An Ordinary Boy

by Hamster

Chapter 4: The Weekend

Mike woke up early as normal, even though he didn't have to get ready for school. He made himself some coffee and sat outside looking at his garden. Other than going clubbing on Saturday night, Mike had planned a lot of work on the garden which was rather neglected.

The garden was Mike's grandfather's pride and joy. He would spend hours in the vegetable patch which took up most of the left hand side of the garden, and ensured that they had a steady supply of fresh vegetables throughout the year, and carefully tended the obligatory rose bushes in the front garden. He would mow the lawn which stretched down to the wall at the end of the garden. There was a gate in the wall that gave access to a farm track and then onto the hills that were about half a mile away. And there was an old fashioned summer house towards the end of the lawn, one of those that you could rotate so that the little porch was always in the sun. On the right hand side was a herbaceous border that allowed them to have cut flowers in the house for most of the year.

Although his grandfather had died in November, Mike tried as best he could to keep the garden exactly the same. He had planted vegetables according to the plan his grandfather had developed and tried to keep the flower beds and rose bushes as neat as he could. He felt it was the best way of honouring their memory and thanking them for raising him for fifteen years. But his work at school meant he couldn't provide the same level of care and attention as his grandfather had, so the garden looked a little unkempt. At weekends Mike tried to catch up, and he had expected to spend quite a bit of time working in the garden during the five day break from school. But with Josh to look after he wasn't sure how much he could get done.

While he was thinking about what jobs were priority, Josh came out onto the patio.

"Good morning, Josh! Did you sleep OK?"

"Yeah, pretty good. That bed's much nicer than my bed at school. It's bigger. Too bad there's nobody to share it with!"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah! Thinking about sex even when you're still half asleep!"

Josh was dressed in a pair of black athletic shorts and a wrinkled t-shirt with a picture of some band on it that Mike had never heard of. For the first time Mike saw Josh's legs. They were fairly thin, completely hairless and very pale. There was nothing that appealed to Mike, and he was relieved that he hadn't got lumbered with a really good looking and rather more mature boy.

"Do you want coffee? Tea?"

"Nah, I'll have a Coke."

"Bacon and eggs OK?"

"Def. Sounds great!"

"Why don't you take a shower and get dressed, then we'll have breakfast and make that Zoom call. Did your parents reply?"

"Yeah, they like the idea."

"Good! Now, go and shower and get dressed. I'll start cooking so don't be too long!"

Josh turned and went inside. Mike finished his coffee and then went into the kitchen. Half an hour later a clean and tidy Josh was feeling good, he'd eaten a mound of scrambled eggs and bacon and toast, finished his Coke and was eager to see his parents.

The Zoom call went better than Mike expected. Josh's parents were happy to make a complaint that focused on Josh being put at risk by travelling unescorted in a teacher's car, and living in a teacher's house with no chaperones or safeguards. They even suggested highlighting the fact that Mike was a known homosexual, which made it sound even more risky for Josh. They also included a statement that because Mike had not been given advance notice of the situation Josh had felt deprived of proper comforts on arrival at Mike's house.

Once they'd all agreed on the format of the complaint, Josh's parents asked where they should send the complaint. Mike had done his homework and was able to give them the name and email address of the Chairman of the Board of Governors. When Josh's parents heard that the Chairman, Marcus Smith, was a practising lawyer, they suggested they add a final paragraph that said they were willing to sue the school for damages unless appropriate actions were taken.

Mike and Josh liked that addition because it meant that Mr. Smith would have to respond, given the fact that the Wilkins were willing to take the matter to civil court. With that addition the Wilkins said they would send Mike and Josh a draft of the email,and if they were happy with it, they would send the complaint to Mr. Smith over the weekend.

Mike left Josh to talk to his parents alone, and went to change into old clothes and start work in the garden. A few minutes later a beaming Josh came out into the garden and said his mother had found Melbourne very nice and had started to make friends. That really raised his hopes of being able to move to Australia, something he'd like to do because he had heard Australian girls had a reputation for being easier to get into bed than their British counterparts..

