Recovered: An Unlikely Friendship

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 23: Confessions

Soon after I got back everyone slowly began to wake up. It was a laid back morning, but the two younger boys were already getting excited about the day; especially, Andi who desperately wanted to get out to the lake. I smiled at his cuteness because he had slipped into his beige colored Fendi cargo shorts and a matching cotton polo style t-shirt by Fendi featuring a signature FF appliqué design to the chest, cotton jersey front and pique back and sleeves, and pearl stylized branded buttons. At breakfast he kept glancing at me and giggling while I rolled my eyes knowingly because of the brief intimate naughty little moment between the two of us earlier after he woke up.

Both Jamie and Zak had quickly cleaned up and gotten dressed before heading downstairs leaving me alone to help Andi get dressed. Jamie had slipped into his Epic Threads blue colored plaid shorts and his athletic blue Ralph Lauren Muscle Shirt, while Zak quickly dressed in his red colored quicksilver board shorts and a red colored Nautica polo style shirt. As the two boys were heading down the stairs Andi finally came out of the bathroom completely naked not having gotten dressed yet looking around noticing it was just me now upstairs alone with him. I had to smile as he gracefully made his way towards me his soft little sagging boy pouch swaying around beneath him and his little mushroom shaped knob plastered up against his pale white pubic mound. Wrapping his arms around me he gave me a sloppy kiss on the cheek and pressed his body up against mine. I could feel the tip of his soft knob brushing up against my abdomen just below my chest as his boy fragrance wrapped itself around me.

"Happy birthday Sam." The boy whispered softly to me running his fingers through my hair making me shiver.

Leaning my forehead up against his lower chest I looked down at the exquisiteness of his naked boyness. He had such a beautiful little penis and boy sack making me yearn not for the first time to slurp it up. I wanted to know what it would be like to have his soft penis slowly bloom and get stiff in my mouth. I pulled him into my arms and gently planted a kiss on his belly button hearing him giggle as he ran his fingers through my hair.

"You are so beautiful Andi." I inhaled softly knowing how weird it sounded as I breathed him in and closed my eyes enjoying how his fingers felt in my hair for a moment before I attacked.

Scooping him up into my arms I tossed him on to the bed and started blowing air farts on his stomach forcing him to squirm around and giggle loudly. I forced apart his legs and planted my lips firmly against his ball bag blowing a nice long one on the spongy like membrane his hips bucking up into the air as he giggled and pushed on me trying to defend himself. I slurped up his lunch bag into my mouth running my tongue around his two almond sized milk duds hearing him giggling loudly his hips squirming around. Letting his suede like purse slip from my lips I suddenly wrapped them around his soft mushroom shaped knob feeling it twitch at the unusual sensation as I ran my tongue around it.

Andi suddenly yelped in surprise, "Hey!" He cried out his flaccid penis growing in my mouth and stiffening up to its full two inch hardness twitching around excitedly.

Shoving on my head I didn't resist this time as I let his hard nail slip from my mouth smiling because his little boy pecker had tasted really sweet. I knew it had been wrong for me to do it, and made a promise to myself I'd try to curb my sexual appetite for the smaller boy so I wouldn't sexualize him at such a young tender age. In a few years he would be ready for those types of activities with others around his own age, but until then I didn't want him to worry about such things.

"Sorry," I couldn't resist I replied hearing the boy giggle at me shaking his head.

"You are such a goofball." He retorted seemingly oblivious at the sexuality of what had occurred before sitting up and spreading apart his knees while he leaned over wiping away my spittle off of his knob.

He looked so damn vampishly sexy all spread out like that, but I knew my attraction for him in this sort of way was only sexual desire. I did care about him in a very deep affectionate kind of manner, but not in the same way I felt about Jamie and Paavo in this regard. I loved the little guy deeply, and I was also irresistibly drawn to him, but my attraction in that way was motivated purely for sexual gratification. It wasn't about the deep loving kind of sexual attraction I associated with in regards to Jamie and Paavo. I cared too much for the smaller boy to hurt him by simply having sex with him, so knew I'd have to be careful with what I did in this regard. What just happened had been innocent enough, but such playfulness could lead to it becoming more, and this was one thing I didn't want to happen. Andi was still young enough he didn't think of these things in a sexual kind of way, and I wanted to keep it that way.

In a few years when he was ready to take that step into sexual play and discovery I'd try to be there for him so I could help out with some of the confusion he will face which these things tend to bring out. For my part it wouldn't be in a sexual manner, but rather simply a brotherly kind of approach providing support and advice. From the way both Andi and Zak got along I sort of figured when they got a little older they'd probably be discovering these types of things together. When it got to this point I wanted to be sure they felt safe and comfortable coming to me for advice.

The smaller boy's eyes were furled in my direction now after calling me a goofball looking at me expectantly with his fingers still rubbing over the tip of his knob as he tugged on his soft penis also wiping away the slickness from his slightly exposed shaft. "I know," I giggled trying not to make it a big deal as I shoved him tipping the boy over.

I laughed when Andi chuckled sticking his tongue out at me before sitting back up. "Come-on big guy, let's get you dressed so we can go down for breakfast…unless you are planning to join everyone all starkers." I teased with Andi rolling his eyes at me.

"No of course not…I mean not while Mr. and Mrs. Weiler are around. We are still going skinny dipping though right…I mean I want to so long as it's only…you know…just us guys and all?" He asked getting nervous now that someone else might see him naked.

"Yes, we are still going skinny dipping, and it's only going to be some of us friends and all. Most of us have already seen you naked and you've seen them too. I'm sure you might be curious about some of the others though, and you don't have to be shy around them. It's only going to be a small group of us, and we all kind of understand with being curious about some things." I assured him while helping getting the boy dressed.

"Do you think it would be alright if I call up my parents?" He asked while I smiled and nodded my head.

This was probably the first time he's been away like this from his parents so I figured he was probably feeling a bit homesick even though he was having a good time with us. "Yeah sure Andi…anytime you know. I mean you don't have to ask for permission. Just pick up the phone and call…you can even use my cell phone if you want, or the Weilers' main phone downstairs." I tried to assure him with the boy smiling back and giving me a quick hug.

After breakfast I had a private chat with Jamie for a bit because I wanted to talk to him some more about Paavo, and also about my plans later on after the party since the guys would all be staying for the night. After that I asked him to look after Zak and Andi because I wanted to take my bike out for a ride since it's been a while. I told the boys I'd meet up with them at the lake along with everyone else. Paavo's dad would be dropping him off at the house later so they would all be heading down then. As for the Lorenz brothers, they would meet up with us all at the lake since it was sort of between their farm and ours. Of course I didn't tell them I had already been out earlier on my bike, but I really did want to invite Roger over for my birthday and hopefully to the lake as well.

Now heading down the trail on my bike with Boxey easily keeping up, the dog's tongue hanging out of the side of his mouth, I was kind of surprised he had joined me now with Jamie awake. These days the dog was more Jamie's than mine, but I guess he wanted some more exercise. He's gotten used to being able to roam around in the open wide spaces, and he looked and acted much happier these days.

A sharp turn down a steep slope made me focus for a moment before my thoughts once more drifted back to Roger. I really hoping he would join us at the lake when another thought occurred to me. Smiling and chuckling to myself, I imagined how everyone would freak out at the older boy's big cock and hairy pubes. That is if the older teen would be even willing to strip down naked like the rest of us. He seemed a little leery about such things because he was much older than the rest of us, but I was determined to get him and Austin together.

I figured if the two boys liked each other in an intimate way then they both deserved to be together despite the age difference. It wasn't like Roger would be taking advantage of Austin. I knew my thirteen year old friend enough to realize he knew what he was getting himself into in regards to having a personal relationship with someone. It wasn't like Roger was some adult even though he was older than Austin. There is a fine line in these types of situations, but in this regard I knew how much the two boys cared deeply for one another, and it went beyond the whole sexual context of a relationship.

Making my way down the Rawlings' driveway I slowed down as I approached their house. It was a two story home which looked really nice and maintained from the outside. Roger's little sister was swaying back and forth on the little swing set in the shade under a big oak tree. She spotted me and before I could properly set my bike down flung herself into my arms catching me by surprise.

I let go of my bike so I could catch her, and watched as it settled up against a bush. "Sam…what are you doing here?" She squealed excitedly making me chuckle.

"Oh…I just wanted to come over for a few moments to see if Roger would like to come by and go swimming with the rest of us at the lake." I offered up with the little girl perking right up.

"Really…can I go too?" She wondered out loud once more catching me off guard because her showing up would most definitely create a scene with my so called little group of nudists as I watched her kneeling next to Boxey and giving the dog some much needed attention.

"Um…well if Roger comes it will be like eight boys in all and no other girls. I'm not sure you'd have any fun with it being nothing but all guys." I offered seeing her glance up at me stopping for a moment with petting Boxey as a look of disappointment crept over her features. "But you know…it's my birthday today and I'm having a party. I was hoping you and your parents can come over for it. Uncle Walt will be barbequing all sorts of stuff, and there will be plenty of snacks. How does that sound?" I suggested with the girl smiling at first looking happy, but then getting a bit more reserved worrying me. "What's wrong Suzie…you can come…right…I mean you, your brother, and your parents?" I asked.

