So Cal Summer 69

by Flip McHooter

Chapter 18

"You better get up here and finish your shower before the hot water runs out," I told Jake as I shuffled around him in the tight shower. "Stand there and let me wash you. When you did that to me, it felt so fucking groovy! I want to do that to you."

"No, shit. You were so fucking hot and horny I thought you were going, shit! What the hell's that thing called where you catch on fire for like, no reason?"

"Oh yeah, I know what you're talking about. I think it's Human Spontaneous Combustion or something like that."

"Yeah, that's it. I saw a show about that on TV a year or so ago about a doctor who lived back east somewhere. They said the guy burned up while standing in his bathroom shaving, for no reason at all. They stated that a meter man went down in the basement a few days later to read the power meter and found this half-burned leg and an unburned bathrobe. It looked like the old doctor had burned through the floor, making a nice round hole, and his ashes and foot and ankle landed downstairs in the basement. It was freaky. Nothing else burned, and they couldn't figure out why it happened."

"Shit, that is freaky. Yeah, I was so horned up, I could have exploded. That was so sexy when you washed me. I'm gonna do that to you right now."

"Okay, but I'm gonna turn off the water because it's starting to get cold," he said, turning around.

"That's cool. I'm gonna wash you and get you all excited, but you can't blow your load yet. You have to wait until we go up to the treehouse because I want to try something new on you. I think you're gonna like it," I said, squeezing out a squirt of strawberry scented shampoo into my hand.

"Why wouldn't I like it? I love everything that we do."

"I know. Me too. But it's something I learned from Lisa," I said, lathering the shampoo in my hands and then starting to lightly dig my fingers into his scalp.

"From Lisa? What the hell? When were you talking to her about sex?"

"Mellow out, man. You were sleeping on the couch when I came back from putting Jordy to bed. I only asked her a couple of things. No biggie," I told him, digging my fingers all around his head.

"Uh, that feels really good, Ry. I feel like putty. How long did you talk to her?"

"About an hour. We spoke about a lot of different shit. You're lucky to have such a cool sister. I like her a lot."

"I know. She's sorta slutty, but I love her. Oh, man, that feels bitchin. Keep doing that."

"Cool," I said, turning on the spray again. "Rinse your hair off, so it doesn't get in your eyes. I wouldn't want you to cry like a little baby girl."

"Fuck you! Hey, is that what we're gonna do?" he asked excitedly. "Finally fuck?"

"No, not yet."

"Why not?"

"It's not as easy as it looks in that porno we saw. Are you done? Turn the water back off and let me soap up your sorry ass. I'm not sure I'm gonna let you fuck me. Your dick is too small," I said, grabbing the stinky perfumed bar of soap that my mom insists on buying.

"Hey dickhead, it's bigger than yours."

"Yeah, but not by much. Besides, when we do it, I want it to be special. You know, the right time in the right place," I said, soaping up his tight chest. "Hey, your arms and shoulders look tighter. I like it. All that swimming is turning you into a super sexy boy."

"Ya' think?"

"Yeah, that's what I do with my brain, dummy! Hold your arms up and flex for me, big man."

Jake grabbed his right arm by the wrist and held both of his arms over his head, striking a pose. Boy, did he look groovy!

"Am I really getting bigger?"

"Yeah. You look like a junior version of one of those hunky guys down on Muscle Beach in Venice. Your pits are pretty hairy, too. How did you do that?" I asked him.

"Just lucky I guess. We can't all have lovely, hairless skin like you do. You know, now that I think about it, you sort of look like the kid who plays Sandy on Flipper. Only much cuter, and with longer hair," he said, smiling. "Can I put my arms down now?"

"No, I've got to work on your pits, like when you did me. You're gonna like it, man, because it feels so crazy good." I soaped up my hands and then started attacking his furry pits, rubbing up and down at the same time.

He couldn't handle it though, and after a few seconds of squirming around, he yelled between giggles, "Stop it, it tickles too much!"

"You wiener."

"Shut up, Sandy. I'll wiener you!"

"No, muscle man, I'll wiener you." I grabbed his dick and gave it a good yank.

"Hey, be careful with the merchandise, Sandy, or I'll have to tell Warden Ricks on you."

"Yeah, you'd probably do that, too. If I'm Sandy, then you act like his dopey little brother Bud."

