Naked Prey

by George Gauthier

Cast Away

Chapter 1. A Deserted Island 1811

The sailor found the blond boy lying unconscious on the beach just above the line of dried seaweed that marked the reach of the high tide. The lad must have washed ashore just before dawn. His lips were cracked from thirst, and his nude body reddened by sunburn, though not badly, protected as he was by a deep suntan. This was a lad whose skin had the deep even bronze coloration of someone who must go about entirely naked much of the time. Small and smooth and peaceful, he looked like a young angel stretched out on his back, asleep and vulnerable.

What was this beauteous lad doing here, flung up on shore so providentially for Willem's delectation? Perhaps he was a ship's boy from some wrecked vessel. Yes, that spar next to him must be what he had clung to long enough to reach this isolated island. Well, at least the boy was safe now, and he would be welcome company in the sailor's loneliness, stranded as he had been on an uninhabited island for six months. Regardless, this lad was eminently desirable in the eyes of any male who appreciated a pretty boy.

Willem tried to arouse the boy, but the lad was too exhausted or too dehydrated to come awake. His eyes did flutter open long enough for Willem to see that they were a deep green, the color of the lagoon that surrounded their island. With nothing for it, Willem picked the boy up in his arms to carry to the shade of his hut. It was not a difficult task for the powerfully build older youth. The slightly built youth in his arms could weigh little more than a hundred pounds (48 kg) and stood no taller than three inches over five feet (160 cm). Certainly no burden for a grown man who stood over a foot taller than the boy and had nearly double his body mass. Willem was an impressive six foot four (193 cm) and carried just over 200 pounds (90 kg) on his lean frame.

Carefully Willem wetted the boy's lips with his fingers, then dribbled a little liquid between them. That revived the boy enough for him to take sips of water, all the experienced sailor would allow him at first. Too much water too soon would only make the boy throw it back up. Gradually the boy took in enough water to be able to speak. Inevitably, the first thing he said was. "Where am I, sir?"

Willem smiled at the honorific. Yes, this boy sensed his necessary subordination to the larger and older male even though Willem was barely two years older at nineteen. That bode well for a proper relationship in the future. Willem sponged down the boy's limbs too, washing the salt off his skin and not so incidentally feeling the strength in this lad's wiry frame. The boy accepted his ministrations, even spreading his legs reflexively, evidently accustomed to the hands of males touching him everywhere. What a lovely lad this was -- so trim and taut, and well endowed for such a slight lad. He hoped he would not have to insist on his rights with the boy. Seduction was very much his preference. So far he had never forced a boy, but he was so very lonely. One way or another, this lad must become his lover.

"You are on an uninhabited tropical island in the Pacific Ocean west of South America. If there is a name for it on the chart, I don't know it. Speaking of names, what is yours, lad?"

"Daniel, My name is Daniel Lynch, but everyone calls me Danny. My ship, the Morning Rose, got swamped by a rogue wave which came out of nowhere one morning. The crest was as high as the mast. We didn't have a chance. I don't know how I managed to survive when the weight of the wave fell on the ship and wrecked it."

Willem nodded. Though some sailors considered rogue waves to be legendary, he had always respected the tales of the senior mariners who had claimed that waves a hundred feet high might suddenly rise out of a normal sea to destroy a ship.

"You are doubly lucky then, first to have survived the wave then to encounter land in these desolate seas. This section of the eastern Pacific is largely open water. You might have drifted till you died of thirst or been taken by sharks. Well, at least we can share our exile together."


Willem explained that he had been a sailor on a merchantman stranded here by his captain after killing a man in a fight. The man had been a card cheat and disliked by many of the crew. When called on it, he had drawn a knife. Willem's strength turned the blade back on its owner to penetrate his chest with fatal results. Self-defense or not, the captain would not tolerate a killer aboard his ship and had stranded Willem on this uninhabited island. At least the ship had equipped him with tools and supplies, enough to give him a good chance for survival. This island was four miles across, got adequate rainfall, and was surrounded by waters teeming with tasty fish. He gave the boy a portion of the fish stew that was his staple.

With some food in his belly, the boy lay back sighing with satisfaction. That gave the older man a chance to question his new companion further.

"So Danny, you say you are sixteen. You hardly look it, no more than fourteen really, short as you are and so very smooth, virtually hairless even at the um, fork of your legs.

"I cannot help my slight stature, sir. I wish I could add another span to my height, but I fear my growth spurt is over, leaving me half a head shorter than other boys my age. Also, yes, I am smooth, but I never cared much for body hair. Without it I feel that much more naked."

"Something of an exhibitionist are you? I suspected as much from your even tan. Well, since you like running around naked, you will get your chance here. I do have some spare clothing, but I won't be lending any of it to you. It wouldn't fit you anyway."

"Besides, any lad as pretty as you are ought to be permanently on display and constantly nude. No my little mer-boy, I'd like for you to stay naked as you are now,"

"So I am a mer-boy now, am I?"

"Indeed, such a one as old Poseidon might have taken in his arms, and as I very much want to do with you myself. Danny, you are the loveliest creature I have ever set my eyes on."

Daniel blushed at this frank admission of what this dominant male had in mind for him, how he intended to use him. This man would take him carnally as so many of the crew on his old ship had done, the usual fate of small submissive pretty boys on long sea voyages. Recalling his role as ship's boy on the Morning Rose Daniel clutched himself down there and shivered with the frisson of his own naughtiness. Danny's submissive nature could not help but react to Willem's commanding manner and masculine good looks.

Even tired as he was from his ordeal, his body betrayed his desire for the big sailor to take command of his small body and use it for his pleasure, for their mutual pleasure. He just hoped that his new companion would not think him a shameless and wanton boy turned on

by the contrast between Willem's manliness and his own slight build and lack of manly secondary sexual characteristics like beard, body hair, and voice register.

Actually five months short of seventeen, Daniel was preternaturally comely, small for his age and very slender. He had a fawn-like physique but with a wiry musculature, toned and taut. Daniel was pretty as a girl with exquisite features, a straight nose, high cheekbones, and large green eyes topped by a blond thatch. He had no hair on his body, not even wisps under his arms or at the fork of his legs. He was a naturally hairless boy, a condition probably related to his failure to develop normally and reach full height. His complexion was flawless, probably for the same reason.

From his tiny red nipples to a deeply indented navel, to narrow hips framing a surprisingly generous manhood for one so slight of build, Daniel was real beauty. He carried so little body fat that his flat belly showed a tracery of downward pointing veins just under the skin. He was sleek and smooth, deeply and evenly tanned all over, the sheen of sweat from the tropical heat making his skin shine in the bright sunlight. The sweat on his brow dripped off the end of his straight nose or followed the twin arcs of his eyebrows to his temples. Stray wisps of hair were plastered against his temples and forehead, darkened by perspiration as were the tapering sideburns by his ears. It was obviously no razor had ever scraped his cheeks or had needed to. He was naturally beardless, without even a hint of peach fuzz.

Encouraged by the sailor's candor, Daniel returned the older man's interested gaze. Willem was very good looking though handsome rather than pretty like little Daniel. Startling blue eyes stared out of a well-formed face which was framed by red hair. He was clean-shaven or rather his chin and cheeks were naturally smooth. It ran in his family; males did not grow a beard till a decade after puberty and even then it was very light. The man wore only breeches cut just above the knees and hung low on his hips. That let the boy see that Willem himself had very little hair on his chest and only a light dusting on his powerful lower arms and legs. Daniel wondered what it would be like to be embraced by the older male, to be taken carnally as so often had happened aboard the Morning Rose. That had been little Daniel's real job aboard his former vessel. He admitted as much to his new companion, pleased to see the smile that admission brought to his face as the unembarrassed boy related his experiences as the ship's bum boy.

