So Cal Summer 69

by Flip McHooter

Chapter 15

Lisa drove us home in the hot afternoon sun, and once we got there, we headed inside so Jordy could give Chris a call to see if he could go over and play. Chris lived around the corner and was one of Jordy's best friends, although since Lisa moved in next door, they hadn't spent much time together lately.

Jordy and Chris were good friends because they both had swimming pools and both boys liked to swim, although they usually swam at our house because our pool was a lot bigger and we never had to wear any clothes. Chris was a good kid, but being almost eleven he was prone to being quite rambunctious, more so than Jordy. I think his mom told my mom that he had hyper-gly-semeninya something or other like that. I don't remember exactly what it was. I just knew that he was a cool kid and was fun for Jordy to hang around with.

Chris had an older brother that was a year older than me, named Emanuel, but everybody called him Enzo because his last name was Ferrari. Maybe because Enzo was older than me was the reason that the two of us never really hit it off and had never spent any time together. He hung out with a different group of guys than I did, and because of that he always came off being better than everybody else. While I wouldn't say that we were friends exactly, we would say hi or nod our heads if we ran into each other in the halls at school.

Although Enzo was a good swimmer, he wasn't a great swimmer. He was one of only two sophomores that made the swim team last year, but he never swam all that well, and I don't think he won any of the competitions. I think he was more into water polo, and those guys could be real dicks sometimes. I didn't like the bullshit that they pulled under the water, like kicking you in the balls and stuff like that when the refs weren't looking. I'd rather play fair. I had heard that he was pretty good at it, though, but I had never seen him in action.

"Chris doesn't want to play cars because it's too hot at his house since their air conditioning is busted. Can he come over here and we'll go swimming? I promise that we'll stay in the pool and leave you guys alone. Please, Ryan? Pease?"

I looked over at Jake and Lisa who just shrugged their shoulders. So I told them, "I guess we can hang out in the shade by the pool and talk. I'll need to keep an eye on Chris though because he can get out of control sometimes. He's sorta excitable and antsy. We can still relax in the pool because he's been over here skinny dipping with Jordy and us forever, and knows that we all go naked. It won't be a big deal. Is that cool with you guys?"

"Yeah, it's all good. Just so you guys can tell me your story about seeing Ace," Lisa said. "I want to hear what happened and I don't want to wait all day."

"Hey, Ry? Can we go smoke some grass first? That whole thing was a freakin' bummer, and I need to relax," Jake whispered in my ear.

"Reading my mind, man. Jordy, go call him back and tell him it's okay to come on over in about ten or fifteen minutes, but let me talk to his mom for a minute before you hang up, all right?"

"Shebang!" he yelled, running for the phone over on the kitchen wall and then stretching the beige cord across the room and into the family room.

Once the little man was out of earshot, I whispered to Jake to run up to the treehouse and bring my stash box out to the pool house. I figured we could get away with smoking out there before the little dudes showed up out by the pool.

Then to Lisa, I said, "Why don't you go grab us some cold Cokes out of the fridge and then get us some towels out of the pool house closet. I'll meet you guys out there in a second or two. I've got to tell Chris's mom that we'll be here to keep an eye on him. Otherwise, she won't let him come over."

"Okay, Ry. We'll wait for you out there. You're so sweet to do this for your brother."

I loved Lisa. She has such a good spirit.

"Ryan! Telephone!"

"Jordy, you don't have to yell. I'm standing right here, ya dork."


