Love Conquers All

by Flaming Matt

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: This story is pure fiction and any resemblance of the characters to real life people, events, circumstances, is purely coincidental. This story involves love and sexual scenarios with boys aged nine and above and it may contain some events you might find offensive or inappropriate, but If you're not a fan of this kind of story, please do not read. You know who you're and you should know whether or not to read this stuff. This is not a quick jack off story though, so don't expect detailed and over the top sexual situations between the characters, although as the story develops there will be more sexual things happening as relationships change and develop.

Hopefully I get some good feedback from you guys and I appreciate all constructive criticism, I will admit that when it comes to the medical stuff in the stories I have taken liberties as I have no idea about most of it, but I hope people can look past any glaring inaccuracies and enjoy the story, I just ask that you keep any replies mature and civil, if you don't like it then I respect your view but there isn't any need to be abusive.

My name is Matt and I'm 32 years old and from the UK.

This is a direct sequel to the story The Life of Matt Summers, if you haven't read that story, than you will not fully understand what is happening, so I highly recommend that you read the first story before reading this sequel, you can find the story on my index page here.

This is my story and I don't give anyone permission to copy it or post it on another site. © 2017 Flaming Matt

December 2015

"I swear to god, if you say one more word Gordon, then I will shoot him and you can watch him die, so don't test me." Maggie states in an angry and serious tone, with a look to match it as she glares at her husband, who just nods his head in defeat and fear. "Now, as for you, I asked you a question and you better answer me Alex." She then states in a cold tone, as she looks down at her son and even though the sight of him being so terrified made her heart break a little, this was for his own good and she was doing it for him.

"But... but... I... please, I don't want... please Mum, I don't want to pick." Alex responds in a desperate and pleading tone, as he looks at his mum and then to his dad. "Please Mum, please." He then begs again, before looking across the room in front of him and feeling tears rolling down his face.

"Don't make you? DON'T FUCKING MAKE YOU!" Maggie quickly retorts angrily, as she holds the gun between her sons eyes. "This is all for you, do you know how hard it was to get them here? Do you have any idea about the risks I've taken, just to give you something worthwhile for your present." She then states in a seething tone, as she glares at her son, before turning to the four boys tied up across the room with a look of disgust.

"I... Mum please... I don't want... Dad... Dad, make her stop, I don't... I don't want to kill anyone." Alex pleads in response, as he gives his dad a sad and frightened look, before feeling the gun pressing against his forehead a little harder and quickly looks up to his mum in fear.

"One word Gordon, just one word." Maggie quickly sneers, as she gives her husband a dirt look. "Alex, I love you and I did this for you, so choose, choose who dies, it doesn't matter who or if it's just one or all four, but you have to choose someone." She then says in a soft and loving tone, which sends a shiver down Alex's spine, he had no idea how this had happened and how his mum had gone from seemingly trying to make up for what she had done before, to doing this and as he glances over to the four boys tied up in front of him again, he can't help but feel helpless.

"I can't, Mum I..." Alex then begins to beg again, but before he can finish, he feels a sharp pain across his temple and falls on to his side as he starts to see stars.

"Maggie, don't you..." Gordon quickly starts to state in an angry and despairing tone, before quickly trailing off as he sees his wife leaning down and pressing the gun against their sons temple.

"Okay, okay Gordon, I'll let you have that one, but don't do it again." Maggie states coldly as she gives her husband an amused grin. "Now Alex, Honey, if you don't pick at least one of them, I will kill them all and I will start with that faggot ex boyfriend of..." She then begins to say, before being interrupted and despite her current state of mind, she can't help but find the look on her sons face amusing.

"I'm not a faggot and we were never boyfriends, he made it up, he made it all up, so let me go, I didn't do anything, let me go." Peter quickly states in a scared and panicked tone, he was confused about so much and even though deep inside he knew what he was saying wasn't true, he hadn't been able to fully accept it and right now, his concern over his own life was his main priority and not upsetting his apparently ex boyfriend, whose gaze he refused to meet.

"You hear this Alex, the little faggot won't even admit you were boyfriends and yet you protect him, so pick someone Alex, because you have one minute before he dies and then we will move on to the next one and if you still refuse, then your precious dad will be leaving us too." Maggie then states with a sadistic grin, as she uses the gun to lift her sons face by the chin and despite the aching feeling in her heart, she was too far gone now and was just enjoying the torment and getting revenge for the suffering he had caused her.

"Don't... don't Mum... don't hurt him, not him... please Mum, don't hurt him." Alex then quickly begs in a panicked tone, before trying to get to his feet, but as he looks up to his mum, he stops as he gets to his knees and knew that he couldn't go any further.

"Fine!" Maggie quickly responds with a sadistic smile. "What's your name again?" She then asks the boy on the end, whose name she couldn't quite remember and probably had the least involvement in what had happened while she had been in prison.

"R.. Ry... Ryan... please... please just let me... let me go... please." Ryan responds in a terrified tone, he just couldn't even begin to process what was happening and how this even happened, he barely did anything and now he was here and he was scared.

"Let you go...." Maggie repeats as she gives the boy an amused look over. "Get up." She then says in a playful tone. "Well go on, you want to leave here, don't you?" She then says with a sinister grin, which widens as the boy struggles to his feet.

"Yes... yes please and thank you, thank you and I promise I..." Ryan then begins to say, before hearing a weird sound and falling back to the ground.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP RIGHT NOW!" Maggie screams in an angry tone, after taking a few moments to enjoy the look on her husbands and sons faces. "Do I have to kill the next one or are you going to shut up?" She then says in a calm tone, as she walks over to and then behind the next boy and points the gun to the back of his head.

"Maggie..." Gordon begins to say in a stunned tone, before seeing the look in his wife's eyes and quickly stops talking.

"So are we clear now Alex?" Maggie asks with a smirk, as she gives her husband a glare, before turning to their son and waiting for him to respond.

"Please Mum, don't." Alex responds in a meek tone, as he struggles to take his eyes off Ryan, who hadn't moved at all since he fell to the ground and just couldn't believe this was happening.

"Then pick someone Alex, because you only have twenty seconds before Peter dies and this time it will be him." Maggie responds casually, as she slowly walks past the three tied up boys and holds the gun to each of their foreheads in turn, until she settles on her sons ex boyfriends.

"Please... not him... I love him... not him Mum... please." Alex begs as he looks between his ex boyfriend and his mum, who to his dismay was just smirking back at him and even though he could choose and a part of him was screaming inside his head to choose one of the others, he just couldn't do it, he couldn't choose someone to die, he just couldn't.

"Too late Honey." Maggie responds in a disappointed tone, as she moves behind her sons ex boyfriend and holds the gun against the back of his head, before cocking it.

"NOOOO!!!" Alex then screams in despair, before getting to his feet and moving towards his ex boyfriend and throwing his arms around him and turning, just as his mum slowly squeezes the trigger with a deranged smile.

