The Life of Matt Summers, Part 5

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 10

August 2015

"I'm not a paedophile Maggie." David then states as he looks around the room, he may be many things and none of them good, but he was sickened and ashamed of what he had done and despite being in denial and blaming everyone else ever since it happened, he was now beginning to accept that it was all his own fault.

"The moment you raped a child you became one David, I respected and admired the man you once were, but you aren't that person anymore and you're getting what you deserve." Maggie responds after adopting her cold tone again.

"Just don't make the same mistakes I did Maggie, all that crap about them being unnatural and disgusting may or may not be true, but when it is your child... well you're here talking to me Maggie, so we both know that you understand, so do what I couldn't and protect him from people like us." David then says as he sighs and relaxes, he was getting tired already and even with the painkillers he was still in a lot of pain.

"I will see you in hell one day David." Maggie states as she gets to her feet, before looking down at the man and despite her own feelings about him, she found it hard to not feel sorry for him.

"Maggie if there is a hell, I think protecting your son will keep you out of it." David responds before coughing painfully.

"David, we both know that I could spend the rest of my life making Florence Nightingale look like a Nazi supremacist in comparison and it wouldn't wipe away the things I have done." Maggie then states with a slight grin, she knew what she was and the only thing she could hope for now was for her son to be safe and happy, even if it went against everything she had spent her entire adulthood believing.

"Goodbye Maggie." David then states as he watches her walk away, although he can't help but be surprised when she turns and walks back to him.

"Wait a couple of days." Maggie says in an emotionless tone as she takes his hand into her own for a few seconds, before turning around and leaving the room.

"Thank you." David eventually says after a few moments of looking around his now empty room, before looking into his hand at the pill she had given him and knew what it was and why she had told him to wait a couple of days and despite himself, he couldn't help but smirk a little at the gesture.

One Week Later

"What the... oh wow." Carter mumbles as he wakes up and feels something between his legs and quickly realises that his boyfriend is down there, but despite enjoying the feelings he wasn't sure what was happening and had never felt it before.

"Happy birthday Beautiful." Wesley then says after a few moments from under the sheets, before leaning back down and getting back to work, while enjoying the sounds his boyfriend starts to make again.

"Oh wow, that feels..." Carter tries to respond but trails off for a few seconds. "Holy fuck." He then states after pulling the covers off and finally seeing what his boyfriend was doing and realising what he was actually feeling and just couldn't believe his boyfriend was doing it.

"Stop talking and start moaning Beautiful." Wesley states with a grin as he stops licking his boyfriend and looks up to him, he was just so excited and knew that this was just the tip of the iceberg for what he planned for his boyfriend today and couldn't wait to surprise him each time.

"I can't believe..." Carter begins to respond before whimpering and moaning as he feels his boyfriends tongue at his hole again and just couldn't believe his boyfriend was actually licking him there, they had both avoided doing it so far, despite the fingering and butt plugs, it was one thing neither was keen to try out and knew this was a special moment and decided to just enjoy the new feelings of pleasure.

"Alex get your lazy backside out of bed, breakfast is ready and unless you want to eat it out of the bin, I suggest you get a move on." Maggie calls out from outside her sons room, for the past week she had slowly managed to get herself together and repair some of the damage she had caused to their relationship and was confident that she hadn't left it too late.

"In a minute Mum." Alex responds after a few moments and couldn't help but smile happily, sure it was still a little awkward and despite trying her best, he could still see the disgust in her eyes and in the tone of her voice sometimes, but he knew what was happening and had been on his best behaviour in the hope that he would get his mum back to how she used to be with him.

"You have five minutes Alex, so get off the phone to Peter and get dressed." Maggie states in a firm tone, she knew what he was probably up to and despite struggling to suppress her deep rooted views on homosexuality, she knew her sons friend wasn't gay and it made it easier to keep herself in check.

"Okay." Alex responds and smiles as he hears his mum walking down the stairs.

"I told you so." Peter then states with a smirk after listening to his friend talking with him mum and couldn't be happier for his friend.

"I'm so going to kick your arse for that later." Alex responds as he takes his friend off speaker, he had wanted him to hear how much things had changed with his mum and couldn't stop smiling, even if it wasn't quite how it used to be just yet.

"Strip wrestling again?" Peter asks in an excited tone, they had only done it twice, but he thought it was fun and exciting.

"You're the gayest straight person in the entire universe Peter." Alex responds with a shake of the head, he had started to doubt that his friend was actually straight over the last few days and it wasn't just because he wanted him to be gay and wondered if he should talk to him about it or maybe even talk to one of their other friends.

"I'm twelve Alex, I can be whatever I want to be." Peter responds as he thinks about his friends words and despite still thinking that he was straight, he had to admit his feelings towards his friend were starting to change.

"Anyway Peter, what time are you heading to Matt's?" Alex decides to ask after his friends response threw him off a little bit and again he couldn't help but wonder if his friend was sending him signals or if he was just letting his heart get the better of him.

"Dad is dropping me off at one, what about you?" Peter responds in a slightly surprised tone, he wasn't expecting his friend to change the subject and wondered if he had said something he shouldn't have.

"We are going to be there around two I think." Alex responds and despite his confusion over his friends sexuality, he couldn't stop himself smiling at the fact both his parents were coming with him to the party, sure it was a bit lame having them there, but Carter had told him that parents were invited and they would just do their own thing and not get in the way and he was fine with that.

"We?" Peter asks in surprised but happy tone, he knew adults would be there and he had guessed maybe his friends dad would be going, but was hoping both his parents would go and knew how much that would mean to his friend.

"Mum and Dad are going to come for a little while, but Dad has to work so he won't be staying long and things are still a bit weird with my mum, so I doubt she will stay when he goes." Alex responds in a slightly downhearted tone, things were definitely getting better between his mum and himself, but one on one it was still hard and he knew she still avoided being alone with him as much as possible.

"See I told you that you just have to give her time to figure it all out." Peter then states after deciding to tease his friend a little, he could tell that he might get a bit down and knew this would at the very least get a chuckle out of him.

"I wish I could see you before the party." Alex states as he ignores his friends attempts to bait him, he just wanted a kiss and a cuddle and knew his friend would comfort him.

"We are spending the whole day alone at my house tomorrow Alex, but just to help you out I'm going to send you something in a minute and you need to get downstairs before your mum gets mad." Peter responds with a grin and decides to hangup before his friends has a chance to respond and quickly pulls his underwear off.

"So weird." Alex mumbles to himself as he gets out of his bed and walks over to his wardrobe to get some shorts and a top, although just as he finishes getting dressed he hears his phone buzzing and when he opens the message he has to look twice to make sure he wasn't imagining things and couldn't help but feel himself get a little hard as he sees his friends naked body and despite thinking he was imagining his friends behaviour before, he was now sure he wasn't as straight as he appeared to be before.

"Ben?" Matt asks as he reaches across to cuddle up to his boyfriend, but is confused when he realises that he wasn't there. "Ben where are you?" He then calls out again, he hated when he woke up alone and slowly sat up while rubbing his eyes.

"He is mowing the front garden." Tobias then states as he sits on the edge of his brothers bed and smiles at him, he had been bored and thought his brother would be awake already and felt a little guilty for watching him sleep.

"Oh." Matt responds as he sees his brother on the end of his bed. "Were you watching me sleep?" He then asks in a curious tone and wondered why he wasn't just in the other room watching TV or something.

"You look happy when you sleep." Tobias says as he gives his brother a shy grin, he knew that wasn't exactly answering the question, but he hadn't meant to watch him for so long and only stayed because he was afraid he would wake him up and he didn't want to do that.

"Is everything okay?" Matt decides to ask as he tries to work out his brothers expression and for the first time in a long while, he can't make out what he was thinking and that worried him.

"Are Carter and Wesley raping me?" Tobias decides to ask in response and as soon as he says the words and sees the look on his brothers face, he realises just how stupid his question was and starts to blush.

"What?" Matt asks as he leans forward and stares at his brother, his friends had told him, well they had told him enough to know they weren't doing anything his brother wasn't comfortable with and he believed them, but his brothers question threw him off and he wasn't sure what to say or think.

"Nothing, it's just, it's nothing." Tobias responds as he goes to stand up, but feels his arm being held and just sits back down.

"I know what you three have been doing Tobias and unless Carter and Wesley have been lying to me, then you wanted to do that stuff as much as they did." Matt states in a serious but soft tone, he didn't want his brother to think he didn't believe him, but he wanted him to know that he knew what he had been up to and then gauge his reaction.

"They told you?" Tobias quickly asks in a surprised and slightly irritated tone, his friends had promised never to tell anyone and he could feel himself getting angry.

"Relax Tobias, they didn't tell me what you did, but I made Carter admit that they had been fooling around with you." Matt responds as he moves across his bed to sit next to his brother. "Tobias why did you ask me if they were raping you?" He then asks as he looks his brother in the eyes, he still didn't think that anything like that had actually happened, but he needed to know what was going on in his brothers head.

"Well we were doing stuff and then we stopped doing stuff and er... well oh." Tobias responds as he tries his best to explain what he meant, but even he couldn't explain it and knew that he had just made a complete fool of himself.

"No one else will know about this Tobias, but I need you to tell me what you actually did with them." Matt then states as he holds his hand out and extends his little finger, it was the same gesture they had used all their lives to promise something to each other and he knew this was the only way he could get him to be honest with him about this and smiles when he hooks his little finger with his.

"We got naked a lot and they would play with me, you know like licking and touching my nipples and they would nibble my ears and neck and well er... kiss me as well." Tobias responds as he decides to just list everything and get it out of the way with, although he pauses for a few seconds before getting to the other stuff. "They er... you know, touched and played with my willy and I played with theirs and I er.. you know tried their sperm a couple of times." He then adds before stopping, there was other stuff, but he felt like that covered enough to answer his brothers question and just hoped he wouldn't be angry or disappointed with him.

"You gave them blow jobs?" Matt quickly asks in a surprised tone, neither of his friends had told him that and for him that was crossing a line.

"Eww no, but you know we did that sperm thing again, you know where I licked their sperm off my hand and they kissed me, but it was a bit weird that time and was really gross so I won't do it again, but it was still fun." Tobias quickly responds, he could tell his brother wasn't happy about the idea of him giving blow jobs and despite it being a little weird, he appreciated him trying to look out for him.

"Did they give you any?" Matt then decides to ask with a little smirk at what his brother had just said and while he thought his brother giving a blow job was wrong because he was straight, he didn't see anything wrong with his two friends giving his brother one, well it was still crossing a line, but not as bad as the other way around.

"They wanted to and I thought about it, but I want Beth to give me my first blow job." Tobias answers and quickly blushes when he sees the look on his brothers face and realises that he hadn't told him about the girl he met last weekend and has seen and talked to a couple of times during the week.

"Oh my god, you got a girlfriend and didn't tell me?" Matt asks in a surprised and slightly disappointed tone, he knew it was a little childish, but he thought it would be something his brother would tell him.

"She is just a girl, we haven't even kissed yet." Tobias responds, before realising why his brother seemed a little down and knew he should have told him sooner.

"Yet?" Matt then asks with a small grin, he wasn't going to let something like this annoy him and his brother didn't have to tell him everything he did if he didn't want to.

"She is so pretty Matt and she is funny too." Tobias then states instead of letting his brother bait him.

"Where did you meet her?" Matt decides to ask and shifts on the bed so that he is facing his brother with his legs crossed, before listening to his brother talk about his potential girlfriend.

"Maggie you only have to go for a couple of hours." Gordon states as he stares at his wife from across the table, he had found it hard to look at her the same way he used to before everything that happened and despite the fact he could see that she was making a genuine effort to get over her views and rebuild her relationship with their son, he still needed some time to forgive her for how she reacted to it all.

"I know and I'm really trying Gordon, but I have lived most of my life believing that gay people were scum and disgusting so..." Maggie begins to respond before being interrupted and quickly feels her heart sink when she turns to see their son standing at the door.

"You think that I'm scum and disgusting?" Alex asks in a heartbroken tone, he had just heard those words as he walked in and couldn't believe she had just been pretending to love him, while actually hating him still.

"Oh god." Maggie states as her mind goes blank and knows that she might have just cancelled out all the effort she had put in to rebuilding their relationship.

"Alex that is not what she was saying and you know how I feel about eavesdropping." Gordon decides to state in a firm tone, he knew their son had misunderstood what was being said and knew that he needed to nip it in the bud quickly.

"But I heard her Dad." Alex responds as he tries to stop himself crying, his mum had made him do that too much for him to want to go through it again.

"Alex sit down right now and let your mum explain what she was talking about." Gordon then instruct his son and gives him a warm smile as he sits down, although he purposely worded it to let his wife know that this was her mess to fix and sat back to watch the exchange.

"Alex I love you more than anything and I know I haven't shown you that in the past few weeks, but there are things about me and views that I have had for a very long time that, well that make accepting your sexuality almost impossible." Maggie states as she takes the hint from her husband and can only hope that she doesn't have to reveal anything that would compromise the organisation, even if she has effectively left it, it was not something she wanted her husband or son to know about.

"You hate me though and you said I disgust you and you said before that I was a dirty faggot and..." Alex responds before sniffling and trailing off, he was trying his best and hated crying, but this whole situation was too big for him to handle and his natural instinct was to cuddle his mum, but it was her that was causing him to feel this way and it was just too confusing.

"The only way I can think of to explain it is comparing how I feel, to how you feel about your friend Peter." Maggie then states, she had done some thinking about this possible conversation and as much as she wasn't quite ready to think too much about homosexuality and especially her sons feelings for another boy, this was all she could come up with without mentioning the organisation and it was her love for her son that was actually making her do it.

"Peter is straight though." Alex responds in a confused tone and couldn't see how his feelings were the same as his mums hate for him.

"I know that the situation doesn't quite match up Alex, but hopefully this helps you understand, you see the feelings I have about gay people is something I have lived with since I can remember and I think I would have carried on thinking that way, but because I love you, I want to change and although I know you want me to do that straight away, it isn't as easy as that and I mentioned your feelings for Peter because even though you know he is straight, it doesn't stop you loving him and wanting him to love you does it?" Maggie explains as best she can and looks at her son with a mixture of nervousness and hope, she didn't have any other way of explaining it and was praying that he would understand.

"I try, but it's hard to think of..." Alex begins to respond before trailing off for a few seconds. "Oh." He then adds in a slightly surprised tone and while he still didn't quite get it or understand how his feelings for his best friend was the same as his mums hate for gay people, he understood enough to get the point she was trying to make.

