So Cal Summer 69

by Flip McHooter

Chapter 24

Pasadena Star News

Morning Edition

Padula Danghardt, Intern Field Reporter
Monday, June 30, 1969

Pasadena Policeman Attacked by Coyote, Plunges Down Canyon to Death

Last evening, at approximately 8:40 PM, Paul Michael Jackson, 32, of Sycamore Avenue, Pasadena, fell to his death after being severely bitten by a wild coyote in the foothills above East Pasadena. Details continue to unfold and are still somewhat sketchy, but reliable sources indicate Pasadena Police officers were pursuing a vandalism suspect outside a local hippie party on Ridge Top Drive. The suspect managed to elude Pasadena Police, and while searching a nearby forest trail, Officer Jackson was brutally attacked. After being repeatedly bitten, a stunned Jackson turned to run but tripped and fell off the edge of the path, slipping down the 400-foot precipice and coming to rest at the bottom of Pasadena Glen.

Rescue workers from the nearby Sierra Madre Search and Rescue Team were called to the site to try and locate, and later retrieve Jackson's deceased body. Seasoned rescue workers were stunned and dismayed by the tragedy. Repeated calls to Detective John Boner and Sergeant Luciano was not immediately returned. Family and friends of Officer Jackson had no comment. Officials at Mountain View Funeral Home confirmed his death. Further details in the evening edition.

Jake and I had walked into the kitchen to join the Lulu's and Lisa for breakfast. While waiting for my mom to make our blueberry pancakes, I read the headline and story in this morning's paper. Next to the article was a small picture of Jake and me talking to the Sergeant.

"How come they didn't say anything about him getting his privates bitten off?" I asked my mom after we sat down and began eating breakfast. "And why do they always have to say something bad about the hippies. They didn't have anything to do with it."

"I don't know, sweetheart. That's just what they're saying. But I'll tell you, you can never trust reporters. They sensationalize and don't always print the truth."

"Wow, look at us. That's outasight. Can you imagine something that freaky happening to us?" asked Jake.

"I know. I never thought I'd be on the front page of the paper. But yeah, it sure was gruesome. And you saw him get attacked by that animal. That had to make him lose a lot of blood and make him weak. You'd think that alone would have killed him right there. Plus, it had to hurt like he…heck bouncing down the side of the hill like he did," I said.

"No sh… I mean, shoot. What a way to go out," Jake said, shaking his head slowly, making sure he didn't look at my mom. He didn't want to be on the wrong end of one of my mom's famous tantrums about cussing.

"Are you boys okay with all of this?" Lulu asked us, clearly worried. "That must have been a pretty horrific scene to witness."

"I'm okay, Mom. It was scary, but the cops did what they had to do. It's too bad he jumped up and got attacked. He should have just waited for the sharpshooter to put a couple of bullets into the coyote. They were protecting all of us, but they didn't know what the coyote was going to do or if she was going to attack one of us," Jake said. "Heck, that animal could have been rabid and bit all of us."

"Well, seeing that stuff going on up there would have given me the willies," Lisa said.

"Yeah, but you're so tough you probably would have taken one of the cops' guns and blasted off a shot or two into the coyote's head," Jake teased.

"You bet I would, but only to save your skinny little butts."

"Hey! We don't have skinny butts," Jake yelled.

"All right, enough," said Lulu.

"How did Dad handle it, Mom?" I asked.

"He's fine, sweetie. Nothing bothers him. He's just glad neither of you boys got hurt. And so am I. I don't know what I'd do if something happened to one of you boys," she answered.

"I think I was more freaked out for the guy being bitten than I was being scared. He acted out of instinct, I think," I said. "But he went about it all wrong. I don't think he followed procedure."

Everybody was quiet and lost in their thoughts for a moment.

Changing the subject, and lightening up the mood, Jake asked, "Hey sis, what did you think of Coop? Are you guys going to get together? And how's his leg?"

"He's all right. It was only a scratch, but it sure bled a lot. I like him. He seems like a nice guy. We'll see how it goes."

"Right on," I said. "I'm glad for you. He's a groovy guy."

"Hey, where are Jordy and Chris?" Jake asked.

"They went to Chris's house for a while. They were running around like banshees and were starting to drive us all nuts. All of that commotion last night wound them up. They were fooling around all night long, and none of us got much sleep. Your dad got upset because he starts his new position this morning," my mom complained. "So we dumped them on Mrs. Ferrari. She'll shape 'em up. She doesn't put up with much fooling around. And she's so nosy." Really? This coming from my mom, the queen of gossip. Changing the subject, she asked Lulu, "So Lulu, what's on your agenda for today?"

