Kyle's Ten Golden Rules

by Hunter Woods

Chapter 2

As soon as I stepped out the door the heat from outside wafted over my body. We live in the small town of Caddize, Kentucky about a thirty to thirty five minute drive North East of Fort Campbell, where my dad is stationed. We could have lived in the housing area on Post, but my parents had decided this is where they were going to retire someday anyway so they might as well build and settle in hoping for the best that he doesn't get transferred.

My parents both grew up in the area, and it's just dumb luck that he chose a path in the Military where he was able to be stationed close by. The nature of my father's job in the Army made it clear we would be remaining here in at least the foreseeable future, but we also had to be prepared for the inevitable move, and possibly being stationed oversees at some point if he wanted to advance his career. As it was we were very lucky to have lived here all my life because in the Army, most soldiers are always transferred to different postings every two to four years.

Our school lets out for summer vacation in the middle part of May, and it's now the end of May so the weather is quickly warming up in the area. As I set out on my jog it was already close to eighty degrees Fahrenheit.

By the time I finally make it to the Prescott's, with a short excursion to the video store, my body and clothing are already soaked with perspiration. It had been a pretty good run, and I was breathing a little raggedly as I rang the doorbell.

A miniature version of Evan answered the door by the name of Mattie, and I had to admit that the eight year old looked pretty cute. As he swung open the door I couldn't help but admire the petite slight figure standing in front of me wearing a pair of blue and tan plaid colored Cherokee flat front shorts with a matching button up shirt, which currently was open in the front exposing his firm tummy and chest. His loose shirt fluttered around in the warm breeze that flowed through the open doorway revealing a smooth skinned bronze colored torso that was already reaping the benefits of the sun and warmer weather. I smiled at the younger boy who had the same brown colored curly hair, and similar eye coloring as his older brother. If one were to go back four years, and have Evan answer the door, you would swear it was Mattie standing in front of you. That's how much they looked alike. The only difference between the boys was the thin rimmed glasses that Mattie wore, and a slight variation of eye coloring. They both have those large round hazel colored eyes that shift into different shading of gray, greens, and blues; but Mattie's eyes tended to shift more towards the green shadings; whereas, Evan's towards the blues.

"Hey Kyle," Mattie squeaked in that higher pitched tone reminiscent of little boys his age. I bent over to give the little guy a bear hug, and he squirmed half heartedly trying to get away.

"Oooh, yuck. You're all sweaty," he complained, but not too aggressively. I knew he was a hugger, and even though I'm covered in perspiration he wouldn't take the chance of missing out on a good ole fashioned squishy from me.

Mrs. Prescott ambled over with her significant other, Don, close behind. She was all smiles, and amused as she watched little Mattie squirming around. I let him go and stood back up to greet the adults.

"I hope you don't mind if I take a quick shower and get cleaned up a bit…you know…training." I stated explaining my current state and noticing that Evan had wandered over to the group as well looking a bit more reserved with the adults around.

I could tell that Don wasn't amused. Not only for me giving Mattie a big squishy, but also because of me coming over all sweaty.

"Don't you think you should have done your training at home so you could get cleaned up over there instead of coming over here to dirty up our showers?" He asked giving me a cold look.

I saw Mrs. Prescott roll her eyes at Don's comment so I just ignored him. "Oh sweetie, you know Kyle is like one of my own boys. After all I did change his diapers here in the house when he was just a baby. Besides, how much dirtier can he make the bathroom when he's already piddled all over our floor when he was potty training. He's a big boy now, and I'm sure he will clean up after himself," she chided Don patting the obnoxious oaf on the cheek. The guy didn't seem to like being treated so offhandedly like that, and gave her a stern look, which she ignored with a smile.

I heard both Evan and Mattie giggling at the piddling all over the floor comment. "What are you guys laughing at?" I teased them as Evan spoke up.

"C'mon, you piddled all over our bathroom floor. That's totally funny." I heard Evan say as both him and his little brother giggled hysterically.

"Yeah, I guess it is pretty funny at that, but I seem to recall both of you doing a lot of your own piddling on the bathroom floors, not to mention one of you actually going potty and leaving a nice sized log in the bathtub." I teased them back seeming to recall some commotion years ago on the incident.

"No way!" Both boys protested in unison and then "that wasn't me," they both whined looking at each other before busting up.

'Yup, brothers for sure,' I thought to myself as both Mrs. Prescott and I laughed hysterically while Don just rolled his eyes a little flustered at where this conversation had gone. Mrs. Prescott could see how Don was starting to get worked up so she quickly gave us all the normal parent type of instructions, including the fact that Mattie had a new allergy medicine he needed to take after supper, and then leaned over to give her boys a hug and kiss. Of course Mattie clung to his mother despite the stern look he got from Don, and Evan gave her a quick peck on the cheek before pulling back rapidly out of her embrace. After taking a glance at Don, he sidled a look towards my direction blushing a little from embarrassment. I recognized that look as if he was saying 'Mothers! You know how it is'?

I gave Evan a knowing look as I turned my head forcing Mrs. Prescott to give me a kiss on the cheek as well as if I were her little boy too. I threatened to lean in for a bear hug, but she just giggled like a little girl, and half heartedly hit me with her purse.

