me. I realize then that what happened wasn't my fault, and that in the larger scheme of things it doesn't have a hold of me anymore. I….I don't know how to describe it really. All I know is that everything is alright and I'm happy."

"Oh Darren, you have no idea how glad this makes me." I told him as I gently nibbled on his ear and neck while my hand gently squeezed his hard erection and sagging boy pouch. He felt wonderfully delicious in my arms as his naked silky skin rubbed up against mine.

"Dylan, does it hurt?"

"Does what hurt, sweetie?" I asked him gently as we both sighed totally comfortable being so close to one another.

"When….when you and Akiva…um….make love together, you know, when he puts himself inside of you?" He finished off.

"Darren….I….I don't know if I really want to talk to you about this. I mean, I love Akiva so much, and I know he feels the same way, but some things are really private." I told the younger boy gently a little concerned he was still wanting this intimate act between the two of us. He hadn't asked since that breakdown when he was almost raped over a year ago, and I had felt the matter was settled, but now I wasn't so sure.

"I know," he whispered. "It….it's just that I love David so much and…." His voice seemed to give out on him towards the end.

"Oh….I see, and you're worried about…." I started to say when I felt him turn a little and look at me.

"N….no, I mean sort of, but no. It….it's David. Um….I don't know." He sighed getting frustrated.

"Darren, I don't understand. I mean, you both are still so young so of course this sort of thing is confusing. Are you sure the two of you are ready for something like this?" I asked him seriously.

The boy's body just seemed to sort of deflate in my arms as he sighed. "I don't know Dylan. I mean because of what happened to me, it sort of complicates things. I've been wanting David inside of me for a while now, and one time he admitted he wanted the same from me, but then when I told him how I felt and that I wanted him….um….that I wanted him inside of me he sort of changed his mind. I….I'm afraid that he might feel I'm somehow….," he hesitated looking for the right words, but just sighed and shrugged his shoulders. "I'm afraid he feels that I'm ruined and dirty….you know in that way."

His words managed to make my heart ache again. He had gone through so much in his short years, but has overcome so much as well. He had only moments earlier admitted he was happy despite the tragedy that had occurred to him, yet here it was rearing its ugly head once more.

"Oh sweetie, my dear sweet boy," I whispered to him as I held him close. "You know that isn't true. David loves and adores you, and would never feel like that about you. I thought this was settled last year. He told you he didn't feel that way, and he forbade you to speak of yourself that way. No, I think maybe he is afraid of hurting you Darren." I told my sweet little adorably cute blonde boy as I held him reassuringly in my arms and squeezed the breath out of him.

"You think so," He grunted gasping for air as I loosened up my grip.

"Yes, I know so," I whispered soothingly to him and heard him sigh in relief.

"Can….can you talk to him Dylan? I….I've tried, but he always tries to avert the conversation or just says he isn't ready and I know that isn't true. I know he wants me inside of him, but he knows I won't do that unless our love in that way is the same between the two of us. I want to give myself to him so much that sometimes just thinking about it makes me ache badly for him. He makes me so happy and…and I love him so much," he whispered the last part more to himself than for my ears.

We both sat there for a few moments not saying anything else as my hands ran all along his firm silky body. I just loved how he felt in my arms and the warmth of him so close to me felt comfortable. The boy turned his head towards me and just looked at me pleadingly as he leaned in and gently kissed me on the lips.

His mouth felt electrifying against my lips, and I passionately returned his kiss before separating. It had been….nice and I didn't feel guilty about it. I've been resigned to the fact anymore that I was no longer going to feel guilty about my feelings towards David and Darren. This was something else Akiva and I had discussed, and he agreed as well. There was something very special between the four of us boys, and instead of fighting these feelings Akiva and I had decided to just embrace them.

"Come on; let's get back to the others so that I can talk to David." I whispered to the boy.

The smaller boy twisted around in my arms and straddled my legs as he pressed himself up against me and gave me a hug. I could feel his smooth pouch and extremely rigid shaft pressing up against my stomach which made my own dick quiver with excitement.

"I love you so much Dylan," Darren whispered in my ear as he just held me like that and snuggled up against me. He felt so warm and inviting within the folds of my arms and I sighed as I breathed in his scent.