"Alex, do you understand what I'm trying to tell you?" Maggie then asks in a nervous tone, she wasn't quite sure how to take her sons response and after giving her husband a quick glance, she knew he wasn't going to jump in any time soon.

"You hate gay people for some reason and even though you love me, it's hard for you to forget or ignore how you feel about gay people because you have thought like that for too long." Alex responds in a thoughtful tone as he thinks about his mums words and again while he still struggled to see how his feelings for his best friend matched that, he was pretty sure he was right about his mums point.

"I could have left and destroyed this family and probably destroy you in the process Alex, the feelings I had, well I still have are very strong, but I love you more, you just need to be patient with me and if it's possible, try your best to not let it hurt you when I do say things that are hurtful for you to hear." Maggie responds in a sincere tone, she really did love him and it was strong enough for her to want to change how she viewed homosexuals.

"You're still going to come to the party though right?" Alex then asks as he tries to work out if he should trust his mum or if she was just going to keep being disgusted by him.

"Of course I am Alex." Maggie responds with a forced smile, she wasn't keen on parties anyway and was glad when her son had grown out of wanting them, but she knew she had to make the effort this time and just hoped she wouldn't have to stay long.

"Whose birthday is it again Alex?" Gordon then decides to ask after seeing that his wife had done a decent job of calming their son down and he had to admit that her use of Peter in her explanation was a good sign that she was really trying to change her ways and he respected that.

"It's Carter's birthday Dad, remember I got you to get those books for him, you know the medical stuff for his present." Alex responds with a smile, he wasn't sure what to get his friend, but Peter had suggested something to do with medicine because his dad would know what would help his friend and actually be useful.

"Ah yeah, Carter Morton, he should really enjoy those books and learn a lot if he is serious about going into medicine." Gordon then states with a smile and had already decided to see if he could get the boy alone for a few minutes and have a talk with him about his future, he was really impressed by what he had been told by his sons other friend Ben about the physio stuff he came up for Matt Summers and it was enough for him to take an interest in the boy.

"What's wrong?" Alex asks as he looks at his mum after hearing her sigh and couldn't tell if it was relief or annoyance.

"Oh nothing sorry, I was just thinking about something at work and well I won't bore you with the details." Maggie quickly responds as she thinks on her feet, she was actually wondering whose party it was after her husband had mentioned it and had become reluctant to meet any of his friends for a while now, just in case one of them was David's son, she knew the boys went to the same school and there was always the chance he might recognise her, so hearing it was some other boy she didn't know was a big relief.

"Alex after you've eaten, I want you to go pack a bag with your swimwear and a change of clothes and then have a shower, I want to leave her around one at the latest." Gordon then states with a smile as he gives his wife a nod, they had already eaten and had put their sons breakfast in the oven after he had taken longer than expected to come down.

"If it isn't warm enough Alex, just say and I will make you a fresh one." Maggie then says in a warm tone as she gets up and walks over to the oven, she knew it would be fine, but she couldn't help herself and just wanted to make him happy.

"Okay Dad and okay Mum." Alex responds to both his parents with a smile, things may be far from perfect, but they were definitely better than the previous few weeks.

"I can't believe you did that." Carter says again after recovering from his boyfriends special treat and couldn't believe how good it felt.

"There's a lot more to come Beautiful, now go get a shower while I take your present down and see your parents." Wesley responds with a grin, he had almost lost his nerve about using his tongue on his boyfriend bum hole, but he was surprised that it was actually not that bad, although he was glad that they had had enemas the night before and wasn't sure he could have gone through with it otherwise.

"You aren't going to come with me?" Carter can't help but ask in a disappointed tone, he knew his boyfriend had already gone to the bathroom, but he didn't want to spend a minute away from him today.

"Your parents are awake and making us breakfast Carter, so hurry up and I will keep them company." Wesley responds and can't help but give his boyfriend a kiss, he just looked so cute when he sulked, although if he was being completely honest, he needed to get his boyfriends present from under the bed to downstairs without his boyfriend trying to get him to let him open it now, know that he would more than likely give in and he really wanted him to open it with his other presents.

"I love you." Carter decides to say, he thought about arguing and trying to get his boyfriend in the shower, but if his parents had already seen him, then they might wonder what took them so long and after the talk they gave him after finding his sex toys, he didn't want another embarrassing conversation with them.

"I love you too Beautiful." Wesley responds with a grin, which broadens when his boyfriend gives him a loving kiss, before turning and heading towards the door, normally when he used pet names his boyfriend called him on it, but he had called him 'Beautiful' several times now and he hadn't said anything and wondered how long it would take his boyfriend to realise that he had finally found a pet name that he didn't seem to hate.

"Tell them I will be about ten minutes." Carter then states before giving his boyfriend a loving smile and then disappearing out of the room and giving his boyfriend the chance to get his present downstairs.

"Did you get everything?" Ben asks as soon as his brother walks into the pool house, he had been a little bored after finishing his chores and showering, before realising that his boyfriend and other brother had gone out for a little while with their mum.

"Good morning to you to Ben." Mitch states in a fake annoyed tone, but can see straight away that his little brother wasn't in the mood for a little fun at the moment.

"Sorry, but did you get everything?" Ben then asks again after apologising, he just wanted to get the pool house ready as soon as possible, so when his boyfriend did come back, they could spend a bit of time together before the party starts.

"Of course I did, but why all the effort?" Mitch asks in response as he looks at his little brother curiously, he had asked earlier but he couldn't get either him or Matt to tell him what they were planning and hoped he might get more luck with just his little brother on his own.

"It's our main present for Carter." Ben responds as he can't see any real reason he couldn't tell his brother now.

"Huh?" Mitch asks in a confused tone, from the things he had been sent to buy and knowing that they were for the pool house, he really didn't get his little brothers response at all.

"Oh right." Ben says as he realises that his answer didn't really answer anything. "Well we got him normal presents, but we talked with Wesley and we are giving them the pool house for the night and all this stuff is to make it all romantic for when Wesley takes Carter here after the party is finished and everyone else is gone." He then explains with a shy smile, hoping his brother would work it out for himself and not ask him.

"Why would they need..." Mitch begins to ask before trailing off after quickly working out what it meant and was hoping he was wrong. "You mean so they can well er... where are you and Ben sleeping?" He then asks after just about managing to avoid actually saying what he knew the other boys were likely to be doing.

"We already talked to Dad and Sarah and they made up one of the spare rooms for us." Ben responds, although they hadn't told them what their friends would be doing, they weren't that stupid and had just said that it would be nice for them to just have a night with no one around.

"Shit, they are only twelve." Mitch then mumbles to himself and isn't sure if he should let this happen.

"Mitch they aren't your brothers and they are in love and Wesley wants to give Carter something special and there isn't anything more special than that and it's up to them." Ben then states in a firm and serious tone, he knew what his brother was thinking and although he wasn't angry, he knew he had to remind him that he wasn't in charge of his friends and hoped he would listen.

"In future when I ask about something and the answer is anything to do with that kind of stuff, just lie to me and make something else up Ben, I love you guys and you know I mean that, but there are things I don't ever need to hear okay." Mitch then states as he carries the bags over to the kitchen area and places them on the table.

"Okay, but er... I need to ask you something and well it's kind well it's got to be a secret okay." Ben then asks as he gives his brother a shy and nervous smile, he was going to ask another day, but while they were alone and he had just been told not to tell him stuff like that, he knew this might be the last chance he could ask and it was already sort of awkward anyway.

"Why do I get the feeling we are putting what I just said on hold Ben." Mitch responds with a shake of the head and tries not to think what he thinks his little brother is going to ask him.

"I'm going to propose to Matt soon." Ben states as decides to just come out and say it and although there was more to it than that, he just wanted to see his brothers reaction before continuing.

"Seriously?" Mitch asks in response, but surprises himself by the tone of his voice and could tell that his little brother was relieved by it.

"Yeah, but I don't know how to do it." Ben then begins to say before noticing his brother smirk and just rolls his eyes, he knew he was going to make a stupid joke and decides to not give him a chance. "I swear if you say, you get on your knee and hold a ring out, I will tell Erica what I saw you doing when I walked in on you in the bathroom last week." He then states with a grin, although he would never actually do it and he knew his brother knew that, but he also knew that his brother would still take it seriously.

"Okay, I get it Ben, no joking around." Mitch responds in a sincere tone, before thinking for a few seconds. "What are you struggling with then?" He then decides to ask, partly because he was curious, but mainly because he wanted to help if he could and he knew this would be a big moment for their entire family.

"Well I have thought about loads of ways, but there are two that I really like and well I'm not sure if I can do either." Ben responds as he tries to think of how to explain them to his brother without having to say too much.

"Well I can't help if you don't tell me what they are Ben." Mitch points out as he pulls a seat from the table and sits down.

"Well you remember the date you set up for me and Matt that time?" Ben asks as he follows his brothers lead and sits at the table, before.

"I doubt I will ever forget that Ben." Mitch responds in a curious tone before realising why his little brother would bring that up and can't help but smile.

"Well is the house still empty?" Ben then asks as he looks at his brother and can't quite work out why he was smiling at him.

"You want to recreate your first date and then propose to him?" Mitch then decides to ask out right instead of answering his little brothers question, the house was still empty and he knew that their dad wasn't going to rent it out until next year.

"Is it too lame?" Ben asks as he tries to work out why his brother was still smiling, he thought it was romantic and was now starting to think it wouldn't be.

"It's perfect Ben." Mitch responds in a sincere tone and not for the first time in his life, wondered if his little brother was really just a kid, he doubted he could have come up with something as good as that and wasn't afraid to admit it.

"Well it's well er... well is the house still empty?" Ben then asks again after blushing, he may have struggled to read his brothers smile earlier, but there was no mistaking the pride on his brothers face now and he couldn't be happier.

"Dad won't be renting it out until next year." Mitch answers with a big smile, before thinking about his brothers other idea. "So what about the other idea you liked?" He then asks and can tell straight away that this wasn't going to be as easy as the first idea.

"Well when I was thinking about our first date, I thought about the first moment I realised that I loved him, not like I liked him, like thought he was sexy, I mean like really loved him, but I'm not sure he would ever want to go back there and we wouldn't be able to go on our own even if I could get him to go back." Ben answers although he realises that he was stalling, even though he wasn't sure why he was doing that.

"You mean that camping lake place David took you both to last year?" Mitch decides to ask, he wasn't completely sure but given everything that has happened and pretty much being a part of his little brothers and Matt's relationship since before they even knew they liked each other, it could only be that place that his little brother was talking about.

"Yeah, there was this special place we found and well when it happened I just knew, even if I didn't know it at the time, looking back it was then and well I think it would be magical, but I don't think he will want to go back and I don't know how to get him to go back without telling him why I want to go back and well we can't go alone either and I don't want loads of others around because well, you know." Ben answers with a sad smile, out of those two he wanted to go back to the lake, but it was the hardest choice and depended on so many things going right.

"I might have an idea that would work, but Tobias would have to come and if you and Matt are well you know, then you need to invite Carter and Wesley to keep him company and I would want Erica to come, because looking after five of you on my own just isn't going to be practical." Mitch decides to say as he stares at his little brother, he knew he had just said he didn't want loads of people, but he figured if he could keep all the parents away, then he wouldn't mind the people he suggested and they could spread out a bit and from what he had been told about the place, it was pretty big and would make sure they had as much privacy as he could, while being able to make sure they were safe.

"That's a lot of people." Ben responds in a disappointed tone, although as he thinks about it, it wouldn't be that bad and if he could have his own tent with his boyfriend and convince his brother to let them have it away from everyone else, then his plan for his boyfriend wouldn't be ruined.

"I know, but here's my idea anyway, I will put the idea of camping into Tobias's head and you know him, he will want to try it and will likely talk to you and Matt about it, so when that happens you can mention your trip before and gauge Matt's reaction, if he doesn't seem reluctant then just text me and I will make up something to get Tobias to leave you two alone and you can then test the waters and see if Matt is open to the idea of going back, if he is then it's sorted and we can go from there, if he reacts badly and you know what I mean by badly Ben, then you go with your first idea, which I still think is an amazing and romantic idea." Mitch states in a calm but serious tone, he wanted his little brother to understand what he was saying and he wanted him to know that he was being serious about the idea himself.

"You're the best Mitch." Ben quickly states as he just as quickly gets up and moves around to cuddle his brother. "I love you." He then says and he squeezes him a little tighter.

"I love you too Ben, now what's the plan for the pool house, I'm guessing it needs to be off limits for the party right?" Mitch then asks after letting himself enjoy his little brothers show of affection.

"Well you need to go away and I'm going to get everything ready before Matt gets back, that way I get to spend some alone time with him before everyone starts coming." Ben responds with a big grin, before realising he didn't actually answer his brothers question. "Oh and yeah, the pool house is off limits, only me, Matt and Wesley can come on here, so tell Dad and Sarah and yeah no one else is allowed in, not even Tobias okay." He then states as his grin widens, he was feeling down before his brother came in and now he felt amazing again and was looking forward to the party again.

"I will make sure no one else comes in Ben." Mitch responds as he gets up and ruffles his little brothers hair, it had been a while since he last did that and was happy to see it still worked.

"Carter and Wesley will be here at twelve I think Mitch, so call me when they get here and we will come out and see them as soon as we can." Ben quickly says as he watches his brother walk over to the door.

"I don't think so Ben, you and Matt can spend an hour or so alone, but you two need to get your backsides in the kitchen and help with the food and then Tobias can help you two blow up the inflatable stuff." Mitch responds with a grin as he turns back to face his little brother, they had done some prep work already and he was impressed that his little brother had cut the grass in the front and back garden, as well as some other chores, but there was plenty to do and he wasn't going to risk getting stuck with it all.

"Okay, but just because you're awesome." Ben responds and can't help but giggle when his brother does a mock bow and leaves the pool house, he really did love him and despite wanting to spend more time alone with his boyfriend, he knew his brother wouldn't tell him to do something unless he needed to do it.

"You're the best." Carter states in a delighted tone as he gives both his parents a loving cuddle, he couldn't believe all the presents they got him and despite a few crappy ones like socks and stuff, he loved everything else, especially his new bike and brand new laptop, although he still had another few months before he was allowed his online account back, it was still a great present.

"I'm glad you like it Sweety." Michelle responds with a delighted smile, she knew they had spoiled him a little bit, but they couldn't help it and just loved him so much.

"Wesley helped us choose the right bike and the right laptop." Ian then states, they knew roughly what to get, but they knew they would be stupid not to get their sons boyfriends opinion and from the look on their sons face, he knew they made the right choice.

