So Cal Summer 69

by Flip McHooter

Chapter 21

"I love you, Jake. I really do. I am so glad that you moved here and I met you," I said, feeling the hot blood rush to my skin. I was becoming totally self-conscious now, which was unusual for me. Damn. I couldn't believe that I had just said 'I Love You' to another dude, A DUDE! Now I felt totally stupid. What a dumbshit I was. We both stood there for a few moments holding each other, and I was beginning to think that I had just royally blown it. I just wanted to crawl away and hide.

But then I decided to go for broke, gathered up all of my courage and said, "Thank you, Red Crow, for bringing Jake and me together." I whispered this over Jake's shoulder and into his ear, and, thankfully, that's all it took.

"I love you too," he said, after an excruciatingly long wait, in a low murmur and quite shyly, but pulling me in tighter to him as he spoke. I could have melted right there. "You know, Ryan, I've never said that word before, to anybody, not even to my mom. Well, maybe when I was a little guy. But you know what? I don't fucking care. I know that I am falling in love with you. There, I said it! These last few weeks have been so great. You know, I never had any close friends growing up in that stupid apartment. But then you made friends with me right away, and you even took me up here, to your private lair. You're my Batman!"

"Then that makes you my Robin. No wonder he has such a big bulge in that green tighty underwear thing he wears. Do you think Batman and Robin get it on?" I said grinning, lightening up the mood and starting to laugh like a doofus.

"Oh yeah, definitely. I think they jack each other off when they drive around in the Batmobile, spewing hot jizz all over the inside of the car. And you know, they never have any girls around, except that pesky Batgirl, and she's only around once in a while. Alfred just covers everything up for them. Plus Robin's name is Dick. Need I say more?"

"No, I guess you don't. So just shut the fuck up and kiss me." I closed my eyes and got a funny picture in my mind of a yellow starburst with 'Ka-Pow' written inside, just as Jake planted a good one on my kisser with his sensuous lips.

After we had broken our embrace, Jake and I slow danced to a couple more songs, singing and getting all giggly and hornier, if that was even possible. It was fun to grind our warm naked bodies and crotches into one another while listening to the sexy music playing on the transistor radio. Whatever song that was playing had just ended, and the station started playing I Think We're Alone Now by Tommy James and the Shondells, a song that fit the mood up here in the treehouse perfectly! Jake's dick was sliding up onto my stomach, while I had my arms wrapped around his lower back just above his naked butt crack and pulled him in tight to me. Every once in a while, I'd lean in and give him a deep passionate kiss. He loved that. Then I'd relax my hold and lean back, staying connected at our crotches and stare into those beautiful deep, dark eyes. Every time that I did that, he just looked at me and gave me that toothy, goofy smile that I loved so much, and both of our hard dicks would pulse with pleasure.

Then Tommy James started singing "Look at the way…"

Then I started to sing, "We gotta hide what we're doin'…"

"Cause what would they say?" Jake sang, giving me another goofy look and smiling.

"If ever knew…"

"And so we're running just as fast as we can…"

"Holding onto one another's dick's…" I sang, trying not to crack up.

Then Jake started to laugh, "Tryin' to get away from the pussy…"

"And then you put your arms around me…"

"And we tumble to the ground…" Tears starting to run from his eyes.

"And then you say…"

"I think I love you…"

"I think we're alone now…and I want your dick up my-y bu-utt." I said, finally losing it and laughing.

"I think I love you…"

"I think we're alone now…and I want your dick up my-y bu-utt."


Except for the crickets.

And then laughing.

And more laughing.

Just us two boys, laughing and sharing our love for the first time.

We couldn't help it anymore, and we fell to the ground, cracking up and almost pissing all over each other. After we had finished laughing our guts out and kissing some more, we stood up again and slow danced to a couple more slow songs. After slow dancing to about the third or fourth song, I think it was the Look of Love by Dusty Springfield when we finally took a break and sat down on the sleeping bags. When we pulled our crotches apart, I was surprised to see how sticky and sweaty they were, our pubes glistening in the low light up here in the treehouse. The smell of our hot, sweaty bodies was amazing! Jake had brought up a couple of cold cans of Coca-Cola earlier, probably the last we'd have for a while, and man, they sure tasted great, and I sucked one down in record time. Jake had done a sorta good job of rolling up a joint, considering he didn't have much experience with these kinds of things. It was bigger than I had ever seen before and, actually, it looked more like one of my grandpa's stinky cigars. If he kept rolling up joints like this, I'd be out of grass in no time.

