Elf Boy's Friends - V

by George Gauthier

Chapter 17


Axel came to his senses, his mind starting to clear from the drug someone had slipped into his drink while he was watching the twins dance at one of their favorite dance spots in Twinkle Town.

The light was weak but he could see well enough to take in his predicament. The room was dank and cool; condensation trickled down its stone walls. That meant he was underground, which was only fitting for the dungeon he found himself in. His clothes were gone and he could feel an emptiness in his bottom and a slickness around his hole that told him that he had been prepared for penetration.

He was bound in a steel contraption, a rack screwed into a stout table. His body was on knees and elbows with iron bands fastened around wrists and ankles and also at his elbows and knees. With his neck in a steel color fixed to a post he was held immobile in nine point bondage.

"Ah, there you are, little one. Awake and aware at last. It really is no fun tormenting and raping a boy too drugged to know what is happening to him. My name is Dolan, and you are my captive."

Bleary-eyed, Axel found himself looking over at a huge man of middle years with a hairy body, his build still powerful though running now to fat. Axel's captor was dressed in leathers, a bizarre costume that left much of his body bare. Leather bands encircled his wrists and biceps. Leather chaps, boots, a mask, and leather shorts completed his ensemble.

"Forgive the theatrical garb, but it is traditional. Actually I don't much like the feel of leather on my skin, but as a member of the brotherhood I must keep up appearances."

"Now a word of warning. We know that you can kill a man by calling light and englobing his head to scramble his brains. But consider your situation. You cannot get free of your bonds, nor out of this dungeon. The locks open only from the outside, and you can be sure the guards will never open the doors for you. One more thing, I am wearing one of those rare ensorcelled amulets that keeps anyone from directing their magic against me. So just in case you were feeling suicidal, don't bother trying to attack me. You will just give yourself a headache."

"As you can feel, we have prepared your body for our ministrations. I say our, for my friends will join us after I break you in. For now though you are mine. Now unlike some, I prefer an insidious psychological approach to breaking a boy's mind without resorting to harsh physical torments which leave ugly marks on the beautiful youthful bodies that excite my lust."

"So your flesh will not be ripped by bits of lead sewn into the tips of the lashes or a cat of nine tails. No, the damage inflicted by the cat or the cane or the riding crop will be superficial, limited to welts and stripes and bruises. Yours will be a daily existence marked by rope burns and whippings and endless mountings. That will be not only painful but humiliating, degrading even, but in time you will get used to pain and come to accept it, to eroticize it and even to crave it. Eventually you will find that you cannot orgasm without the pain and bondage and degradation you will endure at our hands."

Axel shuddered, frightened to the core by his helplessness, his bondage, and the terrible things this monster had promised were in store for him, body and soul.

"Why?" he asked. "And why me?"

"Why indeed. For pleasure of course, beyond any you can conceive. Also this is our revenge for the death and disgrace of one of our most prominent members, the war wizard Sir Janus, foully slain by the druid Lord Dahlderon."

"I was there. I saw what happened. Lord Dahlderon acted in self-defense."

"Only in a technical sense. The druid deliberately provoked Sir Janus' attack with white fire after invading his mind and ransacking his memories."

"Memories of how he took boys and young men captive and tormented them, raped them, and finally killed them. He was the worst sort of criminal, a monster." Axel challenged.

"Bah, Janus was one of us, even if I did disagree with his penchant for damaging and disfiguring the bodies of the young males he took captive. I never understood how he could destroy the kind of beauty that excites men like me, beauty such as yours, young Axel Wilde."

"We won't kill you. That would be too easy on both you and your friends. No, we will break you, turn you into an abject sex slave who can be satisfied only by bondage, humiliation, and degradation in a regime of daily torments, and rape. In time we might even set you free knowing that you could never really return to your prior life. You would be haunted by your experiences, unable to resist the dark cravings we will instill in you. Indeed eventually you will come crawling back to us, seeking the dark pleasures that only we can provide."

"The distress which your downfall produces in your friends will be a permanent reminder to them not to challenge us again."