"Why don't you open Wesley's present next Carter." Michelle then suggests, she was impressed that her sons boyfriend had not tried to get in the way or distract her son and wanted to reward him by including him now, although she could tell that he was obviously content with just having her son sitting in his lap.

"Okay." Carter responds in an excited tone, he had already got one amazing present from his boyfriend and knew more were to come, but he was looking forward to seeing what his boyfriend had actually got him for a real gift and guessed it was going to be something to do with medicine.

"I love you." Wesley then whispers in his boyfriends ear as he watches him open the present, he had an actual case for the graphic novels, but didn't want to give it away that easily, so he had put the comics in another plain box and was excited to see how he would react.

"A box is a thoughtful and iconic birthday present Wesley." Ian then teases as he sees his son looking at the box curiously and couldn't resist teasing them both, he had always enjoyed seeing his sons reactions to opening presents and he knew his wife felt the same way.

"Dad!" Carter quickly states as he gives his dad a half glare, before turning his attention back to the box and was sure it was something to do with medicine now and guessed some books, which might sound lame, were actually potentially amazing if they were the right kind and not some crappy rubbish ones.

"Just remember that you're the most important person in my life." Wesley then whispers in his boyfriends ear and watches excitedly as he opens the box.

"Oh my god!" Carter quickly states in a stunned tone, he just couldn't believe it and as he carefully took the graphic novels out, he not only worked out that it was the entire set, well what was released anyway, but they were special limited edition volumes and was just lost for words.

"Are those the ones you were saving up for Carter?" Ian decides to ask, he and his wife had talked about maybe buying them for him as well, but had been put off by the price and while they knew he collected graphic novels and didn't interfere with him doing it, it was a costly hobby and he wondered how a twelve year old could afford them as he looked at Wesley curiously.

"Uh huh." Carter responds in a distracted tone as he admires his boyfriends gift and barely even felt the tears rolling down his face, to him this was the best present and meant that not only did his boyfriend know him, but he had listened and actually put a lot of thought and effort into it.

"I have the real case for them all upstairs, but I didn't want to give it away as soon as you ripped the paper off." Wesley then whispers in his boyfriends ear, before looking over his shoulder to look at his boyfriends dad. "He's been talking about them for months and I've been saving up for ages and well he is worth it." He then says in a sincere tone, before kissing his boyfriends neck affectionately.

"It's a thoughtful gift Wesley." Michelle then says as she smiles at the boy and despite still being surprised that he would choose her son to be his boyfriend, when he could clearly have anyone, she could see that he loved him and this gift was another example of that.

"This is the best birthday ever." Carter then declares as he shifts a little in his boyfriends lap and relaxes into his chest, he loved being in his arms and he loved the fact he could do it in front of his parents and not have to worry about them judging him.

"Why don't you two go and get your things ready for the party, we will clear up here." Ian then suggests with a little smirk to his wife, he knew the two boys might want to have a little alone time and knew they wouldn't get any for the rest of the day.

"Okay." Carter responds as he gets off his boyfriend and gives both his parents a loving cuddle "Thank you." He whispers in both their ears, he knew he had great parents and despite some recently embarrassing conversations, he wouldn't change them for the world.

"Thank you Michelle and Ian." Wesley then states in a happy tone as he gets to his feet with his boyfriends new graphic novels in his arms, he really loved how nice they were and how they treated him like a son and he appreciated it.

"Be ready to leave at half eleven boys." Ian then states after deciding that it was the best way to tell the boys when to come back down, neither he or his wife were naïve and they knew that they would be enjoying each others company upstairs, but it was easier to not think about it much or draw attention to the fact they knew.

"Okay and love you both." Carter responds before giving his boyfriend a smile as he picks up his pile of new clothes to take to his room.

"I will take your laptop and these Carter." Wesley then states as he leans down and puts the box of graphic novels on top of the laptop box and picks them both up.

"Just call out if you need anything boys." Michelle quickly decides to say, just as the two boys walk out of the door and and smiles when they both give her a shy nod back.

"They are so adorable." Ian then says as he sets about clearing up the wrapping paper.

"And they really do love each other." Michelle states with a proud smile, she knew that they almost broke the boys up and was so glad that they didn't go through with it, because it was obvious that Wesley adored their son and would protect him from anything that might hurt him and that was a rare thing in life.

"Maybe the bike was a mistake though." Ian then says and grins when his wife gives him a curious look. "I don't know about you, but it's been a while since I went for a bike ride and the way he was talking, we are going to be doing the tour de France tomorrow." He explains and can't help but chuckle at the thought of it.

"Let's just hope those short legs mean he can't go that fast Ian, otherwise we are both in trouble." Michelle responds with an amused shake of the head, she hadn't really given the bike ride much thought, but despite being fit, it had been a while since she did anything like a bike ride.

"Maybe we could find a way to make them go without us." Ian then states with a wry smile and actually wondered if they could get out of the bike ride, without upsetting their son in the process.

"I'm sure we could, but he wanted us to go with them and its not often we do things as a family." Michelle responds as she considers her husbands idea, but she enjoyed spending time with their son and it really didn't happen as often as it used to recently.

"I know." Ian responds before looking down and couldn't believe how much there was to pick and clear away.

"I can't believe..." Carter begins to say as soon as he close the door to his bedroom, but before he can finish, he is stopped as he feels himself being kissed.

"Get your clothes off and lay on the bed Beautiful." Wesley then instructs his boyfriend after breaking the kiss, he had plans for him and he knew he had to make the most of the time they got to be alone to get them all done.

"Okay." Carter responds and as curious as he was and as much as he wanted to ask what his boyfriend was going to do, he knew it would be pointless and decided that he would just do as he is told and enjoy himself.

"Actually you better put these under you." Wesley then suggests as he throws over a couple of towels, he didn't want his boyfriends bedsheets to get dirty and knew they wouldn't have time to change them or put them in the wash, well at least without his boyfriends parents noticing.

"Okay." Carter responds again as he does as he is told and couldn't help blushing a little bit after seeing that he was already hard and his boyfriend hadn't even done anything yet.

"Do you want the gag or can you keep quiet?" Wesley then decides to ask, he would rather he didn't use the gag, but with his boyfriends parents downstairs it might be too risky without it, especially for what he planned on doing to him.

"Er... just give me the gag and I will put it in if I need to." Carter responds after a few moments, he was tempted to ask what his boyfriend was going to do, but managed to resist and just wait for him to start instead.

"Fair enough, now pick a number between one and seven." Wesley then asks as he gives his boyfriend a warm smile and despite his boyfriend giving him a quizzical look, he knew he wasn't going to ask any questions and loved how much he trusted him and he felt the same way back.

"Three." Carter responds as he continues to give short answers, he knew it was the easiest way to avoid asking what his boyfriend was going to do and it was too exciting not knowing, to want to know now.

"Cool, now close your eyes Beautiful and bend your knees until your heel touches your bum and then spread your legs." Wesley then instructs his boyfriend and smiles as he does as he is told, before leaning down and getting their bag from under the bed, he had put it their while his boyfriend showered earlier and pulled out three bullets, a small plug and some lube.

"Oh." Carter moans out as he feels his boyfriends finger on his hole and quickly realises that he is being lubed up.

"You can open your eyes now Beautiful, but don't move." Wesley decides to tell his boyfriend and again wonders how long it will take his boyfriend to realise what he had been calling him.

"What are you going to do with those?" Carter quickly asks before sighing in annoyance, knowing it was pretty obvious where the plug was going and that the bullets would probably go on his nipples and penis.

"Moron." Wesley responds as he works his finger gently in and out of his boyfriend, before adding a second finger and smiles when he doesn't even flinch, they had worked hard on preparing themselves and he had been able to take four of his boyfriends fingers, although it hurt for a quite a while before he adjusted and even then he had told his boyfriend to go back to three, but he was proud of his boyfriend for being able to take three now, but decided against it for now and just use the plug once he had lubed him enough and put the bullets in.

"Aren't you going to get any tape?" Carter then asks as he notices that his boyfriend hadn't got any tape and thought that he must have forgotten.

"Why would I need tape?" Wesley responds as he pretends to not know what his boyfriend thinks is going to happen.

"To tape the bullets on you idiot." Carter responds with a grin, but as soon as he sees the look on his boyfriends face, he realises that he was up to something, although he quickly forgets about that as his boyfriend finds his prostate and starts to moan.

"They don't need tape where they are going Beautiful." Wesley then responds after distracting his boyfriend by rubbing his prostate for a few moments.

"Huh?" Carter then asks after grunting a little bit as he feels his boyfriends fingers pulling out, but before he can even look up he moans and whimpers as he feels something being pushed inside and then another thing and when the third thing goes in he realises what they were.

"I bet you're glad you didn't say seven now right." Wesley then asks with a grin and waits for his boyfriend to begin speaking.

"Holy fuck you... oh wow shit." Carter begins to respond before feeling the bullets vibrating and falls back on his bed, just as he feels his boyfriend stroking him and lets out a long groan of pleasure.

"You're so sexy Beautiful." Wesley then states, before lubing up the plug and gently pushing it in his boyfriend, he knew with the bullets that he had to be both gentle and careful, but his boyfriends moaning and whimpering gave him a good idea of how much his boyfriend was enjoying this and he knew the best bit was still to come.

"Fuck... shit Wesley... wow." Carter manages to say as he feels the plug being slid in and out, which combined with the three bullets inside him was driving him crazy. "Fuck put the gag on, aarrgghh shit." He then states as he falls into a serious of whimpers, he knew there was no way he was going to be able to stay quiet.

"So fucking sexy." Wesley states as he pushing the plug in and leaves it in place, before getting on his knees and leaning over his boyfriend to put the gag in and tie it around his head. "By the way Beautiful, that isn't your present." He then says as he looks down at his boyfriend and can't resist kissing his nose. "Enjoy." He then says as he begins to kiss his way down his boyfriends body, while spending a few minutes on each nipple, before moving down to his target and takes his boyfriend into his mouth and smiling around it as he feels him bucking and knew he was enjoying it.

"I can't believe he didn't tell us that he had a girlfriend." Ben states as he cuddles up to his boyfriend on their bed.

"Well she isn't his girlfriend, but it's obvious he likes her and look I called Jordan and he sent back a picture of her." Matt responds, before reaching over to get his phone, which was a lot harder than it should have been, but his boyfriends was almost clinging to him and he knew that it was because it had been a few days since they had done more than just kissing and cuddling.

"Oh." Ben responds as he tries to hide his concern, he recognised her straight away and despite being pretty, that was about the only nice thing about her.

"What do you mean 'Oh'? She is pretty Ben." Matt asks in a confused tone, sure they might be gay, but he knew that they both still found some girls pretty.

"Did Jordan say anything about her to you?" Ben decides to ask instead of answering his boyfriends question, hoping that his friend hadn't told him that she was nice and kind.

"He doesn't really know her, just a friend of someone he knows." Matt responds as he shifts a little so that he could see his boyfriends face. "What's wrong with her?" He then asks, it didn't take a genius to work out that his boyfriend wasn't happy about their brothers potential new girlfriend and he wanted to know why.

"She's a bully Matt, I don't know her well, but if Jarred Miller was a girl, then he would be her and we can't let her go out with Tobias." Ben answers honestly, he had seen her on the playing field and heard stories about her as well and none of it was good and there was no way their brother deserved to end up with someone like her.

"Fucking hell, he told me he had invited her to the party and he is really excited." Matt responds as he sits up, normally if someone described someone like that, he would just think they were being over the top, but he never doubted his boyfriend and he could see it in his eyes that he was telling the truth.

"Well we can tell him about her and he can just text her not to come." Ben quickly suggests, their brother might be a little angry that they were interfering, but he knew that he would understand once they explained why.

"Oh double fucking hell." Matt then says as he remembers that their brother had asked to be dropped off at her house earlier.

"What?" Ben quickly asks in a concerned tone, he didn't like the tone of his boyfriends voice as he said that and wondered what was wrong.

"He asked to be dropped off at her house and he was going to walk her round here." Matt responds as he tries to work out what to do. "Are you sure it's the same girl? I mean the picture isn't that great." He then decides to ask as he looks at his boyfriend and even though he knew his boyfriend wouldn't get something like that wrong, he was hoping this would be then exception.

"I wish it was." Ben responds in a downhearted tone, before sitting up himself.

"He said she was nice and funny though and he isn't an idiot Ben, he has always been careful who he trusted." Matt then states but can tell by his boyfriends face that he wasn't going to like what he said next "What?" He then asks in a curious tone.

"He isn't like that anymore Matt." Ben then says in a slightly hesitant tone, he had heard his boyfriend speak about their brother enough times to know what he had just said was true, but it was only true to the Tobias his boyfriend knew in England, the one living with them now wasn't the same boy as back then and he had thought his boyfriend knew that.

"What do you mean?" Matt then asks, although he already knew the answer, he just wasn't quite ready to accept he was different.

"I think you know what I mean, but I'm going to say it anyway, I think because of the orphanage he is almost desperate to be around people, look how he latched on to Mitch or my dad, the same with me, Carter and Wesley, especially Carter and remember what Wesley told us about the first time Tobias met his brother and how quickly he decided he liked him, hell even Jordan, Peter and Alex were all surprised by how quickly he seemed to take to them and he has only met them a couple of times and we both know that Jordan and Alex aren't the easiest people to like at times." Ben responds honestly as he looks at his boyfriend and can see that he knew it was the truth and that they might need to have a word with their brother about being more cautious around new people.

"And if it wasn't for Jordan, those older girls would have had him naked in the park and touching himself, shit we need to talk to him Ben." Matt responds as he looks at his boyfriend, he just felt so guilty for not doing something about his brothers behaviour and he knew he couldn't pretend he hadn't noticed the change in him from when they lived in England, he just had too much going on and kept ignoring it.

"Well there isn't anything we can do about it now and it's going to have to wait until tomorrow." Ben responds and slowly traces his boyfriends thighs with his fingers, he didn't want him getting upset and although it was a cheap trick, he knew it would distract him.

"Creep!" Matt responds with an unimpressed look, although he quickly realises what his boyfriend was doing and decided to go along with it by leaning forward and kissing him, which quickly turns into a lot more when he feels himself being pushed on to his back, with his boyfriend laying on top of him and moans as he feels him gently grinding against him.

Three Hours Later

"Oh my god, it looks amazing." Carter states as he looks around his friends living room and kitchen, which had loads of decorations and balloons and knew it must have taken them ages to set it all up.

"Just wait until you see outside." Matt states with a smirk to his boyfriend, before seeing him give the signal and gently pulls on his friends arm. "Come on I will show you." He then says and smiles when his friend follows him.

