Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 34

Turning off my phone I leaned back in the soft chair sitting next to my bed and just shook my head. Mattie hasn't changed one lick over the years. It wasn't as if it had been all that long ago since that summer and winter when things just seemed to have changed so drastically for me and Evan. Our breakup really hadn't changed things all that much. We had still continued to share the same room and slept together in the same bed until after the holidays last winter when during Evan's junior year in high school he had left as an exchange student to Paris while I had headed back off to college. It had been difficult for his mom to let him go, but he wanted to study with other Master painters in a country that was renowned for artists so he could improve his craft. I know it sounds so cliché, but let's face it he had so much talent and France could offer him what he needed to hone his skills. Once gone, the younger boy never looked back enjoying his independence as he thrived abroad.

I still couldn't believe how he had just seemed to continually blossom over the years. After we broke up our sexual advancements pretty much stopped as well; although, there had been those occasional moments when our walls had sort of dropped, and we ended up making passionate love with one another. It was sort of an unspoken agreement between us that at such times we would just enjoy the moment for what it was…something beautiful to treasure. Throughout it all Jaden was also constantly in our lives sharing the experiences. He had been such an integral part in bringing out the best in Evan allowing him to be a kid for a while longer. The honey blond haired kid was such an adorably handsome boy, and to this day when I see him he still makes me blush with lust as the years hadn't seemed to dull his beauty one lick.

With me pretty much out of the picture Evan's and Jaden's love for each other had just blossomed into something so strong and unique. Of course as they got older other interests entered their lives as well, but their friendship and love for one another had never dwindled despite how life just sort of seemed to change as you got older. It made me so proud of how Evan had turned out as a young man…yes he was just a senior in high school now, but to me he was a very outgoing and personable young man these days exuding such confidence and independence. He had left his troubled past behind him, and what stepped in its place was something beautiful to watch as he developed into the upstanding young man he is today. In many ways he was mature beyond his years, and had become very independent over the last year or so actually become more self sufficient.

As he blossomed so too did his skills as a painter with private commissions and art galleries all across the country vying for his works. Dmytri and his lawyer had seen to Evan's finances, and the boy was set for life being a world renowned artist in his own rights these days. With his financial future firmly in hand, and his need for more independence, going to Paris was just the next evolution in his craft and life.

There was a stirring in the bed now as I leaned over setting the cell phone on the end table. My boyfriend shifted in his slumber as I looked over fondly at him. He was just so cute in his sleep because his youthful features just seemed to bubble to the surface. He was tall and lanky with a beautiful body that I never got tired of looking at. I couldn't help but smile as my eyes wandered over his features that somehow seemed much softer now as he slept. Normally his looks were rugged, not in an ugly way, but in a very handsome kind of way with still some boyish like manifestations shining through at times along his exterior facade especially across his smooth facial skin tone.

My sweet luscious handsomeness was sleeping completely naked in bed with the covers tossed off to the side exposing his large pouch nestled along his thigh. We shared an apartment together with a single room having opted not to stay in the dorms on campus at the University of Kentucky. It was a bit on the warm side in the apartment because we were on the third floor of a five floor complex sandwiched in-between rooms all around us, not to mention above and below us. In essence we got all the heat from the other apartments making it always warm in our room. It was sort of sexy in a way because for the most part the two of us remained naked when we were alone together in the apartment. Every once in a while though we were forced to crack open a window and let in some cool air.

Sage lifted up his head and looked towards me before settling back down. He was one of the reasons why we had an apartment versus a dorm room even though it probably wouldn't have been an issue. Sage had full access on university grounds at all times because he belonged to part of their working dog curriculum on campus. It was a fairly new program that had been implemented a couple of years ago, and as a veteran military war dog the big Malinois was a perfect teaching aid for newer dogs. It wasn't uncommon for him to accompany me to various classes along with another dog we were currently training. At first the professors were skeptical about the program, but soon it became obvious that this was a very effective training tool, and in no way disrupted their classes. These days most everyone at the university knew Sage and he had become the most popular unofficial student on campus. There was also a benefit to me because I was able to qualify for a scholarship to the university in exchange for putting in time as a trainer in the program.

Now as I looked over towards Sage I just smiled affectionately at him. As if he could sense my scrutiny he got up and padded towards me sitting on his haunches while I scratched him behind the ears making him happy. He was getting older for a dog his size, but he was still in very good physical shape not missing a beat. Of course he was slowing down a bit these days, but I thanked my lucky stars that he was still healthy at his age. He was happy and content in life, and I knew he would still be around for a few more years since he was such a healthy and active dog. University life seemed to suit him just fine, and with this program he was able to maintain an active lifestyle not only physically but mentally as well which was important for a dog such as Sage with his type of background.

Sighing, I looked back over towards the bed at my boyfriend. The boy's wispy sandy blond hair was tossed haphazardly in his sleep creating a cute sort of affect as my eyes once more gazed between his legs. Lying just above his fleshy large sagging pouch was a short stubby three and a half inch flaccid penis sort of pointing outwards from his body, and which was currently being protectively held in the boy's thin long fingers. He wasn't by any means all that big for a nineteen year old guy, but not necessarily all that small either. After all in his flaccid state his penis was only about a half inch shorter than mine was when soft, and when he was hard about three quarters of an inch shorter than me as he topped out at around four and a half inches long when it chubbed up. It didn't matter though because he was a lot thicker than me as I sighed noting how my own hard penis still hadn't ever gotten any thicker over the years. It was still thin and long with a bullet shaped like knob.

As I slowly teased my hardened joy stick with my fingers it began to pulsate with my beating heart. Looking down at myself my erection really looked a lot longer than its five and a quarter inch length, but I knew it was an illusion because of how thin it was. My ball sack weighed down heavily between my legs and churned wanting some release, but I let go of my tool knowing that if I were patient my little lovely sexy toy lying in bed at the moment would take care of my needs.

Almost as if my boyfriend could read my thoughts I noticed him beginning to chub up himself as his flaccid penis hardened lengthening and fattening up in girth. His testicles bounced upwards when the sandy blond haired boy twitched in his sleep. We were both nineteen and this was our second year in College together. There was sort of a heady feeling attached to our true taste of independence, and we made good use of it each and every day as we continually pleasured one another. I never thought I'd find someone that would truly please me in a loving way like Evan had done, but true love always seems to manage to find you.

"So…what did Mattie have to say…you know…on the phone? I'm sure he talked to everyone before calling you." My sexy cherub inquired as he slowly shifted fluffing up the pillows behind him so he could sit up.

He was staring at my hard tool almost drooling as he noticed it twitching around between my legs prompting me to smile back at him impishly. "Oh…you know the same ole same ole I suppose." I chuckled making him look at me knowing that wasn't ever true where Mattie was concerned.

"I see…so he's not bouncing off the walls that we will be on Christmas break here soon with you going home?" He laughed at me knowingly as I just rolled my eyes. "Ha…so he's been after you again. Geeze Kyle…just get it over with already. He's been pining for that cock of yours for years now." He teased me making me blush.