"I love you too Darren. You've made me so happy and I….I just can't thank you enough Darren. You, David, and Akiva mean everything to me."

We both finally got up and walked back down towards the lake. As we approached Darren looked over at me and smiled. Both Akiva and David had fallen asleep wrapped up within each other's warm embrace. Akiva was lying on his back with David's body and limbs wrapped around his pale sleek form. David's head rested comfortably on the older boy's chest, and the fingers of his left hand held Akiva's soft fleshy two and a half inch tubular appendage. The foreskin was pulled back exposing the older boy's purplish colored nozzle. David's always been fascinated with Akiva's uncut penis, and whenever he could get away with it the younger boy loved to play with it.

"Hey sleepy head," I whispered to my love as I settled in next to him and lightly touched his lips with mine.

"Mmmm," he sighed. "You taste so nice, and I see you are feeling a bit frisky he giggled.

"Who me?" I chuckled. "No, you must be thinking of little Davie over here." I stated pointing out it was David's hand wrapped around Akiva's rapidly inflating three and a half inch erection.

"Davie," Akiva quipped shoving away the younger boy's hand and sighing while the little boy just laughed mischievously.

"You naughty little pervert," Akiva chuckled.

"Come on get up David," I ordered as I got up pulling the boy along. "We've got to talk."

"What, hey…come on Dylan I didn't mean anything by it? I just like how he looks being still intact. I can't help it." David whined getting a bit concerned now that maybe I was upset or something.

Akiva and Darren watched us disappear around the corner. I could only imagine Akiva's worry that I really was upset with the boy, but was sure Darren would explain things to him. Taking a seat on the towel I had left behind I leaned back against the boulder and pulled David down with me forcing him to straddle on top of me. Wrapping my arms around him I pulled him tight and started to kiss him all over. The poor boy wiggled and squirmed as he giggled while my tongue and lips tickled his sensitive skin.

"Stop….stop, please Dylan. I promise I won't do that again." He tittered as he squirmed around in my strong arms with me not giving him a chance to catch his breath.

Finally releasing the boy from my firm administrations, David leaned back against my knees and gasped for air as we both continued to chuckle. My hands rubbed along his arms and legs as I admired how much he had grown. His athletic physique made me tremble and the sight of his nice sized boy bits swaying between his legs made my own dick twitch beneath his warm globes. David giggled as he felt my erection pressing between his orbs.

"Damn, I can't believe how much you've changed." I told him honestly as I started to stroke his softness watching fascinated as it sprang to life and enlarged.

The younger boy just looked at me his eyes glittering. "Hey, what gives? First you bust my chops for being all grabby with Akiva, and now you are doing the same thing." He giggled and sighed at the thrill I was sending down his penis and coursing through his tiny frame. The boy quivered and opened up his legs further allowing me more access to him. Damn, the little fuck really was a horny little shit. I stopped stroking him and he sort of whined a little.

"Who said I was mad at you manhandling my boyfriend?" I teased him good naturedly.

"Then what was that all about?" He asked me sincerely as he looked down between his legs morning the fact I had released him. "Fuck, I can't wait until I start shooting sperms." He complained.

"Why are you in such a hurry to grow up?" I asked him. "You're already ahead of the curve as far as I can tell." I assured him.

David just shrugged his shoulder, "I dunno, just wish I could shoot like you guys I guess." He stated sighing.

Shaking my head at the boy I just sighed. What have we done with the poor boy? Most boys his age aren't so wrapped up with all of this sex stuff. Maybe it was a mistake, and maybe it was also a mistake for Darren to take this to the next level with the younger boy.

"Davie, when your body is ready it will mature, but until then just be happy with the way you are. To tell you the truth sometimes I wish I didn't have to put up with some of the crap that comes with sexual maturity." I sighed. "There are a lot of kids my age already that have to worry about shaving and stuff. Thank goodness I'm a late bloomer because that looks like a pain in the ass always having to shave, not to mention all of the body odor mess as well." I continued.

David just crinkled up his nose in disgust. He hadn't thought about some of the other stuff that comes hand in hand with puberty.

"Yeah, I guess your right." He admitted.