"No, I don't. I don't whine all of the time like Bud does. Geez."

"So what are you doing now?" I snorted.

"I'm waiting for you to get all sexy on me. Why else would I be standing naked in a shower with another guy who has a hard-on, even if it is a small one?"

"Are you going to bone up that sorry excuse of a cock, or am I going to have to do it for you?"

"Well, aren't you? Didn't I just do you, numbnuts?"

"Oh, yeah, I forgot. Turn around again and let me soap up your back and then I'll take you up to the treehouse for a special surprise."

He turned around, and I gave him the same treatment that he had just given me. Although, I spent much more time on his ass crack and hole. He loved that so much he put his hand up on the side of the shower again and stuck out his ass in my face.

"I want to lick your butt, but I want to do it in the treehouse," I said. "Rinse off and let's go."

"Pushy, pushy, pushy, wouldn't wanna eat me no pussy."

"Where did that come from?" I asked, laughing. "Have you been listening to that country station at the end of the dial?"

"I don't know. I think I heard you singing it."

"Yeah, right. Like that would happen. Hurry up, let's go," I said, stepping out of the shower and grabbing a towel.

"Right behind you, Sandy."

"Enough with that already. If you're not going to behave, I'm not going to give you your special treat."

"Okay, Okay," he said.

"Grab a towel and take your sweats and anything else you want to take up to the treehouse. I'll take the stash box and some Cokes. Oh, grab the radio. I put fresh batteries in it. C'mon Sloan, get up girl."

We shut the door behind us and headed out to the bottom of the tree. We did the same routine with the pulley that we always do once Jake was up in the treehouse: clothes and junk first, then the dog. I climbed up the tree last and once through the trap door, I shut and locked it. Jake had lit one of the camp lanterns, but I lit another one so we could see around the treehouse better. The sleeping bags were still up here, along with my BB gun and a baseball bat that I brought out here a few days ago. Sloan plopped down in her usual corner, while I got busy unrolling the sleeping bags on the shag rug.

"Let's smoke another hit of grass, man, because you're too wild and you need to be mellow for what I want to do, okay?" I said.

"Cool, but what are you going to be doing to me?"

"See what you think of this. When Lisa and I were talking earlier, she gave me some pointers on how to buttfuck. I'm not going to get into the details of all of that right now because it's not as easy as it looked with those two guys bangin' in the back of that pickup truck. What I thought I'd do is lick your butthole really good, and once it's relaxed, I'm gonna see if I can loosen up your hole with a couple of my fingers, but that's all for now."

"Oh, man, that sounds hot! But how does that help with fucking?" Jake asked.

"I guess if you can get used to my fingers, then you'll be able to take my cock. Lisa said for us to take it slow and not rush. I want to do this the right way, but I don't want to hurt you." I turned serious and told him, "I don't ever want to hurt you, man."

"C'mere," he said, wrapping his strong arms around me. "You're never gonna hurt me. You're my best bud! I've got your back, and you've got mine."

"Okay," I said, not wanting to make this scene all emotional. After a few seconds of some hot tongue-on-tongue action, I said, "C'mon, let's smoke a little and get you mellow. Grab the stash box and pack the pipe. I'm going to light up some incense."


"Sit down over here next to me. Let's swap our smoke," I said, with a grin. That was one of my favorite things to do with him. So simple, and yet so sexy.

After he had plopped down next to me, I grabbed the pipe and the lighter away from him, but before I torched it, I told him, "Remember to exhale first, and then let me slowly blow the smoke into your mouth."

"Roger that!"

I lit the pipe and took a nice long drag. The grass that I got from Cooper this time was nice and mellow and had a cool mint flavor like a candy bar. Once I had held the smoke in my lungs for a second, I looked over to see if he was ready. He was staring at me, his mouth hanging open and smiling like a little puppy. I leaned over and taking his cheeks in my hand, firmly planted my wet lips to his. Opening up our locked lips, I began to feed him the smoke that I had kept buried deep in my lungs. He took it readily from me, and once I had exhaled deeply, we got into another passionate hot kiss, swapping spit and feeling the rough texture of each other's tongues.

I had my eyes closed, but I opened them for a quick second to see what kind of expression he had on his face. His eyes were closed, and he was concentrating on fighting off my invading tongue, but for some reason, he sensed that I was looking at him and his eyes instantly fluttered open. They creased in the corners and had a playful shine, but all I could see deep in those dark eyes was passion and sincerity. Lisa was right, he did love me!