"Awwwwe, Mooooommmmm," I mockingly whined. "I want a hug too," I stated with a straight face.

She smacked me again with her purse. "Don't you dare Kyle Michael Schonefeld. Maybe next time you will come over in a more decent respectable state to receive your little reward, but no way are you getting a hug all wet and stinky like that," she teased as she wrinkled her nose, and walked out the door. I could hear her giggling as she looked back and waved good-bye to all of us.

"Alright you two ragamuffins behave yourselves for ten minutes so that I can get cleaned up real quick," I stated as I grabbed my pack and headed up the small flight of steps to the bathroom.

"So which one of us did the nasty deed in the bathtub," I heard Evan ask as both boys followed close on my heals.

I smiled conspiratorially towards both boys, and looked around making sure no one could hear, despite no one even being in the house. Both boys followed suit as I whispered real quietly, "I'm not saying a word."

"Awwwe man, that's cold," I heard both say in unison. Once again the two boys looked at each other, and I just busted up laughing as I made my way to the bathroom and a much needed shower. I dropped my pack on the floor and started rifling through it when I noticed there weren't any towels hanging on the rack. I opened up the bathroom door and yelled out to Evan.

"Hey Evan, do you think you could get the towels from the washroom. There aren't any in here so your mom must have washed them."

"Uh, yeah sure hold on a minute," He responded back before I heard the tell tale sounds of footsteps stomping down the stairs into the basement where the laundry room was located.

In the meantime I opened up my bag, pulled out some clean clothes, and pealed off the damp ones clinging to my body. I was standing there totally naked getting ready to step into the tub when Evan came bursting through the door with some towels in his hands. I didn't think much of the situation being totally naked in front of another boy. I mean I take school showers all the time; especially, with sports and all, and it's no big deal so I didn't even flinch when he walked through the door.

"Thanks Evan," I stated as I reached for one of the towels in his hands. He had stopped dead in his tracks just staring at my nakedness not able to tear away his gaze. I could see his eyes bulging out of his head as they rested on my thin flaccid three inch circumcised penis hanging over my smooth slack teenaged boy pouch. He was still holding the rest of the towels in his hands slack jawed when I noticed a nice sized bulge protruding outwards creating a large tenting effect on his white silky soccer shorts; the very same ones from earlier in the day.

It occurred to me that this must be the first time Evan has ever seen me naked, maybe even another boy other than his little brother. I know, weird huh. I mean our families are close and all, but to tell you the truth there is an age difference between me and the Prescott boys. So even when we are together we really aren't together-together if you know what I mean. I don't even recall ever seeing Evan or Mattie naked. Not even when they were babies having their diapers changed. After all, what little boy wants to hang around and look at stinky diapers being changed, and at a young age you really aren't all that curious about sex parts on other kids. At least not until you are a little older.

I stepped forward taking the rest of the towels out of Evan's hands, and ruffled his hair bringing him out of his shocked state. I could tell he was embarrassed by the whole situation; especially, getting caught staring at my crotch. He must have also realized his own little problem down below the belt because as soon as I removed the towels from his hands they immediately dove down to cover himself up.

I pulled my hand back from his hair, and felt a little twinge of sadness about it. I kind of liked how it felt all silky and curly around my fingers. "Thanks for the towels bro," I stated as I turned around towards the tub turning on the water giving him a little 'out' so to speak from his embarrassing state.

"Uh, yeah," he croaked huskily, and then coughed to clear his throat. "No prob, uh…bro," I heard him reply back observing how he forced out the word 'bro.'

I notice that we tend to use the word 'bro' a lot to refer to one of our brothers or close chums so to speak. Even though the Prescott boys are sort of close to me in a way, we never used that term between us. I could tell that Evan was trying to determine if I meant it in a big-little brother sort of way, or in a more like equal friends kind of way. I looked back and smiled at him catching him checking out my ass. He gulped visibly at being caught again, and then smiled in an awkward manner as he looked away and tried to escape out the door.

After he shut the door I quickly hopped into the shower and started to clean up. My balls were still aching from earlier in the morning, but at least they had dropped back down, and my penis had come out as well from hiding inside my body cavity. I seriously thought about satisfying my needs, but quickly changed my mind. I don't think Evan had locked the bathroom door on the way out, not that I thought either one of the boys would walk in on me, but I wasn't going to take the chance, not with what had happened earlier in the day. My own needs would have to wait until I got back home in the privacy of my own room.

It didn't take me long to finish and slip into a pair of clean blue colored t-shirt with a red school logo design, and pair of red colored jersey shorts. I made sure to clean up the tub then walked out the door towards the living room. I didn't see Mattie around so figured he was probably in his room playing with some of his toys. Evan quickly got up from his seat walking towards me hesitantly with an ashamed look on his face. I could tell he was wrestling with his thoughts trying to formulate some words on what had happened in the bathroom, but to tell you the truth it just didn't bother me all that much. Besides, shit like this just sort of happens at times, but I do know how embarrassing it can be for a twelve year old.

