Elf-Boy and Friends

by George Gauthier

Chapter 21. A Night on the Town

Still the teenage twins could not entirely contain their growing excitement. They needed an outlet for their excess energy. And what better for that than a night on the town: drinks, dinner, and dancing. Who knew, maybe they could meet someone or better yet two someones. Two pair, three of a kind, or even four of the same suit might be fun. Might be just what they needed.

For the occasion, something more than casual nudity seemed called for. Not their riding silks, which were too much a duty uniform. Instead they chose linen kilts, pleated to hold their shape. Bleached white, the garments would look good on their sun-bronzed bodies.

"No, no. Not like that, Karel. You want to wrap the kilt to hang from your hip bones and butt. Not so loose that it slips off and drops to the dance floor. But loose enough that it looks like it might let go of its precarious perch on your rump and do just that. Leave a finger or so of cleavage showing to tantalize and frustrate potential suitors all at once."

"You are wicked, dear brother."

"Nothing piques prurient interest so much a bit of mystery." he quoted with assurance, one finger pointed professorially to the sky.

"Now you're starting to sound like Balan."

The twins has come around to a less doctrinaire view of what it meant to be an elf-friend. Sure the last three years had been a lot of fun, running around with nary a stitch. That was fine for hunters in the deep woods or at home in their rural village. And perfect when they sojourned among the elves. Now they lived among thousands of humans in an army town or went out with their regiment as scouts wearing riding silks. They still went around naked quite a lot, whether running the track or cross-country, at the swimming hole, training hand to hand or with staves, and in and around their barracks and in bed. But clothing did have a place in their lives after all, albeit a modest one.

After a satisfying dinner at one of the better restaurants in town, the twins went to a drinking establishment favored by those who fancied pretty boys and by pretty boys who favored being fancied. They stepped out onto the dance floor and slow danced together to a languid tune played mostly by the woodwinds in the band, then split up to pair with eager suitors, always a new partner for the next dance.

It looked like they were going to score with a pair of clean-limbed southerners, when an altercation distracted the twins. It seems that the pretty little bar-back was getting grief from a customer who wouldn't take no for an answer. A soldier by his uniform, he had virtually taken the diminutive lad captive with his right hand closed around the boy's genitals. In a very young voice the boy complained.

"How many times do I have to tell you that I am not for rent? Look all you want, even cop a feel of my bare butt if you want. That's OK. The management pays me to tidy up and, and yes, to look cute and sexy for the customers, but that is all. I don't put out for coin."

"Well it is damn unfair, a pretty little thing like you parading around in nothing but a tiny silk pouch, just asking to be bent over for a shag, and yet you claim you're not a rent boy. Here, let's get a better look at you."

The soldier pulled the pouch right off the boy, balling it up and tossing it over his shoulder. He continued to fondle the squirming boy while commenting on his attributes:

"That's better, totally naked without distractions. Hmmm, rather under-equipped aren't you, even for a boy as small as you are. Probably these underground spheres are why you are so tiny and girlish. Ha, there isn't a feather anywhere on your body."

"I am an elf-boy, so I am naturally smooth. Anyway, I prefer to think of myself as epicene or androgynous rather than girlish." the boy threw back haughtily. "Which is a vast improvement over the coarse, oafish, and overstuffed sort of male such as yourself."

The twins had to admire the kid's gumption. Here he was a little guy, no taller than Aodh really, short, slight of build, smoothly muscled, and glabrous, standing up to a guy who literally had him by the balls. One healthy squeeze from the big bruiser would permanently fix the boy's voice an octave higher. Poor kid, either the elf-boy was stubbornly trying to punch above his weight, or he had a death wish.

Jemsen and Karel looked around for the bouncer but saw that that worthy was occupied talking down two big drunks who were glowering at each other. The object of their contention was a nude boy crouched on the floor between them, trembling with fear. Definitely a rough crowd that evening.