Breathing through my nose, I kissed him harder and pulled him tighter to me. We still had our eyes open and were staring deeply into them. I loved him so much that I wanted to eat him up. Finally, out of breath, we had to take a break.

"Man, what got into you? That was freakin' hot!" Jake asked me with that big goofy grin plastered on his face.

"I don't know. You know how much I like to do that. It just turned me on. I was watching your face, and when you opened your eyes it sent a jolt through me, I guess."

"Yeah, I could feel you staring at me. It was like you saw deep inside of me. It's weird, sometimes I think we could be twins, even though we don't look anything alike, because I can feel you in me, right here," he said, pounding his chest with a balled-up fist. "It's like we can talk without talking. Does that make any sense, Ry? I mean, just looking at you I can tell what you're thinking and what kind of mood you're in. And I know you can pick up on me, what I'm thinking, what kind of mood I'm in. You always know when my mood sorta gets dark, and right away you're there next to me asking me if everything is okay, and then you try to make me happy. I've said it before, but I really think we are blood brothers."

Spent from pouring out this much emotion, he spun around a little and laid his head on my chest, throwing his arm around my waist. I thought to myself, 'I love you too, man'. I didn't say anything for a while, but instead just wrapped my arm around him and played with his long brown hair with my fingers.

After figuring out what to tell him, and after enjoying that quiet moment, I said, "Jake, I feel exactly the same way. I can feel you inside of me too, deep inside. And yeah, I know exactly what you're feeling. It's like you send me a signal from your heart and your mind and it touches my body and soul and head and heart all in one quick flash. I don't even have to be looking at you to know what's going on with you. Call it blood brothers or soulmates or whatever you want, but I know we share some kind of special bond. I never told you this, but before you moved in Mr. Bailey said to me that you and I would be great friends. How did he know that? Isn't that weird?"

"It is strange, because I never met him."

"Are you serious? Oh, man, that's trippy. C'mon, let's get sexy." I said, pushing him back against the wall. "Put a couple of pillows behind you and scoot down. I'm gonna suck on that long dick of yours for a while."

"Roger that."

"Hey, turn up the radio. The Turtles are singing Happy Together, and that sounds just like I'm feeling right now!"

Jake turned up the radio and then surprising me, started to sing, "Me and you, and you and me, no matter how they toss the dice, it has to be, the only one for me is you, and you for me, so happy together."

"Buddy, you make me so happy."

"Me too. Give me another one of those sloppy kisses," Jake said.

After the song was finished and we got done kissing, Jake scrunched his tan body down so that he was almost on his back, his knees pulled up and his hot cock standing up at attention. His head was propped up so he could watch all of the action that was about to take place. I got down between Jake's legs and started to slurp up his rock-hard cock. It had been hard for quite some time and was throbbing like crazy, and leaking a lot of his delicious dick juice. That was something else I liked about Jake's cock; it was really drippy when he got excited, and I loved to lick and play with the clear strings of his precum, mixing it up with my saliva and seeing how far I could make the strings stretch. This time, though, was the best because I had a lot of slobber in my mouth from when we were just kissing, and he was really horny, because, well, he was super horny.

I sucked down on his cock as far as I could go and then pulled back up, getting it all nice and juicy. In fact, it was so moist that our sex fluid mixture was rolling down his shaft and pooling around on his balls. His dick juice didn't have much flavor, but I scarfed it down just the same. I kept on sucking while I held the base of his dick with my hand. I would pull off his boner slowly to see how far I could get a pre-cum-saliva string to hang in midair from the tip of his prick to my hungry lips. It was so cool. Sometimes I could get almost a foot away, and one time I had two jiggling strings of jizz hanging from my mouth. Wow, that was really cool.

I started to take him deeper into my throat. I was learning to breathe through my nose and relax my throat muscles a little bit better. Every time I thought I would gag, I'd stop and pause for a second. The pot we smoked help, too. I didn't seem to have as much of a gag reflex as Jake did, maybe from swimming and swallowing all that water. Who knows? But anyway, he loved it, because he put both of his hands on my head, not pushing me down exactly, but more like coaxing me on. I almost got the whole thing in, but couldn't quite do it because it was so long. Then I had a brainwave: I started making a rumbling noise with my throat, almost like singing. Whatever it was that I was doing was sure turning him on.

