Happily Ever After

by Flaulus

"Martin, get down here now."

Martin sighed and closed his books. At least he was ready for the history test due that day. He hurried downstairs to face his uncle Joe.

"Why didn't you help Carol with her maths homework? Don't you have any concern for this family?"

"I tried to show her, but she just wanted me to do it, so she could copy it."

"All I know is, she asked for help and now, it's not done. Wait for me in your room after school today. Paul needs clean towels. See to it."

Paul did not need clean towels; he wanted a fuck, but Martin did not dare insult his other cousin by saying so. Uncle Joe would really lay into him if he accused his older son of being a pervert. His uncle's word, not his because Martin knew he was gay. He was also a sub and something of a masochist though, not quite sixteen, he did not think in those terms. He just knew the punishments Joe meted out had strange effects on his body which he liked, but it also felt wrong, yet he was unsure why.

He took the towels from the cupboard, headed for Paul's bathroom and entered, locking the door behind him. He quickly stripped and bent over the toilet pan.

"In trouble over Carol's homework again?" Paul asked.

"Yes, Paul." Martin replied.

"She shouldn't rely on you. She's going to be in a test where you can't do it for her then she'll be stuffed. Dad might understand that. Ready?"

"Yes Paul." Martin replied again.

Paul leant over him, grabbing his cock, "Yes you are, aren't you? You sure could make some girl happy, but it's not going to happen, is it? I'm glad I found that download of yours. At least I know this makes you happy."

Paul's eighteen-year old cock pushed into Martin who relaxed allowing the invasion. The sight of Paul's swimmer's body always aroused Martin, but Paul's coolness always left him feeling used. There was little time in the morning as they got ready for school but Paul was in a good mood because he was planning on going out with Chloe that evening. He gave Martin a chance to wriggle and accommodate him before he thrust, pumping into Martin with all his late teen strength. The pumping turned into violent spasms as his jism shot deep into Martin, and then he pulled out telling Martin to fetch a tissue then get out.

Already coming down from his high, he wanted to forget his deviant behaviour. Martin was now an embarrassment though Martin would have to hurry home from school and lay out clothes for Paul before he got home from the mall where he hung out with his friends. The breakfast table was crowded so, as usual, Martin stood at a worktop, not included in the conversation and since he was already standing, he could fetch anything the others needed.

"The Queen was there, last night." Martin's aunt was saying as she glanced at the society pages in the newspaper. "You'd think Ricky Maitlin would at least wear a tie. It's so disrespectful."

"Oh, he's ill." Carol replied, "They didn't know if he'd even make it. Did you know his favourite colour is brown. Daddy, I must go to his next concert. Please. I'll meet lots of famous people, and I might get my picture in the papers. That'll be one in the eye for Sharon Wheatley. Please Daddy, will you buy me tickets?"

The conversation droned on but Martin stopped listening. Aunt Angela couldn't be expected to wash up after preparing such a nice meal so Martin did it to show his gratitude for being looked after so well.

No-one bothered to wait until he was done, so he walked to school but at least he could meet up with Ben and Melissa. They had been his friends before his parent's car smash and understood how his life had changed. Although they had become boyfriend and girlfriend, they accepted Martin being gay and even that he was a little kinky. Ben was not interested but although he rarely said it out loud, reckoned that Martin's home life could make anyone weird.

"We're going to have to do something about your birthday." Ben said, "How about we go to that gay club?"

"They'd never let us in. You're seventeen, so you might get away with it, but they wouldn't even look at my ID before turning me away."

"Craig still wants to get one over on Paul for trying to take his position on the team. He'll help and Melissa's got an idea. You're going to that club for your birthday," Paul paused smiling. "I was going to say, even if I have to put a collar round your neck and pull you along with a lead, but it might be a good idea for that place, and you'd probably like it."

Martin smiled. For a few minutes each day, he could be himself, and he valued Ben's friendship more than anything.

"Thanks guys," he said, "Do you want to get your usual question out the way?"

"Not today. You won't let us call social services because you don't think your treatment is that bad and if they make you stay it'll only get worse. Your birthday's on a Friday, isn't it? Will you be allowed out?"

"As long as I'm back by about one. Uncle Joe's got some do, and the family's going, but he doesn't think it'll be my sort of thing."

"Perfect, it's all fitting together. It's not that much of a surprise though. You're always left alone on your birthday, aren't you?" Paul chuckled again, "Sorry! I was thinking of the possibilities if you had a fairy godmother … I mean, godfather looking out for you. Now isn't a fairy godfather a thought?"

Martin laughed with him. Ben was always teasing him about his sexuality, but it was never malicious. Even Martin could imagine the Godfather from the iconic film camping it up as he cast spells from his wand.

They reached school and for a time Martin could be just a student, no different from anyone else except, unlike other students, he dreaded the bell for the end of school. He hurried home and completed his chores then settled down to do his homework. By seven o'clock it was nearly time for Uncle Joe to get home, so he put his books away, then stripped. He recovered the canes and straps he kept out of sight behind the chest of drawers and laid them on the table. At the sound of Uncle Joe's car pulling up, he stood to face the door which always had to be wedged open unless they had visitors. Then he was expected to shut himself away.

It would have added to his torment if he had been kept waiting, left to deal with his fear, but Uncle Joe was too eager. Fondling Martin's private parts, seeing the welts and bruises appear on the boy's arse as he was beaten were enough to send him scuttling for the bathroom. Uncle Joe was flushed and eager when he arrived, but the aim was to dominate Martin and show him who the adult was, not to have any concern for Martin.

"You are such an ungrateful whelp considering how we took you in. I expect you to at least help Carol. You know how she's struggling this year."

