The Steven Roberts Stories

by Hamster

No Way Jose - Kyle and Jose

In an ideal world the other couple who met at the inter-High School event should be equally happy. But this isn't an ideal world.

Jose had gone home with his mother straight from the meeting. Naturally, being a parent who wants to know what her children are doing, she started to fire questions at Jose but he was pretty uncommunicative. He'd told her he was going to meet Landon at the Community College for some meeting, but nothing about the fact that it was for gay and gay-supportive kids. He'd said something about it being a meeting to talk about new ideas for social meetings for high school kids from different schools, but merely said that they'd talked about maybe some dances or a picnic. And he'd stuffed headphones over his ears and basically cut his mother off.

But inside he was pretty excited because he was going to meet Kyle at the movies and he felt it was really like this was his first gay date. He hoped it was the first step in a new phase of his life, and he couldn't wait to get going. He thought they could have fun doing stuff together, like going to the movies and playing video games and going hiking and going out for pizza and going to the beach, and if they got on really well maybe it would develop into something more. But Jose was pretty unsure quite what that something more would entail because he'd never done anything with another boy, and so he wanted the relationship to progress nice and slowly so he had time to adjust.

Kyle got in Landon's car and sat in the back seat because Steven had commandeered the front seat. He was a little jealous because it was absolutely clear that Landon and Steven were going to spend the evening together. They'd already planned to hang out after they dropped Kyle off, and while Kyle would have liked to have joined them he realized he would be in the way of whatever was going to develop between them. He was also jealous because he knew that Steven had had boyfriends before and so sex was not a big mystery to him. And during their conversations at the meeting it was clear that Landon had quite a bit of experience as well. After all, he was older so it was unlikely he was still a virgin.

Kyle thought about those things while they drove towards his house. He was pleased he'd made a date with Jose for tomorrow, and he wondered how it might work out. He didn't know quite what they'd do after they'd watched a movie, that hadn't been discussed, but he hoped they'd be able to be by themselves somewhere and maybe they could do stuff together. From what Jose had said, he wasn't out at home, so it would probably take time before they could go to his house and not raise any suspicions on the part of his parents. As for his house there was his brother Gabe, who now knew he was gay, but Kyle hadn't come out to his parents and he would need time to get then used to him having Jose as a friend before they'd be able to sleep over or anything like that.

When he got dropped off at home Kyle went upstairs and found Gabe getting ready to go out with his girlfriend.

"Hi, squirt, how's it going?"

"OK, I guess."

"That doesn't sound like you. How was your meeting?"

"Oh, that was good. There were lots of kids there. Steven looked after me and he knew some of the people there from other schools, and I met this really neat kid called Jose who went to Middle School with Steven."

"Well, that's sounds OK."

"Yeah, I suppose. Steven met this guy who was a friend of Jose's and they seemed to hit it off just like that, and they're hanging out together right now so I'm a little jealous because maybe they're going to have fun and maybe mess around a bit."

"Bro, having friends and boyfriends isn't just about sex, it's about friendship and relationships."

"It's easy for you to talk seeing you get laid all the time!"

"No, I don't 'get laid' as you put it so crudely. We 'make love' because we really like each other, and we've developed a strong relationship where we trust each other, and it took a while for us both to trust each other enough to have sex together. It takes time."


"So this neat kid, Jose wasn't it, what about him?"

"Yeah, he's nice. We're going to the movies tomorrow afternoon."

"Hey, way to go, bro!"

"Yeah, but the problem is we really haven't got anywhere to go together. He's not out at home and I can't bring him here and mess around with him until Mom and Dad know him a bit. So I'm frustrated."

"Hey, take it easy and go slow. Get to know the kid first. And if you like him and he likes you then maybe you'll become friends and then it'll be easier to bring him home."

"But I'm so horny!"

"That's why you've got a right hand!"

"You're no fucking help whatsoever! I hate you!"

"Tough shit! I'm off. See you tomorrow!"

"Go fuck yourself, Gabe!"

"No, I'm going to do it with someone else, loser!"


