A Storm Named Zach

by Flip McHooter

Chapter 6

"I can't freaking believe it!" Fiona yelled when she came downstairs and spotted us. "You boys can't keep your hands off each other for more than two measly seconds. Unbelievable. You should get married already since its legal now."

Zach surprised me when he laughed, "You're just jealous."

"You know, Puppy, you hit the nail on the head. I am. But I'm not jealous of you or Jerry. Quite the opposite. I'm actually happy for you guys. What I'm jealous about is the connection you boys have. There's some strange chemical attraction that seems to radiate between the two of you. It freaked me out at first because it was so instantaneous. I want that with a man. A man to love me for who I am. I'm tired of dickholes."

"Aww," I said. "C'mon Zach, let's give her a hug."

"No!" she laughed, "get away from me." But we did anyway. She would never admit it, but I know she enjoyed the attention.

"All right, all right! Get the hell off me. We need to lock up and get out of here. I for one am famished."

"I am too," I said. "Zach? Do we have everything you want?"

"Yeah, I think so. I've got all the stuff in my room I wanted, a couple of photo albums, my laptop and most of my clothes. Plus, my old Lego's. I don't know what I'm going to do with them. I sound like a little kid, but I couldn't just leave them here. Anyway, I think I'm good."

"Terrific. I have two purses full of jewelry, including those Tiffany boxes, a huge pile of very expensive couture outfits that will fetch top dollar, and a shit-load of high-end shoes. What'd you find, Jerry?"

"All I could find of any value was a document I'll show Zach later on, and a set of keys. I'm sorry Zach. No passport. Let's lock up and run through In-n-Out. I need a double-double, pronto."

"Yay! I love the animal-style fries. Good call, Jeremy. I hardly ever get to go there."

We barely had the back door locked, and the alarm set when the three of us spotted a female reporter and her male cameraman partially hidden in the bushes on the other side of the pool. How they got there was anybody's guess.

Zack turned to us and said to Fi and me in a surprisingly forcefully voice, "Don't say anything. I've got this. Trust me. Get in the truck and start it up. When I jump in, be ready to take off. This isn't going to be pretty for those two. That, I promise. Please. No questions. I need to do this by myself."

I bit my tongue, but we followed his orders. I waited to start the engine, though I did roll down the windows. I needed to hear what was being said to make sure Zach would be safe and not taken advantage of. As it turned out, I was worried for nothing.

Zach casually walked around the truck and directly along the opposite edge of the pool from the interlopers, like he was looking at the house for the last time. Which, of course, he was. I think he was acting as if he didn't see them, and was waiting for them to make the first move. Sure enough, when he rounded the deep-end next to the diving board, the two came crashing and stumbling out of the bushes. "Mr. Dumont, Mr. Dumont? Can we have a second of your time?"

"Oh, gosh. You scared the crap out of me. Why do you people insist on trespassing on our property? If I had my gun with me, I might have shot both of you."

"Oh my! We have questions for you. Please?" The raggedy reporter looked startled, but pressed on, not bothering to answer his question, while the heavyset cameraman took a defensive step backward. "Please? Just a few simple questions and then we'll be off. I promise this will be quick as a whistle." She was a hot mess with her smeary makeup, branches and leaves sticking out of her hair, and mud stains on her designer-looking clothes.

"Oh, all right. But this is getting so tiresome. Make it speedy. Stay where you are by the pool, and we'll talk there. I don't want my…my movers hearing this." He said that loudly, pointing to the truck, obviously wanting us to hear it. It hit me then that Zach might be a bit green, but he was no dummy. Or maybe he had enough. Either way, that made my heart do a cheerful flutter.

"Sure, sure. Thanks so much for taking our questions. We appreciate your time."

Fi jumped in the backseat, and we both turned around and got situated to watch and listen to what was going to be said. Zach didn't seem to have any fear as he walked around the pool and right up to the two. In fact, he seemed to be enjoying this. "I hope he knows what he's doing," I whispered to Fi.

