So Cal Summer 69

by Flip McHooter

Chapter 2

Later on, after everything was unloaded from the microbus and brought into Jake's new house, my mom asked everyone to come over to our place for some refreshments and snacks. Refreshment was a codeword that my mom and dad used for cocktails, and man, did they like their cocktails! Everybody thought that was a fantastic idea, so we headed over to hang out in our family room. My dad started mixing a blender full of margaritas for the adults, and I got some cold Coke's and some chips for Jake, Lisa, Jordy and myself.

The four of us sat around the game table and talked a bit to get to know each other, while at the same time we watched our folks as they got more and more animated. Lulu and my mom, LuAnn, now officially dubbed 'The Lulu's' by Lisa, were laughing away at something silly one of them said as my dad looked on obliviously while he scratched Sloan between the ears. Even my usually quiet little brother was hamming it up.

Somehow, Jordy and Lisa had hit it off and were talking nonstop about music. He was into Peter, Paul and Mary, and had their 45's which he played endlessly on a portable record player that he got for his birthday last year. Lisa said she was into the Mama's and the Papa's and had all of their records. I wasn't a big fan, and I looked over at Jake, and the look on his face seemed like he agreed with me.

But still, it was funny to watch them. Jordy was standing next to Lisa, sort of leaning on her shoulder, staring down her top looking at those big boobs. He was pretty much oblivious to everyone and everything else around him. Lisa apparently was used to this, so she put her arm around his lower back and started fingering the waistband to his shorts. The little man was in heaven. Good thing my parents couldn't see.

After a few minutes of watching this, I asked Jake if he wanted to go outside and check out my treehouse.

"Great. Let's get out of here before I puke. I can't stand that crappy music. I'll take the Stones or Jefferson Airplane or CCR any day."

"Agreed." I started laughing and went over and told my mom where we were headed. No problem with her. In fact, I probably could have gotten away with asking for a raise in my allowance since she was so happy to make another lady friend. My mom couldn't have enough lady friends to gossip with.

"You and Jake come back in an hour or so, honey. I think your dad is going to fire up the grill and make some hamburgers," she yelled at me as we were slipping out the back door.

I started the backyard tour by showing Jake where my dad had spent a bunch of time and effort into landscaping. He spent weekends planting bushes and trees around the perimeter so we could have our own version of Eden. We had one of the largest lots in the development, and it backed up to the hillside on two sides, the street on another and of course the south faced Jake's house. From the back of the lot, you could see over the treetops all the way to the ocean. Well, to be truthful, only when it wasn't smoggy, which it generally was most of the time.

The hillside had some big, ancient oak trees that surrounded the back side of our house and pool. Next to the pool was the pool house that connected to the garage. That gave the pool total privacy which was neat because we never had to wear clothes when we went swimming. No one could see us because it was so private. My parents weren't actually nudists, but they did like to skinny dip. That's the reason they bought this house, my dad said. I loved to swim nude because it always gave me a boner.

"This is like a park back here. It's so quiet and private. You're a lucky man," Jake said as he looked around. "We had a bunch of cement and pavement where we lived, except for a tiny pool that was freezing and green most of the time."

"That's too bad. It must have sucked being that cold. I love it out here. Wait until we take the secret trail that starts all the way in the back. It's basically all ours since there's no other access to it."

"What's up there? Is it hard to hike? Sounds neat. I've never been hiking before."

"It is. Mr. Bailey told me the history of it once. He said it's an old deer trail the first settlers started using when they were looking for a year-round water supply when they started developing Pasadena back in the late 1800's. This used to be orange groves and grapes for wine. It's narrow, so you have to watch where you're going. Up towards the top, after about a half-hour hike is an old cement building of some sort, and a bunch of rusty pipes and shit. I don't think anybody knows about it but us and the deer that wander down here once in a while looking for water or food."

"Bitchin. We should definitely check it out. You don't get bears around here, do you? That would freak me out," he said.