Two Months Earlier
October 2015

"Get away from him right now!" Mitch states in a threatening tone, he had just come around and was feeling disorientated, but he could see someone crouching over Jordan and quickly tried to get to his feet, but feels himself being pulled back and then pushed down. "Get the fuck..." He then begins to say in the same tone, before quickly being interrupted.

"Calm down Mitch, it's me, it's Greg, just calm down okay." Greg quickly states in a reassuring tone as he could manage, while at the same time not quite sure if he was safe, he could tell his friend was angry and he could see the blood still coming out of the cut on his head and knew that he might be too confused to recognise him.

"Get the fuck off me you sick fuck." Mitch quickly spits out in anger, before pushing the other man away and attempts to get to his feet again. "Get away from him before I kill you." He then manages to say, before finally managing to get to his feet, but as soon as he does, he drops to his knees and holds his head.

"Mitch it's okay, we're here to help, she won't hurt him." Greg quickly states as he kneels next to his friend, after giving his niece a reassuring look and smiles when she goes back to looking after the still unconscious boy.

"She? What the..." Mitch then begins to say, before rubbing his head and looking over to Jordan and realises that the person leaning over him was a girl around the same age as him. "Greg?" He then states after coming around a little more and realising what the other man had said and was now just confused as to why his friend was here.

"It's me Mitch and that's my niece Ashleigh and it's okay, she knows Jordan and is just getting him dressed and comfortable." Greg responds in a calm tone, he was still a little out of breath and was still unsure of what had happened, but he knew that he had to take control and was just happy that his friend seemed to be coming around and realising what was happening.

"What happened?" Mitch then manages to ask after rubbing his head, before looking over to the girl and could see that she had just doing his shorts back up after pulling them up.

"I'm not really sure, Ashleigh just came running to me and telling me that I needed to call an ambulance and her friend was..." Greg begins to answer in a slightly nervous tone, before being interrupted by his friend.

"Did you call the police?" Mitch quickly asks as he turns back to his friend, after remembering hearing Jordan blowing his whistle and knew that he had been attacked.

"The police?" Greg quickly asks in response as he looks at his friend in concern, he had called the ambulance, but he didn't see the need for the police and wondered if the knock to his friends head was more serious than he had thought.

"Jordan was attacked, the guy could still be here Greg, you need to call them right now." Mitch states in a serious tone and although he wanted to get up and check on Jordan, he knew that if he tried to get up again, he would fall back down and had to wait until his head cleared a bit more.

"He wasn't attacked, it was..." Greg quickly responds, but before he can finish, he is just as quickly interrupted again.

"He has a whistle Greg and he blew it for help and I found him down here half stripped, so call the fucking police you prick." Mitch states in a venomous tone, before slowly getting to his feet, but quickly regrets it as his head starts to spin and drops back to his knees.

"It was me, it's my fault, it's all my fault." Ashleigh then calls out after hearing what her uncles friend had said and couldn't help but sniffle a couple of times as she realises what she had done and how much trouble she was in.

"What?" Greg quickly as in a surprised tone, as he just beats his friend from asking the same question, she hadn't really told him what happened, but he couldn't see how the boy ending up in the state he was in, could be her fault.

"I saw him taking a pee and just wanted to scare him, you know, just to play a joke on him and he..." Ashleigh begins to answer in a distressed tone, before trailing off after seeing her uncles friend staring at her and she couldn't help but be a little scared.

"You pushed him down here for a joke?" Mitch asks in a disgusted and angry tone, although if he was thinking clearly, then he would have been able to work out what had actually happened and not scare the poor girl half to death.

"Ashleigh, tell me the truth, what happened?" Greg then decides to ask, after getting up and walking over to his niece, he was still concerned about his friends head injury and didn't want to leave his side, but his niece came first and he could tell that she was scared and upset.

"It was just meant to be a joke, I didn't know he would fall and hurt himself." Ashleigh answers in a sad tone, as she unknowingly starts to gently rub the boys side.

"You pushed him down here?" Greg can't help but ask in a shocked tone, he was kneeling opposite his niece and while he could see how upset she was, this was serious and if she intentionally pushed the boy down here, then she was going to be in serious trouble and could only hope that she hadn't done something so stupid.

"No, I just went behind him and er... well I er..." Ashleigh starts to explain, but quickly trails off after realising who she was talking to and despite knowing how serious this was, she didn't want to admit what she did to her uncle.

"Ashleigh, I know you're scared and upset, but you need to tell the truth, did you push him down here?" Greg then asks in a serious and firm tone, after deciding that he needed to push her for the truth and not let his feelings cloud his judgement.

"It's okay Greg." Mitch then says after he kneels beside Jordan's head and despite still feeling dizzy, he had spent enough time around his little brother and the others to understand what the girl was talking about and just wanted to concentrate on Jordan and make sure that he was okay.

"Mitch, if she..." Greg then begins to protest, before being interrupted by his friend.

"It was an accident and we can talk about it..." Mitch quickly states, before pausing as his head starts to spin again. "We can talk about it later, but I need to know if Jordan is okay and isn't..." He then begins to say, but again has to pause and despite wanting to make sure Jordan was okay, his was struggling too much to really be of any use and is barely able to stop himself from being sick.

"Nothing is broken Mitch, I mean I don't know if he hurt his ribs, but he just has a bump on the back of his head and lots of little cuts and bruises." Ashleigh decides to state in a slightly desperate tone, she may not have actually pushed her friend, but she was the reason he had fallen into the ditch and just wanted to at least do something to help and despite her guilt, she felt herself relax after seeing her uncles friend giving her an appreciative nod.

"Greg, you need to go and wait for the ambulance and show them where we are." Mitch decides to tell his friend, after coming round a bit more and taking control of the situation.

"I can't..." Greg then begins to say, before once again being interrupted by his friend.

"Greg, I can go and Ashleigh is too young and upset to do it, so I need you to go." Mitch states in a firm tone, he still felt dizzy and knew that he wouldn't be able t stand up for a while, but he was already feeling better and could see that his friend wasn't going to argue and quickly turned his attention back to Jordan, who to his relief was breathing strongly and moving a little bit and he knew that was a good sign.

"I won't be long Mitch." Greg reluctantly responds, before turning to his niece. "Ashleigh, do whatever Mitch tells you to do and er... we will talk about what happened later, but er... just be good and it will be okay, I promise." He then says as he attempts to reassure her, but he can tell that it hadn't worked straight away.

"Just go Greg, I will talk to her and well, just go Greg, it will be fine." Mitch then states as he looks up to his friend and gives him a serious look.

"Okay." Greg responds, before reluctantly turning around and climbing up the ditch.

"I'm really..." Ashleigh then begins to say as soon as her uncle is out of sight, but she can't help but flinch a little when she is interrupted.

"Ashleigh, look this is..." Mitch begins to say, but after seeing the girl flinch, he quickly realises that he was scaring her. "Ashleigh, it's okay and it's not your fault, but can you tell me what happened please and I need the truth okay." He then states in a softer tone and despite still being concerned for Jordan, he knew that he had to get the truth out of her and knew that this was the best way.

