Elf Boy's Friends - XI

by George Gauthier

Chapter 7

Across the Plains

Still clad in their breechclouts and carrying packs and water gourds Leon and Brand headed out cross country toward the Eastern Mountains and the New Forest. They were in no hurry so they set an easy pace.

"Let's hope for an uneventful journey back to the New Forest. No more encounters which endanger life and limb. Two such adventures in a single week are two too many."

"You got that right Leon. Still I don't regret what we did, just that we found ourselves in situations where we had to do it."

As they topped a small rise Brand stopped abruptly and exclaimed:

"Hello! What do we have here?"

Below them in a swale two young wranglers were bringing a remuda of a dozen or so ponies to a pond. Several trees provided welcome shade. Big handsome lads in their late teens the wranglers rode both bareback and bare ass utterly unselfconscious about their nudity for that was how one bathed ponies and horses the world over, the job of grooms and stable boys, young cavalrymen, or apprentice teamsters. The mounts didn't wear clothes to the bath, why should the boys?

The cousins were instantly smitten by the sexy youths. These wranglers were just their type: big lads with robust physiques which evidenced a not inconsiderable mixture of giant blood which probably explained their red hair and blue eyes. Even better they were identical twins.

Their remuda was a mix of pintos and roans and sorrels who nickered as they splashed their way into pond till the water reached their bellies. The nude wranglers had slid off their mounts and gone right to work scrubbing their charges with soap and brush. That was when they noticed the approach of the rangers.

"Good Morning, strangers." one of them called out, a cheery smile on his open and honest face. "What business takes you straight across country? Travelers in these parts usually keep to the roads so they won't get lost."

"We are forest rangers on official business." Brand explained. "Auxiliary rangers really," he added, pointing to the green tattoo of a leaf on his left shoulder.

"Forest rangers? Then you are really lost." He chuckled and pointed to the west. "The forest lies that-a-way. Its trees are what makes those mountains so green."

Brand smiled and said: "Thanks for the geography lesson. My name is Brand and my cousin here is Leon. Who might you be?"

"The names are Luke and Will Franklin. We are the youngest of four brothers. This is our ranch. Our pa Jed Franklin is up at the house if you need to talk to him."

"Actually we are just passing through. Say, could you use a hand with those horses?"

"That's fine by us. We'll take all the help we can get."

"You'll have to show us what to do. We have never been around horses before.

With a big grin on their faces the wranglers watched as the cousins dropped their packs and breechclouts and waded out to them. To anyone who appreciates a pretty youth, snow elves were walking wet dreams with their willowy physiques, alabaster skin, shoulder-length ash-blonde hair, and icy grey eyes.

The personable wranglers were quite presentable themselves with strong young bodies turned tawny by constant exposure to the sun. Hale, hearty, and handsome, and formidably endowed, they set the cousins' hearts to fluttering.

"Why are you guys so pale? Your skin is as white as ivory; it's like you two never go out in the sun."

"Actually we are very much the outdoors type, thank you. In fact we live on a permanent walkabout in the New Forest. We go around in the rude nude practically all the time, but we just don't show it the way you do, bronzed all over by the sun's rays. Like all our people we neither tan nor burn no matter how much exposure we get to the sun."

"Your people?"

"We are called Snow Elves, but for our looks, not for where we live."

"Of course, you're those shape shifter elves. Cool! What form can you take?"

"That of spotted leopards. We'd show you, but we don't want to frighten the ponies."

"Good thinking. Anyway I like you just the way you are now. In your elven form you are utterly exotic and hugely attractive, but let's save all that for later. Right now we need to get to work. Grab those spare brushes hanging from the peg on the tree and help us scrub these ponies clean. Ourselves too afterwards."

The boys set to work with a will chatting all the while as they soaped and scrubbed and brushed the ponies, finally setting them to graze. Then they scrubbed their own bodies squeaky clean.

Luke allowed that since they were ahead of schedule, they had plenty of time for fun and frolic. With that he bent down, grabbed Brand ankles and yanked his legs out from under him, sending him backwards into the water with a splash. Brand got his feet under him and surged out of the water, eyes blazing with mock fury as he grabbed Luke in a wrestling hold, which was really just his excuse to get his hands on the young wrangler's hard body. The boys grappled and splashed and wrestled and dunked each other, all accompanied by laughter, jokes, loud talk, and a good deal of grab ass horseplay.

Inspired by those two Leon and Will started their own wrestling match, which was less an athletic competition than an exercise in foreplay. Will loved all the bodily contact and eagerly pressed himself against Leon's pale body. His rigid member evidenced the state of his arousal. Leon glanced down and realized that Luke' erection put his own more modest endowment in the shade. Its helmet looked to be nearly twice the size of his own and the stalk proportionally thicker. Empurpled and engorged it throbbed with the wrangler's passion.

"I suppose that would be what's called a horse cock." Leon asked.

"Nah, more like a pony cock." Luke answered breezily. "You should see that pinto stallion over there when he gets aroused by a mare. Now that is a horse cock."