"I know...," I sighed shaking my head. "I mean he keeps moaning how I made love to Evan and Grant, and the others," I chuckled looking at my sexy angel lying there spread all open invitingly. "He's a bit put out that I won't do the same with him. He sort of feels left out…but damn…I mean it isn't as if he isn't getting enough sex as it is. I mean one by one the guys in his school have given up their virginity to Mattie. Hell he's probably fucked and been fucked by about two thirds of the kids in his junior high school if I know him at all. He's too damn charming for his own good." I stated shaking my head at how the guys around him just seem to fall head over heals with Mattie as they dropped and spread their legs for him at the drop of a hat.

It's not as if these guys are all gay or anything, but lets face it boys do love having sex, and Mattie was very good at pouring on the charm and pleasing them in such indescribable ways.

"What about Grant…I mean he's like what…fourteen now? Is he still messing around with Mattie when they get together?" He asked wanting the information on everyone that Mattie had passed on to me over the phone as I settled back and smiled at him.

"Hell yeah he is…and fuck he's been banging girls now for a while to boot. Yet, when he's with Mattie the two of them go at it like jack rabbits. Mattie knows Grant is into girls now, but doesn't seem to care, and I honestly feel he gets a kick out of how good his friend is in the sack with girls. I think Riley and his stamina with the girls has sort of rubbed off on his little brother. Shit Riley once told me he caught his little brother going at it with the hottest girl in school and was banging the shit out of this girl, and fuck he managed to get the girl to cum too. He pretty much knew that was Grant's first time with a girl at the time making it even more incredible, and you should of heard Riley gushing of how proud he was of his little brother. The kid is like a fucking stud-muffin these days, and the girls just love him." I stated just shaking my head.

"Man…the dude really is a looker too Kyle. No wonder you still have some fun with him when he comes to visit or when you head out to Santa Cruz." He teased me as I just looked at him in shock. "Oh come on Kyle…I know you've been doing things with him for a long time now." He told me seriously as I smiled and reminisced about it.

I still couldn't believe that the two of us continued to make out after I had practically raped him the first time. Of course Grant never had seen it that way, and the following day had hopped into the shower as if nothing had happened the day before. At first I had felt a bit uncomfortable, but then he just stepped up to me and kissed me passionately on the lips. He was hard as a rock between his legs and my own penis immediately followed suit as we began making out again. He was irresistible and I left behind my inhibitions as I once more slipped his penis into my mouth and began to milk it for its sauce. I wasn't disappointed as he squeezed of a smattering of sweet nectar before turning around presenting me his beautiful back side urging me to make love to him.

It was a bit nerve wracking not knowing if I'd loose control again, but somehow things had changed. Of course the normal teenage lust was still there, but this time I tempered it with gentleness as I slowly slipped inside of his tightness. It was so magical as I slowly began to rock my hips back and forth making such sweet love. It was as if he was made just for me, his tightness making the perfect fit around my erection. The intensity of the moment was just as rousing if not more so this time around as I climaxed knowing full well that the boy would truly be the best fuck I'd ever have in my entire life.

Evidently our routine had changed now. First of all Evan and I were no longer making love together, and Grant switched his schedule with Mattie coming to me first so that we could be together before he stepped out of the shower drying off and heading into the room with Mattie to wake up the younger boy so that he could take his turn in having his penis pleasured by someone else's tunnel of love. Mattie of course still tried to convince Grant to make love to him in that special way, but the other boy held fast despite me seeing how much he yearned to have that experience for himself. As always Grant remained sweet and tender not wanting to take the chance of hurting his dearest friend in that way for his own sexual gratifications. The boy's unselfishness was so sweet and pure that on the second to the last day before Riley and his little brother had to head back home I offered myself up to the younger boy.

Instead of me giving Grant a blow job, I allowed him to finally seduce my taut little burrow. He was big and it hurt at first, but he finally managed to bury himself deep inside of me as he began to make love to me. The sensation of feeling him fill me up was so rousing that I ended up exploding all over the tiled walls of the booth bringing Grant right along with me for the ride of his life as he emptied out his meager supply of liquefied pureness. It was the only time since I started fucking him that I couldn't return the favor as he had just drained me to the core.

It would take me a while to recuperate so Grant had just stepped out of the shower and headed into Mattie's room giving the other boy the first go at him that morning so he could recuperate as well. I could hear the smaller boy's little squeaks of joy as he fucked his friend like the little jackrabbit he was making me giggle knowing how he used quick little thrusts only to have a resounding long orgasm. Later on that day Grant and I managed to find some alone time, and I was able to return the favor by easing myself into him and making love to the boy. Grant seemed to crave this aspect of our relationship letting me know he enjoyed how I was able to make him feel, and that it turned him on to no end of being able to orgasm without ever having his penis touched. I never thought of it that way before, but to be able to cum without touching one's penis did seem a bit sexy.

Ever since that visit, the two of us had been consistently making passionate love with one another when we got together. He was much bigger these days topping out at close to six inches, pretty big for a fourteen year old, and of course a lot thicker as well. He still had that skinny flaccid penis, but to be honest even when I saw him soft he made me tingle all over because he was just too damn adorably cute.

"Alright," I heard my boyfriend chuckle as he brought me out of my musings. "Stop daydreaming about Grant already before you make me jealous." He taunted me making me smile and bringing me out of my musings.

"You will never have to be jealous." I whispered to my sexy angel as I got up and crawled into bed next to him allowing him to wrap his arm around my naked body.

He slowly ran his fingers over my chest and stomach, stopping briefly at my round one inch scar tissue before dipping his fingers between my legs making me moan excitedly as he slowly massaged my erection. "What did Mattie have to say about the others?" He asked me leaning down and gingerly kissing me on the lips.

"Mmmm, you taste so good. I always love how your mouth tastes." I sighed happily as our lips parted. "Well Tim and Chase are still together. Let's see…um…geeze Tim's like twenty one now and a senior in a college close by home, Murray State University, studying Animal Health Technology. Both him and Chase will be coming over to visit this Christmas. Chase of course is eighteen now and a freshman at Murray State University, no surprise there, and madly in love with Tim. It took them a while, but they both finally managed to…you know…," I chuckled making a ring with my thumb and finger on my left hand, and then shoving my pointing finger on my right hand through the hole indicating they had finally sealed the deal.

"Damn…I still can't believe they finally managed to fuck each other. From what you've told me they are fucking huge. How the two of them ever got together makes me just laugh. It's a good thing the two of them can't have a baby together. Can you imagine the size of the dick if they ever were able to create a boy together?" He laughed pointedly making me chuckle wondering as well how they finally managed to shove their huge cocks inside one another. I mean hell Chase's cock is even bigger than Tim's now having finally fully developed, and that's saying something.