"They say there are a few, but I've never seen one. I think they live further back in the canyon. My dad says they don't like people and noise all that much, so they don't come down here unless they're starving."

"That's good to know. Don't want to meet me no bears."

"Agreed. Maybe tomorrow we can hike up there, and I can show you around," I said.

"Sounds bitchin. Hey, do you guys ever worry about fires living this close to the mountains? Seems like they're always in the news."

"Yeah, we have to watch out, especially when we get Santa Ana winds in the fall. We had a fast-moving fire up here last year. It blew in so fast, and it got so close to our house that my dad and I stayed behind to siphon the water out of our swimming pool with a gasoline generator to spray the hot spots that were popping up around the house and on the roof. The fireman got pissed at us for staying, but we got lucky, and except for an old garden shed, we didn't lose the house or anything else. I'll never forget that day. After everything had settled down, my dad gave me a big hug and said I acted just like a man. But then my mom and Jordy came home later on, and she gave us the riot act. Shit. Moms can be so weird sometimes. After she had screamed at us for hours, she gave us the silent treatment for the next two days. She can be so weird sometimes."

"Wow. That would have been scary."

"It was, but it happened so fast we didn't have time to think about it."

"What's back there?" Jake asked, pointing to the pool house and back behind the garage.

"That's the pool house. It's neat. It has an old TV, a stereo, and a little bathroom. We have slumber parties out there sometimes. We can check that out later. Wanna see the Austin?"

"Heck yeah." We wandered down the cement pathway, and I opened the back door to the garage. "My dad inherited the car from a good friend when he died a few years ago. It was his pride and joy. But my dad works a lot, and he kind of let it go. Here, grab that end of the tarp and toss it over to the side."

"Oh, man. It's freakin' beautiful. And look at those wire wheels. Wow. Does it still run?" Jake asked, running his fingers across the shiny, light blue fender.

"Maybe. I'm not sure. It's super finicky. When it does run, it's a blast. I think there's something wrong with the electrical system, and the tires are flat now. I'm sure it needs a tune-up and an oil change, too. I plan on doing that. That's easy stuff. The wiring and things like that I might need my dad's help. Or my friend Coop. He knows all about old cars."

"So when are you going to fix it? And do you get it when you turn sixteen?"

"Oh, no," I said. "He might let me drive it, but it won't be mine. But who knows? He said he'd let me drive it once in a while if I work on it to get it running again, so we'll see. You can help me if you want. We've got the whole summer."

"That'd be sweet. We could drive it to the beach. That would be something," he said.

"No kidding. You know about our Friday night cruise downtown? It's bitchin."

"No. What's that? Nobody back home cruised anywhere. Our town was too skanky for that kinda stuff. You'd take your life in your hands if anybody did that downtown after dark."

"That bites. Around here, downtown on Colorado Boulevard is the place to be on Friday nights. Guys in their cool cars drive slowly up and down the street, showing off, looking for chicks. It's always packed and lots of fun. Afterward, everybody goes to Bob's Big Boy for a burger and fries and to just hang out and check out the cool cars."

"That sounds fun."

"It is. C'mon. Let's get out of here. It's too darn hot."

After we had covered the Austin-Healey back up, we headed further back behind the pool house and garage. There was a short path that led to my treehouse, and that's where we were headed.

"My dad wouldn't let me build a treehouse in view of his landscaped backyard, but he did help me build it. It actually came out much more private being way back there. You'll see what I mean in a minute. It's around the corner out of sight behind those trees. It's pretty neat because my parents never come back this far. It's my secret place."

"You're a lucky butt to have such a great dad. My dad is a stinking pantywaist. Well, when he was home. The last few years he was away on business a lot, so that made life bearable," Jake said sadly.

I stopped walking and turned to Jake. "I'm sorry, man. That must have sucked like nobody's business. But if your mom's gonna divorce him, you won't have to see him any more, right?"

