Rules of the Road

by Geron Kees

Chapter 8

©2016 by Geron Kees. All rights reserved.

After dinner, Brian took a quick shower, and then dressed in a pair of blue athletic shorts and a green tee-shirt. He stuck his bare feet into his Nikes and headed for the car.

His dad was in the living room, and saw him go by the doorway. "Eleven-thirty, Brian."

Brian laughed. "Okay, dad."

Brian started the Bee, nosed it out into the road, and was off.

His nerves were a little a-jangle, because he didn't know what to expect when he got back to Jeff's. At the same time, a tight knot of excitement had him bound right down to his shoelaces. He drove mechanically, doing his best to pay attention, but mostly seeing Jeff's face in his mind's eye.

At this point he had decided that he was a little enthralled by the other boy's looks. When he had first met Jeff he had thought him nice-looking, but not unusually interesting. There were lots of guys like that.

But now he had looked into Jeff's eyes, seen some of what was inside the boy; and it had somehow added a new sheen to his appearance that had Brian's heart running faster than normal. He was looking forward to touching Jeff again, to kissing him; and at the same time doing everything he could not to imagine what it was going to be like to maybe have him as a lover. Brian thought that it would be just a little uncool to show up with a raging boner tenting the front of his shorts - kind of like telegraphing his punches to his opponent during a match.

Here - take that!

He noticed he was pushing the speed limit thing a bit - Route 5 was posted at fifty, yet the Bee just refused to stay under sixty. Some of that was the car - power and gearing; some of it was Brian - anxiety, and probably a little lust.

He got to Jeff's in good time, pulled up the lefthand drive and around to where the Winnebago was parked, and stopped behind the Camaro.

As he got out, the door of the Winnie opened, and there was Jeff, also clothed in shorts and a net tee-shirt, and barefoot to boot. Brian tried not to grin as he walked up; the other boy's obvious readiness to do sexual battle was sweet and endearing.

"Hi." Jeff was smiling, and Brian felt good at the feeling it gave him. The other boy was plainly pleased he was back.

"Hi, yourself." Brian paused at the bottom of the step and looked up at Jeff. "You look comfortable."

Jeff's face tried to beam; but just the smallest amount of nerves made it look a little crooked. "Uh, yeah. You, too. Wanna come in?"

Brian nodded, went up the steps and closed the door behind him.

"It'll lock when it's shut," Jeff said, a twinkle in his eyes.

Brian smiled. "Oh? Do we need it locked?"

Jeff nodded. "Maybe. Yes." He grinned, moved to a cabinet that held a small stereo system. "What kind of music do you like?"

Brian shrugged. "I'm a rocker. What about you?"

Jeff looked visibly relieved. "Great. I was hoping you weren't into country or something. I don't have any of that."

He looked through some tapes, picked one up. "Mix tape. Aerosmith, Duran Duran, R.E.M., Scorpions, Motley Crue - bunch of stuff. Okay?"

"Sure. Plug it in."

Jeff stuck the tape in the cassette deck, closed the lid, set it going. The volume was way down, but Brian could hear the intro to Dream On begin. Cool. Brian liked vintage Aerosmith.

"Want a beer?" Jeff went over to the small fridge, opened the door, looked over at Brian.

"Uh, no. Coke will do me, if you have one."

Jeff returned with two of the soft drinks, handed one to Brian. "Sit?"

They moved to the couch, sat down close together. Jeff sipped his drink, watched Brian. He smiled. "I've been thinking about you all evening."

Brian nodded. "I've been thinking about you, too."

Jeff bit his lip, laughed. "Weird, how all this happened, isn't it? I mean, it's quick - really, really quick. I told you you had something to do with speed about you."

Brian tried to organize his thoughts. "I see something in you. I don't know what it is. I saw it that night at Zion. That's why I'm here."

Jeff leaned closer. "I saw it in you, too. I don't know what to call it, either. But it's why I came to your school to ask you here." Jeff looked down at his drink a moment, raised his eyes again. "You know how long I've waited to meet someone like you?"

