Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 31

It was really quiet in the house today as I lounged on my bed taking it easy and watching some lame show on the television set. My stay in the hospital had lasted close to a week, and I've been home now for another week. Of course my parents had insisted I get back to school for the last couple of weeks before Christmas vacation. Things were a bit rough at first, and it was amazing how quickly out of breath I became slowly making my way between classes. Gabe had been a big help during the first week back at school making sure I got everywhere on time, and making sure I didn't over exert myself. It didn't take long for me to get back into the groove of things, even though I was a bit slower and still in a bit of pain from my injury. Of course I had been an instant celebrity once I got back to school with everyone curious about the hole in my side, and being genuinely surprised when they found out that the bullet was still lodged inside of me.

My wound was now starting to close up nicely, but I still had those twinges of pain, and it had become scabby as it began to heal. The doctor told me I'd have some scarring tissue, but that I would completely recover. Of course the doctors had said it wasn't necessary to remove the small caliber slug, so had just left it there. I guess going in to dig it out would have created more injury than necessary.

Christmas was now a week away with a couple of more days left for school after this weekend, and my parents had taken the boys to go get a Christmas tree from one of those tree farms. It was sort of a tradition for our family, with us going out to eat afterwards and just making an entire day of it. Even though I was home my recovery continued its slow progress. I was feeling a bit run down this weekend trying to recuperate from the grueling week long reintroduction back into the school scene, so I had opted not to go this year. Of course both Mattie and Evan were disappointed, but they seemed to understand that it would still take me a while to completely recover. So while I stayed home with Aunt Liz, who had disappeared into her living quarters to prepare a special treat for the boys, the rest of the family headed out. I felt kind of bad about it since Aunt Liz couldn't go with her boys, and my mom had offered to stay instead, but she had insisted saying she had her own tradition she needed to tend to. Hence the special treat she promised to have ready when everyone got back.

It was nice to be home again, but I had to admit that my stay in the hospital hadn't been all that bad either, not with Luca around. My lips curled upwards into a smile as I recalled giving the Swiss boy his first blow job ever while his foreskin was still attached. It had been a very sweet moment and completely awesome, but then to give him his first blowjob when his skin had just become detached only hours earlier was even better. I still remembered vividly when that happened, and I smiled at what had transpired right after that incident as well. At my invitation Luca had eagerly followed me over to my bed slurping up my four and a half inch hard tube into his mouth, and began working it for all he was worth. My body still shook excitedly as my memories recalled that electrifying moment. After crawling back into my bed and catching my breath, Luca had pulled away my gown and slowly reached out running his fingers lightly over my thin rigid penis. It was already gleaming with my pre-cum and he pressed his thumb against my glans watching my slit ooze out some more of the clear milky like substance.

It was all I could do to hang on and not explode while he looked me over critically as if filing away the moment into his memories. Closing my eyes now I was transported to that moment hearing Luca's soft higher pitched boyish voice in my ears.

"Is…um…can I…you know?" He asked me hesitantly as I looked at him not exactly sure what he was asking. He noticed my confusion and gazed back down at my throbbing erection in his hands. "Can I suck it?" He asked glancing back up, and blushing making me smile.

"Fuck yeah," I hissed and then watched the blond Swiss boy lean over and pause for a few seconds glancing up my way shyly before slipping his warm lips over my pulsating slicked up pile driver. "Oh…oh shit." I hissed making him hesitate a moment a bit concerned until I ran my fingers through his short cropped blond hair gently pushing him down further on to my spike. "Oh damn your mouth feels so fucking sexy on me," I hissed happily feeling my insides begin to roil.

It wouldn't be much longer now as I began to rock my hips a little upwards carefully and mindful of the twinge in the side of my stomach. My subtle movement was the signal for Luca to continue his slurping and bobbing motion. It was so damn hot seeing my torrid sweltering four and a half inch rigid slender erection sliding in and out of his cute glossy red lips. He began to speed up, his mouth sucking and slurping on my hardened piece of steel while his tongue began to dance around my bulb. I felt his hand running along my inner thigh careful of my wound on the other leg before his fingers wrapped around my pouch and walnut sized testicles seemingly just as eager for me to blow my nut as I was. I moaned softly enjoying the sensation of his fingers kneading my boyish giggle berries as I continued to watch my stiff spike glide effortlessly in and out of Luca's warm salacious mouth. Then I felt him run his tongue around the ridge of my knob and everything just seemed to explode all around me. I felt the burning sensation of my viscous boy batter sizzling its way up the inside length of my penis as it spit out from the small opening at the tip end.

I didn't even have time to warn the boy before my body seemed to constrict, and the first blast came bursting through the little gap in my glans. "Uuumph, umph, umph, aaaargh, umph, umph." I moaned and writhed in my hospital bed watching in sheer amazement as the younger boy's cheeks seemed to puff outwards and he began swallowing in earnest. There was a sharp stab in my side, but the powerful orgasm roiling inside of my small body overrode any stinging pain I was feeling as it continued to roar through my insides.

Even his wet crimson colored lips moving around while he swallowed felt heavenly as I continued to jerk and spasm in the warm confines of his damp mouth. The smaller boy slurped and swallow for all he was worth until he was able to slow down, and nothing but a trickle continued to dribble out the meaty end of my penis. I winced when he continued to suck on me, and had to gently shove his head away so my now limp little three and a half inch floppy red licorice stick could recuperate.

"Oh fuck…that was…awesome," I panted deeply as Luca looked up at me and blushed. "I can't fuckin believe you swallowed it all." I giggled still breathing heavily and wincing because my side began to ache from too much jostling around. "Mattie was right…you are a natural and quick learner." I laughed pushing aside the ache and noticing his shocked look with his cheeks burning a bright red crimson color when he found out I had seen him and Mattie going at it the previous night.

"I…um," He began to stutter while I just shook my head.

"Don't worry it's cool, and if I know Mattie you will be having a lot more fun tonight and the rest of the week." I told him sincerely watching him closely while he headed back into his own bed so we both could get some rest.

The back of his gown had spread open giving me a clear view of his little pucker hole as he climbed up on to his bed making me shiver excitedly wondering what it would be like to shove my thin spike deep inside of him. I could feel the beginnings of my own little soft fleshy penis begin to stir between my legs again despite the fact I had just blown my wad. I looked away a bit ashamed of my thoughts concerning the young Swiss boy, and began to wonder what the hell had gotten into me lately. It was as if I had lost complete control. At times I felt so wonderfully alive and charged up as if I were invincible. The feeling was so powerful and overwhelming at times, and I also noticed that it tended to make me feel extremely horny and frisky. Even though Luca had polished me off good, it still took a while for me to calm down after my naughty thoughts concerning the boy.

We had a lot of fun throughout our stay, but when Luca and I were discharged from the hospital on the same day we had to finally say our goodbyes. My folks had offered to have them all stay with us for a few days longer, but they had to leave so they could start their vacation since Luca's father could only get away from work for so long. They had made reservations for an area with warmer weather, and were making their way over to Thailand. A long flight for them, but a shorter trip on the way back home to Switzerland. Since it would take them over twenty four hours of flying time they were going to stop over in Hawaii first for several days before continuing the rest of the way. From Thailand to Switzerland was only a twelve hour flight, so it wouldn't be all that bad when they finally headed home after the holidays.

Now lying in bed at home recalling those sweet moments with the boy it made me wish they could have stayed for a while longer. I was getting bored watching nothing in particular, and looked at the clock. It wasn't even really all that late yet, but I still felt a bit tired and I knew that was mainly because I was kind of bored. Getting up I decided to go ahead and hop into the shower so I could freshen up a bit. Aunt Liz had stuck her head in a little while ago making sure I was alright and reminding me if I needed anything that she'd be just in the other section of the house. She was so sweet and caring, and I felt that we were blessed to have her and the boys in our lives.

Heading into the bathroom I put one of those plastic covers over my wound and gauze bandage making sure to seal it all along my skin to keep it dry. I adjusted the water temperature and climbed into the shower stall. The warm water felt good on the rest of my body as I began to slowly soap up my hair and rinse it out before washing down my body. I wasn't really all that dirty and the shower was more to just get freshened up so I didn't feel so sluggish. After a few minutes under the therapeutic spray of the warm water I turned off the flow and climbed out drying myself with the large oversized white towel. I hadn't even bothered to have a good jacking off session. Any more it seemed like I preferred the real action so was willing to wait until Evan got back home.

Hanging up the towel I headed back over to the mirror and slowly peeled off the plastic covering that was stuck on my skin. I hated this part because the tacky seal always hurt when I stripped it away. It was a small price to pay in order to protect my wound in my side and also be able to take a proper shower. Of course I had tried various ways of taking it off. My mom suggested pulling it off in one go, while Evan and Mattie suggested to take it slow. To me it didn't appear to make a difference, either way seemed to hurt like a mother fucker, so I just decided to go for it by yanking it off in one quick motion. Of course the area of skin it was stuck to sort of stung, but I had also been a bit too eager with wrenching it off. I sucked in some air and winced as a sharp pain ran through my side before fading away.

I still had those twinges of pain from time to time if I didn't watch out and got too carried away. They weren't as bad anymore, and only lasted for a moment, but still it was a gentle reminder to me. The sharp pain quickly ebbed and was gone within a fraction of a second as I looked in the mirror at the red circle around my wound where the plastic covering had been attached. Next I went to work on my gauze taking away the less tacky tape and taking a look at my wound. There was a dark scab now where the bullet hole had been, and a bit of redness around the rough edge. I pressed on it lightly feeling the coarseness of the scab, and wincing a little because it was still a little sore despite it being a couple of weeks old now. The pain wasn't all that bad anymore, but it was still tender. I also tapped my finger on the scab clearly hearing a sort of dull hollow sound bouncing off the hard shell like coating.