In truth, Daniel had not expected to be passed around quite so much as he had been, but even when he signed on he had a good notion of what befalls pretty lads on long voyages. Never interested in the female half of the population anyway, Daniel was a natural submissive, a bottom boy who knew his place in the pecking or rather poking order. So he obediently sank to his knees when ordered and worshiped the cocks that were offered to him. The men would take him any way they wanted, on his back, on all fours, or even two at a time always drawing a strong reaction from the highly sexed teenager. The men were never overly rough with him since they would have to answer to their companions who not only lusted after the boy but genuinely liked the personable and complaisant lad. Daniel knew himself for a shameless bum boy, not the least bothered when others watched him getting plugged at both ends, though his face burned at some of the frank comments from the onlookers. Still he took it all philosophically. This is what a small pretty lad like him was born for. The way his body reacted to sex with other males proved that.

So Daniel had no regrets about shipping aboard the Morning Rose except for the loss of his shipmates, a decent enough set of fellows all in all. He had been glad to get away from the orphanage and try out his wings. He really enjoyed life at sea, freed from the close supervision and overly fussy standards of deportment required of boys at the orphanage. He was especially happy, once they reached tropical latitudes, to shuck all his clothing and run around the deck or swing through the rigging entirely bare.

The sailors appreciated the unobstructed view of his trim, taut, and sexy little body and he liked to put it on display even when he worked. He knew perfectly well that the men would eagerly watch him scrubbing the deck, bent over on his knees, pushing a scrub brush back and forth, a nude sailor boy, taut brown butt cheeks flexing, crinkly whorl visible in between, genitals dangling between his slender thighs, swinging fore and aft as his back and shoulder muscles rippled as he pushed the brush forward or pulled it back to him. His stance and movements were much like going down on all fours, inviting the men to prong him once more.

Their frank conversation encouraged the older man, but he resolved to let the boy get his rest and recover his health before taking him to bed. They would both enjoy it so much more that way. So that night though Willem slept with the boy spooned into his body, they passed the night chastely. The next morning, he ignored their morning wood and, without bothering to dress himself, simply showed his new companion around the island. It was pleasant walking around together, their bare bodies on display, touching only casually, as with a hand on a shoulder. Each was fully aware of their attraction to the other but also eager to get to know each other as persons and to explore their domain. So Daniel got the grand tour, starting with the hut.

The hut was a simple half cylinder of palm leaves hung from a frame of tied branches and closed at the ends. It provided shade and some protection from the rain but was of little use in a storm. Daniel shrugged that off. So what if he got wet. He was naked anyway. Two streams flowed across the island, one emptying into the sea just a little south of their position. That one originated at a spring at the base of the highest hill, The other ran from a pond on the central plateau to the opposite side of the island. Willem showed how he had used bamboo sections to pipe fresh water from higher ground to feed both the separate kitchen and the simple shower formed of a section of bamboo perforated with an awl. Willem also showed how me made a crude soap from ashes and sand and oils from a native fruit. He expected the boy to maintain high standards of personal hygiene.

Daniel's eyes twinkled as he thought about sharing a shower with this attractive young man who had found him. How providential their meeting. Willem seemed like a fine person, treating him with kindness, waiting for the right moment to initiate the lovemaking they both knew was in the offing. The older male was willing to wait till Daniel was ready. That restraint and yes, respect for the boy, spoke a lot about him. Daniel was also impressed by what the man had managed to accomplish alone during his exile. Who knew what they might accomplish uniting their efforts.

Clearly they would have to expand the garden if it was going to provide for two. Fortunately there were no animals about, especially not pestiferous land crabs, so they did not have to worry much about fencing off the crops of taro and yams. On some islands, goats introduced by sailing ships were a virtual plague, eating everything in sight. Willem's sailor's chest held his real treasures, the tools his captain had left him including fish hooks, line, rope, a good saw, hammer, nails, knives to shape wood with, etc. He also had a good knife for a weapon and had fashioned fish spears out of canes of bamboo. With these tools and the resources of the island, they could survive indefinitely.

Willem kept a signal fire on the promontory ready to light if ever a ship hove into view. He showed where he stored the steel and flint and tinder to get it going. The wood for the beacon was covered by a thatch of palm leaves to keep it always dry and ready. Meanwhile he survived day by day, hoping for escape. He even kept a journal, hoping to publish it if ever he got back to civilization.

By the afternoon of the next day the boy was sufficiently recovered from his ordeal to make advances to the older man. His signals did not go unnoticed. After all, there the boy stood, wearing just a sheen of sweat, his manhood tumescent, sticking straight out, a string of precum hanging from the head of my cock, all purple and swollen. How terrific it made him feel, displaying himself shamelessly, a pretty boy in heat, cock proud and strutting along, whirling so Willem could see him from every side, his sexy body in a state of full arousal. Daniel liked the way his hairless groin made his genitals look larger, though they were a pretty fair size for someone with his slight build. He knew he looked ever so sexy with his ball sac pulled tight to the fork of his legs, engorged cock jutting straight out with a fleshy purpled glans shaped like an arrowhead at the end, a droplet of fluid glistening on its tip, a composition bursting with youthful male assertiveness. Gosh, what did that say about him. He was turning into such a boy slut these days from his service on the Morning Star.

"I see that you are ready for me now, little one. Fine, here is a nice spot under the trees. Let us gather some palm leaves for a bed and make love. We will join our bodies as we have already joined our fortunes."

Willem reached out to lead the horny boy by his stiff prick. Daniel flushed at the bold claim this man was making on his naked body, leading him by his own erect cock to a bed where the man would have his way with the boy. Ever the submissive, he made no protest as his nether hole twitched in anticipation.

Willem pulled the boy close into him then directed the boy's gaze down to where their bellies touched. The boy's bright green eyes opened wide in a comical fashion at he took in the sight of the sailor's manhood. Willem was hugely endowed, incredibly potent with a cock like a truncheon. In length it was more than three times the width of the boy's small hands.

"Why are you trembling Daniel? Afraid or just from anticipation?"

"I guess I am a little afraid, sir. You are so huge. I am so small, really tiny back there. Everyone says my hole is tight. I really want you inside me sir, but I am afraid it will hurt."

"Yes it will hurt some, though I will be slow and careful. A boy of your experience knows how the initial pain soon turns to pleasure when you are with a man skilled in the ways of making love to a boy. Trust me Daniel. This is going to be the best fuck of your young life."

"Yes, sir, but please be gentle with me."

"Always with a diminutive filly like you, Daniel."

"Filly? I'm a boy, Willem, a male," he remarked with some indignation.

"Well, a colt then, but I am the stallion who is going to cover you, to mount you, to thrust myself inside your withers to reach your warm moist depths. We are to mate now as men have with boys down the ages. I know you will not be disappointed.

He knelt down facing the boy. Willem's first kisses were soft even tentative, the ones that followed were urgent, demanding. He was all over Daniel, his long red hair framing his handsome face as he drank in the youth pressed to him. Daniel responded, pressing their tumescent members together, murmuring words of passion as his arousal consumed him. Hands cupped buttocks, the blade of Willem's hand slid into the lad's cleavage, fingers pushed a lubricating oil into the hole, preparing the lad for the fuck. Lips locked so hard Daniel couldn't breathe. The man was virtually crushing his body to him, his long denied needs taking control.

