Elf Boy's Friends - I

by George Gauthier

Chapter 9


In the heart of the continent of Valentia lay a vast rain forest called The Great Southern Forest. The woodland was not only alive it was magically self-aware, a million square miles of green sentience. A sun-dappled glade deep in the woods sheltered the stronghold of the druids of Haven, guardians of the planets's biosphere and the forest's own particular champions. Together they had turned back invasions of evildoers intent on destroying the forest and subjugating the whole world to dark powers.

On a lawn ringed by the bungalows of the druids, three nude youths played a game, tossing a toy shaped much like a pie tin back and forth. Held upside down, this Zinger, as the toy was called, could sail considerable distances borne up by the air trapped beneath its concave side.

The object of the game was for the each player in rotation to intercept the Zinger in its graceful flight and fling it on to the next. There were no points for successful catches or penalties for misses. This was a game played purely for its own sake and for the chance to run, to jump, to stretch, and yes sometimes to slip and to slide, to trip and to tumble and bounce back up again. Smiles brightened the pretty faces of the diminutive youths, accompanied by laughter, jokes, and general grab-ass rambunctiousness. In other words, it was boys having fun being boys.

Only they weren't really boys, not chronologically anyway. The youngest, the raven hair elf-boy, was in his mid-twenties though he looked a decade younger, hence sweet sixteen going on seventeen. The strawberry blond human might look no more than eighteen, but he was nearing the two century mark. The elf-boy with snow white hair had been born a unicorn till transformed by life-magic back into the elf-boy he originally had been many centuries ago in an earlier life.

The three youths, for such they really were in all essential ways save chronology, were full-fledged druids of the Exalted Order of the Druids of Haven. The raven-haired elf-boy was named Dahlderon or Dahl for short. He stood only an inch over five feet and weighed five pounds over a hundred-weight. Thanks to druidical magic, he was three times as strong as he looked.

Lithe, preternaturally beautiful, gracile, and comely were words that hardly did justice to the raven-haired elven beauty. With his delicate features, chiseled jawline, and killer cheekbones shielding lovely green eyes, his was the sort of youthful male beauty that would take your breath away, or would make even the most dedicated cenobite reconsider his commitment to celibacy.

The strawberry blond human with the blue eyes was Owain, Dahl's teacher and mentor as well as lover in a threesome with the white haired elf-boy, Merry. Owain may have looked like a cute teenager with a ready smile and an open and honest face but he was 190. Owain topped Dahl by an inch and carried a half dozen more pounds on his wiry frame. His physical strength was nearly four times normal for his size, which was the maximum enhancement that magic could achieve without radical outward changes to size, constitution and form.

The elf-boy with hair the color of snow was named Meirionnydd or Merry for short. Though he was an inch taller than Owain, he was more slender so only about three pounds heavier and a match for Owain in strength.

Originally an elf-boy, Meirionnydd had been reborn to a second life as a unicorn, a equine with a pure white coat, a spiral horn growing out of its brow, and a rearward bulge to its skull to accommodate its large brain. The unicorns were fully sentient and magically gifted. So much so that it was said that they didn't just employ magic, they were magic. Like druids, unicorns had the gift of Mind Speech powerful enough to cross a continent. They could Call Light, and, though they could not Cast Fire they could ignite one.

As a unicorn Merry had missed his human form most keenly when he needed to pick something up off the ground, turn the page of a book, or caress a lovely elf-boy like Dahl. They were lovers and had been even when Merry wore the shape of a unicorn. After the transformation Merry retained his unicorn powers and acquired druidical powers as well thanks to the tremendous flow of life-force over his psychic link with the wizard Rolf, his first love, who sacrificed himself by calling down his final strike on the life-leech Urloch and three million of his minions.

Merry's druidic powers gave him control of plants and animals. Druids also had earth magic and could control the elements though to a lesser extent than war wizards. But then, the magic of druids was oriented toward the living world, while that of the wizards more toward inanimate physical reality.

Finishing their game of Zinger, the trio of druids stepped under a horizontal rack made of lengths of bamboo rigged as an outdoor shower. A pull on a chain released water from a raised tank and let it flow through bamboo pipes and rain down onto a flagstone flooring. A quick scrub with sponge and soap removed sweat and salt from their sun-bronzed skins.

Then it was time for a swim or really to just float and scull around lazily rather than chalk up laps as they usually did to keep fit. The pool was an artificial structure, a stone-lined box with a sandy floor about 300 feet long. Water flowed from a nearby brook into one corner then out the exit diagonally across the rectangular enclosure. Dark stones on the bottom marked out lanes for swimmers.

Then it was time for a nap. Dahl laid himself supine on the grass. This was one of his favorite pastimes, a chance to lie back, close his eyes, and let the warm rays of the morning sun kiss his bare body as he relaxed next to his teachers and lovers. Their proximity on either side gave Owain and Merry a close look at their lover's sexy body, looking even lovelier in repose.