The sleeping bags were comfy and soft, and the clean flannel felt soft and cozy on my naked body. My mom had me bring them down this morning so she could run them through the big washers at the laundromat when she went downtown. My mom was a clean freak, and even though she had her own washer and dryer in the house, she always washed the big bedding stuff once every couple of weeks down at the Sav-n-Splash. And it gave her some time to catch up on the gossip with the neighbors, too. I was glad she washed them because they were starting to get kind of funky and crunchy, not that we would have washed them ourselves anytime soon.

I kicked out my legs and stretched out on the soft cowboy-print flannel. Jake reached over and picked up a sweet smelling, sunset-stripped candle to light the joint with. The glow from the candle wick lit up his face in such a way that he looked like he was radiating pure love at me. Sucking in a tasty toke, he passed the fatty on to me. I needed to take a big hit because I was still a little worried about taking Jake's long, hard cock up my asshole for the very first time. I was excited, scared, horny and giddy, all at the thought of getting porked by another guy, a guy that I had just confessed my love to.

"Hey, don't Bogart that joint, my friend," Jake said, his favorite line since we saw Easy Rider a couple of weeks ago.

"All right, here you go. Hurry up. I want to feel your hard dick up inside me. But when you do it to me, just go slow, okay?"

"Roger that. When you made love to me, I was so relaxed you probably could have driven a Sherman tank up my butt, and I wouldn't have noticed. It felt so good. I promise I'll go real slow and if it gets uncomfortable, you just let me know. I don't ever want to hurt you, Ry. You know that, buddy."

"I do. That's one of the reasons that I love yer funky ass so much!"

"My body stunk, but I kept my funk!"

"You got that right, bud. Hey, maybe when we're older we can go to Paris."

"Right on! I'd dig that. Anywhere you are, I want to be there too."

"All of a sudden I'm hungry for a donut."

"Shut up, chowder head."

I leaned around and placed a purple corduroy pillow behind me, then scooted down a little bit. Jake moved over on top of me and started kissing me again. Not just regular kisses – oh no. These were full-on deep tongue-twisting-in-your-mouth kind of kisses that left you gasping for air once they were over. Our slippery saliva made our lips really juicy and wet and had made a string connecting us together when he pulled away from me. It stretched, jiggled around, and then finally broke and slipped down my neck. Jake rushed back in, stuck out his hot tongue and slurped it all back up. That was so freakin' hot, I thought to myself. Making love can be dirty and sexy, all at the same time! I was filled with excitement, my body all warm and yet, tingly and electric. My cock was really super hard now and throbbing, just from the kissing and the budding excitement of things to come. I could also feel that I was starting to leak a lot of pre-jizz now, because little blobs were seeping out the end of my fleshy space capsule and landing like Astronauts on the surface of my tan stomach, sorta like a moon landing.

Jake started grinding his hard cock into mine, in a kind of tumescent battle of the teenage boners. His sun lightened, long brown hair was hanging down and shading both our faces like a tent and when I opened my eyes, all I could see was his beautiful face. He smelled like freshly scrubbed boy, strawberry shampoo, Coca-Cola, and Ganja. Yumm-mee! He bent down and gave me one more hard kiss, using his tongue to part my lips and invade my mouth once again. He was making me breathless, and I was getting really excited as he explored the recesses of my mouth. Finally, he let go of me and sat up between my legs. Then he reached over and grabbed the KY and the little silver vibrator that Lisa gave us.

"Do you know how to use this thing?" he asked me.

"Yeah, your sister told me all about it. You have to grease it up real good with that gooey stuff and then slowly stick it in my butt. But before you do that she says you can rub it all around our dicks and balls, and that feels real sexy and good and will turn us on even more. She did say not to jam it in or push it in our asses real far because it could get lost in there and we may never get it back."

"Bitchin. Let's give it a try." He twisted the end of the vibrator, turning it on. It started to make a gentle humming sound, interrupting the soft sounds coming from the little radio. He slowly began to run it up and down on the inside of my legs, sending crazy waves of pleasure throughout my entire body and making my boner stand up even more proudly. He would run it up close to my cum-filled drooping ball sack, and then tease me by running it back down my legs, towards my knees. Finally, it got to be too much when he touched the side of the silver shaft to my balls, and I had to let out a giggle because the feeling was so foreign to me.

"Jake, that feels so freakin' wicked. It almost tickles. Here, let me try it on you for a second." I said and sat up and took the humming machine away from him while he crouched back, leaning back on his outstretched tan arms, his body perched on his bouncing toes and his long hard cock pointing straight out at me, like an arrow. He parted his big legs wide open and invited me in.

I ran it up and down on the inside of his beefy legs, and then gently touched it to his low hanging fruit, being careful not to squish them. His head rocked back and forth and then finally settled back between his shoulder blades, eyes wide open and looking up at the redwood-planked roof of the treehouse, taking it all in.

"Oh, oh my God, that feels so fucking wild! Keep doing that."

"I know. Can you imagine what it must feel like when it's up inside your butt?"

