Elf Boy's Friends - Volume XIII

by George Gauthier

Chapter 1


Things were back to normal seven months after the return of the Second Corps of Discovery to the capital: Drew Altair and Corwin Klarendes were back at their desks as reporters for the Capital Intelligencer. Drew had also resumed his editorship of the monthly journal "Magic," an official publication of the Institute of Wizardry and Magic.

Both young journalists were basking in the success of their latest book, a joint account of their expedition to the Western Dividing Range. Not only was it another best-seller, it had won them yet another Writers' Prize, much to the chagrin of more than a few their fellow journalists who thought it was high time someone else got picked as chronicler for one of the high profile missions that had won the pair fame and fortune.

There was little chance of anything like that happening. As journalists Corwin and Drew were at the top of their game. Even more important were the character traits which made them ideal for the important missions that were the subject of their books and their journalism. The boys were courageous, forthright, outgoing, loyal, and public spirited. Both had been to the wars not only as war correspondents but also as soldiers and had given a good account of themselves fighting eastern barbarians, centaurs, orcs, and trolls. They had also participated in rescue missions after natural disasters where Drew's powerful telekinesis and Corwin's magical healing abilities had saved many lives.

Then too the boys were very well-connected to the top echelons of the government of the Commonwealth from the commanding general of the army to the Chief Hand of the Commonwealth, to the leaders of many foreign peoples whom the Commonwealth had befriended.

Nor did it hurt that many of the other members of the various Corps of Discovery were their own friends, roommates, and lovers, including Sir Finn Ragnarson, the famous twins Jemsen and Karel, the war wizard Sir Liam, and the war mage and wizard's aide Sir Axel Wilde.

Two roommates had not yet been on exploratory expeditions though that was about to change in the case of the naval officer Sir Nathan "Sparky" Lathrop. The naval architect and inventor Karl-Eike Thyssen was deemed too valuable to risk on hazardous adventures, which was just fine by him.

With business set aside for a breather, all of the roommates except Finn Ragnarson took a week off, spending much of their time in or around the swimming pool on the grounds of the up-scale residential hotel in the capital where Drew and Corwin and the other seven in their circle of friends shared rooms in a large conjoined suite on the third floor.

The pool had started out as simply a wide spot in the creek which ran through the property. It was now an artificial structure fifty yards long and half that in width and ten feet deep in the middle. Stonework stabilized the banks while the bottom was carpeted with large pebbles worn smooth and round by erosion.

At one point Eike clambered out of the swimming pool then lay under a shade tree to rest. Swimming laps was good exercise, but it did tire the body. With a sigh he closed his eyes and dozed while those fellow residents who were not in his circle of friends gazed at him with longing in their hearts and loins. Few males who fancied pretty boys would have turned down an assignation with the exquisite youth, a veritable vision of youthful male concupiscence laid out all bronzed and bare for their delectation.

Slightly built, slender, and smooth muscled Eike had the tawny skin of someone who habitually spent a good deal of time outdoors in the nude or next thing to it -- all that running around the shipyards in just a skimpy loin cloth. And like the others, thanks to druidical healing magic he looked no more than sixteen and would stay that way for centuries.

Far prettier than any boy rightly ought to be Eike was blessed with large green eyes set wide apart under finely arched brows, their lashes too long to have ever have been meant for a male. High cheekbones, a straight nose, plus subtly pointed ears and chin gave him an elfin appearance although his heritage was fully human.

As Eike dozed the twins Jemsen and Karel got back from their run in a nearby park. Those daily runs not only built endurance and strength but were also a chance to show off the splendid physiques which nature had graced them with. Boyishly handsome, tanned and toned, and with hair the color of cornsilk they were as evenly tanned as Eike, their skin just as smooth and glabrous, being totally free of body hair, even at the fork of the legs.

Ever cheerful, fond of jokes and pranks, a pair of incessant chatterboxes with an insatiable curiosity, the twins were always plying those around them with questions — in short they were a delightful combination of brains, good looks, and sex appeal.

After a quick shower the twins stepped into the casual section of the pool and let the cool water support their tired bodies in the weightless aqueous environment.

The rest of their circle of friends soon joined them, first Drew Altair and then Corwin Klarendes who spent many more nights at the hotel than he did at the Klarendes townhouse.

The two young journalists slipped out of the white silk tunics they favored for professional wear and took a quick shower. Riding his bicycle Corwin had worked up a sweat on the tropical heat of the capital. As a fetcher, Drew Altair had propelled his vehicle telekinetically staying cool and dry from the breeze created by his forward motion. Still the weather was hot so he showered too before a swim.

Drew was an impossibly cute twink with spiky auburn hair and narrow sideburns reaching below the ear lobe plus straight eyebrows with almost no curve to them. They framed a fine-boned face with a high forehead, chiseled jawline, and a perky nose slightly turned up at the end. Slightly built -- he stood only five foot zero and weighed but a hundred pounds -- his tiny frame was easily twice as strong as it looked thanks to the same druidical healing magic which had lengthened his life and prolonged his youth.

Corwin Klarendes stood four inches taller than Drew. Short, slight of build, and clean limbed and with close cropped blond hair, he was blessed with delicate features which suggested a considerable admixture of elfin blood in his ancestry like all those in the Klarendes clan including his uncle Count Taitos Klarendes, Count of the Eastern March.