Brian considered, nodded. "Yeah. I've only met one other guy like us. I mean, there's got to be more out there." He fingered his drink a little helplessly. "I just don't know how to find them. I think it's something special that I only see in certain guys."

Jeff rubbed one hand slowly against his bare knee. "I'm glad you saw it in me. Really."

Brian reached out, dropped his hand on Jeff's hand, where it rested on his knee. "Yeah. Me, too."

Jeff looked down at their hands, smiled. "Just you touching me makes me feel good."

Brian rubbed Jeff's fingers gently. "I want to touch more than just your hand."

Jeff leaned over, sat his drink on the little coffee table. Brian watched him, smiled, placed his own drink next to Jeff's.

They looked at each other, but neither said anything.

Brian realized that Jeff was waiting for him to make the next move. So he slid closer, put his arm around Jeff, and pulled him near. The willingness with which the other boy came closer said everything about what he was thinking and wanting.

Brian leaned in, put his face against Jeff's and they both closed their eyes. Brian breathed in, smelled a fresh scent that told him that Jeff had showered, too. And underneath that was another scent, a pleasant one of skin and hair and boy. It was quite a wonderful mix in his nose, and he breathed it in, savoring it.

They let their faces rub together, each moving his head in tiny increments, gently caressing the other. A trading of warmth and softness and need. Jeff turned his face, kissed Brian on the lips, smiled when Brian offered his tongue, and took it gently. Jeff's mouth tasted fresh and clean, a little minty from whatever toothpaste he had used. It was pleasant, and it added to the sensation of tongue-touch that Brian had not experienced for two years.

His body responded immediately. His dick stood up in his shorts, his pulse quickened inside his chest, his skin became super-sensitive to Jeff's every touch. Brian used his feet to push off his shoes, and laid back on the sofa, drawing Jeff with him. The other boy came readily, crawling atop Brian as they went flat on the cushions.

Jeff laid his crotch against Brian's, and Brian could feel the solid form of the other boy's dick through their clothing as it lay against his own, a mass similar in size and equally hard. Brian sent his hands up inside the back of Jeff's shirt, his palms sliding up over soft and inviting flesh. Jeff let out a little sigh at the touch, gently thrust his hips down against Brian, pushing their dicks together, causing each of them to make small noises at the physical delight of it.

Brian knew what the other boy was offering, and he wanted it. And Jeff was plainly wanting Brian in return.

Brian pushed his cheek against Jeff's, felt a bit of the boy's curly hair against his mouth, sucked it in, clamped his lips together, and gave it a gentle tug.

Jeff laughed and lifted his head, and Brian let go of the hair.

"If you wanna suck on something, I've got better stuff to put in your mouth," Jeff said softly.

Brian laughed at the other boy's daring - he was coming alive, entering the moment, leaving his fear behind him.

"I thought you were new at this," Brian said, grinning.

"I am. But I can read a menu just like the next guy. Hair isn't the best thing to suck on on that list."

Brian just laughed. He slid his hands back down Jeff's back, got his tee-shirt, pulled it up. Jeff raised himself, let Brian pull the shirt off over his head. Then Jeff was at Brian's, and Brian assisted with it's removal, and watched as Jeff just dropped it onto the floor of the Winnie, where it landed atop his own.

When they came back together Brian had to gasp a little as all that skin shouted in glee at the contact. Jeff also let out a gasp at the touch, and Brian felt a quiver run through the other boy's body.

"Feels amazing, doesn't it?" Brian asked.

He felt Jeff nod. "Yeah. I couldn't imagine anything like this."

Brian wrapped the other boy in his arms and gently squeezed him. "I'm happy to be with you, Jeff."

Jeff lifted his head and smiled. "Oh, me, too, Brian. It's dream shit I'm feeling with you now. Thanks."