"Ferrari? Why do I know that name? Have I met her, LuAnn?"

"No, I don't think so. She's kind of standoffish, and she keeps her boys on a tight leash," my mom said. "I think her husband works downtown. Accounting, maybe?"

"Hmm. Doesn't ring any bells. Well anyway, I've got the regular guitar lessons, mostly. I do have a new student starting later today who wants to come in and learn how to play the sitar. I'm excited about that because the sitar is one of my favorite instruments and I don't get to teach it very often. Apparently, this guy saw Ravi Shankar at the Monterey Pop Festival a couple of years ago and has wanted to learn to play ever since. I also have to call the VW dealer this morning to have them tow the microbus to get the brakes fixed. Are you sure letting us use your station wagon won't be a drag for you?"

"No. That's not a problem. I can drive the Camaro. It's fun to have the college boys pull up next to me at the stoplight like they're going to drag race me. But I'd never do that, though," she said, looking at Lisa and me and giving us the evil eye.

"You should, mom. Lighten up a little bit and have some fun," I said.

"Yeah, that would be funny to see," Lisa agreed.

"I suppose it would, but you know how I feel about drag racing." When she said this, it reminded me of her little story from the other day. Changing the subject once again, she asked, "Boys, you start swim practice today, right? How do you plan on getting down to the pool and back?"

"We thought we'd hitchhike," Jake said, with a straight face, making me laugh and almost blow my orange juice out my nose. That is until his mom laid into him.

"Oh no you won't, young man. Do you know how many weirdoes are out there looking for someone to prey on or kidnap? You almost got killed yesterday, you damn picklehead. Both of you boys scared the bejesus out of LuAnn and me. Don't ever talk like that again. My gosh. The Goddess above as my witness, if anything ever happened to one of you kids, I'd go crazy. Nuh-uh. No thumbing rides and that's final. LuAnn has errands to do today, but Lisa can drop you boys off at the pool after she takes me to work. If you can't get a ride from someone after you're done, one of us will pick you up when you're through. Use the pay phone at the school and call one of us to come get you when you're done."

"Actually Lulu, the reason I asked is that Wiley and I have offered Lisa to be the designated chauffeur for the rest of the summer, driving the boys to and from practice and wherever else they need to go, when they need it. She's going to be your chauffeur too, driving you to work and back until the bus is fixed. Wiley picks up his company car today, so we'll have an extra vehicle until Ryan gets his learner's permit. We didn't get the chance to talk to you about that last night because so much was going on. She'll be keeping an eye on Jordy during the day, too. We're going to pay her and cover the cost of the gasoline. Does that sound all right? I can certainly use the extra help. You know how much there is going on around here. And to be truthful, I'm considering joining The Pasadena Junior League now that Wiley got that big promotion."

Oh, brother, I thought. My mom has finally gone off the deep end and was going to be a society lady.

"Well, I think that's a fantastic idea, LuAnn. Lisa needs something to do this summer, and you certainly need the break. I wish that I could do more to help out around here. Lisa, are you happy with this arrangement?"

"Oh yeah, I dig it, Mom. I was going to have to drive everyone around anyway, and now I can make a little extra cash. It sure beats working at McDonald's flipping burgers," Lisa said. "And besides, the station wagon has air conditioning and a better stereo."

"I think it's great, too," I said. "And you'll be able to see more of Cooper this way."

"Maybe," Lisa said, drifting into outer space with a kooky grin on her mug. Then, cracking a sly smile, asked us, "Did I tell you I had a date with Chief Ironside last night?"

"No, you didn't. What the heck are you talking about? You were at the party with us," Jake answered.

"I know. I stood him up!"

Everybody, including the Lulu's, groaned, while Sloan covered her ears with her paws.

"Mom, can we get another driver?" I asked my mom. "One that tells better jokes?"

Jake and I got up to clean the kitchen while everybody else got ready for their day. Lisa was going to drop off Lulu at the Music Academy, and my mom was going to do her, well, mom stuff. We didn't have anything to do this morning, so we decided to take another hike up to the old pump house to check it out and snoop around. The Sergeant and the other cop who were the last to leave said they probably wouldn't be back there anytime soon, if at all. Just the same, we decided to wear shorts, shoes and baseball caps.

Both of us were quiet most of the way up, lost in our thoughts once again, remembering what had happened yesterday. Passing our rock, we reached the small clearing where the pump house sat a few minutes later. While hiking up this part of the trail, my mind kept going back and forth about running into the Dark Man up here and wondering what I'd say to him if we saw him. But he wasn't to be seen, so I worried for nothing.