Recognizing the boy's distress, Willem back off as Daniel gasped for air. The boy turned his head and started to lick Willem's large nipples, then snuffled his armpits straining the hair there with his teeth. When the boy's tongue reached the big man's belly button the sailor started to breathe faster. Willem ruffled Daniel's hair and pushed him lower, demanding service. Daniel turned his face to the giant cock straining upward from a wiry bush and started to lick away the drops welling out of the tiny slit at the end. This drew approving moans from Willem, as his penis vanished into a velvet warmth that was his boy's mouth. Daniel gently gnashed it with his teeth, tugging on the glans with soft sucks. Willem spread his legs apart and squirmed, tossing his head. When the hard member was coated and slick Daniel turned and lay down onto his belly.

"I can't wait," he said, his face flushed with ardor. "Please fuck me."

Willem kissed his shoulder and asked: "Are you sure you are ready?"

"Bless you sir, for asking me, but yes, I am sure, surer than ever before. I want you inside me. I need you in me, all of you, as deep as you can go. Take me, possess me, make me your boy."

With just a little push from his hips to get past the first sphincter, Willem's cock head slipped into Daniel's ass, eliciting a gasp from the boy. Willem paused, letting his small lover get used to his huge girth. He pushed forward, slipping into him little by little, pausing, his arms supporting his weight, shoving harder each time the boy signaled he was ready. When he was a deep as he could go, he was rewarded with a blissful sigh from his partner. The boy rubbed his ass against Willem's groin to assure the huge cock inside him was seated as far as it could go. He felt impaled, possessed, fulfilled. Getting fucked was what bottom boys like Daniel were all about. It felt wonderful.

After Willem gave Daniel time to get used to his size, he started to pump slowly in and out. He bent down to kiss the back of Daniel's neck, tugging with his teeth at the hair at the nape of his neck. They fell into a rhythm, Daniel raising his rump to meet the descending shaft as it penetrated his ass, using his internal muscles to squeeze the invading penis, both males sweating profusely. Willem responded as the boy on the bottom begged him to go deeper and faster.

Daniel loved it when his new master's monster cock touched his joy spot. As the invading shaft stimulated the prostate, his whole body shuddered helplessly. His lithe torso rippled in a wave that started at his ass and traveled up past the hips and back and shoulders to the head, a reflex action indicative of overwhelming lust. Daniel felt his guts clutch in an internal orgasm. His green eyes blinked and rolled sightlessly and lost focus as he surrendered himself to the good feelings coursing through him. As the shaft fell into a rhythm of penetration and withdrawal, the sensation became overwhelming. He lost the ability for rational thought. His body was tempest tossed on a sea of sensation, the blood pounding at his temples, his boy cock as stiff as he could ever remember.

For his part Willem could not believe how good it felt to hold his lover's trim little body, to wrestle with it, to grab and hold onto his sexy torso, to take control of his limbs, as he struggled, all slick with sweat, tugging, pulling, and squirming in his arms. The boy was meant to be grabbed and held and grappled in the arms of strong men who knew what to do with over-sexed lads like him, lads whose legs spread open automatically as a stiff prick poked at their cleavage and the crinkly hole lodged within.

It went on and on, the thrusting and the plunging, their bodies twisting and straining. Willem's masculinity pushed into the boy deeper than he had ever felt, till, in the fullness of time, the boy felt a wet warmth flooding his bowels as the sailor, his new lord and master, spewed his seed deep within him, setting off Daniel's own passionate ejaculation onto the palm leaves under him. Willem rolled to his side but kept himself lodged inside the boy's incomparably sweet ass, teasing the lad by fondling his supersensitive cock head, making his moan with pleasure.

Daniel sighed in the afterglow of their lovemaking. It had been everything he had wished for. Willem was the best he had ever had. He was a consummate lover, conscientious enough to give pleasure as well as take it. Willem too was satisfied that this was no violation of a hapless lad but a fulfillment of his deepest wishes and needs. Their passionate lovemaking confirmed that Daniel was a boy who needed to be fucked hard and often and by a man who knew how. Willem felt privileged to be that man.

Chapter 2. Island Idyll

Some weeks after his arrival, Willem led Daniel on a hike clear across the island to where the other stream flowed into the sea. They passed through low scrub and woods on the way. After a walk of an hour, they slowed and Willem crept forward to a point overlooking the shore of the other side of the island. He signaled Daniel to advance and together they walked down to the beach where the youths came upon a religious site, an altar set before a large statue of a head and torso carved from an outcrop of stone, presumably some pagan god. Willem showed Daniel several large pottery jars filled with prepared foodstuffs, though rotten and inedible now. Two others were filled with something that smelled all too much like beer gone bad. Several others were covered with leather to serve as drums.

Willem realized that natives must visit this site from time to time to leave sacrifices to their gods. As he explained to Daniel:

"This island must be tabu, holy ground that they do not settle on but use for their religious rites. I don't think we can count on a hospitable reception if we ever ran across them. Our very presence might represent sacrilege to them. Theses savages may very well be headhunters or even cannibals.

That is why I made us these spears out of long bamboo canes, Daniel. In case we ran into these natives, though I suspect we would have heard their drums some way off. And this is something else I wanted to show you, Daniel, why I took the risk of coming here."

Three hundred yards down the beach lay a damaged outrigger canoe half buried in the sand, obviously abandoned behind by the visitors after some mishap. "If we can fix it, maybe we can sail away."

It turned out that the native sailors had the right of it when they abandoned the canoe. The canoe would never again serve for a long distance voyage. The boys did manage to patch it up well enough to be useful for short voyages along the shore or to offshore rookeries to gather bird's eggs, a task that usually fell to Daniel who could scramble up the rocks more easily. After sailing and paddling the canoe half-way around the island back to their camp, they concealed it in the scrub where it could not be spotted by approaching natives.

All their varied physical activities sharpened the youths' physiques, firming up muscle, strengthening tendons and ligaments, and developing their stamina. Shipboard life was fine for maintaining upper body strength but often with a loss of stamina. After all that walking, running along the beach, swimming, and paddling the canoe, the two youths were at the peak of their physical abilities. After some weeks, Willem put aside his brief garment and went about nude just like his lover. They loved the way total nudity made them feel closer to nature, like one of nature's creatures. What was the point of clothing on a deserted island?

The two youths bonded strongly to each other. Besides their intense physical attraction to each other, Daniel was impressed by the older youth's level of intelligence and practical good sense as shown in the way he had set himself up on the island. Willem was a good conversationalist and spoke endlessly of his upbringing in Holland, about ice skating in the winter and fishing in the same pond in the summer. He even had a fine singing voice. Daniel spoke of his poverty that he had signed aboard ship to escape. He had a lively curiosity about the natural world and would love a career as a naturalist or at least a botanical collector. He also hoped someday to write of his travels across the face of the globe.

Willem responded to the younger youth's innocence and cheerfulness not to mention his optimism despite their chancy prospects. He was glad that he now had a boon companion at his side, not to mention in his bed. Willem's first months alone had been very hard to bear. At times he though he might go mad from the solitude. Daniel's arrival had changed everything, and much for the better.

For one thing , the boy was so incredibly cute and sexy even when he wasn't trying to be coy. Willem was glad he had resolved to keep him nude. It made everything the boy did, even the most mundane of tasks, draw Willem's gaze. If Daniel bent over to pick up driftwood, that displayed the most inviting rump Willem had ever seen on a lad, with his deep cleavage flashing a promise of delights within. His buttocks dimpled fetchingly with his walk as his slender legs strode along. Daniel often worked in their garden, kneeling on the ground, brown cheeks resting on bare feet, lithe torso bent over, ribs and spinal bumps prominent as, trowel in hand, he worked at his humble task firm muscles playing under the skin. He looked so alive, a fine specimen of the human animal.