"No, I can't. That must feel crazy."

I ran the vibrator up and down and around his hard shaft, and I could swear that his boner grew another inch just by doing this! This little machine was pure magic. I thought to myself that I had better stop this or he would blow and then I'd miss out. I really wanted him to shoot his big wad up inside my hungry butt.

"Okay, that's enough. We gotta stop doing that or we won't be able to finish what we really want to do," I said.

"Roger that, Bucky. I don't want to shoot yet."

"How do you want to pork me?" I asked him.

"I don't know. I really don't want to pork you, and I shouldn't have used that word. I want to make love to you, buddy."

"Yeah, I like the sound of that," I said. "C'mon, man, let's make love."

While I wanted to watch Jake do me, I thought that for my first time I'd be more comfortable if I plopped down on my stomach and stuck a pillow under my hips so he would have total access to my waiting butthole. I rolled over and positioned the fluffy pillows under me so I'd be comfy, and the pillows helped raise my ass up high into the air, giving Jake easy access.

"Um-mm-mm. Look at that. That has to be the most amazing sight that I have ever seen in my whole life," Jake said, moving in on my exposed rosebud. "I'm gonna make you squirm with pleasure, my bitchin friend." He leaned down and gave me a long, slow, wet slurp with his tongue. He got down to business starting between my thighs, his moist tongue went up and over my heavy balls, up my perineum, and finally, much slower now, across my exposed boy hole, then up the rest of my crack and settling down into the center of my lower back. He did that a few more times until I couldn't really take much more.

"Oh, God Jake! Go for it, dude, I'm all yours. I'm ready for that long, hard dick of yours. Stick it in me."

"Okay. But first I'm gonna grease your butt up with this stuff first. Just relax and enjoy it."

Jake uncapped the tube and squeezed some of the gel out of the metal tip and onto his long fingers. My butthole was right there, staring up at him and begging for attention, so he slimed the gel all over and around my wrinkly opening. When he started slathering the cool goo all around, it felt super bitchin. I wiggled my hips around a little bit and let out a soft moan telling him that I loved what he was doing to me.

"Like that, huh?"

"Oh yeah, that feels so nice. I love it when you touch me in my special place like that."

He started to slog around back there and gently push my hole open a little bit, and then finally he started to insert his pointy finger, opening my ass up. It felt smooth and slippery going in, and so I relaxed my butt muscles to let this gatecrasher farther up inside of me. The KY stuff really seemed to work out pretty good, because in no time his long finger was jammed all the way up my chute, his knuckles resting between my bare ass cheeks. He started to coax it around a little bit, flicking and rubbing all around inside the sensitive cavern. Then he pulled it most of the way out and shoved it right back in, bottoming out and rubbing all over my hard prostate. That felt so bitchin and gave my already hard dork a jolt.

I had asked for this and damn, I was so glad that I did. Because this was my first time, I didn't have much patience for Jake to slide his hot rod up my butt and drive me all around the track. I was hoping to communicate my idea to him, so I started to raise my hips up to meet his sticky finger. He jiggled around inside me some more, but then he must have caught my telepathic idea because he told me, "I think your butt is pretty slippery now. You ready to play Meet Master Long Dong?"

"Oh yeah, please give it to me," I said into the pillow. "I want to feel your hot cock deep inside me so bad I can't stand it. Hurry up, Jake, give it to me. Give it to me now."

"Okay, I'm on it!" Man, he was fucking excited. Almost as much as I was.

He maneuvered his way in between my legs, and I spread them back out a little wider to give him better access to my hole. I could hear the slap, slap, slap of him lubing up his cock with the cold gel, and the anticipation of him sliding it up and into me was about to drive me nuts. After what seemed like a really long time, I finally felt the spongy-hard head of his long dick as it rested on the wrinkly, pink folds of my waiting butthole, begging for entry.

"Put it in me Jake, nice and slow. Please. Put that freakin' cock up my butt right now. I can't stand it anymore. I gotta have it."

"All right, bud, here it comes."

He no sooner had those words out of his mouth when the entrance to my hole was roughly parted, and the wait for his dick up inside me was finally over. I have to admit that it wasn't quite what I expected. Although, can anyone really expect something this crazy-good happening to one's virgin butthole? It burned some and hurt a little bit at first, but I remembered what Lisa had said, so I pushed out a little like I was taking a dump and damn if his dick didn't just slide right on in. 'Hello and welcome to my hole. My name is Ryan, and I'll be the catcher tonight' I thought to myself, a big grin on my mug.

"Oh God, Jake. Hold it right there. Let me feel it in there for just a second. Man, that feels so wild. Oh, fuck! Yeah. It's so weird – and good – it's like it hurts, and yet at the same time it feels so great."

"It really does feel outasight, doesn't it?"

