Elf-Boy and Friends

by George Gauthier

Chapter 34. Advanced Class

No Dahl, you are trying too hard. Don't scrunch your face up in concentration. That will only give you a headache. Relax, breathe evenly, find your center, let the magic flow into you, don't try to grab it with a mental net."

Dahl sighed and unwound his legs to change from a seated position to lying supine on the grass. He could do with a break. Time to lie back, close his eyes, and let the warm rays of the morning sun kiss his bare body as he relaxed next to his teacher who, like his student, was naked. Druids were like elves in living close to nature, and had as little use for clothing as their habitually nude friends with the pointed ears. Their proximity gave Owain a chance to admire his pupil's lovely body, looking even lovelier in repose.

Even stretched out like that, Dahl was only one inch over five feet from top to toe. His was one of those physiques that was more about quality than about quantity. The elf-boy was justifiably proud of the trim and taut body he had so recently grown into.

Dahl really had a beautiful body, slender yet muscular, tanned, taut and toned with good shoulders, a ripped torso with corrugated abdominals, a flat belly and narrow hips. He had one of those impossibly small waists you could almost put your hands around and a pert rump, with small but firm and shapely buns. No hair interrupted the flow of his faultless lines. Elves never grow body hair, even at the fork of the legs, and go beardless all their lives.

The senior druid could see that the boy was a treasure. From his tiny red nipples to a deeply indented navel, to narrow hips framing a surprisingly ample manhood for one so slight in build, Dahl was real beauty. He carried so little body fat that his flat belly showed a tracery of downward pointing veins just under the skin. The beat of his heart was visible on the left side of his chest.

From the rear, unfortunately out of view at that moment, the boy was all curves: the calves, the thighs, the globes of the buttocks, the swale of the lower back, the slope up to the shoulder blades which formed winglets on his upper back. His legs were strong though slender; he had a fine coltish build on him. All elves were good runners. It was a much as part of them as of any antelope or equine for that matter. It was one of the things that had always bonded unicorns to elf-boys, which was why several of the white-coated allies of the druids had been sent to fetch them in the first place.

As for Owain, the senior druid was a diminutive human youth with strawberry blond hair and was very much like Dahl in build though a bit shorter. His youthful features gave no indication of his 184 years. The boyish blue-eyed blond beauty gazed entranced at the exquisite body of his young lover. He could never get enough of the elf-boy, as his own involuntary but not unwelcome physical reaction to the boy's naked beauty and proximity showed unmistakably. But then druids are seldom embarrassed by their own erections in public. Weren't they just a physical expression of sincerity and invitation? And completely distinguishable from mere flattery or cajolery.

As one wiseacre among the druids once put it: Nothing says hello and glad to see you quite so sincerely as a soldier standing at attention."

Persuading himself that what Dahl really needed at the moment was a distraction, a break from training in magic, Owain leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on the bowed lips of his young lover. Dahl's green eyes flew open in surprise and delight. Owain rubbed their noses together then shifted his attentions to the elf-boy's ear, nuzzling and blowing and chewing lightly on earlobe.

"Mmm. I rather like that Owain."

"Let's see what else you might like Dahl."

One thing led to another and soon their two strong young bodies were engaged in sexual congress, exploring all the ways that males can pleasure each other's bodies, from foreplay and petting to oral and anal copulation leading to orgasm. The youths often engaged in mutual oral stimulation, their bodies aligned head to tail, the boy on top on his knees and elbows, the boy underneath laid out on his back though with head raised to reach the other boy's organs of generation, dangling so temptingly above his face.

As young druids whose bodies were supremely healthy and fit. Even without using their powers they could orgasm again and again and in overflowing quantities. Throughout their long lives druids would never have to endure that particular weakness of the flesh called erectile disfunction. At the finale, Owain let the younger boy's gusher erupt into the air and splash onto his belly, where the gism became the medium for an ephemeral finger painting of a unicorn's head and neck.

"There, now wasn't that better Dahl? As for your powers, don't worry. Trust me, your breakthrough will come very soon. I can tell."