We were surprised at how big the area actually was without a whole bunch of cops standing around. And it was kind of spooky, too, making me think that coming up here might not have been such a great idea.

Jake leaned over the side of the canyon and said, "Man, that's a long way down. I can't believe he fell down there. And to get bit in the dick. Holy shit, that had to hurt. He really had some bad Karmen Ghia."

"No shit, Sherlock. But like you said, I guess if you have to die, you might as well go out big like that," I said.

"I guess. Man, he sure did that, that's for freakin' sure."

"Did you notice that stare he gave me right before he jumped up and flew over the side?" I asked Jake.

"Yeah. That was weird. What was that all about?"

"I'm not sure. It was like he was seeing inside of me or something. Connecting with me somehow. Kinda like a longing, maybe. I don't know. I don't think I can explain it. It made me feel sorry for him, I guess. I don't know why, but it wigged me out. You know, he was an ass when he came around from behind the garage after the Dark Man carried me away. He went up in the treehouse to look around, and I think he figured out we were either getting high or screwing around up there. Either way, he was a shithead."

"I hope he didn't turn you into a zombie or something."

"If he did, I'm gonna make you one too," I said, holding up my arms and starting after him.

"Boyfriend Zombies. That's a new one."

"Hey, let's go look inside the pump house."

If it was freaky on the outside of the pump house, it was even freakier on the inside. The coyote pups were long gone. Maybe the Sergeant had animal control pick them up last night. Apparently, the Dark Man had used this place for shelter recently because it looked like he had made a campfire over in one corner to keep himself warm and had used some of the embers, like charcoal pencils, to draw weird pictures and sayings all over the inside of the decaying building.

There were pictures of stick people and spacemen and other weird stuff that didn't make much sense to either one of us. Drawings of what looked like radio towers and alien spaceships were scattered all along the old white walls. Goosebumps started to run down my arms and back when I saw a crude drawing of our treehouse. I thought again that maybe the Dark Man had seen us run around naked and get all sexy with each other. I saw an outline of a heart with the word 'boys' in the center. Maybe in some strange way, he was our protector.

"Hey Ryan, look at this." Jake was standing in the opposite corner, looking down at an old, raggedy cardboard box on the floor. When he tipped it over with his shoe, the chopped head of a snarling, toothy rattlesnake popped out and made us both jump. "Red Crow didn't put that snake on our front door. It was the Dark Man that did it."

"Yeah, I know. He told me about it," I said.

"WHAT? You talked to the Dark Man? I thought he grabbed you and dumped you off under the treehouse. Why didn't you tell me you guys talked?"

"Because there were always people around, and I had to think about what he said first, to try and figure it out because he talked so weird. Half of what he said made sense and the other half was gibberish. I wanted to tell you last night, but you were so exhausted you fell asleep in like two seconds."

"Did he cut the brake lines to my mom's microbus?"

"No. That's what I need to tell you about. Let's go back down to our rock and talk," I said. "This place is creeping me out."

"Yeah, me too. I have something that I want to ask you too," Jake said.

"Okay, let's get out of here."

I left some matches and a couple packs of cigarettes that I'd swiped out of my mom's carton, tucking them inside the pump house door. And even though he didn't ask for it, I left him a Hershey Bar, too. We hiked back down the dusty trail in silence, paying particular attention to the slippery slope. I don't think we'd be coming back up here anytime soon because it was way too weird and creeped us both out.

We got down to our favorite spot a few minutes later and climbed up on the big rock, looking out over the valley down below. We sat on the flat spot Indian style, facing each other, not saying anything for a while, being comfortable and catching our breath. The warm morning sun felt good on our bodies. We mellowed out from the funky shit that was going on up at the old pump house. And I guess Jake was figuring out what it was he wanted to say to me, or maybe he was waiting for me to go first. So I started.

"When the Dark Man grabbed me last night and took me to the backyard, he said some things that freaked me out, and I needed some time to figure out how to tell you what he said. But then again, he talked a lot of crap, too, so I had to sort all that shit out first. In some ways, I don't think he's sick in the head. First of all, he seems to think that you're in some kind of danger. He says he's protecting us. And he said I have to be with you all the time. And he called you my boy."

"Really? How does he know that? But it's true. You are my boy, and I'm your boy," Jake said, smiling, and leaned over and gave me a kiss. He didn't seem worried at all.

"He said voices come to his head and they tell him things. This part is weird. I think Red Crow talks to him somehow. He told me that the man in the clouds with the long dark hair talks about us. That voice told him to put the snake on your doorstep. Doesn't that sound like Red Crow?"