"I did help her but now I'm just doing her work for her. She doesn't pay attention in class because she doesn't have to. The end of year exams are coming up, and she's going to fail because she hasn't done any of the work. I've tried to tell her and I've tried to tell you but you won't listen."

"Bend over. Grab your ankles."

Martin's cock tingled as he obeyed and enlarged slightly at Uncle Joe's touch, but it was not enough to prevent his revulsion for his Uncle. Martin yelped at the first stroke, but held position. He could try to avoid bursting into tears but had discovered it was often enough to have Uncle Joe rushing for the bathroom.

"Stand up and face me." Uncle Joe snapped, leaving Martin pleasantly surprised. It had only been six strokes and for once Uncle Joe was in no rush.

"That was for speaking to me so insolently but you may be right about Carol. I'll supervise her homework, and it'll be a good time for you to clean her room. Stay in your room tonight, except when you come down for your meal."

In other words, you can act as servant and do the clearing up, but we don't want you around after. Meanwhile, Ben was talking to his mother.

"I'm worried about him too, but I agree; it's his decision about social services." she said, "I'm not happy about this birthday treat of yours though. I'm not even sure a club like that should exist. Boys like you certainly shouldn't be going to it."

"And you're going to say: it's a phase, and he'll grow out of it. He's let one or two things slip, and I'm not sure he'll get much worse there than he gets at home."

"Let me see. You're arranging a false ID, a disguise and some kinky clothes and I'm supposed to say, 'well done, son'. Don't expect me to be happy about it."

"If there was any point, I'd buy him a decent phone but one of his cousins will just borrow it. What can I give him that's his, and he can keep?"

"OK! Don't push it. Craig's taking him and making the arrangements though how he knows about it all, I don't know. Well yes. He was a wild one before he met Joanna, but I didn't imagine it included anything gay."

"It didn't. He didn't care about it, and he could talk himself out of trouble. He talked a few of his friends out of trouble too so now they owe him."

"And you're not going."

"No, Mum."

"Then yes. He can change here. Your Dad and I will go out for a meal, and you can have the place to yourselves."

"Thanks Mum. You're the best."

"I know. He's welcome to stay here. Rose and I were friends, so I'll look out for her son. Take this in case he needs anything and no, I don't want to know what you buy."

Craig joined them on their way to school one day.

"I've got you a card but be warned: don't let anyone see it close up. You're lucky, your birthday is on one of their open nights so admission is more relaxed. Don't go to the bar and don't try to go through to the more private areas because your card will be looked at far more closely. Ben says you're into this sort of stuff, so you'll wear a collar and one of those extendable leashes. People can talk to you, stuff may be going on, and you can watch, and we'll go whenever you say. If someone tries it on, you can tell them to ask your master. That's me on the other end of the leash."

"I'll just be standing near you all the time, but I can move around a bit." Martin said.

"That's right. There's no dress code, so you can wear shorts and T-shirt, but we've got you some stuff to wear underneath. If you ask, we'll go, if you want, you can drop the shirt and shorts and look more the part."

Craig thought for a moment, "Yes! You'll see a lot of first timers more nervous than you. Some of the regulars circulate to make them more welcome while some see it as a changing room for the back rooms and some see the newbies as easy targets. Some of them are."

Martin grinned so Craig asked, "Do you still want to go or do you expect to get laid?"

Martin shook his head but replied, "I don't think I'll meet anyone. Uncle Joe and Paul say they're straight and hate gays, but they do stuff to me then hate me because I know. I feel bad because I feel good if you get what I mean."

"I think so and a 'watch & learn' visit will show you, you're not alone."

Martin nodded happily. He already felt better about himself because his friends took him seriously, accepted him and for the first time since his parents died found himself looking forward to his birthday though nervousness competed with his excitement. On the day, his aunt and uncle managed perfunctory, 'Happy Birthdays' then promptly ignored him.

"You may as well visit that Ben boy, if he'll have you." His uncle said, "Home by twelve though. We don't want you waking us after we've got to bed."

Relieved that the hoped for permission to be out had been given, he found himself able to leave earlier than he expected. Somehow, Ben's mother managed to find him a cake, and some party food to make use of the extra time.

"Ben says he's too old for jellies, and the like, but I don't really believe him." Ben's mother said, "I'm afraid it's all I could rustle up at such short notice. Enjoy."

All Martin could do was look at the spread. There were sausage rolls, dips, and sandwiches and of course the cake but at home, it would all be for guests, not for him. Craig had visited Paul once or twice, watched Martin for a moment or two and guessed what was wrong.

"I'm your Master tonight, so fill two plates." Craig ordered.

His mother frowned about to interrupt but waited as Martin obeyed offering them to Craig, but Craig only took one.

"My second command. Enjoy!" Craig said sternly then turned to his mother, "It's pointless trying to break his conditioning for one night, so let's use it."

"One of these days, you must tell me what you got up to," his mother smiled. "Maybe you could write a book about it."

"Martin, I'm thirsty so why haven't you poured us drinks?"

His mother watched, unhappy at a guest being treated so rudely and uncomfortable that Martin seemed happy as he responded. His body was also responding, his cock was becoming eager to leap to the display, and he was conscious of his nipples rubbing against his shirt. It all felt even better because he could see Craig also enjoying himself. Craig and Ben's mother sighed, worried about Martin but decided to leave earlier and drag her husband to the shops before the meal. Melissa arrived, and Ben's mother was delighted at the passionate way he greeted his girlfriend, secretly glad that Ben seemed normal, then fretted about leaving them alone, but she relaxed. They went off on enough quiet walks and had enough opportunities.

Once the parents were gone, Craig asked, "OK Martin. You can be a good little slave and just do as you're told, or you can relax and let go a bit. What do you want to do?"

"I'll obey, Master." Martin replied, "I am relaxing because I don't feel like an ungrateful whelp abusing your hospitality."