And on that happy note, Gabe left to meet his girlfriend and have dinner and then go somewhere where they would indeed make love to each other, while Kyle stayed home and grumped around the whole evening until his parents told him to go to his room. Which he did, and he did end up using his right hand, but at least this time he was thinking of Jose when he did it. And he came up with a plan for what to do tomorrow.

The next day, at about the same time Steven and Landon were finishing lunch together with Landon's family and Mrs. T., Jose was waiting at the cinema when Kyle turned up. They were both dressed in standard outfits: shorts and tee shirts and sandals. They fist bumped, and then they had to choose which movie they wanted to see. Jose hadn't seen any of the movies they were screening so he didn't mind too much, but he was a bit surprised when Kyle selected a costume drama set in the eighteenth century.

"I wouldn't have guessed you would have chosen that, Kyle, I thought you were more the action movie or superhero type!"

"Yeah, I like those, but I think this movie will be ideal!"

"OK, we'll see."

They bought some outrageously priced sodas and popcorn, and went into the cinema showing the movie that Kyle had chosen. There were two other people sitting there.

"It's doesn't look very popular!" said Jose.

"Hmmm, I guess not. Oh well, let's see it anyway!" But for Kyle it was indeed perfect. They sat right in the corner of the back row about as far away as possible from the other couple, an older man and woman who could have been their parents. The lights dimmed, they watched the trailers for a few upcoming movies, sucked on their sodas, ate some popcorn, and then the main movie started. Jose found it really boring. There was lots of conversation and almost no action.

Suddenly he felt Kyle's hand brush up against his knee, and then move up to the hem of his shorts, and then move further up until has hand was resting on top of his package.

"Kyle, what are you doing?" whispered Jose.

"Just having fun! Relax!"

But Jose was very uncomfortable, and took Kyle's hand and moved it away. A couple of minutes later Kyle's hand came back again.

"No, Kyle, please don't!"

"Why not, you want it just like me!"

"Not here, not now and not like this!"

"Oh, come on, Jose, it's just a bit of fun!"

"No, Kyle. Let's get to know each other first, then maybe we can do it." And once again he took Kyle's hand and moved it away. Kyle grabbed Jose's hand and pressed it down on his own crotch and started to rub it up and down the length of his dick. Jose could feel that Kyle was hard as a rock but he wouldn't give in. He pulled his hand away.

"Kyle, I said 'no'. I don't want to do this!"

"Oh yes you do! I bet your just as horny as me!" And with that he put his hand back on Jose's package but he didn't find any erection. He tried to move his hand up and down to try to get Jose in the mood, but all Jose did was to move Kyle's hand away.

"I said 'no', Kyle and I mean it." Jose said this out loud and the other couple turned and looked at them.

"SHHH. We're trying to watch the movie. If you don't want to watch, then just leave!"

Kyle stood up, adjusted himself so his erection wasn't so obvious, and headed for the exit. Jose was almost in tears. His vision of a nice date and a budding relationship had gone up in smoke. Because he had no interest in the movie anyway, he followed Kyle out through the lobby and onto the street.

"What the fuck's wrong with you, Jose? You knew we were going to the movies and you know what kids do together at the movies. See if we go out together again! No way, Jose!"

"Kyle, you're an asshole. I thought we were on a date and within five minutes all you're interested in is to get me to jack you off. And when I won't do that, you just walk away. That's disgusting! It's like rape! You're just a little slut!"

Kyle just gave him the finger and walked away quickly.

Jose stood there, his world in ruins. He did his best not to cry in the middle of the sidewalk. He saw a bench nearby and went to sit down, trying to compose himself. Was this the real gay world he'd just encountered? People just wanting sex and nothing else? No relationships, no just doing things together and having a good time and enjoying each others' company? The more he thought about it, the more miserable he became, and he started to get really depressed. Eventually he walked over to the bus stop and rode home wondering what the hell he was going to do next. He got home, went straight to his room, threw himself onto his bed and started weeping.

Eventually his tears dried up, he went and took a shower which made him feel better, and then he thought about what to do. In the end he decided that he'd try to talk to Steven because he knew Steven knew Kyle, but also Steven had a lot more experience with gay relationships. He'd watched Steven and Nick together throughout eighth grade and they seemed so happy together.

He found Steven's number in his phone and sent him a text.