Taking the phone away from him I said, "Hello? Hi, Mrs. Ferrari, how are you? Fine, thanks. Sure, it's no problem. My new next-door neighbor Jake and I are going to swim some laps, so it's all right if Chris comes on over. No. He's fifteen, like me. I know. Yeah, he can be a handful sometimes. Yes, we'll both keep an eye on him. Yes, Jake is a good swimmer, too. Uh-huh. Enzo said that huh? Well good for him. No, we've got plenty of towels. They should be home in a couple of hours or so. Yeah, it's Friday, and sometimes he goes out with his buddies after work to play darts at the pub. No, she's probably out shopping with our new neighbor. You know how my mom likes to shop. I think she said she was going to a sale at I. Magnin. Sure, I'll have her call you. Yes, I know, but they've been busy the last couple of weeks. Okay, send him over. No, it's fine, really. You're welcome. I know he's a handful. Yes, I'm sure you could use a break. I know. You're right. Okay then. I gotta go. Bye. Okay. Bye."

"Geez!" I yelled out loud after I slammed down the phone. Now I see where Chris gets his goofy thing from. Actually, now that I think about it, Chris just seemed like an average high-strung bouncy little kid, but maybe his mom was the one with that hyper-gly-semeninya thingy.

"Is he coming?" Jordy asked.

"Yeah. Go wait by the front door and then when he gets here come straight out and get us from the pool house. Don't go in the water until we're all out there, okay little man?"

"Sure Ryan, you're a good brother. Thanks."

Well, that's a first, I thought to myself. He must be growing up. I headed out the door and into the pool house hoping to catch a buzz before the two little devils started terrorizing us. Jake had the pipe loaded and waiting for me as he and Lisa already had a couple of hits, and handed it to me as soon as I walked in the door. They were pretty mellow by the time I got there and were trippin' a pretty good buzz.

"Man, after the weird day we're having, I really needed this," I said. Blowing out a hit, I told Jake, "I know who one of the juniors that's going to be training with us. He's Chris's older brother Enzo. I hope this works out because he can be kind of a jerk. He's not that great of a swimmer either, but I hear he's pretty good at playing water polo. I wonder who the other guy is going to be? You guys ready to jump in the pool for a second and cool off? Then we can hang out in the shade and bring Lisa up to speed."

"You sure it won't be a problem for Chris to see Lisa naked?" Jake choked out some smoke and started giggling. "If he's as goofy as you say he is, he might get hypnotized by her boobs."

"So? All boys are mesmerized by my lovely boobs. They are absolutely riveting for the guzzonga connoisseur. Well, except for maybe you two boys."

"Ha, ha and ha." Turning to me Jake asked, "Is this Enzo guy as goofy as Jordy's friend?"

"He's not goofy in the same sense, but he's kinda stuck-up. I've never had a problem with him, but he and I were never friends. Which is weird because he lives right around the corner. I hope it'll be cool, though. Coach picked all of us for a reason. C'mon, let's book," I said.

The three of us shucked our clothes and jumped into the pool, splashing each other and having a bitchin time. A few minutes later Jordy and his friend Chris flew out of the kitchen door like a couple of banshees and stripped off all of their clothes along the path to the pool. They tried to cannonball us, but we were faster and swam out of the way in the nick of time. We had a couple of good splash fights, but the best one was when Jake and I teamed up against Lisa, Jordy, and Chris. It got so loud and so splashy that even Sloan got in the action by barking and trying to catch some of the splashes in her mouth without falling in the pool. So much water sloshed out of the pool that I had to get out and turn on the filler valve so my dad wouldn't get pissed because the water level was low.

Lisa called for a timeout and got out of the pool to get some sunshine. Jake grabbed the volleyball that was floating nearby, and after a quick whisper, I grabbed Chris and surprised him by putting him on my shoulders, while Jake did the same with Jordy. Both little men squealed with delight as we fooled around throwing the ball and trying to dunk each other. After a while, the little guys were getting pretty rowdy, and I was getting tired of getting kicked in the ribs by Chris, so Jake and I dumped the brats into the deep end. We got out of the pool and pulled a couple of lounge chairs around so we could sit by Lisa and still keep an eye on the little munchkins.

Handing us each a cold Coke, Lisa said, "So tell me what happened. And please don't leave anything out. Tell me the whole thing, okay? I'm dying to know what's going on."

