The Life of Matt Summers, Part 5

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction and any resemblance of the characters to real life people, events, circumstances, is purely coincidental. This story involves love and sexual scenarios with boys aged nine and above and it may contain some events you might find offensive or inappropriate, but If you're not a fan of this kind of story, please do not read. You know who You're and you should know whether or not to read this stuff. This is not a quick jack off story though, so don't expect detailed and over the top sexual situations between the characters, although as the story develops there will be more sexual things happening as relationships change and develop.

Hopefully I get some good feedback from you guys and I appreciate all constructive criticism, I will admit that when it comes to the medical stuff in the stories I have taken liberties as I have no idea about most of it, but I hope people can look past any glaring inaccuracies and enjoy the story, I just ask that you keep any replies mature and civil, if you don't like it then I respect your view but there isn't any need to be abusive.

My name is Matt and I'm 30 years old and from the UK.

July 2015

"I'm sleepy." Ben then says after drinking the second glass of water and holds on tightly to his boyfriend as he walks back over to their bed.

"I know, now lay down and close your eyes." Matt responds in a loving tone and after pulling the sheets over his boyfriend, he kisses the top of his head. "Goodnight Ben." He then says and smiles as his boyfriend looks up at him.

"I love you." Ben then says and smiles at his boyfriend, before closing his eyes and falling to sleep almost instantly.

"I love you too, you drunk dumb ass." Matt responds to his now sleeping boyfriend and gives him another kiss on the forehead before turning around and sighing as he sees the sick on the floor and limps over to the kitchen area to fill a bowl up with water so he could clear the sick up properly. "The things we do for each other." He then says as he looks up to the bed and smiles when he sees his boyfriends arms hanging off the bed and couldn't help but think that it looked like he was reaching out to him and was tempted to go and join him, but he was almost done cleaning up the sick and turned his attention back to finishing that, although as he continues to clean up he starts to think about what his dad had made him do and he couldn't help but sniffle a little bit at the memory.

"You make me so happy Matt." Ben then mumbles and Matt quickly turns to the bed, thinking that his boyfriend was awake, but as soon as he looks over to him, he could see that he was still asleep and when he hears him repeat the same thing again, he can't help but smile and as quickly as the memory of what his dad did to him appeared in his mind, it disappeared and he just thought about how much he loved his boyfriend.

"You make me want to live Ben." Matt then says after limping back to their bed, he had just thrown the tea towel and kitchen roll in the bin, when his boyfriend had said what he did and carefully climbed in to join him, while being as careful as he could to avoid waking him and couldn't help but feel like the luckiest boy in the world when he feels his boyfriend pull him into his arms while also letting out a sigh of content, just like he had done earlier and couldn't help but love his boyfriend even more for seemingly knowing that he had joined him in bed, despite being asleep and knew what it meant, he then kisses his boyfriends lips softly, before closing his eyes and falling into a deep sleep of his own.

"So you liked it then?" Carter asks nervously, they had been awake for almost half an hour and were still naked in his boyfriend bed and he just couldn't hold out any longer to ask about last night.

"It was a little embarrassing and well I felt a little stupid." Wesley answers honestly and straight away feels like a complete jerk, when he sees his boyfriends face drop and knows that isn't the response he was hoping for.

"Okay." Carter then says and starts to get up so that he could get dressed, but just as he starts to get off the bed he feels himself being pulled back and finds himself being held tightly.

"Give me a break Carter, I didn't hate it and I want to do it again, but it was still a bit weird." Wesley then states honestly, a lot of the role playing was fun and his boyfriend looking sexy as hell didn't hurt either, but it was still weird pretending to be an Elf and acting out a little scenario his boyfriend had thought up.

"I knew I should have just stopped at getting you to dress up." Carter then states and tries to pull away, but gives up as his boyfriend just holds him in place.

"Maybe it would have been better to go a bit more slowly, but at least I know what to expect next time and can try a little harder to not sound like an idiot." Wesley then says in a soft tone, before kissing his boyfriends nose and smiles when he sees him scrunching it up.

"So you really do want to do it again?" Carter then asks, he still couldn't help but be nervous and even though he knew they loved each other, he couldn't stop feeling vulnerable in not only letting his boyfriend know about his fantasy, but actually showing him and making him take part.

"We are going to be doing it a lot Carter, but maybe just when we have the house to ourselves okay." Wesley responds with a loving smile and gives his boyfriend a quick peck on the cheeks.

"I love you Wesley." Carter then says and returns the favour by giving his boyfriend a quick peck, but as soon as his lips press against his boyfriends he feels a hand cup the back of his head and finds himself being kissed passionately for almost five minutes, before feeling his boyfriends lips moving away from his own and can't help making a little whimpering noise.

"Want to sixty nine before we get washed up and ready for school?" Wesley then asks, but to his boyfriends surprise and delight he is already moving his hand down his body and smiles at him when he feels that he is already hard. "I will take that as a yes then." He then says with a grin after hearing his boyfriend moan.

"Say it first." Carter responds teasingly as he gets up and pushes his boyfriend on to his back.

"I love you Carter and from now on wherever we go together, I want to hold your hand and kiss you when I want and I don't care what anyone else thinks." Wesley states from the heart and smiles at the surprise on his boyfriends face and knew he wasn't expecting him to say all that.

"You make me so happy." Carter then says before leaning down and kissing his boyfriend, he couldn't believe what his boyfriend had just said and he could barely contain how excited and happy it made him.

"I am yours Carter and whatever you want, I will give it to you and I mean anything." Wesley then says in a sincere tone, while he lightly runs his hands down to his boyfriends bum and begins to rub and squeeze his cheeks, then after hearing his boyfriend moaning into his mouth he starts to run his fingers down his crack until he finds his target and slowly presses. "Anything Carter." He then states as his finger slides into his boyfriend.

"Oh fuck, you mean... really?" Carter then asks as he struggles to hold back from moaning as his boyfriends finger slowly slides in and out, although he was sure his boyfriend didn't really mean what he thought he had.

"When ever you're ready." Wesley responds, but when he tries to add a second finger he feels his boyfriend tense up and gasp a little so stops and looks up at him in concern.

"I think it might be a long time." Carter the states in a disappointed and frustrated tone, as much as he wanted to have sex with his boyfriend, the fact he couldn't even take two fingers without it hurting that much, he knew it would be a long time before it would actually happen.

"I know, but we have forever Carter, I just wanted you to know that I'm ready and well I just wanted you to know." Wesley states in a sympathetic tone, but he knew that his boyfriend was alright and slowly removed his finger from his hole.

"Have we still got time?" Carter then asks, he felt a little disappointed when he felt his boyfriends finger being removed, but he hoped they could still have some fun before everyone else woke up and they had to get ready for school.

"Yeah, they won't be up for at least another twenty minutes." Wesley responds with a loving smile and can't help but think how lucky he was to find the love of his life.

"Can I go on top this time?" Carter then asks and Wesley feels his heart skip a beat when he hears the excitement in his boyfriend tone and although they regularly fought over who got to be on top, he secretly loved when his boyfriend took the dominant position.

"Anything you want remember." Wesley then answers and sighs contently as he feels his boyfriend moving and smiles as he watches his boyfriends boner come into view and quickly pulls him down by his bum and takes it in his mouth, then moans himself when he feels his own being sucked, then just when he thought it couldn't get any better he felt his boyfriends fingers working their way towards his hole and slowly entering him and couldn't help but whimper a little before returning the favour.

"What are you doing?" Mitch asks in a groggy tone, he had just woken up and as soon as he turned over to see if his brother was still asleep, he saw him standing with his back to him looking down at his bed and couldn't help but be a little curious.

"Me wet bed again." Tobias answers in a sad tone and despite still being half asleep Mitch quickly gets up and moves over to see how bad it was and can't help but feel sorry for him.

"It's not so bad, why don't you take your underwear off and go get a shower Tobias, I will change your sheets and put the wet ones in the basket to wash later." Mitch tells his brother in a friendly tone and pulls him against his side to let him know it was alright.

"I don't want to be alone though." Tobias then says in an almost pleading tone and Mitch can't help but feel his heart break a little, he could see the fear and sadness in his brothers eyes and quickly got to his knees and pulls him in for a loving cuddle.

"Okay new plan, get out of your undies and put some clean ones on and I will take you over to see your brothers, they should be awake by now." Mitch then states and when he lets his brother go he can tell that he is happier with that idea than the previous.

"Okay, but why your willy hard?" Tobias then asks as he pulls his damp underwear off and walks over to his drawers to get a clean pair.

"It happens quite a lot to boys in the morning Tobias, most of the time it is because we need to pee and it won't go fully soft until you go to the toilet." Mitch explains as he walks over to his closet to get a top and some jogging bottoms to wear.

"So you not er... you not need to er... you know touch self?" Tobias then asks in a curious tone as he pulls his briefs up and Mitch can't help but smile at his brothers curiosity and is happy to see that he wasn't just getting upset over wetting the bed.

"Honestly sometimes you just wake up and you want to masturbate Tobias, but not that often and it is usually because you were dreaming of something really nice." Mitch answers and can't help but blush a little and despite the many sex talks he has given, he still finds talking about these things a little embarrassing.

"like a wet dream?" Tobias then asks, remembering the part of the sex talk where his big brother told him about having very sexy dreams and you cum while asleep, but he was glad that he couldn't make cum yet, because it was embarrassing enough to wet his bed with pee, he would be mortified if he had to tell his big brother or mum that he cum in his sleep and needed his sheets cleaning.

"Yeah, but you have a while before you have to worry about that Tobias and even when you do start to make cum, wet dreams are very rare and I have only ever had two and it wasn't that bad." Mitch answers as he finishes getting dressed and opens the bedroom door after walking over to it.

"Thank you." Tobias then says as he walks past his big brother and heads towards the stairs.

"Any time." Mitch responds as he closes their door and follows his brother.

"You feeling okay?" Matt asks in a bemused tone as he watches his boyfriend poking at his cereal with the spoon.

"Was I really drunk?" Ben then asks, ignoring his boyfriends question, he was really angry at himself for messing up their evening together and could see a huge wet patch on the floor near their bed and knew that it was something he did.

"You had like three glasses of wine Ben, what do you think." Matt answers honestly, but even though he tried to hide his slight annoyance at his boyfriend getting drunk, he could tell by the way his boyfriend looked at him, that he didn't hide it enough.

"Sorry I ruined last night." Ben then says sincerely and gives his boyfriend a sad look, before looking back at his cereal and poking it with his spoon again, he really wasn't hungry and couldn't bring himself to eat any of it.

"You didn't ruin anything, in fact you did the complete opposite." Matt responds with a loving smile, as he remembers what his boyfriend had said in his sleep and despite feeling annoyed a few moments earlier, remembering that wiped it all away and he couldn't help but smile.

"I did?" Ben then asks in a confused tone, he was pretty sure the huge damp spot was a result of him being sick and despite his boyfriend not telling him if he was, he could taste it in his mouth and felt bad knowing his boyfriend had to clean it up.

"You did and besides you were so funny, especially when you found out you had a penis and two balls." Matt responds teasingly and couldn't help but let out a giggle when he sees his boyfriend blushing.

"Oh my god, was it bad?" Ben then asks, hoping that he didn't make a complete fool of himself, although being told he discovered he had a penis and balls was hardly giving him much hope of it being good.

"Honestly it was funny Ben, but why did you drink that much?" Matt then asks, he was both curious and worried about his boyfriend, he still wasn't one hundred percent convinced that his boyfriend acting so weird was about him not singing and him getting drunk for no reason wasn't helping his concern.

"I don't know." Ben answers defensively and Matt can't help but look at him with even more concern.

"Did you do it on purpose?" Matt then asks and begins to wonder if his boyfriend knew exactly what he was doing.

"I'm fine Matt, let's talk about something else." Ben then says as he tries to dodge his boyfriends question, he hadn't set out to drink that much, he just did it without really realising and it did worry him, but he definitely didn't want to talk about it right now.

"I'm worried about you." Matt then says, he knew his boyfriend was trying to avoid talking with him, but he wasn't ready to let it go just yet and hoped he could get him to open up.

"I'm always worried about you." Ben counters weakly and knows that it was a stupid thing to say, especially when he sees the unimpressed look on his boyfriends face.

"I know, but you always tell me that I have to be honest with you and now you won't do the same for me." Matt then states in a warm tone and reaches out across the table and holds his hand out, surprising his boyfriend, who looks at the hand nervously.