"Nah, I don't think so. We haven't talked about it much. I don't miss him, though. Lisa and I both hate him for what he did to our mom. And we haven't seen him for a few months, which is great. Hopefully, since we've moved, he won't bother to look for us."

"Good. If he does show up, you can stay with me, so you don't have to deal with him. We can hide out here."

"Okay, that sounds like a plan," Jake said enthusiastically as we started walking again.

Once we rounded the corner, I heard Jake say "Holy shit, Batman. It looks like a miniature house that got dropped on a tree!"

In the crotch of the biggest California oaks on our property, my dad and I had built a big treehouse with full-size windows and a large porch. It had a peaked roof, so we were able to stand up inside. To get in, you had to climb about thirty feet up from the bottom of the tree to reach the trap door opening, and once you were inside it was like a party room. I had my favorite posters up, and my dad had found some blue and green shag carpet remnants for the floor, so it was nice and cozy. It had recycled windows you could prop open on all four sides, so it stayed nice and cool, and was screened in to keep the bugs out.

Last year I rigged up a pulley and litter system that came up through the floor of the porch. This way I could set Sloan in it and pull her up into the treehouse with me. She loved to hang out with me, looking out the windows for birds and other critters. And my dad had even found an old sink at an architectural salvage company in El Monte that he mounted in the corner and connected it to water from a long hose that he ran from the side of the garage. It drained out through another hose that was buried and emptied out about fifty feet down a small canyon where the mountains started at the back of our lot.

"Hey, Ryan, how do you get up there?" Jake asked with a frown. "It looks hard."

"It's easy. Didn't you ever climb a tree before?"

"Not really. I told you we lived in an apartment in the city. It was pretty ugly, all cement and everything."

"That sucks. Well, follow me then. When you climb, remember to keep three of your extremities secured and reach out with your fourth. That way you won't fall," I said as I reached out and started to climb up the side of one of the big branches.

When I got to the bottom of the treehouse under the trap door, I looked back to make sure Jake was still behind me. Despite his apprehension about climbing up the tree, he was swinging around like a gorilla. I had to laugh. I pushed open the trap door, pulled myself through and held out a hand for Jake. Once we got inside, I slammed the door shut and took a seat on some big pillows, while Jake started to walk around, inspecting everything.

"This is such a groovy place," he said looking all around. "Like I said, up 'til now we've always lived in apartments. There was never any place that I could hang out and be by myself. You're a lucky butt to have this great hideout."

"Yeah, I know. Dad's so great. I couldn't have a better old man. My mom, well, that's a different story. Anyway, my dad's always looking out for Jordy and me. He said he used to have a treehouse when he was a kid, and wanted me to have one too. He said a boy needs his own special place, a place where he can have his privacy."

"You're lucky to have a great dad like that," he said, flopping down next to me. He was so close I could smell him. It was weird, and strangely comforting how that turned me on, because that had never happened to me before.

"Yeah, I guess I am. My mom's okay for the most part, unless she's in one of her moods. Then you need to get as much distance from her as possible. You gotta look out. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does, head for the hills." Changing the subject after a couple of minutes of silence, I turned to Jake and asked shyly "Hey, do you like to get high? Not a biggie if you say no. I was only wondering."

"Um, sure. I've only smoked once before, but it was fun. It made me really horny," he said, starting to blush.

"I got a little bit of weed from a friend down the street. He and I have been smokin' once in a while for a few months now. I like the buzz, and it makes me horny too," I giggled. I reached up to a little shelf and pulled out my stash box. It was an old cigar box that Mr. Bailey had given me a few years back. It was decked out in some psychedelic paper that I got downtown at Wiggy's Record Store.

"My friend Cooper gave me this pipe since I don't know how to roll joints very well yet. Coop has had lots of practice since he's seventeen. His older brother Colton is a hippie and Coop says he can roll a joint with one hand," I said. "You'll like them when you meet them. They're both mellow guys. Coop's my best bud and Colt, well, he gives everybody shit, but he's like a big brother. I've known them forever."

