Elf Boy's Friends - VII

by George Gauthier

Chapter 3

The Wrangler

Two distinctive peaks on the western horizon helped the rangers navigate the trackless grasslands. The terrain was all rolling plains, monotonous and virtually featureless except for occasional streams lined with gallery forests which provided welcome shade. Rainwater also collected in hollows in the land, natural watering holes for livestock.

It was at one such watering hole that they encountered a wrangler leading a remuda of a dozen or so ponies to the pond. A comely lad in his late teens he rode both bareback and bare ass on a pinto pony, utterly unselfconscious about his nudity for that was how one bathed ponies and horses the world over, the job of grooms and stable boys, young cavalrymen, or apprentice teamsters. The mounts didn't wear clothes to the bath, why should the boys?

Aodh was instantly smitten by the sexy youth. This wrangler was just his type: well below middle height so only a couple of inches taller than Aodh, his slender physique evidenced a considerable mixture of elven blood though he would have got his sandy hair and blue eyes from the human side of his heritage.

His remuda was a mix of pintos and roans and sorrels who nickered as they splashed their way into pond till the water reached their bellies. The nude wrangler had slid off his mount and went right to work scrubbing his charges with soap and brush. That was when he noticed the approach of the rangers.

"Good Morning, strangers." he called out, a cheery smile on his open and honest face. "What business takes you straight across country? Travelers in these parts usually keep to the roads so they won't get lost."

"We are forest rangers on official business." Sexton explained.

"Forest rangers? Then you must really be lost." He chuckled and pointed to the mountains. "The forest lies that-a-way."

Sexton smiled and asked: "My name is Madden Sexton and my friend here is named Aodh. Who might you be?"

"No might be about it." the boy replied shaking his head. "The name is Lukas Gwillam. I am the youngest of the five Gwillam brothers. This is our ranch. My pa Franklin Gwillam is up at the house if you need to talk to him."

"Fine, I'll ride up that way. Meanwhile Aodh, I saw how you caught his eye and vice versa, so why don't you give your own mount a good scrub and also lend the boy a hand with the rest of the horses, if that is all right with you, young Lukas."

"That's fine by me. I'll take all the help I can get."

As Sexton rode off, Lukas asked Aodh:

"So A, how come your name is just a single letter?"

"Actually it takes four letters to spell my name A-O-D-H, though it is pronounced like the first letter of the alphabet, or as, I usually say, like the vowel sound in 'vein'".

"Sounds all the same to me, so I'll go with the first letter of the alphabet. If you are going to help me 'A', you should get the tack off your mount and also slip out of that uniform and join me in the water."

With a big grin on his face Aodh dismounted, freed his horse of saddle and bridle, and took off his uniform and waded out to the wrangler. The wrangler watched his approach appreciatively, and why not? Small, skinny, smooth muscled and impossibly pretty, Aodh was a walking wet dream.

The personable wrangler was quite presentable himself which was why Aodh was looking forward to a brief casual affair with this young ranch hand. As far as he was concerned this mission counted as a walkabout. The rule among the wirs was that what happened on walkabout stayed on walkabout. That included extracurricular liaisons. Besides Aodh knew that his spouse Count Klarendes would not begrudge him a fling with the comely wrangler.

"Why are you so pale, A? Your skin is as white as ivory; it's like you never go out in the sun."

"Actually I am very much the outdoors type and off duty I go around in the rude nude practically all the time. I just don't show it the way you do, bronzed all over by habitual nudity. Like all my people I neither tan nor burn no matter how much exposure I get to the sun."

"Your people?"

"I come from a land far to the east, the land of the wirs."

"So you are a shapeshifter! Cool! What form can you take?"

"That of a black panther. I'd show you, but I don't want to frighten the ponies."

"Good thinking. Anyway I like you just the way you are now. In your human form you are just my type, an impossibly cute twink with a hard body, but let's save all that for later. Right now we need to get to work. Grab that spare brush hanging from the peg on the tree and help me scrub these ponies clean. Ourselves too afterwards."