"Oh, fuckin' A it does. Go ahead and slip some more of your hot cock in me now, but go sloooow, Okay? I wanna feel the whole length of your long cock going in there so I can remember it."

"Okay, here it comes, buddy. Man, your ass is so warm and tight. This feels so fucking bitchin, Ry."

"Oh, I know. Oooooh God, I can feel your curly dick hairs scratching me on my ass cheeks. That feels so funky. Do you have it all the way in me yet?"

"Almost there."

"Well, fill me on up and then hold it there for a second. Let me get used to your long dick deep inside me," I said.

He banged his groin hard on my ass and pushed his cock the rest of the way in, then held still until I got used to it. Next, he leaned forward and slowly placed his strong arms on either side of me. He leaned down some more and started to give me little baby kisses between my shoulder blades and on the back of my neck. All the while he was cooing to me, "Ry, I love you. Your ass feels so nice wrapped around my dick. Thank you for letting me do this."

My dick had boner shock a little bit before, probably from the fear of this hurting, but now that I was starting to really dig it, little Ry-Ry had boned up quite nicely. And I could feel my dick starting to leak some boner juice now, and I probably was making a puddle on the pillow underneath me. Jake's long hard cock was all the way up my love canal and was really filling me up. The knob of his dick was pressing hard on my prostate, and it felt so fucking good, like nothing that I had ever felt before. The little kisses that he was placing on my back and shoulder blades sent shivers up my spine. The colorful strings of love beads around his neck drifted and skidded heavily on my back, giving me even more goosebumps. My ass cheeks and his crotch made a perfect fit. I started to grind my ass in a slow, deliberate pace, moving around some and absent-mindedly started to fuck myself on Jake's hard pole.

"That looks so hot Ryan! You riding my boner like that. I like watching it go in and out of your butthole. I wish you could see it."

I couldn't answer him, so I only groaned to the affirmative. I rode him a little longer and harder, lifting up my body so I could push my ass hard into his crotch so his dick would go in even deeper inside me. Then I'd lay back down on the pillows and then just as fast, push back up and impale myself again on this throbbing boner. It felt so good having him on top of me like that, so safe and secure, the boy I loved controlling me totally. Then he was off me and back up on his knees behind me between my legs, pumping his hard dick inside my butt. Every so often he would rub his hands all over my ass cheeks and my lower back, kneading my globes.

"You can screw me a little bit harder now if you want Jake. It doesn't hurt at all. In fact, it feels fucking fantastic."

"Okay, Ry, Roger that."

He got down next to me again, his arms along my sides and his feet up on his toes like he was doing pushups, as he started this sex dance of grinding his hard boner in and out of my virgin asshole. I met him with every thrust, raising my head up and around in total lust, like some lizard sunning myself on a hot rock. He would occasionally bend down and start to nibble on my ear. I was so totally into the action going on in my rear end that I couldn't really concentrate on his tasty lips, biting and sucking on me. He would pull out, almost all the way, and stop when the fleshy head of his cock reached my tight anal opening. Then he'd plunge back down all the way into me, his ball sack slapping me between my legs. I kept wiggling my ass around, rubbing his legs when his dick was deep in my asshole, tickling me from the inside out.

"Your squirming around is really turning me on," Jake whispered.

"I know because your dick deep in my butt is so totally sexy. I can feel your hot cock throb inside of me, and it feels so freakin' bitchin. I feel like you and me are one. My cock is so hard that I can't believe it. I'm getting really hot now, and it's not going to take me much longer to shoot my wad. Are you close?"

"Yeah, man, I am."

"Then bring it on home, buddy. Drop that hot load deep into my guts. I want to feel your big wad in me."

He started to screw me for good this time. Long, slow strokes out, and fast, hard strokes back in. Each time he plowed deep inside of me, his long dick would bounce on my prostate and waves of pleasure rippled through my body. I could feel more little squirts of pre-cum blob out of my dick. There was quite a puddle of cock juice on the pillow already, and I kept adding more to it. He was speeding up his thrusts now and starting to really moan. When I heard that, I started getting turned on even more if that was even possible. I was about to reach sensory overload because of all of these new feelings and sounds. God! This was so bitchin.

I hadn't touched my dick yet, but I couldn't put it off any longer. I reached underneath me and started to stroke my hard dick in time with Jake's thrusting cock up inside me. I knew that I was about to get seeded, and couldn't wait to feel his hot creamy load to get deposited deep inside me.

"Give it to me Jake, I can't take it anymore. I need it. Shoot your hot cum up my butt! Fill me up, buddy."

"Okay, man, here it comes," he said. Then, "Uuuuuuuh, oh Ryan, uh uh uh. Oh my God!"