"All right. I'll start because it was kinda my idea. Remember when we told you about meeting the coach at the high school gym? Well, we asked him how we could learn more about sex, you know, um…sex between Jake and me and what other sorts of stuff guys do together, besides blowjobs," I said, surprisingly not too embarrassed like I was at first.

Leaving out just a few details, I continued, "He stated that he had a friend who was writing a book about various sex techniques and that he would check with him to see if he could answer our questions. Then he sort of slipped up and said that there was an X-rated theater in downtown Pasadena that had stag films in the back that showed two guys getting it on and doing different things with each other."

"Yeah, they were buttfucking!" Jake added excitedly.

"So? I could have told you that. Why didn't you just ask me? You know that shit doesn't bother me. Oops, sorry, no pun intended. You guys can always ask me sex stuff. I know all about buttfucking, and it doesn't really bother me."

"We shoulda asked you first. It would have been so much easier," Jake said.

"Well anyway, Coach told us not to go downtown because it's kinda dangerous for a couple of kids and that he'd check with his friend first, but then we got curious and couldn't wait, so we decided to go anyway. It really was scary down there. We got off the bus, and we were walking up the street, and we were almost at the theater when –"

"Ace comes walking out of a tattoo parlor next to the theater," Jake interrupted. "At first, I think he was pissed but then he thought it was funny to see us, but then right after that he got weird again and marched us over to the owner of the theater. We were really scared because we weren't sure what was going to happen. I didn't think we were going to get inside, but he seemed to know everybody and then –"

"This crazy looking skinny black guy dressed all in red comes over to us while we were standing in the reception area and started to talk to us all weird like. He looked like he was dead because his face was all ashen and his big afro was going gray," I continued.

"His name was Mr. Jimmy. Does that sound familiar?" Jake asked his sister.

"No, not really."

"Hey, Lisa? Can Chris touch your boobies?" Jordan yelled from the pool. "He doesn't think they're real. I told him they were, but he doesn't believe me."

"Shut up you two and go back to swimming. Go do some dives off the diving board and let us finish talking," I yelled back at him.

"No, it's all right, Ryan. Chris, come up here and see me," Lisa yelled at him.

"Really?" His eyes were so wide I thought for a second they'd pop out.

"Yes, really. You too, Jordy."

The two almost eleven-year-olds got out of the pool, naked and dripping wet, marched up to Lisa and stood right next to her, sprinkling water on her towel and chair from their glimmering little bodies.

"What makes you think that these babies aren't real?" she asked the little men, grabbing hold of them in her hands and hefting them up for everyone to see.

"Well, I know that they're real. I've felt them before," Jordy boasted.

"But, but, they look so big. Won't they pop?" asked Chris seriously, but making us snicker.

"Okay, hotshot, not to be mean, but is your dick real? It looks kind of tiny," Lisa said, pointing to Chris' little wiener. "Won't it shrivel up and fall off? How do I know that you didn't scotch tape it on?" She asked him seriously, but not in a mocking way.

"My wiener is too real! It's just cold from the water because it got all wet," he yelled.

"Okay. So, just to be perfectly clear, you think my boobies are fake because they're big, and I think your wiener is fake because it's small, is that right?" she said, playing some sort of crazy mind trip with him.

"I dunno. I guess so." Chris mumbled. "They just look so big. I've never seen any titties that big before."

Jake and I were really trying hard not to bust out laughing. The look on Chris's face was a mix of confusion, excitement, and embarrassment, and it was priceless. I wished I had a camera out here. Jordy was standing there looking equally puzzled, and absentmindedly rubbing his tiny ball sack.

"Okay," Lisa said, turning to Jordan after thinking for a minute. "If you were the Judge in the courtroom for the case of the Nude Teenagers vs. the Nude Little Dudes, how would you decide this case?"