"I'm just a little confused Matt, a lot has happened and I just thought it might help me sort of like relax a little, I didn't know I was going to get that drunk from a couple of glasses." Ben then responds as honestly as he dared, but he was pleased that it appeared to work as his boyfriends expression softened a little bit more and decided to reach out and take his hand to further show him that he would be alright.

"That will do for now Ben, but you can tell me the whole truth later and if you lie to me, I will tell everyone what else you did last night." Matt then states in a serious tone, although he can't quite keep a straight face, when his boyfriends mouth drops open and somehow blushes even more.

"Okay I promise, but it's not easy to explain Matt, I don't really get what is happening myself, but something is wrong and well fuck it let's just talk about..." Ben then begins to say, before a knock at the door interrupts him and he can't help but let out a sigh, although he isn't really sure if it is a sigh of relief or frustration.

"Well don't just sit there you dumb ass, go open the door, my cane is too far away." Matt then tells his boyfriend with a grin, although inside he was feeling slightly frustrated, he was sure his boyfriend was then going to tell him what was wrong, but knew that he would have another chance tonight and he would make sure no one interrupted them then.

"Okay." Ben responds as he gets up and begins to walk towards the door, but just as he unlocks it and is about to open it, he realises that he is completely naked. "Who is it?" He then asks nervously, hoping it wasn't his dad or Sarah, while ignoring his boyfriend giggling.

"Jeez Ben, don't you two ever wear clothes, just let us in already." Mitch states in a half serious tone, he should have guessed they would be naked and just shook his head as the door slowly opened.

"Our house, our rules Mitch." Ben then says as he opens the door and walks back over to the table to sit with his boyfriend again.

"Morning Tobias." Matt then says as he sees his brother walking in the door behind Mitch, but can see that something was wrong straight away and then remembered that they were going to have a talk soon and gave him a friendly smile.

"Me wet bed again." Tobias then says as he walks over to his two brothers at the table.

"Did you have a nightmare?" Matt asks in a caring tone and slowly gets to his feet.

"I don't think so, I just wet the bed." Tobias answers honestly, although he knew why he wet the bed and just felt stupid.

"Are you two okay to look after him, I need to go change his sheets and then call Erica to see what time see has to be in work." Mitch then states, he wished he could stay, but he wanted to give the three boys a chance to be alone and talk together and he had promised to give Erica a lift into work and wanted to get himself a shower as well.

"We will be fine Mitch and say hi to Erica for us, we haven't seen her for ages." Ben responds as he looks over and smiles when he sees his boyfriend cuddling their brother.

"Tobias don't be too long though, you still need a shower and you need to brush your teeth as well." Mitch then says as he begins to walk away.

"Oh come on Mitch, he can shower and brush his teeth here so there is no rush." Ben then says, he knew his brother could get a little carried away with looking after him from his own experiences and while he loved his brother for it, sometimes it was a little annoying and he wanted to avoid that happening with him and Tobias.

"Okay I get it, right see you all later." Mitch then says and smiles before walking out of the pool house and closing the door behind himself.

"It was because of what happened yesterday wasn't it Tobias?" Matt then asks after letting go of his brother and sitting down again.

"I think so." Tobias answers in a sad tone and gives his two brothers a sad look.

"What happened yesterday?" Ben then asks curiously, if his brother had wet the bed than it had to be bad, but despite obviously being upset still, he looked fine to him now.

"Can I sit on bed please?" Tobias then asks, noticing that they didn't have a third chair and he felt a little silly standing in just his briefs.

"Sure, but can you pass me my cane first." Matt responds, he wasn't going to walk around much, but he wanted it for when he did feel like it.

"Okay." Tobias says as he walks over to his brothers cane and hands it over to him, before sitting down on their bed, while giving the rose petals a curious look.

"So what happened yesterday?" Ben then asks again, knowing that it was the reason his brother had brought Tobias to see them and he wanted to see if he could help in some way.

"He was reminded of something he used to do every Sunday afternoon with his family and he got upset." Matt answers after getting a pleading look from his brother and knew he wanted him to explain.

"Like how I used to get upset about singing." Ben then states in a sad tone, as he looks to his boyfriend and then to his brother with a sympathetic look.

"Me not understand." Tobias then says and didn't know whether he should feel angry for his brother saying something like that or if there was a real similarity that he just didn't understand.

"Before my mum died we used to..." Ben then begins to explain before trailing off, no matter how much time passes, he just can't bring himself to talk about his mum without breaking down and could feel a few tears building in his eyes and gives his boyfriend a look.

"Tobias he used to sing with his mum all the time and it was their little secret, but when she died he stopped singing and it made him sad instead of happy, so he knows how it feels to miss something that you used to do with someone you loved and it helped him to talk to me about it." Matt then explains with a small smile, although he could tell that his boyfriend was now upset as well as his brother and felt a little lost with what to do next.

"So me not stupid and silly for wetting the bed?" Tobias then asks, relaxing a little as he realises that his brothers understand what happened.

"Tobias never call yourself stupid or silly, what you feel about your family is perfectly normal and I miss my mum every second of the day and I want her to just hold me again just like she used to do, but you learn to cope and you learn that you can carry on without them, even if it is hard sometimes." Ben answers from the heart and despite trying his best, he can't stop the tears rolling down his face.

"Tobias why don't you go and get a shower." Matt then suggests as he gets up and limps around the table to give his boyfriend a cuddle.

"Can we all go together please?" Tobias then asks, he knew he was being needy, but he really didn't want to be alone and hoped they both understood.

"We have enough time to use the jacuzzi for twenty minutes." Ben manages to say as he composes himself enough to speak, he just wished he could find a way to talk about his mum without crying, but he knew that Mitch had the same problem and it gave him a little more comfort that he wasn't the only one who felt like he did in their family.

"Well let's go in then, but only for ten minutes, you need to start getting ready for school Ben and Tobias can help me clean the room up after." Matt then states in a firm tone, deciding to take control of things and smiles as his boyfriend and brother both get up and walk into the bathroom, as he limps behind them with his cane.

"Did he wet the bed again?" Sarah asks in a concerned tone as she walks into the kitchen and sees Mitch loading some sheets into the washing machine.

"Yeah, but he is with Matt and Ben now and they will talk to him about it." Mitch responds honestly as he looks to see her smiling at him.

"You're really good with him Mitch, well with all the boys really." Sarah then states in a sincere tone and decides that now was the time to talk to him about the guardianship of her two sons.

"I try my best Sarah, I just want them to be safe and happy." Mitch then says as he closes the washing machine door and turns around to look at her and can't help but be a little curious when he sees the odd look she is giving him. "What's wrong?" He asks, thinking that he had said or done something wrong.

"Nothing, but why don't we sit down, I want to ask you something and it's important Mitch." Sarah responds with a smile as she sits down at the table and watches as he nervously sits down opposite her.

"What's going on Sarah?" Mitch then asks as he prepares himself to here something bad and Sarah realises that she just has to come out and say it, otherwise she is just going to worry him for nothing.

"Mitch I want you to be Matt and Tobias's legal guardian if anything ever happened to me." Sarah then says as simply as she could and couldn't help feeling a little nervous herself when she sees the shocked look on his face.

"What?" Mitch asks, he was in total shock and didn't know what to think let alone say in response to that.

"Mitch you're amazing with the boys and they all love you, but it doesn't mean you have to act any different from how you have been, this is just a precaution Mitch and I want you to think about it." Sarah then states in a sincere tone, she really hoped he would accept, but she also knew that this was a massive commitment for him and he was barely an adult himself, so she knew he may not want that responsibility.

"Is it the same thing you had with Tobias?" Mitch then asks, although he knew the answer already, he just wanted some more time to figure things out in his head.

"It is exactly the same thing and I don't want to guilt or pressure you into it Mitch, because if you refuse I will ask your dad, but I want you to think about what would have happened to Tobias if I didn't have those guardianship papers, because it would have been virtually impossible for me to have gotten him out of the orphanage due to Matt's problems and David being what he is, I don't want either Matt or Tobias being taken into care and away from all of you." Sarah then states and although she feels a little guilty for saying that, when it came to her two sons she would do anything and just hoped he would agree to it.

"So they would be my sons and I would be like their actual dad?" Mitch then asks, his initial thoughts were that he was too young and wasn't the right person, but he had practically raised his little brother himself and he loved all the boys, but it was still a big commitment and something that he couldn't take lightly.

"That would be up to you and the boys, you would by law just be their legal guardian and that doesn't make you their parent Mitch, so you could still be how you all are right now, but the option to officially adopt them is there, if that is what you all decide you want." Sarah answers honestly with a smile, she was just glad that at the very least he was taking this seriously.

"Why not ask my dad though?" Mitch then asks, although he could already guess the answer to that, but he was only seventeen and despite his dads flaws he was older and an actual parent already.

"Your dad is a wonderful man Mitch, but he would be the first to admit that you have raised Ben more than he has and the natural way you're with the boys is something that again he would admit to be lacking, but I don't want you to feel pressured Mitch, your dad said he will be their guardian if you don't want to take on that responsibility and we won't think any less of you." Sarah answers honestly and while she would be disappointed, it wouldn't be at him and knew herself how big of a deal this is to take on.

"You won't?" Mitch asks in surprise, he would have thought she would be upset that he would refuse and question if he really cared for the boys, but didn't expect her to say that she wouldn't judge him.

"I remember when I signed the papers, it was the most nerve racking thing I have ever had to do Mitch and I had David with me, so I know I that I'm asking a lot of you Mitch, but I want you to know that I wouldn't ask if you weren't the best person to look after them if anything did happen to me and you would still have your dad to help you." Sarah again answers honestly, while crossing her fingers under the table and again just hoped he would say yes.

"Would we have to tell the boys?" Mitch then asks, as he again stalls for a bit of time to think and is actually surprised to find himself on the verge of saying yes, but there was so much to consider and he then thought about Erica and wondered what she would think about this.

"I think it would be something we could all talk about, but while Matt is how he is and Tobias only just joining our family, I don't think it is something we should be putting on their shoulders just yet." Sarah responds with a sad smile, the boys were definitely not ready for this kind of a conversation, but she couldn't see either of them being upset about Mitch being their legal guardian.

"What about Erica though, I mean I think she could be the one Sarah, but we have only been dating for a little while and what if she doesn't want two boys to look after?" Mitch then asks, with all the pros and cons running through his head, this was the only one that could cause him to say no in his eyes and wanted to get Sarah's opinion on it.

"Oh well er... honestly I haven't really thought about how Erica might feel, but you don't have to make the decision right now Mitch and if you want to talk to her about it then you should, because if you two are serious it would affect you both." Sarah responds in a slightly disappointed tone and kicks herself for not considering Erica as a factor in Mitch's decision and in their shoes, potentially having to suddenly take on two teenage boys was a daunting prospect, especially with their issues.

"You really think I would make a good guardian for them though?" Mitch then asks, he could hear the disappointment in her tone and even though he thought he could really love Erica, he already loved the boys and he could never forgive himself if they were taken away, all because he put a girl he had only just started dating ahead of them.

"I wouldn't ask if I didn't Mitch." Sarah answers honestly and gives him a genuine smile, knowing that he was still undecided, but at the very least he wasn't just going to say no.

"I still want to talk to Erica first, but I think I'm going to say yes Sarah, but just let me have a few days to really think about it please." Mitch then says in a genuine tone, he was definitely going to agree, but he felt like he had to talk to Erica first and not agree to anything before at least discussing it with her.

"There is no rush Mitch and just to take the pressure off, when it was me and David doing it all those years ago, we talked about it for weeks and didn't sign the papers until almost six months after we had first brought it up as an idea and although I would prefer to do it sooner rather than later, I won't pressure you into it and you have my word that even if you say no, I won't think of you as anything other than an amazing young man Mitch." Sarah then states in a sincere tone, she was happy with how the talk was going and despite not getting a definite yes, it was as good as.

"I agree with Sarah as well Mitch, it is a big responsibility and we would rather you said no instead of feeling pressured and not really wanting to, because this is about what is best for the boys and it's not fair on them if we do this wrong." Mike then says, he had been standing unseen in the doorway throughout most of the conversation, not quite wanting to interrupt and distract his eldest son until he felt like he had to.

"How long have you been there Dad?" Mitch asks in a surprised tone, he had no idea he was there and was a little startled.

