Elf Boy's Friends - III

by George Gauthier

Chapter 27


The explorers' axis of advance was southward, but the actual line of march often detoured east or west to get around hills or marshy ground or dense woods. They did not find any more artifacts of the ancients, but what they found was enough to confirm that the so-called Barren Lands were anything but that. This was a fine well-watered land with arable bottomlands and lush pastures, hardwood trees for timber, and mineral wealth just waiting to be exploited by the ever expanding population of Frost Giants and their allied races: humans, dwarves, and elves.

One particularly interesting find was a system of caverns carved by water in a region underlain by limestone. The caverns were a geological wonderland of stalactites and stalagmites and curtains of stone and still lakes the light of the sun had never touched. No doubt dwarves would welcome a chance to settle there. Axel, Dahl, and Sir Willet called light and lead parties that penetrated the caverns far enough to get some idea of their extent and layout. The twins' gift of unerring direction allowed them to draw rough maps of the areas the explorers had reached.

Meanwhile Finn bonded with his new friends the brontotheres Tyr and Hodr, the names of the planet's two moons in the original language of the Frost Giants. It was Sergeant Sven Ingersen who pointed out that their grey hides were much the same color as Haven's two moons, one of which was notably darker than the other much like Tyr was compared to Hodr.

Having watched how horses allowed humans to sit astride their backs the brontotheres soon let Finn mount them. He settled himself where their necks joined their shoulders which gave him an excellent view of the surrounding terrain with his head fourteen feet above ground level.

Finn knew that the brontotheres would cooperate with him but not take orders. Certainly they would not tolerate any sort of tack or harness like a bridle and bit and reins or even a hackamore and spurs would be both useless and insulting. Instead, with Dahl's help, Finn worked out a series of verbal and physical signals to let the brontotheres know which direction he wanted them to go, when to stop, and whether to stay close after Finn dismounted or go off on their own to graze and browse.

Tyr and Hodr were soon engaged in a friendly rivalry to see which one of them Finn would mount that day. In time Dahl resolved the competition by offering himself as a second rider, choosing Hodr as his mount while Finn favored Tyr.

Not for nothing had Dahl as a journeyman druid taken the brontothere as his totem. The young druid was the first true rider of a brontothere having once lead the charge of a herd of brontotheres against a small army of Amazons. That made Finn the second brontothere rider. The teamsters devised a leather harness which went around Tyr's forequarters and made it possible for Finn to brace himself with strap and stirrups when he flung his war hammer Mjolnir.

In return for their serving as mounts Dahl provided treats like wild fruits and vegetables flash grown to ripeness even if out of season. Finn regularly checked the pads of their feet for sharp stones which might work their way deeper over time and cause trouble.

The brontotheres were curious about their new friends and stuck their noses into everyone's business, looking on intently as the cooks started a fire or prepared dinner or while the giants tended to their gear or sharpened their weapons or the teamsters curried their horses and checked the frogs of their fee. Brontotheres were curious in a way that reminded everyone of the twins, though without their endless questions.

The horses themselves held little interest for the brontotheres which regarded them as dumb animals rather than near sentients like themselves. The horses were just as glad that the brontotheres gave them a wide berth. Dahl's assurances were all well and good, but the great grey beasts were so huge, they intimidated by their sheer size. whatever their mellow dispositions.

When the explorers ran across other herds of brontotheres Tyr and Hodr acted as their ambassadors projecting reassurance that the strange two-legged creatures with them were harmless as well as interesting beings to be around. There was always something new with these curious creatures, not least the fact that they somehow managed to totter around on only two legs without falling over.

Finn recognized that the constant travel had worn everyone down, so he called a three day halt to let them rest and recuperate. For a campsite Finn picked a sunny spot on the shore of a lake. Its placid waters were fed by a creek originating in the hills to the south. The teamsters caught a goodly mess of fish while the twins's hunting skills provided meat enough for the length of their stay.

The twins offered to launder the uniforms of all of the explorers, but Dahl told them to just drop them in the stream and weight them down with stones. Invoking his magic, he excited the waters to bubble and churn and remove all the soil and sweat in moments. The twins hung the garments to dry in the warm sun. Except for Finn and his frost giants and Sir Willet, they all spent the next three days skin-clad, going about as nature had made them.