'Steven I need to talk to you can you call me? Jose'

Steven replied almost immediately. 'Can i call at seven? Im cooking dinner'

'Thats fine.'

And true to his word, Steven called at exactly seven.

"Hey, Jose, what's up? How was your date?"

Jose burst into tears again. Between sobs he managed to get his message across. "It was awful. Kyle just tried to force me to have sex with him and I said no and he wouldn't listen and just kept trying, and then he just walked away. He's just a fucking asshole!"

"Oh Shit! That's terrible. Oh, I'm so sorry, Jose! Jesus Christ, what a dickhead! Are you OK?"

"Not really. I'm so upset and disappointed and angry and everything!"

"I'm not surprised! Look, I'm pretty busy tonight, I've got stuff with my parents and everything and I can't get away right now, but would you like to get together tomorrow and we can talk about it?"

"Oh, Steven, I'd love that! I can meet you anytime after Mass, say ten thirty?"

"Then let's meet at the Coffee Corner Cafe at ten thirty. Would it be OK if I bought Landon along? He'll probably able to help as well."

"Oh, thanks, Steven, that's wonderful!"

At ten thirty Jose walked into the Coffee Corner Cafe and saw Steven and Landon sitting in a booth. They both stood up and gave Jose a big hug.

"I'm so sorry to hear what a shitty time you had yesterday. Me and Landon really want to help."

Jose sat down, they got him a juice, and then he described everything that had happened. Steven and Landon were both good listeners. They didn't interrupt once, just letting Jose get everything off his chest.

"And now I feel terrible. I'd got this dream of having a relationship with someone, just like you and Nick had, and it's all up in smoke and I feel totally fucked over."

"That's understandable, Jose. Can I ask you something personal, though?"

"Umm, I guess so."

"Are you ready to have sex yet?"

Jose thought about that for a while. "I don't know, Steven, it's very complicated. I mean, I haven't had sex with anyone before, not even in Boy Scouts, and that's partly because I'm scared, and partly because its against our religion and I'd have to confess everything to the priest and that's scary, and partly because I want my first time to be special with someone I really like, not just some quick jerk-off in the back row of the movies."

"You right, Jose, it can be scary," said Landon, "and I think you're absolutely right in what you did. What Kyle tried to do was disgraceful, particularly after you said no to him several times. 'No' means 'no' and he should respect that. What a jerk!"

"And I'm really angry," added Steven, "because what we were trying to do on Friday was set up a way in which gay and gay-supportive kids could get together in safety with the confidence that nobody's going to hurt them, and then along comes Kyle and fucks it all up."

Landon spoke up again. "So Jose, you'll have to trust us, but what you want is not stupid and it can work out the way you want. I think lots of kids want friends without the immediate prospect of having to have sex with them, they just want to be with like-minded kids, and have fun and see what develops. And if they do end up in bed together, that's great, and if they don't that's great. I mean, you and me are friends, aren't we, and we don't have sex together and you came to the meeting because you trusted me that it would be safe and not too scary."

"Yeah, and it was until that asshole tried to come on to me!"

Steven looked at them both. "OK, Jose, I'm going to do this. I'm going to talk to some people at school tomorrow morning, and then I'll probably see Kyle and lunchtime, and he's going to have to listen to what me and a couple of others have to say to him, and I'll call you tomorrow evening and let you know what happens. Meanwhile, you're going to have to live with this for a while until we can find someone else who treats you like a human being and not as a sex toy. You might have to wait until the picnic next month that we planned as the next social activity for the high school kids. But I think you need some time to get over all of this. Is that OK?"

"Yeah, that's OK. I'm pretty unlikely to want to try to see anyone else for a while."

"We understand. Now, Landon and I have to get going. I'm going to have lunch with his family. But I'll call you tomorrow and tell you what happened."

"OK, thanks, Steven. Ummm, can I ask if you two are like a couple already?"

"Ummm, yes, I guess we are!"

"Well, you're well suited, I think. Ummm, did you guys do stuff already? That was quick!"

Steven and Landon both blushed. "Ummm, yeah, I guess we did! And our parents know and they're all OK with it. So yes, Jose, it can happen fast but it has to be the right person, and it's not as if it's the first time for either of us!"

