An Ordinary Boy

by Hamster

Chapter 10: So When Did You Know You Were Gay?

When Mike woke up in the morning he sensed something was wrong. He was so sleepy he couldn't think clearly until he opened his eyes, and then he panicked. He was alone, and there was no sign of Matthew. He scrambled out of bed, checked the bathroom and the kitchen, and there was no sign of the boy. Mike called out his name, but there was no response. He couldn't believe Matthew had just upped and left, they were getting on so well. It was only when he went into the spare bedroom that he felt a little better. The bed was covered in Matthew's clothes, including his treasured white polo shirt with the rainbow logos, his gym bag and the sports bag were still there as was his phone and his iPad, so he decided that Matthew had just gone out somewhere because he wouldn't leave his valuables behind if he'd done a runner.

So he put on some shorts, went into the kitchen, made coffee and sat on the patio sipping it and waiting for Matthew to return. And not long after he saw the gate at the bottom of the garden open, and in came Matthew dressed in his running clothes and dripping with sweat.

"There you are! I thought you'd run away or something!"

Matthew waited until he'd caught his breath, walked up to Mike, gave him a big kiss and broke into a broad smile "Nah, just keeping up with my training schedule. I can't just sit around all day with you drinking beer and eating and going to bed with you every few hours, however pleasant that might be! I'll never make the County Championship if I go to seed, so I have to run every other day or so. And I haven't run since Wednesday so I'm already behind schedule."

"How far did you go?"

"I went up to that radio mast on the hill over there."

"But that's about four miles!"

"Judging by my time it's three and a half."

"You did seven miles?"

"Yeah, that's not that far. It's longer than normal cross country distances but it's best to train for longer so you build up stamina. You should try it!"

"I'd die before I got to the end of the lane!"

"OK, then I'll make you a training schedule to get you up to speed. And a proper diet. No more frozen meals, ramen noodles, junk food. We're going to eat healthy. I need to keep you in good shape so you can meet my sexual cravings day and night. Deal?"

"Do I have an option?"

"No, unless you want me to go and find some more virile man who can satisfy my every need. You're doing OK so far, but I'm worrying you'll wear out soon."

"Cheeky brat! I should put you over my knee and spank you!"

"I'd like that. Can we try right now? I bet it would turn me on!"

"Matthew, you're impossible. Now go take a shower and we'll have breakfast."

After a shower and a tomato and onion omelette the two of them started to plan what they needed to do today, particularly getting ready to entertain Amy and Hannah for lunch the next day. Then Mike's phone beeped. Matthew read the text, tapped a quick reply, and stood up.

"Sorry, Mike, I have to get something from the spare room."

A minute later he was back with his iPad, turned it on, and waited. In another minute or so, the iPad lit up telling Matthew he had a FaceTime call. He pushed the green button and answered.

"JOSH! How are you!"

"MATTHEW! I'm great. What's up? You texted me to tell me you'd something to show me. Is it good news? I can't wait to find out!"

"Look!" Matthew picked up the iPad and moved it around.


"Yes, I've been here ever since we got back from Heathrow!"


"Hang on, there's someone here who wants to say something!"

Matthew adjusted the iPad so Mike was on camera.


"Hi Josh! Matthew's told me everything. Your plan was absolutely perfect! I'd love to be there with you and give you the biggest hug ever and say 'THANK YOU' over and over again. I'm the happiest man in the world right now, and it's all up to you."


Eventually Josh calmed down enough that between them Mike and Matthew filled Josh in with the whole story of the trip home and everything else that had happened afterwards. Well, almost everything else because Josh didn't need to know some of the more intimate details. Mike thanked Josh over and over again for what he'd managed to arrange, and both of them were almost in tears.

"Mike, I'm so happy for you and Matthew, I thought you'd make a perfect couple and I guess I was right. But I'm really happy. Mike, I feel I've paid my debt for my stupid behaviour at half-term, I wanted to do something nice for you to make up for it all, and I don't feel guilty any more."

"Josh, you've more than repaid your debt. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Now you need to focus on yourself for a while. Have you gotten laid yet?"

Josh burst out laughing! "I've only been in Australia a few hours, I'm completely knackered after that flight, my ankles are swallowed, my bum's sore from sitting down for so long, I'm totally jet lagged, I don't know what time of day or night it is, and you think I should have found some nice girl to fuck already? Come on!"