For Dahl the surprise tryst had come at just the right time to relieve his frustration. After all his progress, he was stuck on a plateau, groping for a way to advance his control of magic to the highest levels. Luckily his mentor and now lover, the senior druid Owain, was a patient teacher. He was actually quite pleased with his pupil's progress. He had told the younger druid as much. Owain considered Dahl to already be a full druid, or very close to it, even before he faced his third and final challenge as a journeyman. That was a mere formality in Owain's opinion.

As his first challenge Dahl had helped to stop a race war between humans and the dwarves at Stone Mountain, though that was a joint effort with another journeyman druid, a native of the region, the Stone Mountain dwarf named Xebrek, the great hero of the climactic battle, alas fallen in mortal combat with the enemy wizard, whom he had finally slain. In the great battle he was also helped by the unicorn Merry and the human twins Jemsen and Karel.

While present at Stone Mountain, Count Klarendes had not fought in the battle. Instead the nobleman had carried out an ingenious plan devised by Dahl to use his white fire to blast a flood control tunnel a thousand paces long through solid rock, which, for complicated reasons, essentially brought the war to a quick close, with both sides really victors. Owain had been on hand to see the conclusion of the conflict, having brought both Klarendes and his young lover, the wir panther Aodh, to Stone Mountain in a swift courier boat borrowed from the Commonwealth, propelled by steady winds the senior druid had called by his magic.

So his protege had relied not only on magic but on his wits to envisage a way to end the conflict between the two warring peoples. He had enlisted the twins with their directional gift to calculate the precise starting position, azimuth, and declination for the tunnel, then brought in the only fire caster available to do the actual work. The war wizards of the Commonwealth liked to think they alone could wield white fire, but Klarendes had broken their monopoly, leaving the wizards miffed though not actually hostile. Klarendes was a nobleman of the Commonwealth and on their side, after all.

Dahl had set forth alone on his second challenge which showed him at his very best. Here again he had not relied solely on magic. Instead he had resolved two difficult problems, the first an ecological disaster caused by an invasive species in an archipelago in the southern reaches of the Great Inland Fresh Water Sea. For this he had called on his training in the biological sciences: ecology, zoology, agriculture, horticulture, and forestry.

His other achievement, and one undertaken at his own initiative, was to over-turn the unnatural, cruel, and alchemically maintained social and political order in the Land of the Amazons. He had set a blight on the herbs the Amazons used during pregnancy to ensure that females were born much larger than their diminutive male counterparts whom they kept in a state of political, social, and sexual subjugation, virtually enslaved, though they could not be sold as chattels, and kept perpetually naked, their genitalia ringed to prevent unauthorized erections.

Even now a slow moving but inevitable revolution was in progress there, which in time, though perhaps as much as three generations, would re-make that country over, letting all its inhabitants, both male and female, live their lives without the unnatural sexual dimorphism that had led to so much coercion and inequality.

All this accomplished with minimal loss of life. The victims included only Dahl's young protege Paval and the crew of a timber barge on which he had embarked plus the villainous Amazons who had murdered them. Dahl had faced down an elite battalion of of the Amazon army, four hundred strong. First he entangled them in vines to fix them in place then lead the charge of a herd of brontotheres to trample their joint enemy into the earth they had defiled.

Dahl had long been fascinated by the giant beasts, which stood over eight feet high at the shoulder and weighed in at nearly ten tons. They truly were the juggernauts of the jungle. No one messed with brontotheres. Or with their new friend, the young druid who had treated them so civilly, asking for rather than compelling their cooperation. Besides, it had been fun for the herd to reassert its primacy on its home turf. Can't have bloodthirsty humans running around brandishing weapons. Next thing you knew, they would be moving in and building settlements, and there goes the neighborhood.

Dahl's second challenge had also been a test of his moral courage, as he braced himself, for the sake of his mission, to endure physical, psychological, and sexual torments in an Amazon dungeon, when he might have escaped, though at the cost of total failure at resolving both problems.

It soothed his conscience that in recompense for his disrupting their society, Dahl had introduced the Amazons to a much better way to protect their crops from hungry brontotheres without bringing harm to the magnificent beasts or depriving the land of the protection the beasts offered against large carnivores.