"OK! Melissa, this might not be for you but I want Martin to strip."

"I've got two older brothers. I've seen it all, but I'll wait in the other room if Martin prefers."

"It's not his decision, it's mine." Craig said, "Until he says differently, he's getting the full treatment. Martin, strip."

Martin was not exactly happy as he obeyed. He was embarrassed that his stiffening manhood would be on display, but there was a difference. He was surrounded by friends who would not hate themselves for being excited by the scene. They would not hate him for giving them such sinful pleasure.

"It's a pity you're not straight." Melissa giggled, "You could make any girl really happy with that thing."

Martin blushed at the compliment while Ben flushed angrily, but Craig intervened with, "He'll make any boy happy as well. Martin, display."

Martin faltered, uncertain what to do, expecting a torrent of abuse for his ignorance.

"That means you stand with your feet spread to just beyond shoulder width and your hands behind your head. Be warned, every part of your body is available for inspection. If you do it now, you'll display whenever someone speaks to you tonight."

It was Ben who seemed the most uncomfortable so Craig said, "OK! Martin is a slave, and I'm taking him to market instead of a bar. You might be straight but what would you look for in a slave?"

"I don't know. To make sure he's fit and strong?"

"It'll do for a start. We're agreed he's got an impressive hard-on but does it say anything about his fitness? Martin, stand on tip-toe. Ben, do you want to feel his muscles to see if they're as firm as they look?"

As Ben shook his head, Craig added, "We can't do a full medical, but shall I show you how to test for hernias?"

"I don't want Martin treated like this. You're just as bad as his relatives." Ben exclaimed.

"Am I? He can tell me stop if he likes because it's just a bit of role-play. What do you say, Martin?"

"I think we should stop because Ben doesn't like it." Martin replied, "I don't want you to though."

"OK, you can relax, and it's time to dress you. Happy Birthday, Martin this is from our mother, as well as Ben." Craig paused uncertainly, "We wanted to give you a proper birthday, but there wasn't time to wrap your presents."

Craig grabbed a plastic bag and took out a leather collar.

"If I put it on you then you're committing yourself to b e ing a slave tonight . Maybe I keep asking, but is it what you want?"

"Yes, it is." Martin replied, "I feel safe because I trust you all, and it's a nice feeling. I'm beginning to understand why I don't like my relatives."

Once the collar was fitted, Craig took a leather thong out of the bag and showed it to Martin.

"It was difficult finding one your size, but your fairy Godfather helped again, and we found this . Ben told me about his little joke. It's got press-studs on the sides so Ben can put it on, and you just hold your position."

Ben hesitated, so Craig added, " It's friendship, not gay and yes, you can touch him. I n fact, i t would help if you touched him far more than you needed."


"M aybe nothing will happen tonight, maybe he'll be touched and groped a few times; it's a bit more than a family night out. If he can't cope with you, then we'll have to rethink tonight. "

B en nodded, took the thong and slid the side pieces round Martin's leg, pressing the studs together. He pulled it up to Martin's waist, fumbled for the two ends, and pressed them together. Without thinking, he pulled the front of the thong forward and tucked Martin's cock inside then slid his hand up Martin's stomach to his chest. Martin shuddered at the gentle touch.

Ben suddenly realised what he was doing, and the others were still watching. He might have snatched his hand away but instead, he said, "I t's weird because it doesn't feel gay if there's a reason to touch him. Let's see how he looks in the leg irons."

Despite the constant put downs he got at home, Martin thought he looked good when he saw himself in the mirror. Not naturally hairy his smooth skin emphasised his youth. The club normally barred anyone under eighteen, and as a n eighteen-year old, Martin may seem a little underdeveloped, but his musculature was emphasised by his stockiness, s o although sixteen it meant Martin could pass as older. Ben was getting a little annoyed because Melissa seem far more impressed than he wanted her to be in another boy . Looking at the leather collar and the leather cuffs around his ankles, M artin felt good about himself. The chain between the cuffs restricted his movement slightly, but it seemed to add to his sense of being owned.

Back in the living room where the food was, Craig said, "OK, slave. We're sorry there'r e no candles to blow out, but wishes work just as well if you make them as you make the first cut. Leave some for Mum and Dad and make sure you have the biggest slice. Get busy boy."

"Thank you." Martin said between mouthfuls, "I get what's wrong at home now. I think I should speak to social services."

"Tonight?" Craig asked.

"No. I'd like to go somewhere where this is normal. Ben and Melissa are waiting for us to go as well. I'll start clearing up."

"You won't." Craig said, "It's your birthday, and it's time for us to go. You'll have to take the cuffs off until we get there. Have you got his travelling clothes, Ben?"

"Pity, I'd like to keep it all on. It feels so good."

"You could wear a pair of my sweats, but they won't look so good at the club." Ben said.

"He'd have to take them off before we went in." Craig said.

"OK!" Martin interjected, "I'd rather wear my gear in the club, not shorts or sweats."

It was dark outside, and the leather cuffs and collar passed as extensions of the sweatsuit from a distance. Once in the car, no-one would look at him twice, but Martin felt the leather embracing him, so he was happy.

There was a cloakroom at the club and as Craig predicted the attendant/bouncer only gave the card a perfunctory look. He was more concerned that the sweatsuit was not part of the dress code. Craig was wearing denim and boots, the top a waistcoat now open, exposing his chest.

"OK, Martin. It's time to strut your stuff. Get those sweats off.