Reaching over for the fresh gauze I covered up my wound, and put tape around it to keep it in place. In another week or so I wouldn't need to bandage it up anymore, and hopefully the tenderness would all be gone by then as well. The soreness for all practical purposes had all but disappeared unless I overexerted myself.

Satisfied I turned and walked back into my room so I could get into some clean clothes. As I opened up the door I noticed someone standing over by my computer desk looking at that framed drawing I had gotten from Evan and Mattie for my birthday. Recognizing who it was I smiled and walked over to the smaller figure wrapping my arms around the blond haired boy. Jaden had been so intent on the drawing he hadn't heard me enter into the room, and flinched in surprise when I snuggled up behind him nuzzling his neck with my lips affectionately.

After the initial shock the smaller boy giggled and leaned back into my arms while I continued to nibble on his earlobe breathing in his scent. "I love it when you do that to me." He sighed in a whispery kind of tone.

He smelled deliciously clean with a hint of his boy muskiness indicating to me that he must just have taken a shower before coming over. My body shook eagerly, and my soft penis immediately stood at attention between my legs stretching out and expanding. I pulled him back into me and slowly pressed myself against him allowing my hardened shaft to push up against Jaden's crease.

He was wearing a silky pair of red colored sweat pants, and the sleek material felt wonderful against my naked hard erection. I could feel the wet slickness of my pre-cum slowly sliding down the length of my shaft making me shake excitedly. Jaden craned his neck and pressed his lips against mine as we slowly and passionately kissed. I could feel my breath being sucked out of me as the smaller boy eagerly vacuumed away my air.

My hand dipped downwards and slowly squeezed the boy's hard shaft through the pliable silky fabric material. I could tell he wasn't wearing any underwear just before his body jerked in response to my groping. Our lips separated and we both gasped for air as I continued to slowly run my fingers along the length of his shaft.

"Oh fuck that feels totally awesome," Jaden whimpered as he just leaned back allowing me to have my way with him.

"Damn, you are so fucking sexy hot." I replied whispering breathlessly in his ear as I nibbled and suckled along his sleek neck.

My hands released his tool and I grabbed the hem of his shirt tugging it over his head before allowing it to drop to the floor. His smooth chest and stomach felt warm on my finger tips as I lightly brushed them along his skin which seemed so soft yet firm. I could feel the goose bumps forming along the surface of his body as I slowly slipped my hand beneath his silky sweatpants. Jaden gasped audibly when my fingers wrapped around his hardened spike and slowly rubbed along the rim of his ridge. We were both breathing hard now, and our teenaged hormonal charged bodies began to glisten with perspiration. Slipping my hand down further I cupped his drooping sweaty pouch, and then tugged him backwards forcefully while I shoved my groin into his butt cheeks. I squeezed his boy pouch a little roughly making him squeak in surprise and groan excitedly making me smile triumphantly. I knew he liked it a little on the rough side as long as it didn't hurt him, and I could feel him respond in my arms as he became even more sexually stimulated.

My knees felt a little wobbly so I just slipped down into a kneeling position behind him and slowly pulled down his sweatpants. My eyes got big as I enjoyed the two pale white doughy muffins staring back at me a foot in front of my face. Jaden stepped out of his sweatpants making me giggle as his pale butt cheeks seemed to contract and wiggle around in front of me. A new scent wafted up to my nose making me feel woozy with it's sweaty muskiness. It drew me in and before I knew it my entire face was plastered between the crease of his orbs and my tongue was lapping at his gated neighborhood.

Jaden gasped and I felt him contract his two pale fleshy cheeks momentarily before relaxing and enjoying the warm wet sensation poking around at his entryway while I continued to fondle his hard three inch erection with my fingers stroking along the length of his shaft. He quivered excitedly in my arms, and bent over on the desk opening himself up even more to me. He tasted delicious as I poked my tongue inside of him feeling the sexy nubile boy squirm in delight at the new sensation. My fingers continued to stroke his quivering pole, and it began to get slick as his own pre-cum began to flow freely with this sort of stimulation.

He was close and I didn't want him to explode yet so I slipped my tongue out of him and slowly climbed back up on to my feet. Jaden slowly turned and smiled at me helping me back up on to my wobbly feet. I could see his hard sexy boyish penis thumping and bobbing around animatedly yearning for release while his little teenage pouch seemed to hang down low with a heavy pay load.

"Damn you are so fucking sexy hot," I panted trying to catch my breath and pulling him into me.

Our two hard shafts slithered and rubbed against one another as our torsos pressed together tightly in a warm embrace. Our lips connected once more as we began swapping tongues. He was delicious, and he made me feel so alive and in the moment. I wanted and needed him as we continued to suckle on each other passionately. Before I knew it we were laying on the bed our two naked slicked up bodies pressed up tightly against one another. My hands were all over his smooth body and his silky softness drove me wild as I reached behind him and pulled him roughly towards me making him respond excitedly. I slowly ran my tongue around his sensitive right nipple before biting down on them none too lightly. He squeaked like a girl making me giggle as I continued my way downwards.

"Oh shit Kyle that feels so fucking good." Jaden hiccupped when my tongue poked down into his belly button flicking around and making him snigger.

"You like that?" I asked him pausing for a moment and noticing him looking down at me with his beautiful glittering blue eyes nodding his head in the affirmative.

There was pure lust in that gaze, and it made me pause for a moment wondering if this was the right thing to do. Sighing I slowly inched my way back up to him laying on my side so we were facing one another. He had a confused look on his face as I reached out and lightly brushed the hair out of his eyes. I just loved how his hair felt in my fingers as we both just looked into one another's eyes. My body was aching to have him, but I was hesitant now because lately it felt as if I were no longer in control of my lustful tendencies.

"What's wrong Kyle?" Jaden whispered as he leaned in brushing his lips up against mine making me quiver with yearning desire.

"I…I…love you so much Jaden. I just need you to know that, but this…I…I'm not sure anymore. I mean I've been so fucking horny lately, and I don't want things to get out of control between the two of us…you know." I whispered softly while he just smiled and continued to gaze at me before reaching out to stroke my cheek tenderly.

"I…I love you too Kyle. I mean…it's kind of strange because I…um…I think I'm in love with Evan too. Please don't hate me Kyle, but I just can't help it…I mean it just sort of happened and I wasn't really looking for that…you know…to happen. Hell, I mean girls turn me on like you can't believe, but when I'm with you or Evan…it's just different. Please don't hate me Kyle." He pleaded with me as I leaned in and kissed him tenderly.

"Never Jaden and I've known for a while now that you love Evan just as much as I do. You know he loves you too." I told him honestly seeing the genuine shock in his eyes.

"But…I…um…he's with you and I know he loves you…how…," he stuttered feeling overwhelmed.

"I don't know how to explain it Jaden…he just is…and yes he loves me too. I told him the two of you need to talk about it one of these times here soon, but I guess he still hasn't confronted you about it." I whispered softly as Jaden moved closer and snuggled in my arms.

"No he hasn't…but what does that mean for all of us?" He asked feeling a bit stressed.

"I'm not sure Jaden. All I know is that both you and Evan make me feel so alive. I just don't want to do anything that will hurt you Jaden. Lately I just haven't been able to control myself once I begin to…you know. I mean you have no idea how much you turn me on…how you make me feel…the things I want to do with you." I sighed shaking my head and quivering as I felt his hand slowly run along my chest and down towards my wound lightly brushing his fingers around my bandaging.

Closing my eyes I literally shook excitedly feeling my erection quiver in delight even though it wasn't even being touched. An unintended whimper escaped my lips when I felt his hand dip downwards so he could run his fingers through my small patch of pubic hairs. I knew what was coming next, but it still didn't stop my body from reacting as I automatically twitched when his fingers slowly wrapped around my hard four and a half inch horny teenage hardness. My entire body felt alive as I gasped and moaned ecstatically opening my eyes and looking down at what the stunningly gorgeous boy was doing to me.

"Jaden…shit…I…you are going to make me loose control of myself." I begged warningly as my lustful urges began to overwhelm me once more. The smaller boy just stared back up at me smiling infectiously, not the reaction I was expecting from him as he released my tool and began to play with my two large heavy testicles making me wince and gasp when he squeezed and tugged on them. "What are you smiling about?" I breathed out questioningly making him giggle and shrug his shoulders.

"Shit Kyle, it's not like we haven't done a lot together already…you know…sexually." He pointed out to me. "I love having sex with you, and I feel alive too when I'm with you and Evan. The things you do to me is so fucking hot and I love it all. So what else can you do that you haven't already done?" He asked me seriously making me smile in response as I leaned in pressing my lips affectionately against him.

They felt electrifying against mine as my twitching arms wrapped around him pulling the smaller boy towards me. Our two bodies pressed up against one another, and I could feel our two hard sweaty teenaged erections slithering around and mashing up against each other making both of us tremble with excitement. My hands were all over him as they slithered between his butt cheeks and press lightly up against his back door. Jaden moaned when my finger slowly pressed up against his closed off opening. It was moist and damp back there, and I knew it wouldn't take much to slip my finger inside of him as I allowed our lips to part so we could catch our breath for a moment.

Looking down into Jaden's sweet face made me smile affectionately at how serene and open he looked at the moment. "Do you really want to know?" I asked him seeing him smile challengingly at me and nodding his head.

We were both breathing hard now at the moment as I once more kissed him lightly and whispered. "I love you so much Jaden."

"I love you too Kyle," I heard the boy respond without any hesitancy, and then felt something unique as he just seemed to relax in my arms comfortable with the state of affairs between the two of us and completely accepting of our love for one another.