We both fell silent for a few moments and my hands automatically just started to wander over his smooth skin. David closed his eyes and enjoyed the gentle rubbing he was receiving from me. His penis seemed to throb with the beating of his heart and bobbed around in the air.

"So, what's going on between you and Darren?" I finally asked him.

"What do you mean?" He responded not bothering to open his eyes.

"He said you two have been talking about taking things to the next level, but you seem to be a little repulsed by the idea."

"What," he quipped as his eyes snapped open. "N…no I'm not repulsed…I mean…I love him it…it's just…" He stopped in mid sentence not knowing how to proceed.

"I think I understand David, but Darren seems to think you might be a little…um…you know…because of what's happened to him he thinks you might not want to do…that with him." I stated having a hard time with this whole conversation. It was awkward because deep down I still felt something of this nature was private.

David looked like a deer in headlights, and I got the feeling he was just as uncomfortable with this conversation as well. "Listen David, do you want to go to the next level with Darren, you know, sharing yourself completely with him and vice versa?"

David leaned in and hugged me tight, and I could feel him shiver up against me. "Yes…I mean no…I mean of course, but it's just…" He stopped again and then sighed. "Dylan I'm afraid of hurting him when I…I…um…when I put myself inside of him. Dylan, he was hurt so bad and I'm afraid." He finally admitted as he held on to me. "I love him so much Dylan, and I want this so badly, but not if it means hurting him."

"I see," I told him finally understanding what the dilemma was with David even though I had expected it to be something along those lines. "Listen, I know you are worried about hurting him back there, and yes there is some pain, but there is also a lot of enjoyable feelings as well. I don't know how to describe it other than the best feeling you both will ever experience. However, there are ways you can actually decrease things hurting so bad." I told him as I started to explain to him what he would need to do.

We sat there for several moments while I talked to him about some ways to proceed with Darren from here. I kept a tube of KY numbing lube buried beneath a rock by one of the boulders, and I told him about it, just in case. With me and Akiva spending a lot of time out here by the lake I had stashed some of it for our own use.

"David, think about what I've told you. I'm going to head back with Akiva so why don't you and Darren spend some time alone together, alright." I said as we got up and headed back towards the lake.

Darren looked up hopefully at me while I nodded encouragingly and quietly got dressed. Akiva followed suit as we both watched the younger boys heading back for another dip in the cool waters of the small lake.

A short while later we arrived back home and took care of the horses before heading indoors. Mrs. Miller greeted us in the kitchen, and I noticed Akiva's uncle and my father both sitting around the kitchen counter along with a very nice looking lady. It was Ms. Rosie Parker, someone Mr. Miller had met through his job and had started to date just under a year ago.

Mrs. Miller gave each of us a hug as we entered the kitchen before she sidled next to my father and gave him a hug. I smiled at the sight not minding how close they've become. Quite the contrary, both Akiva and I have been talking about it lately and agree this was a good thing for our parents. I loved Mrs. Miller, she's been like a second mother to me this past year, and Akiva and his sisters have embraced my father's presence as well.

"So, what's up?" I asked noting how hushed it had become around the kitchen counter with the adults. I reached over and scooped up a handful of peanuts that were sitting on the granite countertop, and Akiva also reached over for some.

"Hey kiddo…um…not much, but we do have some stuff we want to talk about after you boys get cleaned up." My father stated as he ruffled our hair and giving each of us a firm smack on our asses as we walked out wondering what these adults were up to.

"Hey," my father yelled out before we headed upstairs.

"Yeah?" I asked as I stopped and turned around.

"Where are the other two hellions?" He inquired referring to both Darren and David.

"Oh, you know how David is with his horse. He wanted to get some more riding in and even though Darren isn't into that sort of thing he still volunteered to stay with him." I fibbed; well sort of because I knew that afterwards David would insist on more horseback riding before coming back for lunch.

My father nodded understanding well. He had grown close to all of the boys and knew them well as if they were his own children now. In a way this thought made me happy because it meant we all really were family now.

Akiva closed the bedroom door behind him and smiled wickedly at me as he approached wrapping his arm around my neck. "Alone at last," he whispered as he gently kissed me on the lips.