I snatched up a pinch of bud and packed it in my small, rainbow-colored glass pipe. When I had enough in the bowl, I dug out my mom's Bic lighter that I had swiped out of her purple polyester purse a couple months back, and torched the flame over the end of the pipe. I inhaled the smoke and passed it on to Jake. After he had taken a puff, he started to cough and gag like crazy. I thought he was going to choke up a lung, poor guy.

"Man, slow down. Just take a little hit at a time."

Tears were streaming down his cheeks, and his face was fiery red. "Sorry, Ryan. I told you I had only done this once before."

"Hey, it's okay. Try again, but suck a little bit this time. Try to breathe in some air from the side of your mouth with the smoke."

"Okay," he whispered, still recovering from his coughing attack.

Jake pulled in a smaller breath this time, and fortunately for him, he was able to blow it out without wigging out.

"That was better. Hey, this stuff smells pretty good. The one and only time that I tried smoking pot I was with this girl from my school. Her name was Rainbow, and she was older than me. Is that name stupid or what? Anyway, we sat in her car after class and got high. But her pot stunk," Jake said, and started giggling.

"I think they call that stuff skunk weed," I said.

"Yeah! That's it," Jake said, way too loudly.

"Dude. I think you're officially wasted."

"Yeah? I feel super-groovy right now. Anyway, remember when I told you that I got really horny last time? Well, Rainbow wanted me to get down with her, but I was embarrassed and didn't want to do that with her. Especially in the student parking lot of all places, and because I was a freshman and she was a senior. It was too weird. I was afraid the campus cop would catch us and then everyone would know what we were doing."

Lowering his voice, he continued shyly, "But hanging here with you I'm getting tingly and hard again. Do you want to take your clothes off? Maybe we could jack off again. I know I could blow another load. I mean, only if you want. Do you do that out here?"

"Oh yeah. I do it all the time," I answered hoarsely. "Getting high and getting naked are two of my favorite things."

I sat up and pulled my red striped t-shirt over my head. As I reached down to untie my shoes, I looked over at Jake as he hurriedly stripped off his shorts. He hadn't wasted any time getting naked. And man, did he ever look freakin' hot. He wasn't ripped or anything, but he had a nice flat stomach, and below his tan line was that beautiful pearly white bubble butt. He had a small bush of light brown pubes just above his cock, and a wispy treasure trail crawling up to his belly button. Plus, he had a fair amount of hair under his pits, and big round nipples the size of half-dollars. Man, my dick was rock hard seeing him naked again.

I finished taking off my shoes and socks, and as I pulled my shorts and underwear down, my hard dick slapped straight up against my stomach again. When Jake heard that he started giggling.

"That's funny. I'm gonna have to call you Slappy from now on. Does it always do that?" he laughed.

"Yeah, pretty much," I said, starting to giggle along with him. We relaxed there for a minute or two, under the hot sun streaming through the windows, laughing but not saying much of anything. The cool breeze off the mountains blew through the open windows making my nipples get hard. I could hear the melancholy drone of a small airplane flying lazily over us, one of my all-time favorite sounds that reminded me of summer. I felt good, amazingly good. And it felt super-nice to be doing this with a new friend.

"You know, I'm glad I'm a guy because I love playing with my dick," I said thinking out loud. For some reason, grass always made me a philosopher. "I bet I've been playing with myself since I was probably five-years-old. If I had a pussy, I don't think it would be as much fun. It doesn't look like there is much there to play with."

"Me too," said Jake as he moved around next to me on the pillows to get comfortable. A lock of his long hair rubbed on my elbow, and my dick got even harder if that was possible. "Even before I could shoot, I've played with my cock. When I was little, I had a friend named Jorge who always wanted to play army. He made sure I was the one who got shot in the dick so he could pretend to be the medic and nurse me back to health. One time he said that the only way to get the bullet out of my dick was to suck it out. Boy, that felt great. But we only did that once because after that he had to move away."

"Wow, that's a wild story. Did you ever suck that kid's dick?"