To Mike's surprise, Josh said he was willing to help in the garden if Mike told him what to do. So Mike got him to mow the lawn and then showed him how to prune the rose bushes in the front garden. While he was out in the front Mike's neighbour Mrs. Winterbottom came out of her house to say hello and give him a plate of biscuits for him and Mike. They chatted for a while but it was difficult for Josh because Mrs. Winterbottom was old and rather deaf. When he said thank you and goodbye to her, Mrs. Winterbottom was under the impression that Josh's parents were hunting kangaroos in Austria and, however hard he tried, Josh couldn't make her think otherwise.

By noon they had made good progress in the garden, and were both drenched in sweat. Mike suggested they both take a shower, put on clean clothes, and have lunch. Josh agreed and immediately went into the house. Mike put away his gardening tools, and then went into the house.

The first thing he saw was Josh going into the bathroom. He was completely naked, holding his towel in one hand and his sponge bag in the other.

"Oh, sorry, Mike, I didn't know you were there!"

"No problem!"

Before Josh disappeared into the bathroom, Mike got a clear view of Josh's body. Mike was surprised to find that Josh was physically more mature than he had expected. He had a good sized bush of pubic hair from which a larger than expected penis was hanging down in front of his balls. Mike made a guess that, if he was hard, Josh would be the proud owner of a six inch plus penis, not bad for a thirteen year old.

Mike assumed that Josh was used to walking around naked at school. After all, the boys were expected to shower in the communal showers of the changing room, and in their dormitories where the boys were housed in groups of four or six they'd be used to seeing each other dressing and undressing. Mike had been to the local grammar school so, apart from showers after games, he rarely saw other boys undressed and many boys just stayed dirty until they got home. So seeing a naked thirteen year old in his house was a totally different experience for Mike, and one he quite liked.

Both of them were properly clothed when they had lunch. Mike had bought stuff to make sandwiches which were accompanied by a huge pile of crisps for Josh.

"So what are we doing after lunch, Mike?"

"I've got plans to go to the pub later on to meet my friends, but that's not until about five, so we've got time to do something. Anything you'd like to do?"

"If it was cooler, I'd suggest we go for a walk on those hills, but I think I've had enough exercise for the day. Are you any good at video games?"

"I haven't played them much recently, but I'm willing to try."

So for a few hours they played a variety of video games. Josh won virtually everything, with Mike only winning the F1 23 game, and giving Josh a good battle in FIFA 23.

At five they walked down to the pub, about fifteen minutes away. Mike introduced him to his friends and explained he was a temporary refugee because his aunt had broken her hip. Included in the group were two women, Amy being the larger of the two, and looking like someone who would be good to cuddle, while her partner, Hannah, was thin and rather shorter. Amy asked Josh to sit next to her while Mike went to get a round of drinks. Amy looked hard at Josh.

"Are you alone with Mike in his house? No chaperones?"

"No. My Headmaster told Mike to look after me for half term when they found out Aunt Alice had broken her hip."

"He can't do that. It's against all the rules to have boys in a teacher's house. Talk about putting you in a risky situation! This is ridiculous!"

Josh explained what action his parents were taking, and Amy said they'd easily win significant damages in civil court. She said she thought the Board of Governors would have to act, and act quickly, either putting the headmaster on leave or even firing him.

"That's what we think is going to happen. My parents are making the complaint right now, so we expect the shit to hit the fan on Monday."

"Good. Now, tell me, did Mike tell you I'm a social worker"

"No, he didn't tell me anything about any of you except you were all friends, and all gay."

"Are you gay?"

"Christ, no! I like girls. And I'm pissed there aren't girls at my school. But my parents couldn't find a co-ed school at short notice so I ended up in Bourne Hall."

"By law, I'm supposed to report your situation to the local authorities because you're not supposed to be alone with Mike. But what I'll do is this. I'll wait until Monday, and I'll be your temporary social worker and be responsible for you until you go back to school. Tuesday?"