"Um…Sam…I'm not so sure." She began, pausing for a moment before leaning in and wrapping her arm around the dog's neck giving him a brief hug which Boxey tolerated. "I mean lately people around here…well…you know…with what happened because of Damian and Jamie. I mean a lot of the other kids have been ignoring Roger. I feel really bad for him, but Roger wouldn't want to create problems with anyone at your party. He'd feel bad about that." She sniffled feeling awful about how her older brother has been treated lately.

"Oh Suzie…I'm so sorry to hear that, but don't you worry about it. You and your folks are invited to my birthday party, and so is Roger. Besides, it won't be a big party…only a few friends coming over is all. It will be Jamie, Austin, and Jake. They don't blame Roger for anything and do like him a lot. There will be some new boys too like Paavo who just moved here and who was my friend back in Des Moines, and then there's Zak and Andi who are a year or so younger than you." I offered up with the girl smiling again.

"I like Jake…he's cute, and his older brother is nice too. I felt bad for them because of the way Damian treated them…and how Roger treated them too for a little while. That wasn't nice of him, but I know he feels bad about it." She offered up.

"Well, and I know for a fact Jamie, Austin, and Jake don't blame Roger at all, and would love to see him coming over and join us at the Lake and then later my birthday party." I offered up noticing Mrs. Rawlings standing off to the side smiling and watching the exchange.

Turning my attention on Suzie's mom I repeated my offer. "Really Mrs. Rawlings, we'd all love for Roger to come join us at the lake, and then later this afternoon I'm hoping you and Mr. Rawlings can bring Suzie and join us for my birthday barbeque." I offered up with Roger's mom giving me a warm smile.

"I called up Roger and his father on the phone when I saw you approaching on the bike Sam. Both of them are out in the fields so should be…oh…here they come now." She pointed towards a pick-up truck approaching the house.

The gray colored Ford came to a stop with Roger climbing out and looking towards me hesitantly. I said hello to Mr. Rawlings shaking the man's dirty hands as he welcomed me and offered up something to drink. Glancing towards his son he noticed the look Roger gave him so picked up Suzie and walked into the house with his wife in tow.

"Hey…what's up?" Roger asked apprehensively pointing over towards a bench beneath another large oak tree a little away from the house.

"Not much…but Suzie just told me you've been getting a lot of grief from people around here. Why didn't you say anything Roger? I mean for real…if anyone has a beef with you it would be us…you know…me, Jamie, Austin, or even Jake…but none of us do. You should have said something for Pete's sake." I scolded him seeing the older boy blush and shrug his shoulders as he leaned over giving Boxey a scratch behind the ears.

The dog's tongue was still hanging down low over to the side of his mouth as he rolled his eyes and huffed giving a sound indicating how he enjoyed the attention making me chuckle despite the situation. "I…um…I just didn't want to create any problems Sam. You guys have had enough crap chucked at you already without having to deal with this one too." He offered up.

"Well fuck it Roger. You should know me enough by now to understand I don't give a crap what others think. Besides, I've got the best friends ever…and I already told you the other day you are one too. So we are going to fix this right now. Grab a bag and put a change of clothes in it along with your overnight kit. All the guys are waiting at the lake for us, and then afterwards you are invited to my birthday party and to spend the night. It'll be Jamie, Austin, and Jake who you know. There's also Paavo…you know my friend from Des Moines who stayed with me at the Weilers' place. Well his dad is now going to be the new Garage manager, and they just moved in the other day. Then there's my little brother…well…soon to be step brother Zak, and one of his friends by the name of Andi. So get your stuff because you are coming to the lake with me. I told your mom they can come over for my party later too." I stated straight forwardly not really giving him a choice noticing him scrunch up his face.

"Um…geeze Sam…I'm not so sure it's such a good idea." He stated cryptically.

"Why not?" I pushed back seeing him blush.

"It's just…I…um…I mean…I'm not sure because of…um…shit Sam…I can't tell you why." He replied clamming shut making me roll my eyes.

"For Pete's sake Roger…are you still caught up with that whole age thing…you know…with what happened the other day. I mean who cares. I had a good time and enjoyed what I did with you. I'm sure Austin will too if you give him the chance." I smiled at him knowingly while his neck snapped around and he gawked at me.

"You…what…I mean…Austin told you?" He gasped a bit shocked the other boy would have told me something so private.

Sighing I held up my hand shaking my head. "N…no…nothing like that Roger. It's just I was coming over earlier this morning to invite you to the lake and my birthday party when I…uh…sorry, but I sort of saw the two of you…um…you know together." I clarified with the older boy moaning and shaking his head before putting it in his hands looking a bit shook up about it. "What?" I asked a bit bewildered because he genuinely looked sick about it.

"Hell Sam…I'm so ashamed. I mean perving on someone so much younger than me. Shit…first I let you…um…you know…and now Austin." He moaned with me clucking my tongue having picked up the habit from Aunt Harriet.

"Oh for Pete's sake already…stop it you big lug-nut. I already told you I didn't mind helping you out, and believe me, you really needed the help if what happened was any indication." I rubbed in getting a moan out of the boy. "I know for a fact Austin would love to do a whole heck of a lot more to you than that, not to mention would appreciate you doing some nice things for him in return. Don't get me wrong, he'd love the sex part of things, but I know for a fact he's looking for a deeper relationship from what he's been telling me. Now you told me the same thing if you remember…so get over the whole age thing already and get to it. You won't find anyone better than Austin, and I'm not just saying it because he's my friend. I'm saying it because he's a really good guy, and I know you are too." I told the older boy who suddenly sat up and gawked at me in disbelief.

"You want us to…I mean…you know…sex?" He whispered the last part glancing towards his house before continuing. "I mean damn Sam…I'm like three and a half years older than Austin…well closer to four years. I can't simply have a relationship like that. I mean…it's…it's…shit Sam…it's wrong…isn't it?" He asked not so sure anymore.

"Fuck no." I immediately replied. "I mean sure some people might think so, but I don't. Besides, no one else needs to know for now. I'm sure Jake will figure it out real quick like, and some of the rest of us, but believe me none of us would out you or Austin about it. I trusted you with my secret so you should be able to trust me with yours. Listen Roger, I can tell Austin likes you a lot, and I can see you like him too. If you really care about Austin in that kind of intimate way, then take the chance. You can't think of what might happen in the future regarding the age thing. When the time comes deal with it then. It might be an issue when you turn eighteen and Austin is only fourteen, but if your relationship carries over then it shouldn't be a problem because you are both underage right now." I tried to convince him seeing the flustered look on the teen's face.

"Shit I can't believe this." The older teen moaned. "First I realize I'm gay…then to top it all off I fall in love with a guy almost four years younger than me. I mean it wouldn't be such a big thing if I were like thirty and he was twenty six Sam, but at our age this is kind of a big issue you know." He sighed shaking his head.

"Yeah, well this whole sex thing and relationship crap is all a big issue at our age. I'm confused as hell all the time about the way I feel, but I don't care anymore. I have feelings for Jamie and the two of us have been working it out. Believe me I've got another big issue too which I have to deal with. I mean I'm in love with Paavo too. Both Jamie and Paavo know about how I feel towards the other person, so my love life is…well really complicated now, but last night I finally realized I can't help the way I feel so I might as well deal with it." I told the older boy who gawked at me for this newest revelation.

"Shit Sam…I don't know who's fucked up worse…you for being a bigamist…," he chuckled as his eyes glinted mischievously, "…or me for being like a child molester." He blushed, the last statement said and meant in a sort of joking kind of manner, but still with a bit of truth ringing in it.

"Yeah…well either way we both end up getting our rocks off." I teased back with the older boy blushing and shaking his head.

"Damn Sam…for real. I mean you are like some sort of sex fiend or something." He teased.

"Yeah…well if you plan on being with Austin you better prepare yourself because if you think I'm bad just wait until Jake starts hitting on you. That kid is like a fucking walking hard-on all day long, and it doesn't end there because he's pretty hard all night too." I laughed seeing the shocked look on Roger's face as he tried to figure out how I knew about this sort of information.

He let it go though and focused on the matter at hand. "So you really think…you know…me and Austin…um…together?" He looked at me nervously while I smiled nodding my head.

"Yeah…and by the look of that stiffie in your shorts I'm sure you are in need of some help here fairly soon. I mean…when was the last time you were able to take care of your…um…you know." I chuckled seeing Roger blush and cover up his erection before he looked at me flashing a playful smile towards me.

"I think you know very well when that was…after all…you were there." He teased making me chuckle as I recalled our steamy little encounter at the river.

"Well then why don't you tell your parents you are coming over to the lake, and then will be spending the night after my birthday party? Tell them they can come over anytime later this afternoon and not to bring any gifts. I don't allow it at my birthday parties. The faster you get ready the sooner Austin can take care of that big problem inside of your shorts. There are a few nice private spots at the lake I'm sure Austin is going to want to show you." I chuckled at the astounded look on the older boy's face, which then sort of shifted to a faraway kind of expression as if he was fantasizing about it, before the teen blushed when he realized I was watching him intently so quickly nodded his head and quickly ran inside the house to tell his folks.