"I'm jealous," said Jose, with a wry smile. "Good luck! And I'll look forward to talking to you tomorrow, Steven!"

Even before classes started on Monday morning, Steven was out in the corridor looking for Chris, the LGBT leader. He told him what had happened. Chris was livid.

"That stupid little fucker! He could mess up the whole program if people think it's just a meat market where people go to pick up victims! What do you think we should do?"

Steven outlined his plan, which Chris immediately agreed to.

So at lunchtime, when Steven was already in his normal seat, and Kyle was at his normal table next to the nerds, suddenly four other people came and stood behind Kyle. He looked around, and recognised them all as officers of the LGBT club.

Steven stood up and walked over to Kyle, and looked him straight in the face. "Kyle, we'd like you tell us what happened on your date with Jose on Saturday."

"That's none of your business. That's private."

"Well, normally that would be the case, but if somebody complains about somebody else's behavior, then it's not private anymore."

"Jose complained? To who?"

"That doesn't concern you. Tell us what happened."

"Well, we went to the movies and it wasn't a very good movie and Jose just stood up and left. That's all!"

The five kids looked at each other and nodded.

"OK, Kyle, you've got a choice, " said Chris, "you can tell us the truth. If you don't then we're going to talk to Jose's parents and, if what Jose told us actually happened, they're likely to file sexual assault charges against you. And the punishment for that is very severe. Your choice."

Kyle went white as a sheet. "Sexual assault charges? Nothing happened, well not like that, anyway."

"So what did happen?"

"Ummm, well we went into the movie and after the lights went down, I thought maybe we would have a little fun together. I mean lots of kids do that at the movies, don't they?"

"Yes, but only when both of them want to do the same thing. What happened with you and Jose?"

"Well, I sort of ran my hand up his leg."

"Did you ask him first if you could do that?"

"Ummm, no, but everyone knows why you go to the movies"

"And how far up did your hand go?"

"Maybe quite a way?"

"Up to his dick?"

"Well, I guess so."

"And what did Jose say or do?"

"He took my hand and moved it away."

"And then?"

"Well, maybe I did it again."

"And then?"

"He moved my hand away again."

"Did he say anything?"

"Perhaps he said 'no'"


"Well, I guess he said 'no'"

"And then what?"

"Well, I took his hand and rubbed it against my dick. I was hard as a rock, I thought that might turn him on."

"So he said 'no' and you grabbed his hand and made him feel your dick?"


"And what did he do?"

"Maybe he said 'no' again."

"And then you tried to feel him up again, and he said 'no' again and you got up and walked out and he followed and you yelled at him. Right?"

"Something like that, maybe, I don't remember."

Chris looked at the others, and they all nodded.

Steven moved closer to Kyle, who tried to stand up but Chris gently pushed him down into his seat. "Kyle, I've got a question to ask you. Can I punch you in the face?"


So Steven punched him very hard right on his nose, which immediately started bleeding. Kyle looked completely shocked.

"Steven, what the fuck?" he managed to say while trying to stop the blood pouring out of his nose and the tears running down his cheeks.

"When Jose said 'no' when you tried to grope him, you went ahead anyway. So obviously you think 'no' means 'please go ahead', so when I asked you if I could punch you and you said 'no', I assumed that meant 'please go ahead'! So I punched you. What did I misunderstand?"

Kyle just glared at him. It was clear he was hurting badly. But Steven didn't feel ready to let him off the hook yet.

"OK, would you like me to punch you again? Yes or no?"

"Of course not!"

"Yes or no?"

"It doesn't matter what I say, you'll punch me anyway!"

"Yes, I will! Ready?"

Steven pulled his arm back and made a fist. He noticed, as he had hoped, that there was a steadily growing crowd of kids who were watching what was going on.

"OK, Kyle, you've got one last chance. Listen very carefully! I'm going to say three words, and then you're going to repeat them. OK?"

Kyle nodded. Blood was still dripping from his nose.

"No means no!"

Kyle gulped. Very quietly he repeated the words. "No means no!"


Kyle spoke in a more normal voice. "No means no!"


Kyle looked around and saw the crowd. He went pale again.