His torso was trim and taut, every rib and muscle bundle outlined under his flawless bronzed skin. The boy loved to run along the beach, blond locks trailing, feet rhythmically slapping the sands, air pumping in and out of his lungs, the sun kissing his bare back and rump. He felt euphoric after his daily run, an effect moderns later would call a runner's high. Both youths also loved to swim, a rather unusual skill for sailors. Most sailors never learned to swim in their lives. The two friends were practically amphibious, always happy to plunge into the waters, to demonstrate their mastery of that element, finally to splash their way ashore and lie down in the sun, side by side, the light glinting and refracted from drops of water on their skin like tiny diamonds. Willem loved to lick his boy straight out of the water, finding him a little salty, true, but smelling and tasting of healthy boy.

And then there was their lovemaking. In those first weeks and months Willem just couldn't get enough of the boy. Many was the time Willem interrupted the boy's chores to grab him and toss him over his shoulder and carry him to their bed, the boy squealing and kicking ineffectually in feigned protest and distress at his capture and imminent violation. They happily played the roles of brutish pirate and captive virgin.

Daniel's squeals of delight rather undercut his pretense of being an innocent fallen into the clutches of a brute intent on using the boy in appalling ways to gratify his bestial and perverted lusts. Daniel's own lusts were just as aroused and fit perfectly with Willem's. One was a top, the other a bottom. Willem's role was to dominate and penetrate, Daniel's to submit, to surrender his delectable body for whatever use the older male wanted to make of it. Often he simply put the boy on hands and knees and mounted him quickly, Willem's big cock shoving into Daniel's hole. The older youth always wondered how such a tiny orifice could swallow him to the root, but Daniel always thrust his hips back for maximum penetration. The curves of Daniel's body were so exciting to Willem as he pumped in and out, pausing from time to time to kiss the lad who turned his head enough for them to lock lips passionately while joined. Willem seldom had to touch Daniel's cock to bring him off, the stimulation of his thrusts was arousing enough. Daniel was the perfect lover. He practically lived to be fucked.

Willem especially liked to make love while stretch out on his back, with the much smaller boy sitting astride his hips, impaled on his rigid member. That gave the bigger youth a full view of the younger male's delectable body glistening with sweat. From his impossibly cute face, down his well corrugated chest and belly, to the narrow hips framing his well formed genitals, Daniel was a vision of youthful male pulchritude. Willem could touch the boy all over his front or pull his down to his chest and hug the lad to him, stroking his back, fingering the chevrons of his ribs, delving with his fingers into his cleavage.

The boy was quite vocal in his lovemaking though frequently incoherent as his feelings overwhelmed him. Willem played the boy like a musical instrument, eliciting all manner of gasps and giggles and sighs not to mention the grunts, moans, groans, and hisses from rougher play as Willem pinched and tugged on his tiny red nipples, slapped his rump, rubbed the boy's own precum over the head of his cock, pulled on his foreskin, tapping and stroking the boy's finely shaped cock.

Daniel was quite respectable in that department especially for one with his slight build. He had a smooth cock with a vein running along the top of the shaft from his belly to where the foreskin hugged his cock head, outlining the ridge of the glans under the skin, leaving just the slit at the tip of the head visible. Cock and balls were reasonably sized but he wouldn't be scaring the horses. It might take both his small hands to cover his erection, but only one when he was soft though it did look larger from the way it sprouted out of a bare groin bearing no more than a suggestion of blond pubes.

Sometimes the older youth tied the boy up, arms behind him, ankles roped together or spread apart with a stick, helpless as any real captive might be. The poor lad had no choice but to undergo the tickle tortures Willem delighted in inflicting once he realized his young lover was quite sensitive. Often he broke off only when the lad was short of breath, his ribs hurting from giggling so much, almost incoherent, begging for mercy. Or he would throw his captive over his lap or a downed log and administer a good spanking or switching. Just enough to get his butt cheeks red and to get the boy in the mood.

Daniel has a bit of mischief in him and liked to play practical jokes on his lover like putting a small fiddler crab in his drinking mug. These incidents furnished the perfect excuse for the occasional spanking. The two youths liked to improvise deliberately corny dialogue to go with the scene.

"Wicked boy! You have brought this upon yourself. You realize that don't you?"

"Yes, master, I know I have been naughty, but my bottom is still tender from our lovemaking last night. Must you mark my pretty cheeks now with red welts."

"Alas, little one, that cannot be helped. It is a known fact that the most direct route to a boy's brain is by application of a switch to his pert rump."

"You are right, of course. I deserve nothing less than a good switching for my misdeed."

"Indeed you do, pretty one. The welts will serve as a reminder of your infraction. Any rider would tell you that a frisky colt like you occasionally needs a few swats with a riding crop on his withers so he obeys the reins."

During the switching or spanking the boy squirmed and tugged at his bonds, and writhed and moaned theatrically during his punishment, not that Willem really hurt him. A little redness, a few welts, and some soreness was the only damage to the lovely lad. Willem could never hurt the boy he loved, not really. Little Daniel looked so cute afterwards, standing there nude, rubbing his reddened butt cheeks with both hands, trying to look contrite over his infraction but with a mischievous twinkle in his eye that let you know he would do it again the very next chance he got. This punishment scene was only one way that they livened up their otherwise lonely existence.

A spanking wasn't the only tribute Willem paid to Daniel's cute butt. Many was the time he simply bent the lad in half, pushing the lad's torso ass over teakettle till his knees were touched the ground beside his face. Once the boy's butt was totally exposed, Willem explored the crinkly orifice thus revealed with his lips and tongue, kissing and rimming and sucking on it. The boy cooperated, squeezing open, pooching his ass lips out, everting the muscular ring. Willem folded his tongue and penetrated the hole, frigging it, licking, working away at it, arousing the boy to a new form of sensation and erotic pleasure. Sometimes Willem put the boy on his knees bent forward. That let the older youth play with the hole or perhaps pull back on his rigid cock and suck or stroke it till the boy shuddered in climax.

From time to time they climbed to the promontory just to look out to sea for passing ships. Willem's captain had not let him take a valuable spyglass, but any European ship on the horizon would be seen readily enough, what with its tall rigging and sails. They often stood there, the boy in front, his lover just behind, holding him in his arms, their bodies in total contact. Willem was content just to hold the boy, to nuzzle his neck and nibble at his ear, to run his hands along his chest and belly or to hold his narrow hips, pulling the boy into him. He enjoyed the warmth of their bodies, the smell of clean boy, the very sound of his breathing. Neither wanted their exile to last forever, but they did not mind these months to get to know one another, to have adventures, to make love at any moment, to be free from social obligations and restrictions.

Their chores were not onerous though they did have to work to provide for themselves. Bounty did not just fall from the trees. To get coconuts, Daniel tied his ankles together and used the friction from the rope to shinny up the palm trees. Gardening was another chore Daniel took care of. The boy had found he really liked to tend to plants: planting, seeding, hoeing, weeding, pruning, staking, watering, whatever. He found it was deeply satisfying to tend to plants, to make things grow, to grub his hands in the soil. Then there were his expeditions to rookeries to collect birds' eggs.