Now Dal was back with Owain, learning the more advanced techniques of druidic magic including levitation and control of the winds.

For all their hard work, they had plenty of time for fun and frolic. The two lovers sometimes did not wait to get to their sleeping chamber but made love out on the lawn or in the bathing pool, their small bodies slick with soap and soaking wet, both of them shouting and laughing and splashing like kids.

Sometimes Owain hopped his butt up on the edge of the pool offering his cock to Dahl who stayed in the water. Owain would lean back, his upper body braced on his arms, legs spread wide to give Dahl unimpeded access to his chest and belly and groin. The elf-boy took full advantage of his access, stimulating his lover's cock with tongue and fingers, tweaking his nipples, and stroking the corrugations of his belly. Owain's body would signal an impending ejaculation by a faster respiration rate and a tightening of the belly muscles just before he blew.

Next the duo reversed positions. Then Owain would be the one looking up adoringly at the face of his lover as he kissed and sucked and tongued the senior druid's shaft. The two were quite shameless and vocal in their lovemaking. The servants were well-practiced at being discreet and never walking in on them.

Dahl and Owain always shared a bed. Even if they were tired a particular night and just wanted to sleep. They both liked to have each other's youthful body next to theirs. The body warmth and aroma of clean boy were pleasing, soothing when one was tired or exciting when one was randy. They had learned to recognize each other's moods, whether the other wanted to be simply held fondly or to make love. When they settled into slumber it was usually with them spooned together.

That night, as the lovers lingered in the afterglow of coitus, Dahl asked Owain about things he had been wondering about for some time.

"I've been thinking about same sex relationships. Why are they so common among the sentient races? Why is it mostly males who engage in sex with others of their own gender and seldom females with each other? Why is the attraction between elves and humans so strong but non-existent between say dwarves and elves. Now with dwarves and giants, the reason for their lack of interest in each other is obvious."

"Why do you think things are that way, Dahl. What have you figured out so far?"

"Well, understand Owain, these are just unconnected observations. First, longevity seems to require low fecundity lest a population proliferates beyond the capacity of the land to support it. That is why among us elves, our females so seldom come into season. Yet males must always be ready for them, so they can perform during their fleeting window of opportunity, or the race would eventually disappear. Meanwhile, of necessity, the sexual energies of the males are turned toward one another. That much is clear. The origins are not. Can they be wholly natural. Or is there some power other than nature at work? Perhaps magic or even a highly advanced sort of natural philosophy?"

"Very good, Dahl. You are on the right track. The wizards who opened the star gate or portal to this planet were as much steeped in natural philosophy as in what we know as magic. Unfortunately they had to abandon most of their advanced technology which was based on natural philosophy and ghe mechanical arts. They did preserve their magical arts."

Dahl continued:

"Now humans and elves are very much alike. Physically elves are slender humans with pointed ears. That is an oversimplification, but essentially true. The two races differ in longevity hence also in fecundity. Human females are in season most of the time and their males all the time. Sexual receptiveness among the human females strengthens the marital bond, keeping males at home to support both mate and offspring. Otherwise their sex drive might lead males to seek other partners."

"Sometimes just from the way they look at me, it seems that sex is all guys think about. Even those who are genuinely happily married eye me hungrily. Easy enough to do when I am always stark naked. Easy enough to gauge their reactions, since some many of them often go naked themselves. Their interest isn't hidden much by swollen loincloths or tented out kilts either. Even the intense looks and the flaring of the nostrils gives that away."

"Yet I have encountered hostility as well. Human males who look down on us elf-boys as overly promiscuous. They use demeaning phrases, describing us as prancing around in the altogether, shaking our booties, rent boys trolling for custom. Aren't they themselves our customers? Don't they want to connect with a willing elf-boy. It's no secret that we give the best sex of all of the races. As the scores of males who have had me over these last three years could attest."

"And it is not just laughter or even contempt toward us. Sometimes I see real hatred. Does that make sense? I don't think I am just being vain when I say that I am extraordinarily beautiful, so why not admiration instead?"