What Dolan did not tell his captive was that his own gift was projective empathy which could induce emotions in other people. With his gift he would manipulate the boy's emotions, arousing his lusts even as he was being tormented, training his mind to eroticize humiliation and pain, making him believe that his body was responding to dark and shameful desires he had never realized lurked in his heart.

"Enough talk for now. This ball gag I am fastening in your mouth will prevent you from talking but not block either your respiration or the screams and sobs and whimpers that are so much music to my ears. On those occasions when I do give you leave to speak you should address me as Sir, as you should all of those in our brotherhood."

"A word of warning, think before you speak. Do not try our patience with words of defiance. It is so tiresome to listen to a captive boy tell us that we we will never get away with it, the phrase they almost always use as if they were reading from a script. The fact is that we will get away with it, as we have done so many times before. And do not put your hopes in the constabulary, for our brotherhood has infiltrated that service. And yes, I know your friends are powerful in magic, but it would take a miracle for them to ever track you here."

With that the man forced Axel's mouth open wide enough to shove a rubber ball behind his teeth and tie it securely in place. He then showed the captive boy steel spheres as big as peaches and hung them from a leather thong tied around his balls. Their weight stretched his scrotum and pulled his nuts into a hard knot at the bottom. Axel gasped as the man set them in motion like a pendulum. Even after they stopped swinging, their weight brought a dull ache to his belly.

Dolan shook out the cat of nine tails and laid it over Axel's back letting him get the feel of it. He drew it slowly off the boy's body. Axel trembled with a frisson of terror.

"I just love this part when I introduce a boy to the kiss of the cat. And it is so much more exciting this time with someone like yourself, with a body enhanced by druidical healing magic. Your skin is soft and silky like an infant's, and is entirely glabrous not from elven depilatories but from a complete suppression of hair growth in the follicles themselves. And you will heal quickly between sessions, providing me with a fresh canvas time and time again. I am really looking forward to the coming months."

Axel's heart fell. Months? Bound and helpless, he could do nothing but endure the torments and the sexual degradation these fiends had in mind for him.

The whipping started slowly with pauses between each strike. Soon though Dolan picked up the pace. He worked the whip everywhere on Axel's bound form, back and rump, thighs and arms, front and back, even the chest which he could reach with an underarm flip of the cat. The worst was when the lashes struck his cock or his balls and set the steel spheres to swinging again.

Once the whipping had softened him up, Dolan walked around to where the boy could see his erection. Long and thick and gnarled with angry veins it throbbed menacingly just in front of his face. Going back around again, Dolan used his thumbs to stretch Axel's ring wide before thrusting inside, driving his cock all the way with a sudden total penetration.

Axel fainted, which drew a frown from his tormentor, since he did not want his victim to miss anything. He gave a grunt of satisfaction as Axel came back to his senses. Dolan thrust away rhythmically for a long while, long dicking the boy, till with a triumphant shout, he gave a final thrust and filled the boy's quim with his spunk. Dolan then laid his body over Axel's, his wiry chest and belly hair scraping the boy's soft skin as he caught his breath. Pulling the boy's head up by his hair he told him.

"That's it boy. Go ahead and cry. There is no shame in it, no need for you to hold anything back, not someone so unmanly as yourself, a girly boy born to be fucked by real men."

The boy's sobs and tears excited Dolan all the more. He hardened while still up the boy's quim.

Over the next few days Dolan introduced Axel to further torments. With his wrists locked into cuffs dangling from an overhead beam, Dolan and his assistant raised Axel's legs and spread them like a wishbone locking his ankles to the same beam. That left his body positioned with his rump less than three feet above the flagstone floor.

The assistant fucked Axel from behind, thrusting into him, opening him up in preparation for a double penetration. Axel's eyes widened as he saw Dolan approach him from the front, his rampant cock lubricated and aching to join the one already up his ass. The hapless youth shook his head and begged to be spared, but his master ignored the pleas muffled by the ball gag and put the head of his cock to the boy's anus. Slowly and carefully, he slid it in alongside his assistant filling him completely.

Poor Axel had never endured anything so painful or degrading as being fucked by two males at once. For these men, sex was all take and no give. His boyish body was just a sex toy to them, something for them to fuck and torment and degrade.