"Yeah, Tuesday."

"You have a phone?"

"You're joking! Of course I have a phone. I'm thirteen. I've had a phone for years!"

"Give it to me!"

Josh got his phone out and gave it to Amy. She punched in her number so Josh had it stored.

"Any problem, just call me, twenty four hours a day. OK"

"OK, but Mike won't do anything. He told me he wouldn't molest because I was underage and a pupil at his school. I told him I wouldn't tell anybody anything if we did do something, but then he said I was too young and not his type anyway."

"If I didn't know Mike really well, I wouldn't let you stay with him for another minute. But I agree you're not his type, he likes older boys and young men. And I know that if I reported your situation to the authorities, you'd end up in a group home until school started again, and you'd be more likely to get molested there than at Mike's. But if somehow something happens, or even if you think something might happen, call me immediately. OK?"

"OK. Thanks, but I'm sure I won't need to bother you."

"Josh, you never know. Be careful."

Amy then called Mike over from the other end of the table, and explained the situation. Mike was grateful for Amy's decision not to report Josh to the local authorities, and assured her nothing was going to happen. Then Josh talked to other friends of Mike until it was time for dinner. Mike asked Josh if he'd prefer Chinese, Thai, or fish and chips. Mike was happy when Josh chose Thai because the Thai restaurant was very good. They phoned in their order and then walked to the restaurant to pick up their food and take it home.

Josh set out plates and spoons and forks while Mike got water, soda for Josh and a beer for himself.

"Can't I have a beer, Mike?"

"You're too young!"

"My parents let me have a little once in a while. They say it's the best way to get kids used to drinking alcohol and not waiting until they're eighteen and immediately start binge drinking."

"They're right. But if I give you beer and someone finds out, I'll be in trouble."

"Spoilsport. But don't leave your beer unattended or I might accidentally mistake it for my Coke!"

With that, they ate their dinner, watched television for a while, and then Mike said he was going to bed.

"What are we doing tomorrow, Mike?"

"Dunno. Haven't thought about it."

"I've got swimming trunks. Could we go to the beach?"

"That's a great idea, Josh! Let's do that! We'll go early so it's not really scorching, and have lunch somewhere afterwards. Sound good?"

"Yeah, that's great!"

In the morning Josh got up, made himself coffee and then went to wake up Josh so they could leave for the beach before it got too hot and crowded. He knocked on the door but got no reply. So he opened the door and looked in. Josh was lying fast asleep on the bed. The sheet had fallen off so he was completely naked. And he had a typical case of morning wood. Mike noticed he was more or less correct in guessing Josh would be about six inches long.

"Josh, time to wake up!"

Nothing happened, so Mike walked over to the bed and shook Josh by the shoulder. The boy was still fast asleep but eventually he stirred, opened his eyes a little, blinked a few times, and ran his hand through his tousled hair

"Err, what's happening?"

"Time to get up if we're going to the beach!"

"Crikey, it's that late? Shit! I'll be ready shortly."

With that, the completely naked boy sporting a fine erection, got out of bed, grabbed his towel and headed for the bathroom. Mike went back to the kitchen to make breakfast, and not long after Josh appeared. He was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. As soon as they'd eaten, Mike packed a bag with towels and sunscreen and water and they set off for the beach.

"Mike, this is great! I haven't been to the beach in ages!"

Josh was lying on a towel on the side of a sand dune. He had taken off his shorts and t-shirt and was wearing a pair of swimming trunks that were probably a size too small.

"Ok, Josh, but before you go swimming you need to put on sunscreen. You don't have a tan so you'll burn easily. I don't want you going back to school like a lobster!"

"Yeah, OK. But you have to do my back."

Mike took the sunscreen, Josh turned over so he was lying on his stomach allowing Mike to squirt sunscreen onto his back.

"Oh, that's cold!"