"Oh fuck. That totally sounds like Red Crow."

"The Dark Man also said they're looking for you. But when I asked him who it was, he couldn't, or wouldn't, tell me more about it," I said.

"What else did he say?" Jake didn't seem bothered hearing that either.

"He said he's getting closer to his home, whatever that means," I said. "He also said we were satellites and he said whey-o a lot."

"Ooooo-kaaaay. So he's half here and half somewhere else. Maybe half his brain works good, and the other half doesn't. Kinda like when you put too much air in your front tire and the back tire is almost flat. Anyway, at least he likes us. We'll have to be extra careful, okay?"

"He also said we need to be together all the time."


"I guess I need to protect you. Actually, he was wiggy about that one. Adamant, actually."

"Okay," he said, smiling at me. "We're together all the time anyway, and besides, you're my knight in shining …wait. We hardly wear anything. You're my knight in shining pool water." he laughed.

"Stop being a boner. You're not worried?"

"By some crazy guy? Hell no. I would be if he hurt you. I'd go kick his mother-fuckin' ass. But I think he's harmless."

"Okay. But I'm gonna watch your ass anyway. And I might even lick it."

"You can watch my ass anytime, Ry-Ry. But on second thought, if you keep your eyes on my ass you'd be crashing into me every time I'd stop walking."

"Oh, man. You're so funny I forgot to laugh. So, what did you want to talk about?" I said, sticking my legs out and leaning back on my elbows to get more comfortable, wanting to change the subject and hear what he had to say.

"Well, I was wondering what you thought after we had sex with those guys last night up in Coop's bedroom? So much happened yesterday we didn't get to talk much about it."

"Man, that seems so long ago," I said. "To be perfectly honest, I'm not exactly sure how I feel. I kinda liked it, and it felt good, but not as good as when it's just you and me by ourselves. What we do is so freakin' bitchin, sometimes I can't believe it. But, to be totally honest, I thought it was kind of hot seeing you screw Colt's pearly white ass, but then again, I kinda wished it was me you were screwing. Still, it was fun to be naked and boned up in front of those sexy dudes. I don't know. It's weird and kinda makes me feel conflicted. What do you think about it?"

"I guess the same as you, mixed feelings. What we have is special, and I don't want anybody else up my butt except you, like we said. I guess I enjoyed it too, and it was hot and all, but I don't know. I don't want anything to come between us, because I love you, man. I've seen how sex can fuck people up. Look at what happened to my sister and all those guys on the football team. She never would have been able to get a steady boyfriend back at our old school because everybody knew what happened and what she did. They treated her like a freak or a whore or something when all she was doing was having some sexy fun. She wasn't hurting anybody, and those guys certainly enjoyed it."

"Yeah, I know what you're saying. I can dig that. The hippies do it all the time and call it free love. Seems to me most people don't get it. Maybe they're jealous. Those same people won't treat us the same way if they find out what we're doing. So we have to be real careful. We'd get a lot of shit, I bet, maybe worse than Lisa."

After a second, Jake said, "So I was thinking. How's this? If the situation comes up again, we both have to agree to it, whatever we do. But if one of us doesn't want to do it, neither one of us can do it. And nobody gets to buttfuck us. That's special, and just for us."

"That sounds like a good plan to me. We can fuck them, but they can't fuck us. Our butts are for us and off limits to others. Okay?"

"Roger that, Bucky," Jake said, leaning over and kissing me on my ear. "I love you."

"I love you too, chowder head. I'm so glad that I met you." I spun around and plopped my head down on his lap like it was a pillow, enjoying the warmth of the sun on my face. Jake started absentmindedly running his fingers through my long blond hair. "You know, I was surprised to see Colt getting it on with those guys. I always assumed he dug girls. He sure enjoyed getting a hard dick up his butt. I guess maybe he likes both girls and guys the same, but you know, I never got that vibe from him before. I know Coop's not like his brother though, after seeing the way he goes crazy over your sister."

"No kidding. He's so into Lisa it's crazy. I suppose you can like girls and guys the same, but that doesn't work for me. I've never really thought about that before until I met you. Girls don't excite me too much, I guess. And a hairy pussy scares me, and I think it's kinda gross looking. I'm glad I only saw one close-up once, and I don't remember it because I was crying so much because I was brand new! Umm, or maybe it's because I saw my sister getting porked so much before. I remember being fascinated by all those guys' hard dicks doing her. I suppose I like your fat dick better than a pussy," he said, leaning down and giving me another long, sensuous kiss, which started to make my dork plump up in my cutoffs. Breaking our kiss, he continued, "Do you ever want to pork a girl?"