"She doesn't have to be a nice girl, Josh, you may be better off with a nympho!"

"Yeah, like that's going to happen! But talk to me next week and I'll tell you about all my conquests!"

"Seriously, Josh, I do want to keep in contact with you. I got very attached to you, and I've got this big soft spot for you. We went through a lot together, and it made us stronger and brought us together. And, by the way, Matthew knows all about what happened. We don't want secrets between us, so he told me all about your devious little plan, and I told him how we got rid of Blimp."

"Yes, Mike, I feel the same, We'll keep in touch. Oh, half a minute, the mummy monster is at my door wondering what I'm doing. Hold on!"

There was a pause. Mike poured some more coffee, Matthew declined to have any more, and then Josh reappeared.

"Mike, my mum wants to say hello. I hope that's OK?"

"No problem! Oh, good day, Mrs. Wilkins, it's nice to finally meet you!"

"Hello, Mike. Yes, it's good to see you as well. I just wanted to get the chance to say thank you again for everything you've done for Josh, looking after him at half-term under difficult conditions, helping him through all that legal stuff to get rid of that odious man who wasn't fit to be a headmaster, looking after him, taking him to Heathrow to make sure he got on the plane safely. You've really done a lot for him!"

"Actually, I think he's done more for me than I've done for him."

"I'm not sure I understand."

Mike turned the iPad. "I'd like you to meet Matthew, he's the boy who Josh invited to join us to go to Heathrow because he thought Matthew and I would make a great couple, and he was absolutely right, we've become boyfriends already, and it's all thanks to Josh!"

"I'm happy to hear that! He's a bit of a devil at times, isn't he?"

"You don't know the half of it, Mrs. Wilkins! You're going to have your hands full when Josh gets to school and starts chatting up the girls!"

"Tell me about it! Anyway, it's nice to put a face to your name, Mike. Keep in touch, and thanks again for everything!"

"OK, thanks, Mrs. Wilkins, and enjoy Australia! OK, Josh, we're going to hang up, we've got a lot to do today. But let's schedule a call in a week's time and we'll catch up again then!"

"OK, Mike, bye Matthew, you don't know how lucky you are!"

"Bye Josh, I'm beginning to understand a little bit of how lucky I am. Thanks!"

They hung up, and then Mike looked at Matthew. "OK, back to planning for today? What do we need to do?"

The rest of the day passed uneventfully. They went shopping so that Matthew could buy some proper healthy and organic food, they both worked on cleaning the house, doing some laundry, changing the rather well used sheets on Mike's bed, and generally tidying up and doing all those very unromantic household chores that go with living together but are essential. Matthew made lunch, they went to bed, made love and napped, Matthew cooked dinner, and at the end of a long but productive day they found themselves back on the swing enjoying a glass of wine.

"I'm sorry the day wasn't very exciting. Matthew, but that's life sometimes."

"It's been perfect, Mike, I mean it. You don't know how much I've enjoyed just being with you, doing things together, helping out around the house, and sort of just being a couple. It's something I've always wanted, and I've enjoyed it.

"You make us sound like an old married couple!"

"No! Maybe a young married couple! But given I'm off to theatre camp on Monday it's nice to spend as much time together as possible before that."

"Yes, I feel much the same. I wish you weren't going to go home tomorrow. I'm going to miss you terribly."

"Me too. But we'll have weekends, and a couple of evenings as well, so it won't be all awful. Just sort of lonely at times."


They sat in silence thinking about what was going to happen to them after Mike left Matthew behind at his house the following afternoon. Then Matthew sat up and looked at Mike.

"Let's not get into a tizzy because of it, it is what it is. We'll get through it, I'm certain of that. So let's talk about something else."

"You're right. It is what it is. So, what do you want to talk about?"

"When did you know that you were gay?"

"Wow, Matthew, that's a pretty personal topic, isn't it? I think I can tell you about it, but only on one condition."

"What's that?"

"After I've finished you'll have to tell me how you knew you were gay. Deal?"

"Deal. More wine?"

"OK, it may be a while to tell each other all our secrets! I've never told anyone about how I felt and what I did when I was growing up! So, yes, more wine would be a great idea!"

With wine glasses full, Matthew snuggled up to Mike. "OK, you're up first!"