Brian had to smile at being thanked for this. He looked into Jeff's face as he slid his hands down the boy's back and under the waistband of his shorts, and up and over the firm mounds of his bare butt. Jeff smiled, and looked almost embarrassed at the touch, which Brian found absolutely endearing.

"Is this on the menu, too, Jeff?"

"It is now."

Brian grinned. "I'd kinda like to get these shorts off you."

"I'd kinda like to let you."

They sat up, undressed each other the rest of the way. Brian was mostly hairless naturally, and now he saw that Jeff was, too, except for a thin line of delicate brown fur that traced its way from his navel to his crotch, disappearing into the neat, fine hairs above his dick. Jeff kept himself close cropped, just like Brian did - more of a neat and clean shadow than a true bush.

The other boy's dick was straight, of comfortable girth - a near mirror of Brian's own in dimensions. Perhaps a tad shorter, but you'd need a ruler to see it. The head of Jeff's dick was a slightly paler shade than was Brian's, and the shaft whiter still; but overall, Jeff was about as appealing as a naked guy could be. Brian smiled at him, letting him know he liked what he saw, and the way that Jeff's face lit was more than ample reward.

Brian lay back, his dick sticking straight up, boldly advertising its availability. Jeff just stared at it, his mouth open a little, his eyes looking a little glazed.

"That's beautiful," he finally breathed.

"Help yourself," Brian offered, grinning.

Jeff gave him a cute look which plainly said no shit, really?, and then grinned and lay down between Brian's legs, looking at the dick before him like he'd never seen anything exactly its like.

He shrugged, looking up at Brian. "Uh - does it matter what I do?"

Brian smiled, finding the other boy cute beyond reason. Jeff looked so enthralled, and so helpless at the same time. It touched Brian's heart in a way that it hadn't been touched before.

"Do what comes natural," he told Jeff, "and if that doesn't work, I'll give you some pointers."

Jeff grinned, nodded, and leaned forward eagerly. He stuck his tongue out, daintily tasted the underside of the head of Brian's dick, smiled, and then let his tongue slide smoothly down the shaft to taste Brian's balls. Brian closed his eyes at the touch, memories of Chris coming back, which he smiled at and then dismissed, not wanting them to color the new ones he was making with Jeff. There would be no comparisons here.

Brian opened his eyes again to watch. Jeff's face was full of wonder. Here was something he had imagined endlessly, and become experienced with in his mind, but which now had moved into the realm of reality and become new all over again.

He cupped the shaft of Brian's dick in one hand and brought it gently against his face, closed his eyes. He caressed it while rubbing it against his nose, his lips, his eyebrows, his forehead, his chin. Every place he could, as though each simple touch would help to cement in his mind the memory of its first encounter. Brian observed, enchanted at this exploration, and found within himself an affection for his new friend that was growing even as he watched.

Jeff kissed Brian, kissed his dick, his balls, the gentle valleys on either side of them. He tasted, he touched, he examined. Brian would close his eyes, energized and eroticized at the feel of it; then open his eyes again, unable to not witness the intensity with which Jeff was exploring him.

Finally, Jeff pulled Brian's dick to him, inserted the head of it into his mouth, tasted it, then rubbed it experimentally with his tongue. Brain felt his butt clench and his thighs draw slightly together, and he smiled and made a small appreciative sound, and put a hand down and rubbed Jeff's cheek.

Jeff smiled at this, took more of Brian's dick inside, began to work it with a natural expertise that had been practiced both consciously and unconsciously in his mind for years. There was no need for pointers - Jeff understood, in the fashion of all guys, what felt good. He closed his eyes, worked patiently, affectionately, savoring what he was doing, feeling the joy of years of need finally ripened into reality.

Brian watched him, was there when Jeff opened his eyes and gave him a naughty smile. Brian couldn't help smiling back, and they held eye contact, both grinning, for a few moments before Jeff's eyes slowly sank closed again. Brian, still smiling, laid his head back and savored the moment. Jeff was enjoying himself, and it made it that much better for Brian to know that.