Dahl had one of those physiques that was more about quality than about quantity. It was slender yet muscular, tanned, taut and toned with good shoulders, a ripped torso with corrugated abdominals, a flat belly and narrow hips. He had one of those impossibly small waists you could almost put your hands around and a pert rump, with small but firm and shapely buns. No hair interrupted the flow of his faultless lines. Elves never grow body hair, even at the fork of the legs, and go beardless all their lives.

The other two druids could see that the boy was a treasure. From his tiny red nipples to a deeply indented navel, to narrow hips framing a surprisingly ample manhood for one so slight in build, he was real beauty. He carried so little body fat that his flat belly showed a tracery of downward pointing veins just under the skin. The beat of his heart was visible on the left side of his chest.

Resting didn't mean Dahl's mind was not active.

"Do you think there could be a magical threat to the Commonwealth or to the planet itself that we druids don't know about?" Dahl asked the other two.

"No, not really." Owain replied." No, I think the leaders of the Commonwealth are just being cautious. They are not letting this period of peace and progress lull them into complacency. Look what happened the last time they got complacent, when the perennial threat of raids by the eastern barbarians suddenly metamorphosed into an existential threat to the whole planet. That was less than ten years ago."

"I agree," Merry said. "And if we are to help them, we have no time to waste. The three of us must soon travel to the eastern continent to reestablish the order of the druids there. Who would have thought that a minor earthquake could trigger a landslide and create such a massive wave in that lake? Survivors reported that a wall of water seven hundred feet high obliterated the lakeside town where the druids of Karelia had sited their villa. Only one druid escaped and only because he was elsewhere at the time. Now just as we once recruited you Dahl and the others to reinforce our numbers here on Valentia we must recruit and train new druids to protect Karelia, not only from evildoers but from natural disasters and ecological imbalance."

"But the Ruling Council of the Commonwealth is not asking for more druids. What they want is more war wizards, Firecasters, and those with the gift of Fetching and perhaps other powers later."

"Obviously they don't expect us druids to produce more wizards, but they want our help to slow losses from mortality. Just as elves are over-represented among the druids, most wizards are human. Their lifespans are much shorter than those of elves or druids, typically what they call their proverbial five score and ten. That makes the careers of their magic users short, rarely more than four score. Now if their lifespans matched or at least approached those of elves or giants, then in time they would have six times as many talents as they do now."

"So when do we start for the Commonwealth's capital?"

"In two days, Dahl."

"And in the meantime?"


Owain propped himself up on one elbow and turned his attentions to the raven-haired beauty lying so conveniently to hand. He reached out and stroked Dahl's chest and belly. The elf-boy smiled over at him. Owain bent forward and laid a series of gentle kisses on those familiar lips which lead to more fervent ones. Hands roamed eagerly over lithe bodies, rubbing and stroking and squeezing. The strawberry blond youth quivered with the lascivious feelings and sexual desires coursing through his youthful body. He pushed Dahl back to the ground, stroked his rampant cock to make it even harder, then straddled the recumbent elf-boy's hips, reaching back to help Dahl slip himself into Owain's welcoming hole. Braced on his knees, Owain lifted himself up and down on the rigid cock inside him while Dahl stimulated Owain's member with his right hand while tweaking Owain's nipples with the other.

Not to be left out of the fun, Merry took a standing position astride Dahl's head and presented himself for oral service, batting Owain's chin and cheeks with his turgid member. He let Owain kiss and lick its head and circle the rim of the glans with his tongue but did not insert it fully, teasing the panting druid. Owain pleaded with his eyes and Merry relented, letting the full length of his manhood slid into the warm wet channel of mouth and throat. With two centuries of experience Owain was an expert at sucking cock. Merry closed his eyes savoring the twirling and sucking sensations and the way the moist walls of the throat clutched at his shaft. It was not long before he reached climax, his gism spurting out of his cock and into the welcoming mouth of his lover.

The white haired youth drew back and let the last of his juices spurt onto the pretty face turned up toward him, then used the head of his cock to paint the complaisant boy's lips and cheeks and chin. Merry squeezed one last gob of gism from his cock, offering it to the kneeling boy. As a token of his submission, Owain touched his tongue to it, drawing it out in glistening string connecting his mouth to tip of the former unicorn's cock. Owain thought of how he must look, on his knees bare ass naked, impaled on a big cock up his ass, his face all slicked with another boy's gism, the very image of sexual submission. He clutched himself down there and shivered with the frisson of his own naughtiness.

Both Owain and Dahl erupted right after Merry. Dahl spurted his juices deep inside Owain's bowels, while Owain shot all over the recumbent boy's belly then laid himself onto Dahl's sticky torso savoring their closeness, listening to the beat of his heart. Merry sank down to his knees and heaved a sigh. Tired and spent, the three boys lay quietly in post coital lassitude savoring their closeness.

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