"Did you clear it with his parents Wesley?" Ben then asks after making sure his boyfriend had their friend distracted enough to not return back into the house for a little while.

"Yeah and they are happy with us staying here for a sleepover." Wesley responds with a grin, it had taken a little persuasion and he could tell that his boyfriends parents had wanted them to stay at his house, but without being too aggressive, he got them to agree with it and he knew that they had enjoyed more freedom themselves since they didn't have their son home every night.

"Ah you went with the sleepover idea." Ben then says with a little smirk, he had wondered what his friend would say and while technically it wasn't a lie, it wasn't quite what was happening and wondered how his friend had managed to get through that conversation without giving it away in some way.

"Yeah and I think they knew I was lying or something, they aren't stupid Ben and I'm pretty sure they know that we don't just hold hands and kiss each other." Wesley responds with a slight blush, he knew his own parents probably knew they did stuff and while it was not something he allowed himself to think about often, he knew that it also meant that they accepted his relationship and trusted him and his boyfriend and that meant a lot to him.

"I guess so, I mean my dad and Matt's mum know what we do, well not exactly what we do because that would be weird, but they don't ever want to know about it or if they say something they will say it in a way that doesn't sound like they er... crap, well you know what I mean right?" Ben then says as he blushes, in his head it sounded so simple, but to put it into words just wasn't happening and he couldn't help feeling like an idiot.

"Ha, nice to see that I'm not the only one who makes a mess of things like that Ben." Wesley responds with a cheeky grin. "But yeah I get what you meant and it would be so weird if they talked to us about that stuff and actually admit that they know outright, even if we know they probably know already." He then adds as he looks around the room again and again couldn't believe the effort his friends went to, sure it wasn't mind blowing awesome, but it was still amazing.

"I still can't believe that you're going to do it." Ben then says as he walks over to the fridge and then the cupboard to pour them both a glass of coke.

"I thought it would be years before I was ready Ben and even then it scared the crap out of me." Wesley then says as he takes his glass from his friend and takes a few sips.

"What changed then?" Ben then asks after drinking a bit of his coke, he was curious how his friend went from scared to actually wanting to do it and couldn't help but think about how he felt about eventually doing it as well.

"I'm not sure to be honest, I mean I guess it's just him, he means everything to me and I want to give him everything I have and er... yeah I just want to make him happy Ben." Wesley responds as best as he can, he probably could have done a better job of expressing himself, but he thought he got his point across and that was all that mattered.

"What time do you want us to wake you or come get you in the morning?" Ben then decides to ask, he had a lot more questions in his head about what his friends were going to do, but he imagined himself in his friends place and knew he wouldn't appreciate being asked about it or being asked to explain it and decided to respect his privacy instead.

"I'm not sure, can we just text you or something when we are ready?" Wesley asks in response, it was going to be a massive step for him and his boyfriend and he was sure they would be talking about it in the morning and maybe do it again, so he didn't want his friends interrupting them.

"Fair enough Wesley, but my dad or Sarah might get curious so try not to be later than er... like ten or eleven okay." Ben responds as he gives his friend a reassuring smile, he could see that he was a little nervous and couldn't blame him, he was feeling the same way about doing it with his boyfriend and that was still a long time away from happening, although if the proposal he was planning went as well as he hoped it would, it might not be that far away.

"Okay and thank you so much Ben, I just hope that he is er... shit, can we talk about something else please." Wesley begins to say before changing his mind, he was too nervous and excited and knew that if he kept talking about it, then he was just going to get himself worked up and not in a good way.

"Actually there is something me and Matt need your help with and Matt is probably telling Carter the same thing right now." Ben states before pausing for a few seconds to make sure he had his friends attention and then starts to explain about Tobias and his potential new girlfriend.

"Come on Tobias, just do it, you do like me don't you?" Beth says as she gives him a warm and friendly smile, although she was thinking anything other than warm and friendly things right now.

"I really like you, but that doesn't mean..." Tobias begins to respond before being interrupted.

"Tobias if you liked me then you would do what I tell you to do." Beth quickly states as she gives him a sweet smile.

"But I don't want to and er... why are they here?" Tobias asks as he looks at the other two girls and wondered why he had to get naked.

"Come on do it for me, I really like you and I bet you look really good and I want to show my friends how cute and sexy my new boyfriend is." Beth responds as she tries to keep a straight face, she actually thought he was really hot, but the way he talked and the things he said were just retarded to her and she just wanted to see how much she could make him do and for how long.

"We have to go to the party though, can't we just go instead..." Tobias decides to say as he tries to change the subject, but when he feels himself being kissed he has to stop, but just as he starts to relax he feels his jeans being undone. "Hey stop it, me not want get..." He then begins to protest, as he pulls the hands away from his jeans, only to be interrupted again by being kissed.

Tobias then feels his jeans being undone and again tries to push the hands away, but as soon as he pushes them away, he feels another pair of hands pulling at his jeans and quickly realises that the other two girls we trying to strip him and again tries to push them away.

"Tobias the sooner you get naked and do as we tell you, the sooner we will go to that stupid party." Beth decides to say after breaking the kiss, she knew that they would easily be able to strip him and probably would have him most of the way there now if she didn't break the kiss, but she also knew that it would be a lot easier if they got him to cooperate with them.

"No! Me not want to Beth." Tobias responds as he pushes her away and quickly pulls his jeans back into place and buttons them up.

"Then we will make you." Beth then states and smiles as her two friends flank the now scared looking boy.

"Me not let you." Tobias responds in a nervous tone and although he could easily stop them, they were still girls and he knew he wasn't allowed to hurt girls and was confused about what to do.

"If you hurt us then everyone will hate you, boys aren't allowed to hit girls." Beth then states, before reaching out and undoing the button on his jeans again.

"No!" Tobias quickly states and pushes her to the floor, he knew it was wrong to hurt a girl, but his brothers and Mitch had told him that if he was in danger or being hurt, then he was allowed to defend himself and decided to just get out of the house as quickly as possible.

"Stop him!" Beth quickly tells her two friends, who were starting to have second thoughts about what they were doing, not that they really cared about the boy, it was more because they knew they could get in a lot of trouble for this and it was clear that he wouldn't cooperate.

"I'm telling..." Tobias starts to state after opening the door, but trails off as he is confronted with the sight of a very annoyed looking man.

"What the hell is going on?" Conner asks as he blocks the doorway to his cousins bedroom, effectively trapping the scared looking boy in the room.

"He tried to touch us Conner." Beth quickly responds as she gets to her feet, while quickly shooting both her friends a half glare.

"What?" Conner asks in a surprised tone, he wasn't stupid and knew what a bitch his cousin was and knew what she was like, but it was her cousin and this boy was nothing to him.

"No! I didn't sir, I just want to go home and they wouldn't let me." Tobias then quickly states in a panicked tone, he couldn't believe they were trying to make it sound like he was being naughty and was starting to get really nervous, the man looked around Mitch's age and he didn't look friendly at all.

"Beth tell me the truth." Conner then asks as he ignores the boy, he was having a little debate inside about whether to just let the boy go or have a little fun, he could guess what the girls were up to and he wouldn't mind a look either and could probably get something for himself as well.

"Conner he..." Beth begins to say before gasping in surprise as she sees her cousin falling to his knees holding his crotch, while Tobias tried to run past him. "Get him." She the says as she quickly moves over to try and grab him, while her friends do the same, but to Tobias's relief he just avoids them, but goes the wrong way and realises that he couldn't get to the stairs and started to panic.

"YOU FUCKING FAGGOT!" Conner shouts as he gets up and edges towards the trapped boy, he was actually considering letting the boy go before, despite the fact he was tempted to do things to him, but after that, there was no way he was going to let him go so easily.

"Please me go, it me friends birthday and I just want me to go." Tobias pleads as he backs away from the man and three girls and knew that he was in trouble.

"Are they expecting you to be there?" Conner then asks as he turns to his cousin, he wanted to strip the boy and really hurt him for kicking him in the balls, but if they were expected at a party, then it could get complicated.

"Well yeah, but there are going to be loads of kids there, so they won't notice he isn't there for ages." Beth responds confidently, although she was starting to wish she had paid attention to whose party it was.

"Fuck it, girls I want you to strip him and then tie him up, we are going to show this piece of shit what faggots are good for." Conner then orders as he turns to the boy again. "You're going to pay for kicking me in the balls you fucking faggot." He then sneers, but he soon curses under his breath as he sees the boy open and disappear into the bathroom and knows that there is a lock on it.

"Break it down Conner." Beth quickly states after they try and fail at opening the door.

"Fuck." Conner mumbles, he could break the door down and knew he might have to, but if he did then he would be crucified by his uncle and then his dad and glares at his cousin to be quiet so that he could think.

"Shouldn't Tobias be back by now?" Carter asks after getting himself and his boyfriend a drink, they weren't expecting anyone else to turn up for at least an hour and he couldn't help but wonder where their friend was.

"Yeah." Matt responds in a distracted tone, he was thinking the same thing and knowing what he did now about Beth, he was really worried for his brother.

"I'm going to call him." Ben then says as he pulls his phone out and starts to dial.

"Where's Mitch anyway?" Wesley then decides to ask, he could see everyone was worried and thought that this would be a good distraction.

"Oh he went to pick Erica up." Matt answers in a distracted tone as he watches his boyfriend and gets even more worried when he sees him frown.

"Goes straight to voicemail." Ben states after a couple of tries, before looking at his boyfriend and could see that he wasn't doing to well.

"Can't you phone Mitch to go to wherever that girls house is and check up on him?" Carter then asks as he tries to help, he could tell that his friends were worried and knew Matt could freak out if they didn't reassure him quickly.

"Good idea." Ben responds and quickly dials his brother, while pulling his boyfriend into his side and rubbing his thigh.

"Matt he will be okay, Tobias is like a killing machine and I think he can handle a girl, no matter how much of a bitch she is." Wesley then states as he also tries to reassure his friend and grins when he sees him smirking a little.

"He is amazing." Matt then states, before going quiet as his boyfriend begins to speak.

"Hey Ben." Erica states after answering her boyfriends phone, it had become something she did without thinking while he was driving and enjoyed the surprise whenever one of the boys was calling and knew that they always got a little embarrassed.

"Oh hey Erica." Ben responds in a slightly surprised tone, although he was getting used to her answering his brothers phone and knowing he was probably driving helped him get over thinking it was rude to answer someone else's phone.

"Is everything okay?" Erica then asks, she could tell that if he wanted to ask something, her answering the phone had obviously distracted him enough to forget.

"Oh er... can you ask Mitch to go to that girls house he dropped Tobias off at and make sure he is alright, he isn't answering his phone and he isn't here yet." Ben responds as he tightens his grip on his boyfriend a little bit more.

"I can't see why not, but he can't be that late though right?" Erica responds as she gives her boyfriend a small smile, she knew he was curious, but she wanted him to concentrate on the road.

"Not really, but we thought he would be here and well it can't hurt to check up on him." Ben then says as he tries to act casual, he was a little worried, but he knew he had to make his boyfriend think that nothing was wrong.

"We will call you when we pick him up okay Ben." Erica then says in a happy tone, she got the sense that he was worried and wanted to reassure him.

"Okay and thank you." Ben responds before hanging up and giving his boyfriend a kiss on the side of the head.

"So what was that all about?" Mitch asks as soon as he sees her putting his phone down.

"Tobias isn't home yet and they can't get a hold of him on his phone." Erica responds and straight away sees the worry on his face. "Mitch he is at a girls house and probably just lost track of time." She decides to add and can see that he was already a lot more relaxed.

"I don't know if that is reassuring or not." Mitch responds with a grin as he decides not to worry about it, it wasn't like he ever stayed out longer than he was meant to and his little brother was the same at times.

"Well they just want us to go and pick him up, I think Matt is worried and it's on the way to yours anyway right?" Erica then asks after giving him a big grin, she loved how he handled things and she could tell that he wasn't worried.

"Not quite, but it's not that far out of the way." Mitch responds as he quickly figures out the best way to go.

"Want to go for a swim?" Ben decides to ask, he could tell that they were all a little tense and thought a quick swim would be a good distraction.

"Yeah, but well not yet." Wesley responds reluctantly, he couldn't wait for everyone to see their speedos, but he wanted everyone to be here first and knew it would be funny to see their reactions.

"Why not?" Ben asks in a surprised tone, normally his friends couldn't wait to get in the pool, well Wesley more than Carter, but he was still surprised that they didn't want to right now.

"You will see later." Carter decides to state with a roll of the eyes, he had put up a half hearted protest when his boyfriend told him what he wanted them to wear, but he had so far managed to avoid wearing them and decided to give in this time and he had to admit that he couldn't wait to see how people reacted to their speedos.

"Oh god Carter, what has he talked you into wearing this time?" Matt asks in an amused tone, he was still worried about his brother, but he decided to just relax and have a bit of fun and not let it ruin other peoples fun.

"You will see." Carter responds with a slight blush and started to wonder if he really thought this through enough.

"Do you want to open our presents now or later Carter?" Ben decides to ask, he could tell his boyfriend was thinking about trying to get their friends to reveal their secret, but he decided that it would be more fun to wait and knew this would get everyone's mind of it.

"Yeah sure, but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do when other people bring the presents, I mean do I open them in front of everyone or wait until I get home, I've never had my party at someone else's before." Carter responds before giving his friends a hopeful look, he had talked with his boyfriend and he wasn't really sure either.

"Hmm, well I don't know." Ben responds as he thinks about it and wasn't sure what his friend should do.

"Open them as they give them to you Carter." Matt then states with a smile, before getting up. "Come on come and open our presents." He then says with a smile, he thought they were great presents, but he couldn't wait until they gave their friend his main present from them.

"Okay." Carter responds excitedly, he was wondering what they would get him and wasn't sure if they would go serious or do something funny and knew either way that he would love whatever they were. "Give me a piggyback." He then says as he gives his boyfriend a grin and hands him a plastic token, it was another one of his boyfriends gifts to him and although he thought it was a bit stupid at first, he quickly realised how much fun the tokens could be and with twenty of them, he knew he would be making the most of them.

"Okay Beautiful." Wesley responds with a grin after putting the token in his pocket, he had only thought of it in the morning and so far it had been a great idea and this was the fifth token his boyfriend had used out of the twenty he gave him, although this was the first non-sexual one so far.

"What's with the token?" Ben asks in a curious tone and could tell by his boyfriend face that he was about to ask the same thing.

"I gave him twenty tokens and he can use them to make me do anything he wants, but some things cost more than other things, so he has to be careful and not waste them." Wesley responds as he lets his boyfriend climb on his back, before standing up with a smile.