As Martin obeyed, the bouncer forgot to be suspicious about Martin's age, accepted that he was well inside the dress code and watched jealously as Craig clipped the leash to Martin's collar. Craig ran his fingers down Martin's body knowing the bouncer was hungrily watching as his fingers briefly slipped inside Martin's thong. Although highly nervous, Martin was reassured by the bouncer's reaction. He pushed his hips forward to help Craig who then fixed the chain to Martin's ankle cuffs and clipped his wrist cuffs together behind his back with the bouncer watching, unable to draw his eyes away. He even opened the door for them to be rewarded by a smile from Martin. The club was no place to be shy, and he was still adjusting his crotch as he dealt with the next arrivals.

Martin was aware other customers were pausing to stare, and he blushed, but then he looked at Craig and relaxed. If Craig was unconcerned, then so was he. Craig bought himself a beer and a can of cola with a straw, then strolled to a table with Martin being pulled along by the leash. He felt hands brushing his body as he passed close to customers but found himself still standing as Craig settled into a chair and took a sip of beer.

"The cola is yours." Craig said, "Be careful though. You'll have to bend down to drink it and then your arse will be on display."

Martin grinned, but jumped as a hand grabbed his arse and pushed between his legs.

"I could do with a piece of that. How about it?" A voice said.

"Not yet." Craig replied, sounding unperturbed, "I like the looks he's getting, so I might auction him off later."

Martin looked startled, even more so when the hand shifted to grab his crotch.

"You can give me a test run, now. Let's have the lead."

"You've examined the goods. Now, wait like everyone else."

The hand vanished and after a few moments Craig asked, "He's not your type, is he?"

"I didn't see him but no, I don't think he is."

"Has he put you off?"

"No, but I don't like the idea of being auctioned much."

"You won't be. A few more may come over to examine the goods, so you'll get a chance to talk, but I've kind of defined limits. Now turn round and look like a slave up for sale."

Craig was right. Others came up to him. A few had him turn round to see his arse, others felt his groin or rubbed his chest. Martin understood role-play and enjoyed himself especially when one guy stood in front of him, and he felt a definite twinge in his groin. The man was dressed in leather, tight trousers, boots and a harness around his torso. He also wore a leather mask so Martin could not see much of his face. Even so, he was clearly in his late teens or early twenties.

"I'm Mike. Can I get your master a drink?"

"Yes, you can, but you still can't play with the slave before the auction." Craig replied.

Mike grinned, "I wasn't thinking of that. I can outbid anyone here, so he's mine. I can wait. I'll fetch the drinks."

He returned with a couple of beers, and a large glass of water, also with a straw.

"You'll spoil him if you let him have sodas." Mike chuckled.

"It's his birthday, so I'm treating him." Craig explained.

"Eighteen today? Really? OK, I'm not going to ask questions but Happy Birthday."

Martin smiled, Mike smiled back and Craig was aware of something already between them. He stood up and undid the lead.

"Martin, sit this side of the table. You keep the table between you while I take a piss."

When Craig returned to the bar, Mike and Martin were chatting. Neither seemed concerned that Martin could not pick up the glass or can to drink but had to lean forward to suck on the straw, so Craig leant against the bar and ordered another beer. He still had one on the table but decided not to disturb them. Martin had glanced at him, but seemed far more interested in Mike.

It was when they were approached by another customer, Craig tensed. Although Martin did not know it, it was same aggressive individual who had grabbed Martin before. As he hurried over, so he stopped and listened.

"I'm standing in for his owner, so no, you can't have him. Neither can I. Why do think we're sitting at a table instead of having him bent over it?"

"Boy! Do as you're told. Come with me." Martin sat, not moving, so the man reached out to grab him. It happened so fast, no-one saw the punch, but the man just doubled up, sinking to his knees and Mike was on his feet standing over him.

"From what he's said, Martin doesn't need this." Mike said to Craig, "I'd get him home."

Craig nodded, and they headed for an exit as another bouncer hurried over. Martin was upset, of course, but he managed to talk about Mike.

"He's nice." Martin said, "He's looking for someone to keep house for him. He's had servants, but they have to be nice. He wants someone who wants to be nice. I wish I could do it."

"Sorry about that, but I had to get you away. He seemed to be looking out for you so did you get a number or anything?"

"No. I nearly asked, but he could have anyone he wanted. I didn't want to spoil things by asking to see him again."

"Pity. Sorry about the troublemaker, but did you enjoy yourself apart from that?"

"Oh yeah. Mike was great. He's got a hot body, hasn't he?"

Martin was still happily thinking of Mike as he changed and Craig drove him home. For the next few days Ben and Melissa got a little tired of hearing how Mike was so nice and looked so good, and Mike was still obviously on Martin's mind on the Friday as they left school.

Students stared at the limousine parked by the gates. A few looked at the young man standing beside it but if they thought they recognised him, they did not believe it until one took his phone out and tried out the face recognition.

"My phone says you're Rick Maitlin, but you're not, are you?" The boy asked.

Smiling Rick took out his wallet and showed his studio pass.

"Wow! How come you're here? Is there anything I can do? Are you coming into the school?"

"I'm hoping to meet someone. I think he's a student here. His name is Martin Fyland."

The crowd was building up and typically Carol had pushed through to the front.

"That's my cousin." She screamed, "What do you want him for? I'm sure I can help more."

"If you can find him, I'd be very grateful." Rick replied.

Before she could reply, another student called out, "There he is. Hey Martin! Over here."

He failed to see Carol's furious glare but helped make way for Martin who expected Ben and Melissa to stay with him. Martin stared uncertainly at Rick. There was something about his mouth Martin thought he recognised, and just managed to say, "Hi! Mike?"

"Don't be stupid, Martin. Don't you know Rick Maitland." Carol screamed

"It's so good to see you again, Martin. Can we talk?"

"I should get home. I've got a lot of work to do."

"Right. Carol isn't it. Your parents won't mind if I steal Martin away for a while, will they? It is important."

"Well! I suppose so. Could I have tickets for your next concert?"