"That might be true, but I have all I can handle right here." Leon said stroking the wrangler's turgid member. "Just take it slow, Will. I am small and tight back there."

Which was actually how Leon preferred it, having a big one forced slowly into his tight quim, impaling him, filling him with his lover's masculinity. Thanks to magically enhanced control of his internal musculature, Leon could work his sphincters rhythmically, squeezing and massaging the invading member, employing muscles normally used to push out to draw in, helping a lover reach orgasm and afterwards milking his cock of the last drops of his gism.

Though natural bottoms, both cousins also liked to top. Now though he was much more slender than Will and three inches shorter, Leon's greater strength surprised the wrangler as he turned the tables on him and started to mount him. After token resistance, Will yielded and let himself be impaled and pumped. Soon he was moaning and shoving back, asking for more and more. It didn't take long for both youths to reach orgasm.

Afterwards Will told Leon:

"I cannot believe how strong you are. Here I am a hale and hearty country lad and one-eighth giant to boot with a strong body from all the hard work I do. So I just assumed I would overpower a slender pretty boy like yourself."

"We wirs are easily twice as strong as we look which makes me as a strong as a really big guy."

"Who would have thought to find such strength in a walking wet dream, but enough said. Come here. Let's get physical again."

And they did. Get physical, that is. Both couples. Kissing and petting soon gave way to a resumption of all out sexual congress, an expression of unbridled teenage lust, as sexy kids sparked off a cute guy their own age, romping, stomping, and rocking, their surging hormones rising to an explosion of eroticism and spunk.

The cousins accepted an invitation to supper and a last chance to sleep in a proper bed. So they accompanied, the wranglers when they returned the horses to their corral. Luke introduced them to their family. The father welcomed them then said:

"So you are Snow Elves, eh? Would you mind showing us the alternate form you two can take on?"

Leon nodded. "No problem now that we are standing where the horses can't see us and take fright."

The cousins set their packs down, They were still sky clad, hence ready to change into spotted leopards. The transformation was fast. Their innate magic took only seconds for their body shapes to flow and morph into spotted leopards.

The cousins ran back and forth, reared up on their hind legs and slashed the air with their claws, snarling to look fierce. Then they morphed back into their elven forms and put on their breechclouts.

"Whoa!" the onlookers exclaimed, all mightily impressed. Luke spoke for all of them when he said:

"I had no idea you could transform so fast or that the change was like you were melting from human to cat and back again. And those were impressive horizontal leaps you made a moment ago."

"Indeed, Luke. As leopards we are agile and fast indeed we can sprint more than twice as fast as a human or elf. We can jump horizontally more than 20 ft and vertically up to 10 feet, though I'll admit that tawny panthers can leap farther thanks to their proportionally longer legs."

Compared to other big cats leopards had relatively short legs and a long body with a large skull. They looked a lot like jaguars, though less powerfully built though still plenty strong enough to carry heavy carcasses into trees (to cache them for later consumption, out of the reach of scavengers like hyenas who could gang up on a solitary cat). They had spots on their heads and forequarters but most of their fur was marked with rosettes like those of the jaguar, but theirs were smaller and more densely packed, and without spots in the center.

"So if a leopard comes at me, there is no point trying to outrun it or to climb a tree. What about jumping into a river or lake and swimming to safety? Cats don't like the water, right?"

"Sorry, Luke, but you are talking about house cats. Leopards are powerful swimmers, although admittedly less inclined to swim than some other big cats, like the tiger or jaguar. They actually hunt in water deliberately driving game into a river, lake, or pond where the animals cannot defend themselves with hooves or horns. The cats just swim after them, clamber onto their backs, and clamp their jaws on the spine or the throat."


Around the dinner table, the cousins told of their origins, their family, and their recent adventures. Will was especially impressed by the description of the White Kodiaks.

"To think they weigh a full ton and stand as high at the shoulder as Pa is tall. Powerful protectors all right. And their Mind Speech lets them talk with all of you so they can relay messages between you."

"That's not how it works. They don't relay messages. They actually link all of us together so we can communicate directly with each other. You see, like all magical creatures, shape shifters have an innate psychic sense. It is what lets the New Forest communicate with us, though, unlike Mind Speech, it is not in words or even images. The best way I can describe it is that the forest's thoughts arise in us much like a realization or perhaps a memory of our own. Anyway the Mind Speech of the Kodiak can link with our own psychic sense for silent verbal but not aural communications. Out to range of four miles, which is plenty to coordinate hunting."

"Now Leon and I also hunt by ourselves, just the two of us, so we often use vocal signals like growls, snarls, meows and purrs."

"Can you roar like a lion?" Luke wondered.

"We like to think so, but some folks unkindly liken our roars to serial grunts."

"What do you tell them to set them straight?"

"Why nothing." Brand answered with a sly smile. "We just eat them!"

That brought a chuckle all around.

Luke and Will had a room of their own. That night they shared their beds with Leon and Brand, and a good time was had by all.

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