Elf Boy's Friends - III

by George Gauthier

Chapter 3

Healing Magic

More than a year after his arrival in the capital, Liam met the elf-boy cum druid Dahlderon who normally lived with his lovers and fellow druids Meirionnydd and Owain in the stronghold of the druids in the Great Southern Forest. Like all young elves Dahl, as he was known for short, had little use for clothing. For him even semi-formal dress was a sarong or a breechclout, when he wasn't entirely nude or skin-clad like the twins.

On more formal occasions, like the current one, Dahl donned formal robes of office, a tunic woven of silk colored the green of the forest that reached nearly to the knees. Sandals and a voluminous silk cloak with a hood completed his ensemble. The cloak was infused with druidic magic and could shift colors and patterns for camouflage in the field. The camouflage made him very hard to see against any background as long as he held still. It wasn't as good as Concealment, but it worked well enough.

With the help of a bit of weather magic and a light breeze called up for that purpose, Dahl could make the cloak billow out from his body like wings. Just a bit of dramatics to remind his interlocutors that, like his lover Meirionnydd, a former unicorn, he was one of the most powerful wielders of magic on the planet.

Such dramatics helped Dahl overcome the impression he gave with his youth, his slight build and his impossibly comely features. Dahl stood only a finger over five feet and had a lithe or even gracile physique. With fine-boned features, subtly pointed ears, chiseled jawline, and killer cheekbones which shielded lovely green eyes, his was the sort of youthful male beauty that could take your breath away.

Dahlderon introduced his colleagues, a pair of lady Healers whom he addressed as "Sisters" though they had no blood ties among them. They wore the traditional healer's robes of yellow silk. One was a blonde and the other a brunette. Both were very pretty, as all lady Healers were. Pleasing features were a sign of good health. If anyone on Haven would be blessed with good health it was its Healers.

They asked the young wizard to disrobe and recline on a couch. Dahl told Liam what to expect. First would come what would feel like a thousand needles sticking into every part of his body followed by alternating sensations of heat and cold. To keep him still the Healers would inhibit his ability to move his limbs. He would not feel numb, for this was not true paralysis. He would be able to move his head and breathe normally.

Dahl stood in the middle at Liam's waist while the sisters stationed themselves at Liam's head and feet. All three ran their fingers lightly over his body, touching him everywhere, stroking his limbs and kneading his muscles, which helped them become psychically aware of Liam inside and out. Liam gulped as Dahl's hands touched his manly parts, manipulating them as if in foreplay. Liam tried to control himself, but it was no use. Stimulated by the elf-boy's beauty, sex-appeal, closeness, and caresses, Liam stiffened. Then blushed furiously.

The sisters laughed lightly, remarking that everything seemed to be in working order. Poor Liam squeezed his eyes shut, utterly mortified. It didn't help knowing that all his friends and his mentor were watching the proceedings.

Next Liam felt a different hand at work on his manly parts. Oh no! It was one of the sisters manipulating him like a pro, but then she was, wasn't she, maybe not that kind but even more knowledgeable about the human body. But surely there was nothing medical about the way she thumbed the head of his cock and pumped and rubbed his shaft. And why didn't he just shrivel up with embarrassment at being manipulated by a female? Instead his arousal continued and even strengthened.

Liam tried to cover himself with his hands, but his limbs would not obey him. He lay there helpless, a mere plaything of the Healers, unable to even than verbally protest their toying with him for one of the sisters had touched his throat, silencing him. The sisters manipulated his genitalia and even probed his bum with a finger to stroke his joy knot, boldly exploring the mysteries rightfully belonging to Liam's fellow males. Was there no limit to the indignities these females would inflict on a helpless nude boy?

"My, oh my. He's so big. And his manhood throbs so powerfully that it makes me question this young male's orientation to his own gender. Are you quite sure you are not attracted to females, young Liam?"

Liam couldn't speak and he did know whether to nod or shake his head. His instinct was to shake his head at the very notion of any attraction to females, but the sister might take it a literal answer to her question, that he Liam was NOT sure he was not attracted to females.

Dahl had let them tease Liam since his arousal helped the Healers engage his generative powers in the transformative process. Still the sisters had laid it on rather thick.

"Tsk tsk sister," Dahl said in mild reproof, "the way you are manipulating him both physically and magically, how can the boy not be aroused? Now that you have had your little joke, can we get on with this please?"

"Very well, but it does seem a shame that the weepings of his spheres are not used to engender new life."

"I disagree. It is obvious that young Liam here is not cut out for fatherhood. He could never do a proper job of raising a child, however well equipped he is for creating one."

"Besides there is no shortage of volunteers ready to provide their weepings for that purpose." Dahl opined blandly.

Linking hands, the trio invoked their powers generating a pearly effulgence which then engulfed the boy as they directed their magic toward him. The glow of their healing magic pulsed from pearly white to light green and back again several times. After it faded the trio nodded with satisfaction. All had gone well.

As for the subject of their ministrations, Liam found he could move again and asked:

"Did it work? I really don't feel any different, you know."

Dahl shook his head and smiled.

"That is the whole point my young friend. You are not supposed to feel any different, not today not tomorrow, not next year, not decades and centuries from now. Though you will find that your magically enhanced vitality will gradually improve your reflexes, double your strength and stamina, increase your resistance to disease, speed healing, and stimulate your sexual potency, as if you really needed any help on that score, from what Drew has told me."

From that day on Liam would stay just as he was then, a supremely good looking, healthy, and desirable eighteen year old. The changes to his constitution suppressed the growth of all body hair and transformed those sweat glands which secreted oils which could turn rancid into ordinary sweat glands that produced only salty water. That meant no more body odor.

Liam's friends gathered around to congratulate him and to kid him about how the sisters had teased him. Liam suspected he would be hearing jokes about his spheres and their weepings for quite some time to come.

Now though it was virtually a tradition that those newly transformed wound up in bed with Dahl, at least those subjects who liked boys, that did not happen with Liam. Instead the two of them became platonic friends. They had a few days extra to bond since Dahl had to postpone his departure to deal with the wizards on another matter entirely.

In their conversations Dahl recalled his early adventures when crossing the Western Plains. Not only had he fought the black riders, he had faced his own mortality at a time when he was almost entirely without magic. The only gift he could call on back then was the traditional Green Thumb of the elves.

On that fateful day Dahl had been caught out in a terrific storm. Thunder crashed while lightning blasted the turf all around him. Hail stones threatened to flay the elf-boy alive while icy rain chilled him till he nearly blacked out.

Liam's memories of life on the plains were more pleasant ones, though he too had frequently witnessed nature's fury: thunderstorms, windstorms, tornados, wildfires. Out on the plains there were no buildings or caves, no places to take shelter in. Based on their shared experiences and on the warmth of the friends they had in common, the two of them, druid and war wizard, became friends themselves.

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