"I just sneaked up behind him and squeezed his bum and like shouted a little, like made a scary noise and then he jumped and I heard the whistle, I didn't know he had a whistle and then he fell Mitch, I didn't know this ditch was here and then I got scared and ran to get my uncle, I didn't mean to hurt him Mitch." Ashleigh then explains in a nervous and emotional tone, she was normally confident and sure of herself, but right now, she knew that she had hurt someone and that she could be in a lot of trouble, even if it was an accident and found herself wishing her friend Lily was here with her.

"Mmgh.... oww..." Jordan then mumbles, after starting to come around, he could hear voices, but his he was hurting all over and was too dazed to really focus on anything.

"Oh shit, are you okay Jordan?" Mitch quickly asks in a mixture of concern and relief. "No, don't try to move Jordan, just stay still okay." He then states in a comforting tone, while gently holding the boy down and knew that he had to stop him from moving too much.

"What happened?" Jordan then manages to ask in a strained tone, his head was pounding and he just felt so tired.

"You had a little fall and knocked yourself out, but you're going to be okay and an ambulance is already on it's way Jordan." Mitch answers after deciding to just be honest, well not completely honest, but now wasn't the time to go into details and doubted the boy would even remember this conversation after seeing the dazed look in his eyes.

"I was taking a pee." Jordan then says in a confused tone, before hearing someone giggle. "Ashleigh? Oh shit er... I wasn't taking a per, I er..." He then starts to say as he notices his friend kneeling near his legs and despite everything, he couldn't help but blush a little and could only hope that she didn't see him taking a pee.

"Sshh Jordan, just relax and stay still, we can talk about it later, now is not the time okay." Mitch decides to say in a calm tone, he could see the boy was embarrassed after noticing Ashleigh and took that as a good sign, but he was still worried about him and with his own head still throbbing, he didn't want things getting out of hand.

"I think I can hear them." Ashleigh then says as she looks up to the path and recognised her uncles voice.

"Ashleigh, can you go up there please." Mitch tells the girl in a friendly tone. "But be careful and go slow, we don't need three of us getting knocked out by falling down here." He then decides to add with a small smile, he was still feeling the effects of being knocked out, but he wanted to try and relax the two kids by making a little joke.

"Okay, I promise Mitch and I'm really sorry." Ashleigh responds with her own little smile and although she found her uncles friends words a little funny, she was still feeling guilty and decided to start climbing back to the top of the ditch.

"Huh? Three of us getting knocked out?" Jordan then asks in a confused tone, he knew he knocked himself out, but he... "Did you knock yourself out too?" He then asks in a surprised tone, after noticing the blood on his older friends head and despite almost smirking, he was still a little too disorientated to fully focus on anything.

"Yeah, but in my defence, I was worried about you, I mean I heard the whistle and by the time I got here, you were laying still with your shorts and underwear around your ankles, so I panicked a little bit." Mitch answers with a small smirk, but as soon as he sees the boy blushing and then looking towards Ashleigh, he realises that he had said too much and knew that he would have to reassure him somehow.

"How did you pull my shorts and briefs back up if you were knocked out?" Jordan then quickly asks in a slightly desperate tone, but as soon as he sees the look on his older friends face, he knew what had happened and couldn't help but blush even more.

"I doubt this helps Jordan, but I think she really likes you and even though I was pretty out of it, I don't think she looked, well as much as she could, but yeah, she dressed you mate." Mitch explains in a sympathetic tone and while he might have been able to lie about what happened normally, the pain in his head was too distracting to come up with anything and he just hoped that the boy wouldn't get upset about it.

"Fuck! Fuck Mitch, she's groped me and now she's seen me basically naked and shit, she saw me peeing up there and scared the crap out of me." Jordan then states in a mortified tone and just couldn't believe that the girl he liked, had pretty much seen everything he had to offer. "Hey! Don't laugh you prick, it's not funny." He then quickly states in a defensive tone, after hearing his older friend laughing and can't help but blush even more.

"Sorry, sorry, but come on Jordan, it's a little bit funny." Mitch responds in an amused tone, before realising something else. "Wait, is that the same Ashleigh that you have a crush on?" He then asks in curious tone and while he was still worried about the boy's injury, the fact he was now sitting up and talking, relaxed him enough to have a little fun at his expense.

"Oh shit, but fuck off Mitch, I... I'm just going to lay down and pretend she hasn't seen my dick and balls." Jordan decides to say, before slowly laying back down and holding his arm over his eyes, he was just mortified and despite knowing he would be laughing about this in the future, he didn't want his older friend to see his tears and know how upset he actually was right now.

"If it helps, I think she likes you a lot Jordan, the way she was looking after you, well I er... look Jordan, I..." Mitch then begins to says, but as he struggles to think of something comforting to say, he just trails off and can only look at the boy sadly, he could actually see a few tears running down the side of his face and knew that this was obviously upsetting him right now and felt a little guilty for laughing at him a few moments ago.

"Hey Mitch, they're now coming with a stretcher and some ropes, is he okay?" Greg shouts down after coming back ahead of the paramedics and getting a quick update from his niece, who despite looking upset, seemed fine and while he was still worried about her, he knew that he had to focus on his friend and the boy.

"He's awake and he seems okay, although if his head is hurting anywhere near as much as mine is, then we're going to need some pretty good painkillers." Mitch shouts back in response, but quickly holds his head and despite the pain, he can't help but feel like an idiot for shouting out with his head throbbing like it was and when he feels his arm being punched, he doesn't have to look down to see that he wasn't alone in his thoughts.

"I will let them know." Greg quickly responds and although he would normally find what just happened amusing, he was just worried about them both and knew that head injuries were very dangerous and even if they seemed okay now, it didn't mean that they were safe or okay. "They're here now Mitch, we won't be long." He then calls out after the paramedics come around the corner and relaxes a little more, before showing them over to where his friend and the boy were.

"I'm er... Matt, I'm not..." Ben begins to say after reluctantly pulling away from his boyfriend and despite talking about it together several times and after just getting engaged, he couldn't help but be surprised by his boyfriends words and was struggling to process it.

"Please Ben, I want to give you it, please." Matt then says in a pleading tone and although he was initially disappointed with his boyfriends reaction, he quickly realised that he wasn't being rejected and that his boyfriend was just nervous and worried about him, which just made him want to do this even more.

"We aren't clean though." Ben then states in a nervous and unsure tone, he was scared and not quite sure if he was ready, but at the same time, he knew how important this was for his boyfriend and he really didn't know what to say.

"We had enema's this morning and please Ben, I love you and we just got engaged." Matt responds with a loving smile and again while he could get upset by his boyfriends reaction, he knew that he was just nervous and just needed reassuring.

"What if I'm not very good?" Ben then asks after realising that his boyfriend was serious and that he really wanted this.

"When have you ever not been very good at anything?" Matt responds with a sexy smile, before pushing his boyfriend on to his back and climbing on top of him. "I want you to have it Ben." He then whispers in his ear, before nibbling and kissing it.