Brian felt the warmth of the air inside the Winnie, it's humidity; his body was still comfortable, still dry, but he felt the first- born droplets of sweat in his hair. His respiration had accelerated somewhat - he was feeling the charge of the moment, the reborn thrill of being with someone again. He wanted more now, than to just lay here and have it done to him.

He gave Jeff's head a gentle push, and Jeff pulled off of him and looked anxious. "Did I hurt you?"

Brian sat up, smiled. "No. I just want a little more involvement, that's all."

Jeff looked puzzled; but Brian drew his legs up, flipped himself around, and lay back next to Jeff so that their crotches were even with each other's faces.

Jeff's puzzlement dissolved, was replaced with delight. "Oh, man. I'm ready for that."

Brian laughed at the other's eagerness, watched him, waiting to see him go back to his work. But Jeff was watching back, making no move to resume, and Brian realized that the other boy was waiting to watch him instead.

Brian laughed, bent forward, pushed his face into the warmth of the other boy's pubes. He kissed there, slid his head to the side, kissed the base of Jeff's dick where it emerged from his body. Then he stuck out his tongue, and ran is slowly up the topside of Jeff's dick, right from the base, to the head. He cupped the head in his hand, kissed it several times, then ran his tongue lightly around it. He felt Jeff's belly contract at the touch, his thighs twitch. Brian took the other boy's balls in one hand, gently massaged them, then bent his head further still and kissed them. Jeff took a deep breath, let it out, and went back down on Brian's dick.

Brian smiled, closed his eyes and slid Jeff into his mouth. A small starshell burst at the back of his mind at the return of that shape and feel to the inside of his mouth. Two years since he had had the pleasure, the joy, of having someone this intimately close.

Brian rubbed gently with his tongue, then began to bob his head, sucking as he did so, moving his tongue, getting to know again the feel of doing this thing, enjoying this thing. He pulled off, ran his tongue lightly over the shaft of the other boy's dick again, then let his tongue dart lightly along the coronal ridge of the head, making Jeff's hips pull slightly back and the other boy giggle.

Brian laughed, took his hand, gently masturbated Jeff a few moments while turning to look at him; again their eyes made contact, and Jeff came up off Brian and started stroking him, too.

Brian waited several minutes as they each stroked rapidly, grinning at each other; then he got up, turned, crawled against Jeff, pinned him down and kissed him, diving his tongue between the other boys lips, stroking his teeth, and then his tongue. Jeff responded eagerly, his tongue thrusting, turning, standing back, then diving in again. Brian couldn't help laughing a little, and smiled into Jeff's eyes when he opened them to look. They grinned into their kiss, and Brian pulled up, still grinning.

"How are we doing?"

In answer, Jeff grabbed him, rolled him over and climbed atop him, began working his way down Brian's chest, pausing to tweak his nipples, and then politely suck them. He kissed around the sides of Brian's abs, ran his tongue down the middle of Brian's chest and dived it into his navel. Brian grinned, feeling his belly muscles twitch.

And then Jeff was back, kissing Brian's lips, his chin, and down onto his neck. He reached down and began to gently stroke Brian's dick, and Brian kissed Jeff's cheek and sucked on his earlobe while he did it. He searched around, found one of Jeff's feet, trapped it between both of his, and rubbed.

Jeff lifted his head and grinned; Brian followed him up, kissed underneath the other boy's chin. Jeff tilted his head back, Brian used his lips to gently squeeze the soft tissue of Jeff's throat, then licked it for good measure. Jeff turned his head, Brian grabbed the earlobe again between his lips and sucked on it, causing Jeff to laugh.

Jeff tilted his head down, looked into Brian's eyes, and they grinned at each other a moment.

"You're pretty hot," Jeff breathed.

"We're just starting," Brian whispered back, squeezing Jeff to him.

Jeff went back to kissing Brian's face, and Brian closed his eyes and let him, running his hands down Jeff's back and gently squeezing the lower curves of his buns. The flesh there was soft yet firm, magnetic to touch, drawing his fingers to rub and caress.