"Long enough and I think you should go get washed up and do whatever you were going to do Mitch, it's a big decision to make and you need to give yourself time to think it over without either of us around." Mike answers with a smile as he sits down at the table and notices Sarah giving him a grateful smile.

"I was actually going to ring Erica up, I said I would take her into work today and well I will talk about it with her on the way." Mitch then states as he stands up and can't help but feel a little overwhelmed by everything and decides that he needs a long and hot shower after he finds out what time he needs to pick his girlfriend up.

"Thank you for taking this seriously Mitch and again, just be honest and don't feel like you have to say yes." Sarah then states in a sincere tone and returns the smile the young man gives her.

"Tobias is with Matt and Ben by the way dad, but just let him come back when he is ready, I'm not sure if I will still be here when he does come back, so tell him I won't be too long if he asks." Mitch then says and can't help but blush when both his dad and Sarah grin at him. "Shut up." He then says in a playful tone before leaving the room, knowing how much of a parent he just sounded and found himself accepting being the boys legal guardian in his head already and couldn't stop himself smiling.

"Ben, what's a wrecking ball?" Tobias decides to ask as he dries himself with a towel, he and his brother had just finished brushing their teeth and and he remembered hearing Matt's phone ring and that music playing and decided to see if his brother would explain it to him, after seeing him sitting at the table after he had finished before them.

"Oh god." Matt says as he sits on his bed and dries himself, wishing his brother had never heard his ringtone.

"Huh?" Ben asks in a confused tone, he didn't get the question at all and his boyfriends reaction was strange.

"When Matt's phone rings, some girl says something about a wrecking ball and I don't know what that is." Tobias explains in a serious tone and can't help but give both his brothers a confused look when Ben giggles and Matt holds his head in his hands.

"I hate you Ben." Matt then states as he gives his boyfriend one of his trademark pouts, which confuses Tobias even more and turns back to his other brother again in the hope of getting an answer.

"Tobias, a wrecking ball is like this big massive metal ball that builders use to knock buildings and stuff over." Ben decides to explain, when he sees that his brother is getting a little irritated with them.

"Oh okay, but why he get all weird when ask him?" Tobias then asks, he didn't see why that would be embarrassing, although he thought whoever was singing those words on his brothers phone was a pretty bad singer.

"I don't think you will get it, but basically it's a really embarrassing song to listen to Tobias, the girl who sings it is just awful and well Matt lost a bet to me and he has to have that as his ringtone for a month and still has two more weeks before he can change it." Ben explains as best he can, he knew his brother wouldn't really understand if he tried to explain who Miley Cyrus was and why the song was embarrassing, but he was sure he would understand the basic concept of the bet.

"Oh okay, but what's a ringtone?" Tobias then asks and instantly Ben remembers what his boyfriend had said about them never having a mobile phone and that he wouldn't have had one in the orphanage.

"Tobias it's the sound your mobile phone makes when someone rings you, you can pretty much have any sound you want on it, instead of just having it ring like a normal phone does." Matt then says, deciding that he should join the conversation and not just sit there in silence.

"That sounds cool, but can I borrow some clothes please, I only have these and I don't want mum or uncle Mike to see me in them." Tobias then asks with a shy smile, it wasn't that he was embarrassed about being seen in just his underwear, but as he picked them up he felt that they were a little damp and noticed the front had a little yellow patch and didn't want anyone to notice.

"Didn't Mitch let you wash before you put them on?" Matt then asks in a slightly annoyed tone, he was close enough to his brother to see his briefs and it wasn't hard to realise why he wanted to borrow some clothes and was a little surprised Mitch would do that to him.

"It not him fault Matt, I not want be alone and I upset so he take me here." Tobias quickly explains, when he realises that his brother thinks he was made to come here in his wet briefs and didn't want them to think that.

"You can borrow a pair of my briefs Tobias, no point putting those dirty ones on after you just washed." Ben then says as he walks into his bedroom to get his brother and boyfriend something to put on, while he gets his school uniform for himself to wear, although he also needed to get away from them both for a few moments as he started to get that sick feeling.

"You not make fun of my wee in underwear?" Tobias then asks his brother in a slightly surprised tone, he remembered being teased and picked on by the other kids in the scary place for almost everything he did, even when he hadn't done anything and was expecting his brothers to do the same.

"Honestly if nothing else was going on we would tease you and mess around Tobias, but only in a friendly way, you know like we used to tease each other back home." Matt responds honestly, they had all been through too much to really be themselves and mess around, but he hoped that they could be like that again soon.

"It is a little funny isn't it." Tobias then says with a small grin, deciding to try and lighten the mood a little.

"Yeah, but totally gross." Matt responds with a grin and chuckles when his brother sticks his tongue out at him.

"Here you go Tobias." Ben then says as he walks back into the living room and hands his brother his clothes, before sitting next to his boyfriend with their clothes in between them, he was feeling a little weird and just needed to concentrate.

"Thank you." Tobias says and starts to get dressed, while Ben helps his boyfriend get dressed before dressing himself.

"You think it would be weird if I wore my school uniform when I visit you all later?" Matt then asks, he wasn't sure if he should wear it or if it would be a bit weird, because he was only visiting.

"Oh we need to get your mum or my dad to phone the school to see if you can come to Mr Morgan's class with Tobias." Ben then says, he had forgotten about his boyfriend wanting to sit in class and knew they needed to ask one of their parents to phone to make sure it was allowed.

"Me go in class?" Tobias asks in a curious tone, he wasn't expecting to actually go into the school, let alone sit in a lesson and was a little nervous about it.

"If they say yes Tobias, but don't worry it is just music class and Wesley is in that one as well, so it will be really fun." Matt answers with a reassuring smile and can see that it had helped him relax a little bit.

"Can you wear normal clothes if we are allowed please Matt?" Tobias then asks, if he was going to be in the school, then he didn't want to be the only one without a uniform and hoped his brother understood.

"Sure, it would probably be weird if I wore it to just sit in one class anyway." Matt responds with a smile, knowing why his brother had asked him to not wear his uniform and could understand his concern.

"I better head to the house now, I will tell your mum that you will come over later if you want." Ben then says, he wanted his boyfriend to see him off at the door, but he was a little worried about how he was walking after noticing him wincing a little as he limped to their bed and despite crushing his teeth twice, he was a little worried his boyfriend might notice something and really didn't want him to know what he had done after he had come out of the bathroom while they were still brushing their teeth.

"No way, just pass me my cane and we will come with you, I want to watch you drive away." Matt responds quickly, although he was a bit surprised that his boyfriend had wanted him to stay here and couldn't help but wonder if he had seen him wince as he limped to the bed a few minutes earlier.

"Me hungry anyway, let's go then." Tobias then says as he walks over to the door and opens it, before turning back to his brothers. "Come on." He then says, when he sees that they were only now coming towards him.

"Okay, just go on ahead Tobias, we will be right behind you." Ben responds with a small smile, although he had to resist the urge to help his boyfriend walk, but he didn't want to crowd him too much and he seemed to be fine with his cane.

"Okay." Tobias says before disappearing out of the door.

"Don't worry about me Ben, it only hurts a little and you know I will ask if I need help." Matt then says in a serious but calm tone, he wanted to let his boyfriend know that he was alright and despite being a little stiff, he didn't feel that bad and it wasn't like he was going far anyway.

"I will stop worrying about you, the same day you stop worrying about me Matt." Ben responds with a grin as they walk past the pool and can see their brother talking with their parents through the kitchen window.

"If they ask why you look so tired, tell them that I had a really bad nightmare and I kept you awake." Matt then states in a serious tone, his boyfriend looked pretty tired and knew that either of their parents might ask if he was feeling alright and he didn't want to tell them about the wine.

"I don't look that bad do I?" Ben asks in response, he had to admit he felt awful, but he didn't think he looked that bad when he looked in the mirror earlier.

"You look tired and your eyes look a bit weird, so I'm just being prepared in case the do ask if you're feeling alright, we don't want to get Mitch into trouble because his dumb ass little brother got himself drunk do we." Matt responds and smirks as they turn to each other, before quickly giving him a peck on the lips when he pouts at him.

"Creep!" Ben retorts before he opens the door and lets his boyfriend walk in before following him, before sighing in relief that his boyfriend hadn't noticed anything after the kiss and knew that he could relax now.

"Morning perverts." Jim says as he watches his brother and Carter walk into the living room.

"Where are Mum and Dad?" Wesley asks as he ignores his brothers obvious attempts to bait him, knowing that his parents must have left already for him to talk to them like that.

"They left an hour ago." Jim answers, he could tell that it was pointless trying to bait his brother and guessed that the two love birds had been up to something judging by their little smiles.

"Ah damn, I was hoping they would give us a lift." Wesley states as he sits down on the sofa, closely followed by his boyfriend who quickly snuggles up to his side.

"What, no walking hand in hand to school today then?" Jim then asks, deciding that he was bored enough to try and get a reaction out of his brother again.

"I don't get you Jim." Carter then says and smiles when he sees the surprised and confused look on his boyfriends brothers face, he had actually talked to him a little more over the last few weeks and was confident enough to ask him something that was confusing him.

"What don't you get?" Jim then asks curiously, he had to admit despite wondering what his brother was doing with a little nerdy looking boy, when he could probably have his pick of any girl or boy he wanted, he had come to really like him after spending a bit more time with him and quickly realised just why his brother loved him.

"Well you give Wesley so much stick about doing gay things, you know like holding hands and kissing a boy, but you did and still do that yourself and you own a sex shop, so I just don't get it, why be mean instead of actually supporting and helping him?" Carter asks in a genuine curious tone, he wasn't trying to make him feel bad or start an argument, but he did want to find out why he acted the way he did.

"You don't have any brothers or sisters do you Carter?" Jim then asks, deciding to ignore the boys actual question for a few moments and can see that his brother was staring at him and knew that he had to be careful about how he spoke to his boyfriend.

"No, but what does that have to do with what I asked." Carter responds in a slightly confused tone and wasn't sure if he was being mocked or if his boyfriends brother was trying to make an actual point.

"I love Wesley more than anything, but we are brothers and we argue and fight with each other, but most of the time we tease each other and try to get the other into trouble, it isn't anything nasty though and we get each other back." Jim states as he tries his best to explain himself, but he found it surprisingly hard to actually put into words and could tell that the boy didn't completely get it.

"But you aren't like Ben and Mitch, how can you love him that much, but not be nice to him?" Carter then asks, he had a couple of cousins but had never really been close enough to them to compare it actually having a real brother and he wasn't sure what it should actually be like.

"It's true that we aren't that close Carter, but he is my brother and I would die for him." Jim responds honestly and while it was true that they were never going to be best friends, he was still his little brother and he loved him.

"You would?" Wesley then asks in a surprised tone, he knew that they weren't the closest of brothers and was envious of Ben and Mitch's relationship, but to hear his brother say that, just surprised him and he really didn't expect his brother to feel that way about him.

"Wesley like I just said, you're my brother and despite our differences I love you and would never let anyone hurt you and if that meant me getting hurt or worse to stop it, then I would do it without hesitation." Jim answers in a sincere tone and couldn't help feeling a little ashamed that he hadn't been there for his brother as much as he should have been.

"I just always figured you just put up with me because you had to." Wesley then states and wasn't quite sure what to think, on one hand it was an amazing feeling to hear his brother speak like that, but on the other he has had over twelve years to show him that he loved him and couldn't help but wonder if he was just saying it because his boyfriend was with them.

"I won't lie to you Wesley, there have been times when I wanted you to leave me alone and not be around me, but it was never because I hated you, it was just because we are so different and well you know me, I like my own space and can be a bit of a prick, but I have always loved you and I'm really sorry if I made you think otherwise." Jim then says from the heart, he did feel bad for making his brother think that he didn't even like him, let alone love him and although he knew they weren't going to suddenly become best friends, he definitely wanted to be a better big brother from now on.

"Why couldn't you be like this before?" Wesley then asks and can't help but sniffle a little and is grateful when his boyfriend snuggles up to him a bit more and gives his hand a kiss, but he couldn't help also feeling a little angry that his brother wasn't there for him, especially when he had felt like no one loved him and he wanted to know why.

"Wesley I want to lie and give you some sort of magical tale that makes everything okay, but honestly like I said before, I'm a prick and I like to be alone most of the time and you always seemed to be happy and you were so good at sports that I just figured you had plenty of friends and didn't need me embarrassing you." Jim then says, as he tries to explain as honestly as he can, because there really wasn't any really good answer to the question and he was simply a shitty big brother and was only just realising that.