While he gathered together his stuff I chatted for a few minutes with his parents making them promise to come to my party and bring Suzie with them. "Sam…," Mr. Rawlings began smiling warmly at me as he leaned over towards the steps leading up to the bedrooms looking to make sure his son wasn't around. "We really appreciate this. It's been real tough on Roger lately even though he doesn't complain about it. We really are grateful for the way you are letting Roger know what happened was out of his control. We understand it must be tough for you considering what all he did, but we really do want to thank you." The man stated somberly with his wife nodding in agreement.

"What are you talking about? Really, other than when we first met in the park that day before Christmas he hadn't really done anything wrong. I mean I even made friends with Austin and Jake that day, and I should have reached out to Roger back then too. I feel kind of bad now I didn't do that for him too because Austin and Jake became the best of friends to me and I know it would have been the same with Roger. As for the other times…well, I know he was trying to warn me at the junk yard that day, and it's why I didn't want to press charges. Besides, he more than proved himself when he stood up for Jamie against Damian. I just feel awful his arm got broke in the process. " I told them honestly with Mrs. Rawlings wrapping her arms around me shaking her head.

"You really are so sweet Sam. No wonder Jamie and the Lorenz brothers like you so much." She whispered.

Feeling a bit awkward I shrugged my shoulder. "Believe me Mr. and Mrs. Rawlings, Roger is a friend not only to me, but Jamie, Austin, and Jake. No matter what else happens we will stick with Roger, and if anyone else around here has a problem with it then I don't care. I have a great group of friends, and Roger will meet some new ones today as well, so when school starts if nothing else we will all be friends. Don't worry though I'm sure by that time things will be back to normal and he will have plenty of friends again. If not he still won't be alone. That much I can promise. There is still a lot of summer left, and we've been getting together at the lake almost every day until it is time to go get our chores done. If it's alright with you guys I hope you won't mind if he hangs out with us. Uncle Walt says we deserve to have a summer too since we are kids. We all have chores to do and all, but he makes sure we get to be kids too." I pointed out with Mr. Rawlings nodding his head.

"That'll be perfectly fine Sam. I've been a tad worried because he's been doing a bit too much around the farm. He only has a few more years before he's off to college or working full time, so I still want him to have a chance of being a kid while he can…you know…to just have some carefree summer days. To be honest with that Damian kid I don't think he really had all that much of a fun time during the summer months. Maybe you and the rest of the guys will be able to show him what it's all about." He asserted putting his arms around his wife's waist just as Roger came bounding down the stairs.

After we got to the lake it was fun watching Roger's reaction when he saw the boys running around naked. He had put on his bathing suit at the house, which had immediately bulged out in front when we got to the lake and he realized we were going to be skinny dipping. I suppose I should have warned him ahead of time, but the various emotions I saw flashing through his features more than made up for the scowling stare he sent in my direction.

At first he was shy about stripping out of his bathing suit his cheeks continually flushing when I introduced him to Paavo, Zak, and Andi. It was the two younger boys who finally managed to get him out of his suit when they pouted and cried foul because everyone else was naked and he wasn't. With help from the two younger boys, they managed to peel him out of his shorts. Of course being the curious type, Zak and Andi immediately 'oohed' and 'awed' at his nice big penis and hairy pubes. They automatically reached out their hands wanting a closer look at him, which elicited an immediate yelp of surprise on Roger's part. He tried to shove away their hands while glancing over towards me his cheeks flushing red with embarrassment looking for help. I chuckled and told him they were just curious is all and they had pretty much done the same to all of us so he might as well get it over with now and let them have a closer look. I promised once they were done they'd leave him alone with me giving both of the smaller boys a glaring look for emphasis which they understood.

Roger glanced over towards Austin who shrugged his shoulders indicating I was right and to just let the smaller boys get at him. Of course Jake also joined in making us laugh knowingly because the boy simply was a horn dog as he ran his fingers over Roger's extremely hard erection. Roger couldn't help but glance down at what the other boys were doing to him, not to mention getting a good look at what they had as well before his eyes wandered over towards the rest of us so he could give us the once over too. I did notice how he paused much longer at Paavo. I smiled knowingly because there was just something unique about the Estonian boy. He had such a beautiful body making it difficult not to stare at him. It wasn't just his penis and balls, which in truth I believed exemplified what a boy his age should look like down there, but rather the entirety of his features. He truly looked angelic in every sense of the word with his glittering whitish blond hair, startling deep azure blue eyes with striated streaks of silver making them sparkle around lively, and of course the Greek statuesque stylization of his very fit body. In every sense of the word he epitomized what a boy should look like.

Then there was Austin. I could tell the older teen had fallen head over heels for my friend, and by the way the thirteen year old boy was stealing glances towards Roger I could tell the feeling was mutual. When Roger finally couldn't take all the groping and gawking anymore, he simply sprinted towards the lake jumping in with Boxey on his heels giving out a short bark. While I watched, several of the other boys followed right behind him before I finally joined as well. His cast made it a little cumbersome for him, but he didn't hesitate with settling right in with the others in a water fight which ensued with everyone breaking up into teams.

Then suddenly something popped into my mind. "Oh shit…Roger…your cast. Are you allowed to get it wet?" I asked suddenly worried getting it soggy would ruin the cast and he'd have to go back to the doctor.

He held his broken arm up in the air and shook his head. "No…it's alright Sam. I guess Dr. Swanson has had plenty of experience around here with kids. When he first put on my cast he told me because of the type of break I have he can give me a fiberglass cast with a waterproof inner lining so I could take a bath, or if I wanted, to go swimming. You have no idea how much of a lifesaver it's been if nothing else because of the showers." He chuckled making us all giggle knowingly; especially, with us older guys because we knew how funky our bodies could get after working up a sweat.

Before long Roger had settled in with the rest of us, and being naked didn't seem to bother him anymore. At one point I noticed both him and Austin had disappeared. Throughout, Austin had stuck close to the older boy testing out the waters so to speak in regards to the state of their relationship because of the incident earlier that morning. He had been a bit leery at first not knowing how to approach the older boy he was most definitely head over heels infatuated with, but it soon became apparent with how Roger was receptive of Austin's advances. So, at one point when I looked around both of them had disappeared a little ways down towards the other side of the lake by the other dock where there were some boulders secluding them from the rest of us. It was the same place Jake liked to go for a bit of privacy when he needed to take care of his stiff willy.

Smiling, I felt happy for the two of them knowing they needed some alone time to work things out. I truly hoped Roger could get over the whole age issue because from my perspective the two of them were cute together, and would make a great couple despite the antagonism they might face if things got out.

"Hey Sam, can we go to the other side and goof around the dock and boulders over there?" Jake asked grabbing my attention with Andi wrapped around his waist while Zak was hanging on to his shoulder.

Looking over to the other side of the lake I scrunched up my face. It wasn't really a long swim or anything because the lake wasn't that big. Both Zak and Andi seemed like good swimmers, and even Jamie had improved a lot since we started coming down here. If anything Jamie was even a stronger swimmer than Jake now, but still if they swam over to the other side it might expose them to Austin and Roger. By the way they had behaved earlier this morning who knew what they'd be up to if things got worked out between the two of them. I wasn't too worried about Jamie, Paavo, or Jake, but I had to think about the two smaller boys, not to mention I didn't want to interrupt Austin's and Roger's private time together.

"Um…I don't see why we can't head over there, but not now." I began noticing the disappointed look on Jake's face as I tried to give a proper excuse. "I'm not saying no Jake…it's just I need to put some more sunscreen on Andi. Even though you guys slathered a whole bunch on him earlier he's been in the water for a while now, and I wouldn't want him to get sunburned. We all know how much that sucks; especially, if his cute ass pecker gets a bit toasted." I belted out getting a lot of giggles from all the boys as I motioned for Andi to join me.

Swimming to the edge of the lake and taking the smaller boy by the hand we began to walk over to the blankets the boys had spread out under the shade of the large oak tree we enjoyed sitting under. About two thirds of the way there I picked up the smaller boy tossing him over my shoulders playfully and jiggled him around hearing Andi squeal in delight before I unceremoniously dumped him on to the blanket his legs flying apart and his little boy baubles wiggling around. The cold water had forced Andi's two almond sized sand bags up into his body while his soft fleshy satchel shrunk into a tight ball about the size of a handball. It was kind of funny because his tight bag really did look just like a little round ball beneath his mushroom shaped knob.

As soon as I dumped the smaller boy on to the blanket I wriggled my body between his legs settling my weight on top of him and gazed down into his cute big golden brown eyes. "Damn…you are just too adorably cute." I chuckled leaning down and kissing him all over his face while he tittered out of control and tried to squirm free because it tickled to be kissed that way.

His soft penis immediately inflated pocking me just below the belly button prompting me to finally roll off to the side and gaze down at his cute pert little mushroom looking stalk. "Damn…I love that cute pecker of yours." I sighed reaching down and running my thumb over his mushroom shaped knob before releasing it and once more gazing into his face.

Giggling the smaller boy gave me a quick kiss on the lips. "You are such a goofball." Andi teased back not in the least bit upset about me having groped him between the legs.

Chuckling we both paused as I ran my tongue across my lips where the boy had kissed me. "Yeah I know Andi…but I can't help it; especially, since you taste so good." I retorted leaning down and returning his kiss on the lip allowing it to linger a bit longer so I could get a better taste of the smaller boy hearing him sigh as he closed his eyes.