This was everything Brian had imagined and hoped for, and more. He could do this thing - would do this thing, with Jeff. It was not totally new - the memories came flooding back. Chris and Brian had explored each other naively at first, experimenting and learning, and in their six months together had become adept at pleasing each other. They had eventually dared everything they could imagine, and reached the point where affection and friendship and sex were turning into love.

Jeff was a natural, and Brian felt no need to teach him as yet. Whether Jeff had a good imagination and had dreamed of the things he wished to do - and have done to him - or whether he was just one so in tune with his own body that he could sense what would please another, just didn't matter. Jeff was trying his best to please Brian, to make him feel welcome and wanted, and Brian was feeling every bit of it. He wanted - he needed - to give that back. That there was a future being established here Brian was now aware of, and that he and Jeff could come to mean something special to each other was an idea he treasured.

Jeff seemed to feel it too. His eyes sparkled with energy and liking for Brian, and his grin was so infectious it made Brian's heart stutter every time he saw it. Brian found himself grinning back, unable to pull his eyes from Jeff's, unable to stop his hands from exploring everything within reach.

Brian knew what he wanted now - to push Jeff to the limit, and then to taste the reward that was the other boy's cum.

He got up, turned them back to the end-for-end position, grasped Jeff's dick and gently stroked it while inserting the head of it into his mouth. He swirled his tongue gently around the head, feeling the vibration of the other boy's body in response. Brian increased the speed of his hand, pulling Jeff's dick deeper into his mouth with each upward stroke.

Jeff mimicked him - but not exactly, creating his own unique approach to what they were doing.

Brian had a thought, smiled, and pulled a forefinger to his mouth and came off Jeff long enough to thoroughly coat the digit with spit. Then he went back down on Jeff's dick, at the same time pushing the hand with the slicked-up finger under Jeff's leg so that he could find the other boy's butt. Jeff pulled the leg up, not sure what Brian was doing, but willing to give him a hand at it to find out.

Brian pushed the wet forefinger into Jeff's butt, found his brown eye, and lightly caressed it with the wet finger.

Jeff started violently and spit Brian out of his mouth. "Oh, Shit!"

Brian looked over his shoulder at the other boy, grinning. "You okay?"

Jeff laughed, even as his body squirmed a little at the new and intimate touch. Brian pushed the finger a little deeper, turned it, and Jeff started again.

"You want me to stop?" Brian asked, already knowing the answer.

"Hell, no! Keep going, man!"

Uh huh. Brian had thought so. The first time that Chris had taken a finger and pushed it into Brian's butthole he had nearly jumped off the bed. Chris had laughed himself silly, but Brian had eventually begged him to keep going, and Chris and he had discovered that day that there was something up inside a guy's butt that triggered the bust-a-nut special when pressed. The first time Chris had done that Brian had had the orgasm from hell - just the most unbelievable, long-lasting cum-blast he'd ever had.

Sticking fingers up each other's butt had of course eventually led to sticking their dicks up each other's butts; the action that went with that was even better, and more satisfying to both parties involved. Brian didn't think that Jeff was ready for that yet; but Brian intended to bring it up to the other boy at the first opportunity he got.

Brian pulled the finger back to his mouth, coated it again, went back to sucking Jeff while probing at his butthole. The finger went deeper this time, and Brian shuddered himself at the sudden increase of pressure against his own dick as Jeff sucked even harder with each new probe.

The finger slid up inside Jeff's butt and Jeff's knees banged together briefly in reaction. Brian used his forearm to pull Jeff's leg higher so he could probe deeper, and found the small protrusion inside that he knew brought the joy. He rubbed his finger over it, straining at the odd angle; but managed to caress the small bump as he sucked. Jeff's body shivered and trembled, and Brian couldn't help grinning at the magic he was working.