"Let's see now…well Riley of course went pro on the surf tour when he turned sixteen, and did pretty good too making some nice money not only from competing, but also with endorsement deals. He still competes at times, but he took that money from early on helping out financially with the family, and also invested it setting up his own business that has gone global. He is hoping that Grant will go to college and study corporate law to help out and make it a family business. The company is growing so wants his brother to be a part of it to help free up some of his own time. His mom is already helping out in the company, and it looks like Grant just might be interested in corporate law like his brother is hoping so they are all doing well now. I'm glad they are finding the time to come over for Christmas. Besides…I'm missing Grant's tight ass." I teased my boyfriend as his eyes just got big and he pouted at me before we both busted up laughing and he snuggled up closer to me.

"So you really don't mind me fooling around with some of my other friends like that?" I asked him as he shrugged his shoulders.

"No…I guess not. I mean I've always known you were doing that before we even got together. As long as no one gets hurt I suppose I'm alright with it. Besides, you have a pretty big sexual appetite, and at times I just need a break." He responded laughing at my expression as I just scrunched up my eyes at him questioningly while he continued to explain. "Geeze for real Kyle…I mean I like having sex like the next guy, but not like four or five times a day every day seven days a week like clockwork. I swear sometimes I wonder where the hell all the stamina comes from." He told me seriously making me think about it seriously for the first time.

I guess I hadn't thought about it that much as I continued to carry on from my younger days of feeling the need to jack off several times a day. It never occurred to me that yes guys always seem horny but not to the point of needing to take care of their urges so often in a day. Of course I suppose most guys our age didn't have problems with having that much sex in a day, but I constantly wanted it day in and day out.

"So Benji's what…eighteen now and finished with high school? What are his plans?" He asked me bringing me out of my musings while I sighed contentedly feeling him once more begin to tease my erection as if to prove his earlier point, and which was also beginning to leak pre-cum prompting him to scoop some up on his finger and lick it greedily making me chuckle.

"I guess he's doing just fine. His folks own that ranching type of farm and it's actually doing really well. He's been working it with his folks and he seems happy. He is going to go to a nearby community college so he can still work the farm and earn a degree in agriculture. After that who knows. One thing's for sure though he is head over heals in love with this girl he's been dating for over a year now. Mattie's been after Benji's cock too," I laughed shaking my head. "I guess Benji has sort of moved on from that though, but doesn't seem to mind Mattie constantly teasing him about his delicious penis." I stated chuckling at how Mattie just seemed to love having sex; especially, with certain guys from our group of friends.

"What about that Swiss Kid?" He asked reminding me about Luca who I had all but forgotten about.

"Oh fuck…I almost forgot him. Yeah…Mattie just got off of skype with him before he called me. Luca's like fourteen now and damn I guess even cuter now than ever. He seems interested in girls, but hasn't had any luck. I think Luca misses the times at the hospital when he got to mess around with us. From what he's saying he hasn't had any luck getting to mess around sexually with anyone since he was with us. Mattie and Luca did masturbate together though watching each other getting off over skype, but he still doesn't shoot anything yet, and I guess he's also still completely hairless. He's the only kid in his class that can't squirt yet, but evidently he's pretty big between his legs…according to Mattie. Damn…I swear Mattie is such a pervert." I laughed shaking my head. "Mattie says Luca's penis has gotten a lot longer and fatter now, and the tip of his penis sticks out from his foreskin. Oh, and it still has that funny curve to it." I chuckled at my sweet cherub lying next to me who seemed to be turned on by the idea of the two boys masturbating over skype together as he held me tighter and I felt his penis twitching up against me excitedly.

My eyes wandered up along one of our walls and settled on the large painting hanging up on the wall. It was a beautiful forty inch by fifty inch oil painting, the one that Evan had promised me all those years ago at camp. I still recalled those moments as if they were yesterday. I had given up my spot for the most popular program at summer camp so that I could pay for Evan to take lessons with Dmytri, a once in a lifetime chance for the boy. He had promised to pay me back, and I had told him not to worry because he can paint something for me at Christmas as payment.

So much had happened in the meantime with Mattie almost abducted, our visit to Santa Cruz, me getting shot, and then Riley and Grant coming to visit us during Christmas. When Christmas had finally rolled around I remembered Evan leaning in and whispering in my ear that he had another gift for me and would give it to me later. Then things sort of got a bit awkward with me having problems controlling myself taking advantage of Grant, practically raping him, which then sort of seemed to finally knock me out of that whole euphoric state of being invincible. It was then I realized I needed to let go of Evan so he could finally grow into the person he was meant to become. Even though the breakup with the boy had been smooth for all practical purposes, it still had been difficult.

It wasn't until new years when we were both finally sitting alone in our room that we began to open up with each other and talk without things being too awkward. It was on New Years that he finally presented me with the large forty inch by fifty inch painting that currently hung up on the bedroom wall of my apartment now.

The painting was beautiful and breathtaking as all of Evan's works were, but this one was more personal because it included all of my friends that had become part of our lives in that special year. My little curly haired angel had painted a night scene from my birthday party at the lake when we had all sat around the fire. Off on one side you could see the naked forms of Tim and Chase cuddled together in one another arms their large erections seeming to pulse with life as the warm glow of the campfire spilled softly over their features. On the opposite side of the campfire sat Riley leaning up against a log with one knee up and the other one spread out his soft small flaccid penis snuggled over his sagging pouch and his blondish pubic hairs shimmering in the firelight.

In the painting Riley was having an animated discussion with Gabe who was also naked in the painting although he actually wasn't there at that time having already left for work. Evan had thought it important to include my friend in the depiction nonetheless, and even though he had never seen Gabe naked had convinced Jaden to snap some pictures of his older brother. Somehow Evan's friend had managed to capture his older brother naked without Gabe knowing, and had given them to the curly haired boy who had used them to paint the older boy.

In the painting Gabe sat next to Riley, his small soft penis also nestled over his ample sized sack that seemed to sag down heavily between his legs. It almost seemed fitting to have these two boys sitting together in a deep conversation not only because Riley was fairly small for his age and Gabe didn't have a big one either, but because they also seemed to hit it off as friends. Of course Gabe did have his little snit of an attitude that day, but as I discovered later there had been other things going on which had contributed to his snooty behavior. It had been the first time that we weren't able to hang out so much together, and it had sort of eaten at both of us. In the end we had worked it out like we always had before, and he had continued to be an integral part of my life.

In the background of the painting Evan had painted his little brother, Mattie playing with Grant and Benji in the water of the lake alongside the small wooden dock. The gentle bluish rays of the moonlight washed over all three of the boys naked bodies making them shimmer and glow softly in stark contrast to the darkness of the environment. The water of the lake lapped around their legs just above the knees as the boys exuberantly splashed one another. Their small hard boy erections pointed outwards from their bodies as they played gleefully in an almost animated kind of way displaying their excitement of the moment.

Since Evan had pretty much finished the painting before we met Luca, he added the boy in at the last moment, and even he had to admit it was what truly finished off the painting. He had painting the small dock, but it was like an empty space in the painting until he had added Luca sitting on it watching Mattie playing in the water with Benji and Grant. In the painting Luca was leaning back his hands planted behind him holding up his body in a reclining position. The same bluish lighting of the moon spilled over his naked body as well. While Luca looked on intently at the three boys frolicking in the lake his own skin covered erection pointed upwards against his bare pubic mound with excitement while his tight boy pouch snuggled up against his body just below his hard curved shaft.