"Jim, he thought none of you loved him and just put up with him, how could you think he was happy?" Carter then asks, he had stayed out of the conversation once his boyfriend had started to talk and had hoped they would become closer, but he really wasn't sure what his boyfriend was thinking and wanted to try and give him a few moments to think things over.

"Again Carter, I have no magical answer to make everything better, I did a shitty job as his older brother and I'm genuinely sorry and if we could start over again I would try my best to be more like Mitch, but that isn't possible and all I can do is try to make it up to him." Jim answers in a slightly defensive tone, he did feel awful but at the same time he wasn't enjoying being in this conversation and could feel himself losing patience with apologising all the time.

"Why did you add all those stupid things when you gave me the stuff I ordered from your shop?" Carter then asks, he got the feeling his boyfriends brother was getting a little tired of talking about how he messed up and decided to change the subject to something else that had been bothering him.

"Oh those." Jim answers with a uncomfortable look, he had done that as a joke and intended to take them back straight away, but he couldn't resist wanting to mess with them and again realised what a shitty brother he really was.

"Did you do it just to mess with Wesley?" Carter then asks, deciding to be a little more blunt with his questions.

"Okay enough Carter, I'm a shitty big brother and I think we all get that right now so I think we can leave it at that." Jim then responds in a slightly agitated tone, he didn't want to scare his brothers boyfriend and probably deserved to be talked to like this, but he was getting fed up and decided to end it.

"Well can you stop being a shitty big brother then?" Carter responds in a much more confident tone than he was actually feeling and knew that he was close to crossing the line, when he feels his boyfriend tense up and shift a little bit.

"Well I'm not going to change into a Mitch or anything Carter, but I will try a bit harder and to start of I will give you two a lift to school, how does that sound?" Jim responds in a sincere tone, he knew he needed to change and while he knew he wasn't going to turn into the perfect big brother, he could at least do enough to show his brother that he really did love him and actually thought of something else he could do for them, well more for Carter, but he wasn't sure how to ask it without embarrassing either of them.

"You really love me?" Wesley then asks, he had been thinking about everything his brother had been saying and although he knew that even now they would never be close, he couldn't help but feel happy to know that his brother didn't hate him and he could live with that.

"I do Wesley and please believe me when I say that I'm really sorry for making you feel like I didn't." Jim responds sincerely and can't help but feel happy and proud, when he sees his brothers eyes widen and a small but genuine grin spread across his face.

"I believe you." Wesley answers before rubbing his eyes, he just felt so happy and instinctively pulled his boyfriend back into him again.

"Can I ask you two something personal and embarrassing? You don't have to answer or anything, but there is a reason I'm asking and I promise that this isn't some kind of joke or an attempt to humiliate either of you." Jim then asks, deciding to go through with his earlier idea and really hoped that he doesn't end up going one step forward and twenty steps backwards in repairing his relationship with his brother.

"You can ask, but if we don't want to answer then you aren't allowed to hassle us about it." Wesley responds hesitantly and although he has a good idea of what his brother is about to ask, he wasn't sure if he would answer and knew his boyfriend wouldn't be too keen to talk about it either.

"Is it alright with you Carter?" Jim then asks, deciding that he needed to make sure both boys were comfortable with him asking them something personal, otherwise it would be pointless in even asking in the first place.

"We haven't had sex yet." Carter then states bluntly after deciding that it was obvious what he was going to ask, although his boyfriend gasping and pushing him away slightly, made him regret saying it and knew that he should have waited and not blurted it out without his boyfriends permission.

"What the fuck Carter?" Wesley then asks in an annoyed and shocked tone, he couldn't believe his boyfriend had not only said that, but hadn't even discussed it with him first.

"Oh shit, look that is the question I was going to ask, but please don't start fighting." Jim then quickly states, hoping to stop the boys having an argument and knew that he should have just kept his mouth shut.

"Sorry." Carter then says meekly as he looks at his boyfriend apologetically, he wished he thought before he spoke sometimes and wondered if his boyfriend was going to be really angry at him.

"Don't talk to me Carter." Wesley states in a serious tone, before turning to his brother. "Why do you want to know that anyway?" He then asks in a less than happy tone, after deciding that he might as well find out what his brother was up to and hoping that it will take his mind of his boyfriend for a while.

"Honestly I have seen how you two are with each other Wesley and it is only a matter of time before you two go all the way and well it may have been a while since I have seen you naked Wesley, but if you're anything like me, than as embarrassing and cringe worthy as this is to say, Carter is not going to enjoy your first time one bit." Jim answers in a serious tone, although he decides to take it a little bit at a time instead of just telling them everything and either humiliating or embarrassing them into silence.

"We know the first time will hurt a little bit Jim, we aren't stupid and it will only hurt for a little bit and then get better." Carter answers but as soon as he hears his boyfriend sigh and shake his head, he quickly looks down to the floor and knows that he needs to stay quiet.

"Wesley stop being a dick, it's not like you have never said something you shouldn't have and we are all boys here, so just cut him some slack." Jim then decides to tell his brother in a firm tone, he knew this was his fault and the least he could do was get his brother to see sense and not turn this into something bigger than it actually is.

"Okay, but he still shouldn't have said that without at least talking to me." Wesley responds, before feeling his boyfriend move away from him a little more and realises that he is talking about him as if he wasn't there and he knew he hated that. "Carter I love you and well I'm sorry and I know you didn't mean to upset me and well I love you." He then states with a loving smile and holds his hand out for his boyfriend to take.

"It's okay and well at least he is getting better at the big brother thing." Carter responds with a small smile, but ignores his boyfriends hand and instead gets up on his knees and leans in to kiss him.

"Okay cut it out boys and I will tell you how I can help you both." Jim then says after clearing his throat, he wasn't bothered by what they were doing and actually thought it was sweet, but time was getting on and he wanted to finish what he started.

"Jim, like Carter already said, we both know it will hurt, but all the stuff we read said it feels good after a few moments." Wesley states as his boyfriend sits back down and snuggles up to him like he had done earlier and despite talking to his brother about something so personal, he couldn't help but smile.

"With all due respect to Carter, he is smaller than most boys your age and boys your age aren't really ready for anal sex anyway, so trust me when I say this boys, it is going to hurt a lot if you just go for it and you especially Carter, because we both know that he is well above average in you know what and you will be in agony." Jim then states in a firm and serious tone, he didn't want to scare either of them, but he needed them to understand that it wasn't going to be like they had read about and they needed to know that.

"So I can never have sex without it hurting?" Carter then asks in a disappointed tone, he couldn't help but feel a little devastated and then remembered how much two fingers had hurt and knew what his boyfriends brother was telling him, would make having sex impossible for him to enjoy.

"I can tell you anything you want to know about anal sex and how to prepare for it boys, although you can also look it up for yourselves if you don't feel comfortable talking to me or someone in person about it, but I might be able to get you something that will help you prepare for sex Carter, but it is only if you want to try it and if you want my honest opinion, I think you should both wait a few more years before you even attempt it for the first time." Jim answers as clearly and as simply as he can, although he starts to wonder if he should have said anything in the first place, even with what he was going to suggest the boys use, it was still something they were too young to really be doing with each other.

"We have started using our fingers, wouldn't that help him Jim?" Wesley then asks in an almost whispered tone, he felt completely self conscious having this conversation and wondered if it was how Ben and Matt felt when they had been talked to by Mitch about this sort of thing.

"It will definitely help, but again Carter is small for his age and I think I can guess that one finger is your limit right Carter?" Jim then asks in response, he doubted he could take more than that and even one finger would probably hurt him.

"One feels good, but I didn't like two and it hurt really bad." Carter answers honestly, he was a little embarrassed but apart from a very basic and awkward sex talk from his dad, he had learned almost everything he knew from the internet and to actually have someone talking to him about this stuff in person was reassuring and actually wished he had taken Mitch up on his offers of giving him advice instead of being too embarrassed at the time.

"Time is getting on boys and we can talk more about this later in detail, but for now, basically I could order you a small inflatable butt plug Carter and if you use it carefully over time without trying to do too much too soon, it would really help you enjoy your first time, although someone your size is going to feel pain a lot more than someone bigger regardless of how well you prepare for the first few times." Jim then states and can see the look of embarrassment and curiosity on both of their faces and is happy that he has managed to not humiliate or anger either boy so far.

"Inflatable butt plug?" Carter asks in a slightly nervous tone, he had seen butt plugs online and thanks to his boyfriends brother he has actually got some in his room, but they were hard and big, so he wasn't keen on having to walk around with one in him bum all day, especially an inflatable one which kind of confused him as he didn't see how that worked.

"It would be small to start with, maybe a bit bigger then an average sized finger and once you put it in you can inflate it to stretch your bum hole Carter, but again if you do want to give it a try, don't overdo it because when it comes to sex and especially at your ages, the slower the better boys and I still think you should both be waiting a few more years before you actually have sex." Jim explains honestly in a serious tone, he wasn't going to lecture them and tell them to wait, but he wanted them to know his opinion while at the same time making sure they were safe and careful if they decided they were ready now.

"Okay." Carter responds in an almost despondent tone, he really had is heart set on losing his virginity to his boyfriend as soon as possible, but again with the memory of how much two fingers had hurt and the thought of having to put a butt plug in his bum, just to help him stretch enough to not be in agony, just left him feeling down and disappointed at himself for being so small.

"Jim can you order it and well even if we don't use it, it will be there if we change our minds and can you like give us five minutes to talk alone before we go to school please?" Wesley then asks with a small smile, he was so glad that he and his brother had bonded a little more, but he wanted to have a quiet word with his boyfriend after hearing how down he sounded.

"Okay, I need to use the toilet anyway." Jim responds in a friendly tone, he could see that they needed a few minutes alone and was happy to give it to them.

"Thanks Jim." Wesley then says as he watches his brother get up.

"Anytime and remember boys, any time you want to talk about this kind of thing, just come to me and I will always be honest with you." Jim then says as he walks to the door and gives them one last look to see his brother nodding and walks out of the room.

"So what do you really think of it?" Wesley asks his boyfriend after shifting a little and moving his boyfriend so that they were now facing each other.

"I don't want to have a butt plug inside me all the time." Carter states honestly, he may be gay and anal stuff was a big part of that, but he didn't want something up his bum all the time and again just felt himself hating how small he was.

"What about if you just used it while we sleep?" Wesley decides to suggest, although he couldn't help feeling sorry for his boyfriend and knew that if roles were reversed, he wouldn't want to have one up his bum all the time either.

"I don't know, it just makes me feel like a baby Wesley, would you want one up your bum all the time, even if it was just when you sleep, it can't be comfortable can it." Carter responds and again just feels pathetic.

"Honestly I wouldn't want that either, but if you do it then so will I." Wesley responds, surprising himself almost as much as his boyfriend, but suddenly it dawned on him that he really wanted to have sex as well and wanted to make sure that when it did happen, his boyfriend could actually enjoy it with him.

"You will?" Carter asks in a mixture of nervousness and excitement, if his boyfriend really meant it, then he was sure he knew what that meant and if sleeping with a butt plug up him bum was all it cost, then he would do it happily now.

"Honestly Carter after what I told you before we came down here and what I just said, I'm ready for us to go all the way and for that to happen you need to be able to enjoy it as well, so if that means I use a butt plug while I sleep, then I will and well er... shit Carter, I'm actually ready and wow, I thought it could be years before I even considered it, but wow, fuck I love you so much." Wesley responds honestly and can't stop himself from grinning, this was huge for him and for his boyfriend and he could tell that he had just made his day.

"I fucking hate you." Carter then states, but while his words said one thing, the big grin and watery eyes said the complete opposite and Wesley couldn't help but be a little confused at first, but then quickly realises what is going on.

"You're going to cry aren't you?" Wesley then asks with a little smirk, knowing his boyfriend hated crying in front of people, even if they were happy tears and he knew that his brother would be coming back any second now.

"Yeah you moron." Carter answers before leaning forward and cuddling his boyfriend.

"I do love you though." Wesley then says and can feel his boyfriend trying his best not to cry. "Carter just cry you idiot, you know you can't stop it." He then states in a serious but loving tone.

"I love you too." Carter responds before finally just giving in and cries on his boyfriends chest, just as Jim walks back into the room and Wesley quickly gives him a look, which Jim understands straight away and turns around to head to the kitchen to give them a few more moments alone.