The boys set to work with a will chatting all the while as they soaped and scrubbed and brushed the ponies including Aodh's own mount, finally setting them to graze. Then they scrubbed their own bodies squeaky clean.

Lukas allowed that since they were ahead of schedule, they had plenty of time for fun and frolic. With that he bent down, grabbed Aodh's ankles and yanked his legs out from under him, sending him backwards into the water with a splash. Aodh got his feet under him and surged out of the water, eyes blazing with mock fury as he grabbed Lukas in a wrestling hold, which was really just his excuse to get his hands on the young wrangler's hard body. The boys grappled and splashed and wrestled and dunked each other, all accompanied by laughter, jokes, loud talk, and a good deal of grab ass horseplay.

Lukas loved all the bodily contact and pressed himself against the smaller male. The press of their bodies made Aodh realize that Lukas' erection put his own more modest endowment in the shade. Its helmet looked to be about twice the size of his own and the stalk proportionally thick. Empurpled and engorged it throbbed with the wrangler's passion.

"I suppose that would be what they call a horse cock." Aodh asked.

"Nah, just a pony cock." Lukas answered breezily. "Now my four brothers, they all pack horse cocks, as I can tell you from direct experience taking them up my bum."

"That might be true, but I have all I can handle right here." Aodh said stroking his lover's rigid member. "Just take it slow, Lukas. I am small and tight back there."

Which was actually how Aodh preferred it, having a big one forced slowly into his tight quim, impaling him, filling him with his lover's masculinity. With his magically enhanced control of his musculature, Aodh could work his sphincters rhythmically, squeezing and massaging the invading member, employing muscles normally used to push out to draw in, helping a lover reach orgasm and afterwards milking his cock of the last drops of his gism.

Though natural bottoms, both boys occasionally liked to top, which did not happen that often in their love life. No one would take them for tops, being small and slender and pretty and totally lacking body hair even at the fork of their legs, not to mention their penchant for running around most of the time bare-ass naked. Yes nudity was a sensible adaptation to the tropical climate, but both Aodh and Lukas were shameless exhibitionists. They wanted other people to ogle their scrumptious bodies and to long for them.

Though smaller, Aodh's greater strength made him seem more believable as a top.

"I cannot believe how strong you are. Country boy that I am, and with all the hard work I do I just assumed I would overpower a pretty little thing like you."

"We wirs are twice as strong as we look, but I have taken it to another level thanks to my psychic link to the New Forest. With its guidance I found ways to strengthen and enhance my physique so that now I am easily three times as strong as you might expect."

"Who would have thought to find such strength in a diminutive boy toy like yourself, uh no offense, A."

"Why should I be offended? If being small and cute and sexy makes me a boy toy, so be it, though you should understand that I am not promiscuous by nature. Only a select few get to play with this particular toy, thank you, though I make exceptions when I am on walkabout while away from my spouse, Count Klarendes.

"The spouse of a nobleman! You are just full of surprises, aren't you?. Should I call you Lord A?"

The young wir shook his head.

"No. Count Klarendes is addressed as Lord. I am merely a knight though that is a rank conferred on me for service to the Commonwealth, not merely a courtesy title from my tie to the nobility. If you must be formal, you may address me as Sir Aodh."

"In that case, Sir A, you may address me as Sir L, which is a title conferred on me by the alphabet." the wrangler joked.

Aodh smiled. "Your fondness for jokes remind me of certain friends of mine, but never mind. Come here. Let's get physical again."

And they did. Get physical, that is. Kissing and petting soon gave way to all out sexual congress, an expression of unbridled teenage lust, as sexy kids sparked off a cute guy their own age, romping, stomping, and rocking, their surging hormones rising to an explosion of eroticism and spunk.

Afterwards, they mounted their ponies and drove the remuda toward pastures within view of the ranch house where it was easier to keep an eye on them. Aodh did not bother putting the saddle and bridle back on his horse but simply held it in place in front of him across his mount's withers.

"No offense A, but you don't have a very good seat. You look uncomfortable atop your pony."