Once I felt his cock swell inside of me and then the hot shots of sperm firing out and hitting the walls of my anal cavity, I had no way of stopping my load from shooting out. I pushed back into him as hard and fast as I could and felt my ass ring clamp down tight on his intruding cock, my dick loading up my sperm and getting ready to fire.

"Oooooooooohhh baby, oh man, oh, oh, oh," and then I was spent. I fell down hard on the pillow and onto my hot, sticky load, taking Jake down with me. He landed on my back, and we just laid there, basking in the warm night air, sweat sticking our bodies together like glue. After a couple of minutes, his dick shrank up and plopped out of my ass, which for some reason made me feel empty and alone.

"Jake, that was beautiful. Thanks for making love to me. That wasn't anything like those guys did in that truck. This was something special, and I'll always remember this. I'm so glad that we met."

"Me too, Ryan, me too."

Both Jake and I slept really well that night, and the next day we just sort of hung out, basking in our afterglow. In the morning, we ate a late breakfast and watched cartoons with Jordy. Later on, Dad taught the four of us kids some self-defense moves for about an hour and a half or so, on the pool deck in the shade. He was still worried about what happened to the microbus. I think it made him feel a little bit better knowing that we could defend ourselves if we ever got into any kind of serious trouble. Jordy got a big kick out of it too, and was excited to learn some grown-up moves. Even though Lisa didn't seem all that interested at first, she picked up most of it and seemed to be enjoying herself. I think she liked to portray herself as a man-eating tiger type image when deep down she was really a kitty cat.

The rest of the afternoon we did our swimming, working on our turns and dives. Jake was really doing good, and I thought we were going to be strong swimmers by the end of summer, especially if we kept up practicing this much. Earlier in the day, I had gotten a call from Cooper who said his folks were out of town for a couple of days and that he was going to have a quick get-together at his house. He was inviting our friends from school and some of his new buds from his job down at the pool. He was going to bar-b-que some burgers and hot dogs for everybody and said that his hippie brother Colt had an older friend that got him a couple of kegs of brew from Gerlach's liquor store. All that we needed to do was get our asses down there anytime after four o'clock. He also said not to bother coming unless we brought Lisa with us.

Surprisingly, Lisa was game to go to the party, reasoning that if it was a stinkin' bust, she only had to walk up the hill eight or ten houses to get back home. So, after ditching Jordy, (he was pissed off until we got Enzo's little brother, Chris, to come over and spend the night with him), the three of us wandered down the street around four-thirty or so to check out the happening scene. We even got dressed! Jake and I were wearing clean shorts, our best Hawaiian shirts, and our cleanest Keds. Lisa wore a psychedelic sundress of some indeterminate color that showed off her hefty cleavage, and some leather sandals that showed off her freshly painted toenails. She looked really nice. There were a whole bunch of cars and vans and beat-up trucks lining both sides of the street, all the way up the hill to our house. Quite a few people were milling about out on the front lawn, talking and laughing. That surprised me because Coop said the party was going to be intimate, and judging by the number of cars around, this was going to be anything but. We said hello to some dudes and chicks that I knew from school at the front door, and then the three of us headed on inside.

Coop's parents' house was really cool, and one of the largest in our neighborhood. Since they lived on the other side of our street, their house overlooked the valley below, while ours backed up to the trees and mountains. Last year a brush fire had raced through our canyon, and while our house didn't sustain much damage, thanks to Dad and me sticking around and putting out the hot spots, Coop's parents had lost some of their roof and all of their deck and garage. They used the insurance money to build an enormous new swimming pool surrounded by a wide redwood deck on stilts, which cantilevered out over the canyon, giving a great view of the valley below. On clear days you could see across the valley and all the way to the Pacific Ocean, over forty or more miles away. The rooms in the back of the house all had full, sliding double glass doors that opened up the place to the outside. This made for a great party house. I had been to many great parties over here during the last couple of years, and this one looked to be the best one yet, without exception.

Once we went in the front door and through the tiled foyer, we saw what looked like some of Cooper's older brother's hippie friends in the living room having a group acid trip or something, judging by the psychedelic lights shining on the wall and the trippy music that was playing. We arrived just in time to hear the start of Green Tambourine by the Lemon Pipers blasting out of the stereo in the corner of the big living room. The group looked kinda funny, stumbling all over each other, half-dressed and drooling on Coop's parent's good furniture, while they tried to dance and shimmy around. Somebody had brought some day-glow body paint, and everybody was painted up in a crazy way, kinda reminding me of my dad and his story about Red Crow, but they were way more colorful. Unfortunately, they were getting hot and sweaty, and all of that paint was starting to smear all over the place. They looked bitchin in the black lights though, and it was fun to watch them. But because we really weren't into that kind of scene, we watched them for only a few minutes and then kept on going deeper inside the house to see what else was going on.