"Can I go to the toilet first?" Ben then asks and despite still feeling nervous and unsure of whether he was actually ready for this, the look in his boyfriends eyes convinces him that he is being serious and he couldn't help but smile back at him.

"You can't pee with a boner Ben." Matt responds with a cheeky grin, before giggling as he feels himself being rolled on to his back and then feeling his nipples being sucked and nibbled. "We're getting married." He then states in a satisfied and contented tone, after his boyfriend sits up and looks down at him lovingly.

"Matt, this is serious though and I'm nervous and I don't even know what to do." Ben then states in a shy tone, he knew it was going to happen and was excited, but at the same time he was scared that he would do it wrong and his boyfriend wouldn't like it.

"Wesley and Carter didn't know either, but they did it and well I don't care if it doesn't go perfect, it doesn't matter, I just want you and it will be perfect, well not perfect, but it will be special and er... yeah, it will be special Ben and I want you to be my first real time." Matt responds with a shy smile, he knew that sounded stupid and confusing, but he really wanted this and he was just as nervous as his boyfriend was.

"I still need to pee and er... Matt, I want to give mine to you too." Ben then says shyly and despite being nervous, he leans down and gives his boyfriend a quick but loving kiss, before sitting back up with a big smile.

"You make me so happy." Matt states, before pulling his boyfriend back down and kissing him as he rolls on top of him. "I want to give you mine first though." He then states in a serious tone, he was so happy with what his boyfriend had said and it really excited him, but he needed to give his boyfriend his virginity first and he hoped he would understand and not try to convince him to go second.

"Anything for you, you're my everything Matt." Ben quickly responds with a loving smile. "But I really need to pee." He then adds with a little grin and while it was bad timing, he really did need to go and he also knew that their was lube in the bathroom cabinet, which his brother had told him about and as embarrassing as it was knowing his brother put it there for a reason, he could at least be happy that it wasn't his dad who put it there, having his dad give him lube would be too mortifying and couldn't help but shudder a little at the thought.

"Oh wow, I thought you were just messing around." Matt then says as he realises that his boyfriend actually did need to go to the toilet and felt a little guilty for thinking that he was just using it as an excuse, especially when he feels him shudder a little and slowly got off him and watched as he stands up.

"I need to get the lube anyway." Ben responds with a grin, before walking towards the door. "Find some nice music to listen to." He then states, before disappearing out the door and heading towards the bathroom.

Thirty Minutes Later

"We need to go and pick them up Mike and you know that I'm right." Sarah states in a worried tone, as she nervously paces back and forth across the front room.

"They had an accident Sarah and they're okay." Mike responds and while there was a part of him that agreed that they needed to bring their sons home, he really didn't want it to come to that and until they had no choice, then he was prepared to let them have at least tonight together and then pick them up in the morning.

"They're in hospital and Jordan was attacked Mike, that's not an..." Sarah then begins to say, before being quickly interrupted by her friend.

"Sarah, it was an accident, well okay not quite, but it was just one of Jordan's friends playing a stupid prank that went wrong and they're both fine, well okay, they will have one hell of a headache and some other bruises, but they're just keeping them overnight, just to be completely sure and we don't need to ruin the boys anniversary because of this." Mike states in a calm and caring tone, he didn't want to make light of the situation, but he still didn't think they needed to ruin their sons anniversary.

"What about the letter and Maggie, this is big Mike and we need to do something." Sarah then states in an almost desperate tone and can feel herself starting to panic, but when she fees herself being embraced, she can't help but relax and be grateful for having someone like Mike in her life.

"We will do something, but give the boys tonight Sarah and I promise that we will pick them up in the morning." Mike decides to say, before taking a few moments to enjoy the embrace. "But we should go and see Mitch and Jordan, just to keep them company, well more Jordan, because Mitch said that his mum is away and his dad can't stay all night." He then suggests after remembering what his eldest son had told him over the phone.

"Okay, okay Mike, but I want to drive past the house and make sure everything is okay." Sarah responds after finding herself reluctantly agreeing with him and was actually happy for an excuse to get out of the house and be somewhere with more people and while she knew she was safe with staying in the house, the letter and phone call had unsettled her enough to want to be somewhere else.

"We can do that, but we aren't going into the house or letting the boys know that we're outside Sarah, they deserve to have at least one perfect day and I don't want to ruin that unless we have no other choice." Mike then says as he moves away from her and gives her a reassuring smile.

"You're a good man Mike Walker." Sarah then says in a sincere tone, before leaning forward and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"And you're a good woman Sarah Summers." Mike responds with a smile. "We should pack Mitch some clothes and take an overnight bag for ourselves." He then says with a warm smile, before walking towards the hallway.

"I will make us some drinks and sandwiches to take with us." Sarah responds with a smile, before following her friend out of the room.

"Is he doing okay?" Mitch asks as he walks up to his friend and despite what had happened, he can't help but smirk a little after seeing him jump a little and knew that he had surprised him.

"He's doing okay, although I think my niece is doing a pretty good job of keeping him company." Greg responds with a shake of the head, he wasn't expecting anyone to creep up on him. "Wait, why aren't you in your room?" He then quickly asks, after realising that his friend should be resting and not walking around on his own.

"I'm fine Greg and I don't want to take up a room from someone who actually needs it." Mitch responds with a grateful smile and despite not being that close of a friend, he was glad that he was here and hadn't just taken Ashleigh home.

"She talks about him a lot." Greg then decides to say, he was tempted to push his friend to find out if he was really okay, but decided to take his word for it and change the subject.

"He's actually mentioned her a few times himself, although I'm not exactly sure if he likes her as much as she appears to like him." Mitch responds with a little smirk as he watches the girl stroking Jordan's arm soothingly, while apparently not noticing his obvious awkwardness at the contact.

"I think you're right about her liking him, but she only talks about him as a friend." Greg responds as he looks into the room and despite what he had just said, he couldn't help but think that they would make a cute couple, although he could tell that his niece would have her work cut out, as the boy definitely wasn't comfortable with her being so close and stroking his arm.

"He's been through a lot Greg, I just hope she respects that he might not want to rush into anything." Mitch then states in a slightly subdued tone, he often forgot what the poor boy had actually been through and knew that while he appeared confident and outgoing, he was still struggling to get past what he had been through and he couldn't help but feel sorry for him.

"She's a good girl Mitch and while she puts on a tough persona most of the time, but that's just for show and she wouldn't rush or force him into..." Greg then begins to say, before being interrupted by his mobile ringing. "I have to take this Mitch, can you keep an eye on her for me please?" He then asks after seeing who is calling and he knew that he would be gone for a while and he didn't want his niece to wander off on her own.

"Sure thing mate." Mitch responds with a friendly smile, before turning to the room and watching the two kids talking after his friend had started walking away.

"You blush a lot, you know that." Ashleigh decides to say after realising that he wasn't really talking much and couldn't help but find how shy he was cute.

"How can I not blush, you've touched me and actually seen me basically naked and it's embarrassing." Jordan responds in shy tone, after deciding to just come out with what was bothering him and hoping that it would help him get past being embarrassed about it.