"You saw how big his balls are. I have no doubt that the kid is a firecracker. I just hope he can contain himself. I'd hate for him to have a breakdown on live TV."

"I agree. Zach doesn't need that after all he's been through."

"How did you get in here? The gates are locked." Zach asked the reporter.

"Through your neighbor's yard. He was very accommodating."

"Mr. Chow? Figures. He's always been a mean old asshole. I suppose you paid that cheap ass."

"It's all part of the job. Do you mind if we film this?"

"Sure. Go ahead. Make yourself proud."

"Great. Luis, camera ready?


"Well, hurry up. What's taking you so long, you moron?"

"Geez, what a stinking, sour tampon," Fiona whispered.

"Shh. Be quiet."

"I'm ready, Ms. Danghardt."

"It's about time. Okay, roll."

"Wait a second. Okay, there, I've got the satellite connection to CNN in Atlanta. Go, Ms. Danghardt. We're live."

"Padula Danghardt here in San Marino, California on the estate of fugitive Ziggy Dumont and his family. We're talking to his son, Zachary Dumont, Junior. May I call you Zachary?"

"Sure. Is it okay if I call you trespasser?" That got a chuckle out of the cameraman, and Fi and I had to hold back a snort.

"Um, I, a, prefer Ms. Danghardt, or Padula. P.D. if you must."

"Then get on with it, P.D. Time's a wasting, as they say."

"Okay. Just to recap and bring our viewers up to speed, your father has been accused of unspeakable and unsavory acts upon his female associates and actresses from his hit movies. Just before he was to be arrested, he fled the country and his whereabouts are unknown at this time. Is that correct, Zachary?"

"That's what I've heard, but I'm not sure I'd call his movies hits, exactly. Money makers yes, quality films, no. But I'm not surprised he did any of that slimy stuff to those women, or run away. He's a big, fat, fucking douche. I've been calling him the squirt leader of the douche patrol lately. SLDP for short. Feel free to quote me on that. I think he has a tramp stamp on his ass with that. Dad? If you see this, hello, and fuck you. Thanks for fucking up my life. Also, for fucking cheating and embarrassing Mother so much that she committed suicide a couple days ago. That's all on you, you fuck-tard. Oh! Can I say fuck on TV?" Zach kind of laughed at that, but flipped him the bird anyway. Both Fi and I did too, I guess out of instinct.

"Um, no. But we can bleep that out later."

"Okay, good, not that I care. Can I ask you a question, Padula?"

"Um, yeah, sure, I suppose." Her face was redder than a blacksmiths fire. She got that he was way pissed, and looked startled losing control to a kid.

"I'm curious. Why do you look so good on television, but in person you're a fucking trainwreck? Do they use a filter? Luis? Get a shot of Ms. Danghardt. The people at home might want to know who they're dealing with here." The cameraman did, but then she pushed the camera away.

"Um, okay, enough about me. Mr. Dumont, back on point. Where is your father? Do you know where he is?"

"I have no idea. And honestly, I don't give a rat's ass. Hopefully, he'll be arrested soon and locked up for the rest of his stinking life. And Padula Fucking Danghardt, you're responsible for my mother's death too, just like my dad is."

"What? What are you saying?"

"You and your fellow reporters were the last straw. Climbing over our fence, trespassing, for the second time, I might add. Trying to break into the house to get a story just to make you famous and make you more money. I'm just a kid, but even I know better. You, lady, are scum. The bottom tier of hell."

"I, um, didn't know that happened. Tell me about it."

"Seriously? What flavor of dumbshit are you? You're such a fucking lying shitbag. You don't remember Mother pepper spraying you in the face when you and those other reporters trespassed on our property to get a scoop a few days ago? Give me that microphone. I want to give the people at home some real news for a change instead of that fake stuff everybody seems to be talking about." Zach was on a tear, and he tried to snatch the microphone out of her grasp. It was a good tussle, but he finally won. "Padula, how does it feel to know that you helped kill an innocent woman? The folks at home want to know."