As the three of us headed through the sprawling house, I continued to be surprised by the number of people here. There must have been at least a hundred and fifty or so, by my guess, spread out all over the inside of the house and outside by the pool. I guess Colt had a lot to do with that because there were some older kids from school and a bunch of hippies that I didn't know or recognize. But it was all cool because the house could easily handle that size of a crowd or more. The music got even louder the farther back we went because once we got outside, we could see a band that had set up over in the back corner behind the pool and was playing really loud. Another thing that Coop had forgotten to tell me about! I'd have to give him a hard time about that later on when I saw him.

The name on the white bass drum said they were The Ramrods. What a groovy name. They actually sounded good and were really rockin'. They had at least six guys playing all kinds of different instruments. A couple of cute looking guys on guitars, the best-looking one was wearing pin-striped, skinny-legged pants and large, shiny pointy shoes. The rest of the band included a dangerous and sexy looking bass player with ridiculously long hair, a bored-looking drummer, and a wicked guy with long sideburns playing a portable keyboard on a stand that I had never seen before. I'd have to ask Lulu about that one.

The lead singer didn't have a guitar or a bass, but he would play the bongos or the harmonica when he wasn't singing. When we walked outside, they were in the middle of a Cream cover, which I was pretty sure was Crossroads, but then maybe not, since they were playing it too damn fast and it was hard to tell. The guys sang pretty good and looked really cool with their long hair and lengthy, mutton-chop sideburns. One guy was even sporting a huge paisley tie, and another one had on a purple Nehru jacket, just like the Beatles used to wear. They had a good-sized group of people dancing around in front of them who seemed to be really getting into their kick-ass sound.

A couple of minutes later, we finally met up with Cooper on the other side of the deck. Coop was standing there wearing an apron and a chef's hat, flipping burgers and hot dogs in front of the grill and looking like the fine young host that he was. It was pretty loud over here, and we had to yell to be heard.

"Hey, guys! I'm glad you made it. Hi, Lisa, it's bitchin to see you again," he screamed at us over the loud music, welcoming Jake and me and giving Lisa a sly wink when he thought no one was looking. He wasn't the finest looking dude around, but his charm and smile were totally infectious and more than made up for it. He did have a cute little butt-chin, though, and a little soul-patch just above it.

"Thanks, Cooper. You really have a cool place," Lisa yelled back, trying not to spit and shining him with her nice smile. Maybe she was starting to warm up to him a little bit.

"Man, there's a lot of people here, Coop. I thought you said this was going to be a small party?" I asked.

"Well it was, but then Colt got involved and it sort of mushroomed out of control. It's cool though because everybody seems to get along. When his friends in the band heard about the party, they insisted on playing. We warned the neighbors so they shouldn't get their panties all in a bunch like they did last time when they called the fuzz. And the folks won't be home until late tomorrow, so we'll have plenty of time to clean everything up. Feel free to use my bathroom upstairs because I'm sure the one down here is going to get all funky pretty soon, especially after everybody downs all that beer and whatever freaky drugs they're doing in the living room. There's beer over there by the shallow end of the pool on the deck across from the band, and I think my brother has some joints circulating over in the kitchen. If you want a burger or a dog, just let me know. By the way, Coach Brian isn't here, but most of the pool gang is. You probably know most of the guys from school. And, oh yeah, that Ferrari guy from around the corner brought this new kid with him, but I can't remember his name right now. I think I heard that they're both going to be on your special workout team. I think he's an Asian guy."

"What? Who's Asian?" Jake said, looking at me and only hearing the last part. "Kato's here?"

"You chowder head. He said Kenji is here."

"Oh. Groovy. We finally get to meet him."

"Go mingle and have a good time. But come back and see me, huh Lisa?" Coop asked.

"Yeah, I'll mosey around and get a beer. Can I bring you anything, chef?"

"Nah, I'm all good now that you're here," he said with his toothy smile. "Just come on back and keep me company."

We took off through the throng of people towards the beer keg, and once there, the three of us each got a big cupful of frothy brew. It was cold and tasted great. "We need to go find Enzo and meet his friend. I want to scope out the competition," I shouted out to Jake and Lisa.

"You guys go ahead, I'm going to go hang with Cooper for a little while and listen to the band," Lisa said, making both of us smile. "They sound pretty good."

"Have fun, sis," Jake said.

"C'mon, bud, let's go roam around. I'll introduce you to the dudes and chicklets that I know from school."

Jake and I mingled and talked to this group and that group, and I introduced Jake to all of the kids that I knew he hadn't met. We also met a lot of new people too, including some funky hippies with crazy vibrations going on. The guys were cool and kinda cute, but most of the hippie chicks had hairy armpits, and they made sure that everybody saw them. Pee-eww. That was gross.