"Take your time, we have ages before we need to leave and you need to get it out of your system." Wesley then states as he gently rubs his boyfriends back, while giving his head a series of loving kisses.

"Come on Ben, you will see each other in a few hours so get a move on." Mike states as he stands next to his car, waiting as his youngest son cuddles and kisses him boyfriend once more before walking towards him.

"I miss you." Matt then calls out as he watches his boyfriend walk away, he knew how stupid and soppy that sounded, but he didn't care and they could all laugh if they wanted to, as long as his boyfriend knew how much he loved him it didn't matter.

"I love you Matt." Ben then says as he turns back around and is just about to walk back to him, when he feels his dads hands on his shoulder and realises that he really was pushing it now. "Sorry Dad, I just don't like being away from him." He says as he gives his boyfriend one last wave, before letting his dad half push him into the passenger side of the car.

"I love you too." Matt then shouts out, but can't help but feel a little sad as he watches his boyfriend staring at him through the window as the car reverses out of their drive and then down the road.

"We will see him soon Matt." Tobias then says as he reaches out and takes one of his brothers hands into his own.

"I know." Matt answers as he finally lets his brother pull him back into the house, where he sees their mum smiling at them as she walks out of the kitchen.

"Why don't you boys go back to the pool house, I need to get ready for work." Sarah suggests as she walks over to her two sons and gives them both a kiss on the forehead.

"You won't leave us alone here will you?" Matt quickly asks in a slightly concerned tone, as much progress as he has made recently, the idea of being alone in the house without an adult was still something he wasn't comfortable with and even in the pool house at night with his boyfriend, he was still a little scared.

"No Sweetheart, Mitch just phoned me and he is already on his way back, so you two go have some fun together, while I go get dressed for work." Sarah answers with a loving smile, although inside she was rocked a little by his concern over being alone without an adult in the house and hoped that it was something that wouldn't always be an issue for him.

"We go for a swim." Tobias then suggest and begins to pull on his brothers hand, he had heard enough to know that their mum needed to get ready and that his brother was close to working himself into a panic and wanted to distract him, while also maybe getting to play with him in the pool.

"Have fun boys." Sarah then says as she watches one son pull the other towards the back garden and decides to head to her room to get dressed.

"Bye Mum." Tobias calls out as he just about manages to half drag his brother to the back door.

"Tobias we can't go swimming." Matt then says as he decides to stop resisting his brother pulling him, although it was more to do with the fact his pelvis and foot were starting to hurt a little bit.

"Why not?" Tobias asks in a surprised tone, he thought he would want to have some fun and take his mind of everything else.

"Just stop pulling me Tobias, it hurts and I dropped my cane." Matt then states almost coldly and he could feel himself shaking a little and knew that he was getting worked up.

"Sorry." Tobias quickly apologises, but instead of letting go of his brother or getting his cane, he pulls him in and cuddles him tightly. "Just calm down please, we don't have to go swimming, I just thought it would be fun and that we could just talk while you float around if you couldn't swim." He then says in a gentle and caring tone, he could tell from his brothers tone and the way he looked that he might freak out and knew he had to do something.

"I really missed you Tobias." Matt then says, although as the time passed he did think about him less and less, he never left his heart and he did truly feel like there was a part of him missing and he always knew it was his best friend, well his brother now and now that he had him back, he really was as happy as he could be given what has happened and wanted him to know that.

"I really missed you too and this." Tobias begins to respond, but pauses as he pulls back from the embrace and holds up his necklace to show his brother. "Kept me going and it helped me not give up Matt, even if I couldn't listen to it, it just gave me hope and now we are together again and real brothers, it's just amazing and I love you so much." He then finishes saying with a small smile, he really didn't think he could have made it all that time if it wasn't for the necklace and USB stick attached to it and wanted his brother to know that.

"Want to go skinny dipping?" Matt then decides to ask, he was starting to get worked up and while it was because he was happy, he knew that even that could set him off and he wanted to avoid having any more freak outs if he could help it.

"What if Mum comes?" Tobias asks nervously, although he was also a little excited as it would be naughty and he knew it would be fun.

"She won't come back out here, but even if she does we will be underwater and it's not like she hasn't seen us naked already." Matt responds with a grin and just to get his brother onboard he begins to remove his own clothes.

"This is so cool." Tobias then states as he quickly removes his own clothes, but once he is naked he looks at his brother in concern as he still has his tighty whiteys on and seems to be frozen. "Matt?" He then asks in a mixture of concern and apprehension, remembering the last time his brother freaked out, he almost strangled him to death. "Matt what's wrong?" He then asks again, but this time takes a step closer to his brother, despite still being a little unsure if he was safe right now.

"Nothing sorry, let's get in the pool." Matt responds in a slightly confused tone, for a moment he had totally zoned out and it wasn't until his brother spoke to him, that he came back to his senses and was a little confused by what just happened.

"Oh okay, but don't try to do too much, I just want to float around and maybe swim a bit." Tobias then says in a slightly concerned tone, he really didn't like how his brother had just stood like that, but he wasn't going to make a big deal out of it and he did seem okay now.

"I know and we need to talk as well remember." Matt responds as he pulls his tighty whiteys down and limps to the edge of the pool, but doesn't quite know how to get in by himself.

"Dive in Matt, you will be okay and I will wait here just in case." Tobias then says as he walks beside his brother, who gives him an appreciative smile.

"Okay." Matt responds nervously and takes a deep breath before diving head first into the pool and after a few moments resurfaces with a big grin and looks up to his brother proudly.

"So cool." Tobias then says before jumping in himself, although he opts for a bomb instead of a dive and when he resurfaces he is greeted by a series of splashes to his face.

"That was so cool, did you see me dive in?" Matt then asks after he gives his brother a break and stops splashing him.

"Yeah that was awesome, did it hurt though?" Tobias then asks, he couldn't see any signs that his brother was hurt and seemed to be treading water just fine.

"No, it just felt great and skinny dipping is awesome." Matt responds with a grin and can't resist turning away from his brother and swimming to the other side of the pool, before turning back around and swimming back to him, although it takes him longer than it should have, but he knows that he will get quicker soon.

"Yeah the water feels funny but nice." Tobias states before blushing as he realises that just like the day before with his willy free, the water was making it move around and he felt it beginning to get hard.

"You're getting a boner aren't you?" Matt then asks after seeing his brother blushing and knew what it was because the water was giving him a boner as well and he couldn't help but find it amusing.

"Hey guys, hows it going?" Mitch asks as he walks out on to the patio and sees the boys talking in the pool. "What's wrong?" He then asks as both boys just stare at him looking embarrassed and he then notices the clothes on the ground and although they could be wearing speedos, he was sure they were skinny dipping, by the fact their underwear was in the pile of clothes and they wouldn't be blushing if the were wearing something.

"I don't know." Matt responds in a confused tone and even he wasn't sure what he just said and knew it made no sense to the question he was just asked.

"Well that makes a lot of sense." Mitch then states before looking at his brother, hoping that he had a little more to offer.

"We are just swimming Mitch." Tobias then says, but instantly realises how stupid that statement was as they were obviously in the pool.

"Wow er... thanks for pointing that out Tobias, I would never have guessed that." Mitch replies sarcastically and can't help but laugh as the two boys turn even more red, before giving each other an adorable look of confusion.

"We were just having a bit of fun before we talked about stuff Mitch, you know about you know what." Matt then says after getting himself thinking straight, although he doesn't quite know how to word what they were going to talk about, without upsetting his brother.

"He means my family Mitch, we were going to talk about it and the other stuff as well and well thought it would be more better in the water." Tobias then says, he could tell his brother was unsure of what he could say and wanted to let them both know he could handle it.

"Well I guess that is cool and all that, but why are you doing it naked?" Mitch then asks, deciding to try and relax the boys a little more with a little harmless teasing, although he also wanted to tell Tobias how well he was doing with his talking, as he hadn't made a mistake yet, but he didn't want to jinx it by making him aware of it.

"It was my idea, I just wanted to have a bit of fun Mitch and no one else will see us." Matt answers with a shy smile, he actually felt proud of himself for doing it, even if no one else could see him, he was naked outside with only his brother with him and he wasn't scared at all.

"So you're actually naked with no one else around Matt?" Mitch then asks, despite them choosing to skinny dip this early in the morning with their mum still in the house, he didn't miss the fact this was a breakthrough for the young boy and wanted him to know how proud he was.

"Yep." Matt responds proudly, although he paddles over to the side of the pool as he was getting a little tired of treading water.

"So does this mean you will finally believe us when we tell you that you're getting better every day Matt?" Mitch then asks with a proud smile and could tell that the boy was proud of himself as well.

"I guess so, but it's not easy Mitch." Matt responds honestly, it was hard for him to explain and knew that despite their best intentions, none of them could ever know how he feels and what he went through.

"I know and I know that none of us can ever know how you feel matt, but we love you and just want to help make you better." Mitch then says in a sincere tone, before looking over to his brother and giving him a smile. "Tobias keep an eye on him and shout out if you need anything, I need to head inside and talk to your mum." He then states with a warm smile and starts to walk away.

"Mitch don't talk about me like I'm not even here, I don't like that and well just don't do it." Matt then calls out in a slightly irritated tone, he really didn't like when they did that, when he was right there and just felt like making a point of it now.

"Do we do that a lot?" Mitch decides to ask instead of answering the question directly, he hated that himself and if they were all doing that to Matt, then they had to definitely stop doing it.

"Not often, but it's really annoying and well can you tell everyone to not do it please." Matt responds honestly and despite being irritated a few moments ago, he actually felt pretty good about getting it off his chest and it was another thing he could stop worrying about.

"Yeah it can be really annoying and I promise to stop and I will let the others know as well, but I will see you in a little while." Mitch states and gives both boys a loving smile before turning away from them and heading inside.

"Me not do that lot do me?" Tobias then asks as he joins his brother at the side of the pool, after getting a little bored of treading water.

"No, but what's going on with you and how are you really doing Tobias?" Matt asks, deciding that they should get talking and he really hoped he could be of some use to his brother.

"It is still hard to believe everything is real Matt, but it isn't as bad as it was when I first got here." Tobias answers honestly, there were still a few moments when he couldn't quite tell if it was real or not and he was just thankful those times were getting rarer every day.

"How about when you wet the bed, does it happen every night?" Matt then asks as he looks at his brother with a sympathetic expression, he knew this must be embarrassing for him, but he knew that this was the reason they were talking.

"It did for the first week that I got out of the scary place, but it only happen me a couple of times since Matt." Tobias answers a little meekly, it was embarrassing talking about wetting the bed, but he knew he could trust his brother and knew it was better than talking to someone else like their mum about it.

"So last night, was it just because of what happened with the movie or was there something else?" Matt then asks in a caring tone, but this time he pushes off and decides to tread water again and make the most of being in the water.

"It get me nightmare and I saw them watch film altogether and me stuck out window Matt and they not hear me trying to get in and they so happy without me Matt, it scared me and me try so hard to scream for them but they not hear, then someone grab me and drag me away, I tried screaming for help Matt, but then house blow up and the man grabbing me laugh and me cry and..." Tobias responds as he tries to explain as best he can about his nightmare, but just as he starts to break down a little bit, he feels his brother pulling him in a loving cuddle.

"Sshh, it's okay you don't need to say any more." Matt says in a soothing tone as he holds his brother, he wasn't expecting him to tell him what the nightmare was about and could tell that he was getting upset talking about it. "Has anyone told you how your family died Tobias?" He then asks in a slightly nervous tone, he wouldn't have asked normally but thought if he didn't know, then telling him might help him.

"Yeah, but it don't help Matt, they dead and me not even say goodbye." Tobias responds as he pulls away from the embrace, although he wanted to be held for longer he could tell that his brother was struggling to support both of them in the water and despite how he was feeling, he knew he had to look after him and make sure he didn't get hurt above his own needs.

"I wish we could go see their graves together now and not have to wait for months." Matt then says in a slightly self pitying tone, he knew it wasn't his fault and that they needed to wait for passports anyway, but he couldn't help feeling bad about being so useless.

"Matt it's getting harder to remember what they look like, Mitch said he was going to ask our mum if she had some photos, but I think he forgot and I just... Matt I don't want to forget what my mummy and daddy look like." Tobias then says in a sad and distressed tone, he never thought it would be possible to forget what someone looked like, especially your family, but his time in the scary place had affected him and he was struggling to remember a lot of things from before.