The main focus of the painting was with Me, Evan and Jaden. We were in the middle by the campfire with Tim and Chase on the one side, and then Riley and Gabe on the other side. The three of us were snuggled up together in a passionate kind of embrace, the warm glow from the firelight spilling warmly over our naked bodies bathing us in golden like tones in stark contrast to the bluish hues cast all around us from the moonlight. Our bodies were intertwined with one another as we gently caressed each other our excited boyhoods completely visible and slicked up with pre-cum that glistened in the firelight. It was a passionate moment between the three of us, and a touching tribute to what we had together.

As I gazed upon the painting it brought tears to my eyes because of how beautiful we all were back then with our bodies gleaming sexually in the accentuating light that Evan had managed to capture with the combined use of firelight and moonlight. On the one hand there was a sense of coolness that the moonlight brought out, but intermixed with it in a balanced kind of way a sort of warmth from the fire burning brightly in the pit as it radiated outwards to spill into the lake.

"Damn, we were so young," I whispered to no one in particular.

"We still are." I heard the softly spoken reply as I felt my boyfriend's fingers gently sliding along the length of my pole making me moan softly as the tingling sensations between my legs began to spread outwards throughout my body.

"Yeah, but we were so beautiful back then." I continued to moan enjoying how I was beginning to feel as a sort of familiar and comforting warmth spread over my body.

"Speak for yourself, I'm still beautiful," I heard the mocking tone as I rotated my body around forcing the fingers to release me.

Shifting around until I was lying on top of my sexy man, I leaned down and pressed my lips against his soft firm lips. His body trembled excitedly beneath me, and I could feel a damp wetness spreading around my stomach from his leaking hard erection that was now pumping out his pre-cum. It felt warm against my skin adding its slickness to our already sweaty bodies. It was almost too warm inside our apartment as our two bodies began to glisten with perspiration.

Our lips parted as we both breathed heavily. "I still can't believe you're my boyfriend." I breathed out heavily as his sexy body drove me wild.

"Yeah, some people are just late bloomers and it takes them a while to notice." He whispered back tenderly chuckling at the inside joke as he reached up stroking my cheeks affectionately.

His words seemed to draw me back to that fateful day when I broke up with Evan. I had walked out of the room bravely, but once the door closed behind me I began to break down. My legs carried me as far as the couch before they buckled and I crumpled into a heap on the sofa grabbing the blanket and wrapping it around me. My body was wracked with sobs having just done the most difficult, but also most noble thing in my entire life. I could feel the large drops of tears spilling along my face as I cried softly in the pillow. My whole insides just ached with such abandon that I thought I was dying. There were soft footsteps coming up the stairs, but I was too far gone to pay any attention or even care as I just cried. All of my insides seemed to contract with such intensity that I almost wanted to puke. It was such a lost, lonely, and empty feeling that I began to convulse and I leaned over the edge of the sofa to throw up.

Just then I felt strong arms wrapping themselves around me and a familiar comforting odor that's always seemed to be there through the years during my most trying times. Instead of throwing up I just crumpled into loving arms that just held on to me tightly not letting go.

"I've got you buddy…I'll never let you fall." I heard the familiar voice tell me soothingly in a tone I've always seemed to have known was there throughout my life.

The strong arms lifted me up as we both staggered into the extra bedroom, and I was tucked into bed. Everything seemed to spin and my head felt like it was going to explode. Then I heard a strong gentle voice that seemed soothing as it assured me everything would be alright. I began to nod off and slip away feeling a bit better.

"Don't leave," I whispered softly feeling the bed shake around a little, and then warmth wrapping around me embracing me tightly in their arms.

"I'm here buddy," I heard the familiar strong voice. "I've got you and I won't let go…just rest." I heard him say as my mind finally succumbed and I drifted off to sleep.

I was feeling much better when my eyes finally fluttered open and I gazed at the warm figure in front of me. At some point we must have shifted in our sleep because I was now spooned up against a warm like furnace wrapped up in my arms. My cheeks were plastered up against a soft smooth face that breathed in and out evenly. I don't know how long I had nodded off and dozed, but it couldn't have been all that long as I tried to make sense of things.

Gabe was sleeping softly wrapped up in my arms, his silky soft skin pressed up against my chest. He must have decided to come back opting not to go with Riley and Sage for that walk around the lake after all. He must have made his way back to the house where he had discovered me crying my eyes out. It was strange, but I could still recall his soothing voice and his pleasant scent as he had held me in his arms. It had been so comforting so familiar. He's been there with me through so many things throughout the years, that it just felt natural being with him.

That past summer there had always been that nagging empty feeling like a big void in my life because for the first time ever we hadn't been together practically every waking hour. For a short time our lives had sort of gone their separate ways with him working and me occupied with the troubles involving Evan and Mattie. Towards the end of summer we had once more connected, and when school started up we began to hang around together like we used to. Then after I got hurt and returned to school he was constantly by my side making sure I got where I needed.

Now as I lay there in bed my friend's pleasant musky scent wafted up around me and I breathed him in noticing the familiarity of it. Similar in many ways to Jaden, but somehow a bit more mature, and also very comforting in a recognizable kind of way as I realized I've known it for most of my life. It was strange how I never noticed that about Gabe before as I found myself running my fingers along his smooth chest before dipping downwards along his tight stomach muscles.

Gabe's skin felt so soft, firm, and sexy as I felt my heart begin to race in my chest while my eyes gazed down along his torso and beneath the blanket. I could see his muscles rippling along his abs when I ran my fingers over them lightly sort of tickling his skin. Funny how I never noticed my best friend in this way before. I've never even touched him like this before, and I couldn't seem to help myself allowing my hand to dip down even further.

His bush was fury and thick, but felt silky soft in my fingers as I raked them through the curls. My fingers were trembling now as I ventured even further realizing I've never been this intimate with my best friend before. Gabe's erection seemed to jerk when I wrapped my fingers gently around its firmness. It wasn't all that big, definitely smaller than mine. Well at least length wise because it was a little thicker to be sure. I released his rod searching out his ample sized pouch. It felt heavy in my hands by far the largest pair of balls I've ever held. Even his testicles seemed to weigh heavily in my fingers as I rolled them around.

I was so intent on what I was doing that I hadn't noticed Gabe's eyes were open now closely watching what I was doing catching me by surprise. "Oh shit…um…I'm so sorry Gabe…I…I shouldn't…," I blushed completely mortified now that I had been perving on my best friend like this while he slept. "I…um…I've never done this before…I'm so sorry Gabe." I whispered apologetically as I removed my hands from his teenaged boyhood.

Warm soft fingers curled around my hands making me jerk in surprise, and a moment of fear spread along my insides that perhaps I had gone too far. Sure Gabe knew that I was gay, but that didn't mean he approved of me perving on him like this. I had crossed the line with my friend, and I began to feel ashamed once more.

"Um…please…don't stop," I heard the soft familiar voice as my hand was eased back into place over Gabe's burgeoning erection that now seemed a bit slicked up with a combination of sweat and pre-cum.