I motioned him towards the steps, and we both sat down. I could see his cheeks were flushed a ruby red color thinking I was going to lay into him or something for the whole incident. "So bro," I began as I wrapped my right arm over his shoulders and noticed him starting to tremble with apprehension. "I need to know your plans. I mean are you going to hang out next door with Jake for a few hours, or do you have other plans?"

"What?" He asked looking at me kind of stupidly.

"Well, I know you don't want to hang around while I babysit your little brother, but I do need to know where you will be hanging out. I mean, rules are rules you know. Just because your mom isn't home, doesn't mean you can just run around as you please."

My statement slowly started to sink in, and he seemed to relax a bit as he subconsciously scooted closer to me and leaned in a little. I ruffled his hair as he looked up towards me with those beautiful puppy dog eyes that were currently looking towards the blue shading. I smiled encouragingly prompting him to speak up.

"Uh…Jake isn't home; he's at camp right now, and won't be coming back until tomorrow." Evan stated apprehensively a little shocked that I would allow him to just go out like that.

I nodded realizing that the camp was hosting the 10-12 year old boys this week. They would be coming home and the 13-15 year olds, my age group, would be heading out to the camp. The week after that would be for the 16-18 year olds. Then there would be several weeks between groups before the next cycle began starting for the girls.

"Besides, I don't think mom and…well I don't think they'd like the idea of me heading out on my own." He stated in a matter of fact way. "Thanks for trusting me like that and all but…"

"But what?" I asked seriously. "Geeze dude, you're like twelve years old. When I was your age I was roaming all over the town and back roads on my bike. I know your mom wouldn't mind, and if you are worried about…um…you're dad…don't…because what he doesn't know can't hurt. Besides, I'm not here to babysit you too." I teased as I sort of leaned my body into him giving him a bump.

"I don't know Kyle…" Evan hesitated looking towards Mattie's room.

"Fuck bro," I stated shocking him with my profanity. "You know that little shit ain't gonna say nothin about it. As far as the little brother department goes your pretty fuckin lucky. I've never known him to squeal on anyone."

"Yeah…I know…but still," he conceded, yet still a bit hesitant.

"Then good, how much money ya got?" I asked him making him wonder about my motives. I knew that prick Don hardly gives out an allowance so was wondering how much Evan had in his pocket because I had a great idea for him.

"Uh…bout ten bucks," he conceded.

"Hmmm, not good dude. Here let me see," I stated as I opened my small pack, and rifled through it to find my wallet. "Ah, there it is," I stated triumphantly as I pulled out my wallet, and looked through it for a moment.

"Here you go bro. Twenty bucks. That makes a total of thirty bucks. Should be enough for a couple hours at the arcade playin some of the vid games there. You can get some snacks as well, but don't overdo it because I'm orderin some pizzas for us. Be back around 6, or I'm gonna have ta come looking for ya to kick yur ass." I declared shifting into teenage speak.

Evan just stared at the money, and then back up at me before surprising me with a big hug. He looked away a little embarrassed by the embrace he gave me and just whispered, "Geeze, thanks Kyle. That's so cool. That's kind of a lot of money though that you're giving me."

"Nah, what are buds for anyway? Besides, I'll get that back later on tonight for coming over to babysit a few hours early. I mean, it's not like it is all that much more work. Let's face it your little brother isn't high maintenance or anything."

I gave Evan a tight squeeze, and ruffled his hair before giving him a shove towards the door. "We'll see you later," I said waving good bye to him as he headed for the garage to retrieve his bike.

I had to admit he looked just so adorably cute in his brightly colored outfit. It was the same ensemble he was wearing earlier in the day, and I noted that he looked really nice in bright colors. I watched him a moment as he peddled off down the street before heading to Mattie's room.

"Hey Mattie, what you up to?" I asked the little guy as I sat down next to him.

"Oh, nuthin much, just kind of playin." He stated looking up at me, and then looking around. "Where's Evan?" He asked innocently.

"He looked kind of bored so I sent him out to play a little."

"Oh, that's cool." He replied sighing a little. I could tell there was something on his mind so I prodded a little.

"You don't mind do you, I mean, letting Evan go out and play a little on his own?"

I watched Mattie intently as he shook his head back and forth in the negative. "Nuh-uh. He's been kind of sad lately so maybe this will pick him up a little."

I didn't say anything just letting him sort out his own thoughts. Mattie looked over towards me deciding if he should continue or not. He's pretty cautious for a little eight year old, always mindful not to do any tattling or anything like that sort of thing. Yeah, his birthday is next month, so technically he is like nine, but still he's pretty mindful for his age. I have friends who's little brother tattle on them at the drop of a hat. Mattie really had good sensibilities about him regarding such things.

I laid down on my side propping my head up on my left hand, and watched as Mattie lay down opposite me propping up his head on his right hand looking back at me. We both stared a moment, and he just giggled thinking it a bit funny. I smiled too having to agree with him.

"Can I tell you something if you promise not to say anything to anyone?" He asked me sincerely.

I was struck again by how much Mattie looked the same as Evan at the same age. I never really looked that closely before, but today just seemed to be a day of awakening me to some of these things for some reason. I got goose bumps looking into those big hazel colored eyes that seemed to sparkle a grayish blue color at the moment.

