Elf Boy's Friends - II

by George Gauthier

Chapter 2


Just then Finn Ragnarson showed up.

The young giant had hardly changed in the few years since his first appearance in the Commonwealth, but then those of his race can live for nearly a thousand years and really show their age only near the end of their lives. So Finn was still the apple-cheeked young male Drew had met four years earlier just after the conclusion of the Long March of the Frost Giants. No older than Drew, Finn was very much a youngster by giants' reckoning and still growing. He now stood a few fingers less than seven feet and was powerfully built under his green silk shirt and trews. Finn's boyishly handsome face featured a straight nose and firm chin, graced by grey eyes, all framed by a tousled thatch of dark hair.

"Finn!" Drew exclaimed happily then threw himself into Finn's arms. The young giant picked the boy up and hugged him close. They kissed passionately; Drew's slender legs circled Finn's waist, displaying his shapely bum to advantage.

"Hey, get a room!" Donnar called out.

"I can arrange that!", Arn interjected jocularly.

The young lovers broke their clinch and grinned sheepishly at the crowd.

"I see time has not weakened the bond of affection between you too," Arn added indulgently. "But you know Drew, I think Finn would like to have you all squeaky clean when he takes you to bed. Why don't you show him the washroom. Finn. You know the way."

"You'll probably want to wash the sweat and sawdust off yourself as well." Arn suggested with a broad wink, adding helpfully: "I'll see that no one barges in on you."

Finn and Drew adjourned to the washroom and quickly turned it into their playroom, soaping down, scrubbing each other's backs, touching each other in naughty ways, turning their bath into foreplay. At one point Finn yanked Drew's legs toward him, smiling evilly as his young lover's head sank below the sudsy surface of the tub water. Drew came up for air, spouting soapy water, eyes blazing as he used his gift to hurl sopping sponges at Finn's face.

"Hey! No powers!" the giant complained, which Drew countered with:

"Oh? Don't you Frost Giants owe your size and strength to your magical origins? If that isn't a power, then what is?", punctuating his pronouncement with a emphatic nod of his head. The boy then used both hands to splash sudsy water in Finn's face, as further physical punctuation for his retort.

Drew made no protest though as a smiling Finn drew them into an embrace and kissed him.

Finn loved to hold Drew's small slick body in his arms as he kissed him and stroked and petted his arms, chest, and back and squeezed his butt cheeks. He could never get enough of that delightful little body. Still, a degree of payback for the flung sponges was in order.

Finn turned the boy belly-down over the rim of the tub and delivered playful slaps to the rump which produced pitiful wails from the auburn haired boy. Drew's arms flailed and his slender legs kicked and splashed ineffectually as he pretended he was trying to escape his captor.

"Shameless boy! Not only are you prancing around our town without a stitch and nary a feather on you anywhere, not even at the fork of your legs. You declare yourself proud to have run the roads all the way from the capital in that same state of total nudity, exhibiting yourself to who knows how many hundreds of fellow travelers!"

Finn added a couple more smack for emphasis, then leaned back to admire the reddish blush his ministrations had brought to the smaller male's pert rump.

In truth, Drew craved light spankings and trash talk. Scenes where a dominant male took charge of him and had his way with him turned Drew on unbearably. He was a young male totally oriented to his own gender as a bottom boy. The human youth was a natural submissive, one who long ago realized that he was a boy born to be fucked hard and often and by males who knew how. He couldn't wait for Finn to really get down to business and impale him on his prodigious member. His quim needed to be filled. It had been far too long.

Drew just loved Finn's body. Finn was so huge and strong and manly, just what a bottom boy like him craved. The young giant abruptly got to his feet and pulled his lover up with him and clambered out of the tub. It was time to make love and Drew liked to do that standing up. With Drew's legs bent upward, Finn lifted the boy high enough for Drew to throw his ankles over Finn's shoulders while the back of his thighs were pressed to Finn's chest. The giant supported Drew's slight weight on his arms -- at least till he got the boy settled on his cock. Slipping it inside was awkward since Drew couldn't easily reach back there to guide him in. They took it slowly and carefully, especially since Finn had grown since the first time he had taken Drew.