"That's awesome." Matt quickly states, before giving his boyfriend a quick grin, he knew it was a little childish, but he wanted to beat his boyfriend this time.

"I have to use them before we go back to school Monday though." Carter then says as he rests his head on the top of his boyfriends.

"Cool, but come on." Ben then says as he takes a hold of his boyfriends hand and waits for him to pick up his cane before heading towards the house.

"Giddy up Donkey." Carter then states before reaching down and swatting his boyfriends bum and grins when he sees his two friends giggling.

"Love you Beautiful." Wesley responds as he just grins at his boyfriends antics, he really did love him and had decided that he could do whatever he wanted as it was his birthday.

"Love you too Donkey." Carter responds as he kisses his boyfriends neck and can't help but enjoy being carried by him as they follow their friends into the house.

"Let us in right now you little fucker!" Conner states as he tries the handle again, while ignoring the three girls behind him.

"Me want go home." Tobias responds as he looks around and despite being scared, he remembered everything his big brother had taught him and decided that he was safe as long as they couldn't get in and quickly set about moving everything he could up against the door.

"What the fuck are you doing in there?" Conner then asks as he hears things being moved and suddenly realises what was happening.

"Kick the door down Conner, I will just tell dad that I needed your help and you had to break it down." Beth says as she tries to get her cousin to actually do something and despite actually being a little scared of him, she did know that he would never actually hurt her, although that didn't do much to make him less intimidating.

"What?" Conner ask as he turns to give his cousin a surprised look, he knew why he wanted to get at the boy, but he was surprised that she seemed to be going this far and especially with her two friends here as well, who he could tell were having second thoughts about the whole thing.

"If we get him, we can do whatever we want to him, my parents wont be home for like eight hours and his friends will be too busy having fun to notice the retard isn't around." Beth responds with a grin and can see her cousins eyes light up straight away and although she had suspected he wasn't like other men recently, she was now sure that he liked little boys and despite knowing how sick she should feel about it, she found herself being excited by it and she liked little boys as well and couldn't wait to have Tobias as her own little play thing whenever she felt like it.

"You three have to swear never to tell anyone about this, if you can't do it then leave right now." Conner then states in a firm tone as he gives all three girls a hard stare.

"Sorry Beth, but I'm out, you can do whatever you want, but I'm going home." Mary quickly responds, she thought it was funny at first and they had stripped other boys before, but it had never been like this and her friends cousin was just way too creepy for her to want to be around.

"Me too Beth, your cousin is weird and this isn't fun anymore." Crystal then says as she decides to get as far away from Conner as possible, if he wasn't there she might have carried on, but she didn't like him at all and the way he was calling Tobias a faggot was not something she liked, her older brother was gay and she hated homophobic people.

"Fine, just go you losers." Beth responds with an angry glare, although she knew that they wouldn't go as far as she would and actually felt relieved that they were going and couldn't wait to see what her cousin was going to make Tobias do.

"Wait!" Conner quickly states and glares at both girls as they turn back to him looking scared. "If you tell anyone about this I will find you." He then states as he stares at them both coldly.

"Okay." Both girls respond in nervous tones before giving their friend a look.

"Fuck off and don't say a word to anyone." Beth states with a grin as she struggles to stop her excitement get the better of her and quickly turns back when her friends half run down the stairs.

"Stand back Beth." Conner then says, but before he tries to kick the door opening and closing and stops.

"It's just Crystal and Mary leaving." Beth quickly states when she sees her cousin looking worried and smiled as he sighed in relief.

"This is her house?" Erica asks in a curious tone, she was sure she recognised it and the road, but couldn't quite place it in her mind.

"Yeah, although that's a little weird." Mitch responds before seeing two girls practically running out of the house and past his car.

"Well if Tobias is in there, I know I would be running for my life." Erica responds with a grin, she knew it was childish but she had found the boys crush on her adorable, although she was glad that it seemed to have passed, well at least him trying to grope her has at least.

"We have all talked to him about that sort of thing and he understands how to behave Erica." Mitch states as he gives her an unimpressed look, before realising she was kidding and blushes.

"Come on then let's go get the sex pest... I mean sweet innocent angel." Erica then says with a grin and laughs when she sees her boyfriend trying not to laugh with her.

"If you keep calling him that, I might accidentally tell him that you want to swim with him later." Mitch responds with a grin before getting out of the car and walking around to open her door for her.

"You dare." Erica states before giving him a quick peck on the lips, she loved how he opened doors for her and despite it being a little corny to most people, she just felt special when he did it.

"I love you too." Mitch responds before giving her a long and passionate kiss.

"You're amazing Mitch Walker." Erica then says as she takes his hand and walks with him towards the house.

"Last warning Faggot, open the door or I'm kicking it down and I promise you, if you make me kick it down, you will regret it and you will have no where to run." Conner decides to call out through the door one last time, he knew he was stalling, but despite his cousins idea earlier, he was still reluctant to kick the door down.

"Me call the police if you come in." Tobias responds as he tries to hide how scared he is, while looking down at his phone and wiping his eyes, he couldn't believe he forgot to charge it again and was starting to get really scared.

"If his phone was working he would have already used it and probably have called his big brother Mitch by now." Beth tells her cousin with an evil grin, but the look on his face confuses her. "What?" She then asks and can see that he had changed from annoyed to scared and had never seen him react like this to anything.

"Whose birthday is it?" Conner asks as he gets a sinking feeling in his stomach, he may have kept as far away from Mitch as possible, but he had heard that he lived with the Summers now and he had heard that there was a new kid living there who used to live in England and couldn't hide the nervousness in his voice.

"Some kid called Carter I think." Beth responds in a confused tone and wasn't sure what was happening.

"Oh okay." Conner then says after sighing in relief. "Wait where is the party? Whose house?" He then asks after remembering the boy talking about going to a party and also going home.

"I don't know, I think it's the Summers house or Walkers, I don't know it's weird because they aren't even related to each other." Beth answers as she tries to work out what is going on, but the sound of someone knocking on the door distracts her.

"Oh fuck, shit, fuck." Conner states as he realises who he had trapped in the bathroom and just couldn't believe it.

"What?" Beth asks before walking to the top of the stairs.

"That's Tobias Summers, fuck it Beth, you know what that family has been through and you bring him here to fuck about with." Conner states as he glares at his cousin and could just throttle her, but the sound of the door knocking distracts him again and he knows he has to answer it. "Look make sure he stays in there, while I get rid of whoever is at the door." He then says as he walks past her and quickly heads to the front door.

"You really like them?" Matt asks in an excited tone after his friend had opened the presents, he knew they weren't massive or really expensive, but he hoped he liked them anyway.

"They're awesome." Carter responds as he struggles to keep himself from crying, his friends presents might not have been a bike or a laptop and definitely not graphic novels, but they were both awesome for different reasons and he loved them.

"We asked around and got Erica to help, but it's really good and has your name engraved on it." Matt then says as he sees his friend holding the Stethoscope and could see that he really did love it.

"And Erica helped us get the Otoscope and said that it would be perfect for you." Ben then says as he watches his friend put the Stethoscope down and pick up the Otoscope.

"These must have cost you a fortune." Carter says as he admires both presents and knew medical stuff wasn't cheap and these looked like really good ones.

"Erica helped us a lot and you're worth it." Matt responds with a smile, they would have reconsidered if they had to pay full price, but Erica and Mitch both helped them out and seeing their friends face now, made it all worthwhile.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you." Carter then says as he gets up and practically tackles both of his friends to the ground and cuddles them.

"Okay, but get off me or you will have to fix my foot Carter." Matt states with a grin as he watches his friend quickly get back to his feet, his foot only hurt a little and wanted to let his friend know that he hadn't hurt him that much.

"Oh shit sorry." Carter quickly apologises and knew that he shouldn't jump on his friend like that.

"It's okay, just no more jumping on me." Matt responds and sits back up with a grin.

"I wonder what Tobias got you." Wesley then asks in a curious tone, he could see the present on the table and wondered what it could be.

"Probably a picture of himself naked." Ben quickly responds and can't help but giggle at the look on his friends faces. "Oh come on, it could happen." He then states with a grin.

"Well it would look good on my wall I guess." Carter then says as he decides to play along with his friend.

"Matt he will be fine, Mitch went to get him and they are probably half way home already." Wesley decides to state after seeing the worried look on his face.

"I know and well anyway." Matt begins to say before feeling himself being pulled into his boyfriends chest and smiles as he rests his head against his. "Carter you know Tobias doesn't have any money and he wouldn't let anyone give him some, so er... don't expect his present to be expensive or like well you know." He then says, he didn't want him to think his brothers gift would be rubbish, but he wanted to make sure his friend wasn't expecting something amazing.

"So you don't know what it is?" Carter decides to ask, although he really wasn't bothered what the present was and wouldn't mind a normal home made present, he had already been spoiled and even that was an understatement.

"He wouldn't let either of us see whatever it is." Ben answers with a smile, their brother wasn't exactly the secretive type, but they both realised that they wouldn't know until their friend opened the present.

"Even if it's awful I won't hurt his feelings, I promise." Carter then says as he gives his friends a warm smile, he had a feeling it would be something thoughtful from his friend, but he was prepared to have to pretend it's good, just in case it was really bad.

"Boys can you help take some of the food outside please." Sarah then calls out from the kitchen, she knew that as soon as people started arriving that she wouldn't have a chance of getting the boys to do things, so wanted to make the most of them while she could and with Mitch and Erica still not back yet, she needed all the help she could get.

"Okay Mum." Matt responds in a happy tone, sure he would rather just relax, but he like his boyfriend were determined to be on their best behaviour all day.

"I will go put your present in our bags upstairs Carter." Wesley then says as he gets to his feet and gives his boyfriend a hand to get up.

"Don't be long please." Carter responds before giving his boyfriend a quick kiss, he really didn't want to be away from him at all today and could tell that his boyfriend felt the same way.

"Come on guys." Ben then says as he passes his boyfriend his cane, while giving their two friends a grin, he knew how they were feeling and had lost count how many times he had needed to just be with his boyfriend.

"Okay." Carter responds after getting another kiss from his boyfriend.

"Oh fuck." Conner states as soon as he opens the door and just when he thought his day couldn't get any worse, he sees who is standing there and knew he was in deep shit.

"Conner?" Mitch asks in a shocked tone, he was the last person he expected to open the door and couldn't work out why he would be here and knew that he lived on the other side of the town.

"He isn't here Mitch, so go away." Conner quickly says as he tries to shut the door, but to his dismay his former friend blocks it with his foot.

"Where the fuck is he Conner?" Mitch asks in a serious tone as he pushes the door open and walks in, while his former friend quickly backs away.

"No one's here, just go away Mitch, I don't want any trouble." Conner responds in a nervous tone, he had no illusions that he could take down his former friend and when he sees someone else walk in behind him, he is stunned by who it is. "Oh fuck." He says as his day just got even worse.

"You fucking arsehole." Erica states and walks straight past her boyfriend and slaps Conner across the face.

"Erica?" Mitch asks in a surprised yet amused tone.

"I will tell you later Mitch." Erica responds before turning back to the other man. "Conner if you don't tell us where Tobias is right now, I will call the police and you better pray that they get here before Mitch beats the living shit out of you." She then states in a cold tone as she stares him straight in the eyes.

"I swear I never touched him, I just came home and my little..." Conner starts to say before being slapped hard across the face.

"Where the fuck is he?" Erica then asks again, while Mitch just watches in surprise at his girlfriend and wasn't sure what was going on to get her this angry.

"Upstairs, he's upstairs, he locked himself in the bathroom." Conner quickly responds as he backs away until he reaches the wall, he would never let someone hit him like that normally, but even if Mitch wasn't there, he wouldn't dare mess with Erica and knew that she could cause him some serious problems and prison would be the least of his problems.

"Mitch go get him." Erica quickly tells her boyfriend with a reassuring smile and despite how she felt about seeing Conner again, the proud and impressed look on her boyfriends face made her feel happy.

"Conner you better not try anything." Mitch states after smiling at his girlfriend, before quickly heading to the stairs.

"Just come out Tobias, he will just kick down the door and he will be mega angry if he has to do that, so just come out and take your clothes off." Beth states in a calm and cool tone, she knew either way she was going to get to do stuff to him and was bored enough to try and get him to come out on his own.

"Me not stupid, I call police." Tobias responds as he tries to figure out some sort of plan.

"You really are a retard Tobias, if you could have called the police then you would have done it already, so get out here and get naked so I can play with you." Beth states in a confident tone as she grins, she had never felt like this before and she was surprised at just how far she was willing to go.

"You stupid." Tobias responds before smiling, he just realised that the bathroom window was the answer to his problems and starts to walk over to open it and call for help, when he is stopped in his tracks by someone calling his name.

"Tobias where are you?" Mitch calls out as he reaches the top of the stairs, although he had to take a few moments to register the girl standing at the end of the landing in front of a door, who was looking both scared and guilty.

"Mitch?" Tobias calls back as he walks towards the door, he knew his big brothers voice anywhere and was just making sure as he knew he was not quite thinking straight.

"Hey little guy, I'm here and Erica is downstairs, so come out and we can go home." Mitch responds in a reassuring tone, while keeping his eyes locked on the girl, she might just be a little girl, but from the look on her face and the fact Conner was here and Tobias had locked himself in bathroom, told him that she was as guilty as his former friend and was already considering his options and what he should do after he gets his brother out of the house.

"We were only messing around." Beth then says as she stares at the man and could tell that she was in trouble and the fact he was up here and her cousin was nowhere to be seen, told her that he wasn't going to be able to help.

"Beth I suggest you go in your bedroom and shut the door, I don't want you near Tobias ever again and I mean it." Mitch states in a firm tone as he gives her a long and stern look and watches as she quickly does as she is told.

"Mitch!" Tobias then calls out as he finally gets the door open and runs into his big brothers arms and hugs him tightly.

"I got you little guy, no ones going to hurt you now." Mitch then whispers in a reassuring tone, while stroking his brothers back.

"Mitch, I kicked him in the balls and hid from them and they couldn't get me." Tobias then states after pulling back from the hug slightly and looking up at his big brother proudly.

"You did the right thing little guy." Mitch responds in a proud tone, while trying his best to hide how he was really feeling, he knew what was going to happen to his brother and it scared him half to death.

"Me not breathe." Tobias then says as he feels himself being being crushed.

"Shit sorry." Mitch responds as he lets his brother go. "Tobias what happened?" He then decides to ask after kneeling down, he didn't want to leave his girlfriend downstairs for too long with Conner, but he needed to know what happened.

"They tried to make me get naked, but I know that's bad, well not bad, but I shouldn't do it unless I want too, but then the girls tried to make me and..." Tobias begins to explain, but is interrupted.