"Oh fuck, Ryan! The way that you're doing that feels so fucking fantastic. Oh, my God. Don't stop. Please, that feels so good."

That turned me on even more, and I know I was almost home because I could feel his shaggy dick hairs on my lips. I made some more noises with my throat, stuck my tongue out a little more, and that seemed to relax me so that I finally was there, entirely filled up with Jake's long, hot throbbing member. I wondered what it would feel like if he shot out his wad now, and I wasn't sure I was ready for that. So I made one or two final pushes downward and then got off his dick and sat up.

"Like that huh?" I said, catching my breath.

"Like it? I fucking loved it. Why did you stop?"

"I want to do that a couple of more times before you shoot it down my throat. I don't want to freak out and bite your dick off or choke or something. Besides, I'm gonna do something else."

"That's cool. I don't want you to bite Mr. Winky either. What are you gonna do now?"

"Lie back down, and I'll show you."

"Only if you c'mere and give me a kiss first."

I scooted up between his legs, dropping my hard dick right on top of his, planting my lips firmly to his mouth. Sucking on his lips and swapping spit for a while, I ground my cock into his, pretending like we had two logs floating 'round in a churning river. Jake was moaning with so much pleasure it was tough to break our kiss and get back to things at hand, but finally, I had to stop.

"Pull your knees up and let me look at that pink hole of yours," I said.

"Yes, boss."

"Just as I suspected. This bunghole of yours needs some serious attention."

Jake didn't say anything, and instead, he giggled.

Putting my hands on the back of his thighs, I pushed his legs down further towards his stomach. His long cock was reaching up past his belly button now and his sloppy ball sack, shiny from the dripping slobber from earlier, was running towards his butthole. Jake was almost flat on his back, but his head was still propped up so he could get a good view of what was going to happen.

I leaned down and started teasing his ass and the backs of his firm thighs with little bites, gently gnawing on his fleshy butt cheeks. Man, he had the finest globes, so big and meaty. I could just eat them up! Licking my lips, I started to inch my way closer to my target by licking all around his hole, getting his perineum all juicy and swiping my tongue under his ball sack. I nibbled on his balls and ran my tongue up his shaft a couple of times. He stared down at me with a look of complete bliss. And I enjoyed my view too because I didn't get to see Jake spread out like this with his teen-boy assets hanging out for the world to see very often.

Enough of this, I said to myself. Let's get to the good stuff. Still holding his legs back, I hocked up a big wad of spit, leaned over his butthole, aimed, and opened my mouth so the big spitball would roll off my tongue and drop perfectly onto his pretty boy hole. I heard Jake moan and that's all it took for me to stick out my tongue and start buttering his hot butthole using my tongue like a knife. I slobbered all around his hole, getting it nice and gooey, then slowly started to dart my tongue into the center of his clenched tight anus. Slowly at first, I parted the tight walls of his butt ring and pushed some of the spitwad deep into his opening. He relaxed his butthole a bit, allowing me better access to dive my hard tongue deep into the pink crater. It felt warm on my tongue, and velvety smooth. I kept fucking his asshole with my tongue, every once in a while pulling out to drop another wad of spit from my mouth between his legs.

"If you keep that up, I'm gonna cum," Jake said.

"No, don't, not yet!" I said scrambling up off his butthole. I was so busy I hadn't noticed that Jake had started fisting his dick. "Let go of Mr. Winky right now! That's an order."

"All right, but hurry up. I'm excited."

"I know, but mellow out for a minute, all right? I'm gonna go get the lotion."

"You gonna put your fingers up my butt?"

"Yeah. I'm gonna try two and maybe three, to see if this works out."

"Can I roll over on my hands and knees? I'm getting a little tired being scrunched up in this position."

"Sure. Put your head on the pillow and stick your ass up in the air," I said, standing up. "But don't touch your boner yet."

Bringing back the lotion and an old t-shirt that we had started using as cum rag, I noticed that Jake hadn't wasted any time changing positions. Mr. Winky had been replaced by the real winky hole. And man, that looked hot.

"Here's what I'm gonna do…"

"Ryan, shut the fuck up and do it. Sometimes you over-analyze stuff. If it hurts, I'll tell you, all right?"