"It all started with my cousins. My cousins live up north so we didn't get to see them that often, maybe two or three times a year, but when we were just kids when they did come we had a great time. We used to stay up late and play silly games and stuff, and have pillow fights, and have midnight feasts, and go exploring in the woods and generally get into trouble. There wasn't anything sexual about it, we were just kids having fun. My aunt and uncle were worried that we were disturbing my grandparents, but they were pretty tolerant.

"Then one summer everything changed. I was twelve, my older cousin Jack was fourteen and the younger one, Justin, was thirteen. Jack had had a growth spurt and was much bigger than either Justin or me, and he was definitely more rambunctious, and my aunt and uncle gave us a long lecture about not disturbing my grandparents who were getting older. The first night we got told off twice for making noise after my grandparents had gone to bed. It was then I had a brainwave that changed everything.

"In the morning I apologised to my grandparents about the noise and then I asked them if they would let us three boys sleep in the summerhouse. The day bed was big enough for three kids, and we wouldn't disturb anyone because we'd be down at the end of the garden. It didn't take Grannie long to agree, so that afternoon we took down our sleeping bags and extra blankets and a couple of flashlights and got everything ready for when we went to bed.

"As soon as we got into the summerhouse that night things started happening. Jack got us involved in a truth or dare game. At first it was just silly things, but then Jack started to make it about sex. I was the first victim when Jack dared me to show them my cock, and I didn't hesitate. I did a sort of striptease and slowly lowered my pyjamas. I confess I didn't have much to show. I hadn't got any hair down there so it was still pretty much a boy's cock, but because it seemed so naughty to be like that I couldn't stop it getting a little bigger. Because I'd done the dare, it was my turn, so I dared Jack to strip. He didn't hesitate and I got my first look at someone who was deep into puberty. His cock seemed very large, and it started to grow as I looked at it. He had quite a lot of hair there, and I could see he had started to grow hair on his calves.

"Justin didn't wait to be dared to strip so he got naked as well. He was a little bigger than me and had a couple of tufts of hair at the base of his cock. In no time all three of us got hard. Jack must have been about five inches long, Justin about four and a bit, and much narrower, which I came in at a little under four inches.

"Then Jack asked me if I had started wanking yet, and I had to confess I had no idea what he was talking about. He looked at me, then he looked at Justin, and Justin nodded, and suddenly the two of them grabbed me and pushed me on my back, and Justin held my arms so I couldn't escape, and Jack knelt down next to me, and for the first time in my life another boy touched me.

"I don't know if you remember the first time anyone touched you, Matthew, but I still remember it to this day. It felt so weird but it felt so good. Jack took his time in teaching me how to wank. I was as hard as I'd ever been, and he gently stroked my cock and caressed my rather small balls, and then he took my cock between his thumb and and his forefinger and slowly started to wank me. I realised this felt good, and I urged him to go a little faster, but he just smiled and went on doing it slowly, and I started to squirm but Justin had me in a good grip, and slowly I felt these odd feelings and then I thought I was going to pee, and Jack just smiled and speeded up his wanking and then, BOOM, it hit me and I felt my cock twitching and all these sensations I'd never felt before and I loved it.

"Jack slowed down, and smiled and asked me how it was, and when I'd caught my breath and come down back to normal, I told him it was great, and I'd like to do it again, and he said I'd have to wait to recharge my system, but it wouldn't take long because I couldn't spurt yet. I had no idea what he meant, and when I asked about it, he told me to watch, and he lay on his back and Justin started to wank him, slowly at first, and then a little faster, and I saw a drop of clear liquid come out of his cock, and Justin smeared that around the head of Jack's cock, and Jack started gently moaning, and Julian went a little faster, and Jack started gasping for air and then he told us he was cumming, and he closed his eyes and he thrust his hips up as Justin wanked him harder, and then he cried out and three spurts of white stuff shot out of his cock and landed on his chest and tummy, and then there were some more dribbles, and then Justin stopped wanking him, and Jack lay there breathing heavily until he recovered, and he turned to me and smiled and said that's what spurting is all about.

"Justin then said it was his turn, and he asked me to wank him, so for the first time I took hold of another boy's cock, and it felt so strange, it was so hard but it was also silky smooth, and it was alive because as I took hold of it it twitched, and Justin begged me to get on with it, and so I started to wank someone for the first time, and it didn't take long because Justin was turned on watching both of us get wanked, and so it wasn't long before I felt his cock seem to swell and get even harder, and then I felt it pulsing in my fingers, and he shot out a little spurt of rather clear liquid, and then a few more drops came out later. Jack told me Julian had only just started to be able to spurt so it wasn't white yet, but would be in a few weeks.