"No. No fucking way. I used to look at my dad's Playboys, but I never got a boner over it. I don't know why. And I don't think I'd do it with a chick just to try it out to see if I'd like it. That doesn't seem fair to her, plus I'd be worried I wouldn't do it right. I guess I've always known I like guys that way, but I never gave that much thought about it either. I never did anything sexy before I met you. Man, that first day when you jumped out of your mom's microbus in those super tight shorts turned me on. It was like opening a Christmas present and getting a million-dollar bill."

"Do they make those?"

"I don't know. Maybe," I said, pulling his head down to me so I could give him another big, sloppy wet kiss. "We should get out of here and go up to the treehouse and make out. We've got lots of time to get sexy and dirty before we have to be down at the high school."

"Let's do it, man," he said. I rolled over on top of him and stuck my lips to his, sucking up his juicy, plump lips in mine. If anyone was flying a plane down low over us and looked out the window, it would look like I was giving him mouth-to-mouth.

Breaking our kiss, I said, "C'mon, man, let's go."

We practically flew down the rest of the trail, since we knew this part of it like the back of our hands. We reached the treehouse, climbed up the big tree, through the trap door and crashed onto the shag rug in record time. We each pulled off the few clothes that we were wearing and collapsed into each other's arms, rolling back and forth on the floor, ending up with me on the bottom, sweating and out of breath.

"I love this," Jake said, sticking out his tongue and tracing the outline of my lips, laughing. His long, wavy hair was hanging down and tickling my face. "You're my boyfriend!" he said, feeling goofy. He was so hot.

I rolled over and got on top of him, squashed my sweaty chest hard onto his, "And you're my boyfriend. No, wait. The Dark Man calls you my boy. You're my boy." I said, giggling back, like the horndog that I was.

We kissed and played around like that for several minutes, sticking our tongues in each other's mouths as far and as furious as we could, before getting serious and making our bodies get all nice and sweaty with some hot cock grinding action. I loved the smell of his sweat and pushed his arms up over his head so I could get a good long whiff. Leaning down, giving him a wicked grin, I stuck out my tongue and lapped up a big long stretch of his salty skin on his right armpit. The smell was intoxicating to me, and I loved to do this. This time he wasn't so ticklish, and after cleaning one up, I did the same to his other pit.

"That feels funny," he said, "but good. I dig it."

"Yeah, man, and it tastes totally outrageous and smells even better. Your hot, sexy smell turns me on, man."

"It does huh? I guess maybe I shouldn't take any more showers."

"Well, I like your funk, but I think everybody else would freak out," I said, taking another long swipe up his pit. "They might wonder what the fuck was up with you, and probably start to think that you're the Dark Man's little brother."

"Yeah, they probably would. Besides, I like to be clean. And I wouldn't want to turn the pool brown when we go swimming. Oh, man. That feels awesome, Ry. Keep doing that."

"Okay, chief, will do." I kept lapping up his pits until it didn't have any more taste. Once I stopped and sat up on his legs, he took me by surprise and flipped me over. Now Jake was sitting on top of me and started to lick my pits, as I had done to him.

After a few swipes of my armpit, he said, "Hey, dude. When are you going to start growing some more hair here? You need to catch up with me because it's kinda meager – you know – slim pickings. Maybe I should jack-off on your pits and rub it in like a fertilizer. Maybe it will grow in thick like mine."

"What are you talking about? I think you've been watching too much Hee-Haw. I got hair there, it's just not like wild boar's hair like you have," I said. "If you don't like it then get your grubby tongue off me."

"Settle down. I'm only playing with 'ya. I didn't say that I didn't like it. I forgot that you're so much older than I am."

"Yeah, by one day, 'ya chowder head."

"Oh yeah. Hey, let's sixty-nine."

"You don't have to tell me twice," I said to Jake, while we flipped around again.

Once we were both sprawled out on the rug, head to crotch so to speak, I grabbed his hard cock by the base and started to admire it. Man, it was a work of art. So long and stiff, and starting to get a nice tan now since we'd been naked in the sun. The big spongy knob was smiling at me, so I began to lick all around the tip, and stick the end of my tongue into his pee-hole. It tasted good and throbbed some, and every once in a while, I was rewarded with a tasty little blob of fresh pre-jizz. I'd lick around the underside, around the wrinkly and sexy part where the loose skin met the big pink head, and every once in a while, would put the head in my mouth and give it a good strong suck. Jake loved when I would do that to him because he'd always let out a little moan.