It drove me wild knowing that he was now completely mine. We've had sex before, but this was somehow different, almost as if in some ways there had always been something missing. Perhaps it was the fact that before it had been about sex, and now it was something deeper. I was completely in love with Evan, but I also had to finally admit that I had the same feelings for Jaden. I tried to hold on to this sensation, but I felt it start to fade away as my lust for the sexy boy began to take a hold of me once more. It was such an overpowering feeling, and I felt helpless as my lips now began to wander greedily over the boy wanting him in the worst way.

Rolling between the Jaden's legs I shoved them apart, and gazed down hungrily at my prize. I paused a moment to brush my fingers lightly against his few strands of pubic hair amazed that they still haven't thickened up yet. It was as if his body was hanging on to the last breath of his youthfulness not wanting him step over the threshold of manhood. This knowledge excited me almost as if it was meant for me. Jaden was breathing heavily now, and I could see a small bead of pre-cum forming at the tip of his invitingly sexy knob.

No longer able to stave off the inevitable I dove down between his legs shoveling up his two chestnut sized testicles into my mouth feeling his body respond as it jerked momentarily. A small whimper of joy escaped his lips when I rolled around his hefty grenades with my tongue. They felt heavier than I remembered them, and I began to wonder how long it's been for him since he was last milked. Jaden shifted a little opening up his legs even more; his heady musky boy scent intermingled with a clean soapy aroma making me dizzy. He must have taken a shower before he came over because the perfumed fragrance was so strongly intermingled with his muskiness driving me wild as I shoved his knees up against his chest rolling him further on to his back.

His perfectly formed butt cheeks spread outwards giving me a glimpse of that clean pinkish brown area drawing me in. Once more I dove down licking at his pucker hole hearing the smaller boy gasp excitedly as he wrapped his arms behind his knees holding them in place. This was something new for Jaden, not to mention for me too, as I greedily lapped at his nether regions adding more dampness down there.

Looking up I could see his soft weighty fleshy pouch drooping heavily between his legs as his testicles bounced around every once in a while up against the apex part of his butt crease where it began to open up. My gaze continued upwards noticing how his hard three inch shaft had come alive as it vibrated and twitched wildly all pressed up tightly against his firm stomach because his legs were rolled up against his body.

Focusing back on the task at hand, the tip of my wet tongue pushed up against Jaden's tight opening before gliding inside the warm confines of his glory hole. The taste of him was delicious, not disgusting at all as I continued to probe him with my tongue making him squirm in response. My fingers wrapped around his sweltering tool and it jerked uncontrollably in response. It burned hotly in my hand, and it began to swell even more obscenely because of the extra stimulation. This was starting to drive him wild, and I could see the pre-cum oozing out of his slit. If I wasn't careful he would explode for sure so I slipped my tongue back out of him making him moan in protest. He opened up his eyes and glanced down yearningly at me with a gaze of disappointed. The look didn't last long replaced with a blissful countenance once more over his features when I ran my tongue along the length of his perineum, the seam that ran between his rosebud and boy pouch. His entire body was slicked up now as I suckled momentarily on his heavy testicles before slipping my warm lips over his extremely firm fire hose and nozzle.

"Fuck," I heard him gasp allowing his legs to drop down on either side of me when he released his hold on them. His legs were bent at the knees and he slowly spread them outwards opening himself up to me even further. Slowly my lips eased downwards towards the base of his shaft until my nose brushed up against his pubic mound. His few fine strands of light brownish hairs tickled my nose as I slowly reversed directions feeling Jaden's body respond to the stimulation. Reaching down between his legs with my right hand I massaged his two weighty testicles in my fingers for a moment before allowing them to wander down further. The heat and dampness emanating from between his pillowy grotto led the way, and soon enough my pointing finger began to insert its way into him making the boy gasp delightedly as I began to probe him.

Slowly at first, my lips and tongue began to explore Jaden's tubular circumference, bulging veins and all, allowing him to savor the moment and sensation. His entire body was set into overdrive with a myriad set of stimulation points assaulting his sensibilities. He squirmed, moaned, groaned, and rocked around trying to find a focal point for the unique sensations burning through his young body.

The heavy heady scent of sex in the air seemed to weigh and settle down profoundly all around us now as I began to work him in earnest. My lips contracted down tighter as I sucked greedily on his hard teenage spout thirsting hungrily for the tasty refreshing treat while at the same time my finger was pounding him on his opposite side for all I was worth. Jaden's entire body began to shake uncontrollably now as his fingers seemed to contract and let loose spastically in my hair.

All of a sudden Jaden sucked in air into his lungs and his entire body seized up. At the same time I felt his steel like gasket clamping down around my finger like a pair of snug handcuffs while his penis flared up inside my mouth letting loose a forceful blast that pounded the back of my throat.

"Aaaargh, umph, umph, umph, aaaaaahhhhhh, umph, umph, umph," Jaden whimpered and moaned as his orgasm rushed through him battering his small frame providing him with the euphoric release he was yearning for the entire time.

The initial blast had slammed against the back of my mouth surprising me with its forcefulness, once more making me wonder how long its been since Jaden's been milked. His thin creamy substance still tasted young and immature, yet seemed to have the subtle undertones of more maturity as another smaller blast exploded out from the tip of his glans bringing me back to the moment. This time I was ready and captured the substance with my tongue savoring the taste while his stiff hose continued to vibrate and wriggle around in my mouth violently. More of his ejaculate started to ooze from his hardness, and I continued to suck him dry voraciously not wanting to waste a single drop of his precious seed.

Jaden was moaning now completely spent and worn out from the intensity of his orgasm, but I didn't allow him any time to recuperate. Letting his still hard fleshy tube slip from my mouth I lifted myself up off of him getting into a kneeling position, and rolled him over on to his stomach. He didn't resist in the slightest still a bit woozy from the aftermath of his high. He was still in that stage of blissful euphoria as I urged him up onto his knees. He rose up, and I wrapped my arm around in front of him pressing my body up against him. My lips brushed up against the back of his neck while my hands wandered downwards to brush lightly up against his still hard and now extremely tender tool. He moaned, hissing at his sensitivity, but his body shivered excitedly. He was completely wiped out and still totally out of it not realizing what was going on.

I didn't allow his body to calm down as I continued to stimulate him, and this confused him even more. Not being allowed to recuperate kept him in a state of bewilderment as I gently pressed on his back forcing his upper body down on to the mattress. He began to instinctively lie down, but I wrapped my around his hips holding the boy in place. His pale colored muttons swayed around now in the air in front of me invitingly as I greedily pressed my groan up between his crease. It was warm and damp, made even more so as my pre-cum intermingled with his wetness making my body shiver. I could feel the goose bumps all up and down my spine. My hard thin four and a half inch conduit seemed to vibrate and twitch wildly between Jaden's dampness.

The salacious sexy boy moaned excitedly when the tip of my penis bumped against his opening, and I saw him twist his neck his eyes opening wildly trying to focus as he gazed back at me with a puzzled look on his face. "Wh…what are you doing?" He managed to get out innocently before his eyes all of a sudden popped open wide when I thrust myself inside of him.

"Oh…oh…shit," I heard him gasp when my thin shaft invaded him busting open wide that virginal boy cherry he never realized he had and was able to offer up.

I was thin, but this was still the fattest thing he's ever had inside of him. He was so wet and slicked up back there from the combination of his perspiration, my spittle, and now my pre-cum, that I had just slid inside of him without much resistance. The fact that he was pretty much out of it also helped because his guard had dropped allowing me complete access without the usual resistance.

Despite this he was still very tight as I continued to bury myself all the way to my root without pause. It was a little rough, but I knew Jaden liked things this way. Still as I plunged downwards it wasn't lost on me that I had just snatched Jaden's virginity from him. I could see his face scrunched up in a little bit of pain as I slid my entire length inside of him before stopping with both of us sweating and panting heavily.

"Oh fuck you are so damn tight," I gasped out enjoying the intense feeling his taut ass was sending all the way up and down the length of my shaft forcing a tingling sensation to bubble up in my testicles which in turn spread outwards throughout the rest of my body.

Jaden continued to breath heavily, and then opened his eyes once more looking back at me questioningly his face still plastered against the mattress. There was still a little pain etched in his features, but it was easing as he began to get accustomed to this type of intrusion. I could see the confusion in his eyes wondering what exactly was going on. It kind of surprised me, and then I recalled our brief conversation over the summer. The one where I had told him if he doesn't get together with a girl soon that I'll just have to take his virginity for myself. Of course it had been a joke at the time, but I recalled his confused look wondering what I was talking about.

Slowly I eased my erection backwards seeing the relief in his eyes before I reversed direction plunging myself once more deeply inside of him. I heard him whimper while I moaned excitedly. He was so warm and tight all wrapped around my stiff shaft like that as I began to slowly make love to him properly. Back and forth I slid my four and a half inch length inside of him trying to hold on for as long as I could.

With Evan things were gentle and tender, but with Jaden I became a bit rougher knowing he enjoyed it that way. Not in a bad way, but just with a bit more force. He began to respond to my spirited thrusts, and his face was now no longer contorted in pain but rather etched with a sort of peaceful and pleasant countenance. I've never lasted this long before as I continued to thrust myself into his pleasurable warmth. Reaching down and pressing my body up tighter against his back I managed to find his little boyish chestnuts grasping at them excitedly. Jaden had become soft in the meantime, but once more began to inflate and harden as my fingers began to stimulate him. While my right fingers massaged his now hardened spike my left hand cupped his still weighty testicles, and began to squeeze them lightly but with enough force to make him gasp and quiver. His body was once more becoming alive with excitement.