"Okay, okay."

Squirting some of my mom's stinky flowery smelling lotion, I lubed up my index finger well, then squirted a drop onto Jake's exposed boy hole. I started rubbing around his hole for a couple of seconds, but he was still pretty loose from when I was tonguing him. I slowly stuck my index finger up to the first knuckle and started to wiggle it around a little.

"How does that feel?"

"Oh, shit! That feels great. Go ahead and stick it in."

"Okay, but don't touch that dick yet."

I pushed my finger in all the way and held it there for a second.

"That feels good. It feels warm," Jake said, backing up a little, trying to get my finger to go in deeper.

I started to root around in there, looking for his prostate, and when I found it, I slowly began to massage it.

"Oh, Ryan. That's the ticket. Every time you touch that bump, it makes my cock throb, and more of my dick juice drips out. Oh, God, it feels so good."

"Okay," I said, pulling my finger out. "I'm gonna try two fingers this time."

"Yeah, do it, man."

Squeezing another glop of lotion on my fingers, I placed my index and middle fingers together and planted them at his waiting butthole, sort of crossing them. My dick was rock hard and twitching again, and I knew that once Jake shot his wad off, I was going to have to get off again, too. I slowly pushed both fingers in, maybe about an inch or so, and then started moving them in and out, very slowly. Each time I pushed in further, a moan would escape from Jake's mouth. I could tell he was diggin' this. Holy crap, I was too! I drove them in a little more, about halfway this time, twisting and turning them around and feeling the inside of Jake's hot teen body. Man, from my angle this looked hot. I was actually fucking Jake's butthole with my fingers. Wow!

"How's that feel, buddy?"

"Ry, I'll tell you precisely what it's like. It feels fucking outrageous. It's like you're filling me up or something. It doesn't hurt, exactly, but it's warm and tingly. How does it feel to you?"

"It feels awesome, but even better, it's really hot watching my fingers slipping in and out of your hole. It's super sexy!"

"Push them both all the way in."


"Ohhh. Ummm, oh man."

I started thrusting both of my fingers into his ass, and each time they got all of the way in I was rewarded by Jake's grunts. It was really cool to watch both of my fingers disappear to the hilt deep in his ass. I fingered his prostate for a little bit, but then stopped and thought that if he was ready, I'd try three.

"Whaddya think? You want me to try three?"

"Yeah," he purred. "Go for it."

Pulling my two digits out, I squeezed out another glop of pink lotion and really coated up my fingers with it. I squirted up another drop or two onto his asshole and was surprised that his butthole was sort of open. Starting very slowly, I pushed my three fingers in a little, pulled them out and pushed in again. Each time that I did this, I pushed deeper by a fraction and by about the tenth thrust I was halfway in. Jake was loving it, moaning and groaning with each deep thrust. Pushing some more, I was almost all of the way in.

"Doing all right?"

"Yesss," he slithered like a python. "Coat my dick up with that lotion. I can't stand it anymore. I have to blow."

"Okay, but let me do this for just a little bit more."

I started to really push now, burying all three fingers in all the way and then slowly pulling them almost all the way out. I did this for a few strokes, but Jake was starting to get louder, and I knew time was short. I pulled out and moved sideways, sort of straddling his left leg. I shot some more goo into my hands giving my left hand a good coat, and then the three fingers on my right hand. I slopped some onto my raging boner too so I could start rubbing and humping like a dog in heat on his leg. We were in the home stretch now.

With my left hand, I reached under Jake and gripped his hot, throbbing member and slowly started to stroke him. Then, with my other hand, I shoved two fingers this time straight into his butt, all the way in in one slow push. With two fingers, I could get in deeper and really message this prostate.

"Oh, yeah. That's freakin' great!" Jake said, pushing his ass back to meet my probing fingers.

Out and in, out and in my fingers went, while I stroked his throbbing cock underneath me. I had slid up so that my dick was lodged between my stomach and his leg, sticking straight up. This was so fucking hot I couldn't believe it. Jake was really groaning now, and with each deep thrust of my fingers, his dick would throb even harder. Finally, he couldn't take it anymore, and he started to make a deep throaty moan that made Sloan wake up and look around.


And he did. Shot after shot blasted out of his cock, and his asshole clamped tight trying to squeeze out the enemy invaders. I made sure that I started rubbing his prostate good and hard and was rewarded with maybe an additional three shots, even though I didn't think much cum shot out.