Meanwhile, down at the other end, Jake had my hard cock in his hand, too, but only so he could hold it up to his mouth while he fooled around with my foreskin. I was lucky that I had such long foreskin, and it was able to cover the head of my dick even when it was hard. He loved to nibble and lightly bite on my long 'skin, and sometimes tug on it to see how far it would stretch out. He'd slide his tongue up inside my 'skin, and roll his tongue all around up underneath, where the 'skin covered the head and was most sensitive. When he did that, I'd go nuts, and it would be hard for me to concentrate on doing him.

We fooled around like that for some time, getting each other close to blowing, and then backing off. We were getting pretty good at telling when each other was about to shoot. We'd started to deep suck each other now, going all the way down on our hard cocks and impaling them deep in our throats. I loved to do that because when I had his hard cock all the way down my throat, I could feel his steamy and sweaty cock hairs tickling my nose. Those curly little hairs sure smelled grrrrreat from the work-out we were getting. Tony the Tiger would be so proud of us. It was also pretty cool when we both had each other's cocks all the way down our throats at the same time because it made me feel like we were one with each other, connected somehow in a weird, masculine way.

"Hey, let's take a break for a second," Jake said, releasing my cock from his mouth. "I need to catch my breath."

He sat up, and I scooted around, so we were looking at each other again. "I have an idea. Is that vibrator still up here in the stash box?" I asked.

"Yeah, why?"

"Just thinking of something. I'm glad the cops didn't look around here more carefully last night. That could have been a bad scene, and hard to explain to my mom and dad."

"No shit," Jake agreed. "That would have sucked big time if they found our stash."

I grabbed the stash box and took out the vibrator and the lube. I scooted back on the rug with a pillow behind my head, sort of leaning up on the side of the treehouse wall. "Let's grease up our dicks and rub them together. Maybe we can shoot at the same time, and squirt our cum all over our bodies. But before we do that, I thought I'd load up the vibrator with this goo and slip it in and out of your asshole. How do you feel about that?"

"Oh man, that sounds freakin' hot. How do you come up with all of these bitchin' ideas?"

"By looking at you, I guess, and figuring out how to make you happy and feel good. I love it the most when you start shooting your hot tasty cum all over me so I can watch the expression on your face. It's so sexy and hot, and it turns me on so much that I have to start firing away, too."

"C'mer, you. I love it when you talk all nasty like that. Sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am that I met you." He leaned in and gave me another long, slow, passionate kiss that made my toes curl up and my cock throb with delight.

"Climb up here on top of me and goo up our dicks. Then start grinding your hot rod into mine. When we get our groove going, I'll take care of the vibrator and stick it up your ass," I said.

He figured it out and crawled up on top of me, straddling his legs on either side of mine. Once he was in position, he squeezed out some of the slimy stuff from the tube and coated up our dicks and balls with it. While he was doing that, I took the vibrator and slicked the end of it up real well with some of the goo. He leaned down and got into position, his asshole sticking out into the room. He started to hump my crotch with his crotch, tentatively at first. He found his rhythm, a little faster and harder now. He was able to lean in and give me another long and sexy kiss, too. It was cool for me to watch him as he would grind his hard dick and hairy balls onto my rock-hard cock, and look back up as he was coming in to plant a sloppy kiss on my face. Kinda like what we were doing when we slow danced the other night. Man, it felt great and looked incredibly sexy.

Things were starting to get hot now, so I turned on the vibrating rocket and reached around him, feeling around between his meaty globes and crack for his butthole. Once I found it and parted his cheeks, I stuck my greasy finger part-way inside, and got his boy hole all nice and slicked up. That would make it easy for him to accept the little silver intruder that I was going to shove up there. I took the buzzing machine and touched the end to his parted crevice, running it up and down. He let out a moan of pleasure, urging me to go on. Next, I ran it all around the meaty globes of his butt cheeks, and on down towards his little hidey-hole. I gently stuck the tip of it into his tight little pucker, just at the opening, maybe three-quarters of an inch, and when I did that, he let out the craziest moan that I had ever heard him make.

"Oooooh, Goddddd! Ryan. Oh. My. Gosh. That feeeels soooo wicked."

"Like that, huh?"

"Oh yeah. Do me some more like that, baby."

"Okey-dokey," I said, getting off on his sexiness.

I gently inserted the little rocket up his butt a little further and was rewarded with another loud moan and groan. He was lovin' this. He kept humping me, and our hot, hard sticks were totally invested in this meaty battle. He kept ramming his hard dick up and into mine, sending little waves of pleasure through my crotch and on up my entire body. His dork was leaking lots of pre-jizz now, and that seemed to encourage my dick to do the same thing.