"I'm, I'm so sorry. I didn't know that happened."

"Well, it did happen. If you were upstairs, you could have filmed her dead body in a pool of scotch and pills with barf and snot dried all over her face. That's on you, bitch. You should quit your job and hook up with my dad. You two scumbags deserve to be together. Luis? We still on?

"Yes, Mr. Dumont. For now."

"Great. Your viewers will want to see this. Padula, you're trespassing, and you have no business here on our property other than to further your career. You and your fellow reporters have no respect for anybody other than yourself. So, here's this. It's called payback, bitch."

Zach moved around so quickly, he was almost a blur. He shoved her hard into the deep end of the green, gross pool. After he jumped back from the splash and then took a quick bow, he said into the mic, "Good night, and good luck."

The reporter sputtered and spewed, then started to yell, which made it even more hilarious. The cameraman could hardly keep the shot on her, he was laughing so hard.

"Luis, can you take care of that rat? Looks to me like she can't swim. And look! Where'd her hair go? Sorry folks, gotta run. Zach Dumont, out!"

The kid dropped the mic into the pool next to the reporter treading water, then raced to the truck. Jumping inside, he said, "That felt so great! Jeremy, get us out of here."

"Okay, buddy. Fi?" I asked as I started up the truck. "You better text Trevor and tip him off about the guns and what just happened. I have a feeling that this house is about to become very, very popular."

"All over it." She was still in the back and started texting like crazy.

"Zach, how do we get through the gates? I don't see a keypad."

"There's a wire or sensor or something under the concrete. It'll open on its own."

"Good. I'm thinking we might want to head home and save burgers for another day because I feel you're about to become instantly famous. I wouldn't be surprised if you're on TMZ."

"Really? Why?"

"Once that airs, if it hasn't already, every reporter around the Southland is going to want to track you down so they can interview you. I'm not saying you did anything wrong, and in fact, I'm so, so proud of you for doing what you did, but now you've become part of the story."

"Crud. That sucks."

"Let's get going and put the truck in the garage. Those reporters can't possibly know where you're staying. We'll hide out for a while and see how this plays out. Then we'll plan our next move."

"Okay. Shoot, I'm sorry guys for dragging you into this mess. I really am."

"Don't be. That was the most fun I've had in a long time, Puppy," Fiona said. "I have an idea, but I'm not sure either of you are going to like it."

"Let's hear it," I said.

"Maybe we can coordinate an interview with Zach and a more legitimate reporter. That way it's on Zach's terms. Also, if we do it right, hopefully, this will be the end of it. What do you guys think?"

"It's Zach's call, but that might just work, and stop all of this B.S. But we'd have to review the questions beforehand, so Zach doesn't get blindsided. What do you think, buddy?"

"I'd rather not. But if it makes all of this stop, I'll do it."

"We'll be right there with you, Puppy. Right, Jerry?"

"Wouldn't do it any other way. And you know, you might even get some cash out of it."

"Really? Then let's give it some thought," he said.

"Trevor's not picking up his calls, so I left him a voicemail. He's probably giving some eighty-year-old woman a speeding ticket for going one mile per-hour over the limit. And I agree, we should get home as fast as possible. I'm a filthy mess, and I'd hate to be photographed looking like a dust devil."

It was quiet the rest of the way home, and at one point I told Zach to scoot over next to me. I picked up his hand and held it the rest of the way home. He looked over and smiled, and that made me very happy.

We made it safely to my house without any trouble. Fi asked if we wanted her to stay the night, but we told her to go and get some rest. I would have liked her to stay, but I didn't want her getting caught up in any more drama should the press track us down.

Zach and I had just finished eating and were about to go online to see if we could find the reporters story and to read the reactions to it when my phone rang.