"Yes. I'm sorry!"

"Don't apologize to me, apologize to Jose."


Martin Evans, the teacher who sponsored the LGBT Club at the school, had been watching all of this from a distance. He'd been asked by Chris to be around at lunchtime but he hadn't been told why. But he knew this was the time to intervene.

"OK, Steven, Principal's office right now!"

"OK, Mr. Evans!" Steven picked up the remains of his lunch and his backpack and followed Mr. Evans into the main building.

"Steven what you did was wrong. But you did the wrong thing for the right reason. I can't defend your actions in front of the Principal but privately I respect what you were trying to do."

"Thanks, Mr. Evans!"

The two of them had to wait a few minutes and were then ushered into the Principal's office. Steven stood in front of the desk.

"OK, what's going on, Mr. Evans!"

"Steven punched another student in the face, sir!"

"That's not like you, Steven, you never get into a fight."

"Sorry, sir. Can I just be suspended now and go home?"

"No, Steven you're going to tell me why one of the nicest and quietest boys in the school punched another student in the face."

Steven spoke very calmly and carefully and looked the Principal in the eye the entire time. "Very well, sir, this is what happened. On Saturday Kyle Harris had a date with a friend of mine. They went to the movies, where Kyle tried to force my friend to have sex with him. My friend repeatedly said 'no' and asked him to stop, but Kyle persisted and went on groping him. Eventually they were asked to leave the cinema, and they went back to their homes. So I decided to teach Kyle a lesson, sir. So a few of us met with Kyle at lunch and asked him exactly what happened. At first he denied it, but later admitted that although my friend had asked him to stop, he kept on trying to have sex. So I asked Kyle if I could punch him in the face. Naturally he said 'no', so I punched him. Then I gave him a lecture on why 'no' means 'no', not 'keep doing it'. And then Mr. Evans brought me here. That's what happened, sir, I'm sorry to have caused you trouble, but my friend is really upset. It was his first date, and he was very excited about it, and now he's devastated."

The Principal looked straight back at Steven.

"Your motives are commendable, Steven, but your methods were wrong."

"Yes, sir, I know that, sir. But it was the only way I could get think of getting through to Kyle, sir. He doesn't always listen very well, sir."

"I take it your friend doesn't go to school here."

"No, sir, I know him from Middle School."

Well, because it happened off campus and at the weekend, I can't take any action against Kyle, but I will have to take action against you. I'm sorry, but if I don't suspend you, I'll have fights going on all over the place."

"Yes, sir, I understand. And I knew that if I did this, I'd get punished. But I'd like to say this, sir, if I may?"

"Go ahead."

"I know what I did was wrong. It was premeditated which is also wrong. And I made sure there was an audience, sir, because I wanted to make a point. Students need to know loud and clear that 'no means no', and too many kids still try to force other kids to have sex without proper consent. I don't like that, sir, so I wanted to make a public statement."

"Well, I expect the whole school knows what happened by now."

"Yes, sir, that's my hope and expectation. The issue of lack of consent needs to be out in the open. Now, will you suspend me so I can go home? I want to meet my friend and tell him what happened, and try to help him get over what was a horrible experience for him."

"OK. Three days suspension. I'll get someone to call one of your parents to come and pick you up. Get your books and stuff, and then wait in the office."

"Yes, sir, and thank you, sir."

"When you come back, Steven, I want to talk to you again. I think it's a wonderful opportunity for the school to address this issue, and maybe you've made it possible to get people to discuss it openly." And he walked round from behind his desk and shook Steven's hand.

"Thank you, sir!" Steven turned and left the Principal's office and headed towards his locker to get his books and stuff to take home. When he got back to the school office the Secretary told him to sit and wait. His mother was expected to come in a few minutes.

When she arrived she glared at Steven, and went to talk to the Principal. Steven got a little nervous because she was in there for a long time. Eventually she came out.

"You ready?"

"Yes, Mom!"

"We're stopping at Charlie's Ice Cream. I heard what you did, so we're going to celebrate!"

The Principal and the Secretary looked at each other and smiled. And as Steven walked past, they both gave a big thumbs up to him. And everyone assumed that was the end of the matter. How wrong can you be?


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No Way José

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