Once he was through, I pulled my fingers out of his ass and started to palm my dick. Then I had a brainwave. I wanted to shoot my load all over his hot hole. I got back behind him and pushed his ass back down a little bit, so it was closer to the floor. That allowed me to rub my dick up and down on his super-hot slicked up crack and hole. Man, that really felt good.

"Ryan, that feels amazing. stick it in me."

"No, man. Not yet."

"C'mon, let's try it. Just stick it in once." As he said this, he teased me by sticking his ass out even further.

"You sure? My dick's fatter that those three fingers."

"I know. I can take it. I want to feel you inside of me."

"You're positive? It won't hurt?"

"Yeah, feed it to me nice and slow until it's in, and then shoot your cum deep inside my ass. I need to feel your hot sperm coat the inside of my butthole."

What could I say? This beautiful teen boy was on his hands and knees in front of me, sticking his hot ass up in the air and begging me to fuck him. And I had a rock hard dick pointing straight out at his opening.

"Okay, then, if you say so. Here goes. But tell me right away if it hurts or I do something wrong." I pulled back the 'skin and slowly slipped the head of my cock into his loosened but still tight butthole. It felt sexy on my dick tip and velvety-soft. His ass sorta gripped my boner, and it felt like it was going to suck up the rest of my throbbing bone all on its own.

Pushing it in a little further, I heard Jake yell, "OH YEAH!" from somewhere underneath me, but I was too preoccupied watching my dick slowly disappear into his tight boy chute.

"How's it feel, Jake?"

"It feels so fucking bitchin. Go ahead and put it all the way in."

"All right. Will do."

Oh, man, it felt so fucking great being in his ass, I couldn't believe it. I started pushing it in, inch by inch until the whole thing was all the way in Jake's ass. I looked down and saw that my cock was buried up to the limit into his ass, the hairs above my dick tickling his buttcheeks and it made me crazy with…I don't know what. Lust, love, horniness, or all of the above.

"Oh, Jake. We did it, man. I'm all the way in you!"

"I know. You feel so fucking good in there."

I pulled back out part of the way and then, after a second, slowly pushed all the way in again. Jake let out a little moan when I bottomed out. I pulled out again and pushed in faster this time, looking down in amazement as my fat cock disappeared deep into his ass. It was an incredible sight.

"Jake, you feel so good. So warm and tight," I said, as I started to ride him.

"Do me, baby, fill me up with your hot load."

"Okay, I will. This isn't gonna take me long if you keep talking nasty like that." I started fucking him for real, now.

I had both of my hands firmly planted on each of his ass cheeks, but for some reason felt the need to reach down and feel his cock. It was still rock hard, and he was stroking it in rhythm to my thrusts. But I was too close and couldn't take care of both of our dicks. Besides, I needed both of my hands planted firmly onto the top of Jake's ass cheeks so I wouldn't fall over. I was really getting carried away with my thrusts, pulling out as far as I could, but still leaving the head of my cock in his shit-tube, and then shoving it back in all the way.

"Oh God, I can't believe that your dick is inside my butt, Ryan. We're really fucking! It feels so fucking good. Keep fucking me like that. Oh yeah, hit that spot. Come on, baby, give it to me!"

"Man, Jake, your ass feels so good. It's like a tight pillow stroking my cock. Oh, Oh, Oh. It looks so hot. Fuck!"

Jake must have got a second wind because he was starting to meet my thrusts by backing into me every time I started plowing forward. God, this was so hot. I couldn't believe what I was doing! I was fucking Jake up his ass, and he was loving it.

"I'm gonna cum pretty soon, Jake. You sure you want me to dump my load up inside your butthole?"

"Oh yeah, man. Shoot that hot load in me. I wanna see what it feels like. I'm gonna cum again too. This is so hot. You feel so good inside of me. Oh, God. Gimme your sweet load, baby. Give it to me!"

That's all it took.