The youths also fished. Sometimes they used fish spears standing in shallow water. At other times, they went out in their boat and cast the small net that Willem had with him. Sometimes they trailed hand lines, though they had to chop the line free that time they caught a shark too dangerous to handle. The youths also dived for shellfish from the bottom of the lagoon, although without goggles their vision was quite blurred.

Once their canoe chanced upon a huge sea turtle swimming on the surface.

"It's magnificent! Oh, let's not kill it, Willem. I want to go for a ride!"

He dove into the sea next to the turtle and grabbed the forward edge of its shell. The turtle continued paddling along, little caring that the boy had latched on to him. His slight mass and the hydraulic resistance of his slender body meant nothing to the powerful sea creature which easily weighed five hundred pounds (240 kg). Daniel had a lot fun sluicing through the water effortlessly, letting his legs trail behind, all while going far faster than he could swim himself. Willem paddled behind, keeping pace, grinning widely, sharing the experience with his lover. The blue of the sky, the green of the waters, and the white of the clouds and the sandy beach painted the scene with a vivid palette of colors, one they would never forget as long as he lived. Finally the turtle tired of the sport and dove for deep water staying down for so long the boy had to let go and swim up to the surface for air. Willem helped him clamber aboard the canoe. They lay together in the bottom, resting, listening to the slap of the waves, utterly content with their fate.

In this way, as one pleasant day succeeded another, two years passed. They made a fine couple and had been very happy in their exile. The two youths looked little if any older for it. Willem's beard still had not grown in nor had little Daniel added to his height. Though eighteen he hardly looked more than fifteen or sixteen. Willem was a handsome twenty one. The two youths practically glowed with good health.

Chapter 3. Royal Navy

The ship showed at first as only a blot on the horizon. It sailed straight for the island, intent on finding fresh water for its casks. Its captain headed his ship toward the widest gap in the fringing reef. The two youths on the island realized that the captain had been mislead by the slack tide. With no tidal current running in and out to form a whirlpool and white water, he could not realize that coral heads lay just under the surface of the wide gap. They would tear the bottom out of his ship. The boys took to their canoe and paddled to intercept. They reached the vessel before it crossed the reef.

"Avast! 'Ware the reef!" Willem called in his fine baritone, then added in explanation. "Hidden rocks below."

That was enough warning for the captain to veer off and then approach very slowly on reduced sail. The youths lay alongside the ship which they realized was a man of war, a British frigate called the Albatross. They swarmed up a rope dropped to them from the deck. A lean man in is early thirties spoke with the voice of authority.

"I am Captain Edward Capstall, in command of His Majesty's frigate Albatross. Who the devil would you two lads be? And what is this about hidden rocks?"

Willem explained that the safer passage lay to the west. It was not so wide, but there were no hidden coral heads there either. He offered to guide the ship in. Captain Capstall had his sailing master join Willem in the canoe to explore the passage while Daniel stayed aboard the frigate.

The pretty lad drew stares. Some men looked at him with frank lust on their faces. With his blond hair grown down to his shoulder blades, angelic features, a deep tan, and his smooth hairless physique, the boy was stunning in his physical beauty. He pretended to be utterly unconcerned about his nudity, smiling at some of the bolder looks he got. Inwardly he was gratified that he had an audience after so long. What cock proud lad would turn down the chance to strut his stuff. He stood up straight, chest and hips forward, belly flat, his buttocks taut and tight, the deep cleavage emphasized by his stance.

There he was, a pretty boy parading nude about the deck, as eyes hungrily devoured him, drinking in his beauty of face and form. Daniel knew that men were looking at his tiny red nipples, his corrugated belly, and the smooth arc of his cock looking larger since it sprouted directly from his hairless groin. How many sailors would want to tweak those nipples or to hold that cock or run a thumb to trace the vein that ran along the top of the shaft, to heft those hairless balls. Quite a few if his experience with sailors counted for anything.

Daniel knew this blatant display was nothing less than wickedness, stark temptation for sailors cooped up aboard ship for too many weeks, but he couldn't help it. He so very much liked to show off his sexy body. Oh oh. There his cock was starting to plump up and lift off his ball sac. No, no, an erection would never do. That would be going too far, given they were on a vessel of the Royal Navy. Officially little bum boys like Daniel were persona non grata on His Majesty's warships. Homosexual relations were punished severely, usually with a whipping.

"Can I provide you with some clothing, Daniel," the captain asked his young visitor, having noticed the beginnings of his arousal.

"Thank you sir, but there is no need really. I have been on this island for over two years now, naked the whole time. Clothing would feel very strange to me. I will stay like this, if you don't mind."

"As you wish, youngling, but keep that under control, will you?" he said with a nod to the boy's cock and a sardonic smile.

Daniel reddened and faced the bulwarks, focussing his attention on the pair in the canoe leading the way through the reef. That shift presented his bum for the crew's scrutiny, made even more delectable by his full body blush. Everyone saw how deeply tanned the boy was even on his butt. Clearly the lad ran around starkers all the time. They hoped he would stay that way. How delightful.

The captain was fully aware that the shameless boy's lubricious display of concupiscence had aroused his crew, not to mention himself. Official policy aside, he himself took the ship's cabin boy to his bed and shared him with the first and second mates. The men in the forecastle had to make do with the powder monkeys, agile lads whose job it was to bring black powder from the magazines to the gun crews. As captain, he tolerated such relationships on practical grounds, to provided sexual relief for his crew on long voyages. Good thing the Albatross was a naval vessel with the crew under military discipline. On a merchant ship the crew might simply have claimed this castaway boy as their own and carried him below decks for an extended get acquainted session.

This new boy, Daniel, was eighteen by his account but looked no more than sixteen, so smooth and brown and naked. Captain Capstall had never seen anyone male or female as lovely as this lad. He had to have him. He wondered if the older youth would object. The two youths were obviously a pair of lovers.

In short order, the ship was anchored safely in the lagoon. The youths showed the crew where to refill their water casks and take on coconuts and vegetables from their garden. Then it was time for explanations, carried out on the quarterdeck, both youths still entirely nude. Daniel actually liked being naked amid men who were clothed. It made him feel even more naked, to have them up close, for them to see that he was not only nude but virtually hairless, even at the fork of his legs, his genitals dangling there in plain sight, his ass cleavage fully revealed. Why if he bent over to pick something off the deck, they would get a look at the whorl in its depths. Now that was being naked!

Willem related how the captain of his Spanish owned vessel had stranded him. They had never got on too well anyway. Willem de Ruyter was originally from the Dutch owned island of Sint Maarten in the Caribbean and had gone to sea at fourteen. He even held an inactive commission as a sublieutenant in the Dutch navy. He was from a cadet branch of the de Ruyter family, famous in Dutch naval history. Daniel told of how he had sailed on the ill-fated Morning Rose on his his maiden voyage out of Newburgh in New York State.

"Maiden voyage, was it? I suppose you did not remain a virgin for long. Since you were a pollywog when you crossed the equator southward bound in the Atlantic, the shellbacks would have had their fun with you. They did not just humiliate you; they used you sexually, did they not?"

Daniel actually winced at the memory of his misadventures as a pollywog, when, in the time honored tradition of the sea, sailors who had never 'Crossed the Line' had to endure a humiliating rite of passage which in his case included sexually serving any sailor so inclined. That was the day Daniel passed from being ship's boy to ship's toy, forever getting passed around among the lusty sailors, who filled him every day with cock and semen.

Lost in memory, Daniel was the last to notice that his cock was now fully erect and rock hard. A drop of pre-cum glistened at the tip.

"Excuse me sir." Willem began, "but I need a word with my friend." He grabbed the lad's stiff prick and lead him over to the rail.