"Martin will let me have your details. Is this Ben and Melissa, Martin?"

As Ben nodded, Rick added, "Would you like to join us for a coffee?"

Ben shrugged, "Why not! I'm beginning to think you're Martin's mystery friend."

"What mystery friend?" Carol shrieked.

"I don't know. It's a mystery." Ben replied.

Rick grinned as he shepherded them into the car.

"Sorry." Ben said, "I shouldn't have mentioned a mystery friend, should I?"

"I'm not bothered." Rick said, "It was no worse than showing up in a stretched limo. Tell me what you know."

"My brother took Martin to a gay club for his birthday treat. He met someone there, didn't swap names but Martin is in love. Your turn."

"I'm gay, tired of hiding it and I'm planning on taking a break while I decide what to do. It turns out we've got matching interests, but it might be going too far to have an underage lover."

"Yeah! I suppose it would." Ben said thoughtfully, "You must be serious to be here, though."

"He mentioned you a lot when he was talking to me, and we hit it off in a lot of ways. I'm heading back to the helicopter. You can all come with me for the weekend, or the limo will drop you off. Martin?"

"If I go with you, I can never go back." Martin replied, "They'll not like me going off now and leaving my jobs undone."

"I'll phone Mum." Ben said, "You can stay with us if it doesn't work out with Rick. Does that help?"

"Your mum's offered often enough. I know I can stay, it's just that Uncle Joe and Aunt Mabel can lie so convincingly. Would anyone believe me if I reported them?" Martin replied.

"Melissa, are you coming with us?" Ben asked.

"I can't. I've got no clothes, washing stuff or anything. Boys don't mind stinking. I do."

"That's sexist." Ben retorted, "She's right though. We can't go the whole weekend without a change of clothes. Well you'd probably prefer Martin to go naked all the time but Melissa and me need to convince our parents you're not kidnapping us. Martin can't go home, but I'll bring extra for him. How's that?"

"Martin. Are we going?" Rick asked.

Fairy stories would finish at this point with: 'And they lived happily ever after'. In real life, it's not always that easy. For a start, the seven dwarves, Buttons and other characters don't need their parents permission to take a weekend break and in Melissa's case, it proved impossible. By contrast, Ben's mother fielded phone calls asking for Martin while helping Ben to pack. Ben simply switched his phone off.

They were still waiting, hoping for Melissa to get permission when Craig got home.

"There's a bloody great stretched limo parked in Harper Street," he said as he closed the front door, "I bet the driver's glad he didn't have to come down our pokey little road. Do you know who's getting married or why bloody Carol and Paul are hanging around it?"

He might have said more, but he saw Rick sitting in their front room drinking tea.

"Sorry. I didn't know we had any rich relatives. You look just like Rick Maitland, but I bet you get told that a lot."

"It's why I sometimes wear a mask and call myself Mike." Rick replied, "Are you doing anything this weekend?"

"Er, I'm not gay. I was just giving Martin a birthday treat, last weekend."

"I know. It's Martin I want to invite, but I want him to feel safe, and you look out for him. Ben's less keen now that Melissa can't come so how about it?"

"Yeah! I'll come with you. Martin's a great kid and deserves a break but how do we get past the ugly sisters?"


"It started as a bit of a joke, but it's getting uncanny. They're aunt and uncle instead of wicked stepmother. Brother and sister instead of ugly sisters. We took him to a gay club instead of a ball. Yeah, he had to be home by the stroke of midnight, but he seems to be in love with a pop-singer, not Prince Charming. Most of the story seems to be there, though."

"And you made it all happen so that makes you the Fairy Godmother."

"Thanks, I think." Craig replied, relaxing. He was beginning to like Rick.

"How about we leave in my car." Craig suggested, "Maybe Ben can take the limo round for Melissa and just go for a drive then meet up somewhere."

"It sounds good. We've just got to get to the helicopter. Ben can take Melissa for a meal, on me. Let's see what I can do."

A little later, no-one noticed or cared that Craig drove off somewhere in his shabby little car that someone like Rick Maitlin would not be seen dead in. It never occurred to anyone that Rick and Martin were crouched on the floor, out of sight. They took more notice when Ben arrived at the limo and spoke to the driver.

"Hi," Ben said, "I don't know how you're going to manage around here. All the roads are a bit narrow, especially near Melissa's. Chantelle's should be OK though."

" That's quite all right, sir," The chauffeur replied, "Mr. Maitli n is a good customer, and we'll manage. It'll probably be something more modest next time, though."

Carol managed to peer in as the chauffeur opened the door for Ben but was disappointed for she could not see Rick, but it wasn't going to stop her. How dare Martin not include his cousins. Her father was not going to be pleased and would ground Martin for a year. Then, when Rick came calling, she would turn on the charm and sweep him off his feet. She had no idea how flawed her plan was, but a thought occurred to her. Rick had a helicopter and flew it himself. Supposing the limo was a decoy. Where would he land it? She hesitated. If the limo was a decoy, they'd need another car. Look out for a taxi. Craig was so far down the social scale i t took a while for her to remember h im . She stepped out, so she could look down to t he drive and there was no car. Craig had gone out again.

" Quick! Google local airfields. Fi n d out if Rick flew in." Carol screamed, "Don't just stand there. Get on with it."

P aul stared at his phone, not really listening. If Martin was breaking free of their control, would he start talking? The idea was terrify ing , but a thought occurred to him. He hurried down the road to knock and ask to speak to Martin.

"He's not here." Ben's mother replied, "He's out with Craig, somewhere."

It was true. Martin was standing next to Craig studying Rick's helicopter.

"OK!" Rick said, "Slaves sit in the back. Friends sit in the front. Where are you sitting, Martin?"

By answer, Martin opened a back door and clambered in.

