Elf Boy's Friends - XI

by George Gauthier

Chapter 15


Having their own room gave Gulo and Roland the privacy they needed to fully express the passionate attraction they felt for each other. Roland felt so terribly lucky to have met such a beauty as Gulo was with his slender physique, glabrous alabaster skin, ash-blond hair hanging down to his shoulders, and icy grey eyes. Roland was tall where Gulo was short differing also in his dark hair and dark eyes and tawny skin.

Roland felt himself lucky to have become lovers with a lovely snow elf like Gulo. He and his elf-boy lover joined their bodies as lusty lads will, in a tangle of limbs and thrusting hips, hungry kisses, heavy petting, and words of love plus less articulate sounds expressive of their joint passion.

Roland always started out with extended petting, touching Gulo's delectable body everywhere to learn and memorize its contours. Gulo rolled his eyes but held still as the eager human youth ran his fingers lightly over the corrugations of the snow elf's belly, circled his navel with his index finger, and stroked the blades of his hipbones and the inside of his thighs. He had Gulo turn over onto his belly and asked him to tighten his buns then gripped the taut buns to gauge their firmness, breaking off then to sweep blade of his hand along his lover's cleavage.

Putting the elf-boy on his back again, Roland kissed his body from pectorals all the way to fork of his legs. Never displeased when homage was paid to his physical beauty, Gulo allowed these liberties, nor was he surprised at the rush of heat to his belly which made his cock plump up, lift off, and cantilever over his flat belly throbbing and leaking seminal fluid.

Gulo's arousal emboldened the human youth to cup the elf-boy's ball sac with one hand while stroking the shaft with a thumb lubricated with Gulo's own seminal fluid giving special attention to the sweet spot. It wasn't long before Gulo's member was poised on the edge of release. What took him over the top was when Roland tongued and nibbled his nipples. Gulo groaned as he orgasmed and shot his seed all over his chest and belly and face then lay back in post-coital lassitude.

That was only the beginning for those two who explored and joined the bodies in all possible ways save only those gravity defying techniques which required one or both of the lovers to be gifted with telekinesis.

And when they weren't at the manor house the young couple went for long walks everywhere within the bowl of hills. At the insistence of the young snow elf they went sky clad. Now Roland was not body shy, but for him as with most young males of the Commonwealth public nudity was mainly for either dirty sweaty work or for athletic competition, training, or recreation. Public parks, country roads, and swimming holes were the normal venues where Roland took his clothes off and went about in the nude. With Gulo it wasn't a matter of when you took your clothes off but when or whether you put any on.

So since snow elves went sky clad as a matter of course, Roland did so too. And why shouldn't he, with that fine body of his, slender yet muscular, hard bodied from his tramping the woods as a wilderness guide. Though not evenly tanned his body was nowhere pale. His face and arms were deeply tanned, his torso less so, and still less below the hips.

Gulo and Roland made a fine looking couple, the one dark where the other was light, one tall the other below middling height, their pretty faces and tight bodies making them exemplars of youthful male concupiscence.

One venue where the couple mixed with the locals was a grassy area where a group of maybe youths and younger men practiced martial arts. Most of them trained naked though a few wore thongs or pouches. Whether tall or short, slight of build or heavy boned, the young males all had lean muscular bodies, tanned bronze by the tropic sun.

Most were the sons of farmers or were hired hands so in the fields they typically worked in the nude, partly to keep from soiling their garments. Even with power looms driven by water power, cloth was still expensive and laundering was laborious, whereas dirt washed off bare skin just fine. Gulo and Roland joined them for some training sessions, matching themselves against unfamiliar opponents, something the snow elves seldom got a chance to do.

Now snow elves were especially good at martial arts. They did not carry arms and never knew when they might be challenged when in their elven forms. Gulo took on some of the bigger guys and held his own, chalking up victories, aided by his doubled strength. The local boys did not mind, since their bouts gave them the chance to grapple Gulo's luscious sexy body. Time and again one or the other of the fighters felt a surge of lust as they pressed their bodies together, grappling with them, mounting them and grinding hips to rumps.

Roland was much less practiced in unarmed combat and it showed in his results. And since the local boys occasionally played for a chance to shag their opponent, Roland twice found himself dragged into the bushes and put on all fours for a quick shag.

It wasn't just the young males who ogled Gulo and Roland, though the local lasses quickly realized that their own attraction to the sexy youths was not reciprocated. Which was a shame as more than one disappointed young lady was heard to remark aloud. One young lady allowed that it was a wonder that the various of races on Haven hadn't died out from failure to reproduce.

"So many of the best looking boys are interested only in each other. I mean what is wrong with this picture?" she grumbled.

Her friend pointed out that for a good many youths flings with those of their own gender was only a passing phase. Many did eventually settle down with a wife and start a family. So there was hope yet for the various races born of the humans of Old Urth.