I pushed the vibrator most of the way in, and this time Jake was speechless. His eyes rolled up into the back of his head, and he started to breathe in crazy spasms of lust. I kept hold of the little rocket and kept pushing it in and out of his butthole, sending wave, upon wave of pleasure through his entire body. He was rocking back and forth like a wild chimp, grunting and groaning, not paying any attention to anything other than what was happening up his butt. His cock was rock hard and throbbing on top of mine, the grinding action that we were doing had just about stopped. I don't think he could concentrate on anything other than the outrageous feeling going on inside his ass.

I continued to gently push the vibrator in and out of his butthole, making sure I touched his magic spot deep inside on every inward thrust. He was in so much ecstasy that his eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily through his mouth. His brown, half-dollar sized nipples were hard and standing at attention. He was moaning slightly, too, and his meaty manhood was throbbing on my lap, next to my hard cock. Man, what a sexy dude, I thought to myself. This was cool giving someone so much pleasure. And, it was a total turn-on for me to watch.

I could tell he was getting close now because his cock got harder and he was starting to make little thrusts into my crotch. He seemed to be riding the vibrator now, grinding his ass on it like he was fucking himself. It was so bitchin to watch him on the brink like this, so super-sexy. He must have known I was watching him because his eyes snapped opened and he started to stare down at me. He wanted to say something, but couldn't, and it didn't matter since I knew what it was that he wanted.

"Gimme that hot load of yours, Jake. Shoot it all over my cock. C'mon, man, I want it. Give it to me now. I want to feel your hot jizz all over my dick and balls," I whispered in his ear, twisting the vibrator around in his butthole, touching his magic spot every so often.

"Uh, ohhh, ohhh, ohhh," was all he was able to say. He started to grind his cock into mine, sending more waves of pleasure through my dick and the rest of my sweaty body. His hard cock grinding on mine, his big ball sack slapping mine. Two hard teen boy cocks, becoming one.

"Do it, man. I want that freakin' hot sauce. Cover me with it. You know I want that jizz all over my dick. Give it to me Jake, C'mon, man, I have to feel it. Now."

"Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God." He was into this big time, his super hard cock spurting out little beads of pre-jizz all over my sweaty pubes, mixing with mine. It felt so good, and my hard cock was starting to throb with pleasure now.

"Jake," I said in a deep, quiet voice, "I want that hot load that's deep in your balls to come firing out and splash out all over me. Spray me with it, dude. All over me. You know you want to do it. Get me all wet. Cream me, man. C'mon. Right fucking now!"

That one did it. He started to tense up and shot rope after rope of his teen-boy ball juice all over my hard cock, stomach, and all the way up to my nipples. Seeing him do that made me go nuts too, and I grabbed my shaft with my free hand, coating up my dick with his fresh hot sperm, getting it good and sloppy. Man, that felt bitchin, all slimy and hot, and gooey, direct from the source. I coated up my balls, too, and with two or three good pumps I was the one getting all tense and speechless as I shot out the first blast of my cum. I had to let loose of the vibrator so I could concentrate on myself while I blasted off the rest of my load, shooting hot cream all over both of us.

All too soon we were done shooting our loads, and Jake collapsed on top of me, totally spent. We were so slippery and gooey that I was afraid we might get stuck together if we stayed like this for very long. But, man, that was bitchin. The smell in here was fantastic.

"Ry, buddy, that was outasight. That thing up my butt felt so bitchin. I love what you do to me, man."

"I love you too, dude. Rub around on me and work in all of our juices. I want to get sticky with your seed."

"God, I've turned you into a sex freak." But he followed my instructions, and when he wasn't rubbing his body into mine, he was planting his lips hard onto mine, and deep kissing me and exchanging our saliva.

"That feels so freaky good. I love you, man. You can fire your cock off on me anytime."

We laid there for a while, basking in our slippery-sloppy afterglow. Finally, and reluctantly, I told him, "Dude, 'ya gotta get off me now so I can wipe up all of this goo. It's starting to run everywhere and getting the clean sleeping bags all sticky. My mom's gonna freak when she has to wash this."

"Okay. Let's go take a shower and get cleaned up. We need to be thinking about some lunch. I'm hungry again."

"You're always hungry," I said, standing up. I had to use my shorts to wipe up all of the sperm that seemed to have gone everywhere.

"What can I say? I'm a growing boy."

"Just don't get all fat like the Skipper on Gilligan's Island."

"As long as you don't get fat like Jackie Gleason."

"Awaaay we go!"