"Hi sis, how's everything?"

"Shit, Jeremy. What's happening there? Was that Zach on TV just now?"

"Hello to you too," I laughed. "Yep, that was all him. Did it really make the news in Spain?"

"It did! I wouldn't have paid any attention to it except one of the boys recognized him. Ziggy Dumont is a big story over here, too. There's a rumor he's hiding out in a villa in Cannes, and the news people are going nuts trying to track him down. Poor Zach, he must be having a hard time with all of this. How's he holding up?"

"Probably better than I would be in his situation. But he's going to be okay. I think pushing her in the pool gave him some of his power back. Besides, he's a strong kid."

"That's good to hear. I'm glad you're there with him."

"So am I. Zach's a great guy. I don't know how he's coped so well with all of this. Listen, Fiona's dad gave us some advice, and we were able to get most of his stuff out. Tell Henry that her dad is working on this, and he's checking to see if his practice will take it on pro bono."

"That's terrific news. I'll pass that on. Well, honey, I know its late there, and you boys must be exhausted after your crazy day. I'll let you go. I just wanted to make sure you both were all right. Please call me if you need anything, okay? Doesn't matter what time it is."

"Thanks for that. We'll do it if we have to. Give everybody my love."

"Okay – hold on a sec. What? Oh. Ricky wants you to tell Zach he thought Zach was a badass."

"That's funny. I'll call if something comes up that we can't handle. I promise."

"Was that your sister?" Zach asked when I hung up.

"Yeah, she saw a clip of you pushing the reporter into the pool. I guess it's a big story over there, too."

"Wow. That's kinda cool, in a weird way. I guess it makes sense since my dad's family comes from some little town close to the French Rivera called Narbonne. Barcelona isn't all that far from there. Did she say if they aired the f-bombs? I feel kinda bad for doing that."

"Don't be. They probably did, though. Things aren't censored in Europe like they are here. I couldn't believe it when we were in Paris on spring break a few years ago, and they showed a chewing gum commercial with the ladies' boobs showing. The twins got a huge kick out of that."

"I bet they did. We need to see the clip with that reporter and me. I wonder if I looked like a raving lunatic."

"You didn't. Other than dropping those f-bombs – which were great by the way, like I said – you handled it quite maturely in my opinion."

"Thanks for that. It all happened so fast, I'm not sure I remember all of it."

"I don't doubt that. You want to pile the dishes in the sink while I let Indy out? We'll clean up in the morning. The good thing is no one's here to yell at us for leaving a mess."

"That's true. I could never do that at home. Mother would freak."

"I know, me either if everyone was here. Be right back."

When Indy and I got back inside from checking the backyard for interlopers, I caught Zach staring absently out the dark window. He didn't even hear us until Indy came racing into the kitchen. "You okay, buddy?"

"Yeah, just a lot today, you know?"

"I do. But I have something I think will take your mind off things for a while."

"Oh, yeah? What's that?"

"I feel dusty, and I need a hot shower. You probably do too."

"I do. That'll help me sleep better tonight."

"Right. C'mon, let's go."

After setting the house alarm and turning off the lights, I took Zach's hand and headed to my bedroom. As Indy snuggled contently in her pillowy bed, Zach took a minute to look around.

"I was going to ask you last night what this stuff is, but I was too tired. Your shelves are full of unusual and strange things. What is all this stuff? The lights make it look like a museum."

"It's just stuff I've collected over the years. You know, things I like, or from my travels, or have a special meaning to me."

"It's so, I don't know. Random, I guess you'd call it. You've got rocks, an autographed electric guitar signed by Malvern Gasperon, whoever that is. I like the crazy ceramic spider with wire hair, but I have no clue what that gold thing is. How old are you, really? Sometimes you seem to me like a forty-year-old man trapped in a young man's body."