"Don't worry, Craig." Rick said quietly, "Once he settled in, he'll be starting his own flying lessons. It's weird. He can start flying lessons now, but he's got to wait a year for his driving licence."

Craig was not worried about that. Pilots were highly trained professionals not a guy, the same age, who you had been drinking with a week before. He would have preferred the back seat where he could have closed his eyes and hung on tightly without being noticed. Rick seemed too relaxed as he shook hands with the farmer whose field he had landed in, and h is external check seemed far too casual. However, as he settled into his seat, Rick took his time going through the take-off checks, air traffic control seemed happy, and they waited patiently for the big rotor to spin up to speed. Rick's eyes se e med to be everywhere, and he even looked upwards before Craig's stomach sagged as the helicopter left the ground.

T he flight was uneventful b ut despite the view, Craig was relieved to be back on the ground. Craig assumed they were farmhands, but they made the helicopter secure ready to wheel in to a barn. The three youngsters got into a golf trolley and drove off.

"I own all the land round here, Rick explained. Most of it's rented out to farmers on a low rent, but in exchange they help me with security and other bits and pieces."

Craig nodded so Rick continued, "I live in the farm buildings. It's mediaeval though none of the original buildings are left, but the layout is unchanged and looks a bit like a fort. The main building is the farmhouse, but it's cut by a gateway that leads into a courtyard. There're stables on one side, a barn opposite the house and I suppose they used to be storerooms on the third side. I think it was defensive to stop pillaging, but it works just as well keeping paparazzi out. The odd fan clambers over the gate at the road and comes up the t rack , but they don't see much, and I keep the courtyard gates locked."

" I think I was expecting a sprawling mansion." Craig chuckled, "It seems more in keeping pop-stars."

"Each to his own. I've got a place in London, complete with servants, and it's where I hold interviews and where the fashion magazines take pictures, but it's like living in a museum. I do my bit for publicity up there and in return, this place is off the grid."

"It sounds ideal. I'm looking forward to the guided tour." Craig said.

"Yeah! I wanted a place where I could chill. Chilling and housework don't go together, and it's not working too well."

Craig agreed the farmhouse looked like a fort as the turned into the gateway. Rick closed the gate behind them then led the way through a side door into the farmhouse. Martin frowned at the dust on a table then stood in disbelief, taking in the living room.

"So this is Prince Charming's castle." Craig m uttered .

"It's a tip." Martin exclaimed, "How can you live like this?"

Rick looked around as if seeing it for the first time, "Yes, I suppose it is. Sorry."

"My aunt always says she wants a place where she can come in, sit down and see all is well. It helps her to be ready to greet her husband. I might be willing to act like a slave, but I want the same for you and me. Do you really expect me to drop my clothes into that pile of empty pizza boxes or the bits of pizza on the floor."

"Sorry." Rick repeated, "What happens now?"

"You go to the kitchen and fetch some dustbin bags. I'll try to make our guest comfortable."

"Don't worry about me." Craig said, "I'll help."

"OK. Let Rick show you the kitchen. See if you can make it hygienic enough for me to cook."

"I thought he was a quiet little sub." Rick said, when they were in the kitchen, "What's happened to him?"

" Nothing." Craig replied, "He's just a little more complicated than you thought. His aunt ruled the house. OK, she's a lazy cow and dumped all the work onto Martin, but she believes a home should be warm and welcoming. She certainly greets her husband passionately. She'll also protect her family no matter what. Whatever her son and husband did to Martin, she'll support them, not outsider Martin. Did you talk about a houseboy running the house for you?"

Rick nodded.

"What have you got?"

"I'd better get these bags to him. He'll get annoyed if I keep him waiting."

Craig grinned. It was not his idea of a weekend at a pop-star's hideaway, but at least, Martin seemed to feel at home. The kitchen was definitely under-used except for the dishwasher and piles of cutlery and crockery on the kitchen table which he found homes for. When Rick returned, he ushere d in Martin who looked around in grudging approval. To Craig's surprise Martin stripped, carefully laying his clothes on a chair. He rummaged through his school-bag and took out a plastic one which Craig thought he recognised.

"Ben gave it to me, before I left." Martin explained.

He took out the collar before handing Rick the tiny padlock and keys.

"Lock me in, will you, please?" Martin asked.

Both Rick and Craig sensed this was important to Martin and Rick tried to think of something to say.

"If I do this, I'm not going to ask any more. If I do this, you're mine."

Martin nodded then lifted his head slightly, so the collar was easier to reach and Rick fastened the padlock. Martin put on the rest of the cuffs, each time, waiting for Rick to lock them. He wrapped his arms round Rick and kissed him on the lips. Rick hesitated, wrapped his own arms round Martin, and the kiss continued with Craig watching, enthralled. Rick broke the hug but took Martin's hand guiding him to the door but Martin stopped him.

"We still have a guest, Master," he said, "And my rule is, everyone should feel welcome and comfortable."

Rick nodded, "Any other rules?"

"I sleep with you, we sleep naked, so we're equals. During the day, I'm the slave but to please you, this place needs to be right. If it's not, I'm in charge."

Rick looked impressed, "It sounds good to me, so what now?"

"Craig's more used to cleaning than you so h elp him in the living room then set that small table for two. I'll see what I can cook for you and Craig."

"No." Rick said, "Three. You eat with us."

"When we're alone, I'm thinking of kneeling under the table and sucking your cock while you eat." Martin said, "Let's try the master and slave thing and see where it goes. Two places."

"Is this what the fairy godfather planned?" Rick asked.

"Are you uncomfortable?" Craig asked.

"I don't know. I knew I needed help, and I am a top, but I fell in love with Martin. I feel as if I should be cuddling him, not treating him more and more like a slave."

"Martin, what do you want?"