After we had taken a long shower down in the pool house, we got dressed and headed inside to get some lunch. I wasn't sure what kind of diet the coach was going to put us on, so I figured that a couple of peanut butter and banana sandwiches would be all right. And instead of Coke, we each had a big glass of chocolate milk. When the Lulu's went shopping yesterday, they picked up a couple of gym bags for Jake and me to put our gear in. That was nice of them. I had to bite my tongue from laughing, though, when they were talking about the friendly man at the sporting goods store. Apparently, they told him about our training, and he remembered both of us from our shopping adventure the other day. He went on to tell our mom's what nice young men we were.

After lunch, we rounded up Lisa to take us to the high school. Lisa looked way too young to be driving around my mom's big station wagon, but I didn't care because I was excited to start our swimming training. I didn't want to have to ride my bike up the big hill to get back home after a long practice. Lucky for her, when we got down to the high school, Coop was hanging out front in the parking lot by the bike racks on his break. She dropped us off, and the two of them chatted it up for a couple of minutes. It was good to see them getting along so well together. We told Lisa that we'd give her a call when we needed a ride back home if we couldn't get one from someone else. We went around the side of the "C" building and in the side door to the boys' locker room.

Most of the sprogs were out in the pool, and the locker room was deserted, but the noise coming in through the door from the pool was ear-splitting. Jake and I were a few minutes early, so we poked around looking for Tucker. There was a new lifeguard guy in the towel cage, folding some of the clean towels. No matter how clean they were, they always smelled to me like boy funk. The new guy was skinny, and I don't think I'd seen him before. Jake asked him if he had seen Tucker, and the guy told him he had the day off today. Since there was nothing else to do, I told Jake that we should go look for Coach Brian. He said that was cool, so we headed back towards the Coach's office. It was empty, so we decided to nose around a little more.

Since I wasn't on a team last year, I had to take a regular PE class with some of the other freshman boys. I got along pretty well with everybody in my class, and I was good enough at sports to usually be one of the first few guys picked for a team. I played baseball and basketball well enough, but I was too scrawny last year to be any good at football. I was good at track and liked the freedom of running laps. But out of all of the sports we did, swimming was my favorite. This year was going to be different because I had a growth spurt last spring and I had been swimming so much lately that I felt good about my body. I felt confident that Jake and I were going to be good competition to the other guys.

Anyhow, the big locker room that we were standing in is the one that they used for the regular PE classes. The lockers were crummy, and not very big, but there sure were a lot of them. They went in long rows up and down the center of the room, maybe eight or ten rows altogether. At one end were the communal showers, just shower heads actually, sticking out of the wall and draining into holes in the middle of the big tile floor. There weren't any dividers so everybody could see your business while you were showering. When I first had to take showers for PE, I was nervous that I'd pop a boner, but it was neat to look at the other boys' dicks and balls swaying up and down when they walked around. Nobody seemed to get a boner, or at least I never saw any of the kids with one. That same year was the first time that I had seen both a Black dude and a Cholo's naked dicks. I don't know what I was expecting, but they all looked pretty much the same as everybody else's, only they came in different colors. The biggest dick in my class, so to speak, belonged to a Middle Eastern guy named Abdul Jones the Third. His cock was so big that everybody called him Horse. He didn't seem to mind it though because once word got out, all of the girls wanted to be his friend. I sure hoped they knew what they were getting themselves into because that monster would probably hurt.

We walked down the hall, killing some more time and trying to figure out what locker room we were going to get. Hopefully, we'd run into Coach Brian soon so we could get this training thing started. As we were going down the dark hallway, I thought I heard something that gave me pause. I figured I was dreaming, or going crazy. I guess I must have mom's supersonic hearing or something, because we had no sooner walked past a door on the left when I heard somebody say, "Suck that hard cock. Go on, you know you want it."

"Holy shit, Jake. It's happening again!" I whispered.

"What is? What are you talking about?"

"I heard something that sounded like some guy getting a blowjob in there," I whispered again, pointing to the crack in the window of the door. I wished that I could see in there, but the glass was frosted, and I didn't want to get caught, especially if it was a senior guy who could squash the crap out of me.

"No fucking way. Not two days in a row, that's impossible," he said. "You gotta be shittin' me."

"You know I'd never shit you. Be quiet for a second and listen."

We stopped next to the door and stuck our ears to the jamb. We didn't hear anything at first, and I think Jake was about to walk away, when we both heard someone say, "Pull on his balls while you're doing that. Yeah, that's it. That looks hot."

"I got a hair stuck between my teeth," another voice said.

"That's a chick, Jake. We gotta see what's going on in there," I whispered.

"Oh, man. I can't fucking believe it. With chicks no less. I just hope it isn't Lisa. Here we go again."

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