Returning his kiss I wrapped my arm around his waist and pulled him close. "I've missed you love. I know I said it already but damn, what did I ever do before you came into my life." I sighed as I put my forehead against his and breathed him in.

"Well, probably a lot of hand action on that nice piece of sausage that hangs between your legs." My Akiva just crooned and teased.

"Why you little…" I grunted as I picked him up and carried him over to the bed and threw him down on the large mattress.

The boy giggled and peeled off his shirt while he watched me do the same thing. We quickly got undressed, and then I slipped in between his legs laying on top of him as I pressed my mouth against those deep red tasty lips of his. I felt him tremble under my body and I knew I was responding in the same way. He whimpered as my hand stroked the sides of his ribs and my lips found their way to his erect nipples.

"Oh gawk Akiva, I just love your body so much," My voice quivered as he moaned and melted like putty in my hands.

"Dylan," he gasped. "I…I love you so much, oh shit, that feels so good," He whimpered as my right hand found his nice sleek erect penis and I gently pulled back his foreskin unsheathing his mushroom sized knob.

"Mmmm," I moaned excitedly as I felt his rigid sleekness in my hand. I loved everything about this boy and just feeling him so close to me made my heart leap into my throat.

We were both extremely enamored with one another as we continued to grind, moan, and writhe together. My lips continued to wander down his body as my hands also played him like a musical instrument, and he responded to each and every nuance like notes floating through the air.

It didn't take long before my lips found their way down to his crotch, and I slurped up his nice smooth sized sagging pouch twirling my tongue around his Robin egg sized testicles. They felt heavy and full, and I couldn't wait until I got to slurp up some more of his thick white milky smoothie. I felt Akiva's fingers twirling through my hair as his balls plopped out of my mouth and my wet warm lips wrapped themselves over his un-hooded mushroom sized glans.

His strong boy scent wafted up to my nose, and I shuddered at the heady aroma. My right finger slipped between his sweaty butt cheeks, and I slowly inserted my finger inside of his tight rosebud feeling it slide inside of him without any resistance. His insides sucked up my finger easily even though he felt tight. It was a unique sensation with my finger inside of him, but my attention was now focused on the most sensitive part of his body as my tongue slithered around the ridge of his glans. He tasted delicious as pre-cum dribbled out into my mouth.

It wasn't enough for me; I wanted more of the essence that makes him who he is so I took in more of his shaft as I made love to his little flute. I had three fingers inside of him by this time and was wiggling them around wildly. It didn't take long before I felt him start to tense up as his erection thickened up fatly inside my mouth, his testicles contracted against my throat, and then he exploded in orgasmic blissfulness. His hips thrust upwards, and he moaned as his rigid stiffness writhed around inside my mouth. He tasted so deliciously delectable to me as rope after rope were unloaded inside of my wet cavernous maw and I continued to swallow him greedily. With one final grunt he crashed back into the mattress and moaned contentedly as I released his sleek softness from my mouth.

My own penis was twitching expectantly now as I grabbed his right leg placing it over my left shoulder exposing his worked up love chute as I split apart his legs. His rose bud glistened wetly as I lined myself up making sure to lube him up with my pre-cum. He was still a bit out of it as I gently pushed my hips forward and entered the eighth wonder of the world as my five inch length disappeared inside the warmth of the tunnel of love.

Akiva moaned as I slowly entered inside of him his soft juicy sausage slowly inflating and standing back up at attention as a thrill coursed through his firm body with stimulation and expectancy. We've made love like this a few times now and it still felt new and like my very first time. This time was no exception as Akiva looked up smiling at me lovingly.

"Dylan," he whispered. "You're so beautiful." He sighed as my sagging ball sack finally settled against his butt cheeks and my pubic hair brushed up against his smooth boy pouch.

"No Akiva, you are the most beautiful boy in the world my love. Thank you so much for this gift." I cried softly tears falling down my cheeks as I slowly retreated before reversing course and burying myself deep inside of him.

It didn't take long; he made me feel so special and so loved. If I lasted fifteen seconds it would be a miracle as I felt my insides roiling. Without warning my testicles leaped upwards, and I unloaded several volleys deep inside my love. As soon as my orgasm gripped my body I felt Akiva's cherry hole clamp down around my thickness as his second orgasm within moments, his third of the day, also came crashing down on him.