Pulling back from our kiss I had to smile because he still had his eyes closed. "You taste good too Sam, and I love it when you do that kind of stuff." He admitted making me chuckle.

"What's that…kiss you…," I asked pausing long enough to give him another kiss before adding, "or tweak your twiddley dink and nards." I teased reaching once more between his legs running my fingers up and down his little boy stiffie and round handball making the kid giggle and squirm around some more.

"Both." He finally admitted making me smile knowingly.

"Yeah…I suppose…anyway roll over on your stomach and I'll put some sun block on you. I'm sure you most definitely don't want to get a burned ass." I teased watching as the smaller boy turned on to his stomach shaking his head that indeed he didn't want that to happen.

Fishing out the sun screen from Jamie's little backpack I glanced down to the lake noticing Boxey once more paddling out into the water. The dog's been in and out at various intervals spending time in the water with the rest of us for a bit before climbing out and exploring around the area his nose, ears, and eyes constantly twitching around as his senses picked up on things we couldn't even imagine.

Focusing my attention back to Andi I placed some lotion in my palm rubbing my hand together so it wouldn't be cold before applying it all over the smaller boy's back, legs, and butt. He squirmed around and giggled when I began applying the stuff on his two rounded little blushing apples taking my time because he really had a cute ass. Lately it was like I've become so fascinated by a person's back side. Tapping him on the shoulder the boy got the hint and rolled on to his back making me smile because he was still sporting a nice little two inch boy wood. He wasn't like Zak who continuously seemed to sport a hard on when goofing around naked and all, so I pretty much knew me spending some time on his butt cheeks had sort of kept him boned up.

Once more I began applying the silky smooth feeling substance over his body starting on his face, neck, and arms before working on the rest of his body. My hands worked softly along his chest and stomach with Andi having closed his eyes enjoying the way I was applying the stuff on him. My hand finally began running along his hairless pale pubic mound just beneath his stiff erection, which jutted outwards at about a forty five degree angle from his body giving me just enough room for my hand to slide beneath his hard warm penis brushing up against it every once in a while. As my hand slid around I smiled enjoying how the boy's stiff penis twitched around, not to mention his two little milk duds which squirmed around in the confines of the tight membrane of his rounded handball between his legs.

Gathering up another small dollop of sunscreen I slowly began to rub it all over his rigid penis and ball sack. "Ooooh," I heard Andi gasp before he began to giggle. "That kind of tickles a little." He added, but held perfectly still his breath beginning to catch in his chest because he was enjoying how it felt.

"Yeah...I know, but like your butt I'm sure you don't want these to get burned either." I chuckled teasingly giving his little boy boner a good squeeze hearing the boy snigger again as he shook his head with his eyes still closed before sighing while I continued to slowly run my fingers up and down the length of his petite stiff shaft.

Taking a closer look I noticed just how truly pinkish pale his little boy boner was with the telltale signs of those small blue spidery filaments all along the length of his tube just beneath his almost transparent like skin. Even his pubic mound had a similar translucent type of quality with the same revealing signs of the blue spidery strands giving the appearance of small rivers and reminding me of those aerial photographs you see of the water systems in the everglades. Releasing the boy's twitching penis I cupped his little personal handball noticing how the membrane actually felt stiff instead of pliable once more reminding me of how the cold water had made his testicles and silky smooth skin tighten up between his legs. No wonder it literally looked and felt like a hard handball.

I squeezed it slightly in my fingers feeling it yield a little as I took my delicate fingers searching out his small testicles. I teased one of them to the outer edges feeling how soft and spongy it felt just beneath the surface of his stiff ball sack membrane. They were oval shaped and most definitely about the size of almonds, but much plumper and fuller. I massaged the creamy sunscreen into his skin feeling the casing of his stiff leathery purse soften up as the oily like substance soaked into the membrane before I once more focused on his rigid erection enclosing it in my fist and slowly rubbing it up and down his small length in an almost jacking like motion. Andi stiffened up a little before once more relaxing as his breathing became erratic.

Sighing, I released his boy wood knowing it was now getting into the realm of stimulating Andi in a sexual way. "You have a really beautiful twiddley dink Andi. I really like it and man I can only imagine just how nice it's going to be here in a few more years. I'm sure you will have plenty of skirts chasing after you wanting to get down your pants." I chuckled teasingly noticing the boy crinkling up his nose as he opened his eyes and stared at me.

"You mean like in sex?" He asked me not sounding too happy about it making me bust up and nod my head.

"Yeah, and believe me in a few years from now you might not mind so much, but right now I wouldn't worry about it. You've got plenty of time to figure those sorts of things out when you get older." I assured him noticing the boy breath a sigh of relief. "Anyway…you are all done." I patted his stomach hearing that familiar hollow kind of sound making us both giggle as he sat up.

"Thanks Sam." The boy smiled at me wrapping his arms around my neck and holding me tightly his warm body pressed up against mine while his stiff penis poked me in the side making us both giggle.

Getting up he made his way back to the lake moving with a cat like smooth gate. I continued to watch him from behind enjoying how his two pale apples jiggled around with splotches of red on his butt cheeks almost like he was blushing at my scrutiny. While he waded out into the water I noticed Austin making his way up towards me. Roger had joined the rest of the guys tossing around Zak as the boy giggled playfully.

Leaning up against the trunk of the tree I watched as Austin approached noticing how his flaccid thick fat tube looked like it had been worked over by an expert making me smile knowingly. It had areas of redness along its brownish pink fleshy tube, and his knob still had that purplish tinge like it had been sucked on for a bit too long.

"I should be mad at you." Austin stated seriously stopping a couple of feet in front of me his legs spread apart slightly giving me such a sexy view of his beautiful body in its entirety while I scrunched up my eyes questioningly totally confused.

"For what?"

"For spying on us earlier…Roger told me you caught us this morning." He sighed making me a bit worried now that maybe I had somehow stepped over the line. "Anyway, I should be mad…but all things considered…you know…with me and Roger…well." He sighed not bothering to finish taking a seat between my legs leaning back into me while I draped my arms over his shoulder and across the front of his chest.

Resting my chin on his shoulder with our cheeks pressed up together we both stared off towards the lake for the longest time in silence watching the rest of our friends enjoying themselves. "I'm in love." I heard Austin whisper softly.

"I know." I whispered back with Austin craning his neck around to look at me before we both fell silent again simply watching our friends having a good time.

Another few moments of silence passed between us. "I'm no longer a virgin." He admitted making me wonder if that meant Roger had fucked him, if he had fucked the older teen, or both.

Again there was a long pause of silence before I sighed. "Me too." I finally admitted with Austin once more craning his neck scrutinizing me closely but not saying anything.

"I never knew something could feel so wonderful." He sighed in total contentment.

"Yeah…I know what you mean." I responded both of us falling silent again.

Once more Austin spoke up softly. "I get it now Sam. I mean…I understand why you didn't want to…you know…with others. Sex is different when you do it with someone you love. It's somehow special…you know…I mean…It's like there's a deeper connection." He exhaled softly shaking his head and rubbing his fingers across my arms affectionately with the two of us sitting there while I held him in my arms with both of us enjoying the closeness of our bodies.

It felt like Austin wasn't finished yet so I let him gather his thoughts together and sure enough after another short pause he continued where he had left off. "I didn't think fucking…I mean…um…making love to another boy…in that way…uh…could feel so good, but it felt wonderful…and special." He craned his neck and smiled at me his cheeks flushing red at discussing something so personal with me as he continued.

"Then when Roger made love to me…it hurt a lot at first…but it was different too. I mean…you know…it hurt…but in a special kind of way. Feeling him inside of me…making love to me…it made me feel…um…I don't know…complete…whole…no longer alone as if everything was going to be alright after all. The pain was really intense, but after a bit not so bad anymore. It was still painful…just more numbing than anything, but then something wonderful happened. He bumped into something inside of me and I…I don't know how to explain it, but I just couldn't take it anymore. For the love of God Sam…he made me orgasm for a second time within moments of having just…you know…climaxed inside of him. I never knew I could…uh…well…I was surprised to squirt for a second time considering how much I had pumped inside of Roger." He giggled shaking his head at just how naughty this conversation had become.

"But for real Sam…how can people think something like this…you know…between two guys isn't right? The love I feel for Roger is real…I can't explain it. I suppose maybe that is why this is hard for other people to understand." My friend smiled sadly leaning his head back into my shoulders and closing his eyes. "Well…I suppose maybe you can understand what I mean." He added falling silent again.

"Yeah." I breathed out silently whispering softly into his ear. "I suppose." I admitted without commenting further prompting him to ask.

"So…you and Jamie then? I mean…when?" He asked opening his eyes and looking at me while I shrugged my shoulders.

"Last night…well actually this morning since it was after midnight. He said he wanted to do this for my birthday. It's like you said…indescribable. It was awkward too…and messy." I chuckled getting a frown from him. "Well it was…I mean I don't know how it was for you, but we sort of had to work at it, and then afterwards it was a bit messy." I told him seriously while he frowned mulling my comment around in his mind.