"That's a Tibetan prayer wheel. And to answer your question, I'm only three years and one month older than you," I laughed. "I've been collecting things since I was a kid – I call it my sacred artifacts – because of the energy it gives off to me. The majority is all positive, but a handful give off something that feels itchy to me and makes me want to scratch. You know?"

"No. Unfortunately, I have no clue what that means."

"Stick around, buddy. You'll eventually understand my weirdness."

"I don't think you're weird at all, Jeremy. I think you're just a guy that had to grow up way too fast and you have a need to make sure everyone around you is safe. Also, you need to laugh more."

"Ah, young warrior. You're very perceptive. C'mon, let's get in the bathroom."

"I like it when you call me that. Hey! Are we taking a shower…together?" he asked.

"Don't see why not. Is that okay with you? We're in a drought, you know."

"Hell, to the yes! But wait. What if we get, you know, boners?"

"I don't know. What do you think will happen if we get boners?"

"Um…oh gosh. That maybe we should wash them until they're really, really, really clean?" he said shyly.


"Then what are we waiting for? Let's go!"

Once in the bathroom, he rushed to take off his shirt. I told him, "Slow down, buddy, slow it down. I'll do that for you. Jump up on the counter so I can take off your shoes and socks first. You need some special pampering after what you've gone through the last few days."

"Oh, God. This is so amazing. I'm gonna get stripped by the hottest guy in the universe!"

"You think I'm hot, huh? Well, I think you're hotter, so that makes me the second hottest in the universe. And you know what else?"

"No. What else?"

"When Ricky saw you on TV, he said you were badass for dumping that reporter in the pool."

"Really? That's funny. I can't wait to see them again."

"They want to see you, too. Did you bring more shoes? These look pretty ragged."

"I did. I got most everything but my tux. I'm never going to need it, and besides, it doesn't fit anymore."

"Good to hear. If you need anything, we can order it from Amazon and have it shipped here in my name. That way no one will know you're here. I have a feeling we're going to have to lay low for a few days until all of this settles down."

"That sounds like a good plan."

"Ever had a foot massage?"


"Then you're going to love this."

"Sweet. Jeremy, you're the best. I'm so glad I ended up here instead of that shelter. I really am."

"I am too, buddy, I am too. Lean back against the mirror and try to relax while I do my magic."

I spent maybe ten minutes working on his feet, pushing on points that I had read somewhere both relaxed and energized people. He seemed to love it and sighed quite a bit. At one point, his eyes were closed, and the tip of his tongue was sticking out between his lips. I was beginning to think this kid was probably starved for affection, a task I was more than willing to correct.

"You've got long, fleshy toes. Whose side of the family does that come from?"

"I don't know. My mom was short and plump and had tiny feet. Dads are really fat and crooked. I guess they're just mine."

"Makes sense." This wasn't the time to bring up the document I found earlier in his dad's office, but I wouldn't be able to put it off much longer.

"You better stop, or I'm going to fall asleep, and I don't want to do that yet," the kid said.

"Okay. Jump down."

Once he was standing again, I told him to take his glasses off and put his hands in the air. He didn't say anything but gave me a big, lopsided grin as I pulled his shirt over his luxuriant mop of chocolate curls.

"Should I keep going?"

"Heck yeah. This is so wicked. I can't even believe I'm here with you doing this."

"I know. It's fun for me, too. I can't wait to get you in the shower all naked and soaped up."

"Oh, gosh. That's so freaking sexy. Um, Jeremy? Can I tell you a secret?"

"Sure. I won't tell anyone."

"Well, don't laugh. I used to have the biggest crush on you when I was younger and came over to swim with the twins. You were always so nice to me. And now we're doing this! It's almost making my brain explode."

"Don't do that! That'd be a huge mess to clean up. But you know, I kinda remember that. You were always looking at me."

"I was. I don't know if it was because I was figuring out what being gay was all about, or that I wanted a big brother more than anything. Does that freak you out?"