"Danny, we have to be cautious. You can't just throw a boner any time you want to, not like on the island with just the two of us."

"I am sorry, Will, but I told you the story of my initiation. You know how terrible sexy it was. Just now, after the captain's remarks, it all came back to me. I am sorry."

Willem sighed. As much sense fault the sky for being blue as to fault a lad of eighteen years for being highly sexed. It came with the territory. It wasn't his fault that the crew of his old ship had turned him into their sex toy. The youths returned to confer further with the officers of the ship.

"Someday I must hear the tale of your initiation, little Daniel, but let us return to business. I am very sorry to have to inform you that our two nations are at war and have been since 1812. That puts me in a quandary. I am grateful to both of you for your help in keeping the ship from running aground. I also realize that you acted in part from self-interest. You obviously hoped for rescue and warned us off to protect the ship that could take you from this island."

You, Willem de Ruyter have a naval commission from our ally the Dutch government in exile. So you are exempt from being pressed. However, under the laws of war I can transport Daniel on my ship only as a prisoner or as a sailor impressed into the Royal Navy. I cannot treat you simply as a rescued seaman, Daniel, as I could in time of peace. So I ask you now, will you serve His Majesty?"

"Whaaat!" Daniel exclaimed."No. I could never serve in the Royal Navy, sir. Not in time of war. That would make me a traitor to the United States."

"What a waste and a shame." the captain sighed. "Master at Arms, put the lad in chains."

Willem protested but he could do nothing against a whole naval crew, especially unarmed as he was. He had to watch as the blacksmith fitted shackles to his lovely Daniel. The captain agreed to transport Willem to a safe haven, given his allied status, but warned the distraught young man not to interfere with the running of the ship. Meanwhile the boy was incarcerated in the hold with other American seamen from whaling ships the Albatross had sunk. Some of their crew had been impressed into British service.

That night, the captain had Daniel brought to his cabin. This was his chance to make love to this beauteous boy. How small he was, so smooth and hairless, appearing several years younger than his true age of eighteen. He looked so helpless, shackled at wrists and ankles. Very much like the slave boys he had seen on sale in slave markets in the Near East and had always wanted to buy. Daniel's hair was long like a girl's, his face prettier than any boy had a right to be, and he had a fine taut torso and well defined musculature on his limbs. Although the boy glared daggers at his captor he knew he must suffer this man's attentions, to let him take his carnal pleasure of him as so many others had. Sometimes it is not an advantage to be young and small and beautiful. Especially not when you are shackled and naked.

For starters, the captain had Daniel kneel, the traditional way to establish power relationships, the bottom boy on his knees like a supplicant, the master looming tall over him, presenting his cock for worship. The clinking of his chains reinforced the boy's sense of helplessness. On his knees, small, naked, shackled, a cock presented to him for his ministrations, Daniel did what came naturally to a sexual submissive like himself. He licked the purple head then smooched it with a wet kiss. He licked the shaft and washed the balls individually. He put his pouty lips around the shaft and sucked the man's substantial endowment, fighting his urge to gag, gradually taking the member deeper and deeper into his throat till his nose was buried in the man's pubic bush.

With his fists wrapped in the boy's long blond locks, the man controlled the pace of the face fuck, watching his cock slide in an out of that exquisitely lovely face, the cheeks hollowing as the boy sucked. The boy knew that he was expected to look up worshipfully at his new lord and master, in token of his submission. The boy was careful with his teeth too, not caring to rouse his captor's wrath. With his excitement mounting to a climax, the man blew his load down the boy's throat. He pulled out partway, letting his cum fill then overflow the boy's small mouth. Even then he did not withdraw entirely but kept his cock inside the boy's mouth for a long while afterwards, letting it bathe in the moist orifice. Having the boy's play with his softened cock with his tongue.

Later, after he firmed up again, the man bent the boy over the table bolted to the floor and examined his prize. The boy's buttocks were like twin melons, firms and jiggly both, with a deep cleavage between and the tiny treasure hole at the bottom. The crinkly red-brown whorl of muscle invited penetration by any lover of young lads. This was what a boy like Daniel was born for, to offer his rump to be mounted by strong men who knew what he was put on earth for. Capstall thrust his fingers thrust into the ass lubricating him. He spread the tight hole apart with his thumbs, then replaced the digits with his stiff prick. It slid in easily even though the boy was quite tight. Capstall was in ecstasy, his cock clutched in velvety warmth in the boy's depths. Never before had he had sex with a boy so sexy and so pretty as little Daniel. So complaisant and submissive too. He had expected to have to break the boy's will. Well, chained as he was, what choice did he have but to submit to what the captain was honest enough to admit was simple rape.

For his part, Daniel knew he dared not displeasure this man who held his fate in his hands. Being slapped into irons had taken a lot of the fight out of the boy, what little there was. The fact is that the boy was a natural submissive. He expected to take orders and to be bossed around and to be taken carnally. He also had a lot of experience giving it up to more powerful males, those who dominated him by their size, strength, authority, or sexual power. What was Daniel but a slightly built youth, a boy castaway living stark naked on a deserted island. Add to that he was now a prisoner of war, in chains, under the authority of a ship's captain, the closest thing to a god on the face of the earth. If that man stroked his inner thigh, Daniel knew that meant to spread his slender legs yet wider, to twitch his hole open further in preparation for yet another penetration. This was what a faggot boy like him was born for, after all.

He expected the captain would keep him naked during their cruise of many months before they returned to England. He wondered whether the man would throw him to the crew when he tired of him or would he keep the boy for himself or maybe just the officers. Daniel faced an unenviable future. Aboard the Albatross he would be fucked all the way across two oceans till turned over the keeper of prisons back in England. As a prisoner of war, he would likely wind up on one of those dis-masted naval hulks used as floating prisons. If not the guards then his fellow prisoners would insist on continued nudity, keeping always ready for sexual service. Even if he survived disease and bad food, his future would be one of endless mountings by the captain, his crew and later by fellow prisoners and guards. And he would be confined below decks, never to feel the wind on his face nor the kiss of the sun on his bare skin.

These sessions went on for several days while the crew careened the ship and scraped her bottom free of barnacles and seaweed. For this time, the ship was drawn up on shore and tilted to first one side then the other. Despite the slant, the cabins were still usable, so the captain kept the boy with him except when he was not chained up in the hold. It was during this period that the captain got the story of Daniel's initiation while crossing the line.

The seasoned sailors, the Shellbacks, lorded it over the newbie Pollywogs. It happened that Daniel was the only pollywog aboard the Morning Rose on that voyage, so he drew all the attention (and pent-up mischief) of his shipmates. The sailors took advantage of the fact that the boy was already naked. They forced the nude youth to crawl on his belly across a deck strewn with rotting vegetables then to scuttle on hands and knees between their straddled legs as they swatted his rump with a tawse or rope-end. With a rope around his waist, they dunked him in the sea and towed him behind the ship for a while, threatening to keelhaul him. Next they pulled the bedraggled lad back up on deck where he had to endure all manner of verbal humiliation, with much reference to his diminutive size, hairless body, impossibly pretty good looks. The Shellbacks had promised him an active sex life from that point on, sucking cock and taking it up the ass all the time from the other sailors.

The lusty sailors put the hapless lad in bondage, tying his hands behind his back, upending him and hanging him by his ankles from a spar. There he hung upside down, legs spread wide apart, his head just about waist height, helpless and vulnerable. The bare chests of the men pressed in on him, the touch of their crinkly chest hair on his skin sending shivers through his trussed up body. The men ran their hands along his thighs, delving into his exposed cleavage, toying with his genitals and his hole. The lusty sailors took turns spanking or caressing or even kissing the sublime bums so conveniently to hand.