He felt Jeff stiffen, felt his thighs tense, felt the boy's sphincter clench even as his hips came up; and then with a deep gasp Jeff let Brian's dick out of his mouth and fell back to the sofa. A warm jet sprayed the interior of Brian's mouth, almost causing him to freeze; but he managed to keep his head moving, keep his tongue moving, keep applying pressure to Jeff's dick as the boy came violently.

It was intense, and memories of Chris flooded Brian's mind, memories of all the times he had had moments just like this one, where he and another boy had shared something supremely intimate. It was heaven and hell rolled into one; heaven because it was the stuff of fantasies and imaginings; hell because it was so short in duration, so brief a joy.

Jeff tasted mostly mellow, a teaspoon or so of quietness with just a touch of fun. There are no tastes to compare the flavor of cum against; it can be a little sweet, a little tart, a little salty; but it doesn't taste like anything else that Brian had ever sampled. Chris had been very good tasting, and Brian had loved to accept the gift from within the other boy. Jeff, too, was exciting, warm and gentle, a treat and a promise rolled into a quick shot of pleasure.

Brian savored the taste, even after Jeff was done. Brian retrieved his hand from underneath Jeff and gently milked the last of the cum from the other boy's dick, using his tongue to whisk away the last droplet that emerged before it could get away from him.

Brian looked over his shoulder. Jeff was flat on his back, his hands laying beside his head, his eyes closed, and the sweetest smile on his face that Brian could imagine. Brian grinned, gave Jeff's dick a last kiss, then flipped himself around and went to gather the other boy close.

Jeff let him, coming into Brian's embrace easily. Brian couldn't stop grinning at the smile on Jeff's face, even as he nuzzled the other boy and kissed him on the lips.

Jeff's eyes opened. "You own me, man."

Brian laughed. "Baby's first blow-job. Was it good?"

Jeff sighed, then laughed. "Was it? Brian, it was just...I don't know what to say. It was better than I ever thought it would be. I felt like I waited a hundred years for that, you know?"

Brian nodded. "A little. I already knew what it was like. But it's been a couple of years for me, too."

Jeff suddenly looked alarmed. "Oh, I didn't finish you. I'm sorry."

Brian held him down when he tried to raise up. "In a minute." He grinned. " I need to ask you something."

Jeff looked at him attentively. "Okay."

Brian looked into Jeff's eyes, liked what he saw there. "What are you looking for, Jeff? I need to know."

Jeff shook his head. "I'm not sure I get you."

Brian nodded. "Okay, my fault." He chewed his lip, smiled again. "I'm asking if you are looking for a little fun, like we just had, or are you looking know...a boyfriend?"

Jeff looked stunned, but immediately smiled. "I'm looking for you, Brian."

Brian felt a deep pleasure, and tried not to grin like an idiot. "So I take it you mean we'll be hanging out together for awhile?"

Jeff looked up at him, and Brian could see some things chase across the depths behind the other boy's eyes. Unsorted things, things that hadn't settled yet; but things that glowed and things that shimmered with fire. Jeff reached up, put his arms around Brian's neck, pulled him gently downward, pushed his face into Brian's cheek.

"By tomorrow I'll be in love with you, Brian," he whispered, "if not by the end of the evening first."

Brian smiled, but hugged Jeff just the same. "That's awful fast, isn't it?"

Jeff nodded. "We're the two quickest guys in town, aren't we?"

Brian laughed, but gave Jeff a small kiss on the side of his jaw. "You're talking about cars now."

Jeff shook his head. "No. I'm not."

Brian closed his eyes, held the other boy. No, it was too early for love. Jeff was caught up in the moment. Brian remembered the first time he had shot off in Chris's mouth - he'd felt like he was in love himself then. But it wasn't real, not then - love would come later, just in time to be lost forever.

But Brian understood the concept of infatuation, and he figured it would be fun - and pleasurable - to be infatuated with Jeff, and to have Jeff be infatuated with him, until the real thing came along, if it ever did.

Speed is for cars. Love is for people. The quickest don't always win that particular race.

It's the ones that last, that do.

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