The bar-back's dark blond hair was cropped short like their own much lighter locks, though not for the same reason. His cut was intended to reveal the pointed tips of his ears, indicative of elf heritage. But a blonde elf? And with blue eyes. On second look, the boy must be a rare human-elf hybrid. Regardless of his heritage, the twins did not like seeing defenseless kids getting pushed around. So they stepped in. If it came to a fight, well Aodh had trained them well in unarmed combat, and anyway, it was two to one. Three counting the elf-boy. Likely enough muscle to make the big man back off without a fight.

"That's enough from you, big man. Leave him alone and find yourself another boy. One who is willing."

"And what business is it of yours anyway." the soldier asked querulously. "You look like a couple of rent boys yourselves. Who are you to tell me what to do? Why you're nothing but a pair of skinny kids and foreigners at that."

"What we are is elf-friends, and that boy is an elf. Which makes him our friend and you our business." Jemsen told him flatly.

By that time, the bouncer had sorted out his own troublesome customers. He walked over and confronted the soldier.

"Do we have a problem here?" he asked belligerently.

Seeing himself hopelessly outnumbered, the big man took himself off. With a nod toward the retreating soldier, the bouncer said.

"Watch yourself when you leave, boys. That's a mean one. Had to throw him out once before."

"You OK, Randy?" he asked the elf-boy, his voice suddenly soft and solicitous."

"Yes, I am, Van, thanks to you and to these two."

The bouncer nodded, and gently rubbed the boy's face with the back of his hand, then returned to his station in the corner.

"Van is sweet on me." the boy explained needlessly. "Here I'm called Randy, but that is really a stage name. It's short for Randell. My friends just call me Ran. Thanks for stepping in. Everyone thinks all elf-boys are ready to bend over for any older male. I am not like that. I don't like big, hairy, older men. Now cute young guys like yourself, that is another story. I'd jump your bones any day."

"Hey, no obligation for what we did, Ran, which wasn't all that much anyway. We just don't like bullies. This is my twin Karel; I am Jemsen. We are elf-friends, and I guess you count as one of them, with those ears and cheekbones and all, but blond? Care to explain?"

"My granther was an elf who took a human woman for a bride. In time another elf got their daughter with child, though out of wedlock. That's how I was born."

"Is that why you live among humans, forced out because you were a bastard. You are mostly of elf stock, after all."

"No, it's because my sexual preference is bizarre by their standards. I like boys all right, which is fine. But I also hanker after females, human females. Unlike ours, your females are always in season. I find them irresistible. It's the human blood in me. So I started sparking with the girls from the human village nearby."

"Whoa! I can see how that might offend the traditionalists."

"To put it mildly. Both sides took offense, the elves because I was less and less available to them, the human males because I was more and more available to their women folk. I got chased out of town by a joint posse of vigilantes. Oh, I got away easily enough. They wanted me gone, not dead. Still, there I was cut off from everyone I knew, stark naked, penniless, empty handed, and untrained for any trade. Which is why I had to take this job, and was lucky to get it. Otherwise I would have had to work in a brothel. Better money, sure, but I like to choose who gets to plow my ass."

"It was Van who put the boss up to hiring me. He is a good man and means well so I let him have me every so often. For such a big man, he is surprisingly gentle in bed, careful not to hurt me. So there is my tale of woe. Now it is your turn. How did you two ever become elf-friends?"

The twins explained the origins of their distinctive tattoos then gave their new friend a quick account of their recent adventures.

"Wow! I heard about you two boys, the brave archers who traveled across the continent, battling deadly foes alongside an elf-boy, a unicorn, and a giant. I once saw your group on the street passing by. My oh my, when I think of all that scrumptious boy flesh, the two of you, that dreamy elf-boy, plus the exotic young minstrel, then it's palpitations!" he finished, hand placed over his heart melodramatically.

The twins nodded. "We've had palpitations and then some with both of those cute guys. You are right. They do indeed stir the blood. As do you, little Ran, if you don't mind my saying so."