"Well, let's see," he said deep in thought, stroking his chin like Perry Mason did in the re-runs we'd sometimes watch after school on Channel Nine. "Well, I know your boobies are real because I've laid on them and touched them. And I think his wiener is real because I've seen it before and it looks the same now, only shrinkier. Plus, I've seen him take a wiz. So I think you're both even."

"I object, Your Honor! As a Judge you wouldn't be able to make that decision," I told Jordy, "because the Judge wouldn't have that first-hand experience, so to speak. A real Judge wouldn't have touched and seen said 'Boobies and Wieners' before, and therefore that information would not be allowed in Court," I said, getting into her trippy game.

"Your Honor, I must object, too, but on the grounds that just 'laying on' and 'seeing' said 'boobies and wieners' are not sufficient evidence to prove that both are indeed real," chimed in Jake. "Laying on and touching does not prove without a reasonable doubt that they are real. They could be excellent forgeries," he said, smirking.

"Huh?" asked Chris.

"They could still be good fakes, you know, not real," Jake told him.

"Oh. I guess."

"Quite the dilemma, isn't it, Judge Jordy?" Lisa smiled over at Jordan. "Can you come up with some other way to decide this case?"

He was really thinking hard and started looking back and forth at his friend's little dick and Lisa's big boobs, holding onto his little pecker like he had to go pee. After a minute he said, "I have an answer. I think we should play this game for reals, and Jakey has to defend Chris and Ry has to defend Lisa. One of you dickheads has to prove the case to me for sure to win it."

The three of us looked at each other surprised by Jordy's answer, surprised by his logic and surprised that he turned the game around on us. And why did he call Jake 'Jakey'? We stared at each other and silently affirmed our intention to play another round of this silly game.

"Okay," I said. "Let's do this. Let's all dry off and then go into the 'Courtroom of Naked Pasadena', otherwise known as the pool house, and set up a big chair for Judge Jordy and four chairs for the defendants and plaintiffs. Jake and I have five minutes to confer with our clients, and then we'll to make our presentations to the court. Is that acceptable?"

Everybody agreed, so we got up and headed into the air-conditioned pool house. I pushed a big chair in the middle of the room for Jordy, and then Jake and I slid the two sofa-bed couches opposite of the chair, so it sort of looked like a courtroom. Jake put his hand on Chris' shoulder, leaned down and started whispering to him. I couldn't hear what they were saying, but Chris was nodding up and down, and it looked like they both were planning some really good strategy. I guess Jordy picked Jake so he and Chris would win. Then I started to think of ways that we could win this game because I was determined not to lose.

Lisa and I went over to the other corner to determine our own scheme. "So how are we going to win this?" I asked.

"Simple. You're going to have to suck on my tits."

"WHAT? Oh hell no. You have got to be kidding."

"No. It's a simple solution. You just suck on each nipple and then tell the Judge that they are real."

"Oh, come on. That's the best we can do? Really?"

"While you're doing it, close your eyes and think of my brother's dick," Lisa said, smiling at me.

"You're funny, Lisa, really, really funny. But just sucking on them isn't going to prove that they're real."

"I know. I have a plan."

"Fine. Do whatever you want. But I'm going to pretend to be the District Attorney and set some ground rules first, like whatever happens in this 'Courthouse' stays in the courtroom, okay? I don't want Chris blabbing this all over the neighborhood."

"That's perfect." Lisa went over and sat on the couch facing Jordy, a big smart-ass grin plastered on her face, waiting for the proceedings to begin.

Jake and his client Chris were wrapping up their conference session and sat down on the opposite couch seconds later.

I started the game by standing up and asking Jordy, "If I may, Your Honor, I'd like to have you agree to some basic ground rules first in this unique convening of the naked courtroom. I must strongly ask that anything said, or anything that may be witnessed in here, be strictly private. By that, I mean that no one in this room is to talk about anything that goes on in here, with anybody outside of this room. Ever! Do I have everybody's agreement?"