"I have some pictures in my room somewhere, I kept a load of pictures of us together Tobias and some of them have your mum and dad in them and I think one of them has your cousins in the as well." Matt quickly states as he for the first time feels like he has actually been of some help to his brother and could tell that he was happy with the news.

"Can we look at them in a little while please?" Tobias then asks and although he wants to look at them now, he didn't want to get out of the pool and end their talk, it was nice to get it off his chest and like he had hoped his brother was asking the right questions and not talking to him like he was a baby.

"Just say when and we will go look for them." Matt answers with a smile. "You don't mind if I float on my back for a bit do you?" He then asks, he was getting a little tired again and realised that he needed to work harder on his stamina soon.

"Nope and I'm going to do the same." Tobias responds with a smile before laying back and raising his legs so that he was floating on his back.

"Ha, you still got a boner." Matt then points out in an amused tone, although he wouldn't have mentioned it if he didn't have one as well and knew his brother would see that and not get embarrassed.

"I hope mine gets bigger like yours." Tobias then says as he glances to his side to see his brother had one as well and knew he was just having a bit of fun with him.

"Mitch said that boys are all different and that we will all get bigger." Matt then says as he remembers what Mitch had told him and while he wouldn't mind getting a little bigger himself, he was still hoping that both his boyfriend and him didn't get too big, neither of them wanted giant penis's and both were still scared of hurting each other when they eventually had sex with each other.

"He said same to me, but it must be better to have a big one instead of a small one right?" Tobias then asks, he knew from his own very recent sex talk that his big brother told him size didn't matter, but he wanted his brothers thoughts on it too, just to see if they matched up and that what his big brother said was actually true.

"If I tell you something, you promise not to tell anyone else?" Matt asks in response, he knew his boyfriend wouldn't mind if he told their brother and knew this was the best way to give his brother the best answer he could to his question.

"I promise." Tobias asks as he reaches out to hold his brothers hand, so that they didn't float apart and smiles when he feels his brother taking his hand.

"Me and Ben are quite big for our age, there are probably some who are bigger, but a lot more who are smaller, so I guess when naked in the showers and stuff we are lucky, although it really doesn't matter how big it is, we all know bigger ones look more impressive right." Matt states honestly, but pauses to make sure his brother understands what he is saying, before he gets to the embarrassing part.

"Yeah, I mean I don't care if I don't have a big one, because it doesn't really matter, but a big one must feel nicer and people make fun of little willies and I don't like that." Tobias responds honestly, the way his big brother had explained it, he himself would probably have a normal and slightly above average willy when he got older and he was content with that, but he really didn't like how the other kids in the scary place used to make fun of his little willy, even though he noticed most were the same size as him.

"That is true I guess, but bigger isn't always better and Ben and me definitely don't want each other to be too big as we get older though Tobias." Matt then begins to say but again pauses, although this time because he wasn't quite sure how to word what he wanted to say, without embarrassing them both.

"Why not?" Tobias then asks in a mixture of confusion and curiosity, he would have thought if they both had big ones, then they would have more fun and was a little surprised to hear his brother say that they didn't want big ones.

"Well Ben and me are going to have sex one day Tobias, you know er... you know we are going to put our you know er... penis's in each others bums and well would you want a giant one in yours?" Matt answers as honestly as he dared in a nervous tone, he really couldn't believe he just said what he did and started to get a little more nervous, when he feels his hand being released and heard his boyfriend splash a little and was obviously no longer floating like he was.

"I don't want anything in my bum, like ever and I don't get why you would want to either." Tobias responds honestly, it was actually the one thing he really didn't get about gay people, after his big brother explained to him about gay sex after he had asked him, he still didn't see anything wrong with being gay, he just couldn't see how something going in your bum was meant to feel good.

"I get that, but I guess that is the difference between being straight and gay Tobias." Matt then says with a smile, as he looks to his brother to see him treading water next to him.

"But it must hurt, how can that be good?" Tobias then asks and instantly sees his brothers smile fade.

"It hurts Tobias, it hurts really bad, but not when you're with someone you love and you're gentle with each other and I don't know if you can understand this, but for me having sex with Ben means everything to me after what my dad did and well I just know that it will be perfect." Matt then says as he surprises himself with how easy it was to talk about this with his brother, although it was always easy to talk to him when they were together before and he realises how much he had missed that.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to make you think about him." Tobias then apologises, he thought what his boyfriend said about Ben was nice, but he could tell that his brother struggled when he talked about his dad and couldn't really blame him for it.

"I don't like talking about him Tobias, but it helps a little bit and it is the same with your family, any time you want to talk about them come and see me Tobias, they were like my family too and I missed them almost as much as I missed you after I came here." Matt then says in a caring tone as he looks at his brother with a smile.

"Okay I will, I promise, but are you and Ben really going to have sex with each other?" Tobias then asks, he just couldn't help but be curious and even though he wanted to talk about his family, he wanted to know this more at this moment.

"We used to talk about it and we weren't that keen and thought it would be when we were like sixteen at the earliest Tobias, but after everything that has happened I want to do with him soon, but I don't know if he feels the same way." Matt answers honestly, although he can't help but think that his brother is avoiding talking about his family and wonders if he should force the topic or not.

"He loves you." Tobias then says, knowing that it was all he really needed to say and could tell his brother appreciated it as well.

"I know and well come on we are meant to be talking about you and not about my problems." Matt then says with a small smile, deciding to get their actual conversation back on track.

"I think seeing the pictures will help Matt and we can talk some more then, but I feel like floating around for a little while if that's alright." Tobias responds with a sad look, he just felt like relaxing for a little while before seeing the photos, knowing that he would get upset and cry.

"Sure, just say when you're ready and we will head to the pool house." Matt responds as they both give each other a smile before floating on their backs and just as before they reach out and hold each others hand. "By the way you have been talking so much better today than you have been." He then states in a proud tone, he wasn't sure if he should point it out or not, but felt that if it were him then he would want to know.

"Really?" Tobias asks in a surprised tone, he really hadn't been paying attention to how he was talking and couldn't help but smile with pride that he was talking a lot more normally than he has been.

"Yeah, I mean you still slip back to mixing your words up sometimes, but it's like ninety percent normal and you haven't used the elastic band once so far today." Matt responds with a big smile and when he turns his head to look at his brother, he was happy to see him beaming with pride.

"Thank you." Tobias then says before looking up to the sky, he just felt so happy and the fact he hadn't used the elastic band was cool, although he had actually forgotten he was wearing it and took that as a good sign as well.

"Who was that?" Mitch asks as he walks into the living room to see Sarah hanging up the phone.

"The school, I was just making sure that it was alright for Tobias and Matt to sit in that class they wanted to." Sarah answers with a smile as she walks over to open the curtains.

"What did they say?" Mitch asks as he gives her a wry smile, knowing that she purposely made him ask instead of telling him.

"They were fine with Matt sitting in, but it took a bit of convincing for Tobias as he isn't a student there, but I think that the boys music teacher was there, because I heard a male voice say something and they then said it would be okay." Sarah answers with a smile, although she was a little concerned for both her boys visiting the school, it would be a big challenge for both of them to be around that many people and to sit in class would be a big test for both of them.

"Sarah don't worry too much, Ben and Wesley are both in that class so they will look after them and Mr Morgan is a very good teacher and there is a reason he is Ben and Matt's favourite teacher, so just relax and be happy that Matt is taking the first step to returning to school." Mitch then states, as he sees right through her smile and knew that she was concerned about them going to the school.

"I know, I just wish I could be there with them." Sarah responds with a smile, she couldn't help but smile at how the young man seemed to see right through her act and couldn't help thinking about the guardianship of the boys again, but she didn't want to hassle him and hesitated about bringing it up.

"I will be there with them Sarah and somehow I don't think either boy wants their mum with them in school with them." Mitch then says with a grin and Sarah can't help but smile at him and decides that she was going to ask him if he had made his mind up.

"Mitch have you thought any more about what we talked about earlier?" Sarah asks nervously, she knew it could make him feel like he was being pressured, but she also knew that he would be be the perfect choice and just hoped he would say yes.

"It's pretty much all I have thought about Sarah and the answer is yes." Mitch responds with a big grin and can tell that he had made her day straight away.

"You really mean that?" Sarah then asks and although she is ecstatic about his answer, she had to make sure and she was also curious about Erica and what she thought of this.

"I really do Sarah and I want to sign whatever I have to sign as soon as possible." Mitch responds, he really did want to do it and what made it even easier to agree to was his girlfriend, who had really helped him see that it was the right thing to do.

"What about Erica though, how does she feel about it?" Sarah then asks, deciding to make sure he had really thought this through, even if it might cause him to reconsider his answer.

"She actually helped me decide Sarah, she really likes both boys and although it's a big responsibility and taking on two teenage boys would be challenging, she will support me if something did happen to you Sarah." Mitch answers honestly, although he doesn't go into the more private side of the conversation they had actually had, which was a lot more in depth than he had anticipated, although at the same time he couldn't have been happier with what they had talked about.

"So it hasn't scared her away or caused you both any issues?" Sarah then asks with a smile, although she was concerned that it might have caused a rift between the couple, she was too happy about his decision, to hide how happy she was.

"I won't go into details, but it turns out that we share the same ideas and plans for the future, a lot more than we had thought Sarah and even when we have our own children, we will treat Tobias and Matt as if they were our own if it ever came to that." Mitch answers, although despite not meaning to reveal that much, it just slipped out and he couldn't help blushing slightly and despite her curiosity Sarah could tell that it wasn't something they should be discussing right now and she also needed to leave for work.

"That is amazing Mitch, but I think we can leave it at that and I really have to be heading out now, so let's go and see the boys so I can say goodbye." Sarah then states and can tell that the young man is relieved to have been let off the hook.

"Well I'm not going to argue with that, they are just having a swim at the moment." Mitch says in a relieved tone, but forgets that the boys are actually skinny dipping and holds the door open for Sarah to head out first.

"I'm sure they won't mind having a little break to say..." Sarah begins to say as she walks out on to the patio and quickly pauses and can't help but blush a little before turning around. "Well maybe it would be better if you just told them that I said goodbye Mitch and I will see them when I get home from work." She then says as she walks back into the house with an embarrassed smile.

"Okay." Mitch responds in a confused tone, until he looks out of the door and over to the boys to see that they were floating on their backs and to his amusement, they were both doing a very impressive impersonation of a submarine and can't help but shake his head as he quickly goes back inside the house. "I'm so sorry Sarah, I should have warned you that they were naked, but I just forgot and well, I well... yeah." He then says before just chuckling, he really couldn't believe they would expose themselves like that while their mum was still in the house.

"It's nothing I haven't seen already Mitch, but after I leave can you have a word with them about doing that while other people are in the house and by other people I mean me Mitch." Sarah then asks with a grin, she knew it was all innocent and didn't mind the boys skinny dipping, but she definitely didn't want to see them like that if it could be avoided.

"Understood and sorry again." Mitch responds with a slightly guilty expression, he knew he should have remembered what the boys were doing, although he was happy that he could tell the boys without having to reveal that their mum saw them in all their glory.

"It's really fine Mitch and tell the boys I love them and that I will see them tonight." Sarah then says as she checks her bag one last time and starts to head towards the front door.

"Bye Sarah." Mitch calls out as he watches her open the front door and close it behind herself, before turning back to the back door and deciding to give the boys a little more time alone, while he made himself something to eat.

"Have a good day guys." Jim says as he pulls up in front of the school, he was both happy and a little unsure of what he had suggested to the boys earlier, especially when his brother insisted on having a butt plug too, but he understood their reason and again told them not to rush things.

"Thank you Jim and we promise to be careful." Carter then states with a smile, he was really excited that he was going to lose his virginity soon and knew nothing could ruin his mood today.

"Yeah thanks Jim and well er... just thank you for what you said earlier and I er... I do love you Jim." Wesley then says in a slightly embarrassed tone, he didn't mind showing his feelings, but it was weird talking to his brother like this after years of feeling like he only tolerated having him as his little brother.

"I love you too Wesley, now get going and give me a text or something if you need a lift home." Jim responds with a grin, he still knew that he and his brother would never be that close, but he was going to make sure he never made him feel like he didn't even like him or wanted him around.

"Hey look it's Ben." Carter then says as he watches their friend get out of his dad's car.

"Well go on get your backsides out of the car." Jim then states again and chuckles as both boys quickly get out of the car and walk towards their friend, before driving off to open up for the day.