But everybody was friendly enough, and we got quite a few looks from the girls and even from a couple of older guys. Jake was pleasant to them, but a little shy, and I think that made him even sexier to me for some reason. We even ran into the sales guy that gave us killer blowjobs at the sporting goods store. He was with his girlfriend, and he just gave us a nod and a wink as we walked past him.

By the time we had made a circuit of the whole house, we had ended up in the backyard again, this time looking out over the canyon. Although it was early evening and the sun was still up, and it was bright, the first lights of the city below were just starting to come on, and the twinkling beams looked absolutely romantic. It was still warm out, too, and a handful of the older guys and girls were skinny dipping in the deep pool. I noticed that the music had notched up another level. The Ramrods were playing a song by a band that came out last year called Led Zeppelin. I think the song was Dazed and Confused, but I wasn't positive because I wasn't really sure if I liked that kind of music or not, plus I hadn't listened to it all that much. But they sure were getting into it, and it was fun to watch them bounce all around and play. A small group of people were dancing on the cement patio, and Colt was running around making sure everybody had a toke from his new weed supply. When he finally made it over to us, he gave me a big hug and shoved the fat joint in our faces. When I was little and hung out over here with Coop, Colt always treated me like a little brother.

"Hey, little Ry-man! Good to see you, buddy. It's been a while, hasn't it?" he said, playfully punching me in the shoulder.

"Yeah it has, Colt 45," I said, punching him right back. "This is my new neighbor, Jake. He and his sister and mom moved into the Bailey's old house."

"Right on. I think I heard something about that. Hey, man, nice to meet you," Colt said, smiling at Jake. "Damn, I'll miss that old dude. He always took me to the Dodger's opening day when I was a munchkin."

"Nice to meet you too. Thanks for that bodacious hit."

"No problem-o. Ry here has been a good bud to Coop and me, so if you ever need anything, you just let me know. A word of warning though, don't trip out on the acid tonight. The dudes in the living room seem to be kinda blasted and wiggy, not to mention that they're staining my mom's sofa and her new shag carpet."

"Okay, Roger that."

"So, Colt, what are you up to these days?" I asked.

"As you know, I got a high draft number, so I don't have to worry about going to 'Nam like some of my buddies are doing. I probably wouldn't go anyhow because I'd be a conscientious objector or go to Canada or something like that. That freakin' General Hershey Bar and that stupid President Nixon think that this war is something that is 'just and honorable". But it fucking isn't. Now they're bombing Cambodia, for fuck's sake. I don't want any part of that mess. Make love, not war, and leave everyone alone. That's my new motto. So anyway, next month my buddy Ted-Bob and I and a couple of fine looking ladies are loading up his van and heading cross country to upstate New York. They're putting together a massive three-day outdoor rock festival on somebody's farm, and it should be really boss. Lots of sex, plenty of drugs, and outrageous music!" Colt said, totally excited.

"Wow, that sounds really cool," Jake agreed. "I'd love to do that."

"Come with us, man!"

"Nah," I said. "We've got swimming practice. But thanks for asking."

"All right my little Maui Wowie buds, the Colt 45's gotta go mingle and groove." Turning back to me he said, "Hey Ry, what happened to you? You're not so little anymore, and your arms look bigger than Coops. You're looking sharp, man."

"I'm growing up, dude. I've been swimming at least once a day for the last couple of years. I want to make the swim team this year since I missed out last year."

"Right on, my friend. Keep up the good work. You're looking really good, Ry. You dudes have fun. I'm gonna go see what's happening in the kitchen."

"He seems like a mellow guy," Jake said, once Colt walked away.

"Yeah, he is. He always treated me like a little brother and never gave me much shit. Well, maybe a little bit. I've always liked him though. If I had an older brother, I hope he'd be like him."

I looked over at Coop standing at the grill, and he was still chatting up Lisa and flipping burgers, pretty much oblivious to everything else that was going on around him. It was good to see them getting along. Hopefully, they'd get together soon. Jake and I wandered around some more, talking to different groups of people and listening to the bitchin music that the band was playing.

When a good song would come on, lots of people would get up and start dancing. Sometimes we'd join in a big group with this girl or that girl, but Jake and I always stayed close together and were always next to each other. If anybody wondered what was up with us, I couldn't tell. Then the band played Incense and Peppermints, and everybody came out of the house to dance. There were so many people smashed together out on the deck that it didn't matter that Jake and I were dancing with each other. This song was so trippy that you just had to get up and get wiggy.

After a while, the song ended, and they started to play Shotgun. I leaned in and shouted to Jake, "I'm usually a piss camel, but I really gotta go take a wiz. That beer went right through me. You wanna come upstairs with me or do you wanna hang out here for a while and listen to the band?"