"I…I don't understand Gabe," I responded sincerely and a bit confused.

There was a deafening silence for a moment before Gabe finally craned his neck looking at me. "Don't you get it…I've been waiting years for you. I mean Mattie and Evan aren't the only ones who fell in love with you when they were eight years old. I did too, which makes me first." His voice seemed to tremble in his chest as I just gawked at him.

"What," I gasped in surprise and still confused. "I mean when…how?" I asked just shaking my head as I tried to think through all our years together. Never once did I have that inkling or feeling that he was into me, but to be fair I never really had those feelings for him before so never paid much attention.

"Remember the first time we had a sleepover…you know at my house?" He asked me nervously as I thought back recalling the moment.

We were like eight years old and had been playing outside by his house all day long. It had been a wet day and the two of us were filthy so his mom had shoved us off into the bathroom ordering us to get cleaned up. Neither one of us had ever seen the other one naked, or at least not that I knew of. At that age I really didn't pay that much attention to those sorts of things.

Walking over to the bathtub I had simply put in the plug and began to run water into the tub testing out the temperature, and adjusting it before straightening up. I just peeled off my shirt and began unbuttoning my jeans noticing Gabe just standing there sort of looking at me.

"Aren't you getting undressed?" I had asked not thinking anything of the situation.

"Um…yeah," I heard him reply as he began to peel off his own clothes.

Kicking off my jeans I slipped out of my underwear dropping them on top of my jeans and looked up just as Gabe did the same thing. The boy was standing in front of me with his tiny little hard boy penis pointing up and outwards at a forty five degree angle above his ample sized pouch that hugged tightly to his body making me giggle.

"Your pee-pee is hard." I told him innocently in a way that can be only achieved by an eight year old naïve boy.

"Um…yeah," Gabe responded hesitantly covering himself up and blushing. "Doesn't yours ever get hard like that too?" He had asked me as I shrugged my shoulders.

"Sometimes…let's get cleaned up before your mom comes and checks up on us. I don't think I want her to see me all naked…that would be just too weird." I told him getting into the tub and sitting down while he climbed in next to me.

The memory was a vivid one and I recalled now how he seemed to be a bit aggressive while we were in the tub. We ended up wrestling around at times, and now I seemed to recall how he had grabbed at me a time or two. I never really thought much of it, and had giggled and told him to stop it as I shoved away his hand, but that was all it had been to me, just a bit of silly play.

Looking at my friend now snuggled up in my arms I noticed him blushing a little. "Shit Gabe we were all of like eight years old. Damn…I just don't get it. Where the hell was I?" I asked him just shaking my head. "For real Gabe, first Evan, then Mattie, and now you. Why the hell didn't I realize these things?" I asked him seriously feeling like I must have been some sort of moron not to see these things that were right in front of me.

Gabe just shrugged his shoulders and smiled at me. "I don't know Kyle. I guess some people are just late bloomers, and it takes them a while to notice." He whispered softly making this our inside joke from here on out.

My mind continued to race still a bit confused. "But you're not gay." I stated just looking at him as he just chuckled.

"Why do you say that?" He asked making me scrunch up my eyebrows.

"Because…I mean…you know…the girls and all…um…Jaden…I mean how you reacted and all at my party just thinking he was gay." I told him as he laughed.

"Well I seem to recall that you've messed around a little too with girls, but for some reason you ended up gay. I mean…after all I fooled around with guys too where you hadn't until recently…so…," he shrugged his shoulders reaching down placing his hand over mine as he forced my fingers to wrap around his hard slicked up erection. "As for Jaden I guess I was just jealous is all. I mean he was sort of doing stuff I wanted to do."

We were both sweating now, the room having all of a sudden gotten warm as I slowly began to masturbate him hearing his soft moaning voice. It was strange feeling him all cuddled up in my arms our two bodies glistening slickly as I kissed him lightly on the cheek.

"Are…I mean…um…are you sure you want to do this?" I asked him feeling my own tingling sensation radiating outwards beginning between my legs as my own hard tube began to leak pre-cum.

"Yeah…anything…I…I just want to finally feel you…sexually. I…I've been wanting this for years…please Kyle…I want you so badly. I…I'll do anything with you." He whispered desperately as I continued to masturbate him.

We were both lying on our left side as I nudged my right leg up against his bending it at the knee before I sort of rolled into him more pressing my hips against him. My hard penis slithered inside of his crease as my right arm pulled him backwards into me holding him tightly. His left leg was stretched out straight with his right leg on top bent at the knee sort of forcing him towards the mattress at a forty five degree angle. My body was pressed up behind him with my chest up against his back. Pushing my hips forward I allowed my hard four and a half inch erection to slide inside Gabe's warm wet sweaty butt cheeks. The warmth seemed to press on either side of my erection as my hands continued to stroke my friend's erection.

Gabe was beginning to pant now, and I could tell he was getting into that sexed up stage where things could happen quickly so I slowed down pulling him back from the brink. He whimpered, but knew how the game was played wanting to last a little longer as well. His hard erection kept oozing pre-cum allowing my fingers to glide smoothly along his hardness. At the same time I was sliding my own pre-cum slicked up penis inside his fleshy folds.

"Wh…what are you doing?" Gabe moaned softly in my arms.

"I'm going to make love to you in a way that you've never experienced. You'll have to trust me though, and try to remain relaxed. Do you trust me?" I asked him as he nodded his head and moaned when I sped up my pumping motion along his erection.

"Yessss…anything." He hissed out trying to stave off an impending orgasm while I kept rocking my hips against him.

He was beginning to crest so I lined myself up and pressed with some force against his slicked up iris. My bullet shaped glans just slipped right past his opening surprising me at how easy it seemed to have slid inside, but then I felt Gabe clamping down tightly around the ridge of my flared out head making me wince at the intense sensation. I needed this just as much as Gabe because I needed to see for myself if I was truly over that animalistic side of things. I still felt guilty with what had happened between me and Grant with what felt like only minutes ago in the shower. Hopefully that side of me was now gone forever as I began to focus on what was happening between me and Gabe.

The euphoric sensation began to wash over me, but I recognized it as something being more normal. "Oh…oh shit Kyle…what the fuck." I heard Gabe's voice squeaking like an eight year old boy as we both panted. "Wh…what the hell are you doing?" He asked me a bit shocked that I had impaled him.

Panting and getting my breath back I responded. "I told you I'm going to make love to you. What do you think gay means? Besides…you said anything, but I'll stop if you want." I promised him as he craned his neck to look back at me as he thought for a moment.

"Y…you won't hurt me…promise?" He asked a bit hesitantly.

"It'll only hurt a little and then get better. I'll take it slow…and if I do it right we will both enjoy it." I responded as he nodded his head giving me the go ahead.

Slowly I began to insert myself deeper down inside of him. He was tight, but also older so not as tight as the others I've fucked. My friend's erection had completely deflated now as I tried to bring it back to life feeling its limpness in my fingers. It had practically shriveled up to nothingness almost as if it had disappeared inside of him. Rubbing his glans between my finger and thumb I began to stimulate it hoping to bring it back to life. Gabe winced a time or two, but soon enough I was buried all the way with my pubes bumping up against his soft ripe melons.

