Elf-Boy and Friends

by George Gauthier

Chapter 5. Unicorn and Elf-Boy

For all his frolicking with the human twins Jemsen and Karel, the elf-boy Dahl did not neglect his unicorn friend Merry, kneeling before him and swallowing his seed most evenings. The semen of the magical beast kindled Dahl's own innate elven magic, though as yet only to a very modest level. The tingling throughout his body along with the constant exercise helped him gain strength and stamina. It wasn't just his imagination that his chest was deeper and lung capacity greater. His muscle tone had never been better, he even suspected his bones were denser and stronger. Never soft, his was now truly a hard body.

None of this hurt Dahl's sex drive any either. That was something the blond twins very much appreciated when it was their turn to bed the lovely elf-boy. Sometimes all three shared a bed, sometime only two of them, which happened when one of them had to work as a pleasure boy at an inn along the way to earn their keep. They never lacked for custom. Travelers and locals alike were eager for a crack at any of the three sexy boys, whose perpetual nudity kept their lissom bodies totally on display.

It was a few weeks later along the trade road that Merry decided it was time for him to mount his elf-boy, to officially make him his filly. Rather than push on to the next town, the travelers made camp off the road on a sandy beach on the loop or meander of a lazy stream shaded by a gallery forest.

The others gave the courting pair their privacy, letting them go off a ways upstream. Meanwhile, the twins figured that if little Dahl could attempt the impossible with the unicorn, it was high time they ventured the same with the giant who had been waiting patiently for the twins to work up the courage to lie with him. Jemsen lead his brother over to the giant and said simply:

"By now you must think we are a right royal pair of cock teases. The truth is that we are just a couple of naive kids nervous about biting off more than we can chew. Can you understand that, Balan?"

"Yes, boys, I do understand your hesitation. And let me assure you that you haven't misplaced your trust by offering yourselves to me tonight. I would love to take you up on your offer, but this is Dahl's big night. We'll have our own tryst soon, I promise."

"We'll hold you to that, Balan" Jemsen said firmly.

Their trust was well placed. Their assignation when it did come was everything the twins had feared and lusted for, leaving them utterly wrung out and satiated. For his part, the boys earned Balan's respect for how gamely they pushed past the initial pain of their joining to the sexual ecstasy he had promised them. For their part the boys could only wonder at the unflagging potency of their huge sex partner. He was the gift that kept on giving.

Meanwhile Merry had located a misshapen tree, bent by the wind to the ground early on in its growth. Its trunk would support the boy's torso as he lay atop it and allowed the unicorn to mount him. For safety the equine would keep all four hooves on the ground. A small lad like Dahl could never bear his weight the way a mare supports a stallion who rears up on her. Little Dahl would suffocate and be crushed.

Dahl had prepared himself of this encounter, voiding and purging himself, using a good bit of oil to lubricate his hole. Merry could see how the oil glistened around the cute pucker as the boy lay himself on the trunk of a tree, almost like a sacrificial lamb on an altar.

The elf-boy was so beautiful, legs splayed apart on either side of the trunk of the tree, round buttocks jutting pertly, clenching and unclenching with lust and anticipation. The unicorn straddled the boy, engulfing his small body, rubbing and tickling the boy's back with his belly hair, letting him take in the full scent of an aroused unicorn. He laid his cock on the boy's back from tailbone to above his small waist, letting him feel how long it was, how far it would penetrate into him and fill him with the equine's masculine power.

Dahl was afraid and excited, trembling with both lust and fear. Part of him wanted to run from the massive member that might tear his pucker to shreds then poke like a spear through the moist walls of his rectum into his body cavity, which would surely rupture his bowels, dooming him to an agonizing death as he bled out or took a fever from infection. Another part wanted the unicorn to penetrate all the way through his delectable body, to let him experience a complete impalement on that magnificent cock, even if it killed him. He was the black maned filly, let the white stallion ride him as he would and draw his virgin's blood; let it flow in sign of his submission and sacrifice.

Merry knew that these contradictory thoughts must be warring in the boy's mind. This is what happens when an elf-boy mates with unicorn, a joining that seems physically impossible and dangerous and yet impossible to deny. The boy wanted this more than he had wanted anything in his life. He burned with lust just thinking about it. Merry must take him, mount him, impale his small body then fill him with his magical male essence. And though they were doing it in private now, Dahl knew that soon the unicorn would be on mounting him proudly in front of their friends. What a strange fate for an elf-boy to become the mate of a unicorn.