"Girls?" Mitch asks in a confused tone, as far as he knew it was just Beth and Conner in the house and he had to ask, although as soon as he finishes talking he remembers the two girls running out of the house and realises why now.

"Oh er... I thought it was just going to be..." Tobias begins to say before trailing off and sniffling, he had been so happy to see his big brother that he hadn't really thought about what might have happened to him and it suddenly hit him.

"Come here, no one will ever hurt you Tobias." Mitch quickly says in a reassuring tone as he pulls his brother into his arms, he could tell that the reality of the situation had hit him and knew what he had to do. "I know this is not the right time, but I need you to tell me if Conner touched you Tobias and you know what I mean by touch." He then says in a soft tone, he knew he should wait, but with the party probably already starting, he doubted he would have another chance until tomorrow.

"He kept calling me a faggot and telling me to take my clothes off." Tobias begins to respond before pausing for a few seconds. "Was he going to er... do what David did to Matt?" He then asks in a nervous tone and couldn't stop himself sniffling and shaking at the thought.

"He wanted to hurt you Tobias, but you hurt him and I could tell that he had been crying when he opened the door Tobias, you hurt him really good." Mitch states as he tries to do some damage control, he knew he was lying and despite it being wrong, he knew that he had to do something to stop his brother breaking down.

"I kicked him good Mitch, just like you showed me." Tobias responds with a big smile, he had a feeling his big brother was just trying to make him feel better, but he wasn't going to complain and knew that he was doing it for a reason and decided to go along with it.

"I'm going to take you downstairs now Tobias and I want you to go and sit in the car with Erica, while I call the police okay, so we might have to go to the station on the way home or tomorrow, is that okay with you?" Mitch then asks as he wipes his brothers eyes with his thumbs and gives him a reassuring smile.

"Erica is here?" Tobias quickly asks in response and can't help but blush a little bit.

"That's what you're worrying about?" Mitch then asks as he grins and shakes his head, he knew his brother was not okay with what happened, but he was glad to see that he wasn't going to let it affect him and he was proud of him for being so brave.

"Girls are scary." Tobias then says with a small smile, he liked Erica, but his experiences with girls since he got put in the orphanage has been nothing but traumatic and he was beginning to wonder if his brothers and friends had the right idea about being gay, he definitely enjoyed what he had done with Carter and Wesley a lot more than anything he had done with a girl so far.

"You got that right little guy, but they aren't all bad and you will find a nice one eventually." Mitch responds with a warm smile as he stands back up and holds his hand out for his brother to take.

"Like you did with Erica." Tobias then says with a smile as he takes his big brothers hand and walks downstairs with him.

"Afternoon Sarah, the boys all outside?" Mike says as he walks into the kitchen with a slightly tired expression, it had been a long few hours and very stressful, so he was glad to finally get home.

"Matt is upstairs with Jordan, but the others are sitting next to the pool." Sarah responds with a smile, which quickly fades as she sees his expression and despite herself, she can't help but feel a pang of sadness in her heart.

"So it's safe to talk then?" Mike then asks as he walks over and looks out the window.

"So he is really dead then." Sarah states instead of answering his question directly, they had received the phone call last night, but couldn't get any other information out of the man who had phoned them.

"Yeah it's true Sarah, it took a lot of effort and talking to what seemed like an endless amount of managers and supervisors, but they eventually told me what happened." Mike responds as he gives her a sympathetic smile, before turning to watch his youngest son talking with his friends beside the pool from the kitchen window.

"Don't make me ask Mike." Sarah then says as she follows his gaze out of the window and hoping that they had told him everything, so she could move on and not have to find out for herself.

"It was suicide Sarah, they wouldn't tell me how at first, but eventually they decided that it was easier to tell me and they said that he had taken a cyanide pill." Mike states as he turns to her and can tell that she wasn't expecting that. "They have no idea how he got it, although they did say that a woman visited him last week." He then adds and can see that while she was surprised by the news, she was also upset and despite everything that David had done, he had been a good husband and father once and he knew that it would still hurt her to know that he was dead.

"A woman?" Sarah then asks, she wasn't that interested, but she didn't want to get upset about him being dead and hoped that this would distract her enough.

"They wouldn't tell me who she was, but a receptionist told me that her first was Maggie, but she couldn't remember her surname and the description he gave me could have been anyone and Maggie is a pretty common name in the area for some reason, so I doubt we will ever know who she was and as it was a week before he died, it doesn't even coincide with David taking the pill anyway." Mike explains as he takes a hold of her hand, he had to agree that no matter who the woman was, she couldn't have had anything to do with his death as there would be no reason for David to wait almost a week to take the pill if she had given it to him.

"Thank you for doing that for me Mike." Sarah then says before giving him a quick kiss on the lips. "I need a few minutes, so can you keep an eye on the boys while I go upstairs please." She then asks as she gives him an appreciative smile.

"Take your time." Mike responds before realising something else. "Where's Tobias and Mitch?" He asks after taking another look outside and remembering that Matt was upstairs with another friend.

"Mitch went to pick Erica up and is picking Tobias up from a friends house on his way back, they shouldn't be much longer." Sarah responds with a small smile, before walking out of the room and heading towards her bedroom.

"Hey guys." Ben says as he watches his friends walk out from the house.

"Hey everyone." Barry states in a nervous tone.

"Hey." Patrick then says before turning to Carter. "Ben's dad told us to leave your presents inside Carter." He then adds as he tries not to look at Matt, he saw the way he had looked at him and felt guilty and ashamed of himself.

"Hey Matt, I'm sorry..." Barry then begins to say before trailing off as his friend glares at him.

"Ben can you help me up, I want to go somewhere else." Matt states as he turns to his boyfriend with an irritated expression.

"Matt look I'm..." Barry then starts to say, but is quickly cut off this time.

"Barry fuck off and unless you want to go home right now, then don't go anywhere near him." Ben quickly states in a cold tone. "That goes for you as well Patrick, just stay away from him, it shouldn't be too hard, you have both had plenty of practice at it." He then says, not bothering to hide his anger at his two friends.

"Just sit down Barry and you as well Patrick." Carter then says as he gives his two friends a slightly sympathetic look, although he was more worried about Matt and wondered if he should have put his feelings above his own and not invited Barry and Patrick.

"I know we haven't spoken much, but he..." Barry then begins to say before being cut off again.

"I wanted you to come Barry, but if you dare try to justify not visiting him once since what happened and try to tell us that he is overreacting, then you can fuck off right now." Carter states as his friend looks at him in shock and could tell that even his boyfriend was surprised by what he said.

"We will stay out of his way Carter, but we are sorry and well sorry for ruining everything." Patrick then says as he looks around sadly.

"Guys we don't hate you and Matt doesn't either, but he won't forgive you for not even trying to speak to him or see him, well not for a very long time anyway." Wesley decides to say, he wasn't really ever their friend and barely spoke to them at school, even when they did come over, but he knew they weren't nasty or bad, they just made the wrong choice and he could tell that they knew they had messed up already.

"Wesley's right guys and even if he does forgive you, you will never be friends again." Jordan then decides to say after thinking over the exchange and also his conversations with Matt.

"He is still friends with you Jordan." Barry responds as he gives his friend a suspicious look, he didn't see why he was getting special treatment.

"Ha, we aren't friends Barry and unlike you, I have a reason why I was distant from him and just for the record, I did visit him in the hospital a few times, nowhere near enough to justify not seeing him more, but I have my reasons and he understands them." Jordan retorts with a shake of the head.

"As long as you both stay away from Matt and don't try to talk to him, then everything will be okay and Ben will come and talk to you when Matt is busy, so just relax." Carter then decides to say as he gets to his feet. "Now show me my presents, it's been at least twenty minutes since I last opened one." He then states with a grin.

"Okay." Patrick and Barry respond in unison and despite what had just happened, they both manage a smirk.

"Need a ride Beautiful?" Wesley then asks as he crouches a little in front of his boyfriend.

"I love you." Carter responds as he gives his boyfriend a big grin, before climbing on to his back, he just loved how goofy he was being and despite it probably looking lame, to him his boyfriend was just making his birthday the most special that he had ever had.

"Oh wow, I thought it was just a one off earlier Wesley." Jordan states in a surprised tone as he sees his friend giving his other friend a piggyback again.

"He's my donkey today." Carter decides to say before his boyfriend can answer and giggles as he hears him sigh and knew his boyfriend was trying to act like he wasn't enjoying himself.

"Today's his birthday, so whatever he wants he gets Jordan, but tomorrow isn't and donkeys have long memories." Wesley then states with a grin, before heading inside with their friends following.

"We can send them home if you want." Ben says as he sits next to his boyfriend on the edge of the pool, he knew that it might be a little awkward having them here, but he wasn't expecting his boyfriend to react like that.

"Just keep them away from me." Matt responds as he stares at his feet in the water.

"Talk to me Matt." Ben then says as he looks at his boyfriend in concern, there was so much going on right now and he knew that it wasn't just Barry and Patrick being here that was upsetting his boyfriend.

"He's dead." Matt responds without looking up, while gently kicking his feet.

"How do you know that?" Ben quickly asks in a surprised tone and didn't need to ask who his boyfriend was talking about to know he meant his dad.

"When me and Jordan finished talking earlier, I heard Mum and your dad talking in the kitchen on our way back out here and your dad said that he killed himself with some sort of pill." Matt responds as he looks up and turns a little to face his boyfriend. "Why can't I just hate him?" He then asks as tears start to roll down his face, he did hate his dad, but what was hurting him the most was that he still loved him and finding out that he was dead just upset him.

"Oh shit." Ben states as he quickly pulls his boyfriend into his chest and starts to rub his back. "We talked about this before Matt, it's okay to love who your dad used to be and it's okay for you to miss him." He then says in a soothing tone as he rests his head against his boyfriends.

"I want to hate him though." Matt then says as he tries to stop himself from crying his heart out.

"Matt you're too good and kind to hate someone, it's one of the billion reasons that I love you and I know you don't feel like that is the way you should feel, but it's who you are and it's why you will always be my hero." Ben then says from the heart, although he surprised himself with his words and not for the first time, he wondered how many of his brothers pep talks and speeches had been made up on the spot.

"There are only a billion reasons why you love me?" Matt then asks as he shifts a little so that he could see his boyfriends face, he just loved how his boyfriend knew just what to say to cheer him up and decided to lighten the mood.

"If I add sarcasm, it's a billion and one reasons." Ben responds with a grin, just seeing his boyfriend smiling was enough to make him feel on top of the world and couldn't resist giving him a quick but loving kiss.

"I love you Benjamin Walker." Matt then says after his boyfriend leans back a little and just enjoyed staring into his sparkling greens eyes.

"I love you too Matthew Summers." Ben responds before staring into his boyfriends eyes for a few more seconds and then grins as he pulls his face to his own and kisses him properly.

"Please don't Mitch." Conner begs as drops to his knees. "Mitch please." He then adds as tears flow down his face.

"When Tobias was begging you to let him go home, did you listen?" Mitch retorts as he pulls his phone out and dials 111, he would love to be able to arrest him himself, but he doesn't start until next month and had to call it in instead.

"Mitch we're best friends, you can't..." Conner then begins to plead, before feeling himself being punched and falls on to his back.

"Best friends? Fuck off Conner we stopped being friends when you tried to turn an eleven year old boy into your bitch and kicked my brothers boyfriend in the balls until he passed out, I should have called the police then and maybe you would have got some help." Mitch states in a cold and harsh tone.

"If you call the police I will tell them that Tobias tried to rape me." Beth states as she walks into the living room with a smug look and Mitch can only look on in shock at her bravado.

"You know that wasn't what happened and your two friends will confirm that to the police Beth and Conner will have his own problems to deal with to help lie for you." Mitch responds as he holds his phone to his side, while making sure that he wasn't blocking it.

"I'm just a little girl, everyone will believe me when I start crying Mitch and we pulled his jeans and the front of his underwear down, so I know what his penis looks like and Mary and Crystal will say what I tell them to say, so either leave right now Mitch or I will make everyone think your brother is a rapist." Beth then states confidently and thinks that she has just saved herself and her cousin from getting into trouble.

"Did you get all of that Sargent?" Mitch then asks as he lifts the phone to his ear with a satisfied smirk.

"What?" Beth quickly asks in a concerned tone, she may only be twelve, but she had grown up fast and knew that she had clearly made a mistake.

"Yes Sir, I can't be certain but I think you will want to look at his laptop which is here and his computer at his house." Mitch then says as he ignores the girl as he talks to his future Sargent.

"You son of a..." Conner then shouts out as he gets to his feet and tries to attack his former friend, but falls to the ground in a heap as he is punched in the head.

"Nothing Sir, he just tried to assault me and I defended myself." Mitch then states and can't help but smile at the Sargent's response. "Yes Sir, my mistake, he definitely tripped and fell." He then says , while keeping an eye on the young girl and could see that her earlier bravado had crumbled and could tell that she was starting to realise the situation she was in.

"We were just going to have some fun." Beth states in a quiet tone, although even she knew how false that sounded.

"Okay Sir and you're sure I can take Tobias home and bring him to the station on Monday?" Mitch then asks as he just stares at the young girl as she begins to cry. "Yes Sir, I will have my phone with me at all times and you have our home number." He then says before hanging up and putting his phone down.

"Hello Mrs Summers." Peter says as the door opens and is greeted by his friends mum.

"Hello Peter, come in and leave your bag in the hallway, I will put it with the others, while you join the boys out the back. "Sarah responds with a friendly smile, she couldn't help but like the boy and while not as shy as Carter had once been, he was definitely one of the most clumsy boys she had been around and half expected him to trip over as he walked past her.

"Thank you Mrs Summers." Peter says as he walks into the house to put his bag down.

"Mind the..." Sarah begins to say, before holding her hand over her mouth as she tries not to laugh as the boy walks straight into a table and trips over it.

"Oww." Peter says as he slowly gets to his knees and couldn't help but blush.

"Are you okay Peter?" Sarah quickly asks as she begins to walk over to him, it might have been funny, but she had to make sure that he wasn't actually hurt.

"Ha, what did you fall over this time you idiot?" Alex asks in an amused tone, he had wanted to call out to his friend before he walked into the house, but he was with his parents and he didn't want to risk getting told off for shouting, but after seeing his friend now on the floor, he was glad he had waited.

"Alex don't be so rude." Gordon quickly states as he walks with his wife to the door and despite himself, he can't help but smile at his sons friend trying to get up, he had come to realise that the boy was accident prone and found it endearing.