"Damn, Jaden, you are so fucking sexy hot," I moaned while I continued to pound away at him surprising myself at how long I was holding out.

Never in a million years would I have thought I'd be fucking other boys like this, but Evan and Jaden turned me on to no end. Ever since my near brush with death I felt so alive and bold. Of course I had known that someday Evan and I would probably make love together giving ourselves over to one another, but never did I think I would be doing this with Jaden. It was like I had lost complete control over myself yearning for pleasure with others as if it were a drug which made me feel so alive.

Our two bodies continued to slap up against one another and I could hear Jaden begin to moan signaling he was getting close to once more popping his cork. It made me wonder if he still had anything to offer up since he just released his fuel receptacles only moments earlier.

"I told you that one day I'd take your virginity," I hissed and then felt Jaden clamping his virginal hole around my thin sleek shaft sending me over the edge at the same time as I rammed myself forcefully into him spilling out my life giving seed deeply inside of the warm damp cave.

"Uuuuumph, uumph, uuumph, aaaaaahhhhhh, umph, umph, umph," I heard myself moan loudly intermingling with Jaden's own orgasmic moaning noises as our guttural voices became one.

My fingers continued to stroke his boyish tube, and I felt it swell in my hands contracting during his orgasm expelling another blast of cum from his swelled up glans. It surprised me since he had just shot a huge load only a few moments earlier. I knew that Evan was a double donor, but this is the first time that Jaden's ever cum twice in a row like this. The thought was fleeting as my own orgasm now ran its course throughout my body and I collapsed over Jaden allowing him to support my entire weight while we both shook and vibrated as one entity in the throws of ecstasy.

My mind seemed to explode in a myriad of colors while I clung to the boy draped over his back. I just allowed my body to let go and find its release. Jaden's body felt warm and comforting, and I could feel the smaller boy's own orgasm as it seemed to rush through him at the same time. His trap door continuously contracted around my erection throwing me deeper and further into rapture. The feeling seemed to last forever reminding me of how long Mattie's orgasms seemed to last. It was so intense having an orgasm protract this extensively that I became jealous of the smaller boy for his ability to hang on to such a wondrous feeling for so long.

All of a sudden I felt Jaden's legs finally give way and he collapsed onto the mattress in total exhaustion pulling me downwards with him as his sphincter clamped over my boyish hardness forcing the issue. My body twitched a few more times, and I could feel myself finally begin to soften up. We were both tired and exhausted, but I wasn't finished yet with Jaden as I lifted myself off of him and rolled him on to his back. He was still breathing hard, the sweat glistening on his skin, but he was still hard and I wasted no time not wanting him to deflate before I was finished with him.

Climbing on top of him and straddling his waist I slowly lowered myself on top of him. His hard penis slid inside of my sweaty slicked up entryway. Jaden immediately gasped and his eyes popped open in surprise, his penis once more being stimulated and forced to wake up. He felt wonderful inside of me as I slowly began to masturbate him with my brown puckered veiled lips.

Jaden's big round blue eyes gazed down at what was happening still not understanding fully that I was going to be taking his virginity in every way possible tonight. He looked up into my eyes, and I leaned forward placing my hands on his shoulders as I slowly began to rock up and down.

"Oh…oh…shit…what the hell are you doing to me?" He squeaked softly overwhelmed and actually beginning to hurt from the over stimulation I was providing him.

"You wanted to know what else I could do to you…well…I'm just showing you. After tonight you will no longer be a virgin." I gasped at him greedily knowing full well that I had just snatched the most beautiful boy on the planet's virginity in every possible boy on boy way.

It was official now as Jaden's hard three inch and thick hose bumped up against my little magic button making me moan and come alive as well once more. I looked down in fascination as my own soft floppy tube began to rise and harden in response.

"Damn, you are so fucking sexy hot." I moaned. "I'm going to make you cum inside of me." I whispered naughtily eliciting a brief giggle from the boy as I lowered my face towards him brushing my mouth softly up against his moist glistening lips.

"I…I'm not sure I've got anything more to give…ooh," I heard the boy squeak at the end when he bumped against my prostate making me clamp down momentarily around his penis. He shivered with the extra stimulation around his hard shaft as it seemed to twitch and vibrate deep down inside of me.

"Oh fuck yeah," I hissed as we both paused for a moment and just looked at one another our two bodies glistening and dripping with perspiration. "You are so beautiful," I whispered making him blush and smile back at me. "I'm going to milk you dry now." I promised him as I slowly began to make love to his excited fleshy hardness that I felt come alive inside of me and begin to twitch around wildly tickling my interior walls.

"Oh fuck Kyle…that feels so damn good. H…how the hell can I still be hard after everything," he whimpered through the dull aching feeling he was having now since the entire event not only became stimulating for him, but also painful at the same time.

Never in his life had he been brought to such a heightened state for so long and so continuously. I began to get second thoughts feeling maybe this was too much for Jaden, but then I felt the tip of his hardened three inch penis nudging against that little button of mine, and all reservations left me as once more my lust for the boy overwhelmed me to my core.

I began to ride him enjoying what I was doing to him. I made it last and dragged it out for the longest time. Normally he never lasted this long either, but he had been over stimulated having climaxed twice already that it was taking me a while to get him to go over the edge. We were both breathing hard our two sweaty bodies glistening slickly. I could see the beads of perspiration running freely down both sides of Jaden's body and also pooling up in the small bowl like cavity of his stomach. My own sweat tickled along my skin as I felt several drops slide down the middle of my back and slither between my butt cheeks only to pool around the base of Jaden's thick piercing penis adding to the lubrication process. It was intense as I continued to ride him. I brought him to the edge several times before bringing him down. He was literally crying now begging me to finish him off, but I was greedy and forced him to wait making it last longer enjoying how he felt inside of me.

"Shit…shit…shit…Kyle…," Jaden gasped with tears pooling around the edges of his eyes. "I…I can't take it anymore," he hissed at me pleadingly while I continued to just ride him completely oblivious to his request in my own covetous world now. "Kyle…," I heard him croak out bringing me back to the moment seeing his anguish and finally allowing him to have his release as I shoved myself forcefully down on to his shaft. The audible squishy sound of our two slicked up sweaty bodies compressing against one another as my fleshy pale cheeks settled on top of his ivory toned pubic mound were clearly noticeable. I felt the tip of his hard flared out penis tip bumping up into my starter button, and I opened up the gates allowing myself to also spill over as our two orgasms collided and merged into one. I watched in amazement as a small blast of my seminal fluid let loose to arch upwards into the air and splatter on Jaden's face and chest. He instinctively lapped it off his face while at the same time his own body contracted.

Deep down inside of me I could feel Jaden's penis flare outwards spilling out his own contents into my warm damp confines. We both moaned ecstatically our orgasms intertwining with one another. This was the third one for Jaden, the second one for me. The poor smaller boy just seemed to whimper and cry in joy as he was finally given some relief. It surprised me how powerful Jaden's orgasm was the third time around. It was just as forceful as his first, and it made me feel so alive inside to have this special experience with him. Our mutual orgasm didn't last as long this time around, and I felt myself slumping on top of the smaller boy once more as we both gasped for air completely spent.

There was a throbbing sensation in my side, and I winced as a sharp pain seemed to stab at me. I knew I had overdone things, and my side protested now in anger, but I was too tired and spent to do anything about it as I continued to wheeze gasping for air. The sharp pain stabbed at me again making me whimper and cry. Jaden must have sensed something wrong because he wrapped his arm around me and gently stroked my back. We lay there like that for several moments until the pain began to ebb away, and I was able to roll off of him.

Both of our soft floppy shriveled up damp teenage noodles glistened wetly when I rolled on to my back, and looked back over at Jaden who was just staring up at the ceiling. The smaller boy looked so salaciously alluring with his chest heaving up and down gasping for air in the aftermath of our iron man like sexual interplay. He finally glanced over at me his eyes a bit glazed over, but a small little smile spread over his features. The satiated blond boy nuzzled up to me settling his head in the crook of my neck and draping his arm and leg over my body.

"So it's official then." He stated more than asked making me look down at him questioningly.

He glanced up and smiled. "I'm no longer a virgin," he giggled making me chuckle as well with just a slight twinge of guilt at what I had just done to the boy, my best friend's little brother. There was no explaining away this action, and the guilt began to override the euphoric aftermath of the orgasmic calmness.

"I…I'm so sorry Jaden," I stated softly as remorse began to take a hold now that everything was over.

The blond sandy haired boy just looked up at me with a confused look on his face. "I shouldn't have…I mean…your first time should have been…," I began to apologize to Jaden, but was cut off when he leaned up and lightly kissed me on the mouth.

Our lips parted and the smaller boy sighed. "Don't Kyle." He whispered softly as I looked down at him questioningly still feeling responsible for how things had played out. "Don't say anything," Jaden continued a small smile forming on his face. 'Damn, he was just so beautiful,' I thought to myself as he continued in his soft boyish voice. "This was…um…it was wonderful, and I don't regret it happening. I'm glad my first time was with you…it makes me feel special. I don't want to ruin it with any regrets…please Kyle…let's not have any regrets. Please tell me you don't feel bad about this, or I will feel awful. You said you loved me and I love you. If that's true then this was something we both should enjoy and appreciate." He whispered tenderly to me as I just gawked at him before nodding my head.

It never ceased to amaze me at how sex could not only bring out the crudeness and vulgarity in us, but also a kind of maturity beyond our years as his adult like comment began to resonate with me. "Yes it was very special Jaden, and I'm glad it happened as long as you are too." I told him seriously feeling a sense of relief for the moment that he didn't have any reservations about what had happened, or feel like I had somehow taken advantage of him.