"You are right, Lukas. The fact is that I am not a natural rider. I started riding only a couple of years ago. Before then equines could not abide the touch of the feline in me, but I fixed that problem with the help of the New Forest. Still I almost never ride bareback like this but use stirrups, which keep me firmly in the saddle. I don't know how you can ride bareback and not slip off."

Lukas shrugged.

"I have been riding this way all my life, bareback and bare-ass. Unlike my brothers I don't bother with a saddle since I am never mounted for any great length of time except when mounted by my brothers, if you take my meaning."

Shrugging the young wrangle explained:

"My brothers and I share a preference for same gender sex. They still frolic with each other, but these last two or three years I have played the bottom boy for all of them. I wouldn't have it any other way. It's our heritage. One look at us and you can see the the strong admixture of elven blood in our family."

"Lukas, you are a boy after my own heart. We male wirs don't care much for clothes either when in our usual human form. My uniform comes with the job, otherwise I go about skin-clad and barefoot."

Lukas nodded then said:

"Now in the stables and the corrals I wear clogs to keep my feet out of the muck, otherwise I am starkers. My brothers and I live much as full-blooded elves do, with all that implies including going skin-clad though my brothers do wear silk riding trews to prevent chaffing since they may spend all day in the saddle. I never do. I haven't worn a stitch since I was in swaddling clothes, and in fact I don't own a single garment. You can't get more naked than that!"

"You said you were a gardener as well?"

"Despite all our elven blood, I am the only one in the family gifted with a Green Thumb. I am more of a gardener than a farmer since I don't grow grain. We just buy our flour. I grow all our vegetables, tubers, and fruit. I take pride in my celery though its cultivation is tiresome. To blanch the stalks of celery you plant it in trenches then mound earth against the stems to block sunlight. So at the table my celery snaps clean and crunches they way celery should. It is not limp or stringy like celery you might find just anywhere."

"I act as a general handyman around here. I'm handy with tools and can fix anything that is broken from a loose door hinge to the squeaky windmill which drives the water pump. I also make bricks and stack them for walls. We use adobe bricks as our primary building material since wood is scarce in the grasslands. Finally I also work in the stables where I repair or make the tack."

"My work is varied, but never boring even if I am just pushing a wheelbarrow or digging an irrigation ditch, or pruning trees in the orchard."

"I'd be bored tending cattle so I am glad to leave that to my brothers. The four of them handle the herds, which is work which they consider more manly than anything I do. To them I am practically a farmer, a drudge who grubs in the earth to grow vegetables or an artisan cutting and sewing leather for tack."

"And they think that making and building with adobe bricks is mindless stoop labor, but it is more than that. I take pride in the fact that the walls I build stand straight and solid. In the past the walls my brothers tried to build leaned precariously when they didn't fall over entirely, which is why the work fell to me."

"My brothers can keep their old cattle. Unlike horses, cows are stupid creatures who are easily spooked."

"Horses get spooked too, you know." Aodh ventured. "There's nothing worse being carried away atop a runaway horse."

"That is so wrong, my friend, but entirely understandable since you are new to riding. Take it from someone who grew up on a cattle ranch, getting caught in a cattle stampede is far worse than being atop a horse with the bit in its teeth. Sure, horses can be startled and run away with their rider, but all you have to do is hang on till the horse tires or feels safe. The only danger is if he steps in a gopher hole, then it is bad luck for both of you. Horse and rider both might wind up with broken necks."

"There is nothing so dangerous as a cattle stampede. Almost anything can touch off a cattle stampede — especially at night. Calling light, a lightning strike or thunderclap, an errant tumbleweed might get them running. The herd takes off in a panic, never mind who or what might be in its way. The gods help you if you are in their path. Unlike cows, even a runaway horse will try to avoid stepping on a man it sees in his path."

"I yield to your expertise, Sir L." Aodh conceded.

And so bareback as well as bare ass the boys rode up to the ranch house. One look at the two of them and it was obvious what they had been up to.

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