Elf Boy's Friends - II

by George Gauthier

Chapter 13

Sex and other Games

That night, Finn graciously bowed out so Drew could spend the night with Ian.

"It is very good of your boyfriend Finn to sit this night out."

"Well Finn does have the twins to entertain him. All four of us are boyfriends, which makes for a lot of bed-hopping."

"I've had lots of boyfriends," Drew explained to the young officer. "I crave variety in recreational sex. But my bond with Finn is about more than physical attraction and sex. Like the twins, Finn is one of my very best friends, someone I have a history with and plan to stay close to for the rest of a very long life. I trust him and the twins implicitly. We have marched off to war together and battled deadly foes. So I know they will always have my back just as I will always have theirs."

"In our leisure time, we have a lot of fun together whether playing sports, training and exercising, or just taking meals, talking and socializing. You'll soon see for yourself that the twins are lively chatterboxes, smart, funny, and insatiably inquisitive. Talking to them is both entertaining and educational. Finn is no slouch in the brains department either, make no mistake. Oh he is slower to speak up, but when he does, he is definitely worth listening to."

"You are one lucky fellow, Drew Altair, to have made such fine friends. Now enough talk about other boys. Come here!"

For Drew taking a new boy to bed added the thrill of discovery to the familiar joys of sex. At least that was Drew's stated excuse for being such a social butterfly.

Like all elves Ian was a really good-looking young male, his hair dark and wavy with the fine-boned features and green eyes typical of his race. Standing three fingers taller than the twins, Ian had the willowy physique more typical of the elves than the truncated version of the twins' friend the elf-boy cum druid Dahlderon. With a small head and narrow hips and shoulders he was noticeably more slender than the twins. Thanks to regular sparring and swimming he was quite fit not soft and out of shape as you might expect a staff officer to be. But then he was an elf.

For Ian this little auburn-haired beauty was just his type: short and slightly built, impossibly cute, trim and fit, and with a strong streak of exhibitionism. Ian had no use for clothes horses. Rather he liked a boy who didn't care overly much for clothing, a boy who sought any excuse to take his clothes off, or even better, not to climb into his clothes in the first place. Pretty boys really owed it to the world to share their loveliness with males who appreciated the fine lines on a young colt like Drew.

Ian envied Drew and the twins. Had Drew really run all the way from the capital to the far border of New Varangia with nary a stitch on the whole time? Had the twins been stark naked for the entire Long March of the Frost Giants? Among his people, the elves, it was called going skin-clad. Alas, as an officer and a gentleman, Ian was bound to comport himself with greater decorum than in his carefree and clothing-free youth. Still here in the Far West, they would all do well to restrain their exhibitionistic impulses.

In bed Ian was a versatile lover, experienced in both roles, top or bottom, thanks to growing up in a largely human city rather than one of the secluded elven vales where he would have been expected to bottom for older males for decades at least.

In Ian Drew found an enthusiastic partner whose favorite position was seated on a sturdy chair while his partner straddled him, then sat on his lap facing him, and slipped Ian's cock up his quim. The rider then did all the work, posting up and down as if riding a trotting pony. That let the young lovers gaze into each other's eyes, to kiss, and to touch the other boy in all his erogenous zones.

To Ian's mind, the hard body of a boy was so much sexier than the soft and yielding form of the female. Boys' bodies were all sculpted muscle and bone and sinew, making for physiques that were strong and athletic and acrobatic. A girl was all take and no give, but a boy could give as well as take and even do both at the same time as when they lay head to toe and sucked each other's cocks.

To hold his own with a boy it took another male. No none but another male could know the male body better, especially the manly parts. That was why boys were ever so much better at oral sex and manual manipulation. Boys knew what to do with a cock and what they wanted done with theirs too.

That evening Ian and Drew expressed their physical attraction for each other in an energetic, sweaty and vocal crescendo of eroticism, raging hormones, and spunk.

After three lively bouts of lovemaking the boys settled into post-coital lassitude and talked about themselves and their lives.