"Hey Ben." Carter calls out as he sees their friend heading into the gates.

"Oh hey guys." Ben responds with a little smile, he had felt a little sad and his head was actually hurting a little more now, but he was still glad to see his friends.

"Wow you look like shit Ben." Wesley then points out with a smile, although he was a little concerned as well, because if he looked this tired then there were only a few things it could be and one of them was Matt having a bad night, although that seemed unlikely as his friend appeared happy enough.

"Matt had a bad night, but he is fine now and I'm not that tired." Ben lies, remembering his boyfriends cover story, although he was sure he could trust his friends, he didn't want them to have to lie and it definitely didn't want them to ask him about the drinking, he was still not sure what he was thinking when he drunk that much and then what he had done earlier.

"You don't look that bad either, just ignore the moron Ben." Carter then says as he grins at his boyfriend, but is quickly surprised when he feels his boyfriend pulling him into his arms and then kissing him.

"Holy shit." Ben says in a surprised tone and couldn't believe what they were doing, even though they had said they kissed in school already, a part of him didn't quite believe they actually did it and they hadn't done it again since he had been back at school, so he was doubting them a little.

"It's not like we have anything to hide Ben." Wesley then says after slowly breaking the kiss, he just felt so happy to be able to kiss his boyfriend in public and despite the fact some kids were staring and a few disapproving looks from some of the parents, he knew that no one would give them any grief for it.

"I know, but wow it's just well I can't wait for Matt to come later on, I'm going to kiss him too." Ben then says excitedly and despite the fact he was basically hungover.

"You sure that's a good idea?" Carter then says, surprising both his friend and boyfriend as they look at him curiously.

"Why wouldn't it be?" Ben asks in a confused and slightly annoyed tone, if he wanted to kiss his boyfriend then he should be able too and his two friends just did it, so he was a little annoyed.

"Well you said Matt had a bad night, so do you think he can handle being kissed in school? I mean it's a big deal and everyone around you will stare and well will he be able to deal with that?" Carter asks in response, he felt bad for obviously putting a downer on his friends excitement, but he knew that Matt came first for his friend and that he would appreciate him pointing it out that his boyfriend might not be ready.

"Oh right, shit, why can't things just be easy." Ben then states before sighing and walking off, leaving both his friends looking both confused and concerned.

"Oh man, he doesn't look good at all Carter." Wesley then says, he had been half joking earlier. but his friends reaction just added to his gut feeling that something else was going on.

"Did you smell his breath?" Carter then asks and can tell straight away that his boyfriend had no idea what he was on about.

"His breath?" Wesley asks in a confused tone, wondering if he should be worried about his boyfriend as well as his friend.

"Look come on we need to find him, I will explain as we walk." Carter states and begins to walk, he wasn't too worried about losing their friend as they both had geography with him first class, but he wanted to stay close.

"Okay, but what are you talking about? His breath smelled normal to me." Wesley then states as he walks hand in hand with his boyfriend, which despite what else was going on made him smile.

"You remember I told you about my uncle that time?" Carter then asks, although he was smiling as well, when he realised they were holding hands and again just couldn't believe he had not only his dream boyfriend, but didn't have to hide their relationship.

"The alcoholic?" Wesley asks in a curious tone, but as soon as he says the words he realises what his boyfriend might be trying to suggest and he couldn't believe he could even think that. "No way Carter, Ben's only twelve and he doesn't even like alcohol." He quickly states, he really didn't know what his boyfriend was thinking, especially since he knew for a fact their friend didn't like it and in any case Matt wouldn't let him get drunk.

"Well I could be wrong, but he looked so tired and his eyes were bloodshot and his breath was way too minty Wesley, no one uses that much toothpaste unless they were trying to hide something." Carter then states, he knew he could be wrong and be making something out of nothing, but with everything that has happened and the way their friend has been acting this past week, it was clear he was starting to struggle and he knew first hand thanks to his uncle, that people turn to alcohol sometimes and it doesn't matter how old the person was.

"I think you're wrong Carter, like he said, Matt just had a bad night and kept him awake and besides if he got drunk then his dad or Mitch would have noticed and done something about it." Wesley responds in an unconvinced tone, he just didn't think it made sense and didn't want his boyfriend convincing himself that something was wrong.

"Okay you got me on his dad and Mitch, but come on Wesley, Matt has kept him awake before and he has never looked like that and the way he walked off just now, you have to admit it's a bit strange and even if I'm way off with the drinking thing, we need to keep an eye on him." Carter then says just as they are approaching the school door, where to their surprise they see their friend waiting for them.

"Fine, but don't say anything about drinking to him Carter, if you're right then he could get defensive and upset." Wesley quickly says and gives his boyfriend a quick glance to see him nodding in agreement.

"Sorry for walking off like that." Ben apologises as soon as his friends stop in front of him, he knew he had given away the fact something was wrong and was debating whether to tell them what happened or not.

"It's alright, we all know things can't be easy and don't worry about it, let's just head to class and see if Peter is there yet." Carter quickly suggests, despite his instincts telling him that he was right and he needed to talk to his friend, his boyfriends earlier statement was true and he didn't want his friend getting any more upset right now.

"Okay." Ben responds, deciding to not reveal what really happened the night before or this morning and just try and enjoy the rest of the day or at least make it to when his boyfriend and brother were visiting them in a few hours.

"I can't wait to see how long it takes Peter to get a boner this time." Wesley then says with a grin, he can sense there was a little tension and knew this would smash that to pieces and they all thought it was funny how their new friend always got hard when they had a class with a female teacher.

"Not as quickly as you." Carter then states after having a quick look around and before Wesley can ask what his boyfriend means he feels himself being groped and rubbed.

"Oh what the..." Wesley then begins to say before being silenced by his boyfriends mouth on his own and before he can even react, he feels himself getting hard and just as he returns the kiss, he whimpers a little as he boyfriend pushes him away.

"Yep I was right Wesley, you beat him to it already." Carter then teases as he looks down to see his boyfriends tenting trousers.

"Oh you little prick." Wesley retorts, but just as he thinks about getting his own back the bell rings and the other kids start to head towards the school and he knows he just got set up perfectly by his boyfriend.

"Better cover up." Carter then suggests with a grin as he opens the door and waits for his boyfriend and friend to follow him in.

"Fucking hell Carter, you know he is going to get you back for that right?" Ben says as he walks past his friend, he had to admit that it was a genius move, but with the rest of the day to come, he could come to regret it.

"I know, but it's worth it and do you know what's even funnier?" Carter responds with a grin and Ben can't help but be curious by his friends confidence.

"What?" Ben asks just as he sees Wesley walk through the door looking embarrassed.

"You better give it back you prick." Wesley then states and just as Ben looks at his friend he notices Carter edging away.

"I have his bag." Carter calls out just before running down the corridor and Ben suddenly gets what his friend just did and just had to give him credit.

"I'm going to kill that little shit." Wesley then says as he looks to his friend and then outside, knowing that the other kids were going to walk in any second.

"Well good luck with that Wesley, see you in class." Ben then quickly states before running away from his friend and heading to class.

"Oh, you prick." Wesley states just as the doors behind him open and he knows he has to get moving, although to his dismay walking down the corridor in his direction was his favourite teacher and he knew he had no chance of hiding his boner from her and despite feeling proud of his boyfriend for coming up with this prank, he was going to make him pay later.

"Here take this." A voice says and Wesley can't help but be a little startled until he turns to see Peter holding his bag out for him to take.

"You sure?" Wesley asks, although he had already taken the bag and was holding it in place.

"Yeah, you would do the same for me." Peter responds with a friendly smile, knowing that he had helped his friend out made him feel like he was really part of the group now, although he then noticed Mrs Lee walking towards them, as the other kids where walking past them in the other direction to class.

"I owe you one Peter." Wesley then states in a relieved tone, knowing that he had just been saved from being humiliated in front of his favourite teacher, who was now almost right in front of them.

"Come on boys, the bell has already gone so get a move on to your class." Mrs Lee states in a serious tone, although she couldn't help but notice the strategically placed bag in front of Wesley and wondered if boys knew that it was pretty much a universal sign to everyone around them what they were hiding.

"Okay Miss sorry, we were just er... now heading there Miss." Wesley responds nervously, although he had no idea why, he knew she wouldn't be able to see what he was hiding, but he couldn't help himself and knew he was blushing a little.

"Yeah sorry Miss, I was running late and Wesley waited for me." Peter then says and smiles as their teacher gives them a friendly look.

"Okay, but get going or you will be late." Mrs Lee tells the boys before walking away to her own class, which she was actually running late for herself, but the boys didn't have to know that and she didn't want them to suddenly realise it either.

"She is so hot." Peter then says before holding his hand over his mouth, although there was another issue he was starting to have and was starting to regret giving up his bag.

"Come on before you need your bag back, mine won't go down so come on." Wesley then states as he quickly looks down at his friend and realises that he is getting a little excited and knew they needed to hurry up.

"Shit though, okay let's go." Peter says as he quickly starts following his friend to class, while trying to think of anything other than Mrs Lee.

"You know he is going to kill you for taking his bag." Ben tells his friend as they sit down at two desks next to each other.

"Probably, but it was funny and well it was worth it." Carter responds as he starts to get his things ready for class.

"Being confident suits you Carter." Ben then states in a sincere tone, ever since he has been with Wesley and his confidence has grown, he has just seemed so much happier and he hoped he would eventually get over his issues about his body as well.

"He just makes me happy Ben." Carter responds with a smile, but when he notices his friends eyes he can't help himself and lets his curiosity get the better of him. "Ben can we talk alone at break please?" He decides to ask, stating his concerns now wasn't an option and he really didn't want to upset his friend, but he wanted to say something and hoped that maybe it would cause his friend to be honest when they did talk later.

"Is everything alright?" Ben asks in response, thinking that maybe his friend needed some advice about something and not picking up on the way he was looking at him in concern.

"Matt didn't keep you awake last night did he?" Carter then asks in a quiet tone, remembering that they aren't alone right now and can tell straight away that he has caught his friend off guard.

"Fuck off Carter." Ben almost hisses in response, surprising his friend completely and even himself, he had thought about coming clean only a short while ago and now he was biting his friends head off and he wondered what was going on in his head.

"Oh Ben, please tell me you aren't drinking." Carter then states in a sad tone, he was shocked by his friends outburst, but it reminded him so much of how his uncle used to act, that he was now sure he knew what was wrong with his friend.

"I'm sorry for what I said Carter, but please leave me alone until break." Ben then says as he half pleads with his friend to give him some space, he could feel himself getting upset and it was a long time before their first break and knew he had to stop the conversation right now.

"Okay, but just tell me if it's just a one off or have you been doing it a lot." Carter then asks, he knows his friend wants to wait until later and understands why, but he needed to know now so he could come up with something later to help him.

"Just last night, but it was..." Ben begins to say, but is cut of by his friend, who realises that he shouldn't have pushed him to carry on after seeing tears in his friends eyes.

"Sshh Ben, it's okay and we can talk later and I'm really sorry for pushing you, that was stupid and mean." Carter quickly states in a sincere tone, he felt like an idiot and knew that his boyfriend had told him to not confront their friend like this.

"You're just looking out for me, I would do the same for you." Ben then states as he wipes his eyes clear, he then notices Wesley coming in the classroom with Peter and despite how he feels, he puts on a smile as he looks back at his friend. "Looks like Wesley found a solution to his problem." He then says, but only just manages to hold the smile, he needed a few more minutes to compose himself and hoped his friends would talk among themselves long enough for him to do that.

"Fucking hell, I could kill Peter." Carter then says, although he was still concerned about his friend, he got the hint that he needed to be left alone for a few moments.

"You're so fucking dead for that Carter." Wesley says in a serious tone, but as he sits down next to his boyfriend he gives him a quick peck on the cheek. "Fucking awesome prank though." He then whispers, just to let his boyfriend know that he wasn't really mad at him.

"Oh wait you set him up?" Peter then asks as he walks past them and sits next to Ben, although he is surprised when his friend moves over to let him sit closer to the other two, but decides that he is being stupid for thinking any thing of it.

"Yeah and you ruined it by giving him your bag you idiot." Carter responds in a friendly tone, he was a little annoyed but he wanted his friend to know he wasn't angry with him.

"Sorry, I just thought I was helping out a friend." Peter apologises although he understood his friend wasn't angry at him, he still felt a little bad for ruining his fun.