"Alex!" Peter then says in an excited tone as he finally gets up and quickly cuddles his friend.

"Doctor Gilmar?" Sarah asks in a surprised tone, she had no idea that he would be coming here and that he was apparently Alex's father.

"Hello Sarah and please call me Gordon outside of the hospital." Gordon responds as he holds his hand out, he had come to think very highly of the woman and how she had managed to cope after going through hell and had nothing but respect for her.

"Sorry Gordon, this must be your wife." Sarah then says as she looks to the lady standing next to him, although she couldn't help but notice how uncomfortable she looked.

"Yes, this is Maggie." Gordon responds with a smile, before giving his wife a subtle pat on the back.

"Nice to meet you Sarah, you must be Carter's mum right?" Maggie asks as she gets the hint and decides to make conversation.

"No Carter is just a friend of my sons, I'm Matt and Tobias's mother." Sarah responds with a smile, although straight away she notices the look on her face and wonders why that would make her look so nervous.

"Oh then it's nice to meet you, Gordon used to talk about you all the time and how wonderful you all were." Maggie states as she manages to pull herself together, her worst nightmare had just come true and could only hope that Matt didn't recognise her and knew that she would have to try and avoid being anywhere near him.

"Come on Alex, let's go see the others." Peter then says as he looks at the adults talking and decides that he didn't want to listen to them.

"Okay, but I need the toilet first." Alex states as they walk down the hallway, he noticed his mum seemed uncomfortable for some reason, although he was just glad that it didn't seem to be about him for a change.

"Cool, we can go together." Peter responds as he takes his friends hand and leads him up the stairs, he had been here a couple of times now and knew where everything was.

"Okay, but we are holding our own this time and I mean it Peter." Alex responds with a shake of the head, he was still totally confused by his friends behaviour over the last few days and wanted to try and stay in control of what they did.

"We'll see." Peter states as he gives his friend a sideways grin, before opening the bathroom door.

One Hour Later

"Oh dear lord." Mike states in a stunned tone as he looks over to the house and sees both Carter and Wesley walking out.

"What's wrong?" Sarah asks, before following his gaze and almost chokes in surprise.

"Isn't Carter meant to be the shy one?" Gordon then asks as he takes a quick look at the boys and smiles, he had seen all kinds of things and even though he could see the humour in what they were wearing, it didn't really phase him.

"Wesley has been a good influence on him, but I'm really not sure those speedos are appropriate for children." Michelle responds as she watches her son and Wesley walk over to the pool "Oh god." She then says as she sees the back of the speedos and can only blush at the sight, she was still unimpressed by her sons other pair of speedos, or what he had tried to convince her were speedos and this was almost going too far in her opinion.

"I think we will have to have a word with him tomorrow Michelle, his other pair are bad enough, but those are, well they are too much." Ian then states in a slightly embarrassed tone, they were both easy going and laid back, but their sons violet speedos might as well be see through as they hid nothing and these were just inappropriate.

"Definitely and we will have to talk with Wesley about it as well." Michelle responds and gives her husband a loving smile.

"So er... what's it like, well how does it feel to have a gay child?" Maggie then asks in a nervous tone, she had tried to be quiet and just blend into the back round, but with the boys all around the pool, she thought it was a good a time as any to see how they have all adjusted or come to terms with it.

"What my wife means is that Alex has come out to us as gay and she has struggled to accept it, so any advice that you may have would be very much appreciated." Gordon decides to say after seeing the surprised looks on the others faces and knew that his wife's question might have been taken the wrong way.

"Oh well that's a tough one to answer, we knew Carter was gay before he did and I guess we are pretty open minded anyway and it didn't really come as a shock to us when he did tell us." Michelle answers with a smile, she had often wondered if Carter had just come out one day and said he was gay with them having no idea, what her reaction would have been and even with her and her husbands lifestyle, she knew that it would have been a shock to the system.

"It isn't anything to worry about though Maggie, Carter would be the same person whether he liked girls or boys, it doesn't change who they are and how they will behave." Ian then says as he gives the other lady a reassuring smile, although he knew it was easier for him to accept his sons sexuality, he would have been one hell of a hypocrite if he couldn't.

"But didn't you feel disappointed?" Maggie then asks and quickly blushes, she knew how that sounded and could tell that her husband was less than impressed.

"Come on everyone, she has a point and I felt the same thing when I found out about Ben." Mike then decides to states as he sees the looks on the others faces and wanted to defend the woman, because he had felt the same thing at first.

"You did?" Sarah can't help but ask in a surprised tone.

"When you walk in after a long shift at work and see your youngest son kissing another boy, it's a shock to anyone's system Sarah and I will admit to feeling disappointed and slightly ashamed for a little while." Mike states as he explains himself and can see that he was getting a few odd looks. "I love my sons, but for me as a parent you have certain views and expectations, one of them being grandchildren and those things went through my mind as soon as I saw him kissing another boy." He then adds as he looks around and can see that they understood him this time.

"It's an understandable reaction from that point of view Mike and it's obvious to us all that you got over that and it didn't affect your relationship with him." Ian then says, he could tell the man wasn't homophobic and that his reaction was okay in his opinion, it's not something that people think about a lot and to find out like the man did, that would have shocked even the most understanding of people.

"If anything it has made us closer, he is an amazing boy and so is Matt." Mike responds with a proud smile, as he looks over to his son and sees him holding his boyfriend in the water.

"Does that help you Maggie?" Sarah then decides to ask, she had never met the lady before, but she didn't seem like a horrible or self righteous person and wanted to try and help her in any way she could.

"I guess I have a long way to go, but I want to be in his life and I would do anything for my family and especially Alex." Maggie responds with a smile, although she was happy with their responses, she was still uncomfortable being this close to the Summers and was hoping her husband would need to leave soon.

"Sarah I need to talk to you." Mitch says after walking over, he had phoned earlier to tell them that he would be a while after picking Tobias up, but he knew he needed to speak to her now that he was home.

"Oh okay Mitch." Sarah responds in a surprised tone, she hadn't seen him approach and was wondering why he had taken so long to come home.

"Are Tobias and Erica okay?" Mike then decides to ask, he could tell that something had happened, but he wasn't sure what and didn't want to make a big deal out of it for no reason.

"Yeah Dad, but er... well we can talk later okay." Mitch responds as he gives Sarah another look.

"We will be back in a little while, help yourself to any food and drink." Sarah then says before getting up and following the young man inside the house.

"So is Peter gay as well?" Jordan asks after making his way over to the side of the pool to his two friends, while the others messed around together.

"What makes you say that?" Matt asks in a surprised tone, as far as he knew the other boy was straight and apart from being accident prone, he hadn't noticed anything else about him.

"He is straight Jordan." Ben then adds, sure he may be a little clingy to Alex, but he knew he was a little shy and was probably just more comfortable being near him.

"Oh come on, he has been all over Alex and is always staring at him." Jordan then says, he was sure he wasn't imagining it and was surprised his friends hadn't picked up on it.

"Trust us Jordan, if Peter was gay then Alex would have his tongue down his throat already." Ben states with a grin, although as he looks over to their friends, he can't help but notice that Peter was actually staring at Alex and wondered if maybe there was something worth keeping an eye on.

"Oh okay, well at least that means I'm right about Alex being in love with Peter then." Jordan then says, before grinning at the look his two friends give him. "I will take that a yes then." He then says as he turns around and leans against the side of the pool.

"Holy shit." Matt then says as he notices their other two friends approaching the pool and couldn't believe what they were wearing.

"Do they have each others faces on the front of their speedos?" Jordan asks in a bemused tone and despite still being a little jealous that Carter was dating someone else, he could see how happy he was with Wesley and was genuinely happy for him.

"How the hell does Wesley get him to wear stuff like that." Ben then says as he just grins as their friends walk past the table with their parents sitting down.

"I have no idea, but being confident suits him." Matt responds with a smile, he loved both his friends and could tell that they were enjoying the attention.

"Has Carter been working out?" Jordan then asks, he hadn't seen him topless for a while now and he was surprised to see that he was starting to develop some muscles and as his former boyfriend got closer, he swore he could see the beginning of a six pack.

"Honestly I don't know." Ben answers as he looks at their friend, he had pretty much see him naked or at least topless for a long time now and had never really noticed that his friend had developed a lot in that time.

"Well he got fit and you got fat Jordan, guess we know the winner of you two breaking up." Matt then decides to state with a big grin and where as last year his friend might have reacted badly to that comment, he was delighted to see that he was grinning at him.

"Hey! I thought I was meant to be the jerk?" Jordan responds and could only grin back, he had to admit he still felt uncomfortable around him, but it wasn't that bad and as long as they didn't spend too much time alone together, than he could relax and just enjoy himself.

"You will always be the jerk Jordan." Carter then states as he walks over and sits on the edge of the pool next to his friends and smiles as he boyfriend sits down next to him.

"Love you too Carter." Jordan responds as he turns and faces his former boyfriend.

"Shit Jordan, what happened to you?" Wesley can't help but ask, it had been a while since he saw the boy topless and couldn't help but wonder what happened to his swimmers body.

"Fucking hell, okay just because I like you all and the fact I already told Matt, I'm tired of training and eating the right stuff, so I decided to take a few months off, well more like half a year and just relax and pig out before getting back into training and swimming, so yeah get used to me being a fatty for a while." Jordan responds with a shake of the head, he had lost count of how many people have asked him about his weight and while it was a little annoying, he was just enjoying being lazy for a change.

"So what's up with the speedos then?" Ben then decides to ask and could tell that Jordan was happy with the change of conversation.

"Wesley actually got them ages ago and wanted me to wear them that first weekend you moved two moved here, but well I went for the violet ones instead, these were a bit too weird back then." Carter responds with a grin.

"Just weird back then?" Jordan then asks in a bemused tone, to him they were funny, but definitely not something you should wear in front of your friends and family.

"It's my birthday and I can wear what I like." Carter responds with a grin and can tell that his former boyfriend wasn't expecting him to reply like that.

"Well you were right Matt, being confident suits him." Jordan then says before chuckling at the confusion on his former boyfriends face.

"Huh?" Carter quickly asks in a confused tone.

"Doesn't matter, it's just nice to see how happy you're Carter." Jordan states as he paddles back a little more. "I'm going back to the others, don't be long okay." He then says before swimming away.

"Is he okay?" Carter then asks as he watches him swimming away.

"Yeah he is having fun, but I guess talking with your ex boyfriend and being around me is a lot to handle at the same time Carter." Matt then says before feeling himself being cuddled. "I'm fine Ben, but it can't be easy for him and we should respect the fact he might not be comfortable around us." He then adds, before giving his boyfriend a quick kiss.

"Okay." Ben responds before turning to their friends. "Is Tobias okay? Mitch just came out and he hasn't come out yet." He then asks, their friends had just come from the house and figured that they must have seen him inside.

"He looked a bit shaken up, but Erica and Mitch told us that he would be out in a little while and that he was fine." Wesley answers after sliding into the pool, he was a little concerned for their friend, but if Mitch and Erica said that he was okay, than that was good enough for him.

"Shaken up?" Matt quickly asks in a concerned tone as he looks at his friend.

"Mitch said he was okay though, he will be out soon, so we can ask him then." Carter then says in a reassuring tone, before giving his boyfriend a grin, he was worried about their friend as well, but he knew there was no point getting worked up over it.

"Fine, but I'm not carrying you in the pool all afternoon Carter." Wesley then says, before turning around and backing up to the side of the pool.

"I will give you a couple of breaks." Carter responds as he gets up his boyfriends back with a grin.

"This is going to cost you two tokens Beautiful." Wesley then says as he starts to move towards their other friends, before stopping and turning around. "Are you two coming?" He then asks, after realising that they weren't following.

"Not right now." Matt responds as he glances past his two friends and sees Barry and Patrick and can't help but frown a little bit, he really didn't want them here and knew if he went near them, then he wouldn't be able to handle it.

"We want to wait for Tobias, but go have fun guys." Ben then says as he gives his boyfriends bum a little squeeze, while watching their friends join the others.

"They tried to do what?" Sarah asks in a shocked and horrified tone, before quickly walking over and cuddling her son, who was sitting quietly on the sofa.

"The police have taken Conner to the station and Beth's parents are with her and well that's awkward because of her age and well it's complicated." Mitch then says, he knew that she was in shock and could see that she struggling to hold herself together, but he needed to tell her everything.

"And this Conner is your best friend?" Sarah then asks, she was having trouble processing everything and just needed a few minutes.

"He used to be, but that was a long time ago Sarah." Mitch states as he looks across to her and could only hope that she could deal with this without losing it.

"I kicked him in the balls and locked myself in the bathroom Mum." Tobias then says, he wasn't quite sure what he was meant to do or say, but decided that he wanted to reassure his mum. "He never touched me, I didn't let him." He then adds, before feeling himself being cuddled tighter.

"You're such a good boy Tobias." Sarah states as she looks over to Mitch and Erica.

"It's true Sarah, but the girls did pull his jeans and underwear down when he refused to get naked for them." Erica decides to state after seeing the concern on her face and knew that she wasn't sure if he was telling the truth.

"I tried to stop them Mum, but they are girls and I'm not allowed to hurt girls." Tobias then says as he snuggles up a little more to his mum.

"Tobias, I want you to promise me that if anyone tries to hurt you or touch you like that, that you run away from them and if you can't then you defend yourself, even if it is a girl Tobias, if they are trying to hurt you then you are allowed to defend yourself." Sarah then says as she breaks the cuddle and turns to face her son.

"I promise." Tobias responds with a loving smile, he was still shaken by what happened, but thanks to his big brother and Erica, he had calmed down and he wanted to show how strong he was. "They tried to trick me into coming out, but I'm not stupid Mum, I blocked the door and I was going to shout out the window for help, but I heard Mitch and I knew I was safe." He then states with a proud smile.

"I'm proud of you Honey, now why don't you go upstairs and get your speedos and then go and join your brothers and friends in the pool." Sarah then suggests with a warm and loving smile.

"We er... not tell anyone else though okay?" Tobias asks after getting up and walking over to the doorway, he wasn't ashamed or embarrassed, but it was his best friends birthday and he didn't want everyone getting upset, especially his brother and he knew he would take it badly.

"Not until tomorrow Tobias, but we will tell them about it, is that alright with you Honey?" Sarah asks in response, she didn't have to ask why he didn't want to tell anyone else and was again very proud of him for being so sweet.

"Okay, but I want to tell Matt first and er... Ben at same time and er... alone please." Tobias responds with a slight blush, he actually wanted to tell Carter and Wesley at the same time, but he probably wouldn't see them for a few days and he couldn't wait that long to tell his brothers.