Instead of responding verbally Jaden countered with a tender kiss his warm supple body pressing up against mine. He felt so soft and inviting as I wrapped my arms around him. Our two musky and seedy heady sexed up boy scents intermingled hanging heavily around us as we continued to enjoy each other in our warm embrace.

"Now if I can only get Evan to do the same thing I'll be in heaven." I heard Jaden giggling naughtily as I just gaped at him.

"Fuck Jaden…I mean you just got off like three times in ten minutes, and you're still horny?" I asked him shaking my head and laughing at his spunk.

"Well…duh…I mean it 'IS' Evan we are talking about here." He continued to giggle teasingly.

"Oh what…so now I'm not satisfying enough?" I scoffed back keeping a serious face as if I were hurt.

"I…um…no…I mean…I didn't mean anything by it." Jaden began to stutter as I leaned down giving him a gentle kiss letting him know I was only teasing.

"You're a fucking dick…you know that?" Jaden hissed back as he punched me in the arm.

"Ouch, fuck Jaden that hurt." I responded because he really had punched me hard.

"Well you deserved it." He told me seriously as I rolled my eyes at him.

"Whatever…but for real Jaden…," I left it hanging there as he just shrugged his shoulders and sighed.

"I can't help it Kyle…I mean it's like I just want Evan so bad. I mean yeah we fool around and all, but I want more…you know? Does that make sense?" He asked me seemingly confused about his feeling.

"No…it makes perfect sense Jaden. You're in love with Evan, and you should let him know." I whispered in his ear giving it a little nibble feeling him shiver responsively at the affectionate display as I pulled him closer to me.

"You really think so…I mean what if he doesn't love me…you know…like that. I…I'd hate to loose him as a friend." He replied back seriously.

"Don't worry Jaden…you will never loose Evan as a friend no matter what…besides I know he loves you too…he told me…and he's worried about letting you know for the same reasons. I just wish the two of you would get over being so hesitant with letting each other know how much you really care for one another." I sighed gently stroking his cheek affectionately with the back of my fingers.

"Yeah…but you and him…I mean…," he began as I just shook my head and rolled my eyes.

"Will you two stop fucking worrying about me. I mean shit Jaden…we will figure it all out. It's not as if all three of us aren't fucking around with one another anyway so what's the fucking difference." I pressed him as I saw him open and close his mouth for a moment trying to respond before he just sighed shaking his head and everything got real quiet between us.

I felt him shiver in my arms getting a little cold now because our clammy sweaty bodies were cooling off. Reaching over I covered us up with the blanket, and snuggled up closer to him. I felt him shift rolling over on to his side turning his back to me so we could spoon together. I smiled down fondly at him as I nuzzled his neck gingerly with my lips allowing my hands to slowly slide down between his legs. Jaden giggled, but moved his legs giving me more access as I gently cupped my hand over his soft fleshy boy giblets. There wasn't anything sexual in the act, but somehow it was comforting to both of us as we settled in and relaxed. A hushed silence enshrouded us, and it began to get dark outside as the evening hours finally began to make its presence known.

Not long after I could hear the soft steady rhythmic breathing coming from the slight figure wrapped up in my arms. Jaden's naked body felt so soft and warm burrowed up closely next to me. Taking in a deep breath to try to get myself to relax a little more I quivered involuntarily from his heady sexy scent. I had worked him hard, the pungent aroma exuding potently from his pores during our sexual escapade. It had intermingled with mine, and now the sharp fragrance clung closely around us with every stir or shift of movement we made. To me it was a pleasant smell, not in the least bit offensive, but I imagined for anyone else entering the room it might be a bit rank.

Sighing, I untangled myself gently from the warmth and comfort lying next to me, and climbed out of bed. Padding over towards my balcony door I cracked it open slightly adjusting the latch so that it would remain open just enough to let in some fresh air without freezing us to death. It wasn't like it was all that cold outside, but it was still chilly enough that I shivered when the cooler air washed over my warm naked body. I paused a moment to look out over our property noticing the reflection of the moon glittering on the lake. It was a clear night, and the next couple of weeks promised more of the same. Looking up into the night sky, the stars seemed to glitter brightly against the dark canvas of the evening sky, the spectacle so serene and calming. I've never really paid much attention to such things before, but lately I seemed to be soaking in the beauty all around me like a sponge, and it made me realize how precious and fleeting life truly was during our brief stay in this stratum of existence.

The nippy air from the small crack in the door started to make me shiver so I tore my gaze away from the clear night sky, and padded made my way back to the bed. Climbing back under the covers I welcomed the warmth emanating from the small soft preciousness lying in bed as it washed over my skin. I allowed the heat to seep back into my skin and bones before snuggling back up against the oven like furnace of the beatific splendid specter lying next to me.

Jaden's body heat radiated outwards wrapping its warm comforting arms around me pulling me in and lulling me to sleep. My eyelids became heavy and before I knew it the outer edges of slumber sucked me into its kind and gentle embrace. I began to dream, and at some point I detected some movement on the outer edges of my consciousness. It was by my bedroom door, and then there was the unmistakable bouquet of Aunt Liz's subtle scented perfume. I could feel her fingers brushing through my hair, and I struggled to wake up, but I was just too tired and too far gone so let it go. I don't know how long she sat there, but then I felt her gentle kiss on my cheek as she leaned down and a soft whisper of 'I love you' in my ear before she got up leaving me slumbering in my fantasy world.

My dreams were pleasant at first, and then began to shift as I struggled to avoid that fateful evil day. Dark clouds began to form in my thoughts as Don waving his gun at me began to take shape and form. It was the beginnings of a nightmare, a way for him to control me. I knew this deep down in the core of my being, and a struggle seemed to invade my subconscious mind. I've fought this nightmare many times now since that fateful day and slowly it began to fade back into the recesses of my mind as I wrapped my thoughts around something more pleasant and fulfilling.

One by one my friends and family began to join ranks wrapping me up in their loving embrace. I greeted them all as they showered me with their love before I let them all go on their way one by one until only Evan and Jaden remained behind. The two boys smiled at each other and hugged before turning their attention towards me. They beckoned me, and I didn't hesitate as I walked over to them allowing them to wrap me up in their warm heartfelt embrace. It seemed somehow right and very pleasing as the dream seemed to fade away altogether with the three of us still embracing one another. It didn't upset me, with how this moment seemed to drift away, and I knew it was coming because this is how it always ended. However, there were times when I wish I would know how it ended or what it meant, but then again it really didn't matter because what truly was important is that we were together.

Once more in the recesses of my mind I detected some movement by my bedroom door before it disappeared. It was somehow familiar, but I was still too tired and exhausted to take note, so continued to allow my body and mind to rest. I could feel that familiar dull ache in my side. It had never truly gone away yet and was always there, but I could tell it was slowly getting better with each passing day now. Perhaps the extra strain I was putting on my injury wasn't helping any, but then again the doctor had advised for me to be out and about as much as possible to speed up the healing process. Although, I had to admit I'm sure he didn't have all this sex play in mind that I've been doing lately.

My penis has never had so much attention, and most of that was due to Evan. It seems as if he couldn't keep his hands off of me any better than I was able to stay away from him. Our sexual interaction had finally progressed to the ultimate stage as the small sexy nubile boy rode me these days like there was no tomorrow. I could feel the spread of a small smile forming on my lips as I recalled those salacious moments, and the familiar stirrings between my legs as my penis began to inflate at the corporeal sensation. Slowly my eyes fluttered open settling on the slight facial features of my hazel eyed beauty hovering several inches above me. Evan had managed to crawl into bed without waking me until now, and my smile spread even wider welcoming him back home as he pressed his lips up against mine gingerly.

"Mmmm, you taste sweet…like hot chocolate and sugar cookies." I smiled at him realizing this must have been Aunt Liz' Christmas time tradition; making sugar cookies and hot cocoa for the boys. "Did you have a good time?" I asked whispering softly so as not to wake up Jaden.

There was no need for concern because as I glanced over I noticed the small sandy haired boy was soundly asleep and softly snoring in his slumber which made me giggle. I had worn him out so much that he didn't even stir. Evan followed my gaze before looking back down at me and smiling back.

"Hmmm, maybe I should be asking you?" He retorted as he wrinkled his nose at our sex smell before giggling knowingly.

I laughed back at him and nodded my head. "Yeah I did have a good time, and believe me Jaden was missing you something awful." I responded back eliciting a questioning look as I winked. "Yeah, after I took his virginity he was looking for more action wishing you were here with us." I told him smugly getting a shocked look from Evan.

"No fucking way…you didn't?" He retorted looking at me in shock before a small smile spread over his features. "Oh…my…gawd…you did. Geeze Kyle what's gotten into you lately?" Evan teased me not in the least bit upset that I had done the dirty deed with his best friend. "Well…how was it?" He asked curious now.

"What do you mean?"

"You know…was it…um…like with us?" He asked as I looked back at him wondering if telling him had been such a good idea after all.

Evan just waited patiently for me to respond. There didn't seem to be any malice there or jealousy, just pure simple curiosity. In a way it shouldn't surprise me since it seemed like we were heading in this direction anyway. He loved Jaden and he loved me. He also knew I felt the same way about him and Jaden. He just didn't know how Jaden felt about him, or rather he suspected, but just didn't really seem to want to confirm it.

Smiling back at my sweet boy I just shook my head and sighed mischievously. "Well maybe you should just find out for yourself." I told him as I reached over to the nightstand and retrieved the lube Evan and I used when we made love together.

"What…here…now?" Evan's voice rasped with a look of worry on his face as he glanced towards the sleeping form of his best friend and licking his lips nervously.