For such a big guy Finn was a gentle lover. He did not batter his way inside but let Drew set the pace and the degree of penetration. Drew also did some of the work himself, lifting his body, letting it fall back onto the cock inside him, basically fucking himself, though Finn helped with his arms raising and lowering Drew bodily. It wasn't long before Finn climaxed in Drew's ass, his big frame shuddering with the force of his release. While he did go a little weak in the knees, he didn't let go of his young lover or drop him to the floor.

The pair rinsed off and toweled down then made their way in the nude up the back stairway to the room Arn had reserved for the young journalist. Although the chair and table were sized for humans, the bed was large enough for a pair of giants, so plenty of room for the mis-matched couple.

Finn put Drew down on all fours and covered the boy like a stallion does a filly. His hand played with Drew's own cock, stroking and pumping and sliding the foreskin back and forth, thumbing its sweet spot, making the smaller male shudder with desire until he came explosively, which set Finn to coming in a chain reaction as the muscles of Drew's quim contracted spasmodically, squeezing the cock that was inside him and sending its owner into orgasm as well.

As the afternoon wore on the pair alternately made loved and talked, catching up on their lives since Finn's last visit to the capital.

Finn described how he and his brother has gotten started in business. Finn's brother Holgar, a later immigrant to New Varangia, provided the expertise in timbering. Finn provided the capital, drawing on a government grant given to veterans of the Second Centaur War, as the conquest of New Varangia had come to be called. Years earlier the pay chest of an entire barbarian army had fallen into the hands of the Frost Giants. The government of New Varangia would stake any citizen-veteran who had a plausible scheme for setting up a business or start a farm. Veterans had earned these stakes with their blood.

For his part, Drew told of his career as a journalist for the Capital Intelligencer, as editor of a monthly newsletter, the Transactions of the Confraternities of the Gifted, and as a celebrated author of best-selling books. His first book told the saga of the Long March of the Frost Giants and the Centaur Wars. His second book covered the Wars of the Plains against the eastern barbarians.

Both had won coveted Writer's Prizes, awarded annually for the best work in several categories. The first book won in the category of journalism, based as it was mainly on interviews of participants. The second won the prize for history. Drew had spent long hours in the archives in the capital, studying campaign and battle plans, tactical orders, after action reports, citations for decorations awarded to soldiers, and the like.

Drew also spoke of his adventures when called into service by the Commonwealth government. The young journalist held a commission in the Commonwealth army reserve as an ensign. He had helped free victims of an earthquake, lifting heavy wood beams, stonework, and piles of bricks and debris to rescue victims trapped under the rubble of their homes, shops, schools, or bureaux. More recently he had helped with rescue work during a flood on one of the Long River's main tributaries. Drew used his gift to propel his skiff much faster than it could be rowed and through channels too narrow for oarsmen. He plucked people and their pets trapped by rising waters from roofs and trees and set them down in the skiff with him.

That evening a boy brought supper up to them on a tray and removed it afterwards. It wasn't till the next morning that the young lovers went down together for breakfast in the restaurant. Finn simply sat on a short bench on one side of the square table. Drew had to sit on a pair of cushions set atop a second bench. Finn's eyes glittered with mischief as he opened his mouth to comment on the arrangement, but he subsided under Drew's glare, contenting himself with a grin.

Arn greeted them and sat down with them to talk.

"Now Drew, your letter was a little vague about the purpose of your trip..." He left the rest hanging.

"True enough, Arn. The fact is that I am vague about it myself. Ostensibly I am here to write a series of articles, following up my earlier reporting about the conquest and taming of this second homeland for the Frost Giants. In actual fact my commission in the reserves has been activated and I am here on a mission so secret, even I don't know what it is. I expect though that all will be explained when the twins get here."

"So Jemsen and Karel are on the way, are they?"

"Yes, they should arrive any day now. Meanwhile I will have the chance to get around, talk to folks, find out what's been happening, and write about it. Draw sketches too. And of course, spend time with Finn getting reacquainted."

"Oh, is that what you call it?" Arn asked chuckling and ruffling Drew's auburn locks with a massive paw.

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