"Why though?" Ashleigh quickly asks in a calm tone, although inside she was feeling guilty and was hoping that if she could give him a confidence boost, it would help him relax around her and maybe not hate her.

"Seriously?" Jordan quickly responds in a surprised and confused tone, there was no way that she didn't know why he would be embarrassed and wondered if she was playing some sort of game with him.

"Well okay, no one likes to be seen naked by others, well not like that anyway, but it's not like you have anything to be shy about." Ashleigh then decides to explain, while using the same tone as before and while she was trying to boost his ego, she wasn't actually lying and actually thought he was really hot and she definitely wasn't going to forget about what she had seen in a hurry.

"It's smaller than er... well er... why are you still here anyway?" Jordan asks in a slightly panicked tone, he had almost made the whole thing even more embarrassing and just wanted the ground to swallow him up.

"Well first off, it's my fault you got hurt and I wanted to make sure you're okay and secondly, well I don't know what er... you know er... your things, well you know how they, well I don't er... well yours looked fine to me." Ashleigh answers honestly, although she practically whispers the last part after finding it more embarrassing than she thought it would be to talk about, which suddenly gave her a new perspective on how embarrassed he was right now and why.

"Can we, well can we just not talk about this any more Ashleigh." Jordan then quickly states in an awkward tone, this was getting too weird and stuff for him and even though inside her words actually made him feel pretty good about himself, he definitely didn't want to keep talking about it with her.

"Sure, but well I'm really sorry about scaring you, I just saw you and couldn't help myself and I didn't..." Ashleigh starts to say in an apologetic tone, before being cut off by her friend.

"It's fine, but can you stop er... well can you stop touching me please, I don't really like people touching me." Jordan states in a slightly ashamed tone, her hand rubbing his arm actually felt nice, but despite his best efforts, he couldn't help but feel scared and could only hope that he could get over his issues one day, because he didn't like feeling like this.

"Oh, sorry." Ashleigh responds in a surprised tone, before quickly moving her arm away from his. "Do you want to talk about it?" She then asks in a slightly cautious tone, she wasn't completely sure if this was because of what he had been through with the teacher, but she wanted to try and make up for getting him hurt and genuinely did want to get closer to him.

"With you?" Jordan then quickly responds in a shocked tone, but could see straight away that he had hurt her feelings. "Sorry, it's just I don't really know you Ashleigh, but I'm okay and I don't rally like talking about it with anyone." He then quickly states in an apologetic tone, the last thing he wanted to do was upset her and despite his issues, he really liked her and he didn't want her to go away.

"I can go if you want." Ashleigh then offers in a reluctant tone, she was a little hurt by his response, but she couldn't blame him for not wanting to talk about it and wasn't going to get angry with him about it.

"I don't want to be alone." Jordan responds in a quiet tone, he was feeling a little better a few minutes ago, but with the reminder of what Mr Jones had done to him, he just couldn't help feeling a little scared and definitely didn't want to be left alone.

"I could tell Mitch to come in, he's watching us." Ashleigh then suggests with a sympathetic smile and while most of the girls she knew and some of the boys would think that he was being pathetic or stupid, she just felt herself being drawn to him more and she really just wanted to cuddle him and make him feel better.

"That would be nice." Jordan responds with a smile, he hadn't actually noticed his older friend watching them, but now that he knew that he was there, he really wanted him to come in.

"Okay, see you at school or..." Ashleigh then begins to say, before finding herself being quickly interrupted.

"I don't want you to go Ashleigh, I just want to talk to Mitch as well, so don't go please." Jordan states with a shy smile, he was still embarrassed about the fact she had seen him naked and all that he had to offer, but she hadn't mocked him or anything and he really didn't want her to go anywhere.

"You're cute when you blush." Ashleigh then decides to say with a little smirk, before getting up and walking towards the door.

"I think you're, well you're er... cute as well." Jordan then quickly responds, but quickly blushes even more after realising how dumb he just sounded and the fact he could hear her giggling a little, just made him even more embarrassed.

"You two okay?" Mitch asks as he walks into the room, he was more than happy to just watch over them from outside the room, but he was a little worried about being asked to come in and wanted to make sure that everything was okay.

"Yeah, I just wanted you to come in Mitch." Jordan responds with a shy smile, he was still embarrassed by what he had said to Ashleigh, although he couldn't help but tense up a little bit after feeling her gently stroking his arm again, but quickly relaxes and decides not to ask her to stop this time.

"Anything in particular?" Mitch then asks in a curious tone, after seeing the boy tense a little and then relax after Ashleigh had started to rub his arm and despite still being a little concerned, he couldn't help but smile a little bit and think that it was sweet.

"Something not very serious." Jordan responds in a slightly hesitant tone, he wasn't really sure what to talk about, but he knew that he wanted the distraction and wanted them to both know that he wanted it to be a fun chat and not about anything bad or serious.

"How's your swimming training going?" Mitch then asks after taking a few moments to think of something to talk about and decided to see if he was finding it hard to get back into it after taking such a long break, although he couldn't help but smirk a little at the fact that Ashleigh was taking little peaks at the boys body, before turning his attention back to the boy when he begins to respond to his question.

"Ben?" Matt calls out in a slightly concerned tone, his fiancé had been gone a lot longer than he thought he would be and he couldn't help but be a little worried. "You okay?" He then asks as he walks out of the bedroom and looks towards the bathroom door, where he sees his fiancé just coming out and he can't help giving him a slightly bemused look.

"Oh er... yeah, I was just peeing." Ben responds in a slightly surprised tone, he wasn't expecting his fiancé to be standing there and he couldn't help but feel both nervous and awkward as he holds the bottles of lube in his arms.

"I see." Matt then states with he same bemused expression. "You got enough lube there?" He then asks with a grin, after counting at least four tubes of lube and couldn't help but find it amusing.

"You think we need more?" Ben then asks in a worried tone, he had looked all over the bathroom and couldn't find any more and he was worried that they wouldn't have enough.

"More?" Matt quickly responds in a surprised tone. "Ben you got enough to last weeks." He then points out after realising that his fiancé was actually serious and he couldn't help but wonder if he was feeling okay.

"Really?" Ben then asks, he knew he was panicking, but he couldn't help himself, he was just to nervous and scared about what his fiancé wanted to do.

"Talk to me Ben and don't lie." Matt then asks in a serious tone, before following his fiancé back into the bedroom, he knew something was going on and had a good idea what it was, but he needed to hear his fiancé say it, just in case he was wrong and ended up upsetting him.

"I'm nervous, what if I do it wrong or if you hate it?" Ben responds honestly after deciding that there was no point in lying, he knew they had talked about this and even done a little research on what to do, but now that it was happening, he was just panicking and he couldn't help himself.

"It will probably all go wrong Ben, but come on, we read about this and we talked to Wesley and Carter, so it's not going to be perfect, but it will be special." Matt responds carefully as he thinks about how to reassure his fiancé, he was nervous himself and a little worried that he would freak out, but he knew in his heart that this is what he wanted and he was hoping that his fiancé wouldn't say no.