"I suppose so…I mean…it wasn't so bad for me…but then again we did it in the lake so I guess it helped with the messy part. It was sort of awkward like you said at first until we got the hang of it. Roger's pretty big though so he didn't slip out like I did with him a couple of times. He did seem to moan more in pain, but I guess that's because I'm a bit thicker down there even if he is longer." Austin chuckled making me giggle and nod my head.

"Yeah, I suppose it was sort of the same way between me and Jamie. I mean he's longer, but I'm a little thicker. It felt wonderful though being inside of him, and when he made love to me I couldn't get enough of him." I sighed shaking my head. "I love him so much." I added with both of us falling silent as we watched the guys messing around on the lake having a blast and making us smile because they were all so happy.

"I guess this means I don't have to officially tell you I'm gay." I chuckled getting a frown from him.

"I've known for a while you're gay Sam."

"I know Austin…it's just I never told you officially. I'm sure Jake knows too and of course Paavo. The two little munchkins sort of know as well; although, I didn't tell them in so many words." I added with a blanket of silence once more settling around us.

It was simply a sort of peaceful kind of time for me and Austin to basically sit back and talk candidly with one another about our intimate thoughts. I'm sure he hadn't planned on it, but it kind of just happened that way. We didn't feel rushed about it so we didn't mind taking the long quiet times in-between our confessions.



"Um…I'm in love with Paavo." I admitted to my friend who suddenly stiffened up and shifted around in my arms sitting cross legged so he was facing me.

I couldn't help but admire his fat tube which had sort of become semi-hard because of our discussion. Roger really must have put Austin's penis to the task if he was only half hard because my tube had become completely stiff. Just imagining him and Roger going at it their large erections sliding inside one another had my own penis drooling pre-cum.

"I don't understand." Austin stated seriously. "I mean…I thought you and Jamie…you know. Hell how can you be in love with two boys at the same time? How's that going to work Sam? Do Paavo and Jamie know?" He started asking me questions while I shrugged my shoulders.

"They know Austin. They've known since the beginning. They both know I've been…um…well…they both know I've been intimate with the other one. I mean Paavo doesn't know that Jamie and I…well you know…because it just happened last night or rather this morning, so I haven't had the time to tell him about it yet. It's strange…at first I felt kind of bad about having both of them in my life like this, but they each wanted me to have the other person in my life as well. They even encouraged it." I struggled to explain while Austin tried to absorb this new information looking over his shoulder at the two boys who were now playing together like they've been best of friends all their lives.

"Geeze, I can't believe how they both seem to genuinely care about each other so much even though they know the other one is having sex with you. I mean…it's like they are the best of friends and I can tell they aren't faking it either." Austin turned back to me and shook his head in disbelief.

"I know…and I love them for it…but Jamie just admitted to me how he loves Paavo in the same way he loves me. I can't explain it Austin…but the news made me feel so happy. When I get a chance I need to talk to Paavo as well about how he feels regarding Jamie. I don't know, but I get a feeling he cares a lot for Jamie too. I mean just look at how lovey-dovey they are towards one another." I stated nodding towards the boys as I watched Jamie lean over to kiss Paavo on the lips with the other boy returning the embrace and kissing him back real quick before they separated.

"I've been noticing those little displays on and off since the two of them got together the first time. At first it was just little things like cuddling together and stuff, but then it got to the point where they were giving little pecks on the lips and hugging in an intimate kind of way. I guess neither one said anything to the other…maybe because they both didn't want to get in-between me and the other person. I mean they even told me that a time or two. It just didn't click is all." I admitted once more glancing at the two boys goofing around with each other in the lake.

"Holy fuck Sam…but what the hell are you going to do about this? I mean you are in love with two boys, and the two boys you are in love with are also in love with you and the other boy in turn. I mean it's like a fucking weird circular kind of thing." My friend got serious, looking a bit worried.

"I'm not sure Austin. I just want to do the right thing for both Paavo and Jamie. I love them too much to hurt either one of them." I admitted.

Austin nodded his head understandingly. "Yeah…I suppose. I mean I thought me and Roger had problems…you know…the whole age thing. Thank you by the way…seriously."

My friend smiled at me and blushed while I looked at him a bit confused as he tried to explain further. "Roger told me…you know…how you said he shouldn't let it get in the way if the two of us cared for each other. I appreciate you sticking up for me that way because I really felt bad at how things were left earlier this morning. Not to mention I was hornier than a fat kid making love to his favorite cake." He belted out a quick chuckle. "It's why I said I should be mad at you, but I can't because if it weren't for you me and Roger wouldn't be together now."

Chuckling at his silly joke I reached out and gave him a playful shove. "I'm really happy for you Austin. Just think about it as a birthday gift for you." I smiled at my friend.

"A birthday gift? You really are a bit mixed up on how this is all supposed to work aren't you? It's supposed to be the other way around you dork." He chuckled giving me a playful shove back.

Shrugging my shoulders I smiled shyly at him because I enjoyed doing little things for my friends. "What can I say…I like being a bit different. Besides, it's nice to be able to do things for my friends." I countered looking out towards the lake frowning as I watched Jake giving Paavo a friendly grope before having his hand shoved away gently by the very sexy Estonian boy. "I just feel bad for Jake though."

"What do you mean?" Austin asked turning to look towards his younger brother.

"It's just…we all seem to have someone…except for Jake. I mean sure Zak and Andi aren't…you know…intimate sexually, but even the two of them seem connected in a way. Jake doesn't seem to have anyone. I mean…the little shit is the horniest one of us all, yet he isn't getting any action like us; especially, now since you've sort of cut him off." I chuckled, but was still a bit serious because I really did feel bad for Jake. "Hell, look at him, he knows Paavo and Jamie don't want to get sexual with him yet he keeps trying. I feel bad about it because they won't return that kind of affection to your little brother because of how they feel about me." I pointed out as we both fell silent watching Jake interacting with Paavo and Jamie once more trying to get frisky only to be gently rebuffed.

"Out of all you guys I don't know what to get or do for him. You and Jake were the only ones I didn't know what to get at my birthday party. I always do something for my friends, but at least I was able to find something for you, but now I'm still stumped about Jake." I explained to Austin really feeling bad about the situation when something else kind of popped into my mind. "Geeze Austin…but isn't it kind of strange how we all sort of became good friends and us being all gay?" I asked with the boy glaring at me and busting a gut.

"What's so funny?" I asked not able to help myself as I laughed along.

"Nothing…it's just…well…I don't think Jake is gay." He chuckled while I glared at him like he had gone complete bonkers.

"Yeah…right." I sniggered thinking he was 'punking' me. "I mean get real. After all he was the first one who knew he was gay. You said so yourself." I added with Austin shrugging his shoulders.

"I don't know how to explain it Sam. It's just the other day we were at the General Store getting some ice cream in the parlor when I caught my brother staring at this girl. Do you know Emma? She's in Jake's class at school." He asked while I tried to think and suddenly an image of this cute girl with blond curls popped into my mind.

"Yeah I think so. Doesn't she have an older brother…um…Eli?" I asked with Austin nodding his head confirming it.

"He's going to be a Senior in school this year. Anyway…I caught Jake staring at her." He chuckled while I held out my hands indicating what the big deal was about that.

"So…? I mean maybe she was only being goofy or something." I smiled while Austin glanced at me a bit impishly.

"Yeah…well maybe…but he most definitely was sporting a boner that was pretty obvious, and it didn't go unnoticed by Emma either if her red cheeks were any indication…not to mention the glances she kept flicking towards Jake's crotch. Well needless to say, after standing there for a good minute with his little hard pecker trying to poke a hole in his shorts, he suddenly bolted for the boy's bathroom." Austin chuckled while I stared at him in complete shock before I busted up because it was just too funny imaging Jake standing there with his needle like boner trying to pierce his shorts.

"No fucking way." I laughed not believing it.

"Yeah, and to make matters worse when I went into the bathroom to check on him there was no doubt he was trying to milk that long thin asparagus of his. I mean he was all into it too with plenty of moaning and groaning, not to mention the slapping noise you hear when…well…you know." He rolled his eyes while making that jacking motion with his fist. "Hell, now I know what they mean by hammer hand because he was really going at it with a vengeance." He belted out loudly bending over and clutching his stomach because he was laughing so hard.

He took a moment to catch his breath before finishing his thought. "Damn for real Sam, he was making so much noise I had to step out to make sure no one walked in on him. He didn't even hear me when I came in, and it was bad enough that Emma had noticed his boner so all he needed was for someone to catch him in the act. You know how guys tend to tease about that sort of thing." He chuckled shaking his head, but also serious about it because he was right. If Jake got caught in that situation he'd probably never hear the end of it for a whole school year if ever.

"I don't believe it…I mean…sure I can believe the whole jacking off part because let's face it your little brother would piddle his pud at the drop of a hat…but are you sure he was all boned up because of a girl?" I asked a bit skeptical.

"Oh yeah because I sort of confronted him about it…you know teasing him and he just about blushed a million shades of red in under two seconds. I'm not sure he really understood what happened either, but I could tell he was a bit smitten with her." He smiled and laughed with a bit of a roguish glint in his eyes.

We both fell silent again each in our own thoughts until I heard Austin grunt as he got back to his feet with his discolored semi-hard pecker swaying around a bit. "Geeze for real Austin it looks like Roger really worked that fat chubby of yours." I teased with him looking down at himself before glancing back at me.