"Okay, now hurry up and I want you to take a shower before you come back down Honey." Sarah then states and smiles as he gives her a big grin before disappearing out of the room.

"He really is okay Sarah, he had a big cry in the car while we waited for Mitch and he talked to me about how scared he was, but he is a strong boy and I think his time in the orphanage has given him the strength to not let something like this affect him as much as it would have normally." Erica then decides to say after waiting a few moments, just to make sure the boy didn't come back in.

"Thank you Erica." Sarah responds with an appreciative smile, before turning to Mitch. "What about Conner then, I mean he threatened Tobias and trust me, I want him locked up, but technically he didn't really do anything, so why did they arrest him?" She then asks in a curious tone, she wasn't going to campaign for his release or anything, but she wouldn't have thought they would arrest him like they had done.

"They checked his laptop Sarah and well let's leave it at that for now please, there is a party going on and I could use a drink." Mitch responds, he would tell her tomorrow, but for now he needed to not think about what his former best friend had become and just clear his mind.

"Okay, why don't you two go out and get yourselves a drink, I will be out in a few minutes." Sarah then states as she tries to hold herself together for a few more moments, she knew she would be okay, but she needed a few minutes to herself.

"We will make sure no one comes in until you come outside Sarah." Erica says in a caring tone as she gets up, she had seen the look on her face enough times in the hospital to know she was going to cry and get it out of her system and wanted her to know no one would interrupt her.

"Thank you, both of you." Sarah responds as she gives them both a sad smile and watches them walk out of the room, before curling up on the sofa and crying.

Two Hours Later

"I'm going to go and check on Tobias okay." Carter states before giving his boyfriend a kiss on the cheek, their friend had been in and out of the house since he came home and he wasn't quite acting like himself and he was concerned.

"Take his present up to him as well, something is wrong with him and it might help you to get him to open up a little." Ben then says as he sits down next to his friends.

"Where's Matt?" Carter quickly asks in a surprised tone, so far his two friends had been joined at the hip and he wondered why they weren't at the moment.

"Talking with Jordan, Peter and Alex, while Barry and Patrick look like they are expecting to get shot or something." Ben responds with a grin, although he quickly frowns as he knows he shouldn't find their friends awkwardness amusing.

"Don't be long Carter." Wesley then decides to say, before he gives his boyfriend a quick swat on his bum to get him going.

"I won't." Carter responds with a grin, before leaning down and kissing his boyfriend.

"Love you Beautiful." Wesley then says as his boyfriend begins to walk away and quickly grins when he turns around for a few seconds with a curious expression.

"Love you too Wesley." Carter eventually responds after a few moments, before turning back to the house and walking towards it.

"What was that look for?" Ben then asks in a curious tone and couldn't help but wonder if he had missed something.

"I've been calling him Beautiful all day Ben and he hasn't realised I found a pet name that he likes yet, well I think he is starting to realise, but hasn't quite got there yet." Wesley responds as he watches his boyfriend walking away and can't help but blush a little when he feels himself getting a little hard.

"Oh wow, doesn't he hate pet names though?" Ben asks in response, for as long as his two friends had been boyfriends, his friend had made it clear that he didn't like them.

"With a passion, but I finally found one he likes, well I'm taking the fact he hasn't dismissed it like all the others as a sign that he actually likes it, whether he realises it or not." Wesley responds with a grin.

"Oh, well I guess it's about time." Ben responds as he glances around the back garden. "I didn't know your brother knew Carter's parents that well." He then says as he sees Jim talking to the couple and while he thought he might just be making conversation with them, he had pretty much been with them all afternoon so far and thought it was strange.

"Me neither, but I guess he doesn't really have a lot of choice, I mean Mitch and Erica have been kissing most of the time and well fuck knows where they went this time and then Sarah and Mike have been going around everyone and let's face it, while Alex's dad is kind of cool, his mum is weird and keeps staring at us in a strange way." Wesley responds as he looks over to his brother and wondered if his friend was trying to imply something or not.

"Oh shit, I thought I was being paranoid about her Wesley, I mean I have seen here staring at us and it's like she is trying to figure something out, although I don't know, she has said hi to all of us except Matt, I mean I know he isn't exactly Mr Approachable today, but it's like she is going out of her way to avoid him." Ben responds in a thoughtful tone, he couldn't blame anyone for being a little nervous about talking to his boyfriend, there was no denying that he was in a bad mood and he knew why, but he would still talk to anyone who talked to him, well apart from Barry or Patrick anyway.

"Well she is homophobic Ben, so I don't really want to talk with her anyway, but Alex said that she was really trying to change and that she loved him." Wesley then says as he looks across to their friends playing in the pool and despite missing his boyfriend already, he couldn't help but smile as he saw Matt enjoying himself, he knew it was stupid, but like everyone else, seeing him happy made him happy and he wasn't ashamed to feel that way.

"True, but for her to admit that and actually change herself for Alex is amazing and I'm not going to give her a hard time or give her any reason to think we are all disgusting and nasty freaks." Ben responds as he looks around and can't help but take a second look at Alex and Peter and he could swear he just saw Peter rubbing his friends bum under the water.

"How are you doing anyway, it's been ages since we last talked about you." Wesley then asks as he turns to his friend and can see his smile drop. "Oh shit, you want to go somewhere private?" He then asks in a concerned tone, he hadn't expected him to react like that and wondered if he should have kept his mouth shut.

"Nah, shit sorry, look..." Ben tries to respond before sniffling, he had no idea what was happening, he had felt great recently and was confused. "Shit maybe we can just move a little further away from everyone." He then says as he decides that he obviously needed to talk to someone, even if he didn't know why he was reacting like this, he wasn't going to risk bottling things up again.

"Okay." Wesley responds as they get up and take their chairs a little further away from everyone else before sitting down.

"Tobias you okay? It's me Carter." Carter calls out as he walks up to his friends bedroom door, he thought about walking straight in and knew he probably could have, but he wanted to wait and see how his friends mood was first.

"Oh okay, come in." Tobias responds in a distracted tone and Carter couldn't help but be a little worried as he opens the door and walks in.

"Why are you standing in front of the mirror like that Tobias?" Carter asks in a slightly bemused tone, not that he was complaining at seeing him naked, but it was a little bit weird.

"I'm just trying to figure something out." Tobias responds in the same tone as before, while keeping his eyes locked on his mirrored image.

"Did something happen?" Carter decides to ask, he knew his friend was late coming home, really late and hadn't come outside for almost half an hour after actually getting back and Mitch, Erica and Sarah were acting a little weird as well, so he knew something had happened.

"Why do people want to touch and do stuff to boys Carter?" Tobias then asks as he ignores his friends question, he just didn't understand and the more he tried to work it out, the less sense it made.

"You mean like er... huh?" Carter responds in a confused tone, he didn't like the way his friend was looking at himself, or the tone of his voice and was starting to get really worried.

"Mr Jones raped and molested Jordan and then molested Matt, then David tortured and raped Matt, Wesley almost got raped by some older kids and then David almost killed Wesley and Mitch." Tobias begins to say before pausing and turning to his friend with tears running down his face.

"Tobias what happened?" Carter asks as he edges towards his friend, but stops half way when he sees him flinch a little bit.

"When I went to Beth's earlier, you know the girl I liked, it was fun at first and then her two friends turned up and well it was weird being with loads of girls and I didn't really like it that much because girls are really boring, but then they started giggling and looked at me Carter." Tobias begins to say before moving over to his bed and sitting down. "They tried to get me to take my clothes off, you know like those girls in the park did before, but I know that I shouldn't do that now, but when I said no, well they kept trying to take my clothes off and pulled my jeans and underwear down and saw my willy." He then adds before stopping again, although this time it was because he couldn't stop himself sniffling.

"Oh my god, did they er... like take all your clothes off?" Carter then decides to ask, as he walks over and kneels in front of his friend.

"They tried, but I stopped them Carter, but boys aren't allowed to hurt girls so they kept trying, but I then tried to run, but when I opened the bedroom door a man was there and he stopped me and Beth started to lie about stuff and he got mad at me and then started calling me a dirty faggot and then he tried to get me to take my clothes..." Tobias then begins to say before being interrupted.

"Holy fuck, are you okay, he didn't hurt you did he?" Carter then says as he puts his hand on his friends thigh and could feel tears rolling down his face.

"I think he was going to, but I kicked him in the balls and locked myself in their bathroom, I think he was going to break the door down, but Mitch came and saved me." Tobias responds before sniffling a few more times, he knew he might have been hurt and worse if Mitch hadn't turned up and it just made him realise how easily it could happen and it scared him.

"Her dad tried to rape you?" Carter can't help but ask in a shocked tone, he really didn't like Beth or her friends, but their dads knew each other and he seemed like a nice and friendly man.

"No, no it was her cousin Conner, he is Mitch's age, I think they used to be friends once." Tobias responds in a slightly more controlled tone, he was still scared and upset about what happened, but after remembering how he had defended himself and how his big brother was there to save him, he felt a lot better about it all, although he still didn't understand why people did stuff to kids.

"Wait what?" Carter asks in a surprised tone, he couldn't believe it was the same person who tried to molest his boyfriend and hurt Matt.

"Oh right, yeah it's the same person who hurt Wesley." Tobias responds before pushing his friends hand away and moving back over to the mirror to look at himself.

"Fuck, but er... shit, who else knows?" Carter then asks as he tries to process everything, while also trying to figure out how his friend was really doing.

"Mum, Mitch, Erica and now you." Tobias answers in a distracted tone before quickly turning to his friend. "You can't tell anyone else, not even Wesley." He then states in a slightly panicked tone, he had forgotten all about the party and he didn't want to ruin it, although just as he thinks about that, he realises he had told Carter and knew he had messed up.

"Why?" Carter asks in a confused tone.

"Because it will ruin the party and Matt will get upset, I want to have fun Carter and I'm fine, I just need to think about er... well I'm okay, I promise." Tobias responds as he gives his friend a pleading look.

"Okay I promise, but you have to promise to tell me if you need to get away from everyone again, like you have been doing all afternoon, you shouldn't be alone and I want to be there for you." Carter then states in a serious tone, he knew this was huge and that his friend needed someone to talk to and he wanted to be that person.

"Is that the present I made for you?" Tobias then says as he notices the present in his friends hand for the first time.

"Tobias!" Carter states in a serious tone, he was glad that his friend had noticed the present, but he needed to hear him promise to let him help him first.

"Okay, I promise Carter." Tobias responds as he walks back to his bed and sits on it, although this time he sits in the middle with his legs crossed and motions for his friend to do the same thing.

"Thank you, now is it okay to open this now?" Carter then asks, his friend had just confirmed that he had made the present and he wasn't sure if he would prefer him to open it in front of everyone or not.

"Yeah." Tobias responds with a shy smile, he didn't have any money and he didn't want to borrow any, so he had decided to make his friend a present and he really hoped he liked it.

"Don't look so nervous Tobias." Carter says as he begins to unwrap the present, after noticing how worried his friend looked and quickly gave him a reassuring smile, before looking down and gasping as he looked at what his friend had made him and just looked at his friend with tears running down his face.

"Do you like it?" Tobias then asks in a nervous tone, he was still dealing with his own issues and didn't know if his friend was crying because he hated the present or because he liked it.

"I love it." Carter responds after wiping his eyes, before leaning forward and cuddling his friend tightly.

"I need a drink." Matt says as he struggles to swim to the side, before giving his friend a appreciative smile as he feels him helping him. "Cheers Alex." He then says after steadying himself.

"Want me to help you out?" Alex then offers with a smile, he hadn't spent much time with him and had only been around the house a couple of times, but he wanted to try and talk to him one on one and get to know him a little better.

"Sure." Matt responds before looking over to the other four boys. "Peter, Jordan, we will be back in a little while okay." He then says, while purposely ignoring the other two's presence, although he couldn't help but feel a little guilty when he sees the look on their faces, but as far as he was concerned they deserved it and he wasn't going to give them a break.

"Okay." Peter responds as he gives his friends a long look, although he was really just staring at Alex and could feel himself responding in another way and quickly started to blush.

"Want me to push you up or get up and pull you out?" Alex asks as he shakes his head at his other friend blushing and wished he could read minds and figure out what was going on in his head.

"You better pull me up, I'm still a little weird about people touching my bum Alex, it's nothing personal, but I only let Ben and well it's just er... you know." Matt respond as he starts to blush.

"You don't have to explain yourself Matt, I get it and to be honest as hot as you're, I don't really want to touch your backside Matt." Alex then states with a grin, he could tell his friend was getting a little upset and remembered what the others had told him and knew that he would appreciate him trying to make him laugh.

"I'm pretty sure if you touched my backside, Peter would get jealous and try to kill me or something." Matt then says after watching his friend pull himself out off the pool.

"So I'm not imagining it?" Alex then asks as he lifts his friend out of the pool, he was sure he was just being paranoid, but if someone else had noticed, than maybe there was more to it than he had thought.

"We're pretty sure he is straight Alex, but he is definitely checking you out and I've seen him rubbing your bum a few times when he didn't think anyone was looking." Matt responds as he limps next to his friend before stopping after a few moments.

"You okay?" Alex quickly asks in a concerned tone, he knew his friend had trouble walking and tried to see if he could see his cane.

"I think of left my cane on the other side of the pool, can you go get it and I will meet you in the kitchen." Matt responds with a smile, he was in a bit of pain, but he could get to the kitchen easily. "Alex, I'm fine I promise, but I will need my cane for when we come back out." He then says when he sees his friend giving him a worried look.

"Okay, but don't trip over or anything, otherwise Ben will kill me for leaving you to walk on your own." Alex then says with a grin, while checking his friend out, he hadn't paid him much attention, well as far as looking at his body before now and couldn't help but be impressed, even with the scars he looked hot and if anything the scars made him look even more so.

"You know if Peter catches you looking at me like that, then Ben will be the least of your worries." Matt then says in an amused tone, he felt a little weird at his friend checking him out, but at the same time it felt great and definitely gave him a bit of an ego boost.

"I can see why Peter likes you all." Alex then says in a sincere tone, he had been nervous about trying to join the group of friends, but they had all been welcoming, even Wesley seemed to make an effort with him and he was grateful for that.

"Hurry up and get my cane then." Matt then says and grins as his friend turns around and begins to walk to the other side of the pool, before turning to walk towards the house and almost immediately being knocked to the ground by someone.

"I'm so sorry, are you okay..." Maggie states as she kneels down to help the boy up, but as soon as he looks up, she realises who it is. "Oh er... Matt are you er... are you okay?" She then asks in a nervous tone as she feels herself shaking a little.

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