Corwin was still excited about his and Drew's latest Writers' prize for their account of the doings of the Second Corps of Discovery. The authors were at loose ends for their next project and were kicking ideas around when a familiar voice interjected:

"Talking shop at home?"

"Nathan, you're back!" Eike exclaimed. "It's been a long three months."

"We were lucky to wind up the inspection faster than the admiral thought we would," the young naval officer replied.

Lieutenant Sir Nathan "Sparky" Lathrop was still in his blue naval silks. So too was the naval war wizard Sir Liam who had taken the street car with him from Admiralty House.

A little shorter than his naval colleague, Nathan had the willowy build of an elf though he was fully human. Nathan was boyishly cute, a freckle-faced carrot-topped youngster who looked much too young to be an officer in the Navy of the Commonwealth. He had been recalled from the naval base Southport to help plan future exploratory missions for the Commonwealth's new flotilla of ocean-going ships.

Liam was a well-set up lad with a fine healthy body. A raven-haired beauty blessed with chiseled features he stood just under medium height and was on the slender side but with a strong upper storey.

With the arrival of the naval contingent, of the nine roommates only Axel Wilde and Finn Ragnarson were not around the swimming pool on the grounds of their residential hotel. But then Sir Finn Ragnarson was one of the Dread Hands of the Commonwealth, the government's chief troubleshooters. These days he worked closely with Baron Jarmond, the Chief Hand. The end of the war against the trolls might have lightened the workload of the armed forces, but not that of law enforcement agencies like the Hands, the city watches, and the rural constabularies.

Though Sir Axel Wilde was now a full fledged war mage able to teleport himself and things he touched, he still worked as aide to his mentor the war wizard Sir Willet Hanford at the Institute of Wizardry and Magic, which lay not far from the headquarters of the Hands or, for that matter, terribly far from their hotel. The missing pair were likely to show up together and certainly by dinner time.

The cost of meals at the restaurant on the ground floor were included in the boys' leases, so that is where they usually ate if they were not dining out at one of their favorite restaurants in Twinkle Town or as a guest at the Klarendes townhouse, when the family was in town. Only the younger son Eborn lived there full-time managing the family's extensive investments in everything from street cars to refrigeration to companies that built bicycles and autogyros.

Sure enough, a little before supper time the missing duo turned up. Axel was another redhead though his hair was the color of copper. Except for Corwin and Eike, Axel was the youngest of them and more than a hand shorter than the twins.

Short, slightly built fair and extremely boyish looking, boyishly cute, Axel's face was dominated by large green eyes set over heart-melting dimples. Intelligent and somewhat reserved, he was perhaps the least confrontational and assertive of the group and the most conciliatory.

Finn was a Frost Giant who stood eight feet tall and weighed six hundred pounds of bone and muscle. Thanks to his innate magic and a constitution strengthened by the New Forest, Finn had thrice his natural strength. He was by no means the largest of the Frost Giants but was far and away the strongest, which was only fitting for the avatar of Thor, thunder god of the ancient Norse, the remote ancestors of the frost giants.

Despite all that Finn was boyishly handsome with a face which featured a straight nose and firm chin, graced by grey eyes, all framed by a tousled thatch of dark hair.

That made it four blondes, two raven-haired beauties, and three red-heads: auburn-haired Drew Altair, copper-topped Axel Wilde, and the flame-haired naval lieutenant, a carrot-top.

The blondes were the twins Jemsen and Karel, Corwin Klarendes, and the young inventor Thyssen. Of the two with dark hair, Liam wore his in a short military cut while Finn had let his grow out a bit.

The latecomers stripped off and swam for a while with the other joining them. The water was invitingly cool thanks to the inflow from a spring upstream. Straight-forward swimming soon gave way to the grab ass games nude youths were all too prone to engage in while ostensibly swimming, which lead to foreplay, which lead to more intimate forms of interaction.

Their hard toned bodies intertwined in all the ways randy youths were capable of when consummating their physical passions. First the twins paired off with Axel one at a time. After a pause they double-teamed him, plugging him at both ends. Axel was in heaven, impaled on the cocks of two of the boys he loved most in the world. Their enhanced vitality conferred on them a degree of sexual potency beyond the norm. It was a long time before they were spent and lapsed into a pleasant post-coital lassitude.

But with them lovemaking was not just recreational, it also a physical reaffirmation of the romantic love they all felt for each other. And it was not only those three. Ever since Liam and Drew had brought him into their circle of friends, Axel had come out of his shell. The twins had taken a shine to the engaging wizard's aide. Smart, cute, and a truly gentle person, there was a lot to like about him, including his physical beauty.

All of them could look forward to centuries of youth and heath and vigor, whether from druidical life magic or the admixture of elven blood in their heritage. Thanks to druidic magic Axel would always be an extremely boyish-looking eighteen year old, whatever the count of years marked by the calendar. Similarly the twins were nineteen and would stay so for the next five centuries. Same for Drew who looked no more than seventeen going on eighteen. As a Klarendes, Corwin's heritage was nearly half elf to begin with. That and his magical gift of healing would keep him young for many centuries.

The passing years would add to their valuable life experience, but no evidence of the passage of time would show in their faces or bodies. Magically prolonged youth and longevity was a gift which kept on giving.

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