To make things interesting, 'King Neptune', with the captain's permission, mixed brandy and red wine from ship's stores and poured it through a funnel stuck in the boy's anus to fill up the rectum within. The youth could only squirm deliciously as the warmth of the liquid heated his insides. The men chuckled at this new way they had found to get the boy's ass hot and to get a fire going in his belly.

Poor Daniel! The lad was not used to spirits anyway and taking so much fortified wine that way got the alcohol into his bloodstream far faster than through the stomach. That rectum is lined with blood vessels just under the surface. It wasn't long before the youth was tipsy, then giddy, and finally hopelessly inebriated. He abandoned himself to the sexual excitement of the moment as the men made him suck them all off, many of them twice.

As Daniel struggled and squirmed, some of the fortified wine got forced out of his anus, spurting over his ass and draining down his back and belly and chest.

"Poor lad!" someone intoned with transparent insincerity. "See how he sheds his virgin's blood."

That provoked a general chuckle among the participating shellbacks. This was a crossing the line ceremony, no one would soon forget. Hands were on him everywhere, touching him, stimulating him, squeezing and fondling and stroking. Those who couldn't wait simply jerked off and splooged his chest and belly and face. Despite his feeble protests the sailors worked Daniel's own cock, bringing him off again and again till he was utterly drained.

The men of the Morning Rose took turns, a few every evening, drawing straws for the privilege. Daniel soon was reconciled to his fate as the crew's boy slut. His occasional protests were dismissed. Didn't he get hard when the men used him for their pleasure? He was just as turned on as they were, a natural bottom boy, a whore just begging to be used.

Capstall passed the tale of Daniel's deflowering to the first and second mates. Soon the story was all around the British warship, drawing leers and jeers at the hapless boy's expense. Just one more humiliation the poor lad had to suffer at the hands of his captors.

Chapter 4. The Hunt

Finally the ship was ready to sail. That last night it floated at anchor in the lagoon. This was the chance Willem had been waiting for. He had pretended to accept Daniel's lot as the fortunes of war. He told the captain, that he would ransom the boy once they were back in civilization and Willem had access to his family fortune. As an allied officer Willem had the freedom of the ship and did nothing to arouse suspicion of his daring plan.

As was his wont, the captain liked to sleep with the boy spooned into him, his round rump docked into the man's lap. During one especially dark night, Willem climbed down a rope to the window of the captain's cabin and slipped inside. Although unarmed he readily equipped himself with sword, knife, and pistols from the captain's weapons rack. He woke Daniel up first and cautioned him to keep quiet, handing him a pistol to train on the captain. Then Willem woke up Capstall. Willem ordered him to call the blacksmith into his cabin in order to strike the shackles from Daniel's wrists and ankles.

"You will never get away with this, de Ruyter. This is an act of piracy on the high seas. Our nations are allies, so this is treason to your country too."

"In the first place, Capstall, it is merely our kings who are allies. The American and French Revolutions have made thinking men everywhere question the need for kings and aristocracies. In any event, the Netherlands has been annexed to the French Empire. Napoleon draws many conscripts from there into his armies and navies. So in a sense I am a citizen of an enemy power and not an ally.

"You might have just sailed away for our island and left us in peace. Your war is so far away. But no, you had to stick to your overly punctilious conception of your duty."

"Actually, de Ruyter, the war is already here in the Pacific. I never told you what my mission was. It was and is to seek out and destroy the American whaling fleet in North Pacific waters. The loss of so much maritime wealth will teach those upstart Americans not to tweak the beard of the British lion. Do you know they actually tried to invade Canada, to steal that dominion from his Majesty? The effrontery of a nation of shopkeepers and small holders!"

"Then how do you differ from pirates yourselves, you British, burning ships or taking them as prizes? Know this Captain. I will never let you take Daniel from me or to hurt him, not while I have breath to resist. You will not cast him into some prison hulk to waste his youth, to rot and die. We will fight you together and, if we must, die together. As your enemy I could kill you in good conscience. Instead I offer you an alternative. Sail away with the morning tide and leave us in peace, the two of us. You owe us that much for saving your ship from the rocks."

"I deny that debt. You had your own reasons for wanting my ship undamaged. In any event my hands are tied. Besides, now that you have taken up arms against me, you are an enemy in time of war. Give this up de Ruyter. You must know that you are totally outmatched. What can you do, just two naked youths against a ship of war and its whole crew? We will hunt you down. The island is not so large that you can hide indefinitely. We will run you to ground, hunting you like animals. That is what you will be, hunted animals, so much naked prey for my crew. Is that what you want?"

But Willem just shook his head.

"Captain Capstall, I could not only kill you here and now, I could also set the ship on fire. Those lanterns and your store of brandy would get a fine blaze going, one impossible to put out in the fine on-shore breeze that is blowing tonight. Instead I offer to spare your life and your ship if you leave us in peace on the island."

"Very well, I agree, not just to save my own life, you understand, but out of my duty to preserve His Majesty's ship and crew."

The blacksmith struck off Daniel's irons. The naval captain was their hostage as the youths rowed to shore in a dory. They faded into the scrub while the captain waited for his crew to fetch him back to his ship. Once aboard, he did not keep his word, but rallied his men to hunt the youths down, like so much naked prey. In the log book, he charged them with both piracy and acts of war.

Once more the two youths were thrown back on their own resources, with just a few weapons between them. Their hut was no place to make a stand. It was just a place to dwell in during peacetime. Its only defense was concealment in dense scrub. That was good as far as it goes, but the navy knew where they were.

It was fortunate that the youths had already seen to their defenses, though intended against possible discovery by the natives. The boys dug bolt holes inside thickets and concealed trenches they might drop into an be out of sight. Another way they avoided detection was to hide out in sea caves carved into the shores of the islands. Several had openings underwater that could not be spotted even from ships boats patrolling the shore.

The boys also had several caches of supplies and equipment scattered around the island and had determined rendezvous points if they got separated. They had worked out a series of signals too including whistling and bird calls.

Willem and Daniel were familiar with the whole island. The ship's crew knew nothing of the interior. That would be to their advantage. They knew the pathways across the island, the passes between the hills marching men might take and where to find water. They had already scouted good places to ambush enemies or to throw off pursuit. Also the boys were physically fit from all their labor. All their walking, running, and swimming had given them marvelous stamina. By contrast, the crew of the warship were out of shape. Sailors at sea get little chance to maintain their stamina, not in the confines of a ship.

Willem had wanted to build a fort on a small peninsula as a final redoubt. Defended by sea cliffs on three sides with a gully on the fourth side. it was a natural fortress. They had dragged a few logs and rocks to form a breastwork across the narrow neck of land. It was furnished with water and stored food. They used some of the discarded jars at the sacrificial altar for their siege provisions. The fort was a last resort, a place to make a last stand and make an enemy pay dearly. It was not place for a long siege, so the youths avoided it during their campaign.

The landing parties of sailors and marines quartered the island but without success. The youths seemed to appear and disappear at will, darting into dense brush then scampering on all fours close to the ground to hiding places. They tag teamed the search parties, making them run toward first one boy then the other. The marines and sailors were quickly run ragged, especially encumbered as they were. Their muskets were inaccurate beyond thirty paces and were intended for volley fire against an enemy line of battle. They had little chance to picking off two bare ass youths scampering about quick and agile as squirrels. The boys used vines to climb trees and to swing over gullies and inlets to throw off pursuit.