" I had sex with Paul. That kiss just now had more sexiness … love … meaning than anything I did with h im . I want that. Being a houseboy is sexy too because I'll feel closer to Rick than if I'm just sitting around, giving nothing back. I want that too. This may seem silly but if I can use what I've learnt to make Rick happy, the last three years won't have been wasted."

" Shall we go and sort the living room?" Craig suggested , "Try it Martin's way for now."

As usual, Martin was wide awake by 6am the next morning, uneasy at just lying back, but he felt so good. Rick had been impressed that Martin had managed to serve fried chicken, potatoes and peas. He had not realised the freezer was so well-stocked, but he had managed to persuade Martin to eat with him and Craig.

Rick agreed that he could relax far more in a clean tidy room, enjoying the view as Martin cleared the table, b ut the room seemed less attractive whenever Martin was in the kitchen.

"I could get used to this." Rick remarked as Martin served coffee.

"Shouldn't pop-stars be on the drugs and booze by now?" Craig asked.

" The record label will deny rumours that I was seen at a rave."

" Why bother? You aren't at one."

"No, but no-one will believe the denial, especially since I did go a bit wild when I first made it but not now. I've got a studio here, and I like the privacy, but I guess I'm a slob."

M artin agreed especially when Rick led him to their bedroom. He was also uncertain what Rick expected and so , used to Paul's curt instructions, he bent over a chair.

"You're eager." Rick said quietly, pressing his cock against Martin's arse, but unlike Paul, Rick leant forwards rubbing his hands over Martin's back as a massage. Martin wriggled in ecstasy at the gentle touch. Even Rick's groin felt better pressed against him as the good feeling spread around his body. His cock swelled with an urgency he had never felt before. Rick's manhood was also swelling, responding to Martin's eagerness and when Rick pulled back slightly to guide it into Martin, so Martin pushed back eagerly accepting Rick into himself. Rick wrapped his arm around Martin but Martin's manhood was too eager. At the first touch, it erupted shooting jets across the room. As Martin tensed, he tightened around Rick who shot deep into Martin's body. Exhausted, Rick struggled not to collapse onto Martin whose own legs were suddenly extremely weak.

Driven by a passionate desire, Rick not only managed to stand but to pull Martin up, turn him round and hug him as they kissed again. Neither of them wanted to break the mood, but Martin began to feel uncomfortable.

"Sorry." He said, "I made a bit of a mess. I should clear it up."

"Oh! You are so romantic. No-one has said that to me before."

Martin gave a rueful smile, "I love you more and more. I wish our first night together was in a candlelit room with the bed covered i n rose p etal s, but old habits are kicking in."

"OK, slave. You do what you have to do, and I'll find some fresh sheets. At least my love can come to a clean bed."

I t had never occurred to Rick that making a bed could be romantic, but preparing to spend his first night with Martin made it special. Rick glanced around the room. Martin was right, it was no place to bring a lover and was suddenly nervous. Would Martin be put off by the mess. He need not have worried. Martin's own fear was that he would be pushed away once the sex was over, and he was happy for they were even closer together.

Rick was partly right though. Martin's upbringing could not let him rest while looking out at work to be done. He gently kissed Rick's cheek and slid out of bed to begin his chores. He was surprised to see Craig sitting in the kitchen, dressed only in boxers, drinking coffee.

"Sorry." Craig said, "I'll get dressed in a moment, but I didn't expect you to stir yet."

Martin pointedly looked at his own naked body before replying, "You don't have to. You improve the scenery."

"Happy?" Craig asked, relieved by Martin's vehement nod, adding, "I could go if you liked. I can get a cab to the station."

" No. Rick, can fly you home, tomorrow. The record man is coming tomorrow morning, and I'd like you here for that. How about you, are you enjoying yourself?"

"It's different. You know I'm saving up to move out. Well, here I feel as if I've got space to myself. I might go for a jog later, then just sprawl out somewhere without getting in someone's way."

"Fine but clean the room first will you, please? I'm going to make myself some breakfast then take Rick some coffee and juice."

"Breakfast in bed? You're spoiling him." Craig grinned, and Martin grinned back.

The request to clean the room, reminded Craig of home and his mother, but it was a good sign for it showed Martin was coming out of his shell . Breakfast in bed? Craig did not expect to see Martin or Ricky for some time, which was just as well, but when Martin did return he was carrying a bundle of washing. What startled Craig was when Ricky sauntered in some time later, he was also naked.

"Whoops, sorry." Ricky said, "Martin's trying to sort me some clean underwear. I forgot you were here. How come you're sitting in the kitchen?"

"I was thinking of going for a run. I didn't expect you down yet."

"We've both got to learn foreplay and patience." Ricky replied, "It doesn't take long then that fu c king Paul arrives."


"Martin starts thinking he should clear up. Now, he's sorting me out clean clothes. He's going to get fed up chasing after a slob like me."

" I doubt it. He always had a haunted look and always sat on the edge of a chair, not daring to relax. I watched him when he brought the laundry through. He's happy. "

" I'll dig out some sweats and come with you." Ricky said, "How about going somewhere for lunch? What would Martin like?"

"Somewhere he could swim. He used to be on a club team."

" Oh gawd. I don't suppose you know anything about pool maintenance do you?"

" I worked for a gardening contractor for a time. I know a bit about the basics."

"Let's go down to the barn."

Instead of a barn, Craig found himself in a swimming pool. The pool itself was near Olympic sized but on the far side were tables, chairs and loungers. The far wall had been modernised and consisted of wide glass doors which could fold open to allow access to a balcony. Beyond, the land sloped away leaving a view which stretched for miles into the distance.

"I've neglected this place, but the contractors still come once a month." Rick said, "Is it safe to swim in?"

"Where's the maintenance area."