"I know and it's cool Peter." Carter responds, although he can't help but notice how Ben had moved over so that Peter would be between them now and didn't know if that was a good sign or not.

"Hell even if he wasn't cool with it, I owe you one Peter and well thanks for the bag." Wesley then says as he passes his friends bag back to him.

"Any time." Peter says with a smile, before turning to his other friend. "Hey Ben." He then says, realising he hadn't actually said hello yet.

"Hey." Ben responds with another fake smile, before turning to the front of his class and leaving Peter wondering what was going on and quickly turns to give his other friends a concerned look.

"He is just a bit tired Peter, Matt had a bad night and he had to stay awake to look after him." Carter quickly states and even though he knows that isn't true, he knows that he can't tell anyone else the truth, not even his boyfriend and when he notices Ben giving him an appreciative nod, he knows that he had done the right thing and felt a little better for lying.

"Oh okay, he is still coming later to meet us right Ben?" Peter asks in genuine concern, he hadn't seen Matt since he was attacked by his own dad and was looking forward to being his friend and then there was Tobias, who Ben had told him about and he was eager to see if they could be friends as well.

"He is, just don't try too hard Peter, just be yourself and let them come to you." Carter answers instead of Ben, he knew that he wasn't in the mood to talk and knew enough to answer their friends question himself.

"I will." Peter responds with a smile, but turns to the front of the class when their teacher starts talking and immediately notices the fact she is wearing a tight top and can't help but blush a little.

"Look he has a boner already." Wesley quickly whispers into his boyfriends ear, after spotting their friend looking at their teacher and shifting in his sit as he blushed.

"You can talk, you still have the one I gave you earlier." Carter whispers back with a grin and giggles when he reaches under the table to confirm his suspicions.

"Cut it out you prick, seriously it was finally starting to go down you moron." Wesley then whispers, wishing his boyfriend would give him a break, although he was secretly loving his boyfriends dominant side and he knew he would get his revenge eventually.

"You love it really, now shut up and pay attention otherwise she might make you stand in front of the class," Carter then states and Wesley quickly turns to their teacher and takes his boyfriends warning, it was a favourite punishment of Miss Johnson to make someone who wasn't paying attention to stand in front of the class and talk about what she had been saying, knowing full well that they had no idea and it was embarrassing and the fact he had a boner would make it mortifying.

"Thanks." Wesley then quickly whispers and smiles when he feels his boyfriend taking his hand into his own under the table and they both give each other a quick look before concentrating on their teacher.

"There you two are." Mitch says as he walks into the pool house to see the two boys sitting on the sofa bed, he had wondered where they were after seeing that they were no longer in the pool.

"Hey Mitch." Matt responds with a warm smile as he looks up to the older boy.

"What are you up to then?" Mitch then asks in a curious tone, as he sees the two boys surrounded by photos and wonders what they are looking at.

"They are pictures that I have from when we were younger Mitch and they have his family in them." Matt answers as he pulls his brother in to his side and holds him, he could see him shaking a little and knew he was trying not to cry in front of Mitch.

"Is he okay?" Mitch then asks, after realising that his brother hadn't even looked at him or made any attempt to speak.

"Mitch can you leave us alone please, he just needs to not have anyone else around right now." Matt states as he gives the older boy a sad smile, although when his brother gives his hand a squeeze he knows that he said the right thing.

"Oh right, well okay no problem boys and well I just wanted to make sure you were alright, just give me a call or something when you're done." Mitch responds with a smile, he could tell that his brother was upset and knew him being there was going to make it harder for him to get whatever it was that was bothering for so long out of his system.

"Bye Mitch." Matt then says as he watches the older boy leave the pool house. "Tobias it's alright to cry, it's just you and me now." He then says in a loving tone as he rubs his brothers back reassuringly and almost straight away he hears his boyfriend sniffle before crying into his chest.

"They look so happy." Tobias then says after almost five minutes of crying his heart out, he just felt so many different emotions, although he felt so much better now that he had got it out of his system.

"They weren't so happy about five minutes after that picture though, remember?" Matt then says as he looks at the picture his brother is holding and can't help but smile as he remembers what happened after it was taken.

"Oh no way, that was when we crashed into my dads car with our go-kart right?" Tobias asks in response as he remembers the look on his dads face and can't stop himself giggling at the memory.

"Yeah and remember what happened after that?" Matt then asks with a big grin, he remembered exactly what happened as if it had happened yesterday and could tell by his brothers giggling that he did as well.

"Yeah you were so scared that you went to run away, but fell back into the go-kart and it went down the drive and hit my mums car, it was so funny." Tobias responds before giggling as he shifted so that he was now sitting face to face with his brother.

"Hey, you were scared too and if I didn't fall in the go-kart you would have." Matt then retorts before joining his brother by giggling and he was so happy that they were having a bit of fun, especially after his brother had been upset almost as soon as they found the pictures.

"Hey look at this one, it was taken after I broke my wrist when we were climbing trees right?" Tobias then asks as he holds another picture up and Matt can't help but smile as he sees how his brothers mum was holding him in her arms.

"Yeah, I remember that you wouldn't let anyone except me sign it and it just made me feel so special." Matt answers with a grin and couldn't help but remember how he felt at the time.

"It was just you and me back then." Tobias then says in a sad tone as he looks at his brother and can't help but think about everything that has happened since and while he had a tough time, looking at his brother with scars all over his body he couldn't help but feel sorry for him and can't stop himself from sniffling.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Matt quickly asks, although he already knew the answer and when he sees his brother leaning back into him, he opens his arms and pulls him in. "Tobias, I'm going to be alright, I promise okay." He then states as tears start to roll down his own face.

"If it wasn't for Ben, I would wish that you never left England Matt." Tobias then says and despite everything that has happened, even the worst things, he wouldn't ever want them to have not found each other.

"He is great isn't he." Matt then states with a small smile, he had said it himself a few times, that if it wasn't for his boyfriend he wouldn't have liked it here or been able to cope with anything that had happened to him and he was glad that his brother could see that too.

"You shouldn't let him get drunk again though." Tobias then says, although when he feels his brother gently pushing him away, he wonders if he should have kept his mouth shut.

"How did you know?" Matt can't help but ask, but as soon as he finishes speaking he realises that he had just confirmed what his brother had said and knew that if he was only guessing, he just messed up.

"His breath smelled like sick before he brushed his teeth and there is a big damp patch next to your bed, although at first I thought he might just have like a sick bug or something, but his eyes were all weird and then I saw the empty bottle of wine sticking out the bin, so I kind of just figured he got drunk, because you looked fine." Tobias explains as he gives his brother a sad look and can tell that he was worried about his boyfriend.

"Wait, what do you mean empty bottle of wine?" Matt then asks in a surprised tone, there was at least a quarter of the bottle left and he had put it in the fridge after he had woken up before his boyfriend to use the toilet.

"The empty one in your bin over there, why what's wrong?" Tobias asks and can't help but be a little worried about his brothers reaction.

"Can you go check the fridge and tell me if there is a bottle in there please." Matt asks in a concerned tone, while ignoring his brothers question, he was hoping that the empty bottle was nothing to do with them and that for some reason Mitch might have just left it there, although in his heart he knew he was just clutching at straws.

"Sure." Tobias responds as he gets off the bed and walks over to the fridge, although he isn't sure why his brother is asking him to check if there was another bottle. "Nope I can't see another bottle Matt." He then says as he closes the door and looks over to his brother, who he can see is looking concerned. "Matt what's going on?" He then asks, as he slowly walks back over to the bed.

"There was still at least a quarter left in the bottle when I woke up this morning and put it in the fridge." Matt answers in a distracted tone, he knew there was only one person who could have drunk it and he just couldn't understand what his boyfriend was thinking.

"Has he done this before?" Tobias asks in a slightly nervous tone, he could tell his boyfriend was shocked and was worried it could cause him to freak out and knew he had to be careful.

"No, I mean we have had wine a couple of times before, but only like half a glass and neither of us liked it and he didn't even want to try any last night, until I convinced him to try a little." Matt answers, but Tobias can tell that he needs to try and calm his brother down before he has another freak out.

"Maybe he just emptied the bottle down the sink Matt, I mean he didn't smell like he had drunk any and you kissed him, so you would have noticed." Tobias states in a confident tone, although he knew it was a weak theory it was possible and just hoped his brother would believe it or at least accept it for now.

"Why would he do that though?" Matt then asks, he knew his brother was trying to make him feel better and it was true that he didn't taste any of the wine when he kissed his boyfriend, but he couldn't see why his boyfriend would pour the rest of the wine down the sink.

"Well maybe he was embarrassed about getting drunk and wanted to get rid of it." Tobias answers and despite not really understanding what was really going on with his brothers, he knew that his theory was plausible and better than whatever his now slightly more relaxed looking brother might have been thinking.

"I guess so, he was really embarrassed about getting drunk and I didn't really want to drink any more." Matt the states and while he wasn't completely convinced, it was good enough for now or at least until he was alone with his boyfriend.

"Can we look at the photos some more please?" Tobias then asks, although he really did want to look at them, he also wanted to distract his brother from the empty wine bottle.

"Yeah sure, I'm just worrying about nothing and come on, I want to see what else we can remember from them." Matt responds with a smile as he waits for his brother to get on the bed and quickly pulls him over so that they are sitting next to each other.

"Hey, are you okay Ben?" Peter asks as he looks at his friend in concern, he had noticed that he had kept nodding off throughout the class, but even though his other friends had told him about Matt keeping him awake, he couldn't help but notice his bloodshot eyes and his breath had started to smell a bit weird, but he couldn't quite tell what it reminded him of.

"Do you have to talk so loud?" Ben asks in an irritated tone as he gives his friend and equally irritated look, before turning back to the front of the class and Peter quickly gets the message that his friend doesn't want to talk and instead turns to his other two friends next to him.

"Carter is he alright?" Peter asks in a quiet tone, he didn't want Ben to hear him, although when he takes a quick glance he isn't paying him any attention and turns back to his other friends.

"Yeah, he's just tired Peter, now stop talking before we get in trouble." Carter answers, but as soon as he finishes speaking they all turn to the sound of a chair falling to the floor, as someone gets up and quickly realises that it was their friend.

"Ben what are..." Mrs Johnson begins to say as she looks to the boy disrupting her class, but is quickly interrupted.

"I'm going to be sick." Ben states as he turns away from his teacher and makes a run for the door and quickly opens it and disappears from sight.

"Miss can I go check that he is alright please?" Carter then quickly asks, just before his boyfriend could say the same thing and gives him a concerned look. "Stay here Wesley, I think I know what is going on and just trust me okay." He then whispers and despite his concern, he gives his boyfriend a small smile.

"Okay, but you better tell me what is going on later." Wesley whispers in response as he smiles at his boyfriend.

"Carter you can go, but I want both of you to see me after class please." Mrs Johnson then says as she gives the young boy a friendly smile, although she was a little concerned about the other boy and knew that she would have to have a word with the rest of the staff to keep an eye on him if he didn't go home ill.

"Okay Miss and thank you." Carter responds with a smile, before leaning down and giving his boyfriend a quick kiss before smiling at him.

"Carter I suggest you go now before I change my mind." Mrs Johnson then says in a firm tone, she wouldn't call herself homophobic, but she didn't like seeing it in front of her and especially when it was in her classroom.

"Sorry Miss." Carter responds in an embarrassed tone, before giving his boyfriend one last smile and heading out of the classroom to find his friend, who he was pretty sure would have went to the nearest toilet.

"I hope he is okay." Peter then says as he turns to his remaining friend.

"He probably just has a stomach bug or something." Wesley says as he gives his friend a shrug of the shoulders.

"Boys I know you're concerned for your friend, but I want your full attention now please and that goes for everyone else as well, I don't want any more interruptions for the rest of the class." Mrs Johnson states in a firm and serious tone, she had sympathy for both of the boys, but there was nothing they could do now and she had a class to teach.

"Sorry Miss." The class responds in unison, before settling down and looking towards their teacher, who gives them a stern look before carrying on with what she was saying before the interruption.

"Ben, are you in here Ben?" Carter asks as he slowly shuts the toilet door behind him, although he didn't really need to ask as the sound of someone being sick was a pretty clear indication that he was. "Fucking hell Ben, what have you done to yourself?" He then asks as he opens the stool his friend is in and can see that he had missed the target at least once and was almost kneeling in his own sick.

"Fuck off!" Ben then says, but before he can do or say anything else he is sick again.

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