Mike began spreading the sunscreen over Josh's back. He'd forgotten how smooth young teenage skin can be, and he enjoyed rubbing his hand all over Josh's back. He made sure he did both sides, and even put a little in Josh's armpits, noticing the boy had a few straggling hairs in each pit.

"That's nice, Mike, you can keep doing that!"

"Sorry, I'm just about done!"

"Bummer. Do the back of my legs, please, Mike!

Mike squirted some more sunscreen on Josh's thighs, and smeared it over the boy's leg. The back of his thighs were smooth. Mike made sure he went up to the hem of Josh's swimming shorts but no further so that he didn't touch anything he shouldn't. But he was aware that Josh's trunks were very short, so he was very careful.

"Now do my front. Mike!"

Josh turned over. He had a full erection and even a little damp spot where he'd leaked out some precum.

"No! You can do that yourself, naughty boy. And you'll have to wait until that thing gets smaller before you walk along the beach!"

"What thing? Oh, that! Oh, I hadn't noticed!"

"Dickhead! Of course you noticed!"

" What if it won't go down?"

"Cover yourself with a towel and have a wank. Then it will go down!"

"You could help, Mike, if you wanted."

"Josh, NO! I'm not going to touch you! You're jailbait!"

And with that, Mike ran down the beach to cool off in the water. Josh joined before too long, and they spent at least an hour in the water. Mike was strong enough to pick Josh up and throw him into the sea. Josh tried to return the favour but he wasn't strong enough, but it did result in a lot of wrestling and body contact, and from time to time a stray hand touched some private parts.

Eventually they both got tired and went to sunbathe.

"Enjoying yourself, Josh?"

"Yes, Mike, I'm having more fun than I expected. Thanks for being so nice to me!"

By lunchtime they'd had enough sun. So they drove into the local seaside town, had fish and chips for lunch, spent money on arcade games and eventually got home in time to shower and order chinese food.

"Don't you ever cook, Mike?"

"Not much. I can do a few basic things. I'm better with breakfast than dinner."

"It's not good for you to eat restaurant food all the time. You need to eat healthy stuff."

"I eat a lot of vegetables from the garden, you know, salad and stuff. Anyway, you're a fine one to talk, stuffing crisps and chocolate into your face all the time!"

"I'm on holiday, Mike, and on Tuesday I'm going back to Bourne Hall prison and go back to eating gruel and stewed cabbage!"

"The food's not that bad!"

"How do you know? You bring your lunch."

"I see the menu. It's not too bad for a boarding school."

"It sucks!"

"Mike, I'm going to take a shower before I go to sleep, I'm sweaty and sticky and don't want to go to bed like that."

"Good idea, I'll probably do the same."

Mike watched as Josh disappeared into his bedroom, readied the coffee pot for the morning, and then went to go to his bedroom. Josh's door was half open and Mike could see the boy was lying on his bed. Mike stopped and carefully peered into the room. At first all he could see were Josh's legs. He'd taken his trousers so Mike could see his shins with that small amount of hair growing on them, and the lower half of his smooth thighs. Josh's legs were shaking and Mike could hear the familiar fapping sound of a boy wanking. Very slowly and very carefully, Mike moved sideways a bit until he could see the whole lower half of Josh's body. The boy was indeed wanking, a steady rhythm with his fist moving up and down over his fully erect six inch cock. There was a little pre-cum leaking from the piss slit, and the boy was using that as lube. Mike was transfixed like a rabbit in a car's headlights. Although he knew he shouldn't be watching he didn't have the willpower to move away. As he watched the boy started to speed up his rhythm, Mike could hear the boy's breathing increasing, followed by a gasp as three strong spurts of white spunk landed on the boy's tummy, followed by a couple of small dribbles that ran onto the boy's fist.

Mike very quietly stepped backwards, and then walked quickly past the half open door into his bathroom. He had a raging hard on, so he quickly took off his clothes, turned on the shower, took hold of his rock hard dick, and before long he painted the shower wall with five huge spurts. He almost lost his balance with the intensity of his orgasm, but he steadied himself and let the water wash all his spunk off the wall and from his body and fist. He couldn't remember when he'd had such a strong orgasm, it had probably been when he fucked the Filipino. He got into bed and was asleep in no time.