"Why would it? I thought you were a little cutie too, back then. You still are. And now we're going to get naked with each other. How cool is that? It's strange how life takes all these great twists and turns. You ready for me to take your pants off?"

"Hell, to the yes! Be careful, though. I'm so excited my boner might slap you in the face."

"I guess that's a chance I'll have to take." He just giggled.

I slowly unbuttoned his jeans, and carefully pulled the front out and slid them down his hips, leaving him in just his borrowed, boxer briefs. Sure enough, he was harder than hard, and when I saw the outline of his business, it was actually throbbing. "Pick up one of your legs so I can get these off."


"Wow, you're right," I said when I got his pants off. "You've got quite the boner action going on there."

"That's all your fault."

"Is that so? Well then, is it okay to take your underwear off? I'm sure Zach Junior will be way more comfortable that way."

"Oh, God. Please do. And hurry."

"Maybe I'm going too fast. Maybe I should slow down a bit," I teased. "Maybe we should save this for tomorrow."

"No! No, way. C'mon, Jeremy, strip me. Please?"

"Okay, buddy. Let's get a good look at you." I slid off his boxer briefs, and wouldn't you know, his erection sprang out and slapped hard against his sexy stomach. "Wow. You weren't kidding. Your boner is very, very excited."

"I know, I know."

"Zach, turn around. I want to see your butt."

"Oh, God. Okay."

"I have to say, that's the most beautiful ass in the entire world. Guaranteed."

"You're so funny."

"Your bruises look a lot better today. They're starting to fade."

"That's great. Can I turn around now? I want to strip you. It's my turn now."

"Oh, so forceful. I love it."

"Oops, sorry. I didn't mean to hit you with my hard-on."

"Don't be. That's why they call it a weapon."

"Okay, Jeremy, get on the counter. I want to give you a foot massage like you gave me."

"Don't worry about it. You can do that tomorrow. Let's get to the good stuff," I said, toeing off my shoes.

"Oh yeah! Put your hands up. Oh, my gosh. I can't believe I get to see you naked. This is so sexy, stripping you."

"I know. It's awesome."

"Okay, here goes." He was so excited when he reached out for my t-shirt that he was actually shaking. I was taller than him by a few inches, and when he had trouble getting it over my head, I had to bend over a bit.

"Oh, wow! You're ripped. Do you go to the gym, like 24/7?"

"No, and I'm not ripped. I just swim laps almost every day, though. I have since I was a freshman in junior high school."

"I'm gonna have to start doing that. Your body looks great. Um, Jeremy? Can I feel your chest?"

"Sure. Go for it. I grant you free reign, Prince Zach."

"You're funny. This is so great. Your body is super-sexy. I like your big nipples."

"Thanks for that. But you better get me naked, or we're going to be here all night. Take off my pants, buddy."

He took a deep breath and shuddered. "Okay." It didn't take long before I was standing there in front of him in only my underwear. "I need to get some sexy undies like you have. Mother only got me boring white ones. I'm too old for little boy underwear."

"We can get you some cool, sexy ones. Definitely. The ones that show off your sweet package and that fine butt of yours. Maybe a colorful jock? That would look so great on your buns."

He giggled, "That would be super awesome! Is it, um, is it okay if I feel you up before I take these off? You look so sexy all boned up like that in that tight fabric, and I've never touched a guy like this before down there. Well, I've never touched a guy before, period. I wanna savor it."

"Go for it, buddy. Like what you told that reporter, make yourself proud."

He tentatively put his hand on my hard dork, and felt around it a little bit. Then he got serious and wrapped his palm around the shaft, sliding it up and down a little. "It's so hard. And so warm."

"That's because of you. You made it that way."

"Oh, gosh. I have to see it. Can I take it out now? Please? I really, really need to see it."

"Of course. It's all yours."