All the while, the youths used guerilla tactics against the enemy, using trails and bolt holes only the two of them knew about to pick them off, whittle down their numbers, destroy their supplies. They avoided killing the British seamen, figuring that would make them thirst for revenge. Instead they aimed at wounding their foes. It was simple arithmetic. A dead man could be left where he fell to be buried later. A wounded man needed two or more others to drop what they were doing and carry him to the ship for doctoring. A wounded man also moaned and groaned and generally got on the nerves of his comrades, further worsening morale.

Also, the two young men were decent sorts who had no stomach for needless killing. Daniel was adept at dropping out of a tree to club the last man in a patrol. Then he simply faded into the bush. Willem dug a shallow trench and lay down in it concealed by palm leaves and sand atop. That let him ambush careless soldiers. He particularly liked to strike while a man had stepped aside to answer a call of nature. He not only knocked the man unconscious, he stripped the trousers off him and cut them apart to make them unwearable. They set vines across paths at key points to make their enemy trip and fall down slopes hard enough to break legs or arms or crack heads. In short order, they put more than twenty sailors and marines out of commission with only one fatality, a man who broke his neck in a fall down a slope.

One of their most effective defenses was a series of traps on the main trails. These were holes large enough for a man to step into, their openings concealed by leaves and sand. Anyone whose foot slid into one of the holes would get splinters of bamboo through his foot. Only the two youths knew to look for the subtle signs they had laid so that they themselves would not fall victim to their own traps. The boys were not vindictive so they did not smear the points with excrement that would have made the wounds fester fatally. The idea after all was to cause misery and to discourage their foes. Another nasty trick was to sneak into an enemy camp and drop a leaf wrapped package of their own excrement onto the low fire. After it caught fire, the awful smell from its burning was a reminder of how hapless their pursuers were.

The danger the boys faced daily added spice to their love life. Their lovemaking became even more intense and satisfying though they did have to suppress their vocalizations for fear of giving themselves away to the occasional night patrols. After a while their enemy realized that night patrols were a fool's errand. Bad enough trying to track down their naked prey in the daylight. That let the youths fully express their love for one another.

"Oh, Willem, we must survive this ordeal, you and I. Our love must survive. I never realized how good it could be to love a man I respected and liked. Oh, I know that I have been something of a slut, spreading my legs for most of my crew, but that was only physical. I won't deny I didn't enjoy it. With you I feel complete, a wholeness I have never know before."

"Danny, Danny, I love you so much. You have filled a void in my heart. It is not just your pretty face and tight body either, delectable as those are to me. You have pluck and grit, a simple courage any man would admire in a mate. Also a wicked sense of humor devising those stink bombs. I want us to survive to old age, to tell the tale around the tavern as a pair of old salts. Can you see us like that someday? Two old coots sitting around a fire sipping mugs of mulled wine?"

Danny laughed and hugged his lover closer. The warmth he shared with the familiar body of his lover was his earnest of his love and commitment to a lifelong relationship.

After nearly two weeks of cat and mouse, the youths were beginning to wonder if the Albatross would ever give up. The captain had tried occasionally shelling the island at night to harass the boys, to keep them awake and on edge, but that kept his own men awake too. The British tried to burn the forest cover, but their fires fizzled out quickly in the lush vegetation fostered by a humid climate.

One morning the boys heard cannon fire. They ran to the promontory to watch the scene. It seems an American frigate had chanced upon the Albatross at anchor and was in the process of methodically pounding her to pieces. The American ship had all the advantages: she was under sail and enjoyed the weather gage while the British ship was at anchor. The American ship was fully crewed while many of the sailors and marines from the Albatross were patrolling the island. The American ship not only had the advantage of surprise she was one of those new large frigates the Americans had thrown into war. Their specially designed hull ribbing supported a longer and stronger gun deck than usual for a frigate. That meant that her weight of metal was far superior to the broadside of the British frigate. In short order she demolished the Albatross. Captain Capstall had no choice but to surrender, sounding the recall to his men still on the island.

In due course, the American captain learned the reason the Albatross had been caught flat footed had been the distraction the boys on the island had provided. He waited patiently till the two youths swam out to his ship to present themselves, still stark naked as they had been for over two years.

"So you two are the reason the Brits frittered away their time at this island instead of returning to the attack on our whaling fleet. Good work lads. You gave my ship the time I needed to track her down before she could do too much damage. As it is, she sank four ships before calling at this island for water."

"They brought their downfall on themselves, acting like pirates, sinking ships and raping my Daniel here. We were happy to help!"


Although the American ship captain told Daniel that the war at sea was going well for the Americans, the same could not be said for the war on land, after the ignominious defeat of the American attempt on Canada. Still he told the boy not to worry. The British had not been able to defeat three million Americans during the Revolutionary War. What could they do now against a population more than twice that size spread out over an even greater expanse of the continent including the recently acquired Louisiana Purchase. No, whatever the fortunes of war, the British were likely not an existential threat to the United States of America.

And so it turned out to be. The American naval victory at Plattsburgh on Lake Champlain in the fall of 1814 blocked the British attempt to seize the lands on both sides of the Great Lakes, securing the northern border. The failure of their northern invasion made the British realize the futility of further conflict and lead to peace talks. Jackson's victory at New Orleans in January 1815 dashed the hopes of the British to control of the mouth of the Mississippi, which would have given Britain a stranglehold on the commerce and exports of the trans-Appalachian west.

Instead of asking for transport back to civilization, the two youths elected to stay on their island. This was territory they had fought for, had risked their lives for. A dozen of the crewmen captured from American whaling ships asked to be put ashore with them to try their hand at founding a new colony in the South Seas. Willem, a natural leader, organized the young men into crews of fishers and farmers and got their economy going using their labor plus the tools, equipment, timber, sea stores, and weapons salvaged from the Albatross. They even recovered her copper bottom and the nails that had held her hull together. In time they exported sandalwood, copra and mother of pearl to pay for the manufactures and luxuries they had to import.

Little Daniel lived openly as Willem's spouse. The youths were obviously devoted to one another. Willem never minded the boy's brief dalliances with some of the other colonists. It was just an expression of his high spirits. The two youths were popular with their new colonists. Their beauty and engaging personalities charmed everyone. Little Daniel became sort of the mascot for their little tribe, his infectious humor helping to smooth rivalries and soothe hurt feelings.

Though Willem could occasionally be seen in a pair of pants, Daniel never bothered with clothing at all, continuing to live entirely nude, his long hair eventually growing long enough to brush the curves of his pert rump. He could be seen most mornings running along the beach, his hair blowing in the wind, arms and legs pumping, throwing sand back from his feet only to plunge into the sea for a swim at the end.

In time, some of the other young men paired off and set up households. Others sent for young ladies to take up with them, but the small colony remained accepting and tolerant of same sex couples for many years. Some of the whalers were from American Indian tribes and these were most likely to take up with native women from nearby islands.

On his return voyage to the States, the American captain had dropped letters off at the island of Sint Maarten, Willem's home and sent Daniel's letters on to Newburgh. Willem's family welcomed news of their long lost son and later opened a supply route to the island once their settlement got going.

Over time various countries claimed the islands but ruled them with a light hand, given this was a colony with many white settlers not just natives. During the post WW II wave of decolonization the island became an autonomous constituent of one of the island republics in the Pacific. Only recently, in an effort to lure gay tourists to the island, has the tourist board publicized the history of the pair of young male lovers who founded the original colony. Romantics have flocked to the island in response.

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