"Can we just er... well I'm not ready for you to well er... you know lose mine, you won't be mad right?" Ben then asks in a nervous tone as he sits on the edge of the bed, he knew his fiancé wouldn't mind and their friends hadn't done it on the same night, so it wasn't like he was being selfish, but he wanted to make sure that it was okay and that his fiancé knew how he felt.

"We promised each other that we would never force the other to do something they didn't want to Ben." Matt starts to responds in a caring tone, before pausing to give his fiancé a chance to calm down a little bit. "Seriously Ben, I don't mind and I can wait, but I want you to have mine now." He then adds in a serious tone, before gently stroking his fiancé's face and smiling at him.

"I love you." Ben then says as he looks at his fiancé lovingly, before feeling himself being slowly pushed on to the bed.

"I want to see your eyes okay." Matt then states with a shy smile. "And I love you too." He then states as he slowly starts to strip his fiancé.

"If you don't like it, we can do something else, I want you to er... well I want to be good, so don't pretend you're okay if you aren't Matt." Ben then decides to say, although he can't help but let out a low moan, as he feels his trousers and briefs being pulled down his legs.

"I promise, but just go slow and remember what Wesley and Carter said, it hurts at first, so don't panic if I er... well you know what I mean, if I don't like it, I will tell you, I promise." Matt responds with a warm smile and even though he made a bit of a mess of the response, he could tell that his fiancé was a lot more relaxed now.

"I can't believe we're going to have sex though." Ben then states with a small grin, after rolling his fiancé on to his back and begins to strip him.

"Should we film it?" Matt then decides to ask in a slightly hesitant tone, as feels his fiancé slowly taking his clothes off and although it would be a little weird, he thought that it would be sexy and they could always delete the video after.

"Eww no way." Ben quickly responds in a less than enthusiastic tone, not that they hadn't filmed themselves doing things before, but this was different and he was already nervous enough, so the thought of being filmed as well, was a little bit too much for him to deal with as well.

"Eww?" Matt then asks in a slightly hurt tone, he wouldn't have minded if he had said no and wasn't that bothered about filming it, but his fiancé's choice of words caught him by surprise and he wanted to know what he meant.

"No, I don't mean it like that, it's er... shit Matt, I love you and er... fuck it, I'm nervous Matt and being filmed is er... well I'm already nervous, so I don't want to be filmed." Ben then responds in a nervous tone, he knew his initial response had hurt his fiancé and was hoping that if he was just honest, then his fiancé would understand and not get upset.

"For fuck sake Ben, you had me worried for a minute." Matt then states in a relieved tone, before leaning forward and kissing his fiancé. "Don't be nervous though Ben, this is us and I don't care if it's messy or if it goes a little wrong, I just want to be with you and I want you to have my virginity, so stop worrying and let's get ourselves ready." He then decides to add after thinking about how he can get them back on track, it was obvious his boyfriend was nervous, but he knew that once they started, then it would be perfect and quickly started kissing his way down his fiancés body after sitting up and straddling his fiancés chest facing his feet.

"Okay and I'm sorry for... oh god!" Ben then tries to respond, before quickly trailing off in a series of moans as he feels himself being sucked and quickly starts to return the favour after adjusting his fiancés legs and waist to get better access.

"You didn't have to come out here Mitch." Sarah states after the young man had come out to see them after noticing them looking into the room.

"I don't think Jordan will miss me Sarah." Mitch quickly responds after glancing back to the room and can't help but smirk as he sees the young boy giving him a pleading look.

"I'm not sure he is too happy about it Mitch." Mike then states in an amused tone and could see how uncomfortable the boy looked and couldn't really blame him, he remembered being that age and having a girl being that close and gently stroking your arm, was definitely embarrassing.

"Oh he will be fine Dad." Mitch responds in a slightly amused tone, before turning his attention away from the boy and how uncomfortable he looked.

"So who is she again?" Sarah then decides to ask and despite knowing that she had been told her name already, she couldn't quite remember and she didn't recognise her either.

"Her names Ashleigh and she is Lily's best friend." Mitch answers as he walks over to one of the chairs and sits down with a smile.

"Oh right, I remember Tobias mentioning them both the other day." Sarah responds with a warm smile and despite forgetting Ashleigh, she definitely wasn't going to forget Lily, especially since her son seemed to be in love with her.

"Are you doing okay Mitch?" Mike then asks in a slightly concerned tone, he knew he had hit his head and could see the stitches, but the way his eldest son had sat down and rubbed his head, had him a little worried.

"Apart from a massive headache and a little dizziness, I'm doing okay Dad." Mitch quickly answers with a reassuring smile. "Seriously Dad, I'm fine and I'm staying overnight, so I'm in the best place in case something does happen." He then adds with a shake of the head, he could see the doubt in his dads eyes and knew what he was going to say and decided to get in first.

"Okay, okay Mitch, but I'm your dad, so I'm allowed to worry about you." Mike then states in a relieved tone, he was still a little worried and knew that head injuries were unpredictable, but the fact his eldest son was staying overnight, was enough to relax him and drop the subject.

"Why is she here though, are they together?" Sarah then decides to ask in a curious tone, she was a little worried about the young man as well, but after looking into the room, she couldn't help but wonder if they were a couple or not, although she couldn't help but notice how uncomfortable the boy looked and was confused by it all.

"Ah well, they aren't a couple, but it's obvious they like each other, so give it a few days or weeks and I think they will be." Mitch responds with a sly smile as he thinks about the young boy and girl and knew that it wouldn't be long before they at least kissed each other. "But she's actually the reason we're here." He then adds in a slightly awkward tone, after deciding to answer her question fully and just get it out of the way with.

"That's sweet..." Sarah begins to respond, before pausing for a few seconds as she takes in the young man's words. "What do you mean her fault? She's just a little girl Mitch." She then asks in a surprised and confused tone, it was obvious the young man was being serious, but at the same time, she was just a little girl and she couldn't see how she could be responsible for not only Jordan being in hospital, but Mitch as well.

"Ah well, look Jordan and I run together, but we also spend about half an hour on different routes through the park and for some reason and I will be having words with him about this with him tomorrow, Jordan went deeper into the park to er... well let's just say nature called." Mitch beings to answer in a slightly awkward tone, before taking a few seconds to let them both take in what he had said. "So while he was doing that, Ashleigh must have spotted him and she was trying to play a joke on him, by creeping up behind in and then trying to scare him, but well it worked a little too well and she didn't realise that the ditch was there and Jordan fell down it." He then finishes explaining and while there was a lot more to it than that, he didn't need to tell them everything and he could tell from both of their faces that they not only understood, but also found it a little amusing.

"Scared by a girl, while taking a piss, that's got to bruise the ego a little bit." Mike then states in an amused tone, before chuckling a little bit as he glances into the room and despite feeling sorry for the poor boy, it was funny and he wondered what the other boys would make of it.