"I don't mind at all. In fact I have an idea. Why don't the three of us leave this place and get better acquainted?"

With a nod to Van, Ran lead the way through the door. They went to the twins' barracks which was otherwise empty that night. Two scouts in one alcove were away carrying dispatches, the third alcove was vacant, and the pair in the fourth didn't get back till dawn, staggering in singly, and much the worse for wear.

That suited the twins and Ran just fine. The trio were up half the night, making love in all possible combinations and positions. One time, in all that excitement, Karel rolled right off their beds and onto the floor, only to pick himself up and rejoin the lovemaking. Ran especially enjoyed the twins' elf-boy sandwich technique, and showed the twins a few new tricks of his own. Finally tired and spent, the three fell into a satisfying post-coital slumber.

Ran bunked with the twins for a couple of days before Karel thought of a way for all of them to be together. The twins had a tidy amount on account with the paymaster who operated a savings bank for the soldiers. They could easily afford to hire Ran as a camp boy at more than the wages he was making as a bar back. As camp boy Ran would take care of the irksome chores that accompany military life.

Sergeant Borden and Chief Wroclaw had no problem with Ran's presence, though the chief insisted that Randell, emphasis on the second syllable, sign on with the scouts as their "runner' to make his presence official. Which lifted him a notch above ordinary camp followers. And also put him on the army's payroll, sparing the twins that expense.

Since the elf boy would not be riding astride but only on a supply wagon or simply walk or run alongside, he would not need riding silks. The twins outfitted him with only a silk cloak like theirs and a skimpy loincloth, a narrow strip of fabric he could pull between the legs and flip the ends over a length of rawhide tied around his hips. For an elf, that was formal wear, at least among humans. Among elves, of course, formal wear meant no wear at all, except maybe flowers.

Ran was very happy with his new friends and with the prospect of adventure in the coming war. Never a lazy sort, he didn't mind the drudgery of housekeeping: sweeping, dusting, scrubbing the plank floor. For one thing, he found military standards of cleanliness congenial to his elven heritage. For another, there was a lot he did not have to do. Yes he changed the sheets and made beds with tight military corners but took the soiled linen over to the quartermaster laundry to be washed and hung out to dry.

Meals were taken in the mess hall so no sweating over a hot stove or cleaning up in the kitchen, though the elf-boy was very good at cooking over an open fire. Enough so that the scouts sometimes skipped the mess hall for an alfresco supper of rabbit broiled on a spit, tubers buried under the fire and baked in their skins, and a salad of fresh greens locally gathered or purchased in the market. In any event, here was one skill of Ran's that would be very useful on campaign. Ran did not try to bake bread. You needed a good oven for that.

The twins expected to teach the blond elf-boy the essentials of unarmed self-defense, but found him to be very good at it already, nearly as expert as Aodh, which was saying something. He would have taken care of that bully in the bar himself except his boss would not like him doing Van's job.

Ran won over the scouts when he introduced them to a lively pastime from back home. It involved flinging a pie tin back and forth. Held face down and flung with either a forward or back hand motion, the tin would sail gracefully over to another guy who had to snatch it out of the air and return it. It played just as well with three as with two. The game required a lot of running and reaching and stretching as well as speed and coordination, so the Chief deemed it good exercise for his scouts.

His men enjoyed it for the fun and the challenge, trying out fancy moves like reaching behind to catch the tin or sailing it between the legs. Sometimes the second man had to fade back and run to where the tin was headed, reaching up or even jumping to catch it. Naturally all this action was accompanied by smiles and laughter. Boys will be boys, especially Jemsen, Karel, and Ran.

Everyone loved to watch the delectable bodies of the supremely cute trio of youngsters, nude, glabrous, and slippery with sweat, grappling and twisting and straining, muscles bunching erotically, struggling for breath, trying to throw and fetch and jump. The new sport might have been invented just to display the youthful male body at its athletic best.

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