The lupine triplets shared their favors widely. No doubt the canine element in their constitution energized their sex drive. They took up singly, in pairs, or in threesomes with practically anyone at the manor with an itch to scratch.

Now the trio did join in martial arts drills but that was at least as much for the chance to display their exotic and sexy physiques as to practice their moves. They also attracted attention with their wind sprints and foot races against all comers.

Here too their ulterior motive was the chance to show off. Who could fail to notice the beauty of the nude male form initially crouched on one knee at the command "ready" then rising to the "set" position with head low and rump high, then taking off at the command "go" in a dazzling display of speed, athleticism, and sex appeal.

With mischief in their hearts the twins challenged the triplets to a foot race. It was to be a battle royal between a trio of youths with alabaster skin and shoulder-length ash-blond hair versus a pair of bronzed beauties with close cropped hair the color of corn silk. The triplets had a physique

The five lined up at the starting line. They were to run out to small red shed a mile away and then run back to the finish line. At the command ready, the triplets sank to one knee and knuckles. The twins merely bent their knees.

"You call that ready?" Lobo asked.

"You run your way. We'll run ours."

"Fair enough… I think."

"He must have something up his sleeve." Lupo murmured warily, but Karel shook his head in denial.

"Nope! We are starkers. No sleeves and nothing up them," he quipped, with a big grin, thinking was this a great set up or what?

At the command "set" the trio raised their rumps, heads held low, forming an arc with their whole bodies, their limbs taut with anticipation. Karel couldn't resist temptation, not with the mischief fully upon him. He reached out and patted Lobo's scrumptious rump.

"Hey, quit that will you?" Lobo complained. "Stop trying to distract me and break my concentration."

"Just paying tribute to your irresistible sex appeal…" which was all the apology the wolf boy would be getting from Karel.

At "go" the triplets took off running full-tilt to establish an early lead after which they would drop back to their distance pace. The twins started off easy and deliberately let the wolf boys get ahead. For what the twins had in mind they needed a bit of room.

There is an old expression used to describe a really fast runner: He runs like the wind. In Karel's case that was literally true. Karel was an air wizard and could call a jet of wind at ground level to push him from behind. His enhanced strength, stamina, and fast reflexes enabled him stay on his feet as the wind carried him along.

Running before the wind was a lot like running downhill full tilt, where a runner's legs could hardly churn fast enough to keep up with the forward motion of the body and keep them under its center of gravity. It took real effort and the fast reflexes of a magically enhanced physique to keep coordinated and not let the jet bowl him over.

Now when humans ran at a fast pace, just as with horses in a gallop, they were actually airborne, if only very briefly, just after they pushed off with the rear foot and before their front foot touched the ground. It was this principle that let Karel almost literally fly along the road with six yard strides letting him reach double or triple normal speed. Best of all Jemsen could match him stride for stride with Karel providing the push for both of them. Talk about a runner's high!

The triplets glanced back and realized that the twins were running inhumanly fast. As the twins literally breezed by the triplets were brushed by the edges of Karel's air jet and realized how they had been tricked.

"Hey, no powers!" Lobo complained, but Karel just waved goodbye.

The same thought popped into all three of their heads, that they too could run inhumanly fast. The triplets transformed into their lupine forms and set off at their best four-legged gait which was about forty miles an hour. Alas, the twins could run at a pace of a mile a minute or sixty miles an hour. They reached the finish line well ahead of the wolf boys.

"You know I did call no powers." Lobo pointed out.

"Yes but not till after the race had started so it didn't count." Karel gave back airily.

"All right. Fool me once… You won't catch us with that trick again."

Karel shrugged. "Plenty more tricks where that one came from."

"Oh, like what?"

"That would be telling, but I will spot you this next trick if only to show you how terrible clever Jemsen and I can be. The next challenge would be a match race between Jemsen and any one of you. It would be a long steep uphill race. No jets of wind I promise."

"So what's the trick?" Lobo asked

"Simple. As an earth wizard Jemsen can use gravitational repulsion to decrease his weight and lighten his load. In an uphill race he would maintain just enough weight for his feet to make good contact with the ground. Tricky, no?"

The triplets shook their head, as much in admiration of the outrageous trickery of the irrepressible twins as anything else. Best then to just look on the race as an unlikely sort of foreplay.

Later the twins and the triplets did get together for fun and frolic, but the twins's attentions mostly centered on Dylan. He and the twins had been a threesome for several years. The elf-boy cum forest ranger had bonded quickly with his fellow hunters and woodsmen Jemsen and Karel. Dylan after all was an elf and the twins were elf-friends with all that implies: going around sky clad as often as possible, same gender sexual orientation, and a physical beauty beyond the norm.

It wasn't just a case of sexual attraction though that was a big part of it. Dylan and the twins were just the same sort of people. And since they could looked forward to centuries of youth, thanks to druidical healing magic in the twins' case or his inherent magical nature in Dylan's, theirs looked to be a lasting friendship.