"Yeah, I'll go with you. It's kinda loud out here, and we can take a break and give our ears a rest. I don't really know anybody anyway, and besides, I always like to look at your wiener," Jake said, whispering the last part, and giving me his shit-eating grin.

We threaded our way through the patio and on into the big house. Turning the corner into the family room, we ran smack into Enzo, and boy did he look tired and sad. I almost felt sorry for the poor asshole.

"Hey, Enzo, what's up with the shiner?" I asked.

"Oh, it's nothing. I just crashed and burned into the corner of the refrigerator at home. Does it look all that bad?" He shoved his massive head closer to me and bugged his eyes out so I could see it, probably because he was smashed, or maybe he was just being his usual idiot self.

"Well, no, not really. I guess it looks bad because you didn't have it when we saw you yesterday when you picked up Chris. You should have put a steak on it. That always makes it go away faster," I said, taking a step back from him. "At least that's what they do on I Love Lucy."

"Yeah, that always worked for me when my big sister would deck me," Jake added, grinning. I'm pretty sure he was kidding, at least I hoped so.

"I guess I should have, but my mom never buys us any steak. Hey, have you guys seen my friend Kenji?"

"How the hell would we? We've never met him before," Jake asked.

"Oh yeah, I guess you wouldn't. He's a good swimmer," he said, and then let out a big burp that made us take another step back in case he was about to spew chunks.

"Is that the dude that's going to be on our team?" I asked, taking one more step back just to be on the safe side to be out of ralphing distance.

"That's him. The last time I saw him, he was talking to one of the lifeguard dudes from the pool. I don't know his name. I think it could be Smucker. Anyway, that was like fifteen minutes ago. If you see him, tell him I'm looking for him, okay?"

"Yeah, will do. You gonna be in here or outside? Maybe you should hang outside and get some air. You don't look so good."

"Shut up, loser. I'll be by the pool. I'm worried because Kenji doesn't know anybody here and I don't want somebody to take advantage of him and give him some bad drugs or something because he's my friend and I don't want anything to happen to him, 'ya know what I'm saying?" He was really rattling on and slurring his words, and I thought he might start to cry any minute. And this guy just called me a loser?

"Yeah, okay. I'm not sure what he looks like, but if we run into him, we'll send him your way. Jake's sister Lisa is talking with Coop over by the grill if you want to go say hi. I'm sure she remembers you from yesterday," I added, trying to get in a little dig.

"Yeah, right. Like she really likes me," he said, walking away.

"That guy has some really bad Karmen Ghia," Jake said.

"Yeah, dude, he sure does. I wonder how he really got that black eye."

"I don't know, but it looks pretty bad, and it's kinda big. I don't think he got it from running into the fridge though like he said. I wonder if Chris gave it to him," he said laughing, "Or maybe Kenji popped him a good one."

"You know, the other night when we were home alone, Jordy told me not to be so hard on Enzo because he had problems at home. I wonder what he was talking about?"

"I think we need to find out and get it out of him," Jake said, all serious business now. I really loved his compassion for other people. "Maybe he has a fucked up dad like I do. He seems like he's just shy, and maybe he needs a solid friend."

"Maybe you're right. I've lived up the street from him forever, but I don't know much about him. He's always kept to himself, but when I run into him when he's with his bud's, he's usually an asswipe."

We headed up the stairs, and I was surprised that we had the whole upstairs all to ourselves. It was quiet up here and almost lonely, compared to the lower floor. We wandered into the bathroom that Cooper and Colt shared that had doors heading off to both of their bedrooms. I whipped out my dick and started pissing into the toilet like a raging fire hose. Jake just stood there and smiled at me, looking at my dick and watching me pee. Thank goodness I wasn't pee-shy.


"Nothing. I never get tired of looking at that fat cock of yours, is all."

"I gotcha dude. I feel the same way about your wiener. Hey! Did you hear that?"

"No. What? I didn't hear anything."

"I did. It sounded like it was coming from Coop's room. You don't think he's screwing Lisa already do you?"

"I wouldn't think so, but with Lisa, you never can tell, especially this fast. You think we can see in there and find out who it is?"

I put the lid down without flushing and quietly walked over to the side door. This bathroom was huge. It had three doors, one off the hall, one off Colt's bedroom and another one off Coop's bedroom. They had the same bathroom that Ricky and Dave had on the Nelsons. I slowly twisted the doorknob to Coop's room and quietly pulled it open just a fraction. Not hearing anything else, I opened it up just a tiny bit more. I couldn't see much but heard plenty, and then my eyes focused in on the big mirror over his dresser. It was positioned exactly so that I had a perfect view of his bed in the reflection.

"Jake," I whispered. "Take a look at this. You're not gonna believe it. There's a bunch of naked dude's in there fucking each other's brains out!"

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