After chores, there was plenty of time for leisure activities like swimming and running and tossing the Zinger around. Axel and Drew and Dahl joined the twins in a game. Soon all five youths were running and jumping and lunging and darting left and right, trying to to snatch the Zinger out of the air before it could touch the ground. The game might have been invented purposely to show off the beauty of the youthful male body at its athletic best.

Is there anything more beautiful than the nude body of a young male in motion? All five of the youths were absolutely scrumptious though they differed considerably in type.

Preternaturally lovely, the young druid was the raven-maned filly of the bunch. Standing barely an inch over five feet, he was slender yet muscular with strong shoulders, a ripped torso, flat belly and narrow hips. He had one of those impossibly small waists you could almost put your hands around and a pert rump, with small but firm and shapely buns. Tanned, taut and toned, thanks to druidic magic, his strength was triple what his size might indicate.

Then there were the two scouts. Identical twins of medium height and with a well-defined musculature, they were lithe and boyishly handsome and very blond, utterly alluring with their slender physiques and youthful features. Except for the corn silk blond hair the twins might be taken for elves themselves. Incessant chatterboxes with an insatiable curiosity, they were a pair of palomino colts, boisterous and rambunctious, exuding good health and sex appeal.

At only eighteen Axel was very much the youngest of them. Axel was more than a hand shorter than the twins, slightly built, and boyishly cute, with fair skin and hair the color of copper.

Drew was an impossibly cute twink with spiky auburn hair and narrow sideburns reaching below the ear lobe plus straight eyebrows with almost no curve to them. They framed a fine-boned face with a high forehead, chiseled jawline, and a perky nose slightly turned up at the end. He was slight in build, standing only five foot zero and weighing but a hundred pounds, yet his tiny frame was easily twice as strong as it looked, enhanced by the same druidical healing magic that had lengthened his life and prolonged his youth.

Finn longed to join them. It had been far too long since he had spent quality time with his lovers, as all of them were except Dahl, but as expedition leader he felt he had to comport himself with a degree of decorum. So he had to pretend not to see his four lovers saunter past a copse of trees on the grassy verge of the lake seeking a quiet spot to pair off for fun and frolic. Dahl too was sitting this one out.

Jemsen and Drew had been lovers since the centaur war in New Varangia, but Axel was still new at juggling multiple boyfriends. His first serious relationship had been with Liam, who was now off with the Navy. Then he took up with Drew where all three shared rooms and beds back in residential hotel in the capital. Axel had an occasional fun fling with Aodh, but the young vir visited the capital infrequently, limiting their chances of getting together. The twins lived just down the hall and since they were already involved with both Drew and Liam, well one thing lead to another.

After many days of chastity in the close quarters of the tent they shared with the teamsters, all four were more than ready for some fun. Out in the open, away from the others, they gave themselves fully to their longings. Their couplings were enthusiastic, energetic, athletic, and loud.

Even the normally shy wizard's aide let himself go once Karel's naughty foreplay got him fired up, greedily swallowing Karel's cock to the hilt, his pouty lips gripping the shaft, working it as his head rose and fell stimulating the blond boy to a long overdue orgasm which filled Axel's mouth with gism. Then they switched roles, with Karel licking and slurping and sucking Axel's cock. Later Karel put Axel on all fours then mounted him, thrusting into him with a sudden total impalement, drawing a gasp from Axel. As Karel pumped away, Axel moaned as his body shuddered and spewed which set Karel off as well. They sank to the grass in post-coital lassitude.

Meanwhile Drew and Karel went at it hammer and tongs with unflagging stamina thanks to their magically enhanced vitality. Perennially endowed with the physical constitutions of teenagers, sex drives and all, the pair explored and enjoyed each other's body in all the ways it was possible for two males to engage in sexual congress. Sometimes one was on top, then the other or they lay head to toe provide mutual oral service. After which, they cleansed their sweaty bodies at the outlet of the stream that fed the lake, stretching out in the sandy shallows as the waters laved and cooled their overheated bodies.

Later everyone enjoyed out of season tangy apples and sweet pears magically ripened by the druid.

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