Jordy nodded, looked around at all of the naked guys sitting around the room and then settling his stare on Chris said, "Nobody talks about this outside of this room, okay?"

Everybody agreed.

"Secondly, I ask the court for each side to limit their opening remarks to five minutes. Is that acceptable?"

"Yeah, that's okay," Jordy said.

"And finally, since Chris brought up this motion in question, their side starts."


"Your Honor, I have one item I'd like to add, if I may?" Jake said standing up. It was kinda fun to play court when you're completely naked. I looked over at Jake's long dick and wished that he was on my defense!

"Go ahead, counselor," Jordy started laughing, really starting to get into this crazy game now.

"I ask for permission that boners are to be allowed in the courtroom."

Everybody started laughing at that. "Order in the court!" Jordy yelled. "Permission granted for boners, except for Lisa." Then, looking over at Sloan who was sitting next to Jordy and paying rapt attention, he said to her, "Sloan, please take note that boners are allowed."


"Mr. Jake, you're up first. Oh, wait. Everybody rise."

Everybody stood up, even Sloan.

"Does everybody swear to tell the whole truth and…well, and the, umm, all that other stuff?" Judge Jordy asked.

We all said yes, and Sloan barked in the affirmative.

"Go ahead then, Mr. Jake."

"Very well, Your Honor. Our intention is to prove that just because my client is young, and while his wiener may be small, for now that is, that it is indeed a real live young man's wiener subject to normal growing and shrinkage."

"And how do you plan to do that?"

"If the bench doesn't mind, may I demonstrate?"

"Of course. Please proceed," Jordy said, sitting up straighter in his chair. If I didn't know better, he was getting off on this.

"Chris, please stand up. I will demonstrate that his dick is not taped to his body as the defendant so wrongly suggests, but rather it is a fully functioning boner that would make any dude happy to have."

Jake walked around behind Chris so that Chris was facing us, his little dick starting to plump up all on its own, having returned to its normal size now that we were out of the water. Jake hocked up a big wad of spit and then slowly dropped it into his hand so everybody could see. Next, he reached over Chris's shoulder from behind him and started to rub the wet stuff all around the little dude's dickhead and shaft. Almost instantly, Chris sighed with pleasure and fell back into Jake as Jake continued stroking his dick to full hardness, a job that took almost five seconds.

"Objection!" I stood up saying. "Leading the witness, Your Honor!"

"Why? It's gone from small to big right in front of us. That's no trick," Jake said.

"But he could have un-taped the other one and put on a fake hard one, hiding them in his hand sorta like a magician might do," I said, smiling.

"Your Honor," Jake said coming out from behind Chris and showing off his own rock-hard shaft. "I present as evidence article items one and two. Chris's boner and my boner. Would you please allow us to enter our hard dicks into evidence?" Jake said, grinning at me.

"I guess," Jordy said, completely confused and looking at me for encouragement. "Approach the bench."

Everybody but Lisa walked up to Jordy with their dicks sticking straight out. Jordy wasn't quite sure what to do next, now that he was eye level with my friend's big hard dick and Chris's littler hard dick. Finally, he grabbed Jake's in one hand and Chris's in his other hand and pulled them up and down and then left and right, then let them go as fast as he could.

"You both may sit down. I determine that those two boners are attached to their bodies and are not fake. They bonered up all on their own."

"Thank you, Your Honor," Jake said, giving Chris's shoulder a quick squeeze before sitting back down.

"Mr. Ryan, please go ahead."

"All right. I'd like to call my first witness. I call Mr. Jake to the stand."

Everybody looked around wondering what I was doing. Since we hadn't made a witness stand, I told Jake to stand between Jordy and Lisa so everyone could see him.

"Please tell the court the nature of your relationship with Miss Lisa."

"She's my older sister."

"How many times have you seen her naked?" I asked, smiling.