"Sure, you can trust me little man." I knew he liked it when I called him that.

He pursed his lips trying to gather his thoughts. "I miss Evan," he stated simply.

That simple statement caught me off guard. "Uh…you miss him, what do you mean?"

He shrugged his shoulders. "He doesn't play that much with me anymore, and keeps to himself a lot. Sometimes I think I hear him crying in his room when he doesn't think anyone can hear him. When I go in to see if he wants to play or something he gets all kind of mad, and yells sometimes for me to just leave him alone. He just seems so sad…I miss him." He shrugged again not really understanding how to explain it any better.

I sort of understood the whole wanting to be alone from time to time thing, along with the snappiness thing from time to time. After all, Evan is twelve and probably having to deal with some of those hormonal things bouncing around inside of his body like a piñata being hit with a stick. But the whole being sad thing is what sort of worried me a little.

I reached over with my right hand and ruffled little Mattie's hair. Funny how I hadn't noticed that both Evan's and his little brother's hair felt so wonderfully silky soft and curly around my fingertips before. I let my fingers linger there a moment longer before moving them over to rub his smooth soft cheeks with the back of my hand in an affectionate manner. I felt my own body tingle a little at the intimate but innocent touch.

Both brothers looked so much alike with their soft oval shaped facial features, petite little nose, and big round hazel colored eyes. Mattie's eyebrows had the same brown colored shading as his curly locks, but maybe with some lighter brown mixed in almost like highlights. His thin upper lip with ruby red pouty lower lips fit well with his features, and made him almost seductive looking.

"Well, I wouldn't worry about it too much Mattie. He's kind of at an awkward age that's a little confusing for a lot of us guys. You know how sometimes a boy goes through growth spurts, well he's sort of going through that now along with other changes. It's just a phase for a little while, and just a lot for him to deal with."

"Oh you mean that…" he paused trying to come up with the right word. "Yeah, that 'pewtery' thingy phase."

I laughed good naturedly at his comment. "Yeah…the whole 'puberty' thingy phase." I corrected him. "What do you know about it anyway?"

He scrunched his eyebrows trying to think before answering honestly. "Not really much. Just that his little dinky starts to get bigger and stuff, and like he gets hairier. I know other stuff is supposed to happen too, but I don't understand a lot of the stuff that I've heard other kids talk about."

"Well, you know plenty enough for your age so don't worry about the other stuff. As you get a little older it will start to make sense, but it's nothing you need to worry about for a while, o.k.?"

He smiled back nodding and encouraged as I continued. "Anyway, maybe you should be sure to remember to knock on his door from now on, and wait for permission before going in, alright?"

Again, he nodded his head in agreement, and didn't bother to ask why taking it on faith like the good eight-nine year old that he was, trusting in my judgment about such things.

"Oh, and remember sometimes he might yell at you to go away or maybe not say anything at all. If that happens don't worry it's normal. Just leave him alone because he'll be alright." Again, Mattie nodded that he understood.

"Now, if you hear any strange noises just ignore the sounds, it's nothing to worry about. He's just at that stage where he just sort of gets weird for a little while." I saw the smaller boy screw up his eyes a little about this last part so I knew more clarification about the noise thing was in order.

"I mean, with him going through all this stuff he might just be…ah…yeah…uh…he might just be sort of exercising to get rid of some pent up energy." That explanation seemed to satisfy him.

"Oh, one more thing, it might be better if you don't say anything to your folks about that stuff. You know how it is; they'll just try to embarrass him or something." At this point he finally piped up.

"Yeah, daddy's been pretty mean to him a lot lately. He's even made Evan cry a couple of times. I don't know why he just can't leave him alone like what you are saying. It sort of makes sense if Evan just wants to be left alone. I don't know what the big deal is if it's just a..." He tried to search for the word we were using.

"Phase," I finished for him.

"Yeah, if he's just going through a phase why not just leave him alone. Why does daddy have to be so mean to him?"

I felt a little alarmed about the last revelation, but didn't know what to say so just dropped it for now. Instead I rough housed with him a little. He's a pretty good kid like I've said, but he's also high strung and needs to vent some of that energy from time to time.

I played with Mattie until about five thirty when I announced it was bath time. He didn't make a fuss about it or anything as he grabbed a clean pair of underwear from his dresser drawer, and ran towards the bathroom. I followed him at a slower pace.

I heard a thudding noise as I exited his room just in time to see him take a tumble on the floor as he entered through the bathroom door. I was about to ask him if he was alright, but he bounced to his feet and disappeared.

A few steps later and I too entered the bathroom noticing how Mattie had made his way over to the toilet getting ready to empty out his bladder. He was sort of angled sideways with part of his back to me so that he could keep his privates hidden away from me, yet still be able to do his little thing. His blue and tan plaid button up shirt hung loosely around him concealing him even further. Satisfied that he was hidden enough from view, Mattie unbuttoned his plaid shorts and pulled out his little pecker so he could relieve himself.

"Are you alright?" I asked.

"Huh, oh yeah. No big deal…just sort of tripped," he replied looking over his shoulders towards me smiling wickedly. I recognized that smile and figured he must have just thought of something funny, so I just waited.