Rick pointed, "Over there. Are you a swimmer?"

"Our mother, Ben and me, I mean, she was a champion. I guess Ben and I take after her which is how Ben became friends with Martin. How about you?"

"I splash around a bit."

"Martin will probably live out here. Let's see what I can do."

"I'll leave you to it."

Rick found Martin, cleaning Craig's bedroom.

"You don't have to do this." Rick said, "I suppose you'll moan if I suggest we lay down for a while in our bedroom. It's probably spotless by now, and you don't want it messed up."

"I might moan if you drop dirty clothes on the floor because that's laziness." Martin replied, then smiled, "I'd change the sheets twenty times a day if I had to."

"We'll sixty-nine and swallow everything." Rick responded, "That'll stop you panicking because the room's not perfect."

Martin grabbed Rick's cock, exclaiming, "Come on then."

During the course of the day, Rick learnt that Martin actually enjoyed doing housework between sex and towards late afternoon when Craig pronounced the pool ready, swimming. W h ile M artin sw a m or worked , f or the first time in a long time, Rick found himself in the studio, installed in one of the store-rooms, working on new songs.

"Sorry, Craig." Rick said at one point, "We seem to be ignoring you."

" I told you I wanted my own space." Craig said, "I even managed to watch a f ilm without being interrupted. I'm OK."

Martin managed to make the ready-meals tasty, and they ate well that day. As they got ready for bed that night, Rick realised that he had been naked all day. He almost regretted having a visitor the next, because they would have to dress.

The next morning they all managed to exercise; Craig by going for a jog then swimming, Martin and Rick by sex, swimming then more sex. Martin reluctantly accepted that he could not wear leather while swimming and pulled on a pair of shorts ready for the visit. He decided that he would prepare sandwiches and serve drinks beside the pool. Craig followed Rick's lead w ho also made do with shorts, while Rick accepted Martin now ran the house .

Mr. Jenkins was not looking forward to the visit. Rick was one of the label's top assets but was beginning to slip down the list. Unless he could be persuaded to deal with his private issues, then Rick would be dropped. It seemed even less hopeful when a near naked boy, possibly underage led him through to the barn, where he was greeted by Rick b ut then things began to change in Mr. Jenkins' mind, for Rick seemed so much m ore alert .

He listened carefully to events, even managing to chuckle at the references to Cinderella, and even becoming cheerful when Rick concluded by saying, "I don't want to make a big issue of being gay any more, because I've got Martin to think about. He's not shy about who he is, but he doesn't want to shout about it either."

"We could see you were burning out, and you did want to make a big t hing of being gay . I t's not a problem , nowadays, it's how it affects your fan base. Yours are primarily young females who would feel isolated if you visited gay bars with a string of r ent boys on your arm. Your career 's already peaked, but we can manage a decline, not a crash. Are you still opposed to an affair with R ose Durham ?"

" Don't panic, Martin." Rick chuckled, "Rose has a girlfriend. A pretend affair would be cover for both of us."

"I'm just running this up the flagpole for your reactions. The label starts saying Craig's got you to take up sport but deni es rumours about you and Craig having an affair. If y ou're seen having intimate dinners with Rose, we can plant the idea you might be gay, but keep your straight credentials ."

"You mean with Martin." Craig said.

"No, at least not at first. Martin is legal in this country but not in parts of t he US and South America. I'm not sure of other countries. The idea is, dinner with Rose keeps the female fans hoping for a chance with him while we expand his base into the pink pound. What's wrong, Craig, a bit cynical for you?"

"Yes, I don't get how it all affects his singing." Craig replied.

"Rick's got one of the best voices I've ever heard. There are a few who are better, and they sing in pubs and clubs all over the place for peanuts. Try to think of a great product needing the best possible branding."

As Craig nodded, so Mr. Jenkins continued, " Another reason for keeping Martin in the background is his family. Under normal circumstances, I' d say go to the police. Unless they start fostering another nephew, I suggest a different approach. Technically they're Martin's legal guardians until he's eighteen, and i f they start making counter-claims, you could be accused of kidnapping him. It'll get very messy, and the publicity could be disastrous, so w e'll get some form of locum parentis and tidy it up. We stay out of cou r t, and Martin's family avoids a ccus ations of rape ."

"OK! I get that." Craig said, "But am I the best guy to cover for Martin? Surely you need someone famous."

"So! We'll make you famous. With that body, it won't be difficult, but l et's talk product for a moment. Anything we decide is pointless if you still want to quit , Rick ."

"I started working on some ideas today." Rick replied, "One could be my best ever."

" Good! You say you come from a swimming family, Craig. Publicity could say that encouraging Rick to take up exercise has got him out of the doldrums. How about competitive swimming?"

"I'm OK at club level." Craig replied, "I'm nothing special."

" That's enough. Going back to something between you and Rick. We could get pictures of you both, nearly naked, close but only because you share a manly sport for the female fans but with a hint of something else for the gays . I'm wondering if you could launch a line of swimwear, between you . Rick, what do you think? "

" Martin, you haven't said anything. What do you say?"

"You said you wanted to try acting. That's what you'll be doing here, isn't it. It could be fun. My only rule would be, whatever happens during the day, it's me you sleep with."

"OK!" Rick said, "I'm in. Craig?"

"Yeah! I'll help if I can, but I've got a job. Can we fit it all in?"

"You said you were labouring." Mr. Jenkins said, " We'll start your contract as a personal trainer from today but stay on it for a while, will you? We'll try to arrange some photo-shoots and interviews on-site while I run it all by the directors. I expected to be recommending that you be cut loose, Rick. Instead, I think you're heading for a revival."

As in all good fairy tales, Rick and Martin could finally live happily ever after. What was more unusual, so did the fairy godmother, Craig who married a beautiful young starlet .

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