"Hundreds, maybe thousands. We're not shy in our family," he said grinning.

"Did you see her naked when she was little before she started to grow her boobs?"


"Did you see her naked while her boobs were growing over the past few years?"

"Yes. A few times."

"Have you any reason to suspect that they are not real? And I must remind you that you are under oath." I had to bite my tongue to stop from giggling.

"No, they've always been hangin' there, flippin' and flopping in the breeze."

"Thank you, Mr. Jake. No further questions." Turning to Judge Jordy, I continued, "If the court pleases, I'd like to take one quick minute to confer with my client." I said.

"Okay. A one-minute recess," Jordy announced. "Sloan?"


I bent down to talk in Lisa's ear, "Remember when you told Jordy that you'd have a special surprise for him? How about if I call him as the next witness and he can suck on your titty? No offense, but I really don't want to do that."

"Excellent! Good thinking and none taken."

"Your Honor, I call Mr. Jordan as the next witness."

"Objection! He's the Judge," Jake said, standing up.

"Overruled, Mr. Jake," Jordy said, standing up too. "We all have to make do for the good of the court. Proceed, Mr. Ryan."

"Mr. Jordan, what is your relationship with Miss Lisa?"

"She is my friend who lives next door."

"Do you have any reason to believe that her boobs are not real?"

"Not at first, but now I don't really know for sure. This has me kinda confused."

"If it pleases the court," I said looking over at Jake and giving him a big grin and then winking, "I would like the Judge to approach Miss Lisa's boobs and feel them up."

"Objection," Jake laughed. "Is that legal?"

"I touched your guy's dicks. I think I must touch her boobs, too. Overruled." Judge Jordy ruled, his little boner beginning to pop straight up again.

"Would you please place your hands on the boobs in question and tell the court what your impressions are?"

Jordy reached up and carefully fondled both of Lisa's tits, running his hands all over them.

"They feel very nice, and warm. Soft like pillows."

"Can you determine if they can come off?"

"How would I do that?" Jordy looked up at me with huge saucer eyes, his mouth wide-open. When I looked over at Jake and Chris, Jake was covering up his mouth to keep from laughing, and Chris was innocently stroking his little hard cock in his lap, his eyes wide open too, and locked on Lisa's big melons.

"Your Honor? May I address the court?" Lisa asked quietly, with just a hint of a smile. "May I suggest that you take one of my nipples into your mouth, suck on it for a while to see what the results might be?"

"Oh, um, yes…why of course. Mr. Ryan, you should have thought of that. I should hold you in tempt."

"Don't you mean contempt, Your Honor?" I asked.

"Objection, Your Honor. He, I mean you, could be biased. I think in all fairness that Mr. Chris should be able to suck on one of those big nipples as well as Mr. Jordan so as to determine once and for all the real reason that we are all standing here in this courtroom today all with raging boners. Lisa excluded, of course, since she doesn't have a boner." Jake pronounced, barely able to keep from laughing, his eyes filling with tears.

Funny, I hadn't realized that even I had boned up. "I agree with counsel, your Honor. Let 'em all have a go!"

"All right Chris, you take the left one and Jordan, you take the right," Lisa said in a sing-song voice. I had a pretty good idea what she was going to do next.

Jordy didn't waste any time clamping down onto her huge nipple, and he started sucking away. It took Chris a few seconds to realize that this was actually happening, and when Jake gave the back of his head a giant shove, he took Lisa's free nipple right on into his mouth.

"Oh, boys, that feels so good. Oh, my gosh, have you done this before? Oh Jordy, oh baby, you're a pro! And Chris, oh, oh, Chris, you boys are both soooo good! I love it," she said, rubbing the backs of their heads.

Jake and I just stood there watching the show, Lisa holding her boobs while the little dudes sucked on her big nipples. We both were getting pretty excited, and our dicks were getting harder, but we thought better than to start getting it on in front of the little guys. Jordy might not freak out, but I wasn't so sure what Chris might do.