His face seemed to soften when he looked at Jaden sleeping peacefully. His whole body quivered excitedly as he tore his gaze away from the boy, and looked back at me shaking his head. I could tell he was hesitant about the whole thing already looking like he was going to back out of the situation. It was time he finally let down the last remnants of the broken down wall that had been steadily crumbling around his feet. The one he had resurrected to protect himself from the evil manipulations of Don, and the one I was working on to break back down with tender loving care.

"Evan just relax and let it happen. Jaden told me himself that he loved you too and that he wished the two of you could finally take that final step together. He wants to feel you inside of him." I assured my sweet little angel as conflicting emotions flickered across his features.

"Yeah but what about…you…us?" He asked me making me look at him as if he had lost his mind.

"What do you mean us? Geeze Evan I just got done telling you that I made love to your best friend and it didn't even bother you. What makes you think you doing the same thing will bother me. I want this for you too Evan. It just seems…right somehow. We all love each other so…I don't mind sharing you with someone you love, just like you don't mind sharing me." I responded rolling him on his back and gently rubbing some slippery lubricant on his thick fleshy and hard rigid three inch long penis.

The damn thing was bouncing around so much it made me giggle. "See even your cock wants it." I teased him finishing up and turning towards Jaden.

The smaller boy was still lying on his side so I piled up some pillows in front of him and gently rolled him on top. Jaden moaned a little in his sleep, but that was all as I spread apart his two lovely red dimpled apples sliding my fingers between his warm crease. My fingers gently spread around the lubricant before retreating and looking over towards Evan who was just staring and slowly masturbating his rock hard erection. It made me giggle knowing how much he craved for this to happen.

We switched positions and Evan lined up behind his friend wriggling between the boy's two legs, and then looked towards me. I nodded my head encouragingly and watched as my sweet little angel slowly mounted the most beautiful boy we've ever laid eyes on. My breaths caught in my chest as I watched Evan slowly slip his thick three plus inch erection between the warm confines of his best friend's gully. He reached down and guided himself to his target, and then paused briefly once he bumped up against the trap door.

Jaden's body quivered almost expectantly in his sleep making Evan glance over towards me afraid he might have woken up his friend. The sandy blond haired boy seemed to settle down a little and I could see Evan leaning his hips forward in concentration. There seemed to be a little resistance, and I could see the strain on the curly haired boy's feature before they suddenly turned blissful when the resistance yielded and he slid past the guarded opening.

"Oh…my…gawd," I hissed noisily at what I was witnessing as Jaden seemed to stir out of his sleep and began to whimper at the intrusion.

His eyes flew open and he gazed directly at me before they seemed to glaze over when the familiar sexual sensation washed over his body. "Oh fuck…oh fuck…oh fuck," Evan hissed as I watched him slump on top of his friend and wrap his hands beneath Jaden's armpits clamping his hands down around the boy's shoulders in a backwards position.

Evan slowly lowered himself down completely on top of Jaden, and I repositioned myself getting a better angle and was rewarded with seeing the curly haired boy's fat hardness get buried to the root inside of the sandy haired boy. Jaden's brown eyed lips were wrapped tightly around the base of Evan's shaft and both boys now quivered intensely.

Jaden opened his eyes craning his neck to see who was inside of him, and then smiled happily as he sighed and clutched at his pillows. "Oh shit Evan…you feel so fucking thick and hot inside of me." He moaned ecstatically and slowly climbed to his knees giving his friend even more access to him.

Evan didn't need any more encouragement as he began to slowly retreat before shoving himself slowly back inside of his friend. He was way thicker than I was, but I had most definitely broken in the other boy so he took all of what his friend had to offer greedily without blinking an eye.

"Faster…harder," Jaden pleaded as he reached down and began to masturbate himself hard while Evan began to pick up the pace. Noticing Jaden needed some help I crawled beneath both him and Evan shoving away the pillows in the process. I scooted on my back beneath and between both of their legs looking up noticing first Evan's loose balls as the wiggle around between his legs, and then Jaden's bouncing around every time his friend pounded up against his orbs. It was a unique view as I slipped between their legs. Evan had to spread apart his legs a bit more moving Jaden's in the process to give me more room. Now beneath Jaden I leaned up slipping his semi-hard erection inside of my lips and felt it come alive.

"Uuumph…oh fuck yes," Jaden hissed as he looked down at me his eyes bulging out noticing I had suckled up his little boy penis and was working it around in my lips. He moaned at the intensity of getting it from both ends. "Oh fuck you guys are so damn hot," He grunted as he now began to try and sync up with the rocking motion behind him as Evans' thick sausage kept pounding him in the back side while I worked on his front end. It took a moment, but all three of us seemed to click and form a sort of rhythm. Jaden's penis tasted delicious in my mouth as he began to dribble pre-cum which surprised me considering how much I had milked him only a few hours earlier. I guess that says something about us young teenagers as we seemed to immediately begin to replenish our precious cargo. It made me wonder how much had been reloaded that he could give. His pre-cum seemed on the runny side, and I suspected the rest of his spunk probably was as well, but that only meant it would be that much lighter and sweeter.

"Oh shit…oh shit Jaden…you're so fucking tight…I…I don't know how much longer I can…umph…shit." I heard Evan grunt and loose his rhythm for a moment.

When Evan began to crest I immediately reached behind him and inserted my finger forcefully in his back side compelling him to spiral downwards for the moment. Now as my fingers began to work my little curly haired sweetness he once more began to pound on the back door of his friend's house. Jaden hadn't been ready yet, and I knew it would take him longer than usual because he had just recently been spent several times. I wanted to give him the opportunity to enjoy this just as much as Evan. They both deserved it as I once more tuned in to the boys trying to guide them along.

Evan seemed to sense this as well so tried to adjust his position looking for that sweet spot to help bring Jaden along. Of course my curly haired boy was way thicker than me, but he just didn't have the length as he began to shove himself even further trying to connect with his friends magic button. I removed my finger from his sweaty warm cavern and wrapped my hands on his two fleshy orbs now pulling on them with every one of his thrusts. This seemed to help because all of a sudden Jaden seemed to jolt.

"Oh fuck," Jaden gasped as I began to suckle on his thick glans running my tongue along the underside of his penis before circling his corona. "Oh shit…shit…shit…here I…aaaaaaaah, umph, umph, umph," I heard him rumble and moan as the first soupy blast of his warm sauce came blasting out of his slit splattering against the tip of my tongue that I had forced between his pee slit.

As soon as Jaden climaxed it sent Evan over the edge as well. I pulled the smaller boy into Jaden and I could feel his orbs contract beneath my fingers sending my little angel to quivering ecstatically in the throes of his orgasmic eclipse as he emptied himself deep inside of Jaden mixing his precious seed with mine that had spilled out into the boy hours earlier.

Both of them seemed to rock and sway as their climax rippled through their tiny bodies. I could see Jaden's stomach contracting while his rigid erection vibrated in my mouth. My senses were so alive taking in both boys' orgasms experiencing this wondrous occasion from a different perspective. It was so fucking sexy hot that my own boyhood seized up as well, my hard penis expelling its own special formula all over the back of Evan's body as it exploded upwards making that sticky splattering sound as it sprayed all over his shoulders. I could feel the sticky substance flowing over my hands as it quickly dribbled down his back and between the smaller boy's butt crack as my hands continued to knead his fleshy orbs. I never even had to touch myself that's how erotically exciting this moment had been for all of us.

All of a sudden Jaden's knees gave way and his body collapsed on top of my face bringing Evan along with him. I was being smothered so I was forced to heave and roll them over to the side. Both boys seemed to separate with Evan slipping out of Jaden his hard penis still twitching around. They both were gasping for air on their backs with their hard erections pointing upwards glistening with dampness trying to calm back down. A sharp stabbing pain had ripped through my side from the heaving exertion, and I curled up on my side my teenaged hardness immediately deflating. I moaned in pain which got both boys' attention.

The were still panting as they hovered over me while tears stung the corners of my eyes. They reached out towards me with concern etched on their faces and gingerly rolled me on to my back trying to get a better look at what was wrong. I just winced and panted as I held on to their hands with my eyes squeezed shut.

"Shit, Kyle are you alright?" I heard Evan's voice calling out to me while all around me things seemed to get foggy for a moment.

I just nodded my head and tried to concentrate pushing aside the pain in my side. "Are you sure?" I heard Jaden's voice now as I continued to nod my head and panted.

"Yeah…mmmph…shit," I gasped and whimpered as another stabbing pain seemed to creep up on me making me wince again and suck in air.

My hands clamped down on the boys' hands as another wave of pain ran all up and down my right side. "Fuck…fuck…fuck…," I hissed allowing the tears to flow down my cheeks.

A small hand began to stroke my cheek and I opened up my eyes trying to focus on the two boys' features. Slowly they came into focus and my pain seemed to subside a little allowing me to breath in deeper. Evan's hand had slithered away from my cheek and was now lightly brushing my brow before once more shifting his fingers running them through my hair. I breathed in a sigh of relief and nodded my head to the boys letting them know I was alright.

"Shit I'm so sorry," Jaden whimpered and looked like he was about to cry.

"For what?" I asked him a bit baffled.

"For collapsing on you…if I hadn't…," he began but I reached up and pulled him down next to me lightly kissing him on the mouth before doing the same to Evan.

"No guys…no regrets. That was fucking awesome." I whispered happily with both of them snuggling up against my body.

Their heat radiated outwards wrapping me up in their warm embrace. What had happened between the boys was beautiful, and I didn't want to spoil it for them as I breathed them in.

"Are you sure you're alright?" Evan began looking up at me while Jaden did the same.