"No, but I think I might have tried if he asked. Have you ever had a blowjob?" Jake asked.

"I never had anybody ask. I skinny dipped with a lot of my friends like I said before, but we never did anything sexy. Don't laugh, but I've tried to suck my own dick. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get it close enough to my mouth. But sometimes I like to lie on my back with my feet over my head and jack it off to try to shoot it onto my tongue," I said as I slowly stroked my dick, pulling on my foreskin and feeling kind of embarrassed for sharing so much.

"That sounds fun. I've never done that, but I have tasted my wad before. It tastes kind of good." Jake looked up at me and after a long breath said, "If you promise not to tell anybody, do you want to suck on each other's dicks?"

"Yeah," I said after a second to think it through. "Yeah, that'd be killer. But we gotta keep it a secret."

"Oh, sure. This is just between us. Should we pinky swear?" he joked.

"No, I just don't want anyone to know. You get what I mean, right?"

"Oh, yeah. No problem. I wouldn't want Lisa to find out, or she'll never stop talking about it. Don't get me wrong, she wouldn't say anything to anybody, but still, she doesn't need to know about this."

"Okay, good. So who goes first?" I asked. I couldn't believe this was finally going to happen.

"Well, since I've had my cock sucked before, I'll do you first. Then you can suck on me." Jake rolled over and got up on his knees, tucking his long hair behind his ears. He positioned himself between my legs, bent down, took a deep breath and started to tentatively lick along my shaft. It was the craziest feeling ever.

"Oh, man. That feels fucking amazing!"

"It does, doesn't it?"

"Hell, yeah."

Jake continued to lick up and down my cock for a little while, getting it good and wet. He grabbed the shaft with the palm of his hand and pulled it out toward his mouth. Letting out a deep breath, he stuck his tongue inside the tip under my foreskin and started to roll his tongue around the head. The feeling was fucking incredible. After a couple minutes of that, he began to chew on my long foreskin, very lightly. Shit. I was in heaven. My legs were starting to jerk uncontrollably, and I was breathing hard.

After a couple of minutes, he stopped to catch his breath. "Was that okay? I wanted to see what that foreskinny stuff was all about. It's kinda neat."

"Oh, yeah. That felt bitchin."

"Good," he said and went back to work. This time, instead of licking and chewing, he opened his mouth wide and put the end of my boner right inside. He closed his lips around the shaft and began to suck. Slowly at first, Jake started to go faster as he got used to my hard prick. Since this was his first time and being inexperienced, he could only take a couple of inches, and he scrapped his teeth once or twice, but I didn't care. It felt so freakin' good. Actually, too good, because I was ready to blow already.

"Jake, I'm gonna shoot. Do you want to take it?" I whimpered. "You don't have to if you don't want."

He said something, but I didn't know what it was because he had a big mouthful of my teenage meat. So I took that as a yes. Anyway, I couldn't stop now even if I wanted to. My toes started to curl, and my arms and legs went rigid. My butthole clamped tight, and my nuts pulled up into my body. I had this feeling before, but never like this. It felt like my whole body was my dick. I can't describe it other than to say my body felt like it was a giant a water balloon and all of the water was escaping from the tip of my dick. I started to shake all over, and without any warning, I shot like a geyser into Jake's mouth. I have to give him credit, though. As hard as he tried to hold it in his lips, cum and spewed out of his mouth and soaked my pubes and my balls.

"Jake, stop! It's getting too sensitive."

He looked up at me with a gooey grin. "Did I do it right?"

"Yeah, bud, you did it right. At least I'm pretty sure you did. That was the most fantastic, bitchinist feeling that I've ever had in my life. Let me rest for a second and then I'll do you."


Jake sat back down, wiping my cum from his mouth with some tissues I handed him. That was something I snuck up here for that very same reason. After a second, I looked over at him with a big smile and told him, "I'm freakin' glad that you moved in next door. I think we're going to have a great summer together.

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