"Okay, you both win. Jake and I are going to the treehouse so you boys can claim your prize. You can tell us about it later on out at the pool. Have fun," I said, but I don't think any of the three of them heard me.

Jake and I ran out the door and headed up to the treehouse. "Let's sixty-nine so we both can get off. I'm so horny I could fuck a cow," Jake said.

"Let's have a quickie and then later tonight we can take our time and practice some of those moves we saw earlier," I added.

After climbing up the tree, we laid down on the rug, both of us on our sides and both of our faces pressed into each other's horny crotches. We were rock hard, and our dicks were pointing straight out, throbbing with anticipation. I took hold of Jake's hot, dripping cock by the base and guided it towards my open mouth, sticking out my tongue. Wetting my lips, I slobbered and sucked all around the head, making it shiny and moist. Some of his boy goo was starting to slide out of his piss slit, and I was able to start stroking his hard member easily while I licked and sucked all around the head and sensitive glans.

Meanwhile, down at the other end, Jake was doing the same thing to me, only he was starting to drive me wild because he had learned that sticking his tongue underneath my foreskin and rolling it around in there was super sexy for me and it really turned me on. My dick would start leaking precum too, but not as much as Jake's, and he loved to lap up those special juices. Sometimes he'd pull the skin all the way back and then dive in and take as much of my cock into his mouth as he could. He actually was getting good at this, taking almost two-thirds of my fat cock down his throat.

We were going at it good and hard, each of us sucking on the other's hot rods. I was using my right hand that I was leaning onto stroke and guide his cock into my mouth, while my free hand and arm rubbed up and down the side of his tan thigh and big bubble butt, sometimes rubbing between the crack. God, he had a beautiful ass! I loved the hot feel of his skin, and I know he liked the sensation too because every time I would rub my hand over his ass cheeks, his cock would throb in my mouth, and he would push it deeper into me, his bush hairs tickling me in the face.

He has really sucking on me now, too, and bobbing up and down on my plump cock, making it all nice and slippery. Suddenly he stopped and looked over to me.

"Hey bud, I'm getting close. Let's both jack each other off and shoot in our mouths at the same time. That would be really hot."

"Right on. I'm getting close too."

I fisted his stone-hard dick and then started jacking it up and down in a fast pace, sticking out my tongue and laying it on his piss slit, something that's not easy to do when his cock was bouncing all around. I wanted to get a good taste of his jizz when it shot out of the tip, but more than likely it would cream all over my face.

He was doing the same thing to me, but he had rolled over slightly so he was more on his back and I was more on top of him. This made things easier, and our dicks were better positioned to meet our wagging tongues. Taking his mouth off my cock for just a second, he mumbled, "Get ready, I'm gonna blow."

That's all I needed to hear because I was ready to go, too. Once he lobbed his first jet of cum on my tongue, I started shooting wildly all over his mouth. We both had big loads to shoot since we had been super horny all day long, and now we were both bucking wildly around on the floor for what seemed minutes, but in reality, wasn't really. When we each were finally done, shooting, only small globs of cum were leaking out the tips of our dicks.

This part was my favorite because I could concentrate on sucking out the residual sperm from his tube and savoring it around on my tongue. I liked licking up the spilled drops from his stomach, too, and he was doing the same thing to me, although most of my load had landed on my balls. I looked up at him, and he had my cum smeared all over his face and some of it hanging off his chin. So sexy. That gave me an idea. I leaned up, grabbed his arm and pulled him into me and then opened my mouth. I French kissed him hard so that our tongues almost hurt while we were swapping each other's jizz. Then I broke our kiss and started licking all around his face, sucking up my gooey nectar, making him giggle because it was tickling him.

"Gimme another kiss, you," he said. This one was slower and more passionate.

"You know, I really like doing this with you."

"Same here, bud, same here."

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