"I wouldn't have Jordan pegged down as someone so easily scared." Sarah then states, before suddenly noticing the look on the young man's face and quickly remembered all that the poor boy had been through and she couldn't help but blush a little at her comment.

"He was raped and abused by his teacher and you're making jokes about him being scared by someone creeping up behind him in the park?" Mitch quickly states in an unimpressed tone and only just manages to keep his voice low, after getting to his feet and glaring at his dad and Sarah, he just couldn't believe that they would talk about the poor boy like that and he wanted them to know that he wasn't happy about it.

"Whoa Mitch, calm down and sit down again." Mike quickly states in a concerned tone, before moving forward and gently pushing his eldest son back on to the chair and while he was actually a little ashamed of what he had said about the boy, he was more worried about his eldest son and knew that he wouldn't normally react like that to something.

"We're sorry Mitch and of course we know what he's been through, but we were just trying to keep things light, you know that we respect him and especially with how he's helped Tobias recently." Sarah then decides to say, she was embarrassed and a little ashamed of herself, but she was also worried about the young man's reaction and knew that it was out of character.

"Sorry, I guess I'm not thinking that clearly, but don't make any more jokes about him, he doesn't deserve to be talked about like that." Mitch quickly apologises and quickly realises that he had overreacted, but he still wanted them both to know that they were in the wrong as well.

"Fair point Mitch, but come on, there's enough going on right now, without us fighting and being angry with each other." Mike then decides to state and while he would apologise again later, he really wanted them to move on now and not argue with each other.

"I know." Mitch responds in a slightly embarrassed tone. "Where the boys okay?" He then decides to ask and while he knew that they wouldn't have seen or talked to them, he knew they would drive past the house and see if everything was okay.

"We checked the front and back doors and they were locked and Mr Jacobson said that no one had been near the house and he is keeping the dogs out the back and if anyone went into the back garden, then he would know about it." Sarah responds after deciding to answer the young man, she was still worried about them both, but knowing the neighbours were keeping an eye on the house, had helped her relax and although she still wanted to bring the boys with them, she knew that she couldn't and she just had to put her fears to one side.

"Mr Colby from across the road is going to be up all night and he said that he was going to keep an eye on the front of the house from his living room and you know that he takes things like this seriously." Mike then decides to say, he and Sarah hadn't expected to see anyone and were surprised when both men had come out to speak to them and he knew that it had eased both of their concerns over the boys safety.

"They're good neighbours, I always liked them and how they looked out for me and Ben for all those years." Mitch then states in a thoughtful tone and could tell straight away that his dad wasn't aware that he knew about the neighbours keeping an eye on them. "Seriously Dad? You don't think with how over protective I am of Ben, that I wouldn't notice the neighbours keeping an eye out for us?" He then asks in an amused tone, as he looks at the expression on his dads face and despite still being upset with both of their comments about Jordan, he was glad to be talking about something a little more light hearted.

"Not that it really matters if you knew or not, but well I kind of thought I was being sneaky Mitch." Mike responds with a shake of the head, he should have known his eldest son would figure it out. "But I don't regret it Mitch and I would do it again to keep you both safe, but I guess I just didn't want you to feel like you're were being watched all the time or that I didn't trust you." He then adds in a warm and caring tone, after deciding to just be honest and make the most of this moment of being open with each other.

"I know and well I can hardly complain, I mean I followed Ben around a lot, just to make sure he was safe and well, well I get it Dad." Mitch then states in a slightly shy tone, he now knew that his little brother knew about him following him around a lot and he could hardly be made at their dad, for getting their neighbours to keep an eye on them both and he wanted him to know that.

"Aww, that's so sweet." Sarah then states in a sincere tone, she was interested in what they were talking about, but she had been looking in the room for the last minute and couldn't help but find what she saw sweet and adorable.

"Well I guess it's a little sweet." Mike then states in a bemused tone, while giving his eldest son a shrug of the shoulders and could tell that he was as surprised by her words as much as he was.

"Not you two, you idiots, I meant Jordan and Ashleigh." Sarah then quickly states with a shake of the head, after realising that they thought she was talking about their conversation and despite it actually being a little sweet, she definitely meant Jordan and Ashleigh and what she had just seen them doing.

"What did they do?" Mitch then asks in a curious tone, after getting to his feet and walking towards the window and couldn't help but smile.

"Well he pushed her hand away from him and she looked a little hurt, but even from here I could see how tired he was and she quickly helped him get more comfortable, so that he could sleep and just as he was falling asleep, he reached out for her hand and the look on her face was just so sweet and adorable." Sarah then explains with a sincere smile, it wasn't much, but she knew that little gesture showed a lot and could tell that Mitch's earlier prediction was more than likely to come true.

"She looks so happy." Mitch then states with a big smile and he couldn't help but remember what he had said a little while ago and was now sure that they would be a couple very, very soon. "is Tobias okay?" He then decides to ask, after realising that no one had mentioned him and wanted to know if he was okay.

"Yeah, I called earlier and he was having a great time and that they were now going to watch a film." Sarah quickly answers with a warm smile, she just loved how the young man genuinely loved the boys and despite everything that had happened and the fact he was in a hospital with a head injury, he still wanted to know how the boys were and she just loved him so much for being so amazing.

"Is that Michelle?" Mike then states in a surprised tone, after glancing at his eldest son and seeing their friend down the hallway. "And Erica." He then adds in a more concerned tone, after noticing his eldest sons girlfriend and knew that she wasn't working tonight.

"Where?" Mitch quickly asks, just before Sarah can ask the same question. "Oh fuck." He then adds, as he just catches a glimpse of them before they walk out of sight and noticed that they were covered in blood and walking beside someone on a trolley.

"Just go slow, just go slow." Ben states as he moves his fiancés legs around his legs, before stopping and looking to his fiancé. "What?" He then asks after seeing the amused look on his face and wasn't sure what was going on.

"You're talking to yourself again, it's really funny." Matt responds in a playful tone, before shifting a little to get more comfortable, he was starting to get nervous and questioning whether he was really ready for this, but his fiancé giving himself a little pep talk had relaxed him and he was now ready again.

"Moron." Ben quickly retorts with a shy smile, before taking a few deep breaths. "This isn't gay, this isn't gay and don't worry about how ugly he is..." He then begins to say, but when he feels a pillow hitting him in the face, he quickly loses his composure and starts to giggle.

"You're such a dumb ass, Prick!" Matt then quickly states with a grin, he knew what his fiancé was doing and just loved him so much and again, he just felt more relaxed and could see that his fiancé was feeling the same way.

"Just tell me to stop if you need me to." Ben then says, after passing the pillow back to his fiancé and watching him get comfortable again.

"Just go slow and it will be okay." Matt responds with an excited smile, before tensing up a little as he feels his fiancé pushing against him. "That feels so different." He then states in a surprised tone, they had fingered each other and used plugs, but this felt completely different to those and he wasn't sure what to make of it.

"It's not going in." Ben then states in a slightly frustrated tone, he had now been trying for a little while and was starting to get a little upset with himself.