It was intense and it was wondrous as our two bodies seemed to meld into one. It's the closest the two of us ever could achieve of becoming one person heart and soul. Akiva had a way of making me feel this way each and every time we connected intimately in this fashion. My only regret is that this moment never seemed to last long enough, but then again I was happy to have him at all, and so was content with what I can have of him. He was my other half in life now, and he completed me making me feel like I was home when we were together.

My body finally collapsed on top of him as we heaved for air. I was still inside of him, and didn't ever want to leave, but then again sometimes we just couldn't control things as my softness finally slipped out of him. We both whimpered at the loss of that connection, but also happy as we wrapped ourselves around one another and held each other tight.

We just stayed there on the bed snuggled up together enjoying the closeness. My bed felt absolutely wonderfully cozy as I ran my fingers through Akiva's hair twirling the strands around in circles. His head was lying on my sweaty chest, and his hands gently stroked my stomach. I shifted a little, and he let me go so that I could snuggle down closer to him. With both of us lying on our sides facing each other I couldn't help myself as I smiled sheepishly at my beautiful Norwegian boy. His left hand reached up and stroked my cheeks affectionately.

"I could stay here looking at you forever my love," I whispered softly as I felt a single teardrop meandering down my right cheek.

"Why are you crying," Akiva asked me seriously.

"I…I don't know," I shrugged my shoulders. "I'm just so happy, and it's all because of you. Having you here completes me and fills me with joy. I just can't explain it Akiva. I was so lost without you when I had to leave. I don't want us to be apart like that ever again. I mean I can take a few days, but not several weeks. It's just too much." I finally broke down in his arms and felt him respond as he wrapped himself around me and patted my back soothingly.

I don't know what's gotten into me this past year. It's as if around Akiva I can finally just be me, showing my fears, concerns, and disappointments. With him I can let my hair down and show my true feelings without having to be so brave all the time. Although my father shoulders most of the responsibilities of the company there is still a lot of pressure on my young shoulders. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't trade my life for anything, but it is nice to just have someone by my side where I can let loose and be myself.

"Come," Akiva urged me as he untangled himself from me and got up. "I think we better take our shower now before our parents send out a search party. I don't want my sisters walking in here on us inadvertently because our parents have sent for us." He smiled warmly at me as I sighed and got up.

Taking a bath with Akiva is one of those special kinds of events that I've grown very fond of and enjoy so much. The boy had hands like magic as they gently soaped up my skin and rubbed away all the tension. For some reason we've stopped having sex while taking a bath or shower, and made it an intimate affair without the sex involved. Just to have him so close to my clean nakedness always sent a thrill coursing through my veins. There was something special and magical during our time together bathing in the warmth and cleanliness of the water. Often we would just hold on to one another enjoying the warmth as the tensions washed away down the drain. Today was no different, and it left both of us rejuvenated and ready for the rest of the day.

We were just finishing getting dressed when Darren and David slid inside the bedroom. One look at them and I knew what had happened. I looked over towards Akiva and he smiled back at me knowingly.

"So," Akiva stated as he looked at the two younger boys. "Was it what you hoped and imagined it would be like?" He questioned as he zipped closed the fly on his sky blue colored fitted jeans. I quivered at the sight of him in those jeans. He was so damn sexy hot when he wore fitted jeans that snuggled up tightly against his crotch showing the outline of his beautiful package.

Darren and David looked at each other blushing, took a quick look in our direction, and then looked away as they tried to stifle a giggle. After a moment Darren walked over to me and just wrapped his arms around me.

"Thank you Dylan, I love you." He whispered as he kissed me on the cheek before walking over to Akiva and doing the same thing.

"Yes and no," He told my cute Norwegian. "It was way better and more than what I could ever have imagined. It was beautiful." He whispered. "Not dirty or filthy, but just…beautiful."

With that, he took David's hand in his own and walked into the bathroom closing the door behind him so they could get cleaned up. The last part of what he said resonated inside of me. He said "Not dirty or filthy, but just…beautiful." I repeated the words in my mind as tears flowed down my cheeks.