Zach stretched the elastic out, and then slowly, and I mean slowly, took his sweet time pulling them down to my ankles. I helped him out by kicking them across the room. He let out a gasp when he stood up and saw my boned-up naked body in all its glory.

"It's beautiful, Jeremy. More than I'd ever imagined."

"C'mon, let's get in the shower."

We followed our boners into the large enclosure, and after getting the water warmed up, Zach asked me, "Why is the floor so warm? It's almost hot."

"We had a great architect when we remodeled the house a couple of years ago. She suggested something called radiant heating. Somehow, it's programmed when you turn on the lights. Not sure how exactly, but all I know is it sure feels good on a cold day, or when I get out of the pool, and I'm cold and tired."

I turned Zack around, so he was facing the front, then flipped a switch so the water was spraying out all the jets. "This is so cool. You've got jets all over the place. It's like being in a rainforest. The only thing missing is the call of the birds and monkeys."

"True. I love this shower. When I got my trust money when I turned eighteen, all I knew was I wanted my own bathroom. It was tough sharing with the twins when I was younger. They spend so much time on their hair you'd think they were girls. Now, they're jealous and try to come in here and use mine. Okay if I shampoo your hair?"

"Yes, please. That sounds awesome."

"You've got great hair. I'm glad you let it grow out," I said as I squeezed some shampoo into my palm and then worked my hands together. "Close your eyes."

"Oh, man, Jeremy. That feels so great. You're turning me into mush." He probably didn't realize that he had fallen back into me.

"Then I'm doing my job to make you feel good." I massaged my fingers all over his scalp, taking my time. "Okay, I think we're done here. Don't open your eyes yet. I need to rinse this off."


"There. Zach, turn around. It's time we get soapy."


I grabbed a bar of soap and told him, "I'm going to lather you up. How does that sound?"

"Better than awesome. But then I get to do you, right?"

"Absolutely, buddy." I soaped up his stomach, arms, and hands, but stayed purposely away from his privates. I squatted down and cleaned up his legs and feet and toes, and then spun him around. Starting from his neck and down his shoulders, he started to giggle when I rubbed his meaty buns. "What's so funny?"

"Nobody's touched me there before. It feels good, but kinda tickles."

"You want me to stop?"


"Good. Okay if I soap up your crack?"

"Holy shit, yes! This is so great."

I slowly ran my soapy fingers up and down his crack lightly, and when I ghosted his rosebud, he let out a soft squeak. "Like that?"

"Oh, God. That feels amazing. You better stop doing that or I'm gonna blow."

"Okay. Your turn. Get me all soapy, young warrior."

"Finally!" He did the same thing to me, only much faster than I did him. I couldn't blame him for being so eager, but it felt great just the same. When he got to my butt, he seemed shy all of a sudden.

"It's cool, buddy. Dive on in there."

"I can't believe I'm doing this. This is so outrageous." He slid his soapy hand between my butt cheeks and said, "It's so warm there. Am I doing this the right way?"

"Yeah, buddy. There's really no wrong way. It feels amazing having you touch me like that. But you're right. I'm about to blow too. Get back in front of me. What do you say we wash up our junk now?"

"Yes! But, um…can we kiss for a minute?"

I didn't bother to answer him, and instead, locked lips while I palmed his erection. It was red-hot and throbbing, and when he grabbed mine, he stuck his tongue deeper into my mouth. It was fan-fucking-tastic.

Soon enough, we had to break off our sizzling kiss because we were panting so hard. Zach croaked out, "I'm about to shoot."

"Do it. Fire all over me, Zach. I want to feel your hot jizz all over me."

A millisecond later, he did, and I was surprised at how forceful it was. That triggered something in me, and I quickly wiped up his goo, rubbed it on my erection and after a few strokes, shot all over him too.

This was nothing like I had ever experienced with my ex. I thanked the Cosmo's for bringing Zach to me. This was all I ever wanted. I hoped Zach felt the same way.

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