Drew spoke of the wars against the centaurs, how at the Battle of the Ravine, he had stood firm with Old Arn and Young Finn in the Breach, thereby winning the rare distinction of Giant-Friend. He spoke with intense satisfaction of his role in wiping out the last infestation of the foul creatures on an expedition to the northern part of the Eastern Plains. He was most proud of using his magical gift to help the local authorities to rescue victims of floods and earthquakes, including a mamma cat and her kittens stranded in the loft of a barn cut off by the flooding. Drew was fond of cats.

Stuck out there in the Far West, Ian admitted he was more than a little homesick. He spoke longingly of the town of Grayling. Still soldiers had to expect remote postings during their careers. Ian was satisfied that Commonwealth's presence wasn't an exercise in aggression or imperialism like during the early days of the Formation Wars. The governments here had invited them in. There was a purpose behind what he and his friend Petr

Kwill were doing.

Besides, Kwill was a link to home. He and Petr had been neighbors and had lived in the same youth lodge as teens.

"Anyway Drew, how is it that you are so strong, small as you are?

Drew explained how druidical magic had changed his body, bestowing the gifts of longevity, perpetual youth, sharpened senses, doubled strength and stamina, and extraordinary healing and recuperative powers.

"So, you are quite the little powerhouse, aren't you, Drew?"

"You could say the same about the twins too. Jemsen and Karel were the first of our kind."

"More power to all of you. Good luck on your secret mission whatever it is, and don't bother to deny you have one, Drew. I wasn't born yesterday. As a serving officer, I also know that I don't need to be in on what you and your friends are up to. If there is anything I can do to help, just ask."

The next day the twins introduced their new friends to the Gemini Zinger, which flew so much better than the pie tins originally used for the sport.

"This is genuine Gemini Zinger. We named it the Zinger for its zippy aerodynamic action. Now everybody calls the game 'Zinger' even though that is really a proprietorial trademark, at least in the Commonwealth. Gemini is an old term for twins. The inspiration for the name actually came from Finn."

"And while those two have made a fortune off the Zinger, yours truly has not seen a single copper for his contribution to its success." Finn grumbled good-naturedly.

"Well we did send you a dozen free Zingers to give out to your friends in Flensborg, didn't we?" Karel reminded him.

"Thereby generating a demand for still more Zingers from friends of those friends and from friends of theirs." Finn pointed out shrewdly.

"So let's try it out, already." Ian urged them, backing off to put some distance between himself and the others.

"Just remember, Drew," Karel cautioned, "No powers!"

"Wouldn't think of it." Drew affirmed with an air of injured innocence.

"Just the same, kick off those sandals, so you cannot Levitate on us."

"Hey, if I was going to invoke my powers, I wouldn't need to Levitate to catch the Zinger, I could simply Fetch it into my hand while standing stock still with my eyes closed. Of course, that would take the fun out of it and be unsportsmanlike to boot, so I won't. Anyway, don't you and Jemsen aim your throws using your gift of Unerring Direction?"

"That is something else entirely," Karel argued, then backed off a little. "Well, maybe it's not entirely different, but our gift is not something we deliberately invoke as you do with Fetching. Our gift is not so much a power as part of what and who we are."

Nodding to concede Karel's point, Drew not only kicked off his sandals, he stripped to the buff. As a native of the Commonwealth, Drew was comfortable with nudity in public. So were Petr and Ian. Though not natives of the Commonwealth, as elf-friends the twins usually went around 'skin clad' too. As a Frost Giant, Finn was less casual about it as the others, but he was no prude and readily adopted the "uniform of the day", as the Army term had it.

Finn and the regular officers had fine bodies all right. At just short of seven feet, Finn's impressive physique was all about size and muscle power. By contrast, as an elf, Ian was lithe and built for speed and agility. Slender and naturally glabrous, the dark-haired beauty was graced with the killer cheekbones and the green eyes characteristic of his race. A deep navel accented the hollow of his belly like a beauty mark.