"Of course, it was just I did something stupid is all. I mean it just sort of happens still. If I twist or exert myself too much the pain just sort of creeps up and surprises me is all. It's getting better every day, but I still have to be a little careful is all. Besides, I think all this…um…exercise program is speeding up the healing process, and it doesn't hurt that doing this type of process feels totally awesome at the same time." I chuckled jokingly while both boys tried to smile as well. "Now…it's high time the two of you get together to discuss some things." I told them sitting up and scooting off the bed. "I'm going to go get cleaned up a little while the two of you finally talk things out. Remember rule number one." I pointed out to Evan specifically while he sighed and just looked at me before nodding his head.

"Yeah I know," He shook his head. "I promise." He finished while I just folded my arms and looked at him. "What…I said I promise." He reiterated defensively satisfying me that he would finally talk with Jaden letting him know how he felt and loved his friend in that special kind of way.

Turning around I headed into the bathroom to get cleaned up grabbing a fresh set of clothes along the way. I felt pretty scummy at the moment and also very sore. I had overdone things and my entire right side and insides ached, but then another thought crossed my mind and I began to giggle. Well I have a feeling someone else was going to be aching way more than me come morning. This was Jaden's first time being worked so hard on his back end. I had broken him in pretty good and then Evan had come along stretching him out even further with his short but much thicker stub. That was going to be one sore ass come morning I chuckled to myself as I checked out my side in the mirror making sure I hadn't opened up my scab before covering it up and hopping into the shower.

It didn't take me long to finish up because I just had to rinse off for the most part and expel Jaden's cum from my ass. I had to chuckle to myself because never in a million years would I have thought I'd get so much dick action, or any for that matter. If you would have asked me six months ago I would have denied being gay. I had sexual feelings for girls, but then Evan came along and I was now positive I was gay for sure. After the accident this became even more apparent as my salacious appetite for boys imposed its will on me.

Slipping on a pair of simple gray athletic shorts and a white t-shirt I sighed looking at myself in the mirror. My young boyish features were starting to show the signs of maturity. I knew I would retain my youthful appearance for many years to come having similar bone structure as my dad, but I could see the signs of manliness moving stealthily inserting its control over my younger features. It was inevitable, but I had to smile at the promising outcome. From my perspective I could tell that my features were evolving to something more akin to handsomeness. Soon I would have to also leave behind many of my childish ways growing up into an adult that was expected to contribute to our society. In many ways I was looking forward to this, but in a way I was also yearning to have back those more innocent times. Don had cheated some of this innocence from me, and also from Evan and Mattie, but now I was hoping that some of the stolen time from the two Prescott boys could be replaced.

For Evan this meant allowing himself to regress into a more youthful trusting state taking his cue from Jaden. The more time he spent with his friend, and the more activities they did together, seemed to help with allowing him to slide backwards into his childhood. It was good to see Evan interact in a more open and free spirited childlike manner with Jaden. Mattie was a different matter because he was beating to a different drum, and in many ways had been able to retain his childhood until recently. My hope was that the nightmare Don put him through briefly would finally disappear from his mind altogether. The recent shooting had brought that back to the forefront, but the younger boy seemed to be dealing with it in his own way as usual. His sexual escapade with Luca seemed to have spun him back to his usual spunky like self.

Soon Riley and Grant would be visiting us, and I was sure Mattie would once again latch on to his young friend. They had remained in constant contact via skype practically every day. Grant and Riley seemed to be doing much better as brothers, and had grown very close as siblings. Almost every night when I tuck Mattie into bed he tells me all about Grant and Riley, and what the boys are up to. He confided in me as well that his friend is constantly asking after me wanting Mattie to let me know that he sends his greeting my way. It seemed odd to me that Grant would inquire so often over me, but then again I felt a connection with the other boy. I guess the whole issue regarding the challenge coin connected us in a close kind of way. We sort of had that relationship because of what our fathers had to go through in the Special Forces. The coin was something very special for Grant, and also for me, so in a way we were linked through what it means to both of us.

When I got shot Mattie told me that Grant had cried uncontrollably on the other end, and that Riley had to hold on to his little brother trying to console him. It took a long time for the smaller boy to calm down even after Mattie had assured him everything was fine. Something seemed to have happened to Grant when he heard the news. He had become a shell of himself, and just beside himself. He didn't know what to do. Everything seemed much better now though ever since Riley's mom told the boys they could come and spend Christmas with us since she had to work anyway. It was as if the news had lifted up Grant's spirit. I was looking forward to both of them coming over as well. I was missing Riley's quirkiness and his infectious personality. Out of all the boys we met at camp I felt the closest to Riley. After spending time with him this past summer in Santa Cruz our friendship had cemented even further along with his younger brother. In a way they had become like family, and I counted Riley as one of my closest friends second only to Gabe.

Finishing up I walked over to the door leading into my bedroom and opened it up. A small smile spread over my features as I looked on with the sandy haired blond boy pounding away at Evan. The curly haired boy was lying on his back his right leg draped over Jaden's left shoulder. Both boys' skin was gleaming in the moonlight as it reflected off their perspiring torsos. Jaden was on top of Evan his body contorting as he grunted and shoved his groin into his best friend. His stiff shaft was plunging deeply in and out of Evan's exposed tunnel, and they both were looking deeply into one another's eyes.

"Oh…oh…fuck this…mmmph…feels so fucking good to be inside of you. I…I love you so much Evan." I heard Jaden whisper as he slowed down and buried his entire shaft deeply into Evan pausing long enough so he could lean down and kiss the other boy passionately.

Evan's hazel eyes burned with desire and tenderness as he lifted his head accepting the kiss from his friend. Their lips parted and Evan's mouth twitched into a smile.

"I love you more Jaden…you feel so fucking sexy inside my ass. I wish this could last forever," he whispered back to his seductively alluring sultry friend as a single teardrop escaped the corner of his eye.

"Why are you crying?" Jaden grunted as he shifted into a better position carefully so as not to slip out of the magical tunnel of love.

"N…nothing…just…you promise…you know…that nothing will change for us…you know…regarding Kyle. I…I love him too much Jaden…and…and please don't force me to choose?" Evan hiccupped as a small whimper escaped his lips.

"What…of course not Evan…I love Kyle too, and I don't want to choose either. Why can't we just all be lovers together? I love you just as much as I love Kyle. D…do you love me like that too? I mean…I…I understand if you don't." He whispered nervously as his sweaty face screwed up with the rippling effect of pleasure pumping through his body because he was still buried inside of Evan.

'Shit,' I thought to myself. 'Why didn't they work this out before they started banging each other again?'

"Of course I love you Jaden? I told you that…I love you just as much as I love Kyle." He replied defensively while Jaden just smiled in relief.

"Then its settle the three of us will just be boyfriends and lovers together." I heard Jaden respond as he began to shovel his hardened tool inside of Evan surprising the curly haired boy with the sudden move, and all of a sudden sending him over the edge when he bumped into the boy's prostate.

That was all it took as Jaden was sent over the edge at the same time when Evan's iron like iris clamped down tightly around his erections. The huge rolling tidal wave engulfing the curly haired boy's entire being transferred its shockwaves into Jaden sweaty and slicked up body sending him into his fifth orgasm of the night. Both boys squirmed and rocked together in their orgasmic eclipse as they moaned in joyous wonderment.

Closing the door I made my way into Mattie's room, and sat down for a moment next to him running my fingers through his hair. He stirred for a moment and looked up at me smiling before closing his eyes again and yawning.

"Hey Kyle how are you feeling?" The smaller boy whispered half asleep.

"Just fine my little Mattie boy." I responded fondly as I leaned down and kissed him lightly on the lips.

"That's good. Grant says high and can't wait to come over in a few days." He sighed softly making me smile dotingly at how Mattie took great care into relaying his friend's message to me.

"Thanks Mattie." I whispered tenderly to him letting him slip back to sleep then heading out his door and into the kitchen.

The light was on, and when I rounded the corner my dad was sitting at the table holding a cup of hot chocolate in his hands just looking at the newspaper. He looked up at me and smiled, Sage giving me away when he got up and padded towards me. I kneeled down next to the large Malinois and patted him affectionately.

"Hey big boy," I sighed scratching behind his ears. "I'm sorry boy about ignoring you lately. I promise tomorrow we will go out for a walk around the lake. It's been a while and I'm itching for some fresh air." I promise the dog who just licked my face making me giggle and gently push him away before standing back up.

"Can't sleep?" My dad inquired as I shrugged my shoulders in a non committing way and getting a cup of apple juice.

My mouth felt parched as I guzzled down the whole glass before filling it up again and sitting down at the table next to my dad. He set down the newspaper and wrapped his arm around my shoulder leaning over and gently kissing me on the top of my head.

"I love you Kyle…you know that son…right?" He asked me making me look at him and smile while also blushing.

Looking down at my glass I nodded my head. "Yeah I know dad, and I love you too." I responded looking back at him.

He seemed to sense something and smiled at me. I had so many questions I wanted to ask him, and so many things I wanted to talk to him about. Facing my own death made me realize there were so many things I didn't know about my dad, and so many unresolved issues. It would take time to get through them all, but I didn't even know where to begin.

"So you want to talk about it?" My dad asked making me jump and look at him questioningly wondering what he meant.

"Talk…I mean about what?" I responded a bit confused.

"About whatever is bothering you…maybe about what happened with Don…you know getting shot? How are you feeling?" My dad asked as I shrugged my shoulders not knowing where to begin.

"I…I'm not sure dad." I responded wondering how to go about explaining my overwhelming feelings lately.

"Hmmm…I see…any nightmares?" He asked me as I just scrunched up my eyes and shook my head.

"No…not really…is that normal?" I asked a little worried now.