"Of course I had no sense of being gay or even really knowing what gay was, but what I did know after that night, when both Jack and Justin had come twice more and I'd come four times, was that I liked it, and I liked doing it with my cousins. The rest of their stay was like one continuous orgy, we wanked each other as much as we could, and we didn't bother the grownups, so we were in their good books, and I couldn't wait for their next visit.

"When they came the next time there was no problem in getting permission to sleep in the summerhouse, even though it wasn't summer, and Jack taught me the art of oral sex. At first I was pretty nervous about putting someone's cock in my mouth, but when Jack did it to me and I found it felt fantastic, I bit the bullet and returned the favour. I learned the feeling of power and control over someone else while sucking their cock, teasing them until they were begging for release, and then finally speeding up and letting them cum in my mouth and swallowing their cum and even exchanging a sort of kiss and letting them taste their own cum. By this time I had grown a few straggly hairs at the base of my cock, which of course I was very proud of, and during that visit I spurted for the first time. I really felt I was growing up!

"And inevitably, as time passed and we all got bigger and our cocks got bigger, Jack introduced me to fucking. He'd managed to get a tube of lube from somewhere, and to his credit, he was very patient with me so when he did fuck me for the first time it really didn't hurt much. I experienced that wonderful feeling of fullness as he slowly slipped his now six inch cock into me, and then was in ecstasy as he started moving in and out and I got so aroused I grabbed my own cock and wanked myself as he fucked me, and he fucked me quite hard and I loved it, and I couldn't stop myself coming as I wanked, and I shot spurts of cum onto my chest and tummy, and then Jack gasped I felt him pulsing inside me and filling me with his cum. I loved it.

"Then it was my turn and got to fuck Justin, and much as I had enjoyed Jack fucking me, fucking Justin was even better. Having my cock gripped by his warm and tight arse and feeling those sensations every time I thrust into him was the greatest thing I'd ever felt. I didn't last long that first time, but I remember to this day that sensation that your whole body tenses up just before you come, and then you start tingling in your arms and you legs and then it's like your whole body rushes into your cock and you spurt your whole body out into that lovely warm tube.

"But I still didn't really have a sense of being gay. It was just three horny teenagers learning the joys of sex. Neither Jack nor Justin turned out gay, they got girlfriends and we stopped messing around when they came to visit. But I made friends with another boy from school, Danny was his name, and whenever we could we would go to his house after school, and if his parents were away we started messing around together, and he let me fuck him and I enjoyed it and preferred fucking him than him fucking me. And that was alright with me because I preferred fucking over being fucked.

"Danny and I did this together for a few months, we never got caught, and nobody seemed suspicious of us being gay or anything, so we didn't get hassled at school or anything, so life was pretty good as far as I was concerned. I watched other boys start to get girlfriends, and for a while I wondered if I was just going through a phase, and that one day I'd get interested in girls. But there were still lots of other boys who didn't have girlfriends. So Danny and I weren't standing out in any way.

"Then one day everything changed. I was at lunch at school, and this girl came up to me and said that Sarah seemed to like me, and maybe I should ask her out for a date. I was terrified, of course, because this was new territory for me, but I knew Sarah a bit because we'd had lots of classes together, and she seemed very nice and she always gave me a little smile. So I built up a lot of courage and got to talk to her in the corridor and she agreed to go to the cinema together that weekend. I got all dressed up and walked to her house, and we went to the cinema and if you asked my what we watched I couldn't tell you because I was too nervous, and we sat in the back row, and when the lights went down, she snuggled close to me, and then her hand went onto my thigh, and slowly worked its way upwards until it was almost touching me through my jeans, and then we started kissing, and I was grateful to Jack and Justin that we'd practised kissing before, and then her hand moved upwards and rested on my cock, and that was the moment of truth. My cock hadn't moved, it was still as soft as ever. I was embarrassed but there was nothing I could do about it. She tried to get me interested but my cock was adamant, it said it preferred boys' hands.