"Whatcha looking at?" He asked me teasingly.

I just shrugged my shoulders waiting to hear where this was going.

"Your not waiting to make sure I won't 'piddle' all over the floor or anything are ya?" He giggled playing on the comments his mother had mentioned earlier about all the boys piddling on the bathroom floor during potty training.

I smiled good heartedly at his joke. "Nah, if you haven't learned how to 'piddle' properly by now, you never will." I teased as I turned towards the tub, and let him finish up at the toilet.

By the time I ran the water in the tub for him just the way he liked it, he had already stripped out of his shirt and shorts leaving him in just a small blue colored batman themed briefs. He looked small standing there almost completely unclothed, and didn't even seem to be self conscious about his near nakedness. A lot of little boys his age would be fidgeting around a little, and would even put their hands in front of their soft little bulge.

Not Mattie, he just stood there patiently with his bronze tanned four foot tiny little frame, looking to weigh in at all of fifty five pounds. I was a little jealous of the nice bronze toned tan he had already going on so soon after school has let out, and thought it kind of made him look hot for a little eight year old. I noticed the small little lump protruding out a little bit on the front of his batman briefs. Not a woody or anything, but it seemed to be a decent size for a boy his age and build. He stooped over to test the water, and then looked at me nodding his satisfaction.

I looked past him towards the toilet, and he followed my gaze with a furrowed look.

"What's wrong?" he asked looking at the toilet.

"Oh, nothin; just making sure you didn't piddle all over the floor," I stated impishly.

"Dork," he said punching me in the arm.

"Ouch, that hurt," I teased as I turned off the water, and then left him alone to finish with getting undressed and cleaned up. As I retreated out of the bathroom I left the door open just a crack so I could hear him, yet still give him his privacy.

I picked up the phone and dialed the pizza parlor. I ordered two medium sized pizzas, one a meat lovers, and the other just plain three layered cheese. The pizza would arrive a little after six, so I put the phone back into the receiver, and clicked on the television set. I could hear Mattie playing with some of his toys in the bathtub, and yelled out to him.

"Hey, Mattie boy," I yelled out his little nickname I had given him some years back. He seemed to like it when I called him by such little nicknames; especially, when I used little man when I referred to him. "Make sure you scrub your pits, and all your little bits. Don't take too long though because the pizza will be here before long."

I heard him giggle at the whole pits and bits part, as little boys do at such comments. I still recall my mom yelling the same thing to me, but it was more embarrassing than funny coming from her than a teenage boy.

It didn't take long for him to finish up after I told him to hurry up. A short while later I saw a squeaky clean little eight year old boy walking towards me wearing the same blue and tan plaid shorts as earlier, but carrying his shirt bunched up in his small fingers. It was warm enough in the house so he wasn't wearing his shirt, and I watched him as he chucked the plaid shirt on the edge of the couch, while tossing his dirty underwear on the floor. He held out his towel and brush to me, then stepped up closer between my legs.

I knew the drill as I sat up turned him around so his back was to me, and started to rub his hair dry. After a few moments, he turned around to face me, leaned his hands on my shoulders so he could bend over closer to me, and I continued to rub his hair with the towel. A few moments later I started to brush his curly locks bringing them back to life in an unruly manner.

I was still combing his hair when I noticed that at his bent over stage he was staring directly at my crotch. I looked down and although I wasn't boned up or anything there most definitely was a good outline of my cock pressing against the fabric.

'Not you too, what's with you Prescott boys these days,' I thought to myself almost chuckling. I figured oh well, what the hell. I swayed my legs together making my shorts even tighter against my little boy package, and now not only was my penis outlined, but also my testicles. I saw his eyes bulge out for just a moment as I made the finishing touches to his hair.

"There all done," I announced as I looked him over critically noticing a little bit of a tenting in his shorts that rapidly disappeared as he stood up.

"Thanks Kyle," he said and then leaned forward giving me a hug.

He caught me off guard with the hug, and when he leaned his weight forward I sort of just sank backwards into the seat. He straddled his legs across my waist, and continued to clasp on to me firmly. I hesitated a moment, and then gently embraced him back tenderly rubbing his soft bare back with my hands.

This simple act seemed to send a signal to him that it was alright, and he hugged me even tighter. I knew he no longer had an erection or anything, but I could still feel the soft lump from his crotch pressing up against my stomach. My body started to get all tingly inside at the affectionate display and closeness of Mattie's tender soft body. His skin felt so warm and comfortable against me like that, almost as if this were the most ordinary thing in the world. I didn't feel awkward at all, if anything it felt natural. I held on to him for a while longer, breathing in his clean boy scent, and when I thought it was alright, slowly released him so he could sit up.

He just sat there for a moment or two with his hands leaning on either side of my chest while my hands rested around his little waist. I didn't say anything and just let him have a quiet moment to himself. At first I thought he was maybe showing me some affection for the little display I had given him, but now I started to sense it was more. I guess things were bothering him more than he was letting on, and our talk earlier had released some of the tension he was feeling.

"You alright now?" I asked him softly.