"You have no idea." He chuckled. "I mean of course it was very special and felt wonderful and all…but yeah…he made me work for it." He smiled shaking his head as he continued. "Trying to shove my fat cock up his ass was most definitely a bit of a challenge. Despite him being older he still was tighter than a clam's ass with lockjaw back there. I swear if you shoved coal up his butt he'd crap diamonds." He sniggered and despite it having been a very special moment still winced with a bit of pain when he recalled the event. "I swear Sam, it was like trying to pierce him with an eight penny nail using a ten pound sledgehammer." He confided using the typical wit I've found common around these parts out in farm country noticing him quickly blushing thinking maybe he had revealed a bit too much. "Um…anyway…I'm heading back to the lake to cool off…coming?"

"Yeah…I'll join you guys in a minute." I promised as I chuckled at his description of his first experience while fishing out my phone so I could make some important calls.

The connection at the lake kind of sucked so I slipped on my shoes and headed up the small slope hoping to get a stronger signal. It was a little better at the top as I sat down on a smooth boulder and gazed down at the lake smiling because suddenly the guys had all paired up to play some chicken. Roger was carrying Jake, Austin had Zak on his back, and Jamie was paired with Andi while Paavo officiated. I could hear the boys whooping it up and having a good time.

It took me a couple of calls before I finally got the number I was looking for as I shifted into a more comfortable position listening to the phone ring on the other end. "Hello." I heard a deeper voice answering on the other end."

"Oh…um…this is Sam…uh...that is Sam Burke. I was wondering if Eli is home." I inquired.

"Oh…hey Sam…it's me…um…Eli. What's up?" Came the reply.

"Not much I was just wondering what you were up to. I mean…it's my birthday and I was wondering if you would like to come over." I asked hopefully.

"Oh yeah…I know." I heard the quick response before it got quiet again.

"Oh…um…how'd you know?" I asked without a second thought hearing a pause on the other end of the phone thinking it odd as I now began to wonder how he knew because I hadn't really gone around telling people about it other than the few of us who were going to be at the party.

Then I heard him reply. "Um…well…you know…small town and all." He answered making sense to me because like the Judge had pointed out to me not all that long ago people in little towns tended to know a lot about one another.

"Oh yeah…I forget how it is around here sometimes." I chuckled shaking my head even though he couldn't see me. "Anyway…do you think you can come over? It's only going to be a small group of us, but should still be kind of fun." I finished hearing a short pause on the other end.

"Uh…it's kind of short notice. I mean I don't have a gift or anything to bring, and I'm also here alone with my little sister. My folks are at some sort of big work related event in Council Bluffs so I'm kind of stuck watching over her." He sighed like he didn't really care for the task with it probably bogging him down with other things he wanted to do.

"Um…well of course you can bring her along. I don't mind, and I told everyone not to bring any gifts so that's not an issue. Besides, Roger's little sister is going to be there too, and to be honest no other girls are going to be at the party. It was mostly just some of my closer friends…you know…because of everything that's sort of happened lately. Uncle Walt's going to be barbequing, so if nothing else you won't have to cook for you and your sister." I pointed out hearing the older teen pause on the other end.

"Did you say Roger is going to be there?" Eli finally spoke up after a few awkward moments of silence.

"Yeah…I invited him and his family to come over. Is that going to be a problem?" I asked hesitantly because from what I learned today a lot of people have been sort of keeping their distance from Roger.

"Well…I'm not sure this is such a good idea Sam."

"Why…because of Roger being there? It's sort of why I called you…I wanted to ask you to do me a favor." I held my breath waiting for Eli to respond.

"A favor…I don't understand."

Biting my lower lip I took a deep breath and laid it on him. "Listen Eli, I found out what's been going on with Roger and how he's being treated by everyone. I should have put a stop to it sooner because it really isn't fair. I mean, he's my friend…and he's Jamie's friend too. I know there were many things involving him in regards to a lot of the kids around here, but let's face it the major things which created the biggest stink involved me and Jamie. So if we can forgive him so should everyone else. Besides, we all know what really happened wasn't his fault. As a matter of fact if he hadn't helped things could have been way worse; especially, for Jamie. It's not fair and I plan on putting a stop to this bullshit once and for all." I stated firmly hearing a short silence on the other end.

"Um…alright, but I still don't understand what this has to do with me." I could hear the honest confusion on the other end of the line.

"Well it's pretty simple really. I mean you and a couple of the other Juniors and Seniors this past school year really stuck up for Jamie. You are going to be a senior in school this year, and a lot of kids know and respect you so I want you to come over and talk with Roger. He's really tore up about things. I mean, if you could just sit down and chat with him it would be great. What I'd really like though is if maybe you could be there for him as a friend too. If you did this then everyone else will fall in line." I pointed out.

Once more all I heard was a long stretch of silence making me roll my eyes because there's been a lot of that going on with my conversations seemingly carrying over from my discussion with Austin a few minutes ago.

"So-o-o, you want me to become friends with Roger…just like that?" I heard the other boy ask.

"Yeah…just like that. Come-on Eli, we both know Roger did what he could. He was sort of forced into the situation with Damian threatening his little sister. It could have easily been your sister you know. He's a great guy Eli, and he will be friends with me, Jamie, Austin, and Jake no matter what, but let's face it he also needs other friends closer to his own age too. Just come over and at least talk to him. If nothing else at least let him know you will get others to give him a chance. It's the least we can do considering when all you guys were laid up with the flu he stuck up for Jamie and it cost him a broken arm. We owe him that much." I explained hoping I was getting through to the older boy.

"I see…um…is Jake going to be there?" He asked out of the blue catching me by surprise.

"Um…yeah, and Austin too…why?" I asked hearing Eli chuckling on the other end making me smile because that was a good sign.

"Well…it appears like my little sister is sort of smitten with him because I've been forced to listen to her going on and on about Jake for days on end now. It's driving me nuts already, and maybe going to the party will get her to shut up already."

I barked out a laughter as well trying to calm down so I could explain my sudden outburst. "Yeah…I sort of heard from Austin how Jake suddenly seemed to become smitten with your little sister too. It happened the other day when they went in for some ice cream at the parlor in the General Store. Austin said Jake was standing there and gawking at her. It would appear as if something sort of clicked that day between the two of them…you know…puppy love. I have to admit, it's another reason why I called you. Of course Roger was the main reason, but I figured I could kill two birds with one stone…if you know what I mean in regards to your little sister."

"I hear you, so maybe this will help all of us out. Besides, I think you're right, maybe it's time we all grow up a bit and put this silly crap regarding Roger to rest already. You know…personally I really didn't have issues with him. He seemed like a nice enough guy when he wasn't around Damian, and once I found out about the threats to his little sister it sort of made sense to me. I'm glad you called because I was honestly wrestling with how I should handle things in regards to Roger once school started. Now I think your way is better with us all taking care of it now before school starts so we can put it behind us."

"Great…then just come over anytime later on this afternoon. I do appreciate this Eli because Roger really is a great guy."

"Yeah…well so are you Sam. It takes a bigger person to step beyond all the hatred. What you've done with Jamie…well…people around here won't ever forget it. I mean over the years he's sort of become a part of most of everyone's lives around here. In a way most of us have sort of adopted him in one fashion or another. Then of course there is how you also helped Austin and Jake. It had to be horrible living in the same house as Damian. Anyway, you can count on me and my little sister coming to your party. I do have to warn you though…I can't guarantee Jake's safety." I heard the older boy chuckle playfully on the other end of the line making me curious as to what he meant by it as I heard him go on.

"My sister's is a bit willful, and well, she tends to get what she wants…and…uh…right now it looks like she's got her eyes set on Jake. I'm not sure I feel totally comfortable with it and all…I mean…after all she's still my little sister, but I suppose these sorts of things are only natural. I went through my own phase as well…hell…I'm still working through some of this stuff…if you know what I mean." He chuckled on the other end before saying goodbye making me wonder exactly what he meant by the comment in regards to his little sister because there most definitely seemed to be some sexual innuendos laced in the remark.

Staring at the phone in my hand in complete stunned silence I finally noticed I wasn't breathing so took a deep breath. "What the fuck did I just do?" I whispered to no one in particular considering I was sitting there alone.

Jake's in for a rude awakening by the sounds of things I thought to myself as I continued to contemplate the situation. I mean Jake was probably one of the horniest boys I knew, but I wasn't sure he was ready for what was coming. If Eli's little sister, Emma, was looking for a bit of action, which is what I gathered from the older boy's comment, I truly didn't think Jake was ready for something like that, at least not from a girl.

A small grin crept over my features as I pondered the situation even further. Well it would serve him right considering how he's always been pretty forward with the rest of us. He was always hounding someone for some sexual relief, well maybe it was time for the hunter to become the hunted I chuckled to myself looking up just in time to notice Paavo standing in front of me his beautiful bronze toned body glistening wetly in the sunlight making me quiver lustfully.

"What's so funny?" I heard the blond angelic boy asking making me feel a bit woozy realizing it's been over a week since the two of us had any intimate alone time together.

"Nothing…um…I'll tell you later." I responded gazing at his exposed golden bronze toned boyhood longingly with an odd silence settling around us while I scrutinized his beautiful body and he stared back at my own nakedness just as eagerly.