"Oh shit Kyle…I…I can't believe we are doing this." He panted making me chuckle. "Umph…oh shit what the fuck was that?" He gasped.

"Yeah I can't believe it either. Shit you are so fucking sexy hot," I whispered my warm breath brushing up against his neck and noticing his fine blond like hairs along his nape stand up as I responded to his other question. "We both know what that is, but just in case, that my sexy friend is your magic button, and it is just going to send you into orbit…trust me." I giggled feeling his soft floppy come back to life and enlarge in my fingers. "That's a good boy," I crooned to him encouragingly. "We are going to make you feel something special today. I'm going to fuck you like I did your little brother, and make you squirm like a little boy begging me for more." I teased him as he looked back at me his eyes bulging outwards.

"You…you fucked my little brother…just like…," he began to ask, but squeaked in surprise as I shove up against him bumping into his prostate sending a roiling sensation throughout his body.

All questions were left behind now as I began to make love to that sweet ass of his. He was so damn sexy hot at the moment as I continued to slide my hard pile driver back and forth feeling him begin to loosen up. He was starting to enjoy the sensation now, and I could feel his penis inflate each time I bumped into his love nub sending him further and further into orbit. Our two slicked up sweaty bodies slithered around, and we were both grunting heavily as I began to pound into him more forcefully with each subsequent stroke. Our breathing became ragged and began rattling around in our chests.

Gabe's hardened pre-cum lubed up flange began to pulsate in my fingers, and I could tell he was about to explode. I was right there with him despite already unloading once not all that long ago as my normal teenage sex lust began to tingle all over my body. My fingers sped up as I masturbated Gabe from the front while at the same time I was pumping him for behind drilling ever deeper before he finally succumbed to the over stimulation. My chin was resting on his shoulders with my face firmly planted next to his as I gazed down over the front of his body when he seized up in his orgasmic explosion.

His large testicles contracted upwards disappearing inside his body cavity as his pee slit seemed to flare out with the voluminous white sticky goop shooting out forcefully to splatter up against Gabe's chest. The force of his ejaculation was so powerful that it scattered in a million directions as droplets splattered all along my face and mouth. I ran my tongue around my mouth scooping up his pearly jam enjoying the musky heaviness of the flavor as my own body contracted unloading my replenished supply inside of Gabe's toasty warm oven. I could feel my raw batter spraying outwards inside of him as it pooled around my stiff spike heating up in Gabe's toasty warm body oven.

My eyes were riveted on Gabe's sexy tool as rope after rope seemed to spill out of his hard short spike. I've never seen anyone spray so much cum in one session. I knew he was known for being able to shoot a lot, but this was just mind boggling as the sticky mess splattered all over his body, and up into both of our faces. I kept licking up as much as I could enjoying the more manly kind of taste that my friend was spewing out like an erupting volcano.

Our bodies contorted together as we grunted silently in tandem while our orgasm razed our sweaty bodies forcing us to bump and grind up against one another in sheer blissful agony. We continued to twitch and squirm until we finally began to calm down with both of us sucking in air raggedly into our lungs.

"Oh shit…shit…shit…that was too wild." Gabe panted softly in my arms as he reached back stroking my thigh tenderly.

"Damn Gabe…look at the fucking mess you made." I chuckled at him shaking my head. "I never knew you could squirt this much…I mean you've told me that you squirt a lot, and I've seen you before when we were younger…but damn for real Gabe…do you always squirt like this?" I asked him as he just looked down at himself and giggled.

"Yeah I do squirt a lot, but I think this is even a lot for me." He laughed as we unwound from each other my soft penis slipping out from behind him as he looked greedily at it making me laugh even more.

"Well you will have to wait for some more of that some other time." I teased him as he smiled at me.

"Does that mean we get to fool around some more from now on?" He asked me seriously catching me by surprise at the question.

I hadn't thought about it as I began to realize that I really felt differently now about Gabe than before. "Um…geeze…I never really thought about it Gabe. I mean…you know…we've never done anything like this…and…and I've never thought of you like that…you know…sexually." I whispered looking at him as he blushed and looked down nodding his head.

"I…I understand. I mean…it is weird I guess…you know us being friends all these years…so I understand you not wanting to do this again." He sighed rolling on to his back.

"N…no that's not it Gabe…it…it's just I hadn't expected this…but to be honest I…I liked it a lot…and…and I guess I've known all along, deep down in my heart that you really were the one for me…so yeah…I'd love that…you know…the two of us…together." I told him this time blushing as well.

"Y…you mean it…for real?" My best friend asked me as I smiled back recalling rule number one.

"Yeah for real because for the first time Gabe I realize I love you more than just a regular friend. I love you in a boyfriend kind of way…that is if you'll have me?" I asked him as he rolled on top of me his cum covered body sliding around my sweaty one.

"Yes…yes…yes…I love you too Kyle, and I like the sound of being your boyfriend." He replied as our two bodies once more intertwined.

To my surprise our two bodies began to respond again and I knew that in a few moments Gabe would be the one entering inside of me as we once more made love to one another. The memory of this beautiful moment still lingered in my mind as I slowly came back to the present with me looking down into Gabe's beautiful blue sparkling eyes.

"Never in a million years would I have thought we'd be boyfriends Gabe. Out of all our friend's you were the last one I'd have thought to be gay, other than Riley. I guess life is filled with surprises." I chuckled. "I mean look at Evan, Jaden, Benji, and Grant. They all have girlfriends now, but they all had a lot of fun screwing around with other guys too. Of course Tim and Chase were set to be with one another from the beginning, but the others all have girlfriends now, and Riley never stopped having girls." I laughed looking down at my love.

"Yeah, well at least Mattie is consistent." He retorted as I screwed up my lips and smirked at him.

"Well that's not exactly true either. I forgot to tell you. That's why he called. I mean…some girl managed to get him to mess around together…and well one thing led to another…and let's just say he's no longer so shy about letting girls see him naked. This girl ended up getting an eyeful and then some. Mattie finally lost his virginity to a girl, and she had no problems spreading her legs open for him. It was her first time, but she was so smitten with Mattie that she gave up her virginal snatch to him just like that. Can you believe that?" I chuckled shaking my head at how quickly things seem to change as I continued to tell Gabe what happened. "Evidently he had a pretty long orgasm, and it sent her over the edge as well. From his reaction he is now hooked. I'm fairly certain he will be deflowering a lot of girls this year now too; especially, once they find out about his long orgasms and that he can get girls to climax as well." I chuckled while Gabe just stared at me in shock.

"That little shit is doing a lot of deflowering as it is. Hell, he's already plucked two thirds of the boy's virginity in his school, so I guess he needs to expand his pool of candidates." Gabe laughed hard making me chuckle. "Damn Kyle you better have a talk with him for real though now. It is one thing with guys, but now with the girls there are other things to consider." He told me seriously.