He nodded his head looking towards me.

"Thanks Kyle," he whispered.

"Anytime, buddy. If…if you ever need me I'll be there, I promise. If you are worried about someone seeing you wanting to talk with me, just pull me off to the side, alright?" I whispered softly to him thinking Don might not like the idea of Mattie bringing up such private things in their life while I brushed the side of his face with my hand.

He nodded his head, but I could tell that he was still a little worried.

"Hey…um…listen Mattie, maybe later I'll talk with Evan to see what's up." I prompted.

I could see him starting to panic a little so tried to ease his mind about me talking with his brother. "Hey don't worry; I'll be very discrete, alright?"

He screwed up his eyes questioningly, "Discrete? What's that mean?"

"Oh well…uh…," I tried to think. I mean how can I explain this to him. "Well, let's just say I'll talk to him in a way that won't get you in trouble or anything. I promise he won't get mad at you, alright."

Mattie seemed to be satisfied with my explanation and solution as he nodded his head, and slowly clambered down off my lap. Even though my heart was breaking for him just knowing that something was troubling him so much, I still couldn't help myself as I looked down towards his small bulge scrunching up into a balled up area while he climbed down. After he finished jostling around off my lap I reflected a moment or two, and got the distinct feeling that there was a lot more going on here.

I handed him the towel. "Why don't you hang this up on the towel rack in the bathroom?" He smiled at me, and turned to do as instructed.

I sighed as I bent over to pick up his dirty pair of underwear off the floor. I smiled at the blue colored batman scene plastered all over it. I laid it out flat on the arm rest and giggled recognizing the little area in front that sort of bulges outwards. It was the area that had held Mattie's small boy sized penis and boy pouch firmly in place. It was adorably cute how tiny the little briefs were. I mean the little waist band would probably fit snuggly around one of my thighs. I looked again at the obvious little puffed up area taking stock again at how it seemed like it was a pretty good sized bulge for a little eight year old.

'Fuck, first Evan, and now Mattie. What the hell is getting into me these days'? I thought to myself.

Making sure Mattie was still out of sight; I picked up his underwear and held it to my nose breathing in the scent. It didn't have a strong odor or anything. It sort of smelled a little musky, you know the type of sweaty smell boys put off when they play a lot, but I also noticed it just smelled like him in general. I draped it over the arm rest of the chair just as he entered back into the room, and once again wondered at my own behavior lately.

"The pizza should be here real soon, so take your dirty undies down to the laundry room," I teased as I picked them up in a dramatic fashion dangling them outwards between my thumb and pointing finger, and away from me while I held my nose shut.

I heard him giggling as he rushed forward to snatch them out of my hand. He did a quick about face, and headed towards the stairs deciding to jump down to the next landing. I wasn't worried because it was only three steps down so not that high, but just as he launched himself into the air, Evan burst through the wooden door and screen gate. I heard the screen door slam shut behind him as he entered the hallway.

Everything seemed to happen in slow motion as Mattie ended up crashing into poor Evan knocking him on his ass. The little guy might only weigh fifty five pounds, but the momentum behind the fall was pretty forceful. When Evan went down, Mattie went with him, and ended up bouncing off of him and into the side wall.

I jumped out of my chair towards Mattie because he sort of just bounced off the wall, and I thought for sure he was hurt. Evan beat me to it as he scrambled to his knees and grabbed his little brother.

"Mattie, are you alright?" He squeaked with obvious worry.

"Huh, yeah I'm fine…you?" Mattie asked his older brother. They both looked at each other just as I reached the stairs, and then they busted up laughing. Evan held his brother tight in his arms as they just giggled uncontrollably for a few moments.

"Geeze Mattie, what were you trying to do?" Evan asked pulling away from his little brother to get a better look at the younger boy.

Mattie held out his briefs towards Evan. "Just trying to get rid of these," he stated innocently waving the briefs under the boy's nose.

"Oh, yuck," Evan complained snatching away the dirty undies from his brother, and tossing them down into the basement.

This set Mattie into another fit of laughter followed closely by Evan. The boys were still busting a gut when the doorbell rang signaling the arrival of Pizza. I stepped over the two boys who were giggling and rolling around uncontrollably on the floor, and opened up the screen door. Ignoring them both, I paid the pizza delivery guy who just gawked at the two little guys who were sitting on the floor rolling around in a fit of laughter.

I closed the screen door and promptly announced, "Dinner is served." Then stepped back over the boys, and headed up the stairs.

Evan and Mattie stopped laughing, and just looked at each other. I turned back around dramatically and watched them climb back up to their feet.

"Geeze," Evan remarked. "Some babysitter you are. The only thing you seem to be worried about is that gut of yours."

I gave Evan a serious look, and then shifted my gaze to Mattie before promptly announcing, "The third golden rule is to learn how to prioritize."

With that being said I did my best imitation of a snobbish snub by flipping my head, and making an about face heading towards the dining room table. There was an obvious moment of stunned silence, and then a scrambling sound from the two boys as they giggled and jockeyed one another for position to get to the dining room table first.