"Yet I have had men rutting away at me, men who paid me in silver coin to bend over for them, men who tell me they hate themselves for wanting me, hate me for tempting them, and that they would like nothing more than to take their fists to a face they say is far too pretty for a boy, to pound that face, break its bones, and make it hideous. Then they would break my sexy little body as well. Why?

"Why do they blame me? It is nothing I have done except tempt by simply being myself. I grant you they are not in active control of their hormones, of their feelings, but neither I do control my instincts. Why do they think I somehow control mine and maybe theirs as well?"

"And yet, these men are not habitually mean and cruel. Often they are decent enough family men, good workers and providers, generally honest in their dealings with others. Somehow, someone as seemingly inoffensive as a pretty elf-boy brings out the worst in them. To their credit, some of that sort deplore their own bad feelings, and most have enough self-control not to act on them. A few don't"

"Well, that is about it, so far, Owain."

"Good. We should talk about this soon. I want you to have the chance to sleep on it and then mull it over for a few days, now that you have stated the problem clearly, or as clearly as you now see it. What you are about to learn about our origins on this planet, or really off it, may shake the foundations of your world view, but it is an essential part of being a druid. In your own way, you are groping toward answering the existential questions like: What is life for? and Why is life the way it is? ? Why two sexes and why do many prefer their own to the opposite gender?"

"Oh, one other thing, Owain. I cannot help wondering about shape shifters like Aodh. Where do they fit in?"

"You are still in love with him, then."

"Yes, and I always will be. Our promiscuous rent boy days are behind us, me and Aodh, but we will always have a special bond the two of us. As we ourselves do, Owain. I hope I don't embarrass you by including you in that category. I mean, you never told me that you were off-bounds or that students should not fall in love with their teachers. As I have with you, Owain."

"And as you are with Aodh, and the twins, Ran maybe."

"Well, Ran is awfully cute, but we have not bonded in the same way, not the way with those with whom I shared so many adventures."

"And Merry?"

"Merry is in a whole different category, though I sometimes feel that inside that white hide of his lives a cute elf-boy struggling to emerge. Merry tells me that I merely sense echos of his past life, but to me it feels more like a newborn in the womb struggling to be born. He did admit once that the one thing he regrets about his current form is a lack of hands. As for myself, I sometime wonder what an elf-boy version of Merry would be like. Does that make any sense?"

Owain merely nodded, unable to trust himself to speak. Dahl had hit uncomfortably close to the truth. Or what might become the truth with the help of the gods, if there really were any gods up there. He finally did tell Dahl that being bred by Merry now contributed nothing to the growth of his magic, a process which had become self-sustaining.

"OK but that won't change anything between me and Merry. Merry is a friend. You don't pick your friends and lovers because they are useful or necessary. I like Merry, I respect him. I love him, and he loves me. Sometimes though I do wonder what he would look like as the elf-boy he once was."

To which the elder druid added cryptically:

"Someday you might just get your wish, Dahl, but let us not speak of such things now."

With that, the senior druid laid a hand to Dahl's forehead, brushing back a stray lock of raven hair from the face of this boy he had grown to love, a boy who had become a man to respect, a man who would always look like a teenage male and one far too pretty for his gender. But that was just fine with him. Owain looked that way himself and liked things that way. Unending youth and physical beauty was not a bad way to spend your days in the sun, no, not bad at all.

Tonight his converse with Dahl had made his heart soar. Owain had long hoped they would become life partners. The gods know he had needed someone to fill the void left after his first true lover, a human, had simply died of old age. Owain had loved Will so very much, but his as yet undeveloped druidic powers could do so little for Will, merely keeping him healthy and slowing the ravages of time. He had still been a fine looking man when he died at sixty from a fall.

Looks like after all, that he would be sharing his boy with several others. He had no problem with that. Besides, he rather liked all those Dahl had mentioned as being in the special category and would not mind giving that Randell kid, impertinent imp that he was, a tryout either. The important fact for Owain is that he himself was included. Laud the gods!

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