His gorgeous three inch erection was bobbing around rather briskly indicating his heart was pounding excitedly making me realize he was just as turned on like me at the moment. His foreskin barely concealed his glans, the tip of his knob visible just beneath the hooded membrane which was stretched tightly over his shaft and bullet shaped head. Even his penis and ball sack had that buttery like toning from being constantly exposed to the daylight, but despite the tan I could still see the blue like veins crisscrossing all along the length and breadth of his nicely formed rigid pole.

"God…you are so damn beautiful." I whispered reaching out and wrapping my fingers around his erection feeling it twitch as if a bolt of electricity had been shot through it.

Glancing up I noticed that Paavo had closed his eyes and was moaning excitedly. "Oh shit Sam…it's been like forever since…since…," He sighed as another moan escaped his lips.

I eased back his foreskin exposing his purplish blue crimson like smooth projectile my eyes flying wide open with the excitement of the moment coursing through my veins. Seeing his slicked up glans slowly being revealed never seemed to become old for me; the thrill of it always embracing me with warmth while sending sexually charged shivers up and down the length of my body. I could tell he was sexually hyped up because even the top part of his boy shaft, just below the ridge of his knob had the same purplish coloration which slowly shifted into a reddish tone before having that more normal healthy kind of pinkish brown coloration closer to the base of his shaft. As I peeled his foreskin back more and more of his discolored smooth shaft was exposed as the skin seemed to sort of smooth out and disappear. I was always amazed with just how smooth and wet looking his shaft became once revealed to the elements after his foreskin was slicked back. It always excited me to see him so exposed and vulnerable.

Glancing up at Paavo I grinned. "I know it's been like a week since we've messed around. I've missed our alone time together." I whispered back slipping his foreskin back into place and giving it a slight tug to make sure it had slipped back properly like I've always seen him doing before releasing his hard spike.

My focus now centered on his tight tackle box cupping it in my hand noticing that like Andi's it had balled up tightly like a good sized plum against his body because of the cool temperature of the lake water. "No…you don't understand." Paavo moaned. "I haven't…uh…you know…for a whole week." He whimpered when I released his bag.

"I don't understand."

The smaller boy opened his eyes the beautiful sparkling cerulean shades of his orbs flittering around excitedly. "Um…you know…I haven't even…uh…," he stuttered making the universal jacking off sign with his fist while I gawked at him dumbfounded.

"What!" I yelped my voice squeaking awkwardly as I tried to clear my throat. "A whole week…I mean what on earth possessed you to stop…you know…doing that?" I asked incredulously not understanding how he could go a whole week without servicing that beautiful tool of his which currently swayed around stiffly and evocatively between his legs.

Paavo shrugged his shoulders. "I wanted to wait until I was with you. It doesn't seem the same without you and I love how it feels when we are together…you know…in an intimate way. I almost broke down several times, but the thought of us…alone…being together…well…it just seemed right is all. I know you and Jamie have been together and all while I've been gone, but I wanted us to be together too…so I waited." He smiled making me shake my head.

"Damn…you are so sexy hot Paavo and I love you so much." I whispered in complete awe of this wonderful boy who now smiled expectantly at me scooting up closer and sitting on my lap facing me his sweet heady damp scent wrapping itself around us.

He leaned down and kissed me passionately the heat rising up inside of me. He shoved his hand between us and I felt his fingers wrapping around my now pre-cum leaking four inch erection sending shivers up and down my spine. His tongue darted between my lips and began to wrestle around with mine inside my eager mouth. I loved how he tasted and I could feel the horniness inside of me beginning to rise as I gently forced our mouths apart leaning my forehead up against his chest.

"Oh shit Paavo…we have to stop." I told him softly hearing the smaller boy whimper as he removed his hand releasing my sweltering hot twitching erection.

"What's wrong?" The younger boy asked looking worried while I smiled at him trying to reassure him.

"Nothing Paavo…it's just…not here…not like this…in front of everyone. I want to be alone with you later…this evening. I promise…I'll make you very happy…I mean…um…both of us. I want it to be really nice…to do something special for you. Can you wait until tonight?" I pleaded noticing how he suddenly seemed to glow.

"Oh yes Sam…of course. I mean…I didn't think about…you know…out here in the open with the others around. I guess I'm really…uh…you know horny and all." He giggled. "God…I love you so much Sam…but I can wait; especially, now that you promised to do something real special for me." He giggled making me smile because anymore the word 'love' seemed to be tumbling off of all our lips, no longer seeming so awkward between our small group of friends.

"Yeah…I promise, but it doesn't mean we can't take a moment together right now. Besides, I want to talk to you about something important. Come-on let's get up and go back to our blankets under the tree and out of the sun. It's getting kind of hot." I began trying to get a little more serious while Paavo shrugged his shoulders indicating he didn't mind as he slipped his fingers into mine and we walked holding hands until we settled down under the cool shade of the big oak tree.

Leaning my back up against the tree Paavo cuddled up next to me as I draped my arm around his shoulder as we gazed out towards the lake watching what the other were up to. Zak and Andi were sitting on the dock with their feet dangling in the water while the rest of the guys were kind of relaxing in the water engaged in one conversation or another.

"So what's up?" Paavo asked bringing me back to the moment my gaze shifting towards his direction before I pulled my legs to my chest and wrapped my arms around them while he shifted leaning in even more and wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

"Nothing…it's just…I don't know." I sighed trying to figure out how to get out what I wanted while the white haired boy waited patiently realizing I was gathering my thoughts.

Finally recognizing there really wasn't any good way to go about it I decided to take it in a somewhat direct route like I had with Jamie. "Paavo…um…you know Jamie and I are…uh…you know…really intimate together…just like you and me." I began noticing him sigh in relief thinking this was all it was. I hadn't realized how me telling him I wanted to talk had worried the smaller boy as I watched him nod his head.

"Yeah of course Sam and I already told you I don't mind. I thought you said Jamie didn't mind the two of us…oh." He responded with his eyes beginning to well up. "Is that why you wanted to make later tonight special…because…because…afterwards we can't…um…you know be together like that anymore?" He asked a small teardrop beginning to form at the corner of his eyes making me immediately sit up straighter realizing how stupid I've gone about it all.

"No Paavo…oh shit…I'm really sorry that's not what I meant." I whispered to him softly holding him in my arms for a moment taking a deep breath. "Listen…I just wanted to ask how you feel about Jamie. I mean…I've talked to Jamie too and I was surprised to find out he loved you…I mean…you know like how he feels about me. I've been watching both of you and…I don't know Paavo…it just seems like maybe you feel the same way about him too?" I asked seeing the other boy's eyes get big for a moment like he was starting to panic.

"No…I mean…I'd never do anything to get between you and Jamie…I promise Sam. I mean…sure…I have feeling for Jamie too…you know…in that special kind of way, but I know you and him are…you know…together." Paavo's eyes once more began to well up as he continued. "Please Sam…don't be mad or anything. I can't help how I feel. I've been so confused about it and all because I really love you too, but I know we can't love two people in that kind of way at the same time. Please Sam…I promise I won't get between you and Jamie, but please don't send me away because I'd just die if I can't be with you." He confessed and began to hiccup with the emotions overwhelming him while I held on to the Estonian boy feeling bad because of how awful this was all coming out.

This wasn't how I wanted to make him feel. "Paavo…no…this isn't how I meant all of this. Of course I wouldn't ever send you away. I'm glad I know how you feel about Jamie. I want you guys to feel happy too you know, but it seems like I've been the selfish one here. I mean if the two of you like each other that way then I don't mind if you guys…um…you know." I hinted watching Paavo slowly sit up wiping away the wetness from the corner of his eyes looking at me a bit strangely.

"You want us to…um…," he paused shaking his head in thought. "I don't know Sam. I mean I really like Jamie…a whole lot…you know…like in love him a lot kind of way, but…I don't know Sam." He stumbled around trying to wrap his mind around what I was telling him. "It just seems…complicated." He whispered in his Estonian accent which didn't seem as thick anymore and with also the words coming much easier these days as his grasp of the English language with our nuances began to become more familiar for him. "It is nice to know that Jamie cares for me…I mean…loves me too Sam…but this will never work. The three of us being in love and becoming intimate all at the same time. Even now with you spending time with me on the side is complicated. I'm happy to have just that…but all of us doing things separately with each other is too…um…too much Sam. We will end up ruining what we have." He sighed leaning his head into my shoulders with us both falling silent in our own thoughts.

Love and sex was so damn complicated all the time. I knew in many ways he was right, and it was something I've been struggling with as well. I loved both of them very much, and I was really lucky to have them in my life, but now with how the boys felt towards one another as well it kind of complicated things further. I just wanted us all to be happy and it was something I had talked to Jamie about earlier this morning before I went over to Roger's house. After midnight when we had made love together, and when the long haired boy had confessed to me how he had fallen in love with Paavo, I felt we needed to talk about it some more. Jamie of course had fallen asleep so we didn't get a chance, but after we had gotten up this morning I had taken the boy off to the side when we got a chance to discuss it with him. It was one of several things we had talked about together before I hustled off to Roger's place. In the end I felt we needed to confer with Paavo about it as well, and to my surprise Jamie had readily agreed saying maybe I should be the one to bring it up.