I shoved my cock in hard a couple of times, and Jake was there to meet me each time. We were both grinding in unison now, his butt, my cock, rocking back and forth. Our moans of pleasure had picked up, too. We couldn't talk anymore, and all we could do was communicate in grunts of pleasure. Finally, I could take no more, and shoved my dick in deep and hard and fast as I could. Bottoming out, the first shot of cum spewed out my cock slit and plastered the inside of Jake's bottom with my hot boy seed. Shots two and three made me grunt so loudly that I'm sure everybody in the house heard. My dick felt so big in there like it was an extension of my body. I started to get tingly all over, and my nipples got super hard, and my asshole had clamped down tight. Even my toes were curled up, to let me focus all of my energy onto my dick.

While I had slowed my thrusting down a little, I was surprised to feel Jake's ass start clamping down tight around my cock now. That felt really bitchin! I was back in control of my body now, so I unlocked my hands from Jake's butt and started to rub them all over his back and sides. His skin was hot and sweaty and was really tingling. My touch spurred him on, and he started to grunt with each thrust, basically riding my pole now. I was still hard inside him, but my flow of hot sperm had stopped to a couple of slow blurps. Then, Jake's ass clamped down really tight this time, and he let out a groan and started to shoot his second load of the night. It was so cool to feel his ass clamp down tight on my dick with each shot of cum that he was unloading on the sleeping bag.

Both of us totally spent, I tightened my body around his, and we fell slowly to the side. I wrapped my arms tightly around his stomach, communicating my love to him telepathically. Neither one of us spoke because we were in total euphoria, and out of breath too. We spooned there for a while like that until my shrinking dick fell out of his ass with a plopping sound that made us both laugh.

Getting up, I told him "Stay right there. I'm gonna rinse off the cum rag and wipe us off."

"Okay," was all he could manage to say.

When I got back with the old t-shirt, I settled back down between his legs and was about to wipe off his ass when I saw something crazy.

"Hey, dude. Your asshole is kinda open, and my cum is leaking out in big globs. What does that feel like?"

"It feels fucking weird. But a good weird. Ryan, can you wipe up that goo that's dripping down my balls before it gets everywhere?"

"Sure, bud. I guess what went in has got to come back out, right? Would it hurt if I stuck my finger in there to feel what my cum in your ass feels like? Maybe I can dig some out."

"Try it. My butt is your butt now."

I carefully stuck my finger in his ass, and it quickly slipped right in. It was hot and gooey in there, and I was able to feel all around. Man, I must have shot a huge wad! I pulled my finger back out and looked at his asshole as it squeezed out another glob of cum. I swirled it around his hole with my sloppy finger, and once again Jake started moaning lightly.

"Does that hurt?"

"No, not really, man. It feels crazy-sexy-good. Stick your finger in again and dig out more of your jizz. It's like an electric buzz or something. It feels wicked."

I stuck my finger back in his cummy hole, rooting around when Jake squirted out another dollop of gunk, coating my finger and running down my hand. I pulled my finger out and rubbed this gooey treasure all around his perineum and the back of his ball sack. When this was all dried off, I asked him if there was any more.

"No, I think that's it."

"All right. I'm gonna go rinse this off and clean us up. Don't move."

After I had rinsed off the cum rag, I cleaned up Jake's ass thoroughly once more and then my fingers and dick. Tossing the rag away, we both positioned ourselves back on the sleeping bag, me spooning him and wrapping my long arms around his chest, pulling him in tight.

"What made you decide to do that?" I said, into his ear.

"You got me so fucking horny, and your fingers felt so good inside of me. I wanted you to be in me and give you pleasure and make you as happy as I was."

"Oh, Jake. You don't know how happy I was. That felt so fucking good."

"I know. I can't wait to try it again."

"Me, too."

We spooned there for a quite a while, quiet and relaxed, enjoying the bliss of our first buttfuck. I was rubbing his stomach lightly and listening to the crickets.

"Jake? I whispered.


"Jake? I whispered again.

Still nothing.

"I love you," I said, and promptly fell asleep.

A couple hours later…

It must have been the middle of the night when I woke up to hear a noise down below like the other night. A twig snapped, and I heard a little groan followed by a voice that sounded like 'whey-o", whatever that meant. Sloan must not have heard it because she was still curled up at our feet, and I know Jake didn't because he was snoring away softly still wrapped up in my arms. I was too beat to do anything about it, and besides, I didn't want to wake up Jake and worry him. My only hope was that it wasn't someone out to get us. Or maybe it was something else, like a bum. Who knows? I was too happy to worry about it and decided to check it out in the morning. Unfortunately, I didn't get much sleep the rest of the night.

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