"Try more lube." Matt quickly suggests in a slightly flustered tone, he was trying his best to relax and let his fiancé in and was trying to remember the advice their friends had given them, but he couldn't help it and even though he wasn't freaking out, he was struggling to put what his dad had done to him out of his mind.

"Are you okay?" Ben then quickly asks in a concerned tone, he had been trying again and just like last time, he just couldn't get inside his boyfriend, but the sound of his fiancé grunting a little, quickly caught his attention and he stopped pressing against him.

"I just don't get it, you got your finger in a minute ago." Matt then states, while ignoring his fiancé's concern for him, he knew he was worried, but he wasn't in pain and he only grunted a little because he was trying to push out, but it just wasn't working and he couldn't believe that their first time was going so wrong.

"I knew I would be rubbish." Ben then states in a self pitying tone, before pushing his fiancé's legs away from his waist and backing away, before standing up from the bed with tears in his eyes.

"Hey, come on, we talked about..." Matt then quickly starts to say, after realising that his fiancé was blaming himself, but is just as quickly interrupted.

"I ruined everything." Ben then quickly states, before turning towards the door, but just as he starts to run towards it, he gets his feet tangled up in their clothes and trips over, but just as he tries to get to his feet, he quickly feels himself being embraced and as much as he wanted to push his fiancé away, he lets him roll him over on to his back.

"Sshh, Sshh Ben, I love you and we talked about this and we have all night okay." Matt quickly starts to say in a soothing tone, after straddling his fiancé's stomach and despite trying to reassure him, he could see that he was still upset. "Ben, do you trust me?" He then decides to ask after getting an idea and straight away could tell that his question had caught his fiancé off guard and distracted him from being upset for a few moments.

"But I'm ruining our anniversary." Ben then states and despite his boyfriend snapping him our of his self pitying for a few moments, he couldn't stop himself from getting upset again and could feel the tears rolling down the sides of his face.

"Ruining it? Fuck off Ben, you've been amazing and romantic all day and then you go and propose to me, even though we promised to do it together and after everything I've... we've been through, I've never been happier and you make me so happy..." Matt then begins to state from the heart. "Shut up Ben, you're not ruining anything and we talked about this before, hardly anybodies first time goes well and we knew it wouldn't be easy, so stop getting upset Dumb Ass." He then states after seeing that his fiancé was going to interrupt him and even though he can see that his tears were still rolling down his face, he could also see that he had got his attention.

"But I..." Ben then begins to say, before being cut off by his fiancé's lips against his own and quickly returns it.

"Do you trust me?" Matt then asks again, while also edging backwards, he knew this wasn't how they talked about doing it, but it was obvious that his fiancé was too nervous and upset, so he was going to take control and at least in this position, they could still look into each others eyes and he would be able to be in control and take the pressure of his fiancé.

"With my life." Ben responds from the heart and can't help but look up lovingly at his fiancé, before suddenly realising that he was edging down his body. "What are you... oh wow!" He then starts to say, before feeling his fiancé's bum over his boner and suddenly noticed the look in his eyes.

"Just relax." Matt then states, before lifting himself and little and then reaching underneath himself, but suddenly realises that he has a slightly problem with him plan, as he can't quite see what he is doing.

"Let me." Ben then states in a loving tone, before reaching down and holding his boner in place. "Oh fuck." He then states in a surprised tone, before moaning as he feels his fiancé lowering himself down on to his boner and despite a little resistance, he feels himself inside him and just couldn't believe how it felt.

"Don't move." Matt then quickly states in a slightly uncomfortable tone, after feeling his fiancé starting to move his hips up and down. "It's okay, just let me do it to start with." He then states in a more relaxed tone, he could see that his fiancé was going to take what he said the wrong way and wanted to reassure him as quickly as possible.

"It feels so weird, like really hot and your bum is squeezing me so much, but er... wow, WOW!" Ben then begins to say as he tries to describe how it felt, but quickly trails off in a series of moans as he feels his fiancé slowly moving up and down.

"You like that then?" Matt then asks in a slightly amused tone, although inside he was feeling really weird and couldn't help but wonder if it was meant to hurt like this, but he didn't want his fiancé to know that and upset him and just hoped that their friends weren't lying when they said that it gets better.

"Oh wow!" Ben quickly responds in a flustered tone, he couldn't believe how good it felt and slowly started to move his hips again, before moaning out, just as his fiancé starts to grunt a little bit.

"Feels, shit, shit, fuck Ben, keep going, please." Matt then manages to say and although it still hurt, he could feel his prostrate being rubbed against and quickly leans forward and down, so that he could kiss his fiancé. "Keep doing that." He then says, after briefly breaking their kiss, before just as quickly resuming it.

"Feels so good." Ben then states, after getting a little braver and rolling over so that he was now on top and slowly started to speed up a little, as his fiancé's moaning and grunting, let him know that he was enjoying it as well.

"No, no, not like that Ben, please." Matt then quickly states in a slightly strained tone, after feeling his fiancé starting to get a little carried away and moving a little side to side as he moved in and out of him and he didn't like it at all.

"What? Shit am I hurting you?" Ben then quickly asks in a concerned tone, after stopping and looking down at his fiancé, the last thing he wanted to do was hurt him and he couldn't help but feel like he had let him down.

"No, well fuck, no, it felt good, but you're moving like..." Matt begins to responds, but trails off a little as his fiancé bucks a little bit.

"Shit, sorry, I didn't mean to move, shit." Ben then quickly states in a panicked tone, he wasn't trying to move, but being inside his fiancé was amazing and he couldn't control it.

"Just, fuck Ben, just do what you were doing a couple of minutes ago, it was nice, but try not to er... shit, try not to move side to side, it hurts a little and I don't like that." Matt then states in a slightly tired tone, he really was enjoying what his fiancé was doing, but the side way thing didn't feel good at all and despite being a little worried that he would ruin the moment, they had made a promise to each other to be honest and he wasn't going to break that.

"Oh, thank fuck for..." Ben then begins to say, before being interrupted by a strange noise and he can't help but look down at his fiancé with a wry smile. "Did you just fart?" He then asks with a massive grin and despite how he was feeling a few moments ago, he couldn't help but feel himself relax and find what his fiancé just did amusing, if not a little disgusting.

"No!" Matt quickly responds in an embarrassed tone, before blushing even more when he farts again and straight away knew that there was no way he could deny it now.

"That's so fucking disgusting." Ben quickly states with the same massive grin, which widens even more when he sees the look on his fiancé's face and could tell that despite his embarrassment, that he wasn't going to get upset or freak out.

"This is so embarrassing." Matt then states as he slowly starts to move his hips a little bit, their friends never told them about farting and he was mortified, so he was hoping if he started moving, his fiancé would forget about it and start moving again himself.

"You're so sexy." Ben then states, before slowly picking up his speed again after getting the hint that his fiancé was ready for them to carry on. "Well when you aren't farting anyway." He then states in a teasing tone, before leaning down and kissing his fiancé to stop him responding.

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