"Hey Sam…can we swim over to the other side of the lake now?" I heard Jake shout out from the edge of the lake bringing me back to the moment.

I had promised him earlier we would swim over to the other side, so sighing I got up brushing myself off. "Yeah…coming." I yelled back seeing the other boy smiling happily as he turned swimming back out to his brother and Roger. "Come-on Paavo lets go join the others." I suggested noting his hesitancy realizing he was still concerned about our conversation.

Sighing I reached down and pulled him up giving him a tender kiss on the lips and warm embrace. "Don't worry so much Paavo." I whispered into his ear encouragingly. "Nothings changed between us. I still love you very much, but you should really start thinking about what you and Jamie are going to do about things. If you love him please don't let me get in the way of that. I told him the same thing…so think about it…promise." I asserted pulling away from him and looking into those beautiful deep sky blue eyes that looked back at me just as intensely.

"I promise Sam." I heard him reply looking at me attentively with the corners of his lips twitching upwards into a grin before he suddenly burst for the lake with me chasing after him.

I just managed to catch up to him right at the edge of the lake with both of us plunging into the water at the same time. Both of our heads popped out from the surface as we sputtered and giggled until I felt a smaller body latching on to me from the side and wriggle around until he had his arms wrapped around my shoulders and his legs tightly around my waist.

Zak's cute rounded face and cheeks swam into my view as he planted a kiss on my cheek before cuddling his face into the crook of my neck hugging me tightly. I could feel his stiff little eight year old boy boner poking me in the stomach as I chuckled returning his embrace before pushing him away slightly from my body so I could give him a kiss on the cheek as well.

He smiled cutely at me before once more burying his face into the crook of my neck and whispering softly in my ear. "I love you Sam."

Those simple words from this adorable little boy made me feel all tingly inside as a sense of warmth spread throughout my body. I loved this little guy to death and felt so blessed he had somehow miraculously wormed his way into my heart. Despite the situation in which he had entered my life, I couldn't deny how I felt blessed that he had. Anymore he was like an extension of myself always attached at the hips which worried me a little because of what would happen when his mom came back home and he returned to live in Des Moines. I would be crushed when it happened, but I also worried about how this would affect Zak since the two of us have become so attached to one another in the closest of brotherly kinds of ways. Breathing in Zak's damp essence and shivering at its potency, I pushed those thoughts aside for now as I watched Andi approaching as well.

Releasing Zak I ruffled his hair and smiled affectionately at him. "I love you too buddy. Bunches and bunches." I chuckled motioning towards the others who were already making their way towards the other side of the lake. "Anyway…let's make our way across the lake. I'll stick with you and Andi. You guys are pretty strong swimmers and it isn't that far to the other side, but you guys are still pretty small so it might wear you out a bit." I suggested noticing how Boxey was making his way around to the other side along the banks of the lake as he paused every once in a while to inspect something which only his senses could detect.

We spent another hour or so at the other side of the lake before making our way back to the Weilers. To our delight we had discovered one of those thick synthetic climbing types of rope attached to the limb of a large oak tree which swung out over the lake from a little rise on that side of the lake. It was about thirty feet long with a one and a half inch diameter. Someone in the past had tied off knots in various places on the rope so all of us no matter how big or small could find a good spot to hang on before swinging out over a deep spot in the lake and plunging into the cool waters. It made for a nice way to end our time at the lake with us all vowing to come again the following morning.

The rope looked like it had been tied in place years ago, but since it was made of synthetic materials it remained sturdy. It made me wonder if perhaps maybe the Weilers' own son, Trevor, had come down here with his friends, or maybe even my mom when she was younger. The rope looked old, but I wasn't so sure if it was around during my mom's time. The oak tree's been here for ages though and from the look of things I was fairly certain the large limb had been used for years and years to propel people off the edge of the bank by the end of a rope. Even if this rope wasn't here during my mom's time I was fairly certain some sort of rope had been in place making me smile that perhaps even my mom had enjoyed some happy lazy summer days here enjoying it like only kids could.

After goofing around on the other side of the lake I noticed how it was starting to get really hot outside with the sun becoming even more intense. I was worried about Andi getting burned since he was still so pale. We had continuously slathered sun screen on his adorably cute body, and it didn't go unnoticed how everyone wanted to take their turn at slathering it all over the little musical Maestro; especially, one area in particular making me laugh because the smaller boy really did have a very cute little boy pecker and soft boy bag.

Even though we were in the shade of the large oak tree for a big part of the time, there was still plenty of sunshine beating down on us when we splashed into the water. So when I said maybe we should head back there was a little grumbling, but not a whole lot because we all decided to come back the following morning since everyone was spending the night. I helped Zak slide into his sunny yellow colored Calvin Klein underwear smiling at how cute he looked in simply his snug fitting briefs which showed off his nice little boy bulge. I paused for a moment so I could look him over before helping him get dressed into his red colored quicksilver board shorts and matching red colored Nautica polo style shirt. I then slipped into my blue Epic Thread's cargo shorts with a bright white wide double D-ring mesh belt along with my color matching competition blue Puma boy's polo jersey. It had become my favorite outfit, and I knew at this rate I would be wearing them out soon. I suppose it didn't matter because we all wear out our clothes sooner or later.

While I helped Zak I noticed from the corner of my eye Austin helping Andi slide his legs into a pair of blue colored boxer briefs pausing a moment to adjust the boy's soft bobbles getting a giggle from the cute little tyke. He then helped the smaller boy into his beige colored Fendi cargo shorts and a matching cotton polo style t-shirt by Fendi featuring a signature FF appliqué design to the chest, cotton jersey front and pique back and sleeves, and pearl stylized branded buttons. Looking the boy over Austin smiled nodding his head approvingly before slipping on his dual blue colored toned bathing suit and a green short sleeved polo shirt I've seen him wear before.

Jamie and Jake were on the other side of the blanket next to one another and I smiled appreciating how cute my little recovered spastic autistic boy looked in his Epic Threads blue colored plaid shorts and his athletic blue Ralph Lauren Muscle Shirt. I had to admit I enjoyed how the color blue looked on him, and he matched my blue outfit perfectly. Jake slipped into a pair of grayish beige style shorts with his broad blue and white striped style polo shirt with the large maroon colored polo riding pony logo on his left chest. Glancing over at Jake he was squatting in front of his bag stuffing it with some of the items and I noticed how his shorts seemed to emphasize his little boyhood showing it off in a very flattering kind of way making me shiver excitedly even though I knew what he had hidden beneath the fabric. In some ways it seemed even sexier when things like this were hidden making it a bit mysterious. Looking around I had to admit it seemed to turn me on with everyone's junk being tucked away, their various outfits showing off some of their sexy features.

Even Roger made me quiver with his loose fitting orange colored jersey shorts that he had pulled out of his small back pack and slipped into. He hadn't even bothered with underwear his large package even more noticeable in the flimsy material as it hugged the curvatures of his boyhood. The older boy's body seemed to have blossomed and matured over the last several months with his broader chest filling out his matching orange colored Champion polyester jersey style top which had contrasting shades of orange round colored patterned design all throughout the shirt. It even managed to capture Andi's and Zak's attention since orange was their favorite color.

Sighing, I couldn't believe all the sexiness surrounding me as I looked everyone over while they packed things away so we could head back my eyes settling on Paavo who had just slipped into his European style of soft cottony bikini briefs. The pair he slipped into had a wide gray colored waistband holding them in place on his small hips with the rest of the royal blue fabric clinging closely to him. There were several white colored large stars along the blue part of his underwear, and I could see his soft tube angling up and to the right with the tip of his penis forcing the center of one of his stars to bulge outwards slightly. Seeing him like this made me shiver lustfully as I watched him slipping his legs into a pair of variant blue Camo Levi Strauss & Co. Signature boys' 5 pocket skinny shorts with button and zip fly fitting nicely below his waist coming all the way down to knee length. They made his already sleek form look even more streamlined. The camouflaged pattern with varying shades of light blue to dark blue looked flattering on his slim body.

I noticed several of the other guys glancing towards Paavo now watching him get dressed as well with a critical eye enjoying the same thing I was observing. We all continued to gaze at him totally mesmerized while the sexy Estonian boy slipped a double button placket broad striped Wrangler boys' short sleeve polo shirt over his head. The alternating stripes of light blue and dark blue matched the colors on his shorts perfectly, and had a small stitched red pony on his left chest. The boy smoothed out his clothes straightening them out a bit before glancing up noticing all of us gawking at him.

"What?" He asked self consciously while the rest of us sort of mumbled something or other, and shrugged our shoulders as we finally snapped out of our spellbound state gathering the rest of our things together.

This was the first time I've ever seen Paavo wear this kind of clothing, and it looked absolutely stunning on him. I don't think he truly realized just how exotically beautiful he was compared to the rest of us boys. Sure we all had our own unique qualities, but Paavo, simply put, was stunningly beautiful in the true sense of what a boy should exemplify. I knew his clothing were brand new. They weren't expensive or anything, but this really didn't matter because he really did look snazzy sharp in them. It made me smile because I'm sure his dad had taken them clothes shopping before moving out here. Even though the boy was well cared for I knew money had been tight for Paavo's dad, so I figured him getting this new job had spurred them to do a bit of much needed shopping in the city before moving out here to 'Hicksville' and their new place.

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