My dad seemed to sigh in relief, but shrugged his shoulders. "Some people have nightmares after a traumatic event like that some don't."

"Oh…I see." I responded as I digested the information. "Dad…," I began looking up at him as he just gazed back without any judgment but rather just a sort of 'I'm there for you' look. "Um…I just don't know how to explain how I feel. I mean it's like…I feel…," I paused sighing not knowing how to proceed.

"You feel alive, invincible…horny," he added the last pausing before throwing it out there making me blush, but nod my head as I looked down at my glass nervously.

"How…how did you know?" I asked him looking towards him.

"I've been there Kyle…so I just know. I almost died too remember…several years ago from my battle wounds, so I sort of get what you are going through. Of course for me it is a little different because I signed up for that possibility, but it still hit me afterwards. So these feelings you are experiencing are completely normal when you've gone through a traumatic event like this. Everyone reacts differently, but also seem to have certain groupings of emotions in common. You survived something you shouldn't have, and faced death squarely in the face and unflinchingly. This sort of gives you that invincible kind of feeling…and of being vibrantly alive because you stared down the face of a loaded gun knowing this was it for you. You never flinched so these feelings inside of you bubble up to the surface and they are difficult to control. It makes you feel…alive…but in a different kind of way…sometimes…um…even sexual. Do you understand?" He asked me as I nodded my head knowing exactly what he was saying; especially, regarding the whole horny situation.

Lately it's been like I haven't been able to keep my cock zipped up and locked away. Every boy that walked by was just a potential source of sexual gratification for me. Thank goodness I've had Evan to help me out with my zealousness or who knows what I might be capable of. As it was even those who were my friends and willing participants I had sort of gone over the top. I mean look at what just happened between Jaden and myself? Would I have actually gone that far with him if I weren't feeling so beleaguered? There had been that sense of guilt afterwards, but Jaden had saved me when he had told me he was glad it had happened. I should have asked him first though because taking his virginity like that was something very special and precious.

"How…um…how did you control those feelings dad? I mean they just seem to overwhelm me sometimes?" I asked him biting my lower lip nervously as he just smiled at me.

"Which part?" He chuckled shaking his head pretty much knowing already what I was talking about. "Well as for the horniness part your mother was a big help there. Let's just say that we both were pretty sore for a long time…almost a whole year…if you know what I mean?" He chuckled winking at me and making me blush.

"Oooh gross dad. I mean way too much information if you know what I mean?" I cringed and shook my head nervously. I mean I knew they had sex and all, but for real, not something I really want to know out in the open.

"Um…yes…I suppose, but my point is that for you something like that is probably going to be a bit tough. I mean you are in-between girlfriends now…not that we would really like seeing you…well you know…doing things with another girl just yet…but at your age things sort of happen. Anyway…my point is that without that sort of help you will have to find other ways to deal with your…um urges." He told me making me look away ashamed because I had been doing just that, but not in the way he figured.

It got a little quiet around the table as I struggled with the information he just gave me. I felt so ashamed at what I was doing, and how I was going about it. Keeping something like being gay a secret from everyone was something understandable, but from my parents keeping such secrets was now so devastating to me. How does an only son explain to their parents that he's gay? I felt my dad's arm on my shoulder, and he drew me towards him so he could hold me. This simple gesture was just too much as all of a sudden the floodgates opened and I began to cry in earnest. I've been living a lie now for months, and didn't know how I could rectify the situation.

Then I heard a voice speaking and heard the words. "Dad, I'm gay." At first I didn't know who had said it then it dawned on me that it had been my own voice as I stiffened up realizing I had just told my dad that I was gay.

Looking up through bleary eyes I opened and closed my mouth trying to speak to say anything. Tears were stinging my eyes, and I couldn't even see his reaction as I tried to speak again. "P…please dad…please don't hate me. I…I'd just die if you hated me." I told him wiping away the tears from my eyes getting a better look at him.

My dad had turned his face away from me, and this simple gesture just broke my heart as I began to once more cry, but not in a forceful way, rather a soft deep hurting kind of way. My whole insides ached now as I wrapped my arms around my body and began to rock back and forth completely devastated. "I'm so sorry dad…please…I'm so sorry." I whispered softly over and over again.

Then I felt his strong arms wrap around my shoulders, the same ones that always seemed to be there when I needed it most, pulling me towards him as a shuddering sigh escaped his lips. Looking up I could see my father's own tears trickling down his cheeks as he gently held me in his arms. We both just sat like that for the longest time until he released me helping me wipe away the wetness from my eyes.

"Dad…," I hiccupped looking up at him a bit frightened of what I might see.

His face seemed neutral as he just looked back at me before a gentle smile crossed his features, and he nodded his head breathing out softy. "Well…I suppose we sort of knew this Kyle. I mean your mother and I had talked about it, and we promised to be accepting if it were true…but still…to hear it for the first time…it's still hard…you know?" He admitted to me as he leaned over and kissed me lightly on the cheek.

Nodding my head I could understand. "Um…dad…there's more…I…I'm in love." I admitted to him as he smiled again nodding his head.

"Evan?" He asked surprising me as I nodded my head.

"I see…and the two of you…have you been…I mean…um…have you acted on your feelings for each other?" He asked me as I looked down in shame and nodded my head.

"I see." He responded while things seemed to get a little quiet around us once more.

After a few moments he finally reached over and cupped his hand under my chin gently easing my head up making me look at him. "Has Evan talked to his mom about this yet?" He asked me as I scrunched up my eyebrows and shrugged my shoulders.

"Um…sort of…I mean she knows about us and says she's fine with it as long as no one gets hurt." I responded as he nodded his head and sighed.

"Well…I think your mother, me, and your aunt are going to have to talk about this Kyle. I mean…it's one thing to be gay Kyle, but something completely different with such an age difference. I mean, if you two were adults it wouldn't be such a big difference, but at your age the difference is pretty big. Things change quickly at such a young age for you kids these days. I just don't want anyone to get hurt Kyle. I mean Evan is more like family you know…and this could complicate things. Have you two considered this?" He asked me as I nodded my head.

"Of course dad…we've talked about it a lot. We both know that this might not last, but we have such strong feelings for one another."

"I understand Kyle, but I really want you to take a close look at your feelings for Evan to make sure they are what they really are. The two of you are so close that sometimes what you have can be mistaken in a different way…so just consider what I'm saying." He told me gently as I screwed up my eyes at him wondering if there was some other motive.

"What…you don't think I'm gay or something…that my feelings for Evan is just infatuation or something?" I asked him a bit defensively as he just shook his head.

"No…that's not what I'm saying at all. Being gay is one thing Kyle, and I'm pretty sure at this stage you know if you are gay or not…so I accept this. All I'm suggesting is just think about what I'm saying regarding Evan. I'm not necessarily objecting to the issue that you've had sex with him, just that maybe what you feel for him isn't necessarily the love as a lover, but something maybe a bit different. I don't know how to explain it clearly to you Kyle…just that love takes on many shapes and forms, and have various levels of meanings. You have to figure out what you truly have between you and Evan. You feeling love for him I have no doubt, but what exact kind of love you have for him is something you should really look closely at. You also need to look at what is right for both of you, and what affect your relationship will have in the long run. If it is true love then nothing else matters…if not then what is the right thing to do."

We both fell silent as I tried to digest the information he gave me. In a way he sort of made sense. After all I've been questioning my feelings a lot lately; especially, those involving Evan. I've been having doubts on some levels as to our true feelings. That I loved him is not really the issue because I know this to be true for a fact, but exactly what this means for the two of us is entirely different. Now there was also Jaden to consider, but this was something I truly wasn't going to say anything about to my father. I think the revelations I already provided tonight was enough to deal without also adding the additional issue of Jaden in the mix of things.

"Dad…um…is this going to become a problem…I mean with me and Evan…and…um…?" I asked him leaving the rest unsaid as he just looked at me and shook his head.

"No," he sighed as he leaned back in his chair. "Liz knows about it and is alright with it, your mother and I will talk about it amongst ourselves and with Evan's mom, but you are old enough to pursue your heart and this is something that is for you to figure out. The only thing we will have to work out is the whole sleeping arrangement. We wouldn't allow you to openly sleep with a girl at night in your room, and I think it is inappropriate with Evan as well, but then again I'm not so sure since this is an entirely different kind of situation. We will leave things as they are for now, but this is something we need to discuss with Liz. She seems to be alright with Evan having sex with you and sleeping in the same room. It's not like he can get pregnant, and if you haven't hurt him by now I don't think that is an issue either. So for now…the answer is no…it isn't going to create an issue. What about your friends?" He asked me curiously.

"Huh…I don't understand?" I replied.

"Do they know?" He pressed.

"Yeah…they know…for a while now." I responded as he just looked at me, and then began to laugh.

"Shit Kyle…really? Damn…I don't know why that surprises me; although, I do have to admit that I'm surprised about Gabe knowing." He told me seriously.

"Yeah…well him…he was a bit more difficult to bring around. He's cool with it though." I reassured my dad who grunted and stood up.

"Well I suppose you should head back to bed Kyle and try to get some rest. Tomorrow we will decorate the tree, and then on Monday you are back in school for a few days before vacation. Once school is out we will be having Riley and his little brother over to celebrate with us. This year we have a lot to be thankful for." He told me looking at me pointedly. "I mean that with all my heart Kyle. I thank God that you survived this whole mess, and I could care less about the rest, the same goes with your mother. There will be some tough times ahead for all of us to be sure…you know…um…concerning…your preference…and how others will react, but nothing we can't get through as a family." He reassured me as he hugged me to him and then gave me a resounding smack on the ass pushing me towards my room.

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