"Yeah I know and I already talked to him over the phone about it. He's using protection and all, which for the life of me I don't know where he got the condom from since he was only interested in guys. You should of heard him explaining how unexpected it was, and that he lucked out with having one in his dresser drawer for some reason. I mean I told him a long time ago since he was so active with so many guys he should start using them, but to be honest I don't think he does, and the condom he used with the girl was probably one I gave him a while back. I was a little concerned about that too, you know him not using protection with other boys, but then realized the guys he was messing around with pretty much never messed around like that with others anyway so probably not much for Mattie to worry about. Still though that is changing as he gets older, and other guys his age are beginning to fool around with one another now as well. " I stated chuckling at Mattie's description of the events concerning this new girl.

The boy had been so animated over the phone, and the excitement in his voice as he discovered he did like girls after all was unmistakable. He had so badly wanted to tell Grant or one of his other close friends, but had refrained from gossiping knowing I didn't approve of such things. Over the years we've talked openly about a lot of things regarding sex, and yes we even fooled around a little together with him always begging me to really make love to him. For some reason though I just couldn't do that to him. Maybe it was just me and with what happened with Grant, or maybe because he reminded me so much of Evan, but whatever the reason our mutual play had been more on the oral side of stimulation.

"But yeah, we do need to sit down and have a chat." I continued to tell Gabe. "He's a bit too promiscuous, and it is getting a bit scary. I want him to slow down before it becomes a problem for real. He's not nine anymore, and messing around sexually like this is too dangerous now that he's getting older. I mean it's not so bad if you just have one friend, or maybe a small group of friends you mess around with, but he seems to be just about doing anyone that comes his way." I explained to Gabe as he just snuggled up to me.

"Maybe if you…um…you know." He suggested to me making me look at him a bit shocked.

"What…I mean no Gabe…how would that help?" I responded knowing what he was referring to.

"Shit I don't know Kyle. I mean look at what happened to you after you got shot. You told me it was like you just couldn't control yourself…that it was like a whole different side of you came out. It took you doing it with Grant in a…um…you know…in that way…which sort of got rid of those urges. I mean…maybe Mattie wants…or rather needs you to do the same for him. Just think about it…he's been wanting you like that for a long time now. I mean you messed around with him, and did more with his older brother and he knows that, not to mention knowing you and Grant not only did that together once, but several more times afterwards. He wants what they had too, and has maybe been feeling a bit empty…so…maybe you should think about…giving him what he wants and needs." He explained to me seriously as I just looked at him shaking my head.

All this talk about these sexy boys in my past was making me horny as hell, and I could see it was having the same affect on Gabe as well. I could tell he was ready for some action, but was holding off until I really thought about his suggestion.

"Kyle are you hesitating maybe because you are afraid of hurting Mattie? I mean he's not nine anymore, and with all the stuff he's been doing with others should be able to handle what you have down here easy enough." He emphasized gently squeezing my tender drooping sack making me wince before stroking my erection knowingly before speaking up again. "Or is it because he reminds you of Evan?" He finished off releasing me and reaching up to place his hands on my cheeks as I closed my eyes feeling a bit dizzy.

"I'm not sure Gabe, but for you to suggest me actually having that kind of sex with Mattie…," I sighed shaking my head as he just smiled at me.

"Shit Kyle with all the things you've done with all of our friends, not to mention my little brother, why should I let this bother me now? I mean…I love Mattie too, but if he keeps this up he will get into all sorts of trouble. I'm worried about him and something needs to happen soon to stop him from hurting himself and others. At some point all of his running around is going to catch up to him one way or the other." He pointed out as I nodded my head agreeing with that.

"Yeah, you're right and I'll think about it." I told him as actually me going further with Mattie started to sound appealing to me in some ways.

When Gabe and I began to be intimate with one another several years back I had wanted him to know that I've been intimate with all of our friends in one fashion or another. I never gave him the intimate details, just that I've had sexual relations with all of my friends including Riley, which had seemed to stun him at the time.

Even though we both officially became boy friends, well at least to our family and closest friends, we had still both fooled around a little when we had first started to become romantic. It was as if we sort of wanted to test out the waters so to speak. It wasn't until about a year or so ago that we had both truly become more committed to one another. As I thought back on things now Gabe's words began to sink in about me having done things with all of my friends, including taking away their boyhood virginities.

That included Tim, Chase, Benji, and even Riley. One by one they all lost their precious Virginity to me at some point. With Tim and Chase it was a matter of them wanting me to loosen them up before they actually tried to insert their own large ones inside of each other. They had both held off for so long, and even after I had done both of them they still hesitated and it wasn't until much later that they had sealed off the deal on their own making me wonder what they had really needed me for in the first place. Not that I was complaining because both of them had been tight virgins and as always had felt wonderful wrapped up tightly around my sleek long hard stick.

With Benji it just happened on one of those times when he was over visiting with Mattie. His folks had dropped him off at the house when everyone was still gone. One thing led to another until we both ended up in each others arms for a bit of boyish relief, and I found myself buried deep to the hilt with him squirming below me in the throes of his orgasmic climax. In the end he was just another boy virgin succumbing to my sleek hardness sending me reeling in elated blissfulness.

Riley was the one that surprised me the most. He had snuck into the shower booth with me and Grant one time during one of their visit over at our house. It had become routine at the time that we either traveled to Santa Cruz or they came over to us on a consistent basis visiting one another. Grant and I were right in the middle of our usual hot and heavy love making, and hadn't even noticed him joining us. To say that what we were doing surprised him was an understatement. He knew that we had fooled around a little, but for me to actually be pounding his little brother like that was just a bit of a shock. He got over it quickly though, and it had charged him up so much sexually seeing us together in this way that by the time both of us climaxed his own little erection was pulsing in his fingers as he began masturbating himself furiously.

Once I came down from my high it had surprised me to see Riley standing there gawking at us with my soft spike still inserted inside of Grant. Seeing him there in his aroused state once more got my limp noodle to respond as it immediately inflated surprising both myself and Grant as the younger boy gasped with the unexpected rise inside of him. Slipping out of the boy making him whimper I had made my way over towards Riley, and began to pleasure him as well.

Other than at camp when I jacked Riley off in his sleep just before Evan and I showed all the guys the secret overlook, this was the first time I've done anything sexual with him. He had been so turned on by what he saw Grant and I doing that it was almost like he was in another world as he pounded his small erection in his hands. I had slipped behind him, and before he realize it we were both grunting and moaning while Grant watched in shocked stupor while I snatched away his older brother's virginity right in front of him. It was one of the few times Riley came within moments his body exploding hard as he spewed his spunk all over his little brother who stood there in shocked amazement. It was like all of my friends had fallen one by one giving up their boyish tight virginity to me.