We sat around the table scarfing down our pizzas and chugging at our soda pops. It was the usual noises one hears with ravenous boys in the area. Since there weren't any adults around we each made sure to make those naughty little noises usually not allowed in the company of more sophisticated members of society, namely our parents. There were plenty smacking of the lips, belches, and farts to go around, along with the fits of laughter as we all teased one another.

"So, how many of these…um…so called golden rules do you have? I mean does this just apply to babysitting or are these your rules in general?" Evan asked after one of those rounds of laughter left us breathless.

I shrugged my shoulders, "Ah grasshopper, a master never gives out all his secrets to a student at once. The apprentice must have patience and learn slowly." I stated using the old fashioned 'grasshopper' terminology from that really old Kung Fu series my parents used to watch when they were kids.

Both brothers looked at each other and stated in unison, "another golden rule." We all chuckled. 'Brothers,' I noted to myself.

"Yup, rule number five. Take things slowly and tackle problems one at a time." I stated triumphantly just sort of making these rules up as I went along. 'Damn, I'm going to have to write these things down now so that I don't forget,' I thought to myself as we all burst out in another fit of laughter. "As for your other questions my golden rules can be applied to anything." I stated smugly as both boys looked at each other and rolled their eyes at me making us all laugh again.

We slowly wound down on dinner and made our way out to the backyard kicking around the soccer ball a bit. Mattie was bursting with energy as he raced around, but I was pretty impressed with Evan's ball handling. I play in a summer soccer league, and our team was pretty good making regional champs last year and going to state. For a twelve year old, Evan had pretty fancy footwork and I told him so. He blushed at the compliment, and doubled his efforts trying to show off his skills.

As we continued to work around the soccer ball I noticed how Mattie's energy level started to wane a little. A short while later, he excused himself and headed back inside. Evan looked after his brother with a little sad expression on his face before continuing to play with me. I didn't think much of it figuring the heat probably got to the little guy.

We played for about another thirty minutes or so before we decided to head inside as well. We were both a little sweaty, but we didn't work too hard outside in the heat so it wasn't as if we were soaked or anything. We both headed to the bathroom to rinse off our faces and cool off. Evan finished first, and headed back out into the living room. I finished a few moments later making my own way into the larger room with my shirt draped over my arm.

It was warm enough inside the house so I decided to just hang around without one on. I did that a lot at home too so didn't think much of it knowing the boys didn't mind either. It was just so much more comfortable not having a shirt on during the summer months when it started getting warmer. Shit when I was Mattie's age it wasn't uncommon for me to just walk around naked. I still walked around the house naked until I was about twelve years old almost thirteen. Now, if I'm in my room at night, or my door is locked, I still get naked because I just feel so much more comfortable.

I stopped short as I noticed Mattie sprawled out on the couch seemingly asleep. Evan was sitting in the chair flipping through the channels trying to find something to watch. He looked up at me as I stepped over next to him, and followed my gaze towards Mattie.

"It's the new allergy medicine." He stated offhandedly seemingly answering my unspoken question of 'what's with Mattie'?

I looked down at Evan who just shrugged. "It sort of knocks him out."

"Oh," I responded not really liking what I was hearing.

I looked around to see where I was going to sit. Normally, Evan was the one who sort of sprawled out on the couch while Mattie snuggled up with me on the chair. With the eight year old knocked out on the couch, and Evan sitting in the chair it sort of left me hanging. Evan seemed to notice and scooted out of the chair.

You see, the Prescott's lived in a small three bedroom split level style house that was pretty typical in this sub-division. They had a small living room without much room so all they had was a couch and reclining chair making an outwards u-shape facing a 32" television set.

The upper portion of the split level had two bedrooms, one bathroom, a small separated kitchen, and a living room/dining room common area. Downstairs was the Master bedroom with attached bathroom, a utility room, and a small extra recreation area.

"Here, you can take the chair; I'll sit on the floor with the pillow." Evan stated as he motioned for me to sit down.

I felt a little guilty about kicking him out of the chair, but I scooted past him and planted myself in the chair while he headed over to the couch to grab a pillow that wasn't being used by Mattie.

"Is he really knocked out?" I asked. "I mean, he's not going to wake up for a while."

Evan looked towards me and shook his head. "Nah, pretty much nothin will wake him up between now and tomorrow. That's some pretty potent stuff he's taking."

"Oh, well if that's the case maybe we should just pop in the movie I brought. You game?" I asked slyly.

Evan's eyes bulged out a little and I could see a distinct movement in his soccer shorts as the boy's little pecker must have definitely twitched with anticipation and excitement.

"Uh, yeah, cool." He stated trying to act like it wasn't a big deal or anything. The bulge and tenting in his white soccer shorts gave him away though as I smiled knowingly at him.

"Great, why don't you fish it out of my pack and plop it in." I motioned towards my bag.

He rummaged through my bag, found the DVD, and plopped it into the television set. We flipped through the menu options, and I made sure to click on the sub-titles feature so we could understand what the actors were saying. Not that we really needed that feature because we were just after the scenery portion of it after all, but neither one of us wanted to admit that to each other.

Evan set the pillow down on the floor, and was getting ready to make himself comfortable when I spoke up.