After breakfast Mike said he needed to talk to Josh.

"Josh, I know you're probably used to walking around your school house with little or no clothing but it's something I'd prefer you didn't do here."

"Why not, Mike, we're all used to it at school. Why, does it bother you?"

"Yes, it does, Josh. You know I've told you that you're not my type, and that's true, but on the other hand seeing a well developed boy like you going round naked, sometimes with a nice big erection sticking out is tempting. I'm sure you're not trying to tempt me, but being around naked teenagers is something I need to avoid. And giving full body massages to boys wearing skimpy swimming trunks so that they get raging hard ons is something I shouldn't do. And maybe when you're having a wank you could close the bedroom door first."

"You saw that?"

"Yes, I did."

"Ooops." Then Josh grinned. "Did you like it?"

"That's none of your business." Mike smiled at Josh. "But for a boy your age, it was quite an impressive show. However, this all has to stop, Josh. If I succumbed to your temptation and someone found out, the consequences for me would be enormous. I'd go to prison for a long time, I'd always be on the sex offenders list, I'd never be able to teach again or do any kind of job that involved children. I don't want that. You have to understand that."

There was a long silence. Josh was looking straight down at his empty plate. When he looked up Mike could see he was on the verge of tears.

"I'm sorry, Mike. I'll be more careful and try not to tempt you any more. But I think you're really sexy, and I wouldn't mind if we'd done stuff together. I wouldn't have told anyone, honest. I'm really sorry because I was sort of doing it on purpose, like leaving the door open, but I'll stop. I didn't mean to hurt you, Mike!"

"That's OK, Josh, nothing happened so the matters closed. Come here!"

Mike stood up, and walked round the table, took Josh's arm, pulled him upright and gave him a huge bear hug. Josh hugged him back and then burst into uncontrollable tears. Mike just hugged him and held him until the sobs died down, took a napkin off the table, wiped the boy's eyes and cheeks, and bent over and gave him a kiss.

"Cheer up, Josh, it's OK, I'm not mad at you!"

After a while Josh released his hug, looked tearfully at Mike, said sorry, and went back to his room to take a shower and tidy himself up before their trip to Exeter.

After both of them were showered and dressed they went to Exeter to see Josh's aunt. She was in a nursing home and only just mobile in her walker.They didn't spend too long with her because she was still in pain from the operation and pretty much doped up to her eyeballs. But she was able to thank Mike for looking after Josh, and she was able to ask Josh to give her best wishes to her sister and brother-in-law in Melbourne.

Outside the nursing home Josh asked what they were going to do for the rest of the day.

"Josh, I've got no idea! Is there anything you'd like to do?"

"I'm hungry. Can we get lunch?"

"Really, I'm surprised, a teenager feeling hungry, I can't believe it!"

For the first time Josh cracked a small smile. Mike smiled back and gave him a high five.So they drove around until they found a nice pub with a garden, ordered lunch and Mike got himself a beer and a Coke for Josh. After they'd eaten MIke went for a pee, and returned to find his beer glass emptier than he remembered. He looked at Josh, then at the glass, and then at Josh again and raised his eyebrows as if he was asking a question.

"Sorry, Mike, but I did warn you that if you left your beer unattended I might steal some. And I'm not driving and you are, so I was doing you a favour!"

"Cheeky brat! I should put you over my knee and spank you!"

"Ooo, yes please, Mike? When we get home you can spank me as much as you want!"

"Dream on, kid, it's not going to happen! What do you say we go to Paignton and go to the pier and ride dodgems and go bowling and race miniature cars, and stuff like that?"

"Wow, that would be great. Yes, let's go, come on, hurry up!"

And so they went to the funfair, rode every ride, crashed dodgems, knocked over bowling pins, played all the arcade games, ate hot dogs and chips, and eventually went home tired and happy.

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