Ian's friend Petr stood two hands taller; his rangy build gave him the advantage of reach, and, though stronger than his friend, he was not so nimble. Considerations they had long ago incorporated into their sword practice.

The twins and Drew were something else again. They were all incredibly fit thanks not only to their enhanced vitality but also to regular exercise like running and swimming. Just recently Drew had run the whole way from the Commonwealth's capital city to Flensborg and then joined the twins on their run across the rest of New Varangia to the border with the Flatlands.

Talk about hard bodies and sculpted musculature! There wasn't an extra ounce on any of their frames as the delicate tracery of veins on their limbs testified. These kids practically glowed with vitality and sex appeal, their tanned, toned, and taut physiques the envy of lesser mortals.

Like Ian, the twins and Drew were entirely smooth, as free from body hair as a marble statue. In Ian's case that was due to his elven heritage. In the case of the twins and Drew it was thanks to druidical healing magic which had permanently suppressed the sprouting of body hair everywhere on their luscious bodies including at the fork of their legs. There was no wiry tangle to conceal the manly parts, no discordant splotch of color at the join of bronzed limbs to bronzed torso.

All were reasonably well endowed in that department but not excessively so. Only Finn had what one might call a horse cock, but on him it was in proportion to his size. Just as well for males who were forever running around in the nude with their dangly bits jouncing about.

These youths prided themselves on skins uniformly bronzed from constant exposure to the sun, which declared to all who saw them that these boys were not only naked at that moment but went about naked as a matter of course.

Finn and Petr kept themselves groomed with elven depilatories, so they had virtually no body hair either. Their skins were not uniformly bronzed but were a patchwork of darker and lighter in areas often covered by clothing. Finn didn't mind tan lines. His folk usually wore clothing, whether it was woolens in their original homeland or silks in the Commonwealth and in their second homeland of New Varangia.

Ian remembered his bare-assed youth fondly, when, like so many of his peers, he never bothered with either genital pouch or loincloth even after he outgrew the habitual nudity of childhood. After all, what was the point in having a fine sexy body if you could not show it off? Not just for sports and sweaty work but also to potential suitors, of whatever gender you preferred. As an young elf, what he liked was boys.

Smiling at the appreciative way Ian was ogling Drew, his brother, and himself, Karel swept his arms to take in all three bare bodies and declared:

"Would you believe, all this and brains too!"

Which drew amused snorts from the others.

All in all the players were reasonably well matched. They spread out in a rough circle. Soon a lively game was underway.

The game was simple. A player sailed the zinger over to the next player who had to catch it before it touched the ground, then pass it on in turn. Tossing the Zinger was not competitive. No points were gained or lost, and no one kept score. If there was an element of competition it was the chance for clean-limbed youths to show off their hard bodies and to display their athleticism and sex appeal. What counted was speed, agility, acrobatic saves and snatches, and tricks liking tossing the Zinger under a lifted leg or even between one's legs or maybe flinging it over your shoulder with your back turned to the next player.

Though it was all in good clean fun, the game of Zinger had a definite sexual element. The sport might have been invented for the purpose of displaying the youthful male physique in motion. It set nude youths to running, jumping, lunging, sliding, jinxing, and even diving or tumbling to the grass to intercept the whirling Zinger while it was still in the air

before it touched down.

Kwill and Dentzer were athletic and fit from regular exercise. Their sword practice had not only built stamina, it had honed their reflexes. So they held their own for a while. The two had the advantage of greater reach than anyone except Finn but were faster and more agile than he was. Still the pair were outshone by the speed and agility demonstrated by the three smaller players.

"Hey Karel," Ian shouted across the field, "You said no powers, but you three move faster than should be humanly possible. It's that enhanced strength and vitality of yours that's at work, isn't it."

"Yes, but it's not like we can turn it on and off, so it doesn't count as using magical powers." Karel explained.

"Uh, huh."

Nevertheless, the two officers were good sports about it and gave as good an account of themselves as could be expected against players who were past masters of the game. Indeed, the twins had virtually invented it, improving the original version where players flung an old pie tin.

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