"We left the cinema and went to the local cafe which was pretty much deserted, and we got drinks, then she looked me straight in the eyes and said she knew I was gay. I was mortified. I thought she was going to out me at school and my life would become truly awful. But my silence gave everything away. Then she blew my mind. She told me she was gay, she had a girlfriend, and what she was looking for was a gay couple so they could double date and make everyone think they were straight. She said she'd been watching me and Danny and she was convinced we were both gay and so she set up our date to try to find out.

"My head was spinning by this time, and I said I need a little time to process all of this, and she said there was no rush, and we agreed to go on another date so we could talk it over when I'd had time to think about it. I didn't sleep very well that night for several reasons. I realised for the first time that I preferred boys to girls. I was scared of being outed at school because the few gays who were out formed a rather small and isolated group because nobody wanted to be associated with them. I was terrified of what my grandparents would say if they found out because they were very conservative and not really tolerant of people who were different. And I had no idea of how I was going to ask Danny about the idea of double dating two girls.

"In the end it turned out quite well. Danny was enthusiastic because he'd had the same misgivings as me about getting outed at school, Sarah's girlfriend Danielle was fully on board with it. My grandparents were pleased I had a girlfriend. And it didn't take long for everyone at school to accept us as a foursome, and nobody seemed to see beyond the fact that we always double dated.

"That lasted over a year, by which time I was almost sixteen and I had grown up physically so that I was more like a young grownup than a kid. I haven't changed that much since then, so you can imagine pretty much what I looked like. Danny and I were still fucking as often as I could, always at his house because I didn't dare bring him home to mine because of my grandparents, but I have to be honest that we were getting a bit bored with each other, and I began to think of getting involved with someone else. But I didn't do anything because that might have threatened our rather cosy arrangement.

"Then all hell broke loose. It was Sarah and Danielle's fault. We had all gone to some party, and someone had scored a bottle of vodka so a few people got a bit drunk, and that included Danielle and Sarah, and they ended up going upstairs into one of the bedrooms, and they were caught making out, and in about thirty seconds everyone at the party knew about this, and when Sarah and Danielle came downstairs people started asking what was going on, and Sarah, who wasn't sober, lost it and told everyone she and Danielle were a couple and had been for a long time, and then people looked at me and Danny, and there wasn't any escape, so I admitted I was gay and the double dating was just a facade.

"I thought my life was going to be hell when I got to school the following Monday. Danny had already ditched me in order to try to convince people he wasn't gay, a strategy that failed miserably, so I was on my own when I walked into school. I got a lot of long strange looks, and a few nasty words were said very quietly as I walked along, but nothing too bad. At lunch I got to sit by myself, the worst thing that can happen at school, but then another boy came and sat next to me. I didn't really know him other than that he was called Andy, and said he felt bad that everyone was ignoring me, and we talked a bit, and that afternoon after school I went to his house, and we ended up having sex, and it was great because he liked all sorts of things that Danny didn't and I had fun although I didn't get to fuck him that day. Slowly we became good friends and we had regular sex together, and he introduced me to a couple of others who were like minded, so for the last couple of years at school I didn't have a regular boyfriend but rather I was part of a small group of boys who were mostly gay and who liked sex. It was fun, I was happy, we didn't get hassled because we were all pretty much fully grown, and then I went to college and I sort of told you about that before.

"So that's how I knew I was gay. And there's one funny thing about all of this. You're the first person I've ever had sex with in this house. My cousins and I did everything in the summerhouse, and at school I always went to other boys' houses because I knew my grandparents would disapprove. So that makes you very special, Matthew."

Matthew had been snuggling up to Mike throughout his whole story, so he uncurled himself and sat upright. He stretched, bent down to get his glass of wine from the table, looked at Mike, and smiled.

"That's a lovely story, Mike, I'm glad it worked for you and nobody got hurt very much. And I'm honoured I'm the first person you've brought home, that's something very special for me, and I'm feeling a little humble about it. But I've got one burning question, Mike."

"What's that?"

"Did your grandparents ever know?"

"Yes, and no. My grandmother didn't say anything directly. All she said was that she'd prefer it if I didn't bring my friends home because she didn't want her neighbours to know what was going on. That would be too embarrassing for her. But that's all she ever said, and I respected that because they were well established in the area and having an overtly gay grandson living with them would be very hard for them to cope with. I don't think my grandfather had a clue. They didn't deserve any awkwardness. They'd taken me in when I was seven and raised me as if I was their son, not their grandson, they were kind and loving and generous and supportive so I always felt that I would honour and respect them for the sacrifice they made. I loved them both very much, I miss them, and I'll always treasure the time we had together."