The three youths certainly looked good together. Dylan was taller than the twins and darkly handsome with the glabrous skin, lissome build, and smooth musculature of his kind. Dark eyes twinkled over the killer cheekbones characteristic of his race. For their part the twins were utterly alluring with youthful features and lithe physiques. With their skins bronzed by the sun and topped by a head of hair the color of corn silk they were a pair of palomino colts who exuded good health and sex appeal.

One of their favorite activities in Elysion was to run over to the lakeside resort which had a splendid view of the scenic waterfall and the perpetual double rainbows its spray created overhead. Add in the reflections in the lake and you had a quadruple rainbow. You really could not stand under the cascade itself. The torrent was too powerful.

The lake water was pleasantly warm in the shallow coves and embayments along the shore, but the main part of the lake was deep and cool. A rock ledge about twelve feet above the water was their favorite spot to dive from. Indeed that was the spot where Dylan had taught the twins to dive properly. Previously they had just jumped in, boulder style, with a tremendous splash

"That's not diving!" Dylan had snorted then proceeded to demonstrate several graceful dives popular among the elves in his home vale: the swan dive, the jackknife, and the forward somersault. The twins had insisted he train them to dive as he did.

All three youths relished the chance to show off their athleticism with fancy dives. All right maybe the sport of diving owed as much to sex appeal as to athletics, but it was a hell of a lot of fun and a great way to spend time with friends or catch the eye of potential suitors.

At midday the trio went by the resort which offered the light meal called lunch in deference to the city folk who were its chief customers. Since the count owned the resort, everything was on the house.

Afterwards the three youths made love outdoors though away from the resort buildings. The gardeners had planted lawns and mossy banks and built bowers and hidden nooks for the use of the honeymooners who were its chief customers. The twins were past masters of the amatory arts, having early on worked as rent boys to pay their way across the continent of Valentia in the company of the elf-boy, now druid, Dahlderon, the shapeshifter Aodh, and their common mentor, the late Dread Hand of the Commonwealth Sir Balandur of Leinster.

Druidical healing magic had granted the twins perpetual youth and a life span of half a millennium or more, to match that of their elf-boy friend. The normal human lifespan was usually described as six score and ten though these days many humans expected to reach a full score beyond that.

All three youths were hard-bodied outdoor types: hunters, scouts, and rangers. Athletic and energetic and acrobatic, they made love with abandon, limbs entangled in all manner of positions, their slick sweaty bodies pressed together. As with the elves the twins' sweat glands cooled the skin but never exuded the oils that turned rancid and produced body odor. Hence the twins and Dylan always smelled sweet though they did taste salty.

Usually Dylan paired with the twins one at a time though sometimes they had a three way. The young elf knew that he was born for male sex. He craved the press of a male body against his own, rigid members trapped between their bellies, both boys giggling at their brazen naughtiness as they engaged in foreplay.

In between bouts of lovemaking the trio swam in the lake, dunking each other or just wrestling, and in general engaging in the rambunctious grab ass games young males were so inordinately fond of. They also competed at archery, though really that was really just for practice. The three were so evenly matched that chance rather than skill decided the outcome of those contests.

As for the snow elves Gulo and Roland were paired up, the lupine triplets were happy to share their bed with just about anyone at the manor house. The wolf boys later hooked up with the trio of the twins and the elf-boy Dylan in a constantly changing constellation of lissom bodies and thrusting hips in various permutations and combinations, double penetrations, and daisy chains. The Snow Elves showed that they were not only incomparably beautiful, they were sexually versatile and insatiable. Their couplings were athletic, acrobatic, energetic, and loud.

Meanwhile Meirionnydd and Derrionydd, former and current unicorns respectively, resumed their on again off again love affair, while Aodh frolicked with his fellow felines the cousins Leon and Brand.

After two weeks it was time for everyone to move on: the expedition and the twins went back to the capital taking a short cut through a space portal Owain opened for them, the rangers went on patrol, and the snow elves went on walkabout.

Meanwhile Dahlderon set out for the area of the Eastern Plains where Leon and Brand had battled the anaconda. Since he had never been there he wouldn't be able to simply step through a portal. Instead he would travel Aodh's Road from Elysion to Dalnot and from there via iron road to Three Forks.

Klarendes asks the druid how he planed to deal with the invasive species.

"I'll quarter the area and at each location I will psychically summon all the females of the species then kill them. Without females the infestation of anacondas will die a natural death."

As he took his leave of Elysion Professor Scolari told count Klarendes:

"We cannot thank you enough Taitos for your hospitality. After our strenuous expedition this was exactly the sojourn we needed — a pampered idyll in a rustic setting. And next time you are in the capital, you will be dining out on us. Did you know that they were flying fresh lobster in weekly via autogyro? By lobster I mean the sort with the big claws, not the spiny sort. The delicacy is so much in demand we'll need reservations. Or if you prefer boney fish, I know a place which serves sea bream as you never tasted it."

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