The next day Axel found himself with his wrists strung up above his head, his legs spread as wide as they could go and kept that way with cords tied around his ankle and to rings in the floor.

"This the very best way to whip a boy, when he is bound from above in the middle of the room so he can be seen and lashed from every angle. Nothing gets in the way of the cat or the single tail or the riding crop. No walls or frames or crosses. And stretched out as you are every part of your body except the soles of your feet is accessible to my ministrations."

"You know the reason that I vary the rhythm of my strokes is to keep the boy wondering when the next one will strike his flesh. The anticipation induces such abject fear it prompts the pleading and blubbering which are so much music to my ears. And soon the boy's butt cheeks are trembling as if he were shivering from the cold."

"Shivering?" Axel asked.

"Shivering is when your muscles contract involuntarily to generate extra body heat against the cold. Since you have spent your whole life in the tropics you would have no idea about the physiological effects of the cold; goosebumps, trembling, shivering, and chattering of teeth, much less the potential for damage from frostbite."

"I know what shivering is, sir. I just never thought it would happen to me."

"Come to think of it, it is time that we constructed a small ice-house on the premises. I'd like to watch you trembling from both cold and the fear of the whip or shrinking from the touch of ice cubes to the nubbins of your tits or the head of you cock or to your balls. Or I could pack spherical ice cubes up you quim and plug your hole to keep them inside then watch as you writhe and moan and try to escape pain that is trapped inside you."

"Now we don't actually want to bring on frost bite on you feet, so you should probably stand on a wooden plank. And we would monitor your condition. We wouldn't want frostbite on your extremities, especially those extremities I love so much to torment, if you take my meaning. No, that would not do at all."

"Heh, heh, heh."

The fear of the unknown and Dolan's evil laugh unnerved poor Axel. He struggled, twisting his body, straining at his bonds, but succeeding only in providing an erotic show for his captor who loved to watch a nude boy as he writhed vainly trying to free himself.

Two days later Dolan introduced Axel to the cross. Shaped like an X but with a pivot in the middle to vary the angle at which the crossbars met, its feet ran in a track on the floor so it could be adjusted and locked in place. Mounted in its center was a huge cock made of leather formed over a wood core. The shaft was not a smooth tube but flared out into a large ball near the base, like the cock of a canine, knot and all.

"That's right, little Axel, today we are going to start training your hole to take a dog cock. It is only wood and leather today, but you will soon be the star bitch of a dog show we shall put on for our members. "

The two men raised Axel's small body against the crossbars and let him slide down onto the leather cock which slipped into his loose hole easily until the knot reached the anal ring. Axel's eyes pleaded for mercy, but both men just stood there grinning while the boy's own weight forced him down, driving the knot into him and locking him in place. With his wrist and ankles cuffed to the crossbars, Axel was helpless. Thanks to the adjustment of the crossbars none of his weight was on his feet. His toes barely touched the floor.

With much of his weight on the support for the leather cock up his ass, it was not a true crucifixion where all the weight was on the victim's arms and shoulders. That could quickly lead to suffocation. Yet the posture made Axel's muscles cramp and spasm. He writhed on the cross much to the delight of his captor who loved to watch the play of the musculature of his boys as they struggled to adjust to the cross. Nothing displayed a boy's physique better than a spread-eagle posture like that or made him look more vulnerable, with manly parts so easily accessible.

"Today we teach two lessons in one. First, how to take a dog cock up your ass. It won't be long till we trade it for the real thing and display you to the membership as a true boy bitch, mounted and knotted by a Molossian hound twice your size."

"The second lesson of the day is about training your cock to erect and even ejaculate from the pain of heavy weights on your balls and sharp strokes of a riding crop on your shaft. Eventually you will come when we torment your cock and balls. That is when we will know we have truly broken you, for you cannot fake either an erection or an orgasm."

Dolan proceeded to strike at Axel's vulnerable cock and balls using short strokes with just his forearm and wrist behind the blows. Anything more would damage his organs. Meanwhile he invoked his projective empathy to twist Axel's emotions, conditioning him to be aroused by pain and degradation.

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