"Hey listen, I know that you normally lay out on the couch and Mattie sits with me on the chair, but if you want, you can sit with me instead. It's a pretty big chair." I stated innocently. I know what you are thinking, but at this point I really didn't have any ulterior motives, and it really was an innocent offer.

Evan looked for a minute, and then shrugged his shoulders as he settled down on top of my lap. The chair was a nice cushiony one and pretty big, but it would have been a tight squeeze if we were to just sit side by side. So instead, he sat on my lap while I adjusted the chair in a reclining position. We shifted around a little until we were comfortably snuggled up together.

Evan leaned back against the left side of my bare chest with his legs draped over the chair's right arm rest. I still had my shirt off, but he was still wearing his bright yellow jersey with the pale blue swirling patterns on it. We shifted around a little more, and he sort of ended up sprawled out a little at an angle. My arms were wrapped around his waist, and my hands were clasped together and sort of resting on his left pelvic area. I had my left leg tucked up under me, and for the moment we both seemed content in this position.

I pressed play on the controller and the movie began. I had selected a French foreign movie that I liked, and had seen on a couple of occasions. It had a French title and I think it translated something like "Youthful Innocence" or maybe it was "Youthful Bliss." I'm not sure, but there was plenty of nudity involved, and even though it was considered a family type of movie in Europe, it was a foreign film so didn't really have a rating on it. That works out great because the store clerks never give it a second thought when an underage kid checks it out.

As is typical of French movies when children are involved there is an unwritten rule that you must show them naked either bathing in the bathtub or maybe swimming nude in the river, lake, or ocean. This movie was no different as it told the story of a boy and girl growing up in a small town. There were plenty of scenes showing first the kids at about nine years old playing in a lake totally naked and working it's way through the children when they were about twelve or thirteen. The scenes showed complete frontal nudity of the kids at those various ages. I knew that later on in the movie there would be nude scenes of the kids supposedly around 16 or 17 years old making love.

The male and female actors at age nine and twelve were really quite cute and adorable, but I wasn't paying the movie too much attention. I had already seen the movie a few times so knew what was going on. Instead I focused more on Evan's reaction, and smiled at him during the various stages of the show. It was just too adorable not to watch the little twelve year old sitting on my lap.

My hands were clasped together comfortably around Evan's waist resting along his left pelvic area. My right wrist was nestled comfortably on the top of his silky soccer shorts just above the prominent bulge that kept twitching and needing adjustment throughout the movie. Evan was so enthralled with what he was seeing in the film that he didn't even realize how often and openly he was grabbing his rigid penis and adjusting his ball sack.

The way my wrist was pressing down the fabric of his soccer shorts against his pubic mound left little to the imagination of what he had hidden inside his shorts. I could clearly see the outline of what looked to be about a rock solid three inch boy shaft as it throbbed and strained against the silky white fabric. It was unquestionably shorter than my own erection, but from what I could tell his shaft looked like a pretty thick one, unlike mine where it was pretty thin.

He reached down again oblivious to my scrutiny, and started to pinch the tip of his erection. He placed the palm of his hand along the length of his shaft and pressed downward shifting his legs open a little more to get better access. As he pressed downwards with his palms, I could feel the tip, about an inch worth, of his rigid penis pressing up against my wrist.

I shivered a little at the sensation of feeling a part of his hard boyhood, and was surprised that he hadn't even noticed. He lifted up his palm, and wrapped his fingers, fabric and all, around his erection giving it a firm squeeze.

'OMG, that's so freekin hot,' I thought to myself as I felt my own penis twitch in my shorts and start to stiffen.

I watched intently as he shifted his grip once more. He released his shaft and sort of grabbed the tip of his erection with the ends of his fingers and slowly worked it downwards towards the base of his shaft until the head of his pecker bumped up against his palm. I could hear him breathing harder as he gazed intently at the scene flitting before his eyes, and slowly reversed the direction of his fingers.

I watched him intently as he rubbed the head end of his erection in a sort of masturbatory movement. He didn't go all the way down anymore, but just seemed to work on the glans end of his erection.

The nude scene of the naked twelve year old boy and girl playing innocently along the beach shifted to a more mundane one. I felt Evan's hand shift to rest on my wrist as he released his hard erection, and he didn't even seem to notice how close my hands were to his crotch. His breathing seemed to slow down again keeping in pace with the scenes in the movie.

From time to time throughout the movie my left hand would come up and stroke tenderly through his silky brown locks. I loved how they felt in my fingertips. He seemed to react to the affectionate administrations, and sighed contentedly several times throughout the movie. I got tingly all over as I gently stroked his hair and just watched him.

The movie was about three quarters of the way done, with the best scene still to come in a few minutes. But watching Evan's reaction to the latest scene, and seeing him all worked up in a sexual frenzy had done it for me. I mean just watching him stroking on his rigid erection was almost too much.

For the first time in my life I was horny as hell sitting there in that chair. Well, as I mentioned at the beginning of this story, it's not the first time I've ever gotten horny; no it's the first time a boy has gotten me horny. As I sat there watching Evan's passion take hold of his young twelve year old body, my own little manhood had sprung to life pressing with a lot of pressure up against the fabric of my shorts.

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