Of course the boy was in no real danger. He would live through his deflowering as impossible as it seemed. Unicorns knew all about lust-crazed elf-boys and their physical limitations. So Merry penetrated the crinkly brown anal ring slowly and carefully, letting Dahl feel his girth. It was only a little more than two human cocks in diameter, something he had experienced before with his clients and brothers, so this would not tear the boy's anal ring though it stretched it out so that it was entirely smooth. The problem would be with the length. Merry's cock was longer than Dahl's forearm. Over time, under the influence of the unicorn's magical seed, the elf-boy's innards would stretch and adjust. Eventually he would be able to take the entire length of Merry's prodigious cock.

For this first session Merry penetrated slowly and only partially, just past the boy's sphincter muscles, letting him get used to the diameter of the huge cock. Gods, Dahl had never felt himself stretched so far. He took in the unicorn's scent which was masculine and horsey, a heady brew for a bent over elf-boy. Dahl's head whirled; the boy was literally dizzy with lust.

At the boy's nod Merry slid in a bit further, pausing as the boy moaned. "More!" the boy begged through his tears, so Merry gave him another few inches knowing that his sobs and whimpers were all part of the mind and body altering experience. In stages he went deeper. Soon he had penetrated the elf-boy as deep as any human had ever managed, yet the long equine cock was still far from entirely inside the boy. For a while the unicorn was content with pumping in and out to that depth, stretching the elf-boy's boy's bowels, straining the velvet walls to their limits. Merry shivered with the delicious sensation produced by the rubbing of the head of his cock by the inner walls of the boy's quim. Dahl too was in the throes of passion, his body racked by sensations that nearly made him swoon. He had never been so sexually excited. He did not see how anything could ever match this. Surely this is what he was born for.

As the unicorn sank into him, the slick walls of the boy's bowels gripped the unicorn's cock like a glove. That is when the unicorn showed the boy just how magical a creature. His cock started twisting around inside the elf-boy's quim, the head pushing and stretching its walls, lengthening his innards to accommodate even a unicorn's cock. Soon Dahl could feel that cock poking at his belly wall nearly as far as his navel. That is when he finally did swoon.

Merry patiently waited for the boy to revive. When he came to his senses, the boy realized that this was real, not a wet dream. He was now able to accept the unicorn's penetration and ownership of his body. Still Dahl was in considerable pain and could not speak, gasping and moaning as he was, but he did nod his head and croak his wish that the unicorn continue the fuck. He wanted Merry to finish what they had started, to mate with him, to take him like a stallion takes a filly and to pump him with the transforming essence of his seed, which would start him on the road to becoming a druid.

The unicorn wanted to prolong this mating. He too was overwhelmed with sensation but inevitably, however much he wanted to prolong his ride, he finally began spurting his seed into the elf-boy, flooding his innards with a warm wetness, all the while neighing his triumph. It was the most satisfying coupling of his long life as a unicorn. He and the elf-boy were now lovers and mates, stallion and filly. The elf-boy within Merry, the spirit of the elf-boy the unicorn had once been in his prior life, approved throughly.

When he finally withdrew, the boy's hole did not close shut, not at first. Overstressed as it was, the anal ring stood out from his body, distended and everted, forming a shallow cone of flesh projecting from the boy's butt, open at the top, looking oddly like a miniature volcano. Over long seconds, the cone twitched and pulsated in and out, finally closing, leaving the boy's anal opening only slightly distended and loose. From it ran a discharge of semen mixed with blood, but the bleeding was not enough to really harm the boy. The unicorn's seed would energize the boy's system and help him to heal.

For the return trip to the camp, short though it was, Merry let the exhausted boy lie belly down across his back. The others pulled him off the unicorn and gently laid him on the ground, making him comfortable, cleaning and tending to his bleeding orifice. The contented smile on the lad's face showed that for all his fatigue and pain, he was happy with their mating, glad that the unicorn had ridden him like a mare or a filly.

When Dahl finally awoke the next morning, the world around him looked different. He was strangely energized and his senses enhanced. He could see better and smell better and hear better than ever before. The smell of the grass, the trickling sound of the brook, the feel of the wind on his face took on enhanced meaning. So it was working. Dahlderon had taken the first big step to becoming a druid. The unicorn had given purpose to his life and his new friends had enriched it. One day, when he was ready, he would confront the dark forces that threatened his world.

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