There was a period of silence while Matthew digested everything. Then poured the last of the wine into their glasses, and looked at Mike.

"So I suppose you want to hear my story."

"Yes, of course I do. Fair's fair, you've heard my story, now I want to hear yours!"

Matthew sighed, took a sip of his wine, and took a deep breath. "I don't think it's very interesting. I think I've known I was gay from a very early age. I was at the local Primary school until I was nine, then Hugo and I got sent to Bourne Hall as day boys because my mother had some falling out with the school over some of its policies. We were going to go there anyway so it wasn't anything traumatic, we just went a couple of years earlier than expected.

"Being a day boy in a boarding school is a rather odd experience. You spend your days like everyone else. You go to classes, you have lunch, you do games, you do your homework if you can, and then you go home while the other boys stay in the school. So you don't lose your home life like the other boys, but you do miss the bonding the other boys have because they eat together, they play together, and most importantly they sleep in their dormitories. So Hugo and I were tucked up in our beds in our own rooms by ourselves, and when you get to school the next morning you hear bits and pieces of things that went on in the dormitories at night. So I learned the other boys were creeping around at night getting into other boys' beds and having a wank together, and I heard about circle jerks where all the boys in a room would get together and have wanking contests. And me and Hugo were missing out on that, so I felt a little bit of an outsider.

"Of course, I had lots of friends at school, that wasn't a problem, and some days when there wasn't games or practice, I'd hang out with some of my friends and catch the late bus home. My Mum didn't care when I came home as long as I didn't miss that last bus because I got into trouble if she or Dad had to come pick me up. I had one really close friend, his name was Thorsten, his family was originally from Sweden I think, and I used to hang out with him. He was a bit bigger than me, he'd started puberty early, so he was a little bit more muscular. I remember he had dark hair with a sort of bowl cut and a fringe, and he was always smiling. I liked him a lot.

"So one afternoon we'd finished out homework, and I'm lying on his bed in my school shirt and tie and gray trousers, and he's sitting at his little desk, and his three roommates are off playing soccer, and we're just chatting about school and friends and stuff, and he asks me whether it's better to be a boarder or a day boy, and I said it was hard to say because on one hand you got to go home and you were with your Mom and Dad and you got home cooking, and your own room and your own bed, but on the other hand you missed out on stuff at school after you went home. So he asked what type of stuff did I mean, so I said, like getting into other boys' beds and circle jerks and those type of things, and that boarding boys seemed to know more about sex than day boys.

"And Thorsten smiled and stood up and came and sat on the edge of his bed next to me, and asked me if I wanted to mess around together, and I blushed but gave a little nod, and so he put his hand on my thigh and moved it upwards, and asked if I meant that sort of thing, and I nodded, so he leaned over and placed his hand on the fly of my trousers and started rubbing, and I pushed upwards, and then he slowly undid my belt, and the clasp on my trousers, and then very slowly pulled down the zipper so he could see my boxer briefs and the outline of my cock which was as hard as a piece of steel, and he gently traced his fingers up and down the bulge, and he pulled on the waistband of my trousers and I raised my hips and in one motion he pulled my trousers and my underwear down onto my thighs and he took hold of my cock and I gasped because it felt incredible, and then he started wanking me and I couldn't believe how much nicer it was than wanking myself, and it didn't take very long before I spurted out a thin stream of almost clear stuff and it ended up on my shirt, and it was fantastic.

"And while I was recovering Thorsten stood up and undid his trousers and pulled them down together with a pair of bright red briefs, and I got to see his cock and it was beautiful, and long and straight, and surrounded by a fringe of dark curly pubic hair, and a little drop of clear liquid on the end of his cock, so I took it in my hand and it was hard and velvety soft and then he sat down and lay back and pulled up his shirt and tie, and I leaned over and starting wanking him and it wasn't too long before his cock swelled up and got ever harder and Thorsten gasped as two jets of white stuff came out and landed on his stomach, and I went on wanking him until he put his hand on mine and asked me to stop, so I stopped, and he smiled and asked if I liked that, and I said yes, it was super, and he said he'd like to do it again with me, and I smiled and said I'd like that. Then he reached over to his bedside table, opened the draw, got out an old handkerchief, cleaned himself up, cleaned me up, and we stood up and got properly dressed, so that when his roommates came back a little later we looked liked two ordinary schoolboys dressed in blazers and school ties and gray trousers, two sweet and innocent thirteen year old boys looking like butter wouldn't melt in their mouths, and his roommates weren't fooled at all and accused us of doing the dirty, and Thorsten just smiled, and in time I did it with all of his roomates at one time or another, and I felt less distant as a day boy than I had.