Ever so slowly I came back to reality from these fond memories, and it was a sort of shocking revelation as I began to run everyone's names through my mind. The only ones I hadn't done this with were Luca and Mattie. The fourteen year old Swiss boy lived over on the other side of the ocean so it was obvious why we never even had any more sexual contact with one another, and it made me wonder if he lived close by that this too would have been one of my conquests. Shaking my head not wanting to think about it my mind focused back on to the issue of Mattie and what Gabe was suggesting to me. The idea of us being together in that way began to become a bit more appealing to me as perhaps a way to get the smaller boy to reign in his sexual promiscuity. If I did this with Mattie he'd be the only boy that wasn't a virgin the first time we did that together. With all the boys Mattie's had over the years I'm sure he was pretty loose back there by now, and could handle my older sleekness.

Still it made me pause wondering what the true motive would be behind my actions if I really did let something like that happen. Sighing I just looked into Gabe's eyes leaving that decision for later and smiled. "Anyway, Mattie and what to do with him can wait until we get home. In the meantime I think it is my turn to make love to that nice tight ass of yours." I teased our two naked bodies pressing up together passionately, Gabe not protesting in the least knowing he was going to love it whether he was getting it or giving it out. To be honest it didn't matter to me either knowing it felt heavenly either way as I slowly lined up behind Gabe getting ready to ease my teenaged manhood inside of his warmth.

"Yeah…well with that nice thin rod of yours my ass is going to stay that way too…nice and tight." Gabe retorted back making us both giggle as I slipped inside of him feeling the familiar rush of heat and exhilaration gripping first my conduit before spreading outwards to the rest of my body like an electrical current.

Twenty minutes later the heat in the apartment had both of us panting covered in sweat as we lay side by side gasping for air slowly coming down from our high. Over the years I had gotten better at making things last. I still had to chuckle when I looked back only three or four years ago when I would just blow my cork all of within ten seconds. It took a long time, but I finally managed to get myself to the point of making it last longer. Now as I looked down with both of us dripping in sweat I just shook my head because it never ceased to amaze me how much product Gabe managed to eek out of his two round canisters. We were both covered in his goop too tired to do anything about it at the moment as our eyes drooped closed and we faded off to sleep with pleasant thoughts of home and family on our minds.

My eyes fluttered open to familiar surroundings. It's been several days since Gabe and I had that important discussion concerning Mattie as my eyes became more focused and I gazed towards my bay window noticing that it was raining outside. The pleasant fragrance of familiarity clung closely to me as I closed my eyes breathing it in. The identifiable scent was light with undertones of familiarity intermingled in between its layers. Opening up my eyes I gazed down at the slight form curled up in my arms snuggled up against my chest. The soft brown curls of the thirteen year old boy brought me back several years as an exact duplicate of Evan seemed to float around in my vision.

My body quivered excitedly at the luscious spectacle in front of my eyes. Mattie lay naked in my arms completely content in my warm tender embrace. He of course had snuck into the room in the middle of the night crawling into bed with me. His warm body snuggling up to me felt so warm and familiar and I had automatically ran my hands gently over his naked body getting to know it again as I inspected him from head to toe kissing every nook and cranny along the way. In the stillness of the darkness he had giggled gleefully at my administrations his thick three inch foreskin covered tube twitching wildly when I buried my lips along the crease of his legs nibbling on his soft fleshy pouch before slathering my tongue and lips against his lily white bare pubic mound.

It just amazed me how similar he was in every way to his older brother at this age including what lay hidden between his legs to the exact length and girth, not to mention those one or two barely noticeable pubic hairs. The only difference was the lack of a tiny little mole at the base of his shaft off to the one side, and his straight as an arrow up and down hard stumpy erection. Evan had that small little beauty mark at the base of his shaft, and his erection had always angled and curved off towards his right shoulder. I scrutinized Mattie closely smiling giddily at his erection noticing that little indentation where the root of his shaft made contact with his pubic mound, and the sort of puffy wrinkled skin around his base that most of us kids had at his age.

We had cuddled and teased one another when he just leaned in and kissed me passionately on the lips while he reached down between my legs slowly stroking my hard sleek stifling hot piston. It was exciting and felt so familiar reminding me of Evan, yet also a little different being unique to Mattie. I had trembled excitedly beginning to fall for the boy in a sexual kind of way once more. Mustering my strength I slowly pulled back our lips separating as we both gasped for air. His mouth had tasted so sweet reminding me of that night on my birthday at the lake around the campfire when he kissed me with the flavoring of chocolate, marshmallows, and graham crackers covering his mouth.

Sighing I had looked at him and giggled shaking my head. 'You still taste like S'mores.' I had told him fondly stroking his cheek gently making him smile and cuddle up with me while I began to run my fingers across his back tenderly.

After that we had talked for a long time as we discussed his promiscuity in great detail. He had cried his eyes out because he felt I was somehow disappointed in him. Of course that wasn't the case, and I let him know this. I told him that he worried me because now that he was getting older his overzealous sexual nature was going to begin to have a lot of consequences, which could take the form of health issue not to mention psychological ones. I assured him that of course having sex at his age was perfectly fine, but the way he was going about it was very dangerous; especially now since girls were in the mix as well.

He couldn't tell me why he was doing these things, but the way he described how he felt sort of brought memories back to the time I had been just as rash about my feelings. Of course I was able to pinpoint my issue to that of the experience with surviving being shot, but with Mattie it seemed much more deeply rooted, and I began to wonder if Gabe really was correct. We talked openly and honestly with one another as I explained to him what had happened to me when I had similar feelings. I left out a lot of details concerning Grant, but did confide with Mattie that the way it all came about had been wrong even though the two of us had enjoyed the initial experience.

We talked together for the longest time, and holding him in my arms felt so comfortable and right to me. His smooth soft skin and small physique felt familiar, and brought me back to those times when Evan and I had just cuddled together enjoying one another's warmth and tenderness. Mattie and I were content with one another as we continued to talk softly, and allowed our fingers to explore one another tenderly. My hands were all over his small soft body, and when I ran my fingers across his erection it sent shivers all up and down my spine. The simple act of easing his tight foreskin over the tip of his purplish acorn sent me swooning with familiarity. It was all I could do to make sure we didn't start anything wanting to be sure that we discussed everything that needed to be talked about.

In a way, talking like this while we were so intimate with one another made things seem a bit easier. He opened up about what had been going on in his life while Evan was gone in France, and I was off to college. It became painfully obvious that Mattie felt all alone now despite us being in constant contact with each other on Skype. I promised that from now on I would come home at least once a month, if possible twice, on the weekends so we could spend some time together, just the two of us doing some brotherly types of activities. This seemed to make him happy as he softly cried in my arms. It served to remind me just how much Mattie needed me at his age just like how Evan had needed me at the same age.

Ever so slowly our discussion ran its course as we both settled down into a relaxed silence. The room got very quiet for a while as our breathing seemed to even out and we just held on to one another feeling content being cuddled up together. It was such a sweet tender moment, and I didn't ever want it to end. It reminded me of the same feelings Evan and I had shared together on many dark nights huddled together under the warm blankets in bed, our naked bodies snuggled up against one another. It was so peaceful that I allowed my mind to wander back to those bygone blissful days with all of us being together and so happy. It seemed like it had been such a long time where I felt like this, and I allowed the feeling to wash over my body as I closed my eyes and soaked up the familiar sensation of blissful contentment.

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