Akiva noticed and came over to embrace me. "What's wrong my love?" He whispered questioningly.

"Nothing Akiva, just what Darren said…you know about it not being dirty or filthy, but beautiful? It's as if the stench and stigma of what has happened to him has finally been scrubbed clean. As if he has been reborn. David's act of pure love has finally set Darren free." I told Akiva as he thought back on Darren's words and nodded his head.

"Yes, he's finally free my love." He sighed relieved and happy for Darren.

We both looked towards the bathroom hearing the boy's laughter wafting through the closed door, and then looked back towards one another smiling before we walked out of my room and back downstairs. My father said he had a few announcements, but wanted to wait until David and Darren could join us. We didn't have to wait long as the boys had taken a quick shower. They now sat down with us in the living room both of them looking just radiant as they continued to sneak glances at one another and for no apparent reason would start to giggle.

Everyone was here now. All of my uncles, Darren's grandparents, Akiva's family including his uncle and the man's girlfriend, and of course David's parents. All the adults seemed to be smiling about something so I figured they must all be in on the big so called announcement.

"Well," my father began, "it looks like Mr. Miller over here is getting married." He announced, and we all congratulated the two happy couple excitedly. "There's more," my father continued, "if it is alright with you, Akiva, and of course your sisters, I have proposed to your mother as well. I hope you three will find it in your heart to accept Dylan and me into your lives?"

Akiva and I looked at one another and at the same time said, "It's about time," while the girls got up and ran towards my father giving him a big hug. I walked over to Mrs. Miller and hugged her to me while Akiva walked over to my father and wrapped his arms around him. I could see tears running down the boy's cheeks, and knew he was overwhelmed with happiness.

At that point all hell broke loose as questions and congratulations all around were heaped on all the lucky couples. After a few moments my father held up his hands for silence.

"So, here's the plan that we have all discussed." He began and started to tell us what was going on. Mr. Miller and my father wanted to hold both of their weddings together at the newly built community center because they would need a large venue for everyone who would be attending. Also, after the wedding we were all going on a six week stint through Europe including Norway where they planned on having a gathering of all the relatives and family friends. My father pointed out we also have some relatives there so he wanted to take the time to get to know some of them. Of course he knew Akiva would want to also take time with some of his old friends and school mates so there would be time for that as well.

David and Darren thought that was so cool that we were going to get to go to Europe, but they lamented the idea of us being away from them for so long. At this point my father told the two younger boys that they would be coming with us as well. It would mean that they would probably miss the first two weeks of school, but that wouldn't be an issue.

Darren immediately looked towards his grandparents to see if it was alright and they told him of course and that all the arrangements had been made. The only thing holding both David and Darren at the moment were the passports so come Monday they would all head down to the regional office and expedite getting passports done for the boys. By the time the weddings were performed in a couple of weeks, and all the arrangements were made, the passports should be ready.

It was also announced that during the time we would be gone that my uncles would be in charge of overseeing some remodeling of the house. A new wing was going to be added for a brand new master bedroom for the happy couple. The girls would move into the master bedroom currently occupied by my father, and since Akiva's pretty much moved into my bedroom anyway he might as well move in there permanently.

While all the discussions were going on for the preparations of the wedding, my father took the time to pull me off to the side. "Listen Dylan, I know that you and Akiva are…are…um…you know sleeping together, but I think we should maybe take out your king size bed and put in two queen sized beds. You know, just in case. If nothing else at least there will be a second bed that David and Darren can share when sleeping over. This way you two can also have a bit of privacy when the two younger boys stay at the house."

To me it didn't matter one way or the other. Even when the two younger boys slept in bed with us it never stopped them from fooling around with each other. Of course me and Akiva were more discreet about that sort of activity in front of the boys, even though it did happen on occasion like today at the lake.

"Sure dad, that'll be just fine. I'm so happy for you and I love Mrs. Miller." I told him sincerely.

"I know you do Dylan. I love you so much son. You make me so proud of being a father each and every day." He whispered to me as he wrapped me up in his arms and held me tightly to him. My heart was overwhelmed and it was all due to that fateful day a little over a year ago during that Stormy Weather.

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