"Of course, one thing led to another. On saturday afternoons, if we weren't on a team that was playing another school, and there was no home game we had to watch, then boys were free to leave the school and go for walks or come into Shelburne for a couple of hours, and Thorsten would come over to my house, and if there wasn't anyone home we'd spend quality time in bed together, and he taught me everything he knew. So learned how to edge wank someone so that they be writhing on the bed and begging for release, and I learned how to give a blow job and not get my teeth snagged on someone's cock, and I learned how to deep throat because Thorsten's cock was long enough to reach the back of my mouth.

"Then one day Thorsten introduced me to rimming and he licked my arse and he pushed a finger into me and at first it hurt, but after I found some lotion it was better, and then it was two fingers and it felt weird and nice, and then he pushed my legs back and propped them on my shoulders, and very slowly pushed his cock against my hole and he told me to push out and he got part way into me and it hurt, so he stopped and after a couple of minutes he pushed again and then all of him was inside me and it was wonderful, and soon I was grabbing his arse and pulling him into me and he was fucking as fast as he could and I felt him get bigger inside me and then he almost shouted as he spasmed several times, filling me with his boy cum, and I was wanking as hard as I could and came all over my stomach and he collapsed on top of me while we were still both panting, and then slowly we caught our breath and he began to shrink and he slipped out of me and I felt very empty. And we looked at each other and smiled and giggled, and he bent over and gave me a little kiss, and I had never been as happy in my whole life.

"So Thorsten or one of his friends became regular visitors to my house at weekends, and I was a regular visitor to his dorm after classes and before the last bus, and I learned that sex was wonderful, and that I was definitely gay, and that I was a bottom, and although I was happy to fuck one of the other boys from time to time, being fucked was what gave me more pleasure, and of course it made me pretty popular because while virtually every boy was happy to fuck someone, most boys didn't want to get fucked. So I was in demand, and that lasted pretty much throughout my time at school. Either I'd go to their room after class, or, less frequently, they'd come home. So that's my story."

Matthew stopped talking, drank the rest of his wine, and looked at Mike. Mike smiled, put his hand behind Matthew's head, and gave him a long and very loving kiss.

"Sounds like you were the school slut!"

"Not really, I mean, yes, I slept with quite a few boys, but I was selective. I only slept with people I knew and liked, I didn't open my legs for every Tom, Dick and Harry. There were about five or six boys I slept with on a more or less regular basis, and there were a few others I slept with once or twice, but I tried hard only to sleep with people who were good at fucking and treated me properly."

"Maybe a semi-slut!"

"Arsehole! I like to think that I just have a healthy appetite for sex!"

"You sure do! Didn't your Mum and Dad know?"

"I could have been fucked right in front of Dad and he wouldn't notice. He's not good with people, only with money. Mum knew pretty early on. She took me aside one Saturday evening and said that maybe my friends and I shouldn't make quite so much noise when we were in my room, and I pleaded innocence, so she said when she heard me saying 'oh God, I'm coming' as she walked past my door she knew exactly what was going on. But she was very supportive, she never had an issue with me being gay, and we were quite open about it at home. Hugo knew pretty early on, and all Mum said was to ask him not to talk about it with his friends, and he's been the best brother I could ask for even though he's completely straight."

Mike finished his wine, stood up, and pulled Matthew to his feet.

"It's late, we've got a long day tomorrow, and before we fall asleep we have unfinished business between the sheets. Listening to your story has made me very horny!"

"Which bit turned you on the most?"

"All of it, but I did like that image of two innocent schoolboys in their school uniforms going at it like rabbits!"

"I've got my uniform here if you want me to wear it!"

"Not tonight! But maybe, just maybe, one day that might be fun. Right now I